Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on January 23, 1922 · Page 12
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 12

Detroit, Michigan
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Monday, January 23, 1922
Page 12
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T IT K DETROIT FREE PRESS, MONDAY. JAXUARY 2 3, 19 2 2. QUARTET TIED ON TOP RUNG Race in Church League Tight ens When Tempi Baptists Lose. Four teams aro tied for the lend In Division A of tho Church Has IcRtball league as a result of the 23 to 22 victory of the -North Wood Ward Presbyterian ovor tin; Temple Baptists. It was the tirst same won by the urlh oouwanl Icam this year and gives tho Temple Baptists, Kar rand Guards. St. Johns Lutherans and Central at. e. each a record of lour frames won and two tost. Other .Upsets were the defeats of the Olivet Presbyterians and Westminster. Livlfiloii3 M and N, composed of Sir Is' teams, have decided to renr-'ji.'tnize intti ono division to lie designated as M. The next series nf g nines will be played ai Central if. 1-:. pymnaFinm Friday. Divisional stand in gs: i!VI.-'!i I'll. TTnrle J-antirt Farrat-d i;uRrdfl 4 : .iiC7 Hi. .Iohn" 4 2 .Gii7 Central M. A 2 .CfiT Trumliull Prepliyierlan 2 i ..".u Hou'ward Congregat l"nal .... 3 A North Wct.i'verd I 5 .157 Itpsults-Ontral M. K. 21. lloulv.ird VI; Ft. Jnhn'o Lutheran 37. Trunihull IiY-soy-trlni: 12: North Woodward Preniiyterian Jif. Temple BiinLlHt 22. DIVISION E. W I- Pet. U"r.odward Avenue Baptist-.. C y low N.-r-.h Woodward M. U 0 1 .S.W Ilvthiiny rrwi..vlcriikii 3 .f.'ii) Kplphatiy Kplscopal .1 ,5(-0 "First ( l'iipUsf 2 i .an JpfU-rsnu Aici'if naHltit 1 It .iV, lir.uid Mlvil. M. K 1 0 .JUS illtri!;?;-i.!;:i!iv Iiil.-t apal 21. Ftm i J- niian Ji.ipn;. 17; North Woodward M. K. 11. P-einanv Presbyterian 1ft; Hast l T -a rid Boulevard M. K. 3. JrfTcrpon Ave-i - Uautut it. DIVISION J. W J. Pet. Vr:,trr M. K 6 1 .83.1 Grind JToulovard 4 2 .fX7 (V.rnpt.ell iL K 4 .TT "Wood urn rd ItiptiNt . 2 3 .MM Temple ItHPtlnt S i .31.1 Trumbull lTsbytcrtart S 4 .Tit Rdiy-.-nrr 1 g .la. Result. WVfit Grand BotilmTvrd H. Trumbull lYcftbvterinn IS; Campltell M. K. 1ft. HJeMnrr K: Woodward I'aptjst it. T-mple 1 IX DIVISION V. W T. Mack Avemie M. ir, r.lillr-.- Avem... 1'reid.y Trumlmh lTesh-.-tcrlan 1.(0 I'f-iilts-TnmiliuIl lYcsl-vte r M K. in; Mack Avenue : ..I Christian S. DIVISION K. Li ' ;:! -n'.j-iil M I .'mi - S!. .M:uthta, lil VISION Marll!:i Mnlnics I'.mi m : I -IVISP IN" ..'nil'.! I'-U.!. M. ?.. IIIKl.'ll M. Till V.....ti SCULLINS WIN FROM CALEYS -.' BY FOUR GOALS,' ( Oiitiiinetl I-'roin l"; ;e 0. play anil Ftoppai'e.-i ) numerous. Oliver ! eristi' thr. ; :i shot !a, 1-iiy r-!ear- :i. : 11 gr..ppl"0 !Ui tile Uo- Ij-jtli were 1 me. ale nnizcii mid ..-onse. lieticc i pne up -r. wiip had! e line, sue Vral di-ler- elishjpg tie j 1 of the bail, J jef roiter a ' and In lighter.; ei i.ed the rlnu! i a i;ie, Keily utak Hig li:.- L-ume mid sliik-r u itri a hard di ;ve ;p a f.tllnwH: r...-.n. I'i.t;ev, a y..i:i.:tM. Nolan, '...:.xr.. .1. ltr.ltiT.,1-:,:.. ! f-Mt!irr!:ind, row.n. V'.iill.-li. .Melixl. Kei... Sutherlnmi. -:n (Chicago). Mnri- .iicMwieney (St. i-'i minutes. J'laie of bav Join Iloehry Riintui, id . l-.f.i key eplli i s: i.oai. Johriwu. r: I.. ., I.ieur; I Wing. Stdlmryr: f ttt'r. rii.-v WOlllr! 1 wilh tne iiaylj., i Nor Mniir'-1::' am ; it-- "X.iin-.K ' ih'.' ti..! inimniii V . . Vincent iioiia.-k -. KUHn."."r. I, .'IDB. 1 .on ill- l;o-,;u 1-, -h.-.l!d.'' C'- II )'".. w CICERO SAPP 1 NO IE POMT 1QAMT ANV FuriWTURF.V"- -) UK Mr ii I .1 I M II Ur1. fieTllliV l .c rr- I POLISH - HAMBNT SOT . -rf--H AW 'WRWTUR6 POLISWZl 1 gE'' ' ivSUtRS UiOHOUT SaPHIE Spoils J auv use. F014 it - ; . EM r i -nic ill 11 u, i iiiiwimv - - ; - 2 & (I J9 BY (A Fon-caet fir I1C2.) No. 4 Baseball's Individual Stars. The first detail to consider in this inspection is the list of individual tttars from 1 91! I. Ijeadlnp lijitsmen, Kiilional tensue. flornsby. .r.3S; Roush, IcadiD? batsmen, American lea- ffiie, lluilmann. .:!91; Cobb, .383. Leading run pctters. National leatrne, Hornsby, ini; Frisch, 121. Leading run yettcrs, American IcaKtio. Ruth, ITS; Tobin, 132. Lcadlns baao runnera. National league. Friscb. 