The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 6
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r, Malone In Maf Feafisre Will Be Opponents Of Stocky Kneilsen, Roy Allen Tonight THE CATin ' TAG MATCH Roy Allen (198) nnd "Stocky" Knellscu (213) Versus Gus Wisbar (191) and Eiltlic Malonc 1212) SO-jMiiiulc lime limit, Z Lest fulls of X Preliminaries Allen versus AYishar ' Kiicilscn versus Slalonc Single falls, 30-inInutc time llniit apiece The small American Legion arena is expected to be (fixed (o capacity tonight when Promoter Mike Meloney presents anotlier i)ro?jwcllre action-packed Ing match and accompanying preliminaries for his weekly wrestling menu. Starting time is 8:15. Interest skyrocketed to new soaring heights with the announcement Hint four irore popular performers were clown for the show which lias every indication of exceeding, tit least tying, those unusually rough, thrilling and exciting sliovvs in recent weeks. Dutohnnn Is Ifcifk' Heading the interest phase is the return of Gus Wisbar and Hoy Allen, two oi the most ]>ojmlnr wrestlers ever to slcn into (he local squared cirele. The fact that they are in opposite corners lias tended to add fuel to the lire. Allen comes buck to work with "Stocky" Knellseu, the former Pacific Coast licet- champion. Wisbar joins hands ivit'n "Iri.sli Kddle" Mn- lone for the opposing team In the tagimatch feature. Tlits quartet will operate over the liour-aml-a-halt route in the lag match, uvo best falls out, of three. While the customers are nnturnl- ly interested in the main attraction, an unusual amount of discussion and interest lias been created by tlte 30-iniimte preliminaries. Matches Are Varied They are expected (o be in sharp contrast, as far us excitement and sction are concerned, but none the less interesting and add up lo the samcthing—action. Allen anil Wis- bar arc due (o wage one of the cleverest, scientific duels ever staged here, one thai probably will rival the Ailen-Belkns match, or the Wisbar-Belkas event that still have the town buzzing. They were BLl'TliKVILLJS (AKK.J COUKiEH NEWS DOPE BUCKET 1. P. TAKKS JlACiUVAKI) LOOK for me homesick Reminiscing is n favorite jMslfme r,m , lse( i to bo me homesick because (ballistic o olu , of , , fr „ , t ' ->.I i,, » if T^,, is and the most of us. Personally, I ! hangouts n-v a tremendous thrill lecnHIng | O ur scoiji highlight events, especially In the he also was m v innihomatics le-ich- field of sports. Those mountain LI- In iimim- ni,,i, i , : , ,, peaks in high school, college, and ' ' '" J "" lni H)f: " • S(; "° o1 ' J '"•'<• : "> =ince I have been here during these 'nst 13 years furnish plenty of fuel for tlioiighl. There have been low spots, to be sure. Bnl sink , . into insignificance, and arc lost In the flight lo the lofty stratosphere. An Interesting letter from IJcut. Russell H. Farr revived some old experiences and reopened some incidences that completely had been burrlcd. Son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell C. Parr, Ueiit. Fan- was graduated from Ibe locnl high school (he University of Arkansas. As a Junior he played some fool- jal! but. as he states In his letter, he was only n substitute and never experienced (he thrilling feeling of being a star. (Neither did I, Ilus- sell. I was barely food enough to earn a plucc on the bench.) Lieut. Farr, nn officer in lh n Calvary at Fl. Riley, Kansas, received his commission the hard way. Ho went through O.C.S at Fl Kiiox, Ky. and, brother, any boy who can do that and come out with his beautiful shiny gold bar has niy profound respect. He has curried the right, to mingle with the upper 10, ns thcv must have something on the ball. Ills letter follows: Lieut. Russell H Parr OCC No 23, Bldg 93, H Kltcy, Kansas Oct 1, 1944 Dear J P: As I wns