The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on September 16, 1860 · Page 3
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 3

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1860
Page 3
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BOCK CITY MILLS. RETAIL PRICES "HolP Flour In begat lntalfbm'l Old nickory " " - " '.. ?-15 Kagle " " 5Jw; " - l.l Jllied Bran per 100 lbs., fl.Ot. Com Meal per bushel SO cents. fST Delivered to all parts of the City. SCDAT JMOBMNG, SEPTEMBER 18, IS GO. I. O.O. R : The Grand Lodge of the United : States, I. 0. 0. F., meets nt the State Capitol to-morrow, previous to which the itrrmbcra of that body will be publicly received by the Fra ternity of this city, the progra-nrno of which re ception will be found in anouicr column. On Thursday wc understand the Grand Lodge will be invited hy the order in Hie city . to visit the Tiennttage, where they will be en tertained with an elegant repast to be prepared by Barn ra. E. R. CciaoocK, Esq., Chief Marshal, has appointed the following assistants for the occa-eion: Geo. W. Dari?s T. C Coleman, I. K. Spais, M. fc. Alexandsb, C. WfcTtxaiiw, and JAVJ3 pATTOK. lixcltfiatnt among tbr Jewry. Tto Recorder's Court-room yccrday crowded with Jews, who had been attracted by the report of the arrest of Nathan Levi and A. J. Klein- baupfc, who were charged with stealing the cum of $15 from J. Gppcnheimer, Oppcn-lieiincr stated that the defendants came to his room at Mr. Lusky's boarding-house, yesterday looming, and compelled 'him bythrutsand by ilrawiog weapons, to yield them all the money he liad. The defendants plead that they had only made htm disgorge, he having originally stolen the money from them. The Eecorder fined all the parties concerned. Rev. Mr. Hendrick will preach in the Cottage Church Sunday evening, the 16th, at I o'clock. In Excellent Wort Tnrsr iv God the oslt Safett op Nations and Const it ctio sal Government founded upon the Recognition of God's Sovehugs-ry. Two Discourses. Uv the Rt, Rev. James II. Otet, D. D., L. L. D., Bishop of tlie Protectant episcopal ihurcu in Uio Diocese of Tennessee. New York: Daniel Dana, jr. Publisher. Hits is the dtle of a handsomely printed pamphlet of 46 pages, comprising two very excellent sermons, delivered by the venerable Bishop Otet, of this State, one on the 1st, and the other on the 8th of January last. These two discourses delivered upon the dangers by which we, as a people, arc at"nresent surrounded, and the remedy for them, would, if they could receive a careful perusal at the hands of every thoughtful, reflecting man in the country, wield a most favorable influence at the present juncture of affairs. They are undoubtedly the moit able as well as the moat readable articles upon the subject of our Nation-nal troubles and dangers, we have yet seen. In the course of the first sermon, above mentioned, the Reverend Bishop, dwells elo quently upon the Revolutionary struggles of our ancestors for liberty since the tunc when the thirteen colonies bordering on onr Atlantic coast, were engaged in a terrific conflict with the most formidable power in the world. He says: ' Tho$c thirteen feeble and struggling colonics have grown into thirty-two States, united together under a Constitution, for "forming n more perfect union, establishing justice, injuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defence, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty to themselves and posterity a Constitution ordained and established by the people, themselves in their sovereign capacity, and recog-.riized as their act. It is an instrument which, for its profound widom, far reaching sagacity, and wonderful adaptation to secure the legitimate ends of government, may fairly challenge the admiration of the world 1" "Our territory now stretches across the continent from ocean to ocean:' while,' from . the frozen regions on the North to the sunny plains of the South, is found every variety of climate and of production for the gratification of taste, the support of animal life, to stimulate enterprise, or reward honesty industry." And then, farther on in his sermon, he dilates upon the countless blessings of our country, her agricultural, mechanical and commercial advantages; the rapid strides of civilization, the march of improvement and science within her borders. He then asks . "Do vou think that all these blessings were nbc-iinnl at little or Iio cost? I tell VCU, no! Like the blessings of all blessings Redxsip-tion they were gained at the price of blood! They were purchased at the expense of the (wUenngS ana treasure, me tears anu muuu, of seven years war! by the labors, arid sacrifices, and lives of such men as Washington, and Henrv. and Warren, of Marshall, and Morris, and Montgomery, of Greene, and Franklin, and llayne ! Aye, time would fail rue to tell or the long line ot patriotic wonnies, who "counted not their lires dear unto them.' ulvts" for their country's sake, than whom purer spirits never mingled in the strife of battle, or poured out, like water, nobler blood for the rights of man, or laid on the altar of liberty holier offerings, sanctified by prayert" His conclusion of this sermon is equally eloquent, in speaking of the party dissensions and sectional strife, which note agitate the nation: What will avail our disscntions, what our party names Republican!, Democrats, Opposition, or American when fauatichrm and party spirit riiall have done their work shall have overturned the beautiful fabric of our civil freedom, shall have pulled down the strong pillars that upheld our Union, and marred its lair proportions! and when we shall sit down, like the Jews, "by the waters of Babylon," in bitterness of heart and anguish of spirit, to weep over the departed glory of our country, its desolation, and its ruin!" " The second sermon in the pamphlet before us, is by no means inferior, in point of elo quence and elegunce of diction, to the first, and both are well worthy of careful perusal. The book is for sale by the "Church Book Society of the Diooesc of Tennessee." Depository at John York & Go's., No. 38 Union St. Rev. George E Harris, Secretary and Agent. Nashville Zouaves. This new Military Company organized Friday evening, with the following selection of officers: Thos. H. Taylor, captain; C. W. Kennedy, 1st Lieutenant; Thos. Craighead, 2d Lieutenant; P. G. Price, 3d Lieutenant; J. W. Xichol, 4th Lieutenant; D. J. Scanlan, Orderly Sergeant. Cincinnati led KasbvlUe Railroad. We lcam from private sources that the sol liable and elaborate surveys, charts, plans estimates Ac, of the above road, made in 1831 arsetill ' accessible, being safely deposited in Glasgow, Ky. The people of Barren country are deeply interested in that enterprise, and are rejoicing to see it revised. The Glasgow Iret Pre says a large country subscription could bo ob tained, and a large private subscription. " ggfThe City Council last evening appoint' cd a committee to coufrr with the delegates from Nashville anu hnoxvtlle, now in the city, on the suliject of a Southern railway conncc tlon with Cincinnati. Cin. Eng., 13(A. BELL .UD EVERETT MEETING. The Hell and Everett Club of Edgefield has postponed the raising of a Bell and Everett ii-ile, until the night of tlie 2lth inst. Hons. John J. CrUu'iiOen, Joshua Bell, Emerson Ethcridge, John F. House and other distinguished speakers arc imited and will be present. All die lie!! and Everett Clubs of Kasli-villc and vicinity arc invited to attend. All the ladies arc especially requested to honor u. with their presence- on that occasion. Fifty guud will be fired in the evening. Horn's Silver and other bands of music have been engaged. td Bell HiglilaDdors, Attention! You nic endued to meet at the Armory on Monday night next at 6t o'clock, for the purpose of dnwing your gunn and drilling. ROBT. CREXSHAW, Cnp'L ' - - - -- - X'Or UIC JTOJftVt Jiwmer. ,1 Bmmm ib Abjtrine! After .my last failure in a literary way I .had concluded it.wcre better for . Happy ' should relapse and enjoy his laurels in digni fied 'silence. . - - ' . The Vanity which prompts alargo portion of humanity to thrust itself, before the: public, prompted J. IL, on that occasion, however, and I write now to inform you that I have become a Zouave! Confident that I possessed the necessary "Zoyave-iter in modo," I' bave