50; Carey, S3. Leading base runnera. American league, Hisler, 34; Harris, 31. leading pitcliers. National leaguo. oak. Grimes, Cotiper. 12arncd runs. KB men won and lost.) I cading pitcliers, American lea-gue, i-'abor. Mays, Shuckcr. Future Figures. With the vit.-il. not to say ruj-culcnt, Ki!iiiti. uiii''.'lil'?d 1m.-for-you. ono. gtittss i;; prtduibly :is i.-''.d .is another whi-n n r-mi's t mimi-Diin;,' up thij lending h-i s fur 1911'. l"ion at tack, Mnrnl-y. 'lie leading hitter .iiml Itu'tli, a;, the Ir - adini; run got ti-t iuv Hi,. -miIv Uli. in l-i.-p'-at 1 1 oni l .Mitsi'h.: ul" tin twi, th... , .Jtar.s at thin ilaii- liit year whu t.Sfslcr. Jlutns. I'amy and Ui.;.;. .Si-li:r l.'d th.- li;agin- with .li7. Jlurnii l-d the Nat inn a i 1m v;iic run g'l -I 1 . whllo Cai.-y and Kir..- tin; ) bu runiiurs. j What about tin- liiriu :! fur j In tho Na I it.nnl l.-ami.: I lut tmliy I of St. Iannis outclasses the iinhl. II-! j was 4G points Ltllcr than Kouli ! in second plain-, .-in . 1 unl:.-i h- hrirs inn on year, n-plctu ulih ;t imiUi-I l "id.- of kinks. 1m- .should win :i):ain. ! Hornsby is ;l n-ai hill.t. Ltne just. ri)iiiiiii; to d'.i pritiif. N'. t t I Uousli. t'ruisr. Mvllonry and M- u-jsfl. f.-.llowftl in I'ld-t. I.u- th'-y at-.-i ik. I Mim-iimI.j by ;,n ;itti.-fiil ,.1 I luritint ii-. ' Heilmann, Cobb & Co. I Ih-itmaiin. Cobh. Kiilh, ! Sp.'aki-r, in nnler. Wi i premier s-boliit:i in tli- Uh r nn.i t lie live j H' ilm.'inn. :i itoiii hiii. r tnii in his prime. Ims a yuod . liane.- ! re-P"af.. i:ut Im !';i.:r U. ein r upp'1 sit ion than Hoi n;.by lnc; h-s. ( " facing hi.s tsth rani pa ign. 'an liardly hopo i.. In. 1.1 :t vipt:iini; pace ti-oin Apt i f.. r. U due to skid .-...(lie ,,iv, but (il.- ball player who b.tts .:::, in hi.-, 17th 5ieasi.ii is iianlly (. h.- ehiiek, d ..ut ti.Tcft of a chiiin-f. tjohh will likely n- up there as bug as lie an crawl to th.. plat.-. for lit. le.l hoth fl..rn:d.v and Sis- I. r the I,- ft' The Younger Ones Il febh find Wp..;iI;.-i- J. the odds must t'avo- It'.ith and Sis',, i. dropped fem .!."'; I 1 laft y.-iir. hut th.. 1 may bit hi:: ,,,! st ! mo .ki b i he m.. ns entr No op "Itftb. " n.M si'.rit .-!r,-ii!.:hi 1 l:th ;.a h: fietii. ( mi r:icul.. 1 Tlie n should b-ad Kemainini; Rr;iiKhe;. : l-..uihai!i ri.i:. i-: Fta r nn tub. . TMI'.in;; fn.-:;nd (!.. Ci'iimurriitt lloxing.i 2lr!!RAYLS WILL PLAY : EX-SCHOOL STARS: .... Wooabridfje and Trowbridce - I. Jo Oppose Hardware Five. i:a;.i i;il-- v. i!l i-:.iv :;u- N'orth-' ,v, t,. hind. i.-sd.iy rtliwe; Aftrtn western basket HIIlp," l liii .. in jdiUL- '""pi iL-e f ni'iiir riy nd i;uhe 1 : a:-- Tech. ;-:ddic !;.-rn:-te Will ..fieiatf. 1; f'lutMl- .Ver I SoMa :,., ;,, t!; nisM on eoort. Vi. riiio.-.. .-ta Ill.l. k -..t.i... is oacri'i: ,IIC- aloni "';'. - i ' Wilson Would Go To Paris, Only Place He Isn't Barred Great Repudiator Knows There Is Safety There, as Middleweight Crop Faded Out Long Ago Mike Gibbons Yearns for Crack at Cheese Champion from Boston. BY ROBERT EDGREN. Now "Champion" Johnny Wilson is talking of going to Paris to fight. That's about the safest place Wilson could find in the map. Since Carpcntter grew out of he middleweight class, France has had no middleweight with a punch that could dent a cream put! or scare Wilson. Mike Gibbons issues another challenge to Wilson, hoping to connect before the proposed trip to Paris. The only trouble with taking on Mike is that Mike is very, very clever, and where there is a decision judges and referees have a queer notion that mere skill mere landing of 10 blows for one should entitle even a rank outsider like Gibbons to a verdict over a champion. uso n is a matter 01 iramuon: that Mike used to have a wicked punch. Supposo lie should resur rect just one of thestj slumber taps for tho occasion it Wilson was so ; unwiso :is to give, him a chance! Let. Mike go ;nnl "get a rt-ptita-i ion !" ltun TourM Knslnnd. .loti uny Uuff is off for a six weeks trip ! l-;utfland. Johnny, up American flyweight champion, may r-i-'int;: to meet Wihh; Tor the world ill I.