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The Courier-Journal from , · Page 5

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Thursday, October 4, 1906
Page 5
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THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, THURSDAY MOBNING, OCTOBER 4, 1906. TOWARD SODTH AT SAME TIME WOOLD ACT WITHOUT PAY Se C DMVES OUT. eJle RHEUMATISM ind not by the club inemlK-rship, as heretofore. The sijeclal C.mmliuc on Statistics has bee a" viigaKt-d lT so v oral wef'ks in ascertaining the amount anl value of shipments made by- the- various m.mufacturinfi: and mcrcanxUe enterpris- s of the city by riv-r. and alsa t-he ton-nag-e received. These statistics v.'tr:- forwarded to the ol.'lc-ials f th; Ohio Kiver Improvement Asinci;Uion. to he ued in the ivport t'nat will be made snort ly showing the tonnage and value of the im-m.-nsi- commerce on the Ohio river and lid tributaries. The aches and pains of Rheumatism are only symptoms whicli may be scattered or relieved with liniments, plasters, blisters, etc., or quieted with opiates. As soon as the treatment is left'oft, however, or there is any exposure to dampness, or aa attack of indigestion, the nagging pains, sore muscles and tender places on the flesh return, and the sufferer finds that he has merely checked the symptoms, while the real cause remains in the system. The cause of Rheumatism is a too acid condition of the blood, brought on by indigestion, chronic constipation, weak Kidneys, and a general sluggish condition of the system. Waste matter collects in the system each, day which nature intends shall be carried off, but when it is left because of a sluggish condition of the system it sours and forms uric and other acids. These are taken tip by the blood and carried to all parts of the body to produce; the pains and aches of Rheumatism. S. S. S. cures Rheumatism by going-down into the blood and driving out the cause and making this life stream rich, pure and healthy. When the blood has been purified and built up by S. S. S. the pains and aches pass away, the muscles become soft and elastic, and Rheumatism driven from the system. Boole on Rheumatism and medical advice free. THE SWiFT SPZGmG GO,, ATLANTA, GAo in tho State of Kentucky, according to a report issued by Fourth Assistant Postmaster General Degraw to-day. At the end of tho last fiscal year, 639 routes were embraced in tha State. Ono hundred and sixteen petitions for new routes are pending and will be favorably acted upon as fast as inspectors can visit the State. Commissioner Terkes, cf tho Internal Revenue Bureau, said to-day relative to the action of tho Superior Court of Raleigh, N. C, of committing Internal Revenue Collector Duncan for contempt for refusing to answer questions relative to applications for United States Gov-.-rnment iiquor licenses, that Mr. Dun-Jam will be sustained by the Government in his position, and if -he is imprisoned the United Slates Attorney in Raleigh will Immediately take steps to secure his release on habeas corpus. Mr. Yorkes added that every decision of tho Supreme Court of the United States and all Federal courts uniformly have sustained Internal Revenue officers for refusing to answer questions of this kind in regard to the business of their office. Tho following were the succensful candidates at the recent examination for student interpreters in China' and GJapan, and they will leave soon for the Orient: A. D. Baker, of Illinois, University of Michigan: K. Caldwell, of Kentucky, Borer. College; Charles L. Chandler, cf Mr.rsachusetts'. John Irwin Viney, University of Virginia, and A. A. Williamson, District of Columbia. . The President to-day appointed Eu-geno Z. Lewis United States Marshal for the Southern district of Ohio, vice Fagin, removed. ON TUBERCULOSIS Round - Trip Rates Low j Louisville If jlSHM WM mum and Bsturn - $13.20 Dates of Sale Oct. 12-13. Return Limit Oct. SO. IfMPrtiS and Return - - - Dates of Sale Oct. 16-18. Liberal mttm&mm and Dates of Sale Oct. 14-13. Return Dates of Sale Oct 6-7. Return iOFFALO, it and Rsfiarn $15.6Gf Dates of Sale Oct. 10-13. Liberal Return Limit. I ffLMITA and Bsturn - - $13.55 1 Dates of Sale Sept. 29 and 30, Oct. Limit. CHATTANOOGA and Return - - .$6.65 Ra Dates of Sale Oct. 16- IS. Liberal I IB! Urn WEDDING GIFTS & Nashville Railroad. Return Limit. mum Limit Oct. 21. Limit 21 Days. 9, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22. Liberal Return Return Limit. j-. ' " i J Excursions the South October 16, November 20, 1906 To All Points in the States of FloridaAlabama, Georgia, N. and S. Carolina Reached by tho Atlantic Coast Line. Tickets give final limit of 30 days and permit stopovers in either direction. Following rates given as information, corresponding low rates to all other 'points: Of the kind that are appreciated. We suggest: Ubbcy Cut Glass, Rock Crystal Glass, Minton China, Dresden China And the many other exclusive things .found in our magnificent stock. CoL Jewett Offers Plan For Settling Controversy. To Give 10,000 to Cor and Zenor For Expenses. Suggests Holding New Congressional Convention. GIVES OUT AN INTERVIEW. In cas.j he should be nominated frr Congress by the Democrats of the Third cisirk-t ,.f Jmisa:. as :i solution (f the jcrs'-nt muddle. Col. Charles 1.. J.-.vett. of New Albany, xiid y-su-rd:iy that h.: T.-ould p;v the entire s:t'.nry for th? two years, ;ii::.)i:nti:.s to JK'.". To YV. H. Cox a:ui JxkJu V. T. 7,c:.or, the present claimant.;, to reimburse them for their e :'(.