organized a company of the "originarJacobs," consisting of the Hon. Kwort Kko and myself the former haying withdrawn from the political arena, resigning ail claims to the -Presidency, and hud his life attach himself to my cause. At a "large and enthusiastic meeting" of us both, the undersigned was unanimously adopted Captain of the corps, and I immediately commenced active drilL The guns used In the drill consisted of the largest size Colt's Repeater (without sabre bayonet,) which I concluded would only incommode and unnecessarily fatigue my corps, which was deemed objectionable said corps having, no fatigae' uniform. First public parade was on the Plaza at Xo-lensville, which was kindly furnished to us by the authorities, who declared it was of no prac tical use to that village To my utter amazement, and contrary to all military discipline, Private K. Eeo made his appearance on the field at roll beat without his uniform.. He was promptly divested of his coat and unmentionables, by tlie City Marshal of Jfo- lensvillc, who kindly acted as recruiting Sergeant, and kicked Kwort all around the square and into the centre. His red-flannel drawers were thrust into his boots, a fig-bo I placed upon bis head, which, together with a striped hickory shirt, given freely to the breeze, presented an imposing and gay spectacle while the corpa was in motion. I take this occasion to express the sinccrest regret that only one man could be mustered to do the drill; but every disbanded volunteer will ic&dtty acknowledge that Kwort is a host in himself. Before going into tlie general evolutions of tlie line, I had Kwort drawn up in line, front face, when I addressed him briefly but in a blaze of eloquence. I inquired of him if he understood "tactics!" Tlie reply was "nary tax!" Tills called forth from a spectator the ill naturcd remark that the Private was so sharp he must have swallowed a paper of tacks. Thislast remark was a tax upon our patience, and we smiled derisively. In volume HL, title V., article 1715, of Scott's Infantry tactic? "in line of battle the general (that is tlie particular gcncral-in-chicf ) will have no fixed position; he will go whithersoever he may judge his presence necessary" accordingly I deemed it no breach of duty to accept an invitation ata by-way groiery, while I left my troops and the vast audience at pa rade rest. Imagine my military consternation when I returned and found tlie Hon. Keg play-ing marbles for ice-cream with an illegitimate African on the commons. I immediately liad him publicly bastinadoed, and then proceeded with die parade. After repeating the order 197 times conse cutively: "Prepare to open rankt,n I ap proached Keg and in a hoarse whisper threaten ed to Court Plaster him if be didn't obey a very superior officer. Again I command: "Prepare to open ranks to the rear open order." The recruit immediately extended both legs to the farthest extremity, as successfully si the most experienced India Rubber man. I attempted to put him through the leap frog movement ("rich is back'ardTB), but the private baring unfortunately imbibed too frequently that morning, he ' fell over on his ba ck at the first order, and was with great difficulty induced to stand up again We next went through all the modern ira-1 provements, such as standing on our heads, sit-: sitting in each others laps, throwing summer-saluts at each other, and firing and loading at will to the great delight of the -spectators. This last feat however was attended by numerous disastrous circumstances. Mr. Kxo had unfortunately prepared bait instead of blank cartridges, and tn the natural excitement of the occasion I did not observe that my troops killed & bystander everytime they fired. The Private enjoyed the joke immensely, congratulating himself, that he was only obeying orders and the officer was responsible. Such an act on his part, I consider demurrable for repug nancy.' A large number of inhabitants were shot, but we consoled their relatives by prom ising to bury them with military honors. The troops were next reviewed by the Governor his excellency snatching a few brief moments from his active canvass of the State, to devote to his official duties and the military cause. Troops looked very splendid and sober through out the Review. To show the amount of endurance the company was capable of, I order ed "inspection of anus," and Kwort tossed his weapon at my feet whTcb we examined and sprung the rammer, and finding three loads in the barrell, with unfeigned indignation, I threw it at the private striking him in the fore head and knocking him out of line. When ho was reformed wc marched all round him slow march examined his hair and texture of his pantaloons. We then gave him our boots to block and dismissed the company amidst loud and enthusiastic cheers of tlie multitude. Our next Parade will be on the 4th of July, when we will drill at the Donnybrook Fair near Dublin, Ireland, for a pitcher of whiikey, against a celebrated Scotch regiment of Crimean fame. A full attendance is desired. By order of the Captain. JOHN HAPPY. SECEPTIOX OF HON. JOHU J. CRITTENDEN, OF KENTUCKY; September 2ith and SSita, IfiGO. Tho Union party of Xashvillc having learned . that non. Jons J. Ccittesbes would visit bis friends In tills city, be has been invited to ad- ; dress tlio people upon the issues of thepending ; Presidential election. He will arrive on Mon- day, the 21th inst, and onTucsday, 25th insL, A GBAxn Basket Uisseb will be ucld at . WatUas' Park. . A. number of distinguished gentlemen from this oud adjoining States have been Invited, and arc expected to bo present. COMMITTEE or RECErTIQM : Ucs3T.u. Houston, Sak. D. Mobcax, Dr. J. E. Haslote, Jons Tbimblk, Joua M. Lea. couhittxk or ajuukgeiikkts. Wit. B.;Ellistos, A. P. Gorr,' Saii.'Wat-kis9, Madison Stiutton, Thomas T. Smilet, Michael Vai'kiis, W. B. Ewiso, Jesse Jor-oan, Gen. Matlock, Thomas B. Jonjcsos, Gildert Marshall, S. S. Hall, Exocn Cra--msohaji, HEttv Coiirros. Puinr Shute, EV B. Biglxt. Of" Tlie friends of Bell and Evxrett, tho Cout-Ut-Jtion, the Union, and the enforcement of the Laws from, all parts of the State, : the' Union campaign military companies, the District Clubs, and the people everywhere arc respectfully and cordially invited to be present! Union journals throughout the State are requested to give the above an insertion In their respective papers. From the Ladle" i$ilor. New York, Bept., 1&5D, SrALOisa'c Phepaiikii" Glub ei;ra to be unl-veral!y welcomed by housekeeper wherever it goes; Uia precipe!? the ready ndiable adhesive nbitance needed for repairing furniture and household ware. , . H0TEXE5TB OF THE KAILtMBS. - Sepu-tnrc.or Passeiicer Train. . Nashville &, CliatUnooga 1.00 am., 3 p.m. Tennewee Alabama 5.15 a. ku, 8 p- m. Louisville & Nashville 5.00 a, m., S.BO p. m. " " Gallatin Expreu4.30 p. m. , Edgefield A Kratocky-T.. m,ud24 p-m. Arrival or Vaaaienger Train. Nadrrille A Chattanooga 8 a. m., S p. ta. Tennessee & Alabama t p. m.- - ' Louisville HuhvIIle 2. IS a. rcu, 3,OS a. tn. -. ' Edgefield & Kentucky 10 a. m. and 7 p. m. Departure or Frelebt Trains. Tennessee & Alabama 5.30 a. ml Loufivillfl Nashville 5.05 p. m., 4 p. m. Edgefield Kentucky 2.45 p. m. Arrivals or Freight Trains. Tennis tee 4 Alabama 4.30 p. m. -LoniivWc H Nasbvillo-10.20 p. m., 8.43 V. m. Edgefield 4 Kentucky 1 0 a. m. " Bance or the Thermometer, AT TUX HAJfNEB OTTICZ. Astronomical Table New 150, 0h22mA, (Full 23d, 7u C3m,i September. Sunday , Monday Tactday Wedniaday... 