silting here tills afternoon rending the Courier News, which lias followed me everywhere I've gone and it's changed addresses more limn once, many things have been running through in)' mind. I always read the Dope Bucket because it always has news of some of my high school friends and where they are. They seem to bo scattered (o the four corners of the world nowadays WANTS I'UCKKTT'S ADDRESS What prompted me (o write was your column concerning Cnpt. Ace PiickeU and your escapade while flanking ou c of Ernest Halscll's juicy slcnks. Boy, that sure made (Ills should be just ns More Gome and Fish for YOU with a stabilized program of wildlife propagation You can help Arkansas have an expanded Fish ami Game program with public shontins grounds provided for all, if you vote like (his Nov. 7. . . FOR Amendment 36 Agaiusi ^crdnv-ni 36 For Furlher Details nrilc ARKANSAS WII.ULIFK VEHKUATION Wallace Bldg., Lillic IJock, "Ark. tlnsjic nnd outstanding. Allen, bonsllng the ever dangerous and colorful kangaroo kick, is- up nround the top in popularity with the fans here. One of the big reason.', for his wide foil-wing is .he fact thnl he never frills to give out with a good performance. He las skill, ring generalship, and n characteristic color thnt luis caught the fniicy along cauliflower row ['lid packs 'em in whenever he Is i Ihe caul. The same Li true of Wlsbar. Tlie Dutch boy Li a veritable workhorse, a pluggcr who nearly always pets (here first. Otic o( tlie main reasons for his extremely successful record Ls his cleverness ami nil- round ability. He not only is clever, but tough and slippery ns an eel. He is ever a threat which makes his doubly dangerous. He, too, is n fine ihowmnn, promoted largely by his rliic talents. Konshics Collide The larger, rougher pair, Kneil- 111 and Malonc. have been in the local spotlight more tlinn mice in the recent months. And there is a reason. They have been main cogs in some of the most Interesting shows ever to grace the Legion ring, in opposite corners on several occasions their meeting Is n natural from several standpoints, mostly because'they have .shown some hidden talent.s that have pleased tile fans. While always rough and willing, they have been doubly tough on last appearances, to say nothing of fast, versatile nnd at times down right brutal. But. as yet. he boys haven't gotten too rough tor Blythcville funs, may set n precedent. contact with him nfter ln,> left to coach the Slmwueo football team nn ( | i u-u.s W ondcilnu If yon could furnish me his present address. Sure thing, Russell. li is Cnpt. James A. Puckelt, AOr-' l?d No. I, Con. Del. officer, Foil Mende, Md.) I wns also wondering If ynu could explain ( 0 nifi certain things (lie Army docs. For instance, I started out in lite infantry at camp Wallers, Texas? THI5N WENT MO T11K ASTP al (he University of Arkansas, my old Alma Muter, then lo OCS at Ft. Knox (Annoied Hrhoub. After graduation, to thi> Calvary at Camp Campbell, Ky., then lierc In Ft. Ililpy, Kansas, (iti,| now f have been assigned to take a .! months course In cramnimi«.!!;>i> here at Ft. Rllcy proper. What a lite! llul the Army really let.s you travel nronnd. At least. H has "so far. (Keals mi!, lluss. Can't say just why. r never got higher than Iho Hoy Scouts and even (hen they shunted me off to do (he coofclnx and then wondered why about half of 'cm stayed sick jnosl of Ihe time. The other VuiU could lake'most anything or lliey would have gotten down, loo.) MEETS KKU.OW ARKANSAS By the way, If you see Mr. Louis Cherry, please tell him I inc^ a good friend of his, a Private EllUcm, who used lo work In the bank at Purls, Ark: He said he saw my Arkansas license plates and just hud to find out where I mis from, is, what part of Arkansas. I really enjoyed talking to him. I haven't