The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT -, BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS One Welcome-Flood-in llie "Dust Bowl" New Super-Liner Will Enter New York June I on Maiden Voyage HV SANDOR S. KLEIN linllrd I'rcrs Staff Corrcsponilenl . -NEW YOHK, May 15 (UP)— . When tlie linn- Qurrii Miuyj ..steams in'o New Yi.rk harbor June 1 on Its maiden 1 runs-Atlantic I Voyage, the world's busiest fWt, •'inay see a new speed <inecii of the rcns, British .shbplni; men arc confident thai (he QiK'en Mury. •crowning achievement of British marine engineering, will < the Atlantic, speed records now held by llie Frenrh liner Norman- Allhough llie owners, the Cun- J nrd-Wlille Star line, disclaim any j A FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1930 ined tuiilnl as 11 blessing Insipid of n disaster was Hilt; me from the Arkansas river Hint poured Las Animus. Colo. supremacy, which' |j|ns : ""' llllt ' slllm ' s scnl hlxh water Mirutiu; over parts n( Colorado and Kansas and brought roller i.llnr slates in the southwest. A week In-fore, every bree/e .slirred up choking ciiiiit where the water no.v K shr.un ImmdiitiiiB this farm. Slumped With President's Approval •.Atlantic for many ye-irs hart been held by Ihe liner Muiirelanhi until Germany, llaly mid Franco began linlldlni; new ships, the tJniled Press hns learned trmn a]i aulhor- itallve source- such an alleluia will bs ma:te. j Furthermore, it is learned, Ihe Queen Mary will not gn "all nut" in the record-attempt. S]iceil will i bo maintained at a point where,; ft Brllisli expectations an- fulfill- j "ed, it will Just barely break the! iNormaiidie's reiorcl. The engine'. 1 ;' .additional power will lie reserved' far another time In the event Ihe j Queen Mai-y's hoped-for record is, '.surpassed by another ship. | -Sails I'roin Saulliamin'on M:iy 27 ] •- The 80.m-ton pride of (he 'Brilish mercantile marine is rolicdnled to leave Southampton .ipn its maiden crossing May 27. 'Plnns alreatty arc being made tci welcome the giant, liner, .surpusscd , hi size oiily by the Knrumudie, j when it sails into New York harbor June 1. There will be the us- ! iial marine demonstration in the j bay and its arrival will be (he! occasion for public, celebrations, | banquets, receptions anil speeches.•* Although the normal stopaver i of the Queen Man 1 will be three I days, il will remain" at Us New York plrr five days to give llie American public ample time to j inspect its multifarious splendors, j its 12 spacious decks, Its luxurious public rcoias and its tremendous cimlnes. The liner's first two passages \ e.lrcudy are '-coked, Recording to! the While blur line. Many proml-1 nent persons will make (lie Initial | The Queen Mary represents the ' latest word in manne science nnd ' ' " —: ~—:——~ : • architecture and , has been dc- President Roosevelt Is shewn at-work In . the White Hoi'sc on >iis clouds of scribed as "n city .nfloal." I'.oasls "Do; Ilolel" Air-conditioning, a floating (jal- lery of the line arts, all-electric. valuable collection of .stamp;, prior lo shipping it to New' York for dis|)Iay at the Third Intcrnaliotml PtJitalollc .exhibition. • : Earlier lie had approve;! the designs fcr heroes stamps, which will te a new series of iiriny nnd collectors Ihronghoul . 1'. material for the world; thoistinds of Children In Llie cabin playroom have their own automatic movie, operated by the mere pressing of u button, which will show Mickey Mouse, I'opeyc the Sailor anil other eomedle.s Intended for (he amusement of the younger generation. The ship contains 10,000 electric llxturcs und 30,000 electric lamps, sufficient to light n town of 100- oot; inhabitants. ' There Is a .sound-proof studio for concert rehearsals, for practice use by traveling musicians or (or broadcasting to tho United Stntes or Europe. Uiibin and tourist classes each have their own gymnasiums. An observation lounge and cock- lall bar Is located Immediately