544 5 45 s -ir, S 411 547 6 5 6 4 6 3 6 40 7 15 1 07 8 44 9 33 10 37 11 as tsaiui irttiy ARRIVALS AT THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS or to six o'clock last mgitt. Watsox House Jtarkct street, opposite Union. W C Gregory, Gallatin; Mrs SIcGuire, tlum-phreye; Jas Sanford, Teuu; R M Lewis, do; G McCarthy, Ky; J G Do vie, do; J C Spccr, Mur-frecsboro; 1 Shute, Tenn; EP Manson, Ky, Jas Walking, do; A Lindsly, Lawrenccburg; G Wildnian, Franklin; Y B Strovo, Wilson co; F G Cook, do; II McGuire, Robertson; Mra Benson, Tenn; RS Sarah, Jo. - 1 Crrr ITotel Public Square, east tide. B F Lilian!, D II C Spence, Murfreesboro; T B Wade, Maury co; J D Ome,MC & LRR; R H Henderson, Murfreesboro; A J Wisdom, Chattanooga; E II Phelps, Rutherford; Jno M Maston, N J; J M Dickey, Simpson co; L S Williams, C R Davis, Miss; G W Faulkner, II H Collins, Art; L D Corterc, E Tenn; E W Trousdale, M J Mason, Miss Mason, S Lew, Memphis; C Kcidel, Bait; R It Murphy, Springfield; n B-Mason, Ky; W BCouts, Cal; M S Knight, Louisville; J Cook, Rochester, N Y; L K Lord and lady, Kv, R T Spillers, Lebanon; S H Buck, Ropkinsvilte; F W Aisev, La; R W Walker, C T Walker, Ark; P B Young, Edin-burgh, Ind; A F Kibbee, X Y; H Heave, Cin; J.B Woodside, Columbia. St. Clo cd Corner Spring and Summer etrceti. Geo Gautt, Columbia; J II Powell, Ky; Gen Chambers, Lady & serv Louisville; J M King K Lady, Murfreesboro; Miss Vaughn, do; T J Moore, do; M S Frierson, Columbia; J W Arm strong, Ga; T S Jackson, Memphis; Mrs A C Adams k serv, Ln; P McGuiar, Ky; Mrs S McGuiar, do; Miss M McGuiar, do; T McGuiar, do; J M Mills, Frankfort; A Shinklc; Covington; W B Mason, Lancaster; J Richardson, Wilmington; IsaacM Tucker, Xcwark; M Hern-don, Crawrordsville; C Miller, Lafayette; G B Roberts, La Porte; J S Harney, Jcffersonville; W J nope X C; M B Harper, Mobile; W H Young, Bait; J B Esccville, do; J Young, do; R Marlev, do; F A Ellis. Md; J Vcnsnnr, Bait; W H Powell, X Y; D P White, X Y; J C Nichols, XorthGcId Ct; E Rogers, Ramsay do; J M Veitch, St Louis; C W Hunt, Adrian; L B Krogman & Lady, Bost, R M Scott, Ky, W Thompson, Winchester, Wra Clark, X C; Dr E C Roberts, Va; Judge McKinstrey, Ala; W Strong, Miss; S Ford, Ala, G W Adams, Ala; Miss Adams, Ga, Edward Mitchell, SC;E L Ireton, Cincinnati. CITY EJmLIGHICE. E37A11 trail lent advertisements must invariably be paid In advance. i3To advertisements for the next day's issue will be received after 7 o'clock P. M. Advertisers will confer a preat favor and ben ent themselves, by furnishing their copy at an early boor in the evenln. I- Orb. DFV Programme or Arrangements For Reception of the Grand Lodge of the United States, ' Monday, September 1711a, 1860, The different Lodges and Encampments will meet at the Lodgo Room at Odd Fellows' Hall Monday at 9 o'clock A. SI., at which place the Procession, will be formed in the following order: Resident and Visiting Members in good standing. ... 1IDS1C. Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council. R W. Grand Lodge of the United States. ' P. G. Sire, WUdey, in open Carriage. The Procession will move up Summer to Spring, through Spring to Cherry, down Cherry to Union, through Union to . College, down College to the Public Square, around the Square to Cedar street, through Cedar to State Capitol, where the Reception Addresses will be delivered in-Representative nail, on. behalf of the Order by V. G., E. D. Hascoce, of Murfreesboro', and on behalf of the city by his honor, Mayor Holliscswortu. The public generally and the ladies particularly are invited to attend The Mayori Aldermen and Common Council, are requested to meet at their Council Chambers at 10 o'clock, where they will be waited upon by a committee on behalf of the Order. E. R. GLASCOCK. scpl4-d3t Chief Marihall Let this be tort CnldC Grand opening of new and beaudlul fall styles of Hats and Caps; Xew York, Philadelphia and Xcw Orleans patterns. ' B. F. BEXTLEY, ScptS-tf. Cor. Cedar and Cherry, Sts. ty The ladies have resolved -to vote on the Sewing Machine question. They luwe declared for freedom from leather pads, diminutive Ghuttlea and winding bobbins, and are determined to have Sewing Machine work which will survivo the wash-tub. In short, they arc going "to a man' for a ncwadmlnistraUon under tho Grover k Baker. . scp9-diwtf NOTICE. In order to reduce our stock as much as possible before receiving our Fall purchase, wu are offering our large and entire Stock of Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Sc., at COST FOR CASH. SXYDER & FRIZZELL. July 31st, I860. Tennessee and Alabama Railroad. On and after Monday Sept 10, 1800, the morning train going South will leave Xashville at 5.15 A. H., instead of 4.15. Through tickets given to Decatur, Grand Junction and Memphis. Only seven miles staging. The time from Xashvillc to Decatur, Grand Junction and Memphis will be one hour and fifteen minutes less than by any other route. Returning, the train from Memphis, Grand Junction and Decatur will arrive at Nashville at 4 P. M., one houreooncrjhan by any other HoadT jr The evening train 'wiu'eave at 3 P. M. as heretofore. W. 0. S. PERKINS, SupV SeptS-dtf. R. B. 6X0WDEX k CO., No. 4 North Cherry Street, Union and American Block. Arc just in receipt of Davis' celebrated S. C Hams, canvassed; Dried Beef, choice Beef-Tongue, Fresh St Louis Crackers and Biscuits, assorted; extra Green and Black Tea, Prcserven, ricklcvSauccs, Condiments of all kinds. Claret and Light Wines, Scotch Ale and London Porter, Jtc., Ac.- " scpl-lm. -. - Jfotitc. I have sold out my entire interest in the firm of Nicholson Si Humphrey, to David Humphrey who will continue the busincs as heretofore will assist him1- In" winding op the business o the old firm, and solicit for him a continuance of thepatnanngc bestowed on the old firm. '".' ; . July i-1850. - "L'CL NICHOLSON.' " In order to reduce my stock as much as pu able before, receiving "new rgoods? for a short time I will offer my entire stock of. staple and fancy dry goods at cost for cash. "DAVID HUXPHKEaV SPECIAL: NOTICES. Tbe Sewing Machine Election homl be left to the Ladles ! 1 ! 10,000 rmea'alreadycaatfor the Grover Baker, and, the Incoming mijorltieifiom all quarters attest' their capacity to determine this election, aecor-dtogtothe'real merlU of tho candidates. . .' Leather '"pads" and. "lock titchca" that are not locked, diminutive shaltles and bobbins, how ever recommended by dearly .bought and londly trumpeted opinions of Committees, more sklltcd In making bin pay than In 'mnchlne sewing, must give place to the Ladies' elected the Grover ft Baker, -i eept-dawtr - Warranted Porelr Tesetable. 5,000 000 FIVE JOLLION3.0F SOXES OF BRAN- DETU'S FILLS .ABE SOLD YEARLY. .THE SALE STEADILY Increases, and yet t lion sand die from colds and fevcra, which these pills could certainly cure. Drandcth'e PIUs are simple, but unmatched for efficacy. How important that we at once aecure'an advantage over aickncia when it can be bad at an oatlay of only 25 cents. Mr. j. c. Rappelyea, of Monmouth County, a. J., writes, Harch 13, 1S59 : 'I was troubled n January last with coftlrc- nei for Bevcral days, and took ten grains of calo mel to obtain relief. I caught cold, I suppose; at any rate, a severe dlarrhcca set in, which my medical attendent found it Impossible to arrest This was followed by dysentery. Hy strength waa all gone. Everything pawed throngh me as Itookit A friend from New York, Mr. George Lewis, fortunately called on me, ' and advltcd XtRAKDETU sJPillb. I thought In my weak condi tion one pill would be enough, but he adminis tered four, and the next morning four more. Much impurity came from me, and, to my surprise, the soreness and, pain diminished. One box cured me fully. I am now hearty,- with a good appeitc. Office, 23t Canal street, and by all druggists. Boldby. - ' JOHN YORK & CO., Union Street, Nashville, Tenn. tSTAnd by all respectable dealers in medicine. fcptl-dwlm Quxnr. Have yon eccn that big Indian Inan-othcr cofnmru.bolHae Saoin, Sarbi aodXMvea "for the Cherokee Remedy. dec S, C9-ly RIcmLAND BITTERS OB SCOTCH Tonic. The verdict of the South has been nnanf monthly accorded In favor of this great antagonist of all Bnjoun BiionnKUs. It readily relieves Sick Headache, Heahtbciw and Wimd, by cancelling acid and other . unnatural secretions. It ii conipoeud of rare and valuable herbs of marvel Ions hyzlenic properties ; Ite action is thorough and Invariable. SoTdbrtoeeole Proprietor, S. MANSFIELD ft CO., Vholeaale Druggists, itcmphls, Tenn., and bv all respectable drusglsts and merchants. Z3r Sold alu by Bbiuit ft DEKonm:, Nashville. sepl3-lw Relief in Ten Minutes! PULMOWC A WAFERS The mot certain and rpeedy remedy eter dli- cateredfor all dUeate of the Che$t A Liirtgt, Coughf, Coldt, Atthina. Consumption, Bronchitit, Influenza, Iloartnet, Difficult lirtathing. Sore Throat, Ac. rpilESE WAFERS glvo the most iDBtantaneous -- and perfect rellcr and when persevered with according to directions, never fall to effect a rapid and lasting cure. Thousands hare been restored to perfect health who have tried other means in vain. To all classes and all constitutions they are equally a blessing and a cure none need Acr pair, no matter how long the disease may have existed or however severe It may be, provided the organic structure of the vital organs is not bopelei sly decayed. Every one ofltictcd should give them an Impartial trial. To Vocalists and Prouc Speakers these Wafers are peculiarly valuable; they w In oxz DAT remove the most occasional severe hoarseness; and their regular use for a few days will, nt all times. Increase the power and flexibility of the voice, greatly improving its tone, compass and clearness' for which purpose they are regularly used by many professional vocaIhte. JOB MOSES, Sole Proprietor, Rochester N. T. EBTriccSS cents per box. For sale i Nashville by BcnnT ft Dexovillx, Wholesale Agents, at retail by all Druggists. dec 10, i9-cowly,peclal. Hair Dye 1-Wair Dye !