The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. B. W. HAINZS, Publkhcr - tole NaUonal Advertising R«presentaUves: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Bt. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon BStwpt Sunday Entered as second doss jrinter at the poet office at Blythevllle Arkansas, under act of Congrfss, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUB5CRIFJTON RATES By carrier in the City o! Blylhcville, J5c pet week, or ?5c per month. By mall, within « radius of 50 miles, *3,00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 15o for llircc months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven nnd eight ,$10,00 per year, payable In advance. The Odd Justice Of English Law England's method of law ciil'ojvu- nicut has oi'ten been held up lo the ynitetl Stales us 11 fine example which we do not follow in this country. A recent case in London's Jhiyfuii- demonstrates so perfectly the mmmer 'of administering the law niul the public reaction that mlmiiiistniliyji found. Four young men, alt members of exceptionally "good" families, gnuliiiile.s of the best .schools and all with rich relatives, were found jjuilly of robbery with violence. The crime itself was enough to shack the Kifglish public and press, for the four enticed a. reprc- ' seiUfitjve of a jewelry firm to n sniull .hotel, beat him and robbed him of gems valued at 13,000 pounds. The lord chief justice ivlio heard their case listened to leslimony of their background:;, their schools, their families and their surrounding of wealth and position—and then handed down sentences that haven't been equalled for severity in years in the British Jsle.s. lie not only sentenced them lo terms ranging from nine years to 18 months at hard labor, but he added penalties of from 15 to 20 strokes of the etit- o'-nine tails for three of them. For, said the lord chief justice, the upbringing nnd the fine training these yourig men had received made their •crime greater than if it, had been com-. . ;.Jru'tted ( by some warp-brained, child of' ' ' the slums. The fact that these "four young men Jaicw better and had been fitted by their rearing (« become good 'citizens instead of Uiugs, made their conduct all the more inexcusable. In the United States the very things which the English jurist held jigainsl. the foul youths would have bulked large in [heir favor. For we in this country have a way of excusing personable young men of good talent and upbringing, it , my be to give them another chance to make good. Or it •may. •. be the' influence which those • "good." families bring to bear. The English public opinion, carefully noted, was solidly with the court in the severity of its penalties. Americans might approve such sentences loo. But they iloh't got much chance. They're too busy approving leniency and probation. Teaching Safety The simple event of ottering a course in traffic problems ami highway safety at the University of South Carolina has started a train of events, not entirely unpremeditated, which promises a substantial reduction in the auto death rale of the Palmetto State. The course, begun in summer school, was especially intended for high school teachers and a considerable number of them completed it. The teachers (hen relumed to their high schools anil laugh! course:! there. They were i|ualilied to instruct on such topics as the limitations, responsibilities, and duties of pedestrians anil drivers; the causes of accidents and possible remedies; sound driving practices and traffic laws; the automobile and its place in modern life. When I ho student:) had completed the high school course they were organized into groups of safely leathers and now are available as driving iiuitructitrs for citi/.ens throughout the state. No altactc on (In: traffic accident problem could be