run into ninny people around , Close Games Claim Attention In Southeastern Conference hero from Arkansas. I make special point lo keep up H a what's happening to (he Chicks, it's hard lo (lilnk of Dan nnd Chcslei Cnldwell, and corky" Ulomeyer. and all the other.?, playing football Ijc- cansc they wcr c little kids as I last remember thorn, i still IhinS: about Ihe chick teams Hint year on which Iherc were Slick" Meredith (best Mocker r ever saw). Homer Kcsharsc. HcrshM Mosley, and (lien several years later llltle George Trusty. elc. However. I still like to remember the days in Junior Hlali Kchcol when Melvln Halsell, Harold Dozicr, Lloyd Ftormnn mid I were on Ihe nine tcnm. Hoy, what n mess we •ere! I was chief bench warmer ext to Dun Williclm and we only )layed very little. Slanficlti Cutchin •us our coacli and a swell guy all i one. I hope you aren't asleep from ending this Idler but every once i n while yon get n little lime alt rom the old Army routine an c | you ike to lemembcr all Ihe Ihtnss hat happened so long ago. (Weil, I has been almosl 8 years). Keep he Dope Buekel going because it itrc helps morale. Sincerely yours, Russell Parr. 'S: Will you have them change ly address to 131 Houston St. Manhattan, Kansas. Thanks! •Letters like thnl nnd Ihe others sure does something to my morale, | •TLING Legion Hut, Monday, Oct. 23, 8:75 p. m. Lowest Admission of any \Yrcstling Arena in America. Mulls, 3Cc Ta*. 9c-Total, 45c. Reserved Scat.,, | Zc , Tax 3c-To- tal, 15c, Children's Seals 12c, TJX 3c, Tolal 15e Reserved Seals On Sale al Ihe Legion Arena Every Monday from G p. m. on TAG MATCH ALLEN & KNEILSEN MALONEJ, WISBAR 2 30-mln. Preliminaries ROY ALLEN GUS WJSBAR STOCKT-KNEILSEN VS. EDDIE MALONE Philadelphia Pros Remain On Top With Win Over Boston liy Unlti'i] I'rrss The world of professional football . t'.sferday saw the Green Bay rackcr.s batter down their only effective opposition In th 0 Western nivlslon, l,y whipping Clevclniirj 30 Tommy Colella .sparked the Ram attack by accoiinlln^ for all three of Cleveland's tallies,'bin the I'ack- (lic tune n'r V< n''i,/ l !r'L 0 " 1>0nC ' m5 t( ' KM "''' Nav V '"»' »'c "•'"^ H was The »li I- it?i' n' , 11l(ilr fm " lh <lwvn "'«' »'"V 1'iid ^ M^^^Z: ±,°" e yill(l 10 K0 ro1 ' il ioilcl1 - (TounHn!; h n ''"I" 10 !'" nlvlsln » 4« ""i Hie fii'htlng spirit of the (louming llle „„.,,„„ Ynnkoc.0i8 r.ri, line won out. The Middies A ,. m ,wt , i ' P 1 "' 1 ' 1 ' 1 " 11 ' down-field drive bogged Ihe ffi out^aTmc^nk^'' 10 "" ^ " "^ ° f '»="« '" nil four periods. fu Hie nutlnn's capitnl the Wasli- lii'don Redskins, buttressed by ngin' Sinn Haugh. won a vlc- loiy over Brooklyn, n to M. A field (! onl by J;j e Aguhrj. In <ni' Imal period brute a H-n l<»k lo give the liodsklns lory. Il was Anuli-re'.s «amo most of il?c «a v us the veteran ran for one of Wiixlilussloiv.s iwo touchdowns kicked ilij; winnliiB field goal, nnii made both the successful conver- lly Unilci'. I'rfSM [(he honors, kicking ih c Held goal Sotilheaslcrn Conference football I 1 " t !ll! final ininiilcs of play, fans were treated to several out-1 In next Saturday's pames Geor- ttandlng football games over (he'gin Tech meets the Gooruh NIVV mc , k cml - I're-FJlght learn; MKsUshml State lops among these tilLs, of course, plays the Jackson Air rjire- and avis Ihe Georgia Tech-Navy game, (lie Kentucky Wildcats, who' tr!i>- Tlic eyes of football fans through- ped Virginia Military Institute 2G out the nation were focused on to 2, Satiirdny, clasli with Ainba'ma. flrant Meld in Atlanta where tlie I The Mississippi Rebels vlcllms came was played. And funs cer- Saturday of n 47 lo 0 drubbing at ;:iluly weren't let down. Several the linncls of a tough Tulsa arc wnliieiit foolliali writers have lab- scheduled to |>lay anotlier inter- Unl Ihr; contest as one of the most conference game when thev meet thrilling in gridiron history. Arkansas. The climax of the game came In other " •• —• ...