-. And (.here d be (in-wotUs. Luff is- by long .idd.s the best little i..aii who ever writ iver to confer with .finimy Wlhle. 1 t.rmati was many pounds ovei weight when he heat Wilde, and th match was im true test of th.-.Mdetidid lilil. Knglish lighter's ability. Willi Huff it. would he Millie different. Then it would be 1'airU even, as far as weight goes. Ibiff is hardly a match for Wilde in skit I, but off sets this with aggressiveness and hitting power mh- th' in just about an eVt-n tiling May of the sinner lit Ilnrd. The way .1. Wilsi.n. the gen utven the irate n Massachusetts and Oon gntt! money--i a elinntpion -th. SUNDAY RESULTS HAVANA : in... i f, -'s. IM lVn-I l.. I, - I-. .. :iiui 1 I,, ft, w.,a; Win l-S i .M . . i ( , s to f. aad 1 lo . and 1 to :; 'Hinn'i. ."i to -II. ..!;.. Hviiiipty ; I url..;;:;s-i .in. I 1 lo war ii. ir-i. m: TIA JAUNA ..1 o.ui, won; FoU't so ;uid f sur.iii.t, l.riittl.-rj. $.(,40. tnin, .Murpny, iiuii.n.T :, - Kill. I- II-. 11" im. d. il. ij aini (....v. I-. fJ lftiiDcM, j.i t,.. try llnripiyne. Ma-;, iiiitliam, liindegitx . nd It. l.MMey "ai;",.. tad N.p . - Meter fop. :d ri.Ut. wot:--m-.i fi.-M, . iJ Co, tliir.l. ti 1 -. taiL-.i-Vf t.'.:M and S: fir. Kv iia Wii'i.ini-i Sport m Writ r U Dend. id-lphia, .Ian. Alexande r a newspaperman. r his wriMng on ! In and as a ref - : nd pocket billiav-i 1 anird.-);- j " the V; i -- hard, i who was ! N. w Ymi ! Iieclieut. j Nn. nut the gate; tn ih- --bl da so macn of a tittle tin god that he coma no aooiiL as ne pieaseu. i-te-u cat! off a fight at the last moment if he happened to feel that was. He'd give tho promoter a ring and say: "That tiling next Thursday night it's ofT. sec? Yeah 1 said ofr: What for? Aw, say. what's that to you'.' I'm the champ, ain't I? I said off. nn' what 1 say goes tl'bye.- 1'iir that doesn't go in thi of Boxing Commissions. t days ! Loncsuuir- ldf For Oreli. Harry t'tvb, by ing a lonesome lifi tier was here, li his best to got fri Harry, hut i':ti-p"inler tonic old Lovinsky instead. Tom Hibbimii isn't enthusiast i! over mingling with fireb. because Harry lias tin .-lw KiiacK ight iiig. at the finish. .reh want s rnl? , .,iPS,'vy-, 1,,lt-,J1!lCk f:'yS (i i tti ! i t'iti f i'i ;liill;l'u- I.'1 Ktr JKhl :i- UtUo ver audi mam- Morris and Will- ! ard. fireli wants light l .reunii ti. and i.ivtimin i busy tryiugnii maten wnn 1 tcmpsi-y. out ot a Oreli m.iu. n in .-ae ins title. On nil be as popular as the choli nes a nice Uul, too. Only with liirn is thai, he g-ts way. MTopyriphr. '-"Z, lv" Tl' ll Symiica ub!,. . RUNNING MONDAY'S ENTRIES. NEW ORLEANS. joirse "-yt-.ii idiiK.-i. :; fi:rlotig.i: -old liiniden I'lilnncr. 1 f f eon.s ttn.i g tAunmian . i 'eiiifiive Hillv Whit-ptTH i-U.l Top til. T. i irillli: olds Hrlsi. -iron 1 I.itil.. .. Ill v ... V- l:;n irw- $,ir-v. :Ttai:slate . . . i Fifth rare, i olds and ii).. ili.inii:iii i'W. if. in TUNNEL CITY "Y" I OF D. Collegians Fail to Hold Lead On Port Huron. Pel iitir-.ti. Ste-t k: leeal Mo th- )ini- Y- itv iefeate.l I lie t ' :i 1 V e i 1 v unintei Saturdiiv niLrht l- I.', of D, us, -r. nine men fort ti. win. At the half in truit-rs l-'l '.1 t.. c. mm t h ad i'iisk.-'t Stiyd.t for th ina 11: 1 Kit is. HaiTeM. ' red l'..t the I'nive foi;T Itt'K.'N V. Kniier i:. Iltutions-M.. r D'Arev: .M for Kills. Vvi..-. 