The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1934
Page 3
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Plymouth Now on Display in Blythevill^ Company Takes Off ihc Order IT, M:.ii._ A nel , ; auto- vcuar.uuiiig jxilicy where- "•eliasjr wilt be appri-jcd C05[ of Jiis automobile 11 fiujit of his door, ratli- iJij; to H'ly on auibEi;- ;•" prices, was announced Eive iuuuediately in the '('violet . organization by ^- Holler. L'eNer;il stik-s going to lake the bllnd- e orxlef IjKiik." Mr. Hoi_ "We are going to IH know exactly how much will cost them delivered of their doors Wt nit how exactly what mnkos (Terence between the jj st price, and the final do-' istance of ivhat t ne new !nea:is to car buyers. Mr Ji'tu out that while list («e company's new 1934 »age S70 higher than in ictual increase in cost to >«>r in New York Ls only «!e !)«• list, or •fob/' ughout tlie United states 1 per cent above 1933 the •osts actually average on- er cent higher. V he said, "the man who uloinobile wants to know i his car ,vill cost him in front of his home our salesmen are goinp Uiat flgnrc 01]]j . jjj be spared the unpleas- discovering that the ul- t was considurabiv above xpectatlon. to say, th^ I1(?u , , ner _ policy -vas made possi- nrougj, the wholehearted 1 p- r our 10.000 dealers -'.^'i quick to concur: P»"on that ihe new poll i anif-ntaiij, right and that | ±.. tac fl'Worl of i., c ' •'•' "icy recognieze fast Main. Above Is shown the 'models early this month," he snlct, : "at 100 special exhibits all over I the country—separate, complete au- :tOinoblle shows In themselves—to a • most Interested and responsive public. At the close of the first, week our sa! had booked lo.OlXJ wma fide orders for immediate delivery. "'I'r.e fine res|)oiise of '.lie public in terms of orders will insure the "ay and nlghi operation of our plants for many months to come. "America is coming back—fast! There is no doubt of it. More indicative even than attendance and -'ales figures at the New York automobile show and our own local .shows ,s tSc- changed attitude of people—visitors and automobile men "oth. At the shows I attended almost a carnival spirit prevailed There was more enthusiasm more of a -go-forward' feeling, than at any show since 1928. We are coming back and t/.e means by which it is being accomplished is inuc-h less Important liian the fact Itself." ^voiced enthusiasm over I «s of h(s company for We introduced our 1934 : First Melon of 1934 HOPE, Ark. IUPJ—Tliac! Collins, local tanner, has the distinction of producing the firsl watermelon in this section for the year 1934. It weighed 15' pounds and grew in the 1933 patch during the unusually mitd winter. D Before You Buy '34 License For Your Present Car — } R1VE theN< ew ., —""} lenn r '«-'*:-i ml t.'reJi s on-display at the w. T. Harriett Au lo n .i:,..s show'room Its new lines. Vce nidlalor, and skirled lenders. Book Rejected as Radical Forecast NRA Provisions TOND DU LAC. Wis. !UP)_Two I W. A Tllus wrou- a book whlcn I n publisher rejinrd because It I was loo radical. He cn || cij k .. Ti epiibllc, a Riinlniscence ol Here are .sou:e of n,e predic- niii he made: : 1. Shortening of working days I and. weeks by indrs-.rial lenders to \ seep all person.-, employed who i v-lshed work. j 2. Restriction ol ^roductloti by "Breemenl of protljcer.s 3. Regulation of d,['| c | t ^ or 5. Among (he changes In n- nnnces envisioned wt . rp pa,..,., remonetlzatlon of s :| vcr and federal guarantee of ],ank depo.sit.s 6. An active cnr.. pn j gn of pub- l.rlty waged to encourage purchasing from lirD'cis aud manu- -oclurers who hrul adopted proflt- FharinB plans am,' wrre folr to liter in every rrrpcct. r.wlnss down ,.on Head Cow Hand Gets Trailer to^ Carry Horse EL. PASO, Ti-\. i UP) _ Hilling tocry, boss of ihc X T ranen I'm Carlsbad, N. M, has Innugfu: ;hr machine a K .