-Hair Dye ! WM. A. IIATCIIELOE'S iiair dye. The Original and Best in the World ! ALL others are men) imitations, and should be avoided if yon wf?h to escape ridicule. GRAY, BED, or RUSTY IIAIR Dyed Instantly to a beautiful and natural Drown or Black, without Injury td the Italr or Skin. FIFTEEN MEDALS AND DIPLOMAS have been awarded to Wu. A. Batcitelob sIdco 1539, and oyer 80,000 application havo been made to the Dalr of the Patrons of his famous Dye. - WM. A. BATCnELOR'S IIA1H DTE produces a color sot to be distinguished from nature, and and is wahbaxted not to injure in the least, bowerer long It may be continued, and the 111 effects of BadDyas remedied; the Hair Invigorated for Life by the Splendid Dye. Sold in all cities and towns of the United States and by Drngglsta and Fancy Goods Dealer. l3TThe genuine ha the name and address upon a steel plate encravinsr un four of each Box. or WILLIAM A. BATCHELOlt. mh 14, 'fio-ly 1G Bond Street, New York. WlffB! Wlei!! WlB!! BATCHELOR'S WIGS AND TOUPEES surpass ail. They arc elegant, light, easy aaddura- . COMPLAINTS OF CHILDBFN. In the casta of nut-growing and scrofalous children, predisposed to curvatures and other deformities. It Is often desirable to give a tonic wltbout stimulant i, and an alterative without irritation. For such it would be impossible to select a preparation combining so many of the above advantages as the PERUVIAN SYRUP. New York. May 15, 1859. 1 fiOWcsUtet Street. f To the Proprietor of the Peruvian Zyrvp. ' Gextlzvex : My daughter Caroline, two and a half years of age, suffered, since hcrblrth, from scramht, boils, oppression of the stomach, and loss of appetite. A yon know, I have tried your "Peruvian Syrup,"-and I am very happy to confess she is restored to good health. The fame was the case with my youngest boy, Rudolph, eight months old. He suffered from scrofula. Ills ears were rore and be had on different parts of his body, scabs of a dangerous character. I cave him yonr Peruvian Syrup daring two weeks, a tcupoonful at a time, and my pretty boy is perfectly well, and his entire body free from scabs. Yours with respect. . DR. BVWIECZOREK. Pastor of the German Evangelical Church. -The Syrup can be had at G. W. HENDER-SnOTTS, corner of Cedar street and the Square. See advertisement In another column. septl-iv ' A CARD. J Hughes' Art Gallery. PBOTOOBAFBS, atXLAIXOTTFES AWBROTTrXS. This establishment, the great centre of Photogia phy, still continues to bo the great certrc of at traction, where pictures are dally made of all descriptions,' varying from the smallest pin to tho urs bite portrait. Determined to accommodate our patrons wc have. engaged another operator, Mr. T. J. Kwo, late principal manipulator at Whitchnrst'a Gallery, Washington, D. C. All pictures taken by this excellent artist will be warranted perfect or no charge will be made: C. C. HUGHES, julylO-tf Corner College and Union Sta. Cronp. Children' are often seized very mddenly with this disease, which, If not quickly relieved, proves fatal. It generally attacks children In the night, after having been much exposed to damp, cold this dread complaint at a tune when yon least expect It ; but It Is not always a doctor can be called ora remedy found, and for this reason wo would advise you now, and without a moment's delay, to buy a bottle of Dr. Eatox's iKrAwrrLS Con-siai It will cure every case of Croup, ir taken In time ; and also all complaints attending Teething, Co nvnls I ons. Coughs, Colds,' cte. It Is sold by all respectable drngglsts. .Messrs. Cmjucn ft Dcroirr, New York, are the proprietors, and also sole agents, for "Dr. Bboksox Blood Food," which for Consumptive and Chronic diseases Is a sure remedy, r Do not not be put off with any other articles. Write to Cucbch ft DuroKT, New York. If you cannot get them In' your own town. tafSee advertisement. augl2-d, t wft wzm ALL HAIR DYES ABANDONED WOOD'S GREAT ARTICLE HAS TAKEN THE FIELD. Professor Wood stands upon an eminence so chemist whose attention has been turned to In-ventinca halr-tonlchas ever before reached. His fame Is sudden but world-wide, and thousands who have worn wigs or been bald for years, are now, through the use of his preparation, wearing their own natural and Inxnrlent bead covering.' So much for chemistry, the chemistry of human life, and tho laws which apply to the functions ol the system. Professor Wood studied out the hu man nalr. its character. Its properties. Its diseases and how to restore the decaying vitality of that ornament; he saw as ln his own case that gray hair is unnatural, unless the age of the Individual had reached fourscore, and bo .believed that the hair conld be natarally revitalized. " He tried his own case almost bald and quite- gray at the age or thlrty-even ; he restored his own hair In color, strength and luxuriance, and tho article he did it with he gave to the world. - Get Wood's Hair ItESTOHATTva, and take nothing else. CAUTION. Beware of worthless Imitations, as several are already in the market called by different names; Use none unless the words (Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative, Depot, St, Louis, Mo.,' and New York) arc blown In the bottle.- - - - Sold by Droggictsand Patent Medicine dealers. Also, by Fancy and Toilet . Goods dealers ln the United States and Canada. angUH0,twftw3m - New. Oigar and Tobacco Store, - rpHE UNDERSIGNED ASKS LEAVE TO IK-JL form smokers and chewcr, aa wdlaaaaslers la clears and tobacco, that he has lost opeucd a ntixt door ta CaThfran'a old stand, nhere constantly on hand a general ateorment of the .best brands Of goods In bis line. Also. SanlT, piuca, sc.. nuau inane asftfrtf---'. ' - - - ' . - '. Despatches to the Republican Banner. " "Nnr'ToTDvl bent 14. The Lcmdm Observ er says tbit Lindsay's visit to America ;la of a pnvaie nature, out nc consents to use his influence for the adjustment of matters relative to the abippinsinterests between America and GreatBritain. . A collision DCXnTedVorj; ths Lsn caste rsbirc Railroad between "two' express trains, killing ii Preona auu uauiy woubuujjj iw, omers were sligbtlv wounded. Napoleon and Eugenic were enthusiastically recciveu at cnamouni. The Paru corrcspondcut of the London Herald says that France lias just purchased two 'large Steam transports in tho United States. The Bourse was ditU on the 3d. Bents 68f 5c. .Gen. .lUmondeiei was about leaving -for Naples, with 30.000 troona to prevent Kanles from becoming anarchical. In yiew of the fall of the Bourbon dynasty, all disposable vessels of the Sardinian Navy will be sent to Naples. Military preparations arc more vigorous in Tbe Province of Terra Di Larora has risen in insurrection. Bonds of Insurgents are uniting and marching on Camp Basso. Garribaldi is still at' Monte Leon. The King of Naples was to pay an indemnification of three million francs for the French losses at the bombardment of Palermo. It is asserted that tbe prohibition of the departure of volunteers from Sardinia lias been rescinded. , , It is rumored tlutt the. Cabinet at Turin have agreed to prevent the "invasion of the States ot the Church. The French garrison at. Rome is to he increased 8,500. ' Ancona lias been declared in a state of scige-. Tfic Papal delegates hare been recalled. The Revolutionary Committee have been there and discovered important papers. The Emperor of Russia has invited the Prince Regent to a hunting party at Warsaw in the middle of 'October.. The Regent ac- The confusion at Naples is increasing. : Garibaldi writes the Annexationists Committee