^ i,».,,(; kikin., in »ju;(;i grtlllCS II 1 . VOl Vil)' T SFC iviili one minute remaining In the teams, Florida inect.s Marvlaml Ai'i- |.:Miif' Mni'ip lin/l Uin I,.,11 1* ,...,.- i. .^ _. ,. . .• ' .. , lakes OH I'rcabylerian Collcce, mid thi; cieoruiri UnlUloys, slill iVf- Ivr their first foiifcreiifc win, clash wltli I.oiilslaiiii Stale. Duck Calling 'Contest Prizes ctt'atl vlc- ^featlwlli!e the Ne.v York Giants had little trouble disposing of the Paschal and Howie Livingston .sparked tile C.'Irmt attack. In Cliicago (lie Bears all but gave up their hopes f«r holding the pro fool ball crown, in- playing the Df- tioit Lions to n 21-all tie'. Bob West fall nnd Frimklc Sink- Th" million dollar booting toe of i fiMlimaii Allen (Olnkv) Bowen—a T^ T^4-^, I <t 1 HHn 17-year-old lad from Greenville, lO I OtQ 1 ^ ! UUU ^'lss., provided the Ensineeis' mar- idii of difference. Bowcn came il!r<ini,'h under fire in Ihc last period to place-kick Ihe pii-skin squarely l.'i-twrrn the npiighl.s for the iill-iiiiporianl thrne points that mi'iiiit the n-i victory. The conliist (he lads 111 navy blue and ...... 1<i lose. They .showed unbounded STUTTGART, Ark., Ocl. 23 . U.PJ—Officials in dim-go of the annual world's champion tluck calling have announced prizes - I K'taling $10(jfl. to be awarded win- .vas a' y iou«hone t<lt \'^ "' " >C ""'"' " StuMgart N °"' wiiuur will receive ., strength but muff' i'il several opportunities when (he rliiiis were down. Alabama anil Tennessee, who ihslird tin the Volunteer's home- immi'.ds in Knoxville, provided Oi';ie Tans another ace-high game. Tiii-v battled through (10 rough-sml- titmblc minutes lo a scoreless ilcail- ln:k, leaving both teams with their i.'ndefcated records, However, (he game was the second tie for Alabama and spoiled Tennessee's previously-perfect record. Meamvhlte. Mississippi State maintained its undefeated record liy tripping Louisiana Slate, 13 to (i. The .state crciv, now posing Tech's rally threat lo SEC .supremacy, also is untied this season. Both Tech and Slate, who will not, have the plrasur,, of meeting ench oilier tliis M.H-A..H,,,..' i .'"iT""•-":••• • ••" ''!"ison. have three more conference M.ICAI Uiur. and Uibbock Air Field !games. whipped South Plains Airfield 4(i \ And another team in the confer- 1 '•'"<> re-sorted (o « fiekl goal to win • bull ~ MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 19<M Tigers Supreme With FTO Wins Undisputed Leaders Of Prep Conference; Hoffman Top Scorer LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 23 (U P ) — The powerful Little Rock nigh School Tigers, as yet undefeated, untied and nnscorcd upon, still hold top position in the Arkansas High School Football Conference The Tigers cinched (heir lead hy .ins scored a total of 1JG ))0 !,iU In , five games, of which 16 were touchdowns and 20 extra points. Jnko Baldwin of Pin,. m[i[t llolds icc . -"•' place with a total of 42 points. trouncing the Smith Griz /lies 22 to o at Lltllc fiock Prldav night. In five conference engagements tlie Tigers hnve rolled up 108 points, while their opponents have been unable to cross the goal. In second place are the North Ultlc Rock Wildcats with r ou ,. conference wins, no defeats and no lies, and Pine Bluff holds (town Ihe number three spot, with three victories and one lie. John Hoffman, the Tiger fullback, is still tops in the individual department. The big back winner will get S1CO in war bonds and $200 in .sporting equipment and the third place winner will receive $100 m f n war bon(ls all(] in equipment. Other wllch, a rnnnliiij, Ini,' cpmbiiiation, piloted th p Lion chtiri,'- In yesterday's scheiiiitnd