1 Hoith Moim ' h cih lor l.emlei 1 :. rniiiitiiMititiiiii mill iiiMtMHimim itinlal i 7 A 1 F "J W f fir i T?T.r1?TST5S In The Open QQiuitutmiii iiT LEB J- SMITS.""' E1 MR. CURWOOD.'S CHARGE. James Oliver Curwood. who has ranged tho wilds and drawn therefrom its wildest fiction material, has taken up the cause of game conservation. A week or so ago the local papers in the upper peninsula assailed the author because- he was reported to have said that half tho inhabitants of the northern section of the statt-were habitual violators of the game laws. Xow they arc printing a communication from Mr. Curwood in which he strongly approves the recently organized Northern Michigan Sportsmen'a association and denies that he charged half of the northern citizens with being poachers. He does say that, though imperfect protection, the laws (ire being broken the year around. Politic In Fight. "We do not quite understand what .Mr. Curwood's quarrel with tho conservation commission Is about-In every state the cry of politics has been raised against the game warden's department. But we are in a position to say something about the extent of law breaking in Michigan, and its effect on the supply of game and fish. Starting with Michigan's chief bin game, the deer: From January tc .1 une or July, very few deer nr illegally killed. nuring the hardest part of the winter they are in i iieir swamp corrals, and their flesh ! !s heavily tainted with evervirreen browse. In early summer they are in poor conuuion aim tne noes are having fawn?. A few foreigners j kill deer in every month, hut save I around the mining camps, this does i not rea'ly cut into thn stock ol" f way, ip lead- deer. There are hundreds of square "When '.'arpen-i nij(.s )K.Ver hunted in save by low-n'ge Kngel tried : er peninsula sportsmen "during the nd Carp l meet i. gal sea.son. Queer Irivti. Those unfamiliar with upper peninsula conditions have queer notions ; ti((I1 t,,(1 iS,.ltt,. Somft ,,e,.r ,H1:it. ''a actually believe that venison "i" rv'-d in logging camps. That practice died out in the last century. Many look upon every settler or irofieien t and in t bless ; r.,r, ,.,: deer-slaver. Most of them, rarely I As one native itunl'-r j kill .. Spressed it. 'sonic f thei .,.,,, .,, hunt :i nrl um.. :ir.. m.. 1 voters in the township in whl-'h tliis is being written, there an- not niort t linn ten tin titers who kill a deei every year. and it is doubtful wheiher l he most tlagrant law vio-'at'ir kills more than live. The deer tribe -jets its heavy punishnient wh'-n i lie a ut mn army of licensed rid emeu take the. field. T.n t Observed. Ing grouse. I. a s profe anil bs.-r 1 throiighniit ttie matter of halut, b-T-is ever relat tnry. Tin re is s-ing and netting i great deal. T!ie late, largely as ;: '; I lie war-ly little terri-tic illegal speur-llsh, but not n ederal laws prn-s thoroughly re- ting- m:grants ct.-d. What is happening t.i wild life in thai eiviiiz .t ion is getting tin- b-st ol' ii, b'g:iHy. I'"stinast.-r (Jen:rnl !l:iy.-S issued i ns t met jnns lo pitst-uia.-t'rs in Mieliigan to I'amiha rizc t li. ni.-i lvcs wii ii at let tw.. good t roin st reams. I hat t hey mm lit dirt-el t -Hiring fishermen. Tin- ant.i-mobile, by bringing hundreds inte pliur.-s where few ventun-il evu I ft years age. is making a heavy drain it! waters and game "cover. In the li'-bl .i" the labli'siwneut of sa ne; mi ric- and olh el 11 .-lilt vrii c b. 1 1 I l' el free it is s .-; judgme liibitive laws nr-l".- t.i say thai if a I no p--i- corn .-Hi. .rc.-meaL Were ..b(,.,r! ihcre w.,u.j he no notice-Ibie illerea-if in the ava i la hlc S!l t p! y ii.--h and game. WESTERNOPEN TO COME HERE DURING AUGUST i dn tinned I-'roni I'itf etr i expense ev.-r. as kitig the: 'Ii. t'.iii-nainent. Ii :h(. , ha;: intended it:; 1 iu:-- anyhow. tildil- Wi.ik which haii oing n 1 st-adily mi tiie fairway.-- ami put tinw :;reeti. will !. eont itme;l, nf on rse. The was in good piuipe last season and will he even lietter- die eomitiL; -sejisou as a refill I of last fall's s.-edini;. 1 11 h-r 1 -it 1 r'ti rt m n t awards mad" Satt!.iy w. re i!it- Wf-.q.