that be will be at Naples about the 6th to assume the Dictatorship of tho two Sicilies tn the name of Victor EmanucL The Neapolitan ministers have withdrawn their resignaUons, Escbetclla having failed to form anew Cabinet. Pereiquey made another speech, producing the impression that Napoleon would only maintain tbe Pope'a throneJiip at the Vatican, but would not help Lamorcicre to keep the Roman States. Bombay trade was very dulL LtvxarooL. Tim weather lias been favorable for crops. Wakefield, Nash & Co. quote flour having a declining tendency 30s32s 6d. Yellow and mixed corn 34s. Lard 6162s. Sugar steady. Lqsdos. Wheat bos a declining tendency. Soinr dull, though partially advanced Cd. 11a vnc Cotton unchanged. Sales of three days 3,000 bales. Fusion. Rejected. New York, Sept. H. The Douglas State Committee have rejected the fusion with the Breckinridgites on the electoral ticket, byavote of seven against live. Frwn WasUIngtfB. Wasiiisotox, Sept. 14. OrriciAL. Mira-mon's defeat b confirmed, though the battle was at Telda and not at Lagos, as reported, and lasted only one day. Siiramon's Generals, Ec-heco and Hernandez, were killed, and Alfara, Ortega and Andrarcx taken prisoners. The demand against CapL Hollins, of the sloop-of-war Cyauc, has been decided in favor of the defendant, because Hollins acted under the orders of the Secretary of War in the bombardment of Grey town. Railroad Collhrs. Cm card, Sept. 15. A collision occurred last night between a passenger and freight train between Racine and Frccport, by which five persons were killed and 25 wounded. No names of Southerners arc among the killed. The River. Locisville, Sept. 15. The river is falling with 3 feet 0 inches water in the canal. The Steamer City of Louisiana snagged and sunk at Hat Island. She will probably be raised. The Steamer B. G. Adams struck a snag near Helena, demolishing two ladies staterooms, and slightly damaging the lower guard. She is expected here soon. FrtM Fart Salth. Fort Sitrm, ScpL 15. The Overland Hail of the 27th has arrived. CoL Titus is among the passengers. A number of Mexican Guerrillas made an incursion inttf Tcxardnd stole 36 mules. The Indians In New Mexico have recommenced hostilities. The mail from Mesilla to Santa Fe was attacked by the Navajoes and the conductor and driver killed, and the mail and coach entirely destroyed. ' The Indians stole 400 mules from Fort Craig. - From Celnmbas. CoLCXBCS, 0., BepL 14. The Democratic Central Committee have been advised that Gov. Johnson, the Democratic candidate for Vice-President, will certainly be here with Judge Douglas on the 25th ult. ! - Hemnrl T. Johnsoi Ib Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Sept. 14.Mr.'H.7V. Johnson wilL-spcak here on Saturday evening. Preparations are making for a grand reception. Doiglaj DejtoaitraUsas Casaspaigca, N. Y..ScpL 14 Judge Douglas left Elmiraat ft o'clock.. Atoll the stations on the road demonstrations were made. At Ca-nandaigua there was a great turn out, the little giants appearing In full force with lighted torches. Judge Dnughu excused himself from making any remarks in consequence .of his extreme hoarseness, from a cold, and repeated speaking. CUy Election In Hew HaTta. New Haves, ScpL 14. An exciting , city election took place in this city to-day, for the choice of Assessors arid Board of Relief. The Breckinridge and Douglas men united on one ticket, but the Republicans elected alt their candidates by 100 majority, in a poll of over 20,-000 votes. NBdiLilltns. Bostos, ScpL 14 A. H. ' Rice was last night nominated for Congress by the Republicans of the 4th district, by acclamation. Chat. B. Hall was chosen district elector. Douglas' Progress. Elktra, N.-Y., SepL 14. Judge Douglas arrived here at 4 f this morning accompanied by his wife. All along the route,, notwithstanding the unseemly hour, meetings assembl- ed at the depots, and the Judge was colled out ; and compelled to speak a few words to the crowd. He was suffering from a slight cold A mass meeting was held at 2 o'clock this afternoon, at which 5,000 persons were present. Notwithstanding the bad health of Mr. Douglas, he ppoke an hour and a' half, forcibly vindicating the principal of popular sovereignty. He made -no allusion to Mr. Dickinson and very little to the Breckinridge men, simply characterizing tho secedcrs as disunion ists and secessionists, and denouncing them as bolters from the Democratic party and Democratic principles. The Prince of Wales. Niaoaiia Falls, Sept 14. P. M. The Royal party arrived here this evening. Upon arriving at Chippewa, large bonfires were lighted, and a torchlight proecssion escorted the Royal party En carriages to the Falls. The Falls arr-illuminated with Bengal fires and bine lights The Duke of Newcastle is indisposed. . Other members of tho party have also suffered, but tho Prince is well There has been trouble today, in consequence of some New York City reporters attempting to force themselves among the Royal party. Orders were given at Fort Erie that they should riot be allowed on board tbe steamer. : FroB New Tort. New Yobs, Sept, 14. Felehah Perritt presided at the Republican meeting last night. Speeches were made by Jas. 0. Putnam,-. Carl Shurz, of AVisconsin, and William E. Dodge, President of the recent Bell and Everett meeting. Tbe Wide Awake procession numbered 10,000, with torches. All the seats at Niblo's theatre at Mr. Forrest's: first appearance were-Bold yesterday, many at liandsome sums. New Yoke, SepL 15. The steamers Fulton, City of Manchester and Bavaria sailed to-day, taking on aggregate specie of $804,000. The Shipping List says the total cotton crop of 1899-60 is 4,719,770 bales. Total exports to Foreign ports 3,773,250 bales. Stock on hand September 1st, 227,780 bales. . . Kusicale. Herschell : Fenton's Ml: ODE OP ACCOMPLISHING HIS PTTPIL'8 In tM nae of the VIOLIN A VI) ntJITAIi Is of the mosjt Impulsive and modern school. For his progressive excellence in Imparting a KNOWLEDGE OF THE ART, rcrerraccs may be obtained of his NUMEROUS PATRONS OF THIS CITY, as well as the MUSICAL PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE. WHOLE COUNTRY. TEBXB FOB JNSTBUCTIOy. Violin... ...$8 00 per month. Guitar .....;(..w.-.f8 00 ,--" Per Bession.r. .......-...$. Addresses may be made at either of tho MUSIC STORES and at the ST. CLOUD HOTEL. moat immediate punetuality. Boom over the GUy Bank wlicfe ho rov he found at home. N. R-PIAN OS TUNED TO ORDX& ' ' .appucanoM nenon (Wiui-ute nncim waa - Comcte4 WetfybyA Wletled Go. AUTem Bnotes-pszLcIsna Banks.'.y dis America.:.. 1 dsSisanriV'.'.".a03 a Bank.....! dUStata Bank, Ala.... 5di Commercial Bankl dltCentral VA1 dis DandridCTBmk..Udia.OonMnercUl B"kSf5ldi Bucks' ja.:.ldJiilJlfertnBTtsWdlf OcoeeBamk,.......-ldIIrclaIa......Ji-toTdU Lswrcnccb'gBank 73 dis S. Carolina Geo;. Jfdi a jibukoi xazeweu.KSsaisn. oesi n i a, ua. 3 an " E-Tenn-lMdlsl EXCHANGE. CItIzraaB'leMEmfSarfiKewOrleaiia r Bank of Jefferson. SO dlsNew York clllnc-.,'; pre. iuuuukcuuik....-juuib ruiuucipiua. pre Kentucky Banks. Jf dis Baltimore.-.. pre OhioTks..: , 5dILotiIaUe ' WOSTBlESS BAKES. Agrlcult'l B'lc Browns-jMechanIcsB'k,einp's. . ST. LOUIS MARKETS OF TD.E 14th. Tlie St. Louis JbpiiblUan of the 14th says: City BupeVfine'flwir has receded for round lots to 5 per barrel, this flour laving been accepted a lot of 1,000 barrels which sold yerterdsy. Shipping lots were in scarcely any inquiry, and the market generally had a "drooping tendency. Wheat, for two or three days, has resisted this increasing dullness in flour, and been firm : cnoughj but to-day it manifested some sympathy with the other. Millers were disposed to stand ofT.-lcaving the market heavy, but no de-: dine took place. Cora was In limited supply again, but buyers to fill orders for the South ' and for speculation being in tho market, full ; quotations were established and easily sustain-1 cd. Barley became firmer from limited sup- j plies, and small iota of spring sold as high as j 60c per bushel. Hemp, tobacco, and other ar- ample and firm. In provisions, the supply of nacon is so tow tiiat it does not ammt ot more than filling small orders. Pork and lard is also much reduced in stocks and unchanged in - A prominent provision dealer and packer off una city baa recciveu intelligence trom abroad of tbe extent of tho British Government contract. It is unusually large, amounting to the following: Beef, 6,000 tierces; 5,800 bbls.; equal to 14.800 bbls. Pork, 18,000 tierces; 18,500 this.; equal to 45,000 bbls.