- to the open; mngf. {),- pnrrh-.ii n trailer to, j-iovldr nutomobll" transportation '"I, Wl horw - i Turkish Ussery lends I-,* horso ,„ , n? ' trailer for a dosl uvor his cuttle nutoii,oblle' S 'f 0 !" 0 " 1 lho graveyard tree to which •'•aller gate r.iui'" T l """ f "" !> " "" ' ouni -" l » t ni'iilh was due to on organic dls- ; i n;e. Now police are seeking to • fml out who liancid the corpse. After woman ihe body, of a *os ni: ,| 0ftn Want Ads. TEXACO * THE FROST-PROOF CRACK-PRQOF MOTOR OIL Joyner & Ronifield nislrihutors 1'honr 558 The Most Careful Driver is Always at the Mercy of a Reckless One Your only proU-cllcn from h«vy d-inusw [, Liability »nd Proper!) Damare In- turanre In a strong company First Natiojtal Insurance Agency Ocncral Intranet -See // Today THE NEW Chevrolet b« tatiifitd with any oth*r low-priced car SHOUSE LITTLE CHEVROLET CO A/o Experiment The I'rorliul of Thiily Year's Kxper- icni'i- in liiiitdin.T CO Million Automnliilos t'nmp!e(,> an ,i KITirit-nt Service fiuaranteed h.v Your Local Dealer 1MEDIATE DELIVERY Phone 811 Today ilLLIPS MOTOR CO. •Authorized Dealer The photographs above show how Fo.d engineers hm •a ^^'Tr^T * ?*"**»* n - "«»"'«* '" •hocks from the road are absorbed at the outer . '-pn,, g ,. leaving all four , vheels free , 0 -^ ^ . __ "«• ro:i 'i wliite the tody remains '-vel. "How Knees Operate" TWO WAV HYDRAULIC; SHOCK ADSORBERS Another Open Letter:' Btylheville Chamber of Comiiieme IMlhcvillp To AH Farmer.* ami landowners , Mississippi Cimnty, Arknira;, approximately 20,000 acres ,c, s yel iS^ "-"' file n f tl,n f ni . me ,, ' Pln ""' • ( H, ;11 ; r " rottot] We have this inforn.aiio ,,C ff • ' °'rh: J'n ^1^" ' Congress i s not expected to renhtcn the nl'~V i . Rlli now l )eil(1i "K in tlmn replace it, if passed If e I ill i , , |( ! n '''- ,' llt wi " s »!»Plement rather '"•'lolits ««-cr,,in B i/ndnrt!... present plan' Wtl " ' ^ mlllrtfo " witllm " production, either throu volun n-v n, ^ *?•"* to llavc lcilllctio11 of «.-o«on press upon all our p^g h ° '"^ ^^ ™\™ ™ ^ action, ami (o im - ment program NOW an ' u'.n ,',iec e u "i A ' ','.' KCl ", nB ' illto this » ove1 '" throngh such action. -"•"•"»«•'»& <.ui. selves tl,e cash l,ei lc tit.< to come •s cut-a« n y pholograph shows how the "knee nuion" on most 'oral Motors automobiles works. It fs shown on the new • The "knee" is really a lever between the vfher! and the du»l Brings v,hlcl, replace Ihe regular type of spring. The action c n Li 'I comrollod by llu ' shock absorbers, all In the same oil «ed housing. The enllre unit swings about a stu-dy kin* the shott "dead nxlc" thai is boiled to the frame Thus the "«« with (|, r W hoMs nnd control their up and. down IX'iidently of the oilier wheels. jh's Plane r Col. Ch^rkrA'Il/irbergh'sTnns-' the"^^^™!,^ T V' atlantlc plane. "The Sulrlt of St. has consented L f V a Faye ' Louis." will be painted on the wall p^ st o? M«nr n r r*," ' r .° m hls of the entrance corridor to the' ffnri «. £1* .?'.. ? lom . ot <Cote CttV H.n Here, ty CW A »rt f sU, lhla meant for us last year. We know what HwHIdi it".-yells lUTtimeTfor In rf'ns. 11 '" Wh0l< ' * m *" 1 '" " lis most "''tal'r.rogi-a!!'" 11 BLYTHEViLLK CMA5IBKR OF CWUERCK.

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