of service teams, the Hainbndise. Naval Tralniir; School eleven won over Camp Peary 7 lo 0 In a liarrt-rom-lil Rninc thnl snw the only touchdown come in Ihe last period Tonopali Airfield troiuu-ed coinn- Inn Collese -10 lo 7. San Dlc»o'Na- val iiiled up a (5!) loO score over Fort . Other games Sunday included a l» to 12 victory by the Lincoln WliiRS over Marciuelte, nnd Mnrrh Field over lli e El Toro Marines 20 lo 14 In another close one. .anic. The Green Wave of Tulane. which is also beyiniiing lo If ik like a conference contender, cam,, through will) a 1C lo 13 victory over Auburn, Billy Jones did ELECTRSCAl SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts are as rom- ;-!efe us durinj! pre-war limes! Put vmir plants in shape for Fall NOW. WR GIVE SERViCE—call ..« day, night or Sunday. * Belting * Stcom Packing * All Size Pipe ° Bolt Lace * Pipe Fittings Crane Valves Gin Saw Files and Gummerj Hubbard-Hardware Co. Scrvlnj Illythevllle 25 Yean —to get'f'ld of eiiylno- killing car- bun anil corrosion. —for lir.tlcr porform- aaco, better g a s o 1 i n o economy. —to proven t excess wenr, 'o increase* tiremiloage. SUtRIMG HHIt \VHU1 MIGKV.tlU —lor s.ifoty and longer life. MRYICI B8»K!i,ClU[CK, Friends everywhere will fell you: MORE PEOPLE GO TO CHEVROLET DEALERS FOR SERVICE THAN TO ANY OTHER DEALER ORGAN- IZATION. . . . That's another proof that Chevrolet dealers are— All HAKES OF CARS AND THUCKS ORIGINATOR CAR AND TRUCK CONSERVATION \ / »f «o« »NW iPltO THE 301 W. W-alnut Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. _ —A Phone 578 Hlylhtvlllc. Ark .,„-„. * * v-wm. ^.n/u lu sMijiu ijr ediuiunrnt Othr^r SoCOin war bonds, and $200 in spsrl- pri.e.s will K .-, Co II e youn"e«l a d )HB eqiujmicnt. The second prize ' oldest contestants. 1'cimi-Cnia Cnmjiaiii;, iong j'slar.u Ciifi, ;s V I'ranchiscil UoUlcr: Pepsi-Cola Hnltlinn Co. of {ilylhevillc Farmer: We Con Add Months To The Life Ot Our mtirtern equipment can handle even ynur larscst lires. Repairs in time will save you both dollars and work days. Lsllmatcs without ohlig.ilion. GUARANTEED WORK — CEILING PRICES MODINGER-POEIZ TIRE CO. Hwy. 61 North Plione 2201 FARM Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Comp/efe Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. '\ PHONE 3131 nnd HYAN'NIS. Muss. (U P, _ Sur . prised in tlie wel«lit of „ passenger's luggage a Cape Cod bus driver asked its contents. "Nothing but beach sand for my children" explained the smiling mother. ' New Theatre Manila's finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. ftj, Matinees I jfc Saturday & Sunday " Best Woshcd Air Cooling System Last Time Today "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT" with Phil Haker I-'ox News & Shorl Tuesday "SO'S YOUR UNCLE' A Universal 1'icture Serial & Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Bat «taris 12M5; Ban. glarla I:*S Ninht shows 5:45 Except JVSonday, npetu 8:45 Continuous shows Bat. and Son. Last Time Today "PARDON MY SARONG' ivilll Abboll & C'oslcllo Universal News Comedy Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickcls For Ihe Price of 1 'CITY WITHOUT MEN" with Limln Darnell Comedy THEATRE Manila, Afk. WEEK-n AY NIGHTS s Box Office Opens 1:15—Show Starts f at 7;30. 8ATUKDAYS & SUNDAYS Cox Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Last Time Today "STEP LIVELY" with Frank Sinatra & George Murphy KKO News Disney Comedy Tuesday & Wednesday "ETERNALLY YOURS" with I.orctfa Young & David Niven KKO Xcws C'onicily Open •?: 00 Show Starts 7:15 Monday Night I OXE SHOW ONLY 'A Guy Named Joe 7 Spencer Tracy Jt Irene llunne <,.( Paramount News ' "» Short Tuesday PAL NITE 'Here Comes Elmer' With Al I'icrce, Dale Kvans & Gloria Sluarl Solcclcil Sliorls.

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