- .. The largeness of the order is attributable, in part, probably, to the disturbed state of Europe, which makes it prudent to look to tbe provisioning, of an entire, military force. The time of delivery is March next. LOUISVILLE MARKETS OF YESTERDAY. Wc quote from tbe Courier of yesterday: In the general market wc have no change to note. Flour continues firm with a good demand at $5 255 GO for Superfine, and 5 72 (6 for Extra. -Wheat is arriving freely, and it is all readily token at $11 15 for prime to choice white Kentucky. Corn was in good dc-matd, with fal s if nearly 2,000 bushels at55e for ear, and 60(I3c for shelled, sacks included. Oats were quiet and unchanged. Whisky was dull at 20ic. Groceries are firm and unchanged, with a good home demand for Sugar. Provisions continue very firm and buoyant, with but a small demand for Hess Pork at $20, and at which price holder.) are firm. There is a large demand for Bacon to fill Southern orders, but the transactions to-day were limited at '10, 12r, J3Jand I3Je for Lhoulders, Rib, Clear Riband Clear Sides. Lard Is firm at 13c, with but & b'ght stock on bond. Wo learn that the stocks in St. Louis and New Orleans are light, with an active demand. Markets kj Telegraph. N w Your, Sept. IS. Cotton steady; 'sales todivofl.DOO laics; middling upland 10J. Flour declined 10gl5c Sales 18,500 bbls. at 5.505.G0. Wheat declined L'3c Corn active; declined lc; CC68'rc. Mum Pork dull; sales 200 bbls. at $lt).37j19.60. : Lard dull; sales 200 bbls. at HlZic Coffee ouict. M olawa- 0 rl ea ns 45. Barbodoes 35. Sales of ir,u00 boxes Havana Sugar, sold on private terms, arid 1,000 hhds.- Porto Rieo at Cincinnati, ScpL 15. Flour nominal; $4.854.90 is ofTercd. Whisky 19c Hess Pork eacls 275 bbls. $19. Oats 31c. Nsw Orleans, Sepc 15. Cotton sales today 4,000 bales; Middling lOJlOj. Mess Pork firm at 22. Other articles unchanged. The weather was very wet to-day. The steamer Bienville took out $120,000 for New York. Speaking la RstortsM and Daridsta. Hessrs. Haywood, House anasteCann, candidates for Elector in the Eighth Congressional Dla trlct will address their fellow citizens as follows : OAarnni-- Knrinfleld -Tn esdar Shoats .....Wednesday, - l DAVIDSON COCSTT. Goodlcttsvllle, Thursday. September, SO SmlleVs Store. Friday. " 21 Tom Harris', 5thdlat)Satnrdy, " 22 Tusculum Monday, " St Tank, Tuesday, " S3 Messrs. Tajlor, Whilthorne and Watterser. The following list of appointments has been agreed upon for Messrs. Tajlor, Whltthorne and Walters on, candidates for Elector for the State at large, at which times and places they .will be pleased to meet and address the people. It will he seen that a number ofconutles have been untitled. This was unavoidable, owing to the want of time: . LewUhnrs, Marshall county, Monday Bept S4. Columbia, itaory rpunty, Tuodar, bept S5.' Centre riile. RicKnun co. Wrdnes day. Sept 26. Linden; Perry county, Thunxtar, ScntST. Pcrxyville, Dccntnr county, Friday, Sept S3 Lexington. Henderson county, Saturday, Sept 29. bomcrvillc Fayette county ednesday, Oct Vr-mnhl. Shi-lhr rnnnlr. Thnndar. flet 4. Covington. Tipton county, Saturday Oct C Brownsville.' Haywood county, Slop day, Oct 8. Ripley, Lauderdale county, Tuesday Oct It. Dyersbnrg, Dyer county, Wednesday. Oct 10. Troy, Obion connty, Thursday, OctJt. I) read en. Weakly county, Friday. Oct 12. Parts. Henry county, Saturday; Oct 18. Cam den j Benton county, Monday Oct 15. Waverly, Humphreys count t, Tncsday. Oct IS. Charlotte, Dixon county, Wednesday. Oct 17. Nashville, Davidson county, Friday. Oct 10. Franklin. Williamson county, Monday, Oct 22. PRESDJEYniL CISFASS. Sessn. Haynes aad Peyton. Tho following list of appointments has bean agreed upon by the Hon. Baloc Ptttok and non. LaxdOs C-Hatkes candidates for Elector for the State at large, at which times and places they will be pleased to meet and address the people. It will be seen that a number of counties have been omitted. - This waa unavoidable, owing to the want of tunc, j i J'?W . - . Nashville, August 15th, IKS. CavingtoiIiTlptori eo: '.;....V..ThnridayJept.l3 llycrsbnre.Byerco. ......Monday 17 Trenton. Clhaonco.: ' Tuesday ' IR Union City, Obion co.... -....Wed'day "' 19 Uuntincdon, Carroll co Friday " SI Paris, Henry co Satnruay " 23 Dover,Stewartco.l.. ........ .'...Monday; 91 ClarksvIIle, Montgomery co Tuesday J 23 Springfield, Robertson co Wcd'day " ST. Gallatin, Sumner co '. Thursday " 27 NashviUs, Davidson eo... Friday " -23 Franklli. Wllllamnon co Saturday ' S3 Colunfbla, Maurv co .- MondayOct. 1 Marfrecsboro1, ItutbcrTord co Tuesday " 2 Shelhyvllle. Bedford co Wedday " 3 Lebanon, Wilson Co Friday 5 Carthage, Smith co Saturday C Galnnboro', Jackson co.... .".....Monday 8 Llviugston, Overton co Tuesday " B Sparta, White co Wcd'day'' JO Kingston. Boaneco.... Friday, '. 12 Clinton," Anderson co :...."..".Bafday" W Jacksboro. Campbell eo. ....... '..Monday " 15 Taxewull, Claiborne co Wed'day" 17 Bean's Station, Grainger co Th'day. " J8 Roccrsville. Hawkins co,.-. Friday 19 Kingsport, Sullivan co ..Sat'day " 20 Blountvillc do do.-. .Monday " 99 Joneaboro', Washington co Tuesday " 23 Greenville. Greene co Wed'day" M Newport, Cocke co.". Th'dar " 25 Dan oridgc, Jefferson co Friday " 20 Knoxville, Knoxco.i .........Sat'day ' 27 Maysville, Blount co Monday " 29 Maalsonville. Monroe co Tuesday" "SO Athens, MeMmo co Wcd'day" 81 Cleveland, Bradley co Th'day Nor. 1 Chattanooga, Hamilton co.. .Friday " J . tar wc are authorized and requested to state that Hon. Wx- H. Polk; Donglaa Elector for the State at large, will attend tho above appoint-' meats and address tho .people, in advocacy of the claims of Douglas and Somttoxl " ' ' J Sam COXGUESSIOXAL DISTRICT. . . ; PikDe Speaking. . Wk. F. krtcnxvAL and Omncr Gaxtt, Erc-tors for the 6th District, hare agreed upon the followlngnppolnlmenta: . ChapelTllll, ., Spring Place, .. ." - , Mooresvllld . z '" CuIIoke. Manry " Colombia,' ,'"; . " Mount Plrasant, - Hampshire. - ". , -? Willlamsport,' " SanUFe. ,:,--'' - - ! SpTirienm,. . '.' . .!. Lewtaburg, t - Marihall ; " Hon. W. B. SroKKs and Col. W. H. DsWrrr will aAfreMth people on the po,',!al lsvmof tha day at the foUowin- tin and -p laces :' ' La Fayette, -:MstOT county,., . , October. . I" . mu njlt3h, "j 13 v :; as? ;:-: viv IJBtKCISTS- A CTICLE5, Jl RE ; -NASHVILLE. '-Cp ARCHEB CHEATHAM IMPOR-TB1R o-p WINES, BRANDIES, CIGARS, TOBACCO, kc kc NO. 9 OOXil-iEGE STBEET,r : . NASHVILLE, TEXSE8SEE. -' ALWAYS keep a well sheeted stock or fine goods la otir lbie "o business, mors especIaUy Plsis Coguae of old Vintages and well established Brands, Among which are -' UNITED VISETARD PltOPRIETOITS CO. COGNAC,- ' , PiTtz Olu "SAzrnAc" Coonac, "VALLAirria" no.. Old Loxdox Docx im- e Ac To which we would ealU particular attention qf Brandy for Medical pnrposcsv - - : Our brands of Cnampagne arc very choice MADAME V'e CTJCOUOT PONSAEDLN, THE GENUINE "IfEIDSIECK CO.,' THE CELEB SATED fPALMA." OwUherrfeai mmM. Mafletrais are miexceptlonablo in qua! Ity aad larar. Wehavtttie ' .! ' 'mHMONT." . ..