-:;.- -s. lit sufri.-c-td that iho two claimants withdraw and a i:ew cvnvrn'.loXi b- h-.-ld '"r tiie pi.ri' -i-x' -i s m cling a c-.rr. Jida'.o. ii-j inaii'j tlirec pr..,;;c i;lo::s: :lr:;t that he !:Li::iiia-t.-d and iiivi the sa!a;y iu Mr. ;X and Judrv Z.::cr; s--ojii.ii, :hat Iij T.iil giadly si:ipoit mid aid In (be can-of any olher man nominal -.-d .:i th t-ajTiv LnndI:io::s. :i;id third, if u man h.tmimue.i. who js willing t. accent the -rn:;. bv.t :;i:; unabl'-, he will 1m.;o his par: toward a fiatd u pay x;n use v:::k: bu is in n:Iico. :iu eon:royer--- .jv r the ::i,m:r.n:I-.n ::ttr;iting iLtu-n.iuTi w.-r slrce inventions vere held in JeiYer--Many M;:-i;--stiol:s hay t-er: ,nv:l li.adw for tiie S'. u;ti :. oi ihd di.'wcuii v but all have faih-'i. If v:ls iv-pei-id Tuesday that -Mr. O.-.x had hnti i.ffcrtM r-i.j tj '.;thdrtiw Jr. the interest of C- l. Jewett. In an Infrrview -iv-.-n out in . fttw Albany yesterday. Col. Jewett aid: The Proposition.. "So !aanj- ntt'-mpts have lon mruV rer:l th-2 eongresrb-nal nr.tdd:- and i;i iU-L mat i ,'jl iiKe nialving a. lev,' mvsel!. "'-roay 2 saw in ;f;e CturJr-.b a statement that t-uir.i? ..f mv fn.-nas had ofley.-d ;o pay Mr. Cox's -rrses up if he r. tire fn m the lece and flhow m' to be nuninat'-d. AVliiie this U bard to-bebev?, neverthoK-ss If the propo-it!o:i was made it was a wise and generous one. except that it did nut go far enough, ;.t it left .judge Z-nor .i:t of consideiTition, and lie prohabiy exp. nd- d as much or mure mon"y than Mr. Lx. I am willing tu go much larth -r. i he campaign is at a siar.ds'.MI :-nd mr;e than fl hundred good Dt-morrats nominated for '.aunty oihees throughout tiie district have their chances of election In peril. The f-loctinn is near at hand and the Fituath.'ii df-sp-.'mte. Th'T'-forf, if Mr. Cox and Xr. Zvrr will each entirely withdraw from the race and allow the-cor.gresslonal convention to reassemble and eho-'Se a nw candidate, 1 oltei' the lolluwir.g proposition?: "First If it chocsr-s to nomina'e me 1 will make the mce and turn cv-r the entire i-alary for the two years tj;0,c o to Messrs. Cox and ZVnor, i.t reimburse tiicm i-jT their 4-xpi uses in this campaign. Neither of them tied b- squeamish iibout taking th-ir expanses hack because if any dishonnr attach-s to the taims It v.-as in paying them out originally and not In their return. At the end of two years 1 will not be a candidate, r ml leave t h-1 n.:si; ion open to every 3emocra t Jn the disiriet, including the gentleman who are now contending for jr. in short. 1 am willing to make the race and hold the office at my own expense simply for the good of the Democratic party and the candidates on the county tickets. a v Would Support Another 2an. "Second If the convention nominates some other man who Is willing and able to accept the o!be on the terms I have named, I will cheerfully support him and f:d iu making his canvass. "Third If the convention nominates tome man who I" willing to accept the Fame terms, but is not financaiiy able to hold the office at his own expense. 1 will contribute my portion toward a fund to pay his expenses during the time. "This is putting the thing in a plain matter-of.fact way. but as I said, the Fjtuatlon is a desperate one and lately 1 have felt that some such solution should be reached. If. however, this is not acceptable to the candidates and the party, 2 will be entirely content, and so far as I am concerned, the matter forever Is closed." AGEEE TO TEKSia Construction Company Sends Letter To Board Other Business Considered. The Board of Public WotIcs of New Albany, at the meeting held yesterday, received a communication from the Marion County Construction Compmy, contractor for the Improvement of Vincennos I'treet, that city. The contractor agreed to the terms of a re.soluion adopted by the board a few days ago ivqulrmg tint Vart of Vincennes street near Main rot covvred with railroad tracks b? improved with vitrified brick and the pan bt-twe-s n the railroad tracks tn be laid with thrce-JneJi oak planks, the expanse of which :s io be lorne by the rail to ad companies Interested. The comnv.m'cation was referred to the City Attorney to re-jwn. Chief of Police William Adams was directed to look after certain Iron gutter plates. to be in the possession of Joseph Renn, at State and Oak streets, fmd ascertain how he came into ro-ses-Jon of them. The board Is making an effort to find all the plates taken irom tho streets by the contractors, in oidr tha t they may be used on ot-hrr thoroughfares. New curb and gutter were or-d:red on the west side of Sta.te .nre?t at Main and repairs were ordered maJe to the pavement on East Market street, between Tenth and Eleventh, with now curbing on the block. City Engineer 5. T. Mann presented the grade of Shelby street, between East Fifteenth and Vinccnnes struts, which, was nr-nroved. He also submit. e 1 the silniatc for the improvement of the r.3- ley Ivvoen West Fifth and Sixth slrenc; ; Sprint: and Market, his figures being SI. so ; fMStn vaukit csntBusHcoiaa Growing Tide of Immigration Will Turn. SHIPLOAD OF BELGIANS WILL LAND AT CHAELESTON. SOUTH CASOLINA INTERESTS BACK OF NEW PLAN. INSPECTION WILL BE RIGID. "Washington, Oct. 3. Spocia!. Tho first step toward deflecting Now York's immigration tide and encouraging now settlers in the rural regions ol tho South wKl be taken soon when a shipload of Belgians will be taken direct to tho port of Charleston, S. C, from