-i n Atn-aiciir to ilili..rc:;t elnli. ot" Kansas 'ity. pinhaidy for the last week m June, and the v, -stein Junior t ulymi'ia Fields. ..f Chicago. The matt- t of nil'-s and the re-Uirn the Western a .s.-toi-iat i'n to tile I'lWte.l States body Were Hot decided at Sa! u rday's meet ing". I n other words tin- biir s.-cti..nal lindv did not do a !!ip-ilop Im-k with the major organization. Tiios.. in clos.-si loiich with the situation did not fig 11 re any .sin h act ion would take place itt the meeting, hut they are still bopel'ui and in fact insist that the merger ntll cm,, about soon and M1.1t uni-lotm rub -: will he adopted, exo-pi for th.- stymie. n' every t hint: pans ou! .is thes,- men Jiunre it will, ttie YW.-ferii will adopt all the other I '. S. 1 1. A. rules but cent in tie t lust y m ie reii'ti !at Inn ns it was in t he W'.s'.eia last year, which abolished the stjniie. with ill.- Fnited States : to its stymie ruling ast Aft-- it minor difTert nee. spf'ially there is the predicted 11 tin- other rubs, for il regulations will gov-t lie play outside- the airt'eem.-rit after alt lo ( : n n;o:-t 1 si ymi" uevt ion of rulee h.-is I ; bft by tin- Western in tlie hand : a committee c i . i ii p osed of President ' .Mben (;. (Jal. ;.. ,,f fhicngo; Vie--I i 'i-.-.-ideiit ('bnrles n. IIil. nf Mem- I fdiis. and .lames i ;. Nugent, of Kan-! My ail, OH le fell 1 lo rnb-s body Iloict nil Henfx Vnle. ibiv'-n. .fa n. 2' -It,..- I tot, foll.-i..- donated Vale at hor-kev ! Sauuday night, 7 te f). Captain! ; Hughes was t,.. ftar of the Morton! i-dt'ge s-xiet. i ('ophcr Win on lee. ;". Wis., .Ian. L'J. Miime--uuooi ii i ttnnink' Iioekey oi-tlion doip-d Wisconsin for ' elld cODSeelJt K'e i iiiie Satu f- rs made a III Hid Ml k COURT STAR Annapulis, Jan, 22. The Naval Aradcmy's basketball team has suffered a serious loss by injuries to Samuel Silverman of New York, wtio. while performing an exercise on the flying rings, iett and sustained a severe dislocation of the right elbow. Ho will be incapacitated for the rest of tho season. Silverman is navy'.'; crack performer on the parallel bars. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. Estimate sis words of six letters each to the line. It" a box number is desired, count six words additional. Classified advertisements may be set in single or double column, no double column ad to measure less than two Inches in depth. Largest type used in singlu column, two line. Display type allowed in all ads of double column or more. No cuts or illustrations may be used. If replies are to be forwarded outside of the city, 10c additional will be charged. Classified forms close at G p. m. day previous for daily issue; 12 m. Saturday for Sunday. GENERAL CLASSIFICATION. Prepaid: Daily. Sun. Pep word 4c 4J2c Minimum price any ad 48c 55c Charged: Daily. Sun. Per line 30c 35c Minimum price any ad 60c 70c SPECIAL CLASSIFICATION. All advertisements preceding "Help Wanted Male." alien as Obituaries, Births, Curds o Thanks. also Medicals, Personals, Money to i Loan, Employment Agencies: Prepaid:! Daily. Sun. I Per word 4'Ac 5cl Minimum price any ad. 80c 90c, Charged: Daily. Sun. i ... . ' ' ' . '. ' . c minimum price any ad, $1.05 $1.20: i e.ei none your want Ads to The ; troQ I-rt. Call Main 9-luO and ask ior Ail-laker. ! IT you have Ei. telephone, class!-! fled advertisements will lie accept ed at tho above rates at any Want ! Ail Station or at all leading Dr:is: Stores ihroni;hnut the citv. Phone ! .Main 0400, Want Ad Department. lor name of agent nearest, vour i home. I Orders for out-of-town Want Ads must lie accompanied by cash. ' All errors made in telephone ads will he at. the sender's risk. Notice of any errors must be SrU", n"erLC0'TCCti0n befro I .... , ! wiH-a orUnr.', lor c-inoellation are1 given ovor the tr;i-phon tlie namo j of tiifi flnrk Kiuuiid be- obtained and uDiiiiriiuuion madi! bv letter, other- wiso claims cannot bo siilov case of disDute. .M'lin.i.-.fai 'Vof l,o-e't daugi.t.