- V- ' BUOWN ami OOLDlPr KliKKHT ! "AJitrf uukuks tiOLif." Wealway keep alanre stock of Pure Robertson and IBISH WHISKIES. Purs Holland Gin, Scotch Onr patrons have.TWOHnNDEED THOUSAND Clrani to select from! Trosa ths'ebesa GEE HAN and ftrst rfass DOMESTIC to the very CHOICEST HAVAHA9.' . TT ; P Our SUxk of Tobacco It very extensive, and cannot be excelled In quality. We can stre verv cat inducements to the trade in this article, as we have made tach arranxemento that wa pardnae Rcatinaaccmenuroineiraaeui tnu article, as we have made tach arrangements that ws parchaae from ths ManurActnrer direct, and so avoid tkt extra eotnmlinion char-ed or the Bal tizs are Mark t Bar Fine PANCAKE, BOUGH AND HEADY, and FLAT PLUG TOBACCOS M Itom ttbes?a&a-nlacturrrs in Virginia. Wc have al good and common Tobacco of oar own State. Among our miscellaneous artlclet we would call attention to a good selection of fins Cassia er, Iavpertad and Tonne Hrn TKAS, Oolong and Powchonr Teas; Pickles, Preserrea, Oysters, Smoking Tobacco, andmany other articles., , .a EP" To an or wnicn we wouja can me especial attention and Invite the Inspection of ths tai assure them we can offer many Inducement not to be found slsewher. lam-tf Arol-vsox- QliMtluun b Brim CANDIDATES. FOB 7IAYOH. . We aro anthorized to-announce S. N. HOL LLNGSWOimi as a candidate for re-election to tho office of Mayor, at tbe ensuing September cicniua. - juiyji-it Wo are authorized to anaonnee IL B. CHEAT HAM as n eandldata fur Mayor, at the ensuing Bl-piCIUUCI tIClllUU. JUljll-lu We are authorized to annocne JOHN HUGH SMITH as a candidate for Mayor, at the ensuing September election. Julyl"-td We are authorized to announce ACTON YOUNG as a candidate fur Mayor at the ensuing election. For Aldfirmaui We are authorized to announce R. L. CREN SHAW as a candidate mr Alderman, or tne 4th Ward. JulylS-td Wc are authorized to announce IL J. MEIGS, Jr., as a candidate for Alderman from the Filth Ward. We are authorized to announce J. C. McFER- RAN as a candidate for Alderman from tbe 2nd Ward. ' July25-tf For Connellnaaui. We are aathorieed to announce JAS. B. CRAIGHEAD aa a candidate for re-election as Council-roan Trom tho Firth Ward, at the ensuing election. We are authorized to announce WM, 8. CHEAT. HAM Ofla candidate for re-election for Council man in the Fifth Ward, at the ensuing munidpa election. Jnne7-td fJT We are authorized to announce CHAS. S. THOMAS as a candidate for Conncilmcn In the second nam. juneii-ia We are authorized to announce JAS. T. BELL ' as scamuaate lor councilman rramtnezna waru. , July25-tf . We are' authorized to announce Dr. P. S Woodward aa a candidate for Councilman in tho Third Ward at the approaching election. Trust Sale. BT VIRTUE OP A DEED OF TRUST EXE-cutcd to tbe Mechanics' Bail dim: and Loan AMoelatlon of Nashville, by James Sloan, on tho SHth day of November l&d, and registered In tbe at the Court House door In Nashville, on Batur day, 33Mt day of September. 1800, a certain piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being lu the City of Jtashvfile. front lag on Payne street one hundred anil elhtT feet, and nmnlnrf hark on Railroad street ooe homlred and one and a hair j ten, meiDding tne rcsiaence or saia nioan. The title to said property is believed to be good, 'ealo within usual hours. ROBERT LUSK. 1 Treasurer. ' - EiecTitor,B Sale. ON WEDNESDAY. THE 19th DAT OF SEP. tembcr.lS60,attboUto residence of II. B. Morris, dee'd , No. 23, South Summer Street. I will fell publicly to the highest bidder, thit Household and Kitchen FURNITURE, Belonsfrrr to-the estate of said dee'd., consisting In part of Sofas, Divans, Secretary, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, a very lino wrought Iron Cooking Stove, &c &c At the same time and place, I will sell a cow and calf belonging to said estate. .TERMS OF. SALE. All sums of$S and under, cash all over that sum, 13 months credit with note and security. Those having claims against said estate or that of Martha n. Morris, dee'd. wilt please present then properly authenticated within the time, proscribed by law, and those Indebted thereto are requested to make Immediato payment. JNO. E. GARNER, sep7-71719 Executor. Fresh Arrivals. JUST RECEIVED BY RAIL ROAD DIRECT from Baltimore and New York, 50 hhds Sugar all grades; -130 bblt refined Yellow Sngar; 100 bbls Coffee 300 bags Rio Coffee: 30 bags Old Gov. Java Coffee; 10 hlfchcsts Imperial and Gunpowder Tea; GO six ib boxes " " " 40 hlf chests Black Tea;' 2j bbls New Mackerel; Meases Oysters; 100 lioxcs Fire Crackers; 123 dozen Broom; 100 boxes German Matches; 100 boxes Virginia Tobacco; 50 boxes Ground Spices: Which we offer together with a great" variety of Goods ln our line, to t tin trade, vervlmvfor Cash, LANIER PHILLIPS A CO. .(cpURf uo No. 33 South Market St. T O jQ uL O O O TO FLZABE XVEKTBODT AT Wltolenale, Ranging from thirteen cents to ono dollar per pound, purchased with Jt view to J-CAIID TIMES, And will be sold with ths same "hideous monster" In mil view. Also, a much larger stock of CIGARS, SNUFF, PIPES, &C., ' . Than can bo shown by any other house ln the State. All of which will be lower than can be bought elsewhere in the city. JT. W. JLancIejr, acpl-tf Union Street. 14 -V o n; i SPALDINGTS MEPAEED GLTTiJ Spalding's Prepared Glue,. : Spalding's Prepared Glue, SATE THE PIEOES. ; , ECONOJIIV1 " BlAXCHt BT"' A Stitch ut Tmx Satcs Nedl" i At accident! aUl happen, ettn in veil regula tedfamillei, it it very desirable to have aomt cheap and convenient way for repairing FurnI tore. Toys, Crockery, Ac SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meets all inch emergencies, and no household can affoad to be without It. It is always ready and up o the sticking pout. There Is no longer a necessity for imping chairs, splintered veneert, headless dolls, and broken cradles. JtlsJustthe article for cone; shell and other ornamental work,' bo popular With ladles or rrflnementi and tastew This admirable preparation It used cold, being chemically held in solution, ajidpotscsaingallthe" valuable qualities of the best cabin et-maker'ti Gloci It may "be used In .tbe place of ordinary macUage, bclag vastly mors adhesive. . - " "USEFUL m.EVERY.IiOUSE."; ' ; JL'B. A Brush accompanies each bottle. iYici asc'isJ.-.' WUoleaaleiBeot,Ifo IS Cedra.rT.T. Address 'HENRY C. SPALDING ft CO - . BoxNo.a300NwYo;' Put ap for dealers In cases contatntngftjor, eigfcl and twelve doxen beautiful XJtbjopnpli.Baow Card aecompanjmg each package. Hf" A alnirlt botUe of BPALDING'S PREPAR ED GLUE will sots ten times lis cost annually to rery hoosahold. Sold by an prominent Stationers, Dnugritts. Hardware and tmtmiua Dealtrs; Orocers and TTaRKST 701"." ClttLEf -ir ! of Connobwnrs, and those who waata pare article v and well ki.own: "GIB9LAR CO.." GOLD LABEL and WHITE "PJIINCE .Hlrit r -r ., T- 1 l-ixpaapafsan, SEVEN UTAS SHEEKT 4e County Wlklaky Fine Old BOTJEBON.. HTJ5 and- English ALES, Lon4oa WCTKBrn,! THE 0H1T "PSEPARATION .THAT HAS Stood the Test of Tears, And Gram marc and more Pop- . ailar Ettiy JBm,., . And testimonial, new, and abaast without ntua-ber. might be given from ladles and Gentlemen in all grades of Society, Whose united testimony none coald resist, that Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative will restore the Bald and Gray, and preserva the Hair of the Youth to old age ln all Itsyoatb- Battle Creek. Mich.. Dec. . 1PM. Pitor. Wood: Thee wilt please accept a line io inform thee that the hair on my head all fell off oTer twenty years aro, eaaed by a complicated cronlc disease, attended with an eruption on-tho neau. a continual course or.iunenng larougn life having reduced me to a state of dependence, I have not been able to obtain stuff fOrcana. net. therhavo I been able to do them up, in conse quence or wnicn my neaa not tuaerea extremely, from cold. . This induced me t my Brigga & Hodge almost the but cent I nadf on eartEror a two dollar bottle or thy Hair Restoiativa about the totof August Ust.. I have faithfally foil owed the dlreetloes, and the bald spot la . now covered with hair, thick and black, though short. Kit also coming ln all over my head. Feeling conn-dent that another buss bottle would restore it entirely and permanently,! fee anxious to persevere in Its use, and being destitute of. means to purchase any more. X vooU ask thaw If: Una wmtldttnotbewnilnv ta' ind nr an ordsr on thine agents for a bottle, and- receive to thyself tbe Scripture declaration, "tb reward Is to those As mark-of 'my gratitude For year labor and skill In the prodnctlon of so wonderful an article, I have recommended its use t a many of say friends and acquaintances, who. am happy to inform yon, are using it with like effect. -' Thy friend, SUSANNAH K'UHlf. Llgonler. Noble Co., lad., Feb. 6th, in. Pnor. O. J. Wood: Dear Sir In the latter part nfthevHr 1RS2. tvhll atUndlnv the flUtn anrt National Law School of tb State of New York, short space of tlx months, tbe wholt upper part of my scalp was almost entirely bereft of its cor- my e coot somach at .a loss to discover the cauaa of ths change In my appearance as my mors lntlaaata ae- nliTiilefaTia In thaennntrv. hnt rwltnno ancc from them that my hair could again bt re- fate, until fortunately, in the latter part of the year 1637, your Restorative was recommended to me by a druggist, as being the most reliable Hair lice t ora ti vo In use. I tried one bottle, and found, to my great satisfaction, that It was producing the