Bremen in a North German Lloyd steamer. Tho experiment is one in which the immigration officials are greatly interested, and, although the immigrants will bo forced to undergo the same rigid scrutiny at tho Southern port as is required at Ellis Island, the project will bo helped along in other respects as much as possible. Arrangements for bringing the Belgian immigrants South were made by a special immigration commission of South Carolina. Efforts are being made to perfect a plan for the establishment for a regular immigrant line between Charleston and some European port a Reclamation In South. A community of interests that is to bind iho West and South closer together in commercial relations, according to the statement of Col. James Cos-grove, secretary of the Drainage and Sanitary Board of South Carolina and a member of the Legislature of tho State, will be brought about by the establishment of tho dry farming station at Ends, in that State, and the work along similar lines that is being done in the "Western States by the Department of Agriculture. "Hitherto It has been almort Impossible for the Department to secure sufficient appropriations to carry on the work of reclamation cithar in the South or in the West," said Mr. Cosgrove. "But now there will be concerted effort on the part of the legislators In tho South, as well as in the West, to secure the desired funds for this work." ... Protest On "The Clansman." A storm of protest against the production of "The Clansman" in this city next week promises to go up from the negro contingent, which represents about one-third of Washington's 3C0,-CCO of population. "The Clansman" appeared here la't winter and is again on the billboards. The Rev. J. G. Butler to-day addressed a communication to the District authorities, referring to the action of several Southern cities in preventing the production of the play, and asks that similar steps be taken here, owing to the possibilities of trouble between the races. The authorities probably will not Interfere. Contracts On Canal Work. It is not unlikely 'that some time during the coming winter a definite conclusion will be reached upon the proposition of putting the canal work under the contract system. In fact, it is said that the idea has progressed so far that tentative specifications have been sent to a number of big contractors in confidence, asking their opinions on the proposition. Kentucky Club Election. The Kentucky Republican Club meets here Friday night for the election of officers, and a high old time Is expected. SIllo B. Shanks, of Richmond, who was removed from the Government printing office for insubordination, is a candidate for 'the presidency, his friends claiming that he should have the office as a rebuke to the Public Printer for ousting him. This contention is stoutly opposed bv a strong faction of tne club's members, who "heartily indorse the Public Printer's action. As the club has been practically a dead letter for over a vear, whatever action is taken will make little difference. Instead of a political, social organization, as was at first intended, nearly all of the energies of the club have been wasted in trying 'to raise money for Caleb Powers. Washington Notes. The Citv National Bank of New York is still reaping all the good out of 'tho customs collections in Santo Domingo. The creditors are trying to secure a distribution. b(it they are unsuccessful against the money powers of tbe great New York bank. C. S. 'licManus, general superintend ent of the Southern railway system. who resigned from ttie service several tiavs ago after a continuous railway service ot thirty-three years, left yes-toHnv fnr Knoxville. Tenn.. where he will engage In the coal business. Prob ably never in tne nistory 01 me otuui- ern railway has mere ever oecn uii official to remove himself voluntarily from the service, ivho had been more popular with the men in the different departments unaer mm. n is stated that Senator Penrose and o'Jhers supporting the regular Republican candidates in Pennsylvania nsz-.iinst ttae Fusion ticket are making a strong effort to persuade the President to speak a word tor tnose canumaicb ii-rinn Ho r o Viifa n Ti !r1rP'55 Ti L n;L n la- burg to-morrow. The Fusion leaders havf been strong in declaring teat such a course on uie jmh ic WOU1U Oe 1LII UlipiLl UUHUUIC tii.ivMH. them and inexcusable In the case of a State fight of the kind -now going on in ennsylvanla. Sereno E. Payne, chairman of the "Ways and Means Committee, and otlur prominent Republicans, were at the TThlte House to-day assuring the President that the Republican State ticket would carry Now York by at least 2CCCC0 majority. Well, it may, but precious little Payne or anyone e;se knows about it at the present time. It's all guess work. They are Jumping onto the Democratic congressional campaign Work and that is a Rood indication the .rork is all right and should be in the hands j rx till !in- she was sent as an mcomgiuiu. Houston iJougiuy, administer i estate of Ezra Doughty, tiled suit in inc Clark Circuit Court lust, evening lur - : . . t 1 .n.ilwill men i iu;uiJiiii i . " ...o--- . i-.n..,i -.T-v.llr. n-ni-K-Inrr for tne (l'-H-naain. ;v hjuuuwiu !r.:o ii citrl ;'. l Sliced. on May 1-. ..... i... rr MlIIo J. P. 'iUi"iiiiv nt Spirits avenue and bpnng nnmliiM' ri-.Mfi:o -"ill's in the city, was ,..,.:v..v,:i v.-iiininv to Koy I . Ooruw t he 'fnitca ;:, W Electric fonuKiny w .!uiim-. fof a consideration at of $2.C). the AeWlOll 1!. ..lie.. I, e:i. ii. ....... i;,., v:r.u committeo ot Clartt eountv "vMU-rauv wltiwlrcw the appoint-ln.