be- te-" the bridge. The drawing room, on the promenade deck, becomes the Queen Mary's church on Sunday, u contains mi altar, sacristy and dress ing room. The tourist library is eimlppcd .similarly. The main hall, which Is 111 bv 70 feet, conlalns the. shopping center. The window displays face the promenade decks, •• Color Tones Controlled The colored lighting system used in Ihc ball room and verandah grill is based on a new invention whereby Ihc color tones of illumination arc controlled automatic ally by n microphone at the front of the orchestra platform. . The lighting is automatically affected by the pitch of the notes played or .sung. For example, n high lidic Immediately produces color lighting of utmost brilliance. The sun deck' grill, designed along Ihe lines of an Intimate night club, has a large dancing lloor. • The main restaurant extends the entire width of the Queen Mary and seats 815 persons. Pour private dining rooms are adjoining. (nil bar. The staterooms mo of two and four-berth type am! are ccmpanilively spacious. 'Die Queen Mary has a crew of; 120 officers and seamen aboiil 11M t'Ufiljieers and nearly fioo stewards. . Commanding will be dipt, .Sir- I'.'dnar Uritten commodore of the j Cimaiu 1 -White. .Star llect and u i velcran of •V) years service. ' The liner, originally known only ' as "!>:»" v, c as launched nt Clyrie- bank. near Glasgow, on Sept 26 t'j'H, with Queen Mary of England bestowing her own name on Ihc -•hip us she christened it before a throng 230,003 subjects. Work first was started on Ihe 'Ini'r In 1930 nnd suspended a year Inter. It was resumed In April, isri-l, after the merger under lirlt- Ish government, auspices of (he Cumin! nnd White star lines. The British government, is ex- liirled to help finance a lister .ship .shortly. Texas Grooms Butcher Boy as "White Hope" DALLAS. (UP)—Tom Benupre. until a few months ago n butcher boy. today Is regarded hy Texas sports writers as their nomination for Ihc heavyweight "while hcpc" for which the promoters! Imvc been searching since Joel Louis began clouting all comers. Heaupro had his nth profes-1 sional (It-lit here early in May, and ' those who saw l|hn start his rim; cnreer were surprised by the im-1 provrment lie has shown In ring! craft, speed of .foot an .ilillily. ••i,(^.-"- *---• V-IJI-UL; luuinb lire llMjummg. •ed propellers, each weighing .3S-'"(h&rspprts deck. Each kennel has More llinn SO well-known artists ! '°'!f • ! »°R>:..!?iid . CG-..I . running water, were employed lo decorate the klichens, a "dog hold." elaborate therapeutic baths, unique color- change lighting features, special movies for children, 50 different kinds of rare woods used in pan- elling public rooms and staterooms., tclclicnc communication with the Elll:l1 nf lllt > r <» lr turbines can bo'steam"'heat, and n "ventilation sys- vessel. Their canvasses, sculptures rnlire civilized world, two Inter- cjieratcd Independently, and to- tern' -similar lo Ihat InstalUM In metal and glass work are sci ior swimming pools, 21 elevators—' E<Micr arc expected to drive the the .staterooms. An exercise deck, ed through all three classes Ihe.5e some of the hlghspots of slli P cven U»'ough heavy seas ul 80 feet Ions, Is set aside for the Australia, /.fricn and "soutlv Ihe Queen Mary. [belter llian "30 xnots. [exclusive use of Ihc canine 1 travel-1 America, furnished much of the The liner is 1,004 "feet in length ' So much for the " mechanical ers. . , j 50 kinds of rare woods used in r.'ony the water line—n world rec- and engineering; phases of the Two Swimming Vools . | llie rtecoralivc scheme, Some of ord, according to Ihe Cimard- vessel. Il.s aeconmio<latlons and There arc two big interior swim- lll '' m ''ear such str.'