simpler or more fundamental. For long-range improvement, probably none could lie belter. THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1938 The, Qisnal One of the most ainaxing tilings about the present generation, or age, is the casual way we accept the most magical of miracles. Some one announces: "Television is here." So we accept television as being here. Actually we kno\v it isn't exactly here, but we feel iiuilc sure it is just around (he corner for this is the age when imything, little mutter how wondrous, can he perfected once con' ccivcd or begun. Six "flying fortresses" of the United States Army Air Corps currying 'If) men hop off casually from Miami, fly 2(185 miles to Lima, I'eru, nonstop, laud for six hours and continue the flight to Buenos Aires. The trip is a matter of hours and of small comment in this country. Why not? Other airpla.nes hup around, here and (here, across land and sea. We were told several years ago that big iiomburs would eventually be able lo cruise thousands of miles in war or peace, without difficulty. The lime has arrived unnoticed, that's all. Women arc adaptable, fliclr ,,i 1K . p ir , ,, 0 lm:j cr in (lie home.—Mrs. M. O. Rocbliii", i, e:u i O f (lie Trenton. N. J., Tnisl |Co. » • • We have gone through war fuv ccnluiic.s. and all the men who have the say in Germany al IHTO'iit, inrliuling Chancellor Hillcr, have been wciiwlcd and know (lie hnrrors of \vnr. linns Ulrekhoir, German miibn&iidor lo Die Unite! Slalcs. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark '(.'o aslv my wll'e ir she will plcas« slop bidding and .someone else a diance lo Inn this jiiiik," THIS CURIOUS WORLD ** OUT OUR WAY By Williams TWO <5OEEt\) BEES .FIGHT, THEV NOT ONL.V TRV TO STING, BUT THEV ALSO , &UL.L. AMGRJCAN ELM,' IN MARIETTA, OF^O, I HAS A TRUNli :, - CN Nov. 11. 1013, the -war lo cm! ivars'- ranic to a close, and Hie world rejoiced. Vet, 20 years later, nalious are righting il out on two niiijor fronts, and not one sint'lc year lias ims-sccl since the World War Armistice without cue or more cmUlicls. NKXT: wiinl fauiuii.s c.\)ili>rrr nciil aruiind (lie ivorlil. aldic :t Hit aju of 10? irnn- Knows Dral'is, Ouirk Chane At'lVci lleulili-lnii DOCSJJ'I GOOD GOSH! X THOUGHT THAT WAS A. MOMUMEMT TO SOMEBOPY WHO HAD &OME DOWN HERE.' WE GO DOWN, \AJE5 THIS \S TH' TRAIL V MARKER, RIGHT ' *T 8TM*t'.(I /.-.A --'i'^ :^/7 S^d I NIL It! I) »!V ill!. J1OKHIS ITS] Kdltur. .liniinal of llic Amerii.m llysrin. Ihr ilcallli Alaca/.iu- We arc conilorlabln when the air iimlilloMS in a ITMI an- :;»rli ih.n the hiinian b»:lv can mniiitiiin ... imiiial b.'iliiiicr Iic-Uvccu Ihc prod':••lien and lorv-: of IIIM! withou! nnr cciixciui.s ol the fac'. thai -.•>.,. j arc liaviiii- any Iruihic nininl liiinv- thi;: ''al'.ui'cr. In order t'> IK ctimioiiaiiln. n:, r.u- a. tho air is -onecmrd. there ii;i; i te :i MiHiihU 1 . tenipcat'ivo and !: :- ntuiity, enough ratliiuio],' »! ),i ,j (inn tin: lvj;ly jn-.d cm>ii';h n ; .ivv- v:ity with vari'ius j.ri.pi.r. •,.;;-,,. (l i i like rooms uaun :>iui li'li 1 ;.. of whom like rooms «>kir".- We have no mtKhunisiti in ih«. nilrtily. but when Ihr- lriii>:»r.|iii>-e Ibr air lee) coin. II tl:c Innp, r.i- Imc is Iml. a lii'^li hnmiduv m.ikr; Ilio ;>it- Icrl C'.cli v. uiiir:-. ^r'mil liecplc Konrvally urclcr u l t i, v hu- ivmlily lo a hisb one. Ivrplc wlio suflor wiiii mfl.imina- licn ol llic Miimox nn.i , :t i,,,,. m ( c '[._ ticns of Hie mi;.-iintl itivojit «i-iK-r- nlly inoter \\ \\nh liuinicliiv Wli^ii lliry set. well. Ihcn- ..-.\ nw ' ,-, w ,',|o I'lrhr a II-A hiiinirlily. \v : - ,u, ,' io t know rniiii-li at- -it Iliisi., ,,. 0 ( ,, rsr ficl-i m Ihc ! i calm-in ,,f MU-II ci.n- tlilians. Thr Icnttcmy to tii-ynra, »I 'Ihc no c and'under 'low 1m- ( miilillcs «iji.l ilw |,osiiij].. (.