-nt o'f'i'i- tlarrv C. Sharp afl an election coimiiii''anil Joseph H. Morrow ivns nam. .1 in his stead. Vrot. fa. Si-.t' eiiairman of tiie Democratic Centra! C.aivnit:. e, has not yet announced -onien-s for the Woman's Foreign Mi-'-io-iarv Saeii-ty of tno :ui-s.iee, 'Mi.'t-.aim" cimrcli laive Ijcci e eatUi as folloiis: Mrs. J. S. Waru I,riMdant; Mrs. V. E. I'-'tSm and Mr 1-iizal). :!: l!i;i'!imrame. vieo prei.ients ir'rt-' HaiTV I'ei'ad. act i-r. corresponding seeretarv; Mrs. 1.. na See irce, tretisurer. DISCUSS CHANGE IN NEW LAW BOASD OF TEADTJ SIKECXOP. TAS3 TII SATS QUESTION. INVITED BEFORE INTERSTATE COHMEHCE COMIiHSSION. DIFFERENCE OF OPINION- Th" directors of the Doard of Trade at their meeting yesterday at noon had before th, m an invitation from the Inter state Commerce Commission to scud representatives to a meeting of the commis sion in Washington on October V). At this meeting tho members of the commission will t;-"i:' up the (juesUon of issuing an order to allow a change on export arid Import rales in !:; than thirty days as pro vided in the new interstate commerce law. In the discuppion of the matter yester- div deveiuwd that the different ship- ping interests iu thy citv hiid different viewri uii the subject, l'or this, reason no d'.iinite action was taken )y tho directors excel) t that the 1 ransuortation Commit tee of the Board of Trade was instructed to muhc diligent Inquiry among the mem bers of the organization in order to tuid out hov.' thev ytana on the ou-;-tion. spe cial att.iu:on will oo paid tu the views of tne uuporiois a no t-xnorter in tne cus so that the vi:-l-.-.-s of tho local shippers. may be laid be. lore tne commission. u ham 1 ley burn is chairman of the Transportation Commit tee and John J. Telford iy secretary. In addition to the invitation to send representatives to Vas,hini;ton tiie communication, from the commission included a request that tiie Louisville Board of Trade prepare and file with the commis sion s'.jlu written statiunents as It may wiyh to present. It was f-aid yesterday i .ia;n.-s 1-. liucUner, Jr.. supt-rinter.ucnt ot the Lard Ci trade, tiiat no repr's?uta-tive may g i uniespi it U found that the major:;:.' of ih; s!i.pp-.-rs favor such representation. Tiie leoal Board of Trade is one of tie.- orgauizLAions of its kind that tiiti not iooi: v.itu unrcserveu lovor on t hi ::uery:ati' commerc t law when it was drafted and p;'..-.sei by Congress Some of those organizations which worked harce.-H for uie measure, found, after It went into effect, that in some instances tne snippers were hit as bird as the rail road?, and now those same- organization: are the strongest in their app.als for re lief trom the severity of the new law. MRS. MINNIE SCHNEIDER BADLY HURT BY FALL. Mrs. Minnie Schneider, wife of Capt John Schneider, of tile Fifth district po lice station, sustalnod severe injuries in an accident at her nom- I21J Christy ,te:iue, i ucfcoaj bile was going up tiie stairway when she heard the tele-phono bell ring in tho lower hall. She mrneu quiCKiy in orcier to descend, when she lost her balance and fell to the bottom of the stairs. Dr. George Leachmai was called and it was found that 7i!r Schneider had sustained a compound frac- ime oi mo rignt elbow and right wrist, a dislocation of the hip and severe bruise; about the body.. SEVEN PER CENT. INCREASE IN SALES OF STAMPS O. A. Beckmann. cashier at the Louis ville post-ofiice. yesterday irave nut a statement that the receipts at the post- uui,!: uie- inh year irom tne sale of stamps and stamped paper, which snowed an increase over that of the pre.ous year ot per cent. LAW SCHOOL OPENS AT UNIVERSITY. The law department of the University of Louisville lias begun its session with a fine attendance and good prospects for more students in tne near iuture. OCEAN TO , OCf AN Ma LECTURE Mo. 23 'Ah that feels sonice andsmooth. Not a Ridge not a Tack not a rough Place anywhere. I watch this Point especially, as I know-how annoying it is to the Wearer. You will certainly enjoy walking in a Pair of $3.50-34.00 Shoes It is not enough to have a good Ontsoto the Insoic must also be perfect and smooth. The Insole of the "Atlantic" Shoe rest-i on a. Layer of finely ground "Cork," which forms a sort of "Cushion" for the Foot. That's the Reason every "Step is a Step of Ease." The new "Fall" Styles arc shown by the "ATLANTIC " Dealer . in your Town. He will fit you without trouble. euorx to sfcui-L- Ui u'wupt ,"-.";: ix-ihmt from the Reform School, wnere ITEMS OF INTEREST IN NEW ALBANY. Miss Edith Gwin will entertain her fri.