.nue nanu-.s ni White Star company — and 1,018 wvlm are a story in themselves, ming pools, one for the use of r -vo<lire. petnla. •/.ebrium, bubingo, feet in length over ail; 118 feet There are three classes of ac- cabin passengers nnd the other for "'akore, tiger oak. gjatapsko, poi" wide, 135 feet high from keel to c::mni>:'.atlon for a total of ap- tourists. Adjoiiilng the pools are lllul blackbcan. liie top cf the Euperslructure. i croximatcly 2,500 passengers — Turkish and therapeutic baths. I ' l ' llirrt <-' l!1 ss MAS" Own Deck Most modern appliances for cabin, tourist and Ihlrd class. | It cast up pros I mutely $200,000 Tlliri1 class has Tlnougli the did considerable whiter ncnnpre fighting at Ohl- fud and PHILLIPS 66 POLY GAS cngo and gained much needed neiience. His most recent figlit ' in which lie whipped Babe Hunt! of Oklahoma, solidified home town' fans in Ills favor and now there i» latk— extravagant but pleasant --of the possibility of a bout dnr- 'iii! the centennial this summer between lieanpre and James J llnuidnck for the title. The prowess of the former butcher boy has proved sufficient, however, to reawaken general in- i iciest in Texas in prize iiglillng nnd unless someone upseLs the neanprc apple cart in the next montli or so there probably will be great popular clamor for him lo meet a first class opponent. Before you hucjh at tins stem-ivinding, sletn- tcvulir.g Jio:s^Ir?£.i caniaqe.., remember Dial it is no Jarifior bclutiJ Die times Uian Uio gasolines of yesterday. Modem engineering and cliemislty, mod- cm production and relir.:ng equipment, iwxl- pm ideas and [dc&la: All mjlco PliilUps GG Poly Gas tcxlay's outslandiny m_oUetn gasoline. Gannine 1937 mode! iiiotoi fuel., .gieat lo: Uiis year's cars ,.. ipady for next yeai's! It's a truly sensationa! petlormef. Livelier, smoother, hsler. Higher lest iiid higher flaU.knock. PocVed v/ilh oxlia eneigy units by Ihc scicnlifjc FOLYmemation process. Eosidea, it is 100; j N cu^tom-lailoicd, IG- balanced to l!io v;e,i1her evtiy month, So it delivers imchancjimj. money-saving poilonn- nnco ut any and ever/ temperature Itorn Ixilov/ 70io to over 100 in the shade, Pracncally ev&iy place it is sold, Phillips GtiPoly Gas is growing in public favor faslei tbdtt other brands. One big reason is that its exiia benefits co^t nolhiny exlia. Isn't that a good reason lor you Jo look foi the Orange and Black 66 Shield the very next time you need gasoline! THE WORLD'S FINFST OIL FOR YOUR MOTOR Phillips 6S Motor Oil In Cans—33cqt. Phill-up with Phillips for 385 NOTICK The following denial on ices "ill be closed every Thursday attemoon during the summer. l)is. Brewer, Cbihl, Miuiri' and Taj'lor ralciy and navigation have been The main restaurant, tlie main I" «iuip the Queen Mary with a ll " ck nf Us own and even a installed. The iiuge vessel has two lounge, which serves ns a ci.umia f" 11 sii|iply of linens, including '.skins. 11 making it a ship within and legitimate theater, and Ihc 500.010 sheets, pillow coses, nnp- n ship. The lower part of Ihc hull, tourist class restaurant, are nlr- kins, (able cloths and towels. limning up to -ID feet from the conditioned. ; Virtually every room ' in cabin keel, consists of an outer nnd in- With the single exception of d»ss boasts a "private bathroom. ner surface. Between these two, charcoal crills for the preparation M" 11 )' of the tourist class" rooms there is enough room for a man O f steaks and chops, all cooking have private baths. to walk erect, nnd il is divided and baking u done electrically 1 Eilrl1 of (he three classes has its into 160 separate and completely Electricity furnishes the motive own motion picture Installations, watertight compartments. power [or "mechanical Molly," an" One Deck 7oO 1'ccl Long- j automatic nmid-of-all-work that I There arc 12 decks, the prom- can rinse. polish and stcril- ' enade dack being 7SO feet long,' i ra thousands of dishes In an ! equal lo the overall length of the hour, without smashing even Llio famous Mnurct.inia. The funnels, mcst delicalc china elliptical In shape, .arc each larger The kitchens are'geared to prc- t ism cither the railway tubes un- pare more than 50000 meals ex- der the Hudson River or the Hoi- peeled to be served .luring each land vehicular tunnel between voya-e New York and Jersey city. The A °"do 8 hotel." comprising fmvarrt funnel, the' largest, mea- kennels for dogs is provided wires 30 feet in diameter and _ ' about 100 feet i:i circumference. Three modern locomotives, traveling abreast easily could pass Ihrcugh one of the funnels. The steam of the Queen Mary's 27 oil-fed boilers with their Itib.