-r Mil'. We,- fr-'in t.! Mary A. .-Vlnva Anna S. Ii . f""y.i:i:- " :av;..n. .-vnri.- .J . -dd-n.-. ,,l,l,'," M;s j.;. VrVr'in'.!''1 luil; 1.-. n! .IP's. P'lV Weeks. Y.Viiu'uoD -.1, MONUMENTS The Lluyd Urothers Co .,-MA-,l:i,?,;,:f-w..s- -moni-.mknts. d 111 ; :t i -'- iiMrwnwmMl.'iib mil In , ,i rllHM'ilW!ij houf'; j ak.mT1: 'Ni 5- .lanu-.r.- :i. i::. .,: ., j .',''"' I AM.or. Mich.. .lis lUtrri. t A rin.-; r..iii: ArmAtrom;.'1'!,? '"u'J."' Kmi-ial )rvo'''' iHv.k 1(7 ei.'-an-J-ur .- i.i ehriT-! er Wit i..m K. 1 !;,;:, iMon 1:,, ' Gram! Civ.-r. V-'-il '. ,i:-'V""U"- T'iv:;'!''' '-riioon. at : .;A1:kF:k slio). ' "i-Jrp" 1...L ,..t 1.. Tiiitidmil v.'if- of S, ('.am' !,'"..., i, . ' 1 ,V . adv.un-fment, Call By Fred Locher tOR SOME UNKMOINN l?ASOM HE eES To HWS B!UMK SOME FURNITURE POUSM. HOWEVER I THINK Ue- PULL HIM TWROUOV) ALU T?llir- CHtUKR l'OUR FLOWERS AT fetters 3 ETast Adams. "J625 "Woodward. Main 1266. Market SB83. MEETINGS MASONIC ITnioii Loiljfo ot a. O. So. 3, 1 and A. M SAfflal cummunl wit Ion Mond:iv. .I:tnu. ;iry 23. 7 p. hi. l- C. Uegrve. Visitors we I co mo. MEETINGS SPIRITUALISTIC SCIENTIFIC PALMIST Mridnm liona: advice on all nffalrs of life. oiHec 1522 East Jefferson, near Riopello itt. Hours u to o. MAIWM IZMARK Spiritnal adviser and helper In all affairs ot life. Consult lit-r and lo convinced. Kxeellent Ktlsf action. 4687 Seebaldt avc. tlLtriH-ld 37-W. MISCELLANEOUS N oTICES. HOW MUCH WOULD YOU GIVE FOR A BETTER I OB OR A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN? Think It over. You can prepare for a better Job or a business of your own by taking oiu of tho following practical courses. And think how little it costs: Hnttery rtepalrtnc J.T0 Tire ItepairliiK ia Welding and Llrazlnc M -MarlLUie Shop T'ntctii'e TO O.-mplnt.! Auto Kt-pulrlnff :. Auto Driving 2o Combination courses at special low Slur Cll i ".-(nlnK. AUTOMO il YE SCHOOL Din'ltOIT INPTtTt'TK OF TECHN(H.OY Corner Joint H. mid Elizabeth tts. EARN WIIII.B TOU LEARN reircadtng tires wlili new protean at Anderson's new "423 Wood ward avc MKX lean iriiliiK barber, day or eveninc-;unraiite' d; tools furnished ; hile Ifariilng. Detroit Ilarbcr Monrw. ANYONE ItACKWAItD. old or ambitions la light privately In 10 weeks tn read write or s.;tk eorreetly. NEW Mc-KENZIE SYSTEMS. Hemlock 101S-W. Don't Be Idle Lenrn tire i.DMtrlnc a cotnoletc '"ur hkkkh. J'rvi-.r.j for tho proaiperoua Sf..,.r .m 'mSS1 "Si iWt VS iu'euks:.. Day ,tmi cvcntni; school, aim no3 wouuwajiij .we.. Detroit. I ci irrcS,-nlJ, " siii'i!.1' day "Sb 1 Kvbsinu'" I i-iT'!'Tf Vn P'"'l'A"s ' ' 'W'-lilv iiAKBER COLLEGE ! TaZ-2---:ArAIS7TR ... . ! ...WANTED HELP MALE I V'S.i!.iYKS!r; CE&Vi'Jf I r"'! "' iiii.- muhii, u'u, strh Aluniinnni i 3-Ul"X" 'VfCrl 1 !"'"' ",' ,'H i-ou. ... ..t ,", I rn'tW-i?''Ja- s" Ml!- -MKlflOU.S 'OVN0m i - r.-al iipurtunlt v f,.r voting nien oi ! l,iii eii...i .duea.tion; should weiil wrk';,br.i '" Ak rior "Sir "rwvf'i ,:i'if'!---ivti!ghi-Fl-i!ik.; c'...' nil' rar'ki H I '.STi.Fl. to 'U ..a -Igl.t ha. Mop,. I'li-'o t letters. Work wilary to risht .arty. ml nd Rlv. ATTKNTIO.M iipeariia; g-atlenian of gi.d char- tWfe :l ;inl 4'i yi am c.f age to .1 tiooil-ii.iylng htislneu.-'. Must :-ou.s to the public. SVc Mr -M Murphy Uidg.. U-liviTti ii TKan only, good job. MI-:.'-W- have op-n- I !' I'artui. nt fur a or I j Is a splendid oniHir- 1 ent ehanue for t-n.i.t I lo ft or to 7. ', CO I . I . i-x TO K-S ALKSM A " i V,.ni.-.l at rmi e. l" bright sietivo men with! tide tc Ii:iml!i. , 1. in.. Adam: 1 itn.i coiieemr: man prefvrn.d. Aj-ply j , M.I.Kt "I'M! nl.-,l. Calhollc. FIIlK.MKN. liltAkioii-iN DValtmer.i im. later i.O monthly, write Hallway, box dcr grinders. Apply ctnpluy - luent (dlit'f. Maxwell Mdtor Corp. Oakland laiid Parle. Klf;ST-i"'K.SS "" rp. Uak ;ni(i Ave.. Wr i. i.i.xiMon w , .l.'ir.-:-.,.,! ;. I l-'IKST-fl.A.Ss eaio-man" I IF Ytii: DK.