([,.,-(. ( ,i ;j:w htnnidll.y on disturbances ol the nose, iliroat and iuna 'be tnvesttgiitccl By RACHEIMACK t.ldT Ol' fiMILiCTKIIN roi.i.v CM i: i, s i: v, kfrolnri (rjuidrJ hi i.untlitn whrji ivar ji:unv wniTi-'ii;i,i>, [im» He O A II i; I, I, HANKS, iiilruiccr Vi'Ktcrtttkyi ArriviuB Knffly In Auifjrlcii, I'olly IcnvrK Ji'rry fop Jlcl' hoiilf In OiJnecUrult he lull* (nit iiciiln Iu xvn. \V1II be cuiue Inii'I;, itlic \voutlcritr CHAPTER XXVI 'IMIK war was nol over before ' Chiistmas. Nor before the spring came. It grew fiercer and llnmcd inland along the frontiers. On sea the lighting approached tho fantastic, Almost without a navy the United .Stale;; was holding her o\vn, fining it by means of a few \vull-mauagcd war sloops (you might count llicm on your lingers) and llioi-e little privateers thai were pouring oul of every American port lo stiny Hie proud British Wavy like a swarm of wasps. On Ihc rlay lliat I'olly'.s son was bom in her falhcr's house in Con- nccticiit, the clipper Gray Gull was having a reckless try at an armed British merchantman most twice her size. ' ' The Gull was nol without experience. Several times during the winter she inlerccplcc West Intlianmen coming up from Jamaica ami considerably; had but crippled them always othei fhips in (he English convey hat driven ott the fragile clipper before she could take her prize. The question of money became acute (o the Gull's officers. The unpaid crew was loyal, checrfull) foregoing pay; but Hie mailer o: procuring food for 75 hearty men was a problem dial kept Cahel and Jerry awake and scheming through many a night when they should have been sleeping. "I'd not have expected my iad belter be ignored than fought iet . . ." Cabcll had replied by requesting n's father's lawyer to send him at once a small inheritance ho had lad from a relative's estate "since am of age and, the money is This amount was trans- to him, at a Wilmington mine." 'eiTcd , bank and it was now almost spent. * * * IT was during their stop at Wil- L minglon that Jerry and Cabell md the recipe for taking a British ncrdiantman which (hey were now about to put into practice: "You cut out your ship aflcr dark," a reckless young Carolinian loM them. "Don't attack the first wig you see. She's apt to he the lookout. Wail for a straggler. When you've picked your laggard, «iil round her nnd cut her from the pack. Then take her." There followed advice more explicit from the young man who sailed a Baltimore clipper as light as the Gull and who was not troubled with New England caution, lie had already taken four prizes, he said and had divided the spoils among a gratified crew. That May day when folly's KOI was crying his fivsl cries, tho Gray Gull was cruising off the coast of northern France, boldly attempting to spy out a convoy of home- coining merchantmen from foreign waters. was this entering the Channel. This much was to the Grav Gull's advantage. 1 * ~ * * i AND now luck c'amc at last. The hindmost ship was lagging.' From her lanterns, fore and aft and quarterdeck, they could judg 1 ; icr size. A large merchant ship, about 500 tons, tall sparred, three; masted and square sailed. The Gray Gull, with Jerry at the helm, came up on her slowly and silently, sailed to larboard of lier for a time, passed her and alii but crossed her bows; wore ship! and crossed her stern, then came' up to starboard. Looking up, they; could see that she was lightly : manned and that those who sailed | her were celebrating some event in \ the cup that cheers. | Jerry conferred with Cabell. Me said, "I'll take her without firiii!