desired effect. Since that time, I nave used seven dollars" worth of tout Restorative, and as a result, hare a rich coat of very soft black hair, Very respectfully yours, . A. M. LATTA," Attorney and Counsellor at Law. . .Depot, A. Broadway, and sold by all deal en throughout the world. Ths Bcstoratlv? la put up ln bottles of three, viz: large, medium, and small; the small holds X a pi nEond retails for f 1 per bottle; the medium holds at least twenty per .cent more In pro- Krtlon than the small, retail! for two dollars a I tie: The Urge holds a quart, forty per cent, mora in proportion, and retails for three dollars a hotUe. O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors, U Broadway, New Yorkv and 114 Market street, St. Louis, Mo. And sold by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. O. T. WOOD CO., St. Louis, wholesale agents for the West. . Roldhr WWTV. PENDLETON A CO.. whol n- sale agents, Nashville, Tenn.; Retailed by JO. G. BROWN A EVANS, G. W. HENDERSHOTT, BOOTS, BAEKS AND LEAVES, Tl. Xibsmu Dngs k Pantntu Hlarrals, Wc ask the afflicted of either tex, which do you Vox compounds heretofore ntcd, with all their Nauseous and debilitating effects, together with' the loathsome disease, many times following tho use of Mineral Poisons. The "Cherokee Remedy" la Nature's own Speet-Oe for Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Gravel. Stricture, Flour Albus (Whites ln Females) and all diseases of tho Urinary Organs-curing these diseases by natural laws, after alt other preparations have failed; aad It ono of Heavens best mercies to offending man! IniUncea eotild be prodnced of its effects, which would stagger credulity; ; - - ,. The nauseous preparations heretofore used have failed: bat this has never fa one Instant been known to fall. Happily for mankind, the Governor of the world Is a Father who ami eta, notto kill, but to enre I ln mercy he has anpomtedMedlcInesforthoo dreadful diseases, which when taken, quickly dies -tiii inrtt auu wiin m naeuiy ana -couragn muj idmirable, never gires it rest until 1t has com-dctelvexDcIled It fromtfaa bodr.and restores ths unfortunate patient to ' forsaer health and vigor. This "Remedy" strikes at the very roof of the disease; Its tendency it not simply to suspend the poison, but to remove the caasa on which itdc- AndwhatENHANCES ITS VALUE is tbe entire absence oLall nauscovt latU or tmell. . It can lay In the counting room, or on tbe toQst table," without ever being inspected as a "Remedy" for secret diseases. ty A treatise on Venereal diseases, with roll direction Tor their permanent cure accompanying each bottle. tar" Sold by all respectable Drugzlfta and dealers ln medicines. puttK JiEKWLN, solo Proprietors, St. Louis, Mo. RoM InNastn-IIIeatwhnlmilnbvtsWr Tin moTillo and Swing & Pendleton; at retail by O. W. Uendenhott. rtr inee rt per bouie. deeS-ly.soe. Sundries in Store. D0 barrcUMoltiSCS, -- . ono hair do'- - ' 00 barrels crashed and Pow'dSogar, 300 boxes Star Candles, 1300 kegs Nails. COO hags fine Salt, 100 kits No. 1 and 3 Jtacksrel, St)0 doxen Brooms, ' " 23 boxes Macarunl, 50 " Pieties, .VI " Pepper Sauce. 3m barrels Tennessee Wbtta Whisky, t an) " . Deans ' " ' . do ; '3. H S"0 "" Rye and Bourbon, "do 100 " A. M. Brandy and Gin, S3 " Ginger Brandy, . 15 Cherrr . 15 CordUl, 15 hoxca SduHdaia Schnipnfl. Th. .bar., with. ffremuivntlutlr.lH ba Mdil naiutullT low : I - . . School Hotice, rrttlEKETT SESSION OP KY EGHOOL FOR X bor. will eonBKne on Xow&it, 6puinter Ml. IB tUO ........ ....m. n... . -nmt, .. , - VyramteretTOpiU limited to tbirtr.aod LbonMfli lortnctla. ! glren la tbe bntacka el to E".-ll.hndCluiat cdncatlon. mm buqut. MnmiainTg.Miiu. BS-tf.. . wTbSTCE TH0JCP60N. COMFORTABLE .SUCK HOUSE ON TITK ,-lJFranaltn;Tnorerf--pa and ;vfontcq-contalnaWroaa tMWtrtwr. will rmtedlowtoagsodtcuust. AppJiMtlila-omr.-. Jaly-at-tf. . V; . 7- - - V r- ' HOOFLASlrS -;; ' 1 lofaiBiKi,-'Si',;. ' ..axAiroABajMCW.iittiiSv' r. lari tfwiiyiiaTitt& ipuiniagMU fVw&am&c't GEKMAKBITTEES debflUy, pmemaflWhKj.'r.-"id ab dbeaM'rls'frco i'astoedllVr -i weaknwii of Uw Stoucftaiad DiaJestlveOrgni.-. ' Awb wiix rMtnrtLT wsrrsjtr ."cw.FCTe;BuTotij,PeTer1'fc Fever. , - See our Almanac lor proof. 7 : PSICXTS ClSSTSPXSSCfTTLS liboflandVBalBaamo Oprfjal,'"- ' onghs,' Colds or noarseneaa,' Broacbitis, li Ju- .id has paribmatJ thr aBCVt-'aatettflUnx ciif.-i : .,' ,..'. - ever itEMMUpl.-.- ' - CMlme4' Cmtmomiftimn.- ; : a Diarrhoea Cdrolal fs'laTOeaaflea. ririe . -. V. . ".v'gCfjtsptrbettlsv "- : t ilng well known llnitijliisif TTtiitsi md fl ' l t, nssdsno t tmm aiidlitM haft.' Tlaiy ai r-V.'--; vegetable, are ptepaisd with erest teaetn' , -ladara'aofoaUd.' lto.sstaw-Cktliartlc-ri!! ;tabnMad. PaiCBlScta.pBTbax.'' -;' TweM.iacalelnea aprsfaraa;lry tit. C. V. 'j tcKaaar A. Oo iVmiiitUt, Paaad fltLoiii-. r'o and ar seU by draoats and dealHT 'te41cme"rriwrt. Ta'ti(natsra of C.;. jACXscairtU W iimmUUm tt meh botllri r 'In mr' JWfyMAk Amimm? jriHSArH -i -aailyyoqwmiladtestJnWiryandnaw ,t ; otlcttfrom'anjwrts of t .rtere Al- laaacs are given away by all our afeata. 1 Ol WOOD CO; St. IWbaaale Airl, - -.trtheWest... '., .- -- ' -j Scld by EWEN, PEKDLarTOl CO," Wl-s. deAgenU.Haahvme.'TenaiIlettfledraV j1 r,;- ROWrT EVANS, G. W71DCaI3fiHC : -AUXSHOOPJa COilTa)sal-r B. -Mi - nsws, MspMoeiviA x;6i imihcix, e-i iu - Tnoflsxadsara daily ifaailngte ths poise of ' DR. EATcars . f HFANTILE. . OOJJDIAL, . nd why. becaase U ttSTtr tafia b jrirs Inatsnu-: eoas relief when given In time." Tt acts aa If ir vagic,socu!. trial alc will ceTinesytthnt .b jsaayJattae. Jt contains ' jOrAEEOffflW- aB, 0HA3? faoy Wi-fdtlBrefot relieves" by reawrti- HiafMania tobtcU Instead csnyatesden-aglUsensTbillt&a. FortUar&asoaltcommen:-'aelfaa the only reliable prtpxratltm. known Ty . :lrU4ra TeattUaaar, afcUrissaeat, Mrnen ar SSrtplakfr. tat t& BtnvaSaT'AeUItv r tie sGmmxim, WIa, sM te tn jfeaaU mnt Oron. Also, for sofianlng thr ) turns, reducing I unl in mat ton, regnUtnu tbr iloweli. and relieving Pain, it baa no canal belr -n antispasmodic itls used with, unalllag sa- 'ea in all raw of SMWialaliMasi or lts. As you value the llfo sod health of . yonr hJhlren, and wish to save them from . thos sai nfbllchtlng conseqaesces which are certain to ream' ut rrom tne use ca narcotics oi wnicn sun icdlcs for Infantile Complaints are composed. ;kcaonebor7Br. BiTin KnlkaiUle Cor-nai, thit yon can rary 0000.; It Is perftctlr irmles, and csaaot Injurs ths most dell-SelnfanL Price 9B casta. laDdirectiaoa ac- .Qjnpanyeaca oua.. prcparw Healthy human Blood upon being' '-"',' '. ANALYZE D ' always presents ns with the twneewntial eb-, menu, and gives of course UtlltM fMaiBn-SArd. Analyee the blood of a person aufferir,r from OonsumptioB, Liver Complaint, Dyspep!.-", Scrofala, Ac., and we Dnd In .cveTy tnitancj. crt Uin deffcienelca In" tbe rM Tilet-ef -Biooi Supply these deficiencies and yon are made wttl TheBloaU fonrieaflpmi thlsthtxay.' hentoltt sutonlthlng saceeas. Tnereare adapted to the deBdendes of tbe Hood In drrr-' ent- diseases. For COUGHS, COLDS,' BHON-; CH1T1S. - or - any affectloa- whatever of - thr Til IIO AT or LUNGS, radodiar COrrgTJMPTIOf:.-nsoNo.l, whlrh lw also the No. for DKPKEBtlIO OF SPIRIT B, LOBS OP AfWl'lTK, and rjrali; CHRONIO COMPLAINTS arftlar trot OVErf-USE. GENEKU -"DKWllTxsaiJWBWOl PROSTRATION. -Ho; VfteLIVM 0011-PLAINTS. No. 3 far DYWEPsBA teby K rady prepared for absorption ltfliTAXZFBY-DKOPdand carried lumi ( irltsatjf iatotiMafacn-bUlon, so that what yoa gala rom rsUtn. The No. 4 is far FEMALB aRSSGULARITIES, RYS-TERIA, WEAKNESS, Jte. 9m ' P,?' Tor thit.- For ' SALT " HHETJlt nTJFTIOlv. HL'ROFULOUS, aODNEY, ancLaUJaDIKR COM-PLAINTe.takeNo.B: In sll cases thiDrect!on must be Strictly Iblitnrsd.-'Prtca of -th JLOOD 80U by KwTH. TWUMjmjnl-TOvWo-mIb Afsmta, NaahvfJteTeiiM.; gtUiWay.G-BROWHk EVAWaV Q. W. HlNllUlaPOTl, wBifi?aSS. o maca. aiiuaiBBPiv,-:.:- :" 2SSHHlSSi , n mm vw 2vM llllMlllwl lllwjl f fc"--TL"T , nalca ot TtttT im'Bi Ounrlwl i MllttSim.ltiSmm llllllj fa mt kj talt tIl lw."l1lllllMJ. Si jftcttnlfrMlillyiimlin. IiaHd) : i rwr Hm Hul l Vt Mrtai . Jwcfil num. I HitliUT-'MSi,- k. ixaffi.&;co.s;v . . . ... . uoMnu 4UW. ', :-'- wn 111 TT " a Tb , .U''ta U rn-Ill l'iti ' : De.l?.'U--l)wij. ' " ' , No. aO Lroadway, New XotaV . to' 'Sulutjcmjflimjl

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