-mis this afternoon a: - o'cl. ck, in honor of Miss Irma Cordon, at her home, SI? East Third street. Tbe E.:d:e.s" Aid ce.Vly of Trinity M. E. church will meet ihhs afternoon at the home u: .Mrs. ll r rman I'.org r ling. West Main street, below the stone bridge. Peter Zorschnvlde entered a jlea of not guilty in Iho City Court to a charge of provok1"1 and was held fur bis appearance tu answer in that tribunal Friday af;ernoon. At the. meeting of the Board of I'nl'ed States Surgeons, la id yesterday aft"rno.n at the ro -ins on the second llojr of t':;e Federal building, four applicants fur pensions were examined. Ste-ph- n Simnis. arrested by Patrolman Spence on a charge of gaming, was lined $15 in the City Court yesteruay hy Judge l"'ar:s. Hj paid t)io fine and xv.m utsciiarged from custody. Miss Varda Stehens. of "Washington eountv, daughter of the Hon. V. ". Stephen, and Churl' Stout, of Pari', are tu be married XowmLer 1 at "Pao;k-side." the home of tile bride's parents, near Sab m. Capt. Joseph. Featheringill, Cliief of the Fire i i-partmei;t, will leave Saturday f-'.r D.i'.'as, Tex., to attend the annua. :ue-t'ng cf the National Ass iciation of I-iro Ca:vfs. wlueh convenes thero iu.s- day of next week. I.iili", the tt-n-ycar-old daughter of .ir. and Mrs. Peter Hichardg. Union a I :ptet .tr- t.s, Norili Sale suhmb. All on tie; pavement while- returning Iim- ironi ivrojl Moauuy atremon and frac-tured i:er right arm. Patrolman Spence arrested Carl Dirk. , Clyde nbili and Carl Caring for playing hall on the. streets. ce.n:ia:y ;o a city ordinance. As they are under s -teen y.ars -jJ, :!;ey were turned over to tiie Probation Oihcer, Jos-'jih If. Krafr. John S.lieil'.rir., of Luuisville, and Miss .Marj- b-ssmer, of han.'sville. ai'e to he married in St. Mary's Catholic church at that this morning. The c-r'iiiony will be performed hy the I-;. v. Father Pcekscamp, rector of St. Mary's. Miss Iadu Tracy dh d Tuesday n ght at tl.e home of lit-r cousin, Mr. Uttu -bach, 1727 East Murket s;rce:. s!:- was twe:ity-;hr:e yvars old and was a farmer resident of Winches: r, Ky. Ib-r ho.iy was s-.-nt to that city yes-terOay afternoon fur burial. Arthur P.-.din-', wh.o is charge.! with having assaulted Robot t Critteu.b-n with :it to k!il. filed a motion in the Circuit Court yes-terduy to ;uash the indi.'t-m.-u:. T;i" motion was overruled and a plea of not guilty was euteied by the b-ft n-.lan:. Tl;e case will be set fur trial laur in the term. Dr. A. X. Jones, a former : rs deat of Cory. ion, oh d suddenlv at D nv. ". Coh, Ml.nday night of heart dis'-as.. lil.; "oody wiii be luou:r!it and w'll b" tak'-n to Corydun far bu:;a!. He wis tho father of Thomas I Junes, chairman o:' the Harrison County Republican C'jr.ral Committee, and a prjininent Masjn. The fire alarm yesterdav afternoon shortly after 5 o'clock was caus.-d hv a slifcht blaze in the farm house on "V--t Fourtli street, near Main, cccup'a-d hv Mrs. S. Vi". "Wriglit. The huiidrag was set on lire by the wire, which I d to the telephone box. This wire had crossed a 1 1 obey wire, nearly a half block distant. The damage was slight. The. annual meeting of the Sia'e Conference of Charities and Correction will begin in Mtm-Ift, Inu.. next Satur.iav night and will continue several davs. -TuJge John II. Stots-'nburg, of this city, is a member of an imjortant commi;t-"e and Is on the programme for an auljes. He will attend the meeting, tog" the:-with wvfr.ll other New Albany p--op e Interested in t'ne work. Manager E. R. Pf-ri-'. of the Olen-v;ood basehall team, reports the following halting averages of the fd.tvers of that team for the season, which closed last Sunday. Adolff leads with an aver-ageof A'Z; and the others are: McMonl-g!f .270: Meektn, .?; Baver. .31; Devitt .317: Fehler, .202: Russell, '.301: Llovd, .::; Uakcr. .27.?; Smith, .271; Clegg, The team batting average was .3.03. Out oC twenty-six games the club wci. twentv-thrce. An interesting meeting of the Coterie was held yesterday afternoon at the bume of Mrs. N. B. Boilvin. the president for the coming year. Mrs. John A. Harvl-son, the retiring president, made an appropriate talk, to which Mrs. Boilvin te-sponded. and the meeting closed with a pleasant social hour. The officers for th" yar are: Mrs. N. B. Boilvin. president; Mrs. G. H. Cannon, vice president: Mrs. S. G. Conner, recording secretary; Mrs. N. R. Bennette. treasurer. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Samuel Smith at Glenwood Place. Mrs. Iasette Schlageter. widow of Frank Schlageter. died early yesterday morning at her honr1, Hf2 North Sin to street, of a complication of diseases, after a long illnecs. She was bom in Germany seventy-seven years ago, having come to this country when a young woman, and she had lived in this city over fifty years. She Is survived by four children Charles F. and Herman Schlageter and Miss H ermine Schlageter. of this citv. and Mrs. U(-tte C. "Wilde, of Portland. Ore. Funeral services will be held to-morrow afternoon at the family home. D. O. Hflrtman. the expert civil engineer engaged in inspecting the sewer system, met the special committee of the Common Council, the Board of publ'c Works, Mayor Jacob Best and interetrd citizens at the Mayor's office yesterday afternoon. "While no regular report was made Mr. Hartman gave- an account of the work. He had found sum1 difficulties on account of quantities of tannery re-fuse, hair, lime, etc.. having accumulated In the pips, and numerous suggestions were made as to the bcrt method of obviating this difficulty. T'e Inspection will not be comnh'tfd fcr srtv-f-ral weeks and will be thorough In all its details. The engagement of Miss Willie Trow Foster to Mr. Charles Raymond Bradford, of Iys Angeles. Cab. was announ.