-il"l.; a' j-, lritpilr: l-'lesli- :iTInN "iviih a rtunity for iul- op;, . tm;i '-ry siii,- .1111 nn income if you have a f;,ir u ion. ar" Honest, neat appearing iti, iv- ambition to gel to the lop. Sc.,;. MR. LANK, 1017 li.Kil: bldg. e i.iriio(.,KAi'-ri"c WOKOKM KN i-utiion artlsufi. engi.tvera. oits't ry and stone prc-ism-m and Vee'dcVs. aiaUerrtTH. proven:, plate pi eprers id slot,.! tTind.rtt; IS Uouri- imto.' i-t.imy work. xv,tll fehafde iil-weMcra . iie.-rns. state age, wnet e A.ltlress H- j le I'-r- IT. ps. l'AINT GRINUKR man familiar with grinding ido(kn "ho h..a had i-k p.rienv.; with i tor;.- tenting and eJt perlmeri tinK mi la ry expected, previous eonner. Pr !('; )"(itliil. 1 tan: lotul. K. 1-t IT i iN.NKT i 'Cr L 11 k" s,l,K.'.ri:;N fery nlShT (h. it ward .iitf. .utioiit "i.revi- M.l; SAI.KS Detroit, adelplll: RKPItKrtK.VPATlVK wanted for ami adjacent t-rntotles ,y ph,. irjiirerti tmi-aifaei urlng arilcl.: in il d. ni.-ind. ( ,-apalde of .inn in i...u!on to handlo hig msldi f -d tioti a-surane.. of aldlity and integrity.' a .. rs-.nal mt. i--,. ;v will arranged dth who win p.- o. V rite immediately ",... I lrtf IMde-. Philadelphia. I 'KkA Tuii KX lU IHI KN-V-KiT' sTdlF'f" , '!KT':'-;V.1; v -:iAi. simVin. . ',-i'w- .. !"'" .. 'ii:KiiAi. WANTED HELP MALE TO THE CASUAL READER Tho R. Scott -Corepanj. Limited. aai aKentH for tho Detroit-Windsor - BriJj: want men - na tnanaRcra tn on hundred offices within ttta next le-Z monUis. " Tho Flrwt MortRfUie Bonds and Com mon Stock Lnlia ot this Dublf,. utility are pro vine dally to be tho eaaiJv and fastest uelllng proposition ia country. Tho ,inon connected with ths limject show taat It lias tho Jttrencth or the creator portion ot tho North Amt-i can continent, behind It. C1 Wo also wunt men U) preparo for ci ecutlve positions, district superintendent a well as a number of trained men ti, other departments. These positions Jr,'. permanent anil wilt pay a minimum (5.008 yearly. Alrt'ady of national proportions with branch offices In the principal cttka Canada und United States, tho It' V Seutt C'umpany, Limited. Is fn the mt-.-of Intertiatluiiat expansion, ana 1h AL tennl tied to extend Its organization so i,H tu deliver "Scott Service" tn th" prlm-i pal eitiea'of Canada, the L'nited Staif and Great lirltaln. Wo must liavo u.r of moral clinntetcr , who have bw ,' trained In the Scott method of ck-n selling, who believe in It ami cnmitit 'J' shaken from it. n I'revltms Helling experienco or expr--ence In our line Is not neeessarv j matter wluit coiineetloiut you now hi-it Witt pay you to InvestigaLo. I'crsonai Interview by appointment unly. Tr-:,. phone Mr. Duncan. Main 5293. 'If application is by letter, state at details n-Kardlng present and past bni-iiess uonneetlons, mlnlinum reiuuncrat;..-reipjlred. reterences and wJien vallal,li All reptlen In strictest confidence. Address R. T. SCOTT COMPANY LIMITED Kxecutlvo Offices for Michlcan, UNITED SAVINGS BANK BLDG. Detroit. Michigan. SALESMEN Of hlRh type can muko blc money on ou-live elii n proposition. -Sou J. E. Iln.'. erts. salesmauatT, Modern Sales & KPtv ico Co.. 200 E. Jcffwrson. bctx WA.NTKD Saltfsmiin Htdh class youne perlenceit siiteutiuin for wholesale groe and hardware trade in Houthcrti Jtleii" lean with headquarters in Detroit -. -man out position to right man ' i ase, expeitcnco. salary, married 'or W. gle. 11. F. Dortictto, 6th. &. ('nrr st-I'ltieinnatl. Olilo. WANTHX 10 men at once. Commi-i . .. and drawing account to sell moek Pi eoiiip.'tny that owns and controls unt. ir on an automobile wheel, that la i..., lively going to revotjuntlon Ize whvt , dustry: no limit to our field. u furnish live leads. Call at room l'rk ltldK., H0S Washington blvd Mr. Taylor. WANTED Cylinder press man. nr . class on halftone and color work, n- n ried man preferred. IS hour shop, hi-of conditions, position Is pennati'-i and good pay to right man. Dim . Printing Co.. .lackaon. Michigan. WANTKlJ -Man to tuko charge of".