- a round if you'll give me a dozen men." "We'll have to lire, of course.; Jus! the carronades. A few rounds and she's ours. We'll have her before they can man the guns. We'll board her and run her off in record time." It was the method of the young Carolinian, applicable here to perfection. "Give me 12 men and a long boat," Jerry said again, "and I'll I'll board her by' Toward evening a licet spied by the lookouts. Al father to be so pig-headed abou Ibis," Cabcll said. Soon after getting his letter o martiuc from President Madison he hail asked his father for $5000 with which to finance his cruise. He asked it by land post from Wilmington, since Boston was inaccessible by water at the time. The Icltcr that came in answer ».vas violent and scathing. '•you exceeded yourself when you bought Hie clipper on my authority. I will pay for it since the debt is made, but i will not subsidize it nor give you another ship if you lose that one. I do not hold with Mr. Madison's war and 1 wish to keep oul of it. I insist that my son keep out of it. Those insults we have had from England news Jerry climbed the ratlines to sec how many sail (here were and how well prolccted. He climbed down to confer with Cabell. He had counted more than a score, he said, with what appeared to be two men-of-war convoying the fleet. They decided to wear ship and sail west to avoid being detected. "We're not worth chasing," Jerry pointed out, "but it they see us following, one of the frigates will rake us. Do you agree?" Cabell did and ordered the man at Hie wheel to porl helm. They put out into the Atlantic, determined to withdraw from sight as if naking westward passage. A feeling of elation seized them all. Not a man among them but wished for action and a streak of luck. So far, the Gray Gull had not justified her letter of marque as a privateer. If she had stung (lie English Navy, it was as a nervous gnat rather than as an angry hornet. The lest had arrived. When dark was falling the Gray Gull's crew brought her east, northeast with all lights doused, in towarc the rich prizes that were nearing the sea girt island called England Bristol would be the fleet's desti- iitilion, for it had passed Land's End and showed, no intention of ake her. teallh." Cabell called, him a madman,' cursed him softly while the crew itood on the Gull's larboard deck and strained their eyes toward the ncrcliantinan. It was fantastic to >e sailing beside the big ship in he darkness, just out o£ range of ler lantern rays, unseen and un-; iuspected. Now and again the 3ray Gull's sailors would take in more of her sail to keep pace with :he laggard. The British ship was being so badly bandied that her sailois were scarcely getting eight knots oul of her. . : Jerry said, "Give me my chance, :abc)l! I want a ship of my own. I'll even it up by giving you most o£ her cargo. Give me 12 of 1 That'll leave you 60, Bill Gill can replace your men. and more. me as mate. He's as good a seaman, any way you lake him." ! "Rats!" exclaimed Cabell. He was refering to the last remark. "Nobody could replace you." But he put out his hand and gripped Jerry's. "Take the best of the long boats," he said, "and pick your men. . . . But God help you. f doubt if. Polly would thank ma for this." At that moment Polly was an unreal dream to Jerry Whitfield. A dim beautiful dream from whom he had had no word since theh- parting. This venture and this peril were reality, more urgent than heartbeat, sweeter thfo lips of woman. • (To Be Continued) Curm In Law Result 01 Accident as YoutK LTEHON, O. (UP)—When young Jlcnicr W. iinmmond lost his left bnn;l in a rorn-ciitling machine 3-1 years 330. the steel Industry lost a potential leader, Ijiil Columbians county gained a probate judge. Today, Jud»c Hammond sits on (lie protalc Ix-iidi, unmindful of the late which took his hand when Me u'.is 18 years old. The accident occurred shortly alter he had liccn graduated from Lisbon high school and hail be»un work iu a Stcnbrn- ville steel mill. M'jhawk Drama Festival Will Present "High Tor" SCDENECTADY, N. Y. (UP) — 'Ihe Mohawk Drama Festival will r.incnl Mnxvvcll Anderson's comedy "High Tor," on the Union College campus (his season. The play was a succc«i iu New York City last, year, receiving the highest award of the Urninn Critics Circle. 11 Is of especial interest to Nc\v Yorkers because it deals with the modern world and the phantoms of (he old Dutch settlers. It's setting is in the heart, of the Hudson Valley. Charles Coburn. directing head of the drama festival will return from (lie West Const in April to complete rchcnrsal plans. He played In the motion picture "Of Human Hearts" released last, month, and al present is woi-king in "Vivacious Lady," starilm; Ginger HOglTS. The !7 scheduled airlines ojwr- aliuj in continental united States during November. 1937 carried 81,654 passengers, nut! Hew 5,311,978 miles. There arc vast, salt tracts iu the 'ioiilhcm and western parts of the Sahara desert. One of three lincls is yo miles wide by 11! mile:; long. :in;l L'0,000 raiiicl loads of salt arc taken from it annually. Announcements ; Ihe Conner News lias been authorized to make formal announcement of the following candidates for public office, subject to tbe Democratic primary August D. For County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) GA1NES For Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON County Court Clerk T. \V. POTTEH Tor County Tax Assessor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART For County ana Probate .Tudgo UOYLE HENDERSON I''or Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS Tlic Courier News has been authorized lo make formal announce-, nicnt of (he following candidate/ for city olliccs at the Blylhcvillc municipal election April 5. For City Clerk MISS RUTH BLYTHE I'or City Attorney ROY E. NELSON OUR BOARDING HOUSE WR l;ii:'<v I hut modn'aldy <ln and cool air is frr^lt and im'i'^orat- 11,1;. Iml thai warm nil 1 is stuffy am tlrprcssiiiT. no mailer how pure i may li" c-hniiically. Body odor;; . ilors frnni .vurjheil dusl on radia- (::':•. and nlors from oil. gasoline chemical:; (it virioii:i kimls in in- •liisd-ial n'::ii!iv, m.ikc it dilflcult lo ;rl what is called flesh and plcusant air. Apiiarpiilly ';ic;il contrasts stlch as llir.:-:e v.r rixiicriciicc when v,c I'.asri Irani an -vrrhcal™ room tn a coid uitsirie air arc harmful lo Use ir.cmfc!mips d[ tlic nose and Iliroil. Own';'':, lake place in the circulation of the tissues under -u;ii :.iiTimWan<t"j. 'Ihcii tbe :;eii- r-.itivf: inrmbr,nirs seem unable lo resist m'ruw v.liirfi icach them Irani • who arc inlcclccl. ; Moreover, llrae has been the s i!r\.ll';ii tliat ilicnmatic conrtilions arc fcadly alTr:-lcd by Kluldcli 1 clnii'io.s In li'inpcraliiiT. fi'Hiic pnn- ; rlc arc lieilcr ;il>|e to wilhsl'.uul (Hrsc clianscs tliixu nre others. : T'\)r imny .\rnrs there has been a rraiman lielicf dial (trails ai'n ' ntiliraltlifiil. ivuticularly drafts on i ihc (ret. ba?k cl llic nc:k and the j lo:i el the head. Tlie lect arc most , soiv-ltive lo rlrafts because they have )>O:>ITI' circulation IIMII iiii.v other [Sjrllmi of the b(Klv. 'I here arc (•(.unlitions of Ihc »cr- voic, sy;,lcm a.ssocintrd willi Inabil- ! ily lo liniclioii and iemi»rory pav- tilliis v.hicli may remit from tii« ronstaiit duifl of cold air over Hie arcs of the liody controlled by thcbc j nerves. With Major Hoople >, VES, LACS, EASE AMD IMACTIVITY STIFLE A MAW'S AWC" "PHYSICAL GROWTH SO I. HAVE A <5R£ATi,$ DECISION f 1 A/A OM MY WAY TO SEEK IKJ OMB SCIEMTIFIC BEFITTIMG WVeMTIVE <3EK1IU5 A MAR-R-RuA/\pH : u#j e YOU BOYS AMY SLkSOGSTIOMS? IP \OU'LL.'H|RE A SMART STOOGE AMD JUST STAMD AROUMD AMP TAKE TM' BOWS, YOU'LL BE A FOR A SQUARE HOLE THAT'LL • FIT HIS HEAD^ BETTER Llf£ DOVVM, A\AJOR-~THAT STRAWC3E IDSA ABOUT WORKING THAT'S WHIRLIWG AROUWD IM YOUR SKULL MAS C3OT.YOU ;^1 Mtmfam; TOY SAL LOOMS ATA CARNIVAI~= ^'^

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