-'d Tuesday evening at a dinner given by Miss Foster at The Seelbach In 'or.or of Miss Irma Gordon and Mr. William Edwin Oliver, of Txs Angeles, who are to lie married next week. The guests at the dinner were Misses Julia Han-ga r v. Alma Ba r t h . Ma ry Frl - b I r. Jr s u -mine Boilvin. FdUh Brdlvin. Edith Gwin. Helen Krebs, Grace Hnrwood; Messrs. John Brigiiam, E. Vernon Knight, Sam-url valts. Al. CroxaJl. Hugh Barth, Oscar Barth and Mr. Bradford, tho chan-erons being Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Mo-Cord and Mr. and Mrs. John "Welman. CONTRACTOR SA!D TO Patrclman Napier at 1 o'clock yesterday morning. He was locked ud for the nitrht on a charge of lunacy, and was presented in the Police Court yesterdav. His case was transferred to the Circuit Court. Mr. Cornwall suffered n heavy fall from a street car about a year ago, and his mental faculties are said to have been somewhat Impaired since that time. Kairiag-e Licenses. Marriage licenses were issued yesterday to tne following: YV Scholfield and Mary D. Schotleld. Charles J. Flicks and Emma A. Lang, "Willie Roberts an l Rosa Hammond, Charles McGIashc-n and Bertha lieahl, Daniel Brock and Frances A. r. Tmr& fiis waves' Two Divorce Suits Heard In Clark Circuit Court. WIFE AND HUSBAND EACH ASHING A DECHEE. TWO CASES ABE CONSOLIDATED BY THE JUDGE. COUNTER-CHARGE OF CRUELTY The first consolidated divorce suit ever trh-d in the Clark Circuit Court was heard In Jeffersonville yesterday afternoon by Jude Harry C. Montgomery, who took the case under advisement. Originally there were two suits, the first hving under the title of Edgar Phillips ;iBKlPi!t Maud Phillips, which was -IKed June 3, 1W0. and the other was Maud Phillips ajjainst Kdar Pliillii6, this birg er.tcr-u on duly 5. Xo suit was lUed them, and they occupy facing pages on tho entry docket. In the .uit J'ded by the husband he alleged crufl treatment, and asserted that the defendant struck, beat, cursrd, abused and kicked the plaintiff, and refused to cook his meais or perform her household duties. Mrs. Phillips in her complaint asked a divorce on the ground of cruel treatment, alto, alleging that tho defendant cursid, abused and struck her, and that he went home on several occasions in a state of intONication. S!i.' asked tho custcdv of their little child and a reasonable allowance for her support. O;:o complainant says the marriage took place on September 22, 1W3, and the other oa tfepteinbi-r -2, r.4, the latter dale being the correct one. At the time of th marriage the br!u was Miss Maud Derry, a diiughier cf Mr. and -Mrs. Daniel l.Hrry, West riixth siret'i, Jeh"er&onviiIe. The separation was on June 20. After thev appeared in court It was nt-reed that tho suits should he cor-SJildat-d and tried on their merits, the cvidmcc to 'ietermlr.e in whose name the decree shouid he given. Kuril had a number of "sv Un esses on tiie stand. THEPT OF NINE CENTS Charged Against Han On Trial In Circuit Court. In the Clark Circuit Court, nt Jcfferson-ville. yesterday. Ivlward Devul. of New Albanv. was put on trial on tho charge of petit larce-nv, it being alleged that he broKf the lochs of si-VL-ral wax vending machines aad stole nine cents in coppcis. He w;ts arrested by Otlicer Outlier Chdds earlv one Suiuiav morning recently. Wlivn Devol saw the oliieer approaching him he tied, and several shois w.-re bred at him. In attempting to make h'.s t-scape through the yard of Mrs. Josephine Kin-caid, on V.'est Maple stre-et, he run into a prtie and raptured. On the way to jail Devol said he had pecured the copp: r.-s taken from hiin at llie police station from the machines, and at a preliminary hearing pleaded guilty, but whoa arraigned in the Circuit Court pleaded not guilty. He said he could secure an attorney, but he did not do so, and Joseph A. McKee, County Attorney, and Joseph II. Warder were appointed to defend him. Nearly nil of yesterday morning was consumed In hearing the case, find it went to the jury Just after nojn. The jury could not reach an agreement before court adjourned last evening, and after the panel had keen taken to supper, under escort of Capt. W. T. Patterson, tiie members again were locked In the jury room. TIarry In California. News has reached Jefftrsonville of the marriage, at I-os Angeles, Cal.. of Dr. Frank A. Seymour and Mrs. Pauline Garner Curran. Both had ln-en married before. Dr. Seymour is about pi sty-live yv:irs old. and until twenty years ago was a well-known practitioner of Jpff'-r-sonv'lle. His lirst wife was Miss Xeibe Curran. a sister of Dr. R.ohert Curran. who went to Caiiforria about thn same time Dr. Seymour-did. The present Mrs. Seymour was Mis Pauline earner before her marriage to Dr. Robert Curran. C. li. Seymour, a Louisville lawyer, Is a brother of Dr. F. A. Seymour. Dr. Curran dial about four years ago, and the first Mrs. Seymour died some two years ago. Dr. Curran was survived by several children, to whom Dr. Seymour bears the dou': 1c relation of uncle and step-father. No children were born to the first Mrs. Seymour. NOTES OF THE NEWS IN JEFFERSOMVILLE. A motion to require the plaintiff to maku his amended complaint more spe-ciiic was filed yesterday in the Clark Circuit Court in the divorce suit of Marion Miller against Pearl Miller. On account of the heavy business at the Government Depot in getting out supplies for Cuba, the clerical force and the laborers are being worked overtime, there being a shortage of clerks. A finding was given yesterday by Judge Montgomery In the divorce suit of Maggie M'Kcller against Albert M'Kellcr, which was tried on Tuesday, and the plaintiff was granted an absolute separation. William O. Sweeney, who is making' the Improvement on Illinois avenue, has been granted an extension of time from October 10 to November 1 by the Board of Public Worlds In which to complete tho contract. Mrs. W. T. Ingram left yesterday for New York and will join Mrs. Nelson It. Bird and MIs3 Nellie Whiting, all of whom will sail Saturday for London, England. Mrs. Ingram will remain