-.." J-etton Department for largo pi:,,, . house. Will pay good eatarv to tli-right man. Address box J, No. '104 rt, Press. WANTBD Catholic, expont-n. . not as ctisimtial is good character an -wldingness 1.0 work. Something oniin-i-. new. Good Income for the man of Hon. See Mr. Nceson. 123 .Montcalm w" NT K D IniniiMllati'ly, twT, reTt Vi . , pea ring men to take orders: satisIlM . arti i.f.". ier week. Koom 4 10-ir. 1 H n m 1 1 wa WANTKD Sevvml firsi-elnjiH die .tiniut-aututnoidle drop forgitigs. die work. Ai.. ply Western Drop Forgo Co.. Marlon, Ittdlai WANTED -- Four coremahers. enprrion.'-: on automobile rytlndt-r Jacket work On!-llnt -class mm nt"--l i.pply J.yeiitmn .Mepirs i.'ertiontt Inn. Wimamsport, p;li WANTKD-A tirHt-elass pal tern tn.jl.. , on- evperlenettl ..11 si.jve pattern:?. i"li lips Jitut (Tl.-irk Sinvi- Co.. Ine. V A 1 i,'I ISI AN, tjiHr refer.-iiroA m," ,.; wi'rk.f:itriMiv. Apply Ifjjl l.-ty ,,v Vi.i.i lVrfKIlXMAKBIt. ttrnt t-ii;, . gfu. stov work: god al.'ndv p..sit;.i:; for capable man. with cxperfiir.-. , . uet as working foreman. Give, esiT' anted in tti:-: No. 10:i. K: - j IT j VlifNG MKS, . desiring gu pohlttoiis now 1 iv!l s-erviei! iciital lildg. W.i eotitr: i office. VI'. -! -jerten.:e.l and speciultV .-.::i! men in tire and :ivf.-t.-i)rte line. 1; oupornmtv for todueet-!'. Wire or v." Vlrginlii-arntii):i couipany. lit $'0 to im:k day " IJaulfng gravel n :ili a frnel; guar.ittti-o (tie work and title nf trti. k . accoinl ibior General .M. i- JgjANTEp--HELP FgMAL E GIRLS WANTED 'xp- r'.ene.-il power u.-wlng mar-hlne ,.; aturs: eaj.aide of doing tine work ..ri dr. us and umn-iis wash dr.-.sse.s ,r; i-j,..-rnnet.l dn-.-s opemtor need apply. Also glrlH 'arable of doing Slng-r . l.ruid..-iy mnelsm.' operating. AppI;. : XI KG. CO. (i!U I.AKXKD ST. K. ; M i:si--.-M,it.--rr1iiHi ' i. ix',., . 1 Mii;it .,..,i ri.f,T,-n,',.s ! ..","A'. t.!?.:?- v !. EMPLOYMENT JVGENCIES j !'l'i.!C..TS Men: .r a-emiiitaiu, t3M: nr)v, r: . I ji.' !',-'-'l"1"deiit ; credit mamiKer tgrc . r . iT!' w,r,?'f,: .t'-'ifKrapherr. e.;e II vi, Menographer (!n;i. ), (nn- l,.-.- -. 1 ";-' i;l(e.ier. t-o: stenograph-, - wr,. jv,: g(.,-ral ledger .le.k : ! I.tphon- operator, etc. Of Ho.: teelmi. j ... e.xe,.Uiive positions for men ; ( K.MPi.r i -''JiU i,:""'"'T inan'reipVrimei lliaeltii.- polisher, 5tW:: rr tltiisher ."Town f. rj.i.:r. I-'!-: MAl.K HKM. r mailt ror ladies r..m. : pn'Sfi girls, experienced : girls to wrap cake, Tjac. r l &;;lhwu " ' i J CU f kind & Reference. Iiu --" (""- -Mala I WK AliJ.; open to Interview all higher.. mai.; and female .tide, terhnl'-al an.: exeutive ,-lp wishing to be j st-l.-et pdHition.t; ,.- p,.ml,f:3 daily. i iJct. .Si-lcot Service itircun j KMI'l.'iVMKNT SI'KCIAI.IST.- ;.fh Hodges l.titu.. State at ( Srisw...: WANTED AGENTS Ac:knt"s--"t,; 7H.U ureatest 'Aiite ers .Necessity on iln- market, eii-i fronts, r.oulrea no caidtal, Sen .lresid stamped enveloi... for Jlo-X II',, lat: Mtation 1 Ohio VANTED SITUATIONS Mai- A-l TtiOldesiunVr with Vi years" -f IHTl-nc- on .gs. lixiures afid dies. Pis ' ,i!.'JJot:k MI-'-W. fonstantine Vim!i:. ItAltliKH wa ill's "p-suiiitii ""expert Via.-! riain-utter. liCl Twelfth st. CAitl'FN'fKK if; two-ear rti:e :C.I,S-M MilS I -class J.-weler's Kiolrnalf 'T ' fif'aiiilet.H rings. iIikUuku, gailerie.i. or uetiiral line of Jewelry; ran li:m ' help and et production; good r- i-r enees Address J. B. O AI.I.AfJilFK, -L-iniL1'1'"" "'.l'n.vliletii.-..-. It. I. YOUNG MAN DenireK position; live years genera! oifi, experience; ref eiencrfl ; salary s-rrinii:i- A'hl:. J- No. IM. Free Pre-. -WANTED Situations Female I'OSlTWtN Hox K. N If.-.iriON hv young lady ;t managfr tuning room m an apartment hnuc; years' caf. tria eipertence. Ihi K- s CO. Fn.f. prem. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS liFII.DINCr Pt.ANH-BUTE PRINT.- '- .vJ?.v!wi!yMarket M.lLT,...: "' '"'rto '' '"it-"t'''"i"K our i-peewity. tie '

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