- CCO tubes will generate approximately 200.000 horsepower from the four single reduction geared lur- tines. The turbines will twirl four manganese bronze quadruple blad- promenado I WELDING ELECTRIC ,fc ACETYLENE PRO511T SKRV1CE KEASOXAKI.K 1'BICES Barksdale Mfg. Co. MAKE YOUR FIZZES famous \ j \\ V. Crescent Night Club t DANCI! KVKKY NIGHT '['0 THE MUSIC OF 'i'oiiy D"'i\Ioro and His Oivlicstra i FOUK DAY FLOOR SHOW 12 High Class Arts — Direct from liillmcirc club SI 1 oni-i THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY" •JL. Cover Charire Only ^ SOc I'cr Couple TRY OUR PIT BARHECUE TASTY SANDWICHES Cigarettes §1.25 Carton On Highway 61, 4 Miles North of State Line at Holland Hubert Utley, Pcoprifilor ' mix them with Soft-Stilled Gin Mix your favorite t;Sn ilrinV \\illi King Arthur. Due to Soft-SlilliiiB" 1'ic- full hut mild flavor rcrruins until ific vcr>- I.i5t ilri']\ Tests sliow Kinp Arthur Gin ICI.MLIS |;s even when mixed with as much as 16 p.uts \V.ULT. the all pern it. Very special is:;5 i'OK is ncK-iu 1 — Color red. tires like new. Only run tew thousand miles. OK In every respect . insri cncvitot.ET i- ; TON TRUCK—32x(i II. D. dual tires. Clean in every detail. Truek s o I d year ago for S815. You buy it. now for Special Price Record-breaking sales of new Chevrolets make these better trade-in values possible! $445 in:il I'OXTIAC SK1IAN'—Motor just overhauled. Tiies extra good. A car tht.t you can be proud to own 11)2!) ]>!•: KOTO SK1UM—A nice goofl car for this age. had the veiy best of care. You save on this one $95 IMS ClIIiVKOUW JIAS- TKR SI'OHT SKIIAN — Green Dnco finish. A car less than 12 months old. only few thousand miles service rscd. New car guarantee .. •••OKI) TllDOIS—«V color, extra clean ^ a new $195 * Black job. Looks like one. Buy it now 1834 CHKVIKH.KT Hi TON TIU'CK —:{2xi> dual tires, overload springs. Original blue linisli. OKcd by our shop I!I3S CHKVKOI.llT \\t, TON TRUCK - 32x6 (li'.ii tires, motor completely overhauled. Truck in best of shape 1!)31 FORD COUPE — Original black paint. li'cc new. Ford motor recently installed. A renl r "! $33! l!)30 FOIil) TtlilOli—N'ew iiaint. seat covers. Motor runs good. Special $125 192.1 FOR I) Si;i),\X-Motor tires good. lUv.dy for .service A buy at runs good. $50 Sl'KlNGlTin.U TUAH.KU—In good shape. Dual wheels. Tires only fair But a gocd bi'y insr, ronn SEDAN—Just Haded en new Chevrolet at S50 less than oITeral by other dealer. That an- eounls for (lie low price on late mo3et i Ready for service' 1!135 FOU1) COUl'K — l-:i;nip;:e;! with Ford radio. Car extra clean in every way. You will .' (irccials this cue < 1!>35 FOUI) TUDOR — Diack finish, General 6 for all details. Ready fcr service 1(131 FORD TUDOR—One of the best. "14 model Fords we have had in cur stock for a long time. Inspect this one Icday CIIEVROt.KT COACH—New p.llllt. Tires good, real motor. Buy in end save \noney $335 \v p^int. , n : nv $85 1330 CHKVKOI.KT COACH — Kepossessocl ear. Just checked fcr quirk sale d" -I n r ISM CHHVSI.ER jnsl. had new fair Rurs OK. "Sfi" ROADSTKR Motor rings anil pins. Tires dJTf* . Buy it for «? I J ft ft IV KING AIlTHUPv GIN 100% Distilled from America; Grain KlngAtUiurOistUlod Ixjiuion Uty oin VTI.L SO J-'UOOK r«m Di-liiicr. Corp, Distillery iz iz iV & # 1^1 VISIT US FOR BETTER VALUES^-TODAYS Special deal for Soldiers—bun now—pay when you yet i/our bonus. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Rlythcvillc, Ark.

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