abroad several months. Samantha J. Martin, administratrix of the estate of Kobert Martin, filed her report in. nnal settlement of the trust yesterday and showed she had received J3.3S0.GC and had paid out leaving a balance of 52,372.42. The Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railroad Compajiy lias conveyed to the IjQUisvlllo and Northern Railway and Lighting Company two-flfthe of an acre of land In Gram f'G, near Charleston, for a consideration ot Siw. Steel Is being distributed on the line of the Indianapolis and Lmlsvllle Traction Company between Scllersburg and Seymour and crosstiee are being unloaded In large quantities. A great Ieal of wire fencing alo has been received. The household effects of William Porter, who was moving to Louisville, were attached in Magistrate B. J. Ferguson's coun yesterday by Kberts Bros, on an account of $10.50 and a claim of William Weber for $i5, alleged to be due for groceries. The action of George W. Badger, Circuit Clerk, In appointing Sarah Richardson, administratrix of the estate of Mary A. Lightcap during1 vacation, was superceded yesterday on an objection filed by William Lightcap, who was made aOmin-'. si rat or. The Claysburg Town B.iard has elected Charles Schlcmmer Town Marshal in the place of Gus Brown, who vacated the position some time ago. The - board en tered Into a contract with William R. Rodgcrs for cleaning all the streets and alleys In the village. New information was filed In the Circuit Court yesterday against Leo Van Hall on the charge of obtaining money by false pretenses, and motion to quash was made on the ground that he had been placed In jeopards once. Tho motion was to take under advisement. The final report of James A. Johnson, administrator of the estate of Charles W. Long, was filed in the office of George W. Badger, Circuit Clerk, yesterday, and, according- to it, he was chargred with M.0CO.19, and is entitled to credits amounting to $1,922.28, the remaining balance being JS7.S1. Instructions have been given by "the Beard of Metropolitan Police Commis-Fionere that the curfew ordinance must be enforced as strictly as possible. The board also has decided to forward a resolution to every school in the city condemning the unruly conduct of the pupils in going to and returning from, school. Leave has been granted the appellant to amend an. assignment of errors in the action of Lula Dinson against Mrs. Sa-: mantha .Drosia, which was taken to the ; AppeUate Court from the county in an! From From St. Louis, Chicago Cincinnati, Louisville. Tampa Fla. St. Petersfa'g Fla. Orlando Fla. Dothan .Ala. Thomasville, .Ga. BSr-.-IJ25.00 $20.00 Sumter, S. C. Florence . . S. C. Bennettsv'le, S. C. Fayeiteville, N.C. Chadbourn, .N.C. Rocky M'nt, N.C. DB. JOSEPH WALSH WILL SPEAK IN LOUISVILLE. One of the Leading Authorities On the Disease In America. Following its plan of a campaign of education, the Kentucky .nti-Tuberculosis Association will bring- to this city nest Tuesday Dr. Joseph Walsh, oC Philadelphia, president of the Pennsylvania Anti Tuberculosis Association, and one of the highest authorities on the nature and treatment of consumption in America. Dr. Walsh -.vill deliver an address at a public meeting Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, to be held in one of the local fhiin-lips. Tie will deal with the ques tion of consumption in its application to conditions as tney exist m liouisvuiq. His lecture will aim to inform the lay mind as to the peculiarities of the disease in its various forms, the means by which it may be contracted, and the precautionary methods to bo adopted for its avoidunce, together with suggestions as to the simplest and most effective methods of treatment. The lecture will be of special value to the wage-earning class in Douisville, from which are furnished 75 per cent, of the cases of tuberculosis in this community. The present lack of proper facilities for caring for these caser. makes it essential that a wide knowledge should be disseminated as to how, under difficulties, thev may be treated best. Much may be done, at but moderate expenditure, In the homes of consumptive patients to alleviate their conditions and render the chances of recovery much greater. It is the object of the association, by providing these free lectures, to acquaint the public with the facts. The Kentucky Anti-Tuberculosis Association, v.-hjeh was organized by the Commercial Club, now has between 500 and COO active members. A LIVELY RACE ON ROLLER SKATES To Be Held At the Coliseum To-morrow Night For Local One-Mile Championship. Sixteen young mn already have signed nffppfmcra to enter the mile amateur skating race at the Coliseum to-morrow night. The one winning the best two out of throe heats is to be given a gold medal and the distinction of b-Mng U12 lo cal amateur champion for the one-mile distance on skate?, 'the urst heat wi I be run to-morrow nigm. about 9 o'clock. The following young men already have decided to try for the- honors: William Ohlend'jrf, Hubert Wigham, William R. Warren, J. R. Weatherton. Frank Brewer, Joseph Hepp. W. Kritsky, Ij. HolH-han. A. S. -Mora,t. Charles Or.ning, Wager Kelly, George C. Willing. Walter Dellhaum, Charles Deer, rseii Sklilmaji ajid G. H. Schmidt. AD WRITERS WILL HOLD MEETING THIS EVENING. To Make Final Arrangements For Trip To St. Louis Convention. The Ad Writers' league of Ijou'svile will make final arrangements for the trip to tho meeting of the National Federation ..if Advertising c-.iins, at tot. ixiuis. at a ppecinilv called mooting, at the Commercial Club rooms this evening. Thtre will bo a largf attendance of the member.?. The St. Iouis meeting Is called fcr Tu.-s-ia.v. -Wednesday and ThurMlay, October y. 10 and 11, and the local league is arranging to send a large delegation with a view to se-ouring the 1W7 meeting of the national body for Louisville. A num. lier of new members will be taken in at tho meeting tills evening. Tiie St. Ixuls convention will be ono of the larges-. gatherings of advertising men ever held in the United States. STATE LIQUOR LEAGUE TO FIGHT LOCAL OPTION. Besides electing Nlc Bosler treasurer of tho State Liquor League at the annual fall meeting, held at Bosler's Hotel Tuesday morning, the attending liquor dealers discussed tho local option situation and the fight that is being made against the liquor interests throughout tho State. Sunday closing was not discussed, since it was the opinion of thoso present that the Sunday 11a in jjouisvme wus nrnn ipm rn Uii UL'UH WLU utto tJi LiiV lioaor interests of this city, Mr. rwoclcctod to yhea- m an ; ot Henderson, tho former t man. or lientierson, rue joriner iraamer of the State liquor iacue. ino sf.iaioa which lasted two hours, was presided over by C. J. Meredith, of Bowllns Green. "Though tho discussion resulted in no definite plans," Mr. Eosler saM yesterday afternoon. "I am confident that it helped to organize the different liquor dealers more thoroughly in an effort to protect our interests vigorously." CAPT. BUF.GESS COLLECTS VALUABLE STATISTICS. Capt Harrv Burgess, United Statrs Engineer ycstoiday ret-.irned i.-cni Cincinnati. v;here he v.-ent for the purpose of c-t.rtnir crrtain statistics relative to the proposed nine-foot a"s-?hoffc cinnati Board gi a r.iut;. KENTUCKY FAIR DATES. Owensbbro. October 25 days. Mavlleld. October 34 days. Elltton. October 3 4 days. -- t . - Cornnany Incorporates. Hale, Cotton & Co. incorporated yester-aay with a capital stok of The possible maximum debt is X3.:M. i-io inr corporators are H. W Batsoa. three shares; TV. R. Cotton, fifty shares; Solomon lvi. fifty shares. TJinJEBTi-KEBS. Gran. W. Smith's Son AL S. SMITH. Proprietor. FUNERAL DIRECTOR 809 West Jefferson Street. We will sell for the above price one Model D 1906 Ml auinac ourmg bar. LIST PRICE $3,185 Complete with top-glass front, Gabriel horn, Presto-Lite tank, one extra tire with tire supports. In first-class condition. Let us demonstrate this Automobile to you. THE Z0RN- STRAUSS CO. inc 522 Third Slreel STEAMSHIPS. WHSTE Si'iiti LtHE FAST TWII-3Clii 3 1 of 1M0U to ton. To the MEDITERRANEAN Via l0res. Gibraltar. Naples, Genoa. Alexandria. rrtETIC . -Nov. .1. noon; Dec. 0; March .10 SlSriVV; 'inn 'ill' .r. 7 I 'lOSS. FitOSl UOS'lOSt CANOI'IC Oct. ti. 12:20 p. m.; Nov. 17 ROMANIC Oct. 2,. 0:30 a m.; Aprt I ... For lili'.iu. etc.. to J. FINlv LlaNEa 330 IV -Mam St.: HUMMEl. t- MBIKB. SO. W Main M. SHEEKAK. !"! P?,"?"'1 eve. r.r any agent In l.nnlvlHe or vicinity. A MAGAZINE OF TRAVEL roncprn'nir trlns to W!f'3TEs? CRUISES -TO- LANDS the Orient, Mediterranean, Adriatic, Eypt, Holy Land, Ve;t Indies, Jzmilca, &c, sent free upon application to the Hamburg - American Line, 37 Broadway, N. V. Hummel & Meyer, J. Pink Cunco, 38 W. 307 W. Main St.; Main St. ED0CATIOI-IAL. Jsfforson -cftooi of Law LOUISVILLE. KY. Shackeiicrri Miller, Dean. Session 150S-7 Opens October 1. Full Course Leading to Degree Ll B. Classes Conducted at Nijrht. Catalogue with detailed information, to tie had on application. ' . ELLIOT K. PENNEBAKEFt. Scc'y. . Kenyon Suildlng LAV DEPARTMENT UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE. Srjcty-firat annual session begins October 1. Kor .catalogue address-; ...;: .. W. O. HARRIS, Dean, Louisville, Xy. $2,000.00 Florida State Fair, Tampa, Nov. 14-19. Illustrative advertising sent on application to WILBUR McCOY, W. J. CRAIG, A. & I. Agent, Pass. Traf. Mgr. Jacksonville, Wilmington, N. C HOTELS. STWhen in Chicago Stop at Tho Lit. European Plan -, Refined, Eleeant, Quiet Located corner of city's two fineit boulevards, convenient to entire business center. Close to bc-,t theatres and shopping district. 225 rooms, 150 private baths; Inxnriorts writins: and reception rooms: woodwork mnhncwy throtizhoct: brass beds and all modern comforts; telephone in every room; beautiful dininc rooms the best of everythinz at moderate prices. Michigan and Jaclcscn Blvds Chicago, One-piece Invisible Bifocal. Southern Optical Co. OF LOUISVILLE. Inc. Sale Mclctrm fcr Kentocky. tV. a. POLK. CAUL It. WT3EMAS. Automobile tickets given with oculljts' pre.. cczlptlcw. , istnierestedandiDOTld kaoar . ; anout too wpannu MARVEL Whirling Spray 13 new Tfral wfTBSw JB3tC i- as ami ufttm. ltef-8a . est jfttEt,09TaaJaiw " AjVjrer fesftbt for If. IT OP WlBOUppiJ itUO sABTKIm &eett no nr l.ntMmdauimTifnt iiinLntI boot Itafrea t nil n&rlicnlAM and rftnvcieni In- For sale by T. P. TAYLOR A CO. Drugglit. 3d and Jeff, and 332 4th. - i StoM Hotel a foot on eaeh sale. Jiids tor the mi- 0 provcirent will be received until oelobT; 27, at J a. m. The Clerk was directed ; C. L. Cornwall, a well-known coitractor to notify the Home Telephone Camrany t cf "41S High avenue, w.-s found In a de-to s?nd no bills h.:i-eafter for tuiephona j men ted condition wandering afcout the ceiwico at tlie Mivor's oilice. the Crntral ; yards of the K. and I. E ridge Company by police station, the reel houses "and the j and O. depot, as the franchise of ther company