The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 1949 BLYTOEVILLK <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE gEV OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FKKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSE* Co KL#hl Ahead 1 INVITED ALL THE BCWS OVER--I-UH- SUPFOSE THE \ OTHERS H*D J T s SOMETHING ? WELL.COTTOJ IS CAMPED AT YALLER SPRINGS, BUT SUGAR. IS JUST P1AIKI BULL-HE*'.-- MINK JUMCTlONJ ? SOUNDS LIKE A VJISP OF SWOKE s OVER Of^ THE NEXT v .'-^--LEV& HOPE a J in WOMDERLW^D so VE&.-'jCU KNOW HE'S A VERY DETERMINED MAN--AKJP HE'S TAKING A CORRESPONDS KJCE COURGE.ANiD" HM OBE FOR WHICH I TRA.OED TKe SOOP- PKOOf V6ST IS LOCAT6D AT MINK JUtOCTlOKj, ACCORDING TO MR. MORGAM/-~ I'Vfc OM6« TUEGS MAPS LlKe A> SUMMER. TOURIST, 8OT THE COMMOfOTV ELUDES Me.' Ot«i.Y, KIO.' . \ MYKWEES THE MCAN- SMflM/ IN LAKV MELTS FAT. HA-HA--WITTY. HE CALL ^ A. CRIMSON CA* GOT AM ORE Misle, LET'S PI KID IT THE PIPE LINES Individual street lights now may be turned on an off automatically ns dusk atul ilawn approach, by means of a small photoelectric cell unit which is clpsi^n-'tj so that it I may be plugged lino the lop of a i properly adapted tamp. \ By Bob Wade and Bill MifUf QUEEN ^fc^©k, M W«* ••< !<!> uill,,, D,,l.,k-,J tr NLA SI1VICI INC Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election Auril 5 1949 fur .Mayor DOYLE IIENijEKSON E. R JACKSON For Altlcrman First Waul RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTEH C GATES J. W ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) • J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE We know watches ; EXPERT Watch repair • Prompt . Service All Work Guaranteed; Reasonable Prices DHEIFUS :iliis . . . Wiiiir Ilinmiintls 316 \\tliT \\\\\ ST. Crappie or Cut fish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo SI;He Kine XKXV11 I 'jpHELMA LOOMIS turned her ^paUisht up on i lie limber archway and read the twig letters carr/uHy. Then she clicked oJT Hie spot :ind urged the car forward up Ilie curved driveway. The Bar C Riinch house was dark, ;i somber bulk in silver moonlight. She braked the automobile in front of the door. On the parking lot were two ears—a convertible coupe and a gray sedan. Miss Loomis moved quickly. From her big plain nurse, she dug out a snub-nosed silver revolver. Expertly, she flipped the cylinder out am] examined the shiny brass shells prot Hiding from every socket. Satisfied, she cased out of the tin and .stuck the revolver in the wide bell of her policerrmn uniform. Her flashlight beam probed over the other two cars, then swung back to the gloomy house. Thelma Loomis \vulkoii the length of the low porch slowly, her practiced feet making only the fainlesi on the tile. Above her hung dark sia! act lies of bridles anc branding irons. Nothing stirred. "Uh-huh," she murmured anc clucked her tongue thoughtfully Ignoring the brass knocker, she punched Die button beside door and stood listening to the distant loneliness of chimes. When (he last tone had died, she trie< the latch. The heavy door swun away from her on oiled hinges Her flashlight cut a round hoi into the blackness beyond. Lightly she stepped after it and close the door behind her. * * * r | n HKRE wasn't a sou! in th house. Thelma Loomis ready to stake her profcssiona re pu la I ion on that. But somewhere there had to b people. The evidence of the tw cars pointed that way. Of cours Lieutenant Lay mi^ht have bee wrong about fiobottom. She opened the back door an 1 herself out into a little patio, here aalvanJTied-iron cans id an electric garbage disposer 3pt silent vigil. Outdoors was ii;hler than ever t \fter the inky tcrior of the ranch house. Miss Loomis vent around the n-ner and headed for the higher oxlike building" a hundred yards vay. Suddenly, she stopped iorl, her hand fumbling for the tub-nosed revolver. Midway bo- s' cen the house and Die other ruclurc, something dark hud- led on the ground, something iat might have been a man. A arker blob crouched beside it. "Good 1 grief!" she ejaculated. he second shadow had moved, hclrna Loomis was staring at the utline of a huge cat, its ears reel, its eyes gloaming brightly I her. Her hand shaking, she •ied to level the muzzle of her 12 at the [*ianl animal. "You nearly surprised me." the at purred. "Not quite. Nearly." Miss Loomis took a firm grip on icrself to keep (rom breaking and mining. She forced her legs to arry her forward, up to the cat "Nice kitty," she said unstead- !y. The cat stood up on ils hind egs and stretched. want to get out. 1 want lo wear it all the time." The other woman kneeled on I lie siindy ground and looked at the man huddled there. The dark hawk ftu-e was i e- laxed and babyish. The man's head WHS lopsided with swelling under otic half of the mussed silver luiir. By Sugmon Hobottom's car rested a discarded stirrup iron. Robottom's chest rose and simk regularly nnd nn eyelid (witched, "lie didn't believe 1 was a cat." Faye crouched on the stable floor. Her monlh contracted viciously but the rest of her face was xlcd. "J think he said I mustn't use my claxvs. 1 don'l like people who order me around." "Would you like to go for ride?" Thelma Ixiomis suggested oothingly. "Just the three of us. know somebody you'd like to alk to, Faye. A mnn." "Oh, that's a good idea." Faye bobbed her hc.nd excitedly. o talk lo men!" "Since you didn't got a vest with thAt suit, dear, I bought you this briefcase!" VJOONLIGHT poured over the "*" face of Kayo Jordan, and the alonde woman began to understand the cat disguise. She hat forgotten that she, ion, was costume. Her nerves u.i wound slightly and she chuckled softly. "You're a policeman, 11 Faye Jordan remarked. "Thai's right." Thelma Loomis felt her smile slackening as she scanned the other, the unmoving shadow, with professional interest. "You certainly surprised me. Both of you." "It's pretty I JR. THIM howled with laughter. His mouthful of irregular eelh was a wide circle and his shoulders shook. But the sound was thin, nol carrying far enough to spawn an echo from the rock walls. He slopped suddenly, can certainly produce a variety of comical expressions, 1 with a final chuckle, "And yours rank with the finest in my collection. First, however—" his voice turned sharper "—gently toss that A5 back (o me, Conover." John Henry made his paralysed fur, don't you think?" Faye said and preened the woolly material of her costume contentedly, "Jt zips down the back so I can get out. But I don't hand reach for it. "Gently. Nol lliiit I trusted yon with a loaded jgun—but, on the other hanci,' you might "now be templed to club me with it." Carefully, John i'lenry lobbed the automatic to the other man. Trim snalched it deftly from the air and put il in his holt. Without shifting his gaze, he pounded his wooden pistol down sharply on the saddle horn, The painted toy shell shattered. He peeled the broken pieces from around a short black revolver and flung (hem lo the canyon floor. "No need for masquerade any longer, is (hcrey" h (To Be Continued) SCOT1 ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Belter Service 80S North Franklin Phone 32113 THE 'GRAVES COMPAN I\E\LT O [\S Real I-trtt COTTON FARMERS Chemically delinted cotton seed ccrnnnaLe quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expanse and product mere cotton per acr«. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE D. It r. L. NQ, I*, per 5U Lb. Bag J1U.GO I>. ft P. L. No. L5, P«r 50 Lb, Ba* , 10,00 ii tone vi lie 2 B, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Stoneville 'I C, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Howtlcn 41-B. Per 50 Lb. Bay. 10.00 Half & Half lllibred). Per 50 Lh. Raj 10.00 Coker's 100 Will Resistant. Per 50 Lb. Bnjr 10.00 Paula. Per 50 Lb. Bap 10.00 ; Rmpire, Per SO Lb. Raj 10.00 Come in and place Tour order or Rtt your supply BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 856 Blytlicvillc. Ark. I'linnt 857 Branches: beaohville. Ark., llornrrsville. Mo. >nd Stnalh. Clinic 514 Main, Blythrville. Ark. Phone 132 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY . EXCAVATION ee stimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK • <%0/ze 3646a>u£2S25 Here's Your Truck! v> -\ C o m There's a new kind of Opct<ili|ig Urunumy in every W size and whetlbas* of the New 19-19 Sludcbaker w Trucks. Comt by today «nd look ovei our cuniplele m line of '(Hers Chanblin Sales Co "Your Friendly Studetakw De«l«t" Railrnad & Ash Phone 219S 'STUDEBAKERi IMUSOU.A'S L'OI 175 Pmmds of Prvvcntlim By AL VERMEER HAVE A GOOD AT THE SHOW COME \ CHILDREN.' ON, REALLY, HAZEL'l^ ISN'T SHE TOO t/ WALDO YOUNG no BE m HOW GOING ON ^RIDICULOUS GOING 10 V NO... 1 THE MMlNEE \SUPP05E WITH HIM/ SURELY, THERE'S NO HARM IN THAT.' Thats n iN'ii'o Offe My MICJIAICLO'MALLEY «nd RALPH LANS , THIS 6ETS MORE INTERESTING IV THE MOMSNT. TWO WOMEN-—. OV6R THERE ARE SELL ME THE HOUSE AND ^(SPW^< 7O MY WIFE, All THATS IN II, POND, AND WHAT 1 THt P1ACHS ill MAM ITfW.OOO OVtR / IN HER WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT/ 'ANDGtTAClOSER LOOK. I THINK THrtTi JEAN ARGUS, THf ACT- RCSS. SHE MIGHT 5MGF ONI OP HER 5CENE5! THIMl ilXTl THOUSAND WASH TURItS By LESLIE TURNER t COULDWT *4RW CAPTWW EASY BEFORE/ POOH CATWV. MOTHER-..OC LET HER GO wlfll IMA /LITIIFIOI! kMD LEftEW ABOUT HER DA.D SO BLUWTIV! ' SOMETHING: I HAUEMT G1S MOUTHS. JAM. IM IF DOESM'T FIWO HIW? 1 S1IS9ESTEDHE ASK MK.CIOG& AT TH£ 6HWLE OIL CO. MB SHOULD KNOW «B. RI08». I VMS TdD THAT «CU MIGHT OIVIE ME WrC*M»llOU MOUT VBUIM HE LP ME FIMD HIM. HUGS BUNNY By FRED HARM Aft I AIN'T DELIVER1N' \ I'VE GOT NO MORE GKOCE.5ilES Av TRUCK.' TIUL YA. SETS A TRUC<, WAT'S FIN^L.' VOU CAN UStT I'M ON IT TO TAKE t MY THIS ORDER ELMEfc FUDD/ 'SET ZOOMIN N THAT NEW TRUCK ' By V. T. HAMLIN VES...TH' KINGS A OUl£T LITTLE UAlD E UM.. <PH THE &\CK VOOZ' D ENTES TH'/ (M HES BOOM IN EEN 15 ro BE A 7 7 .' \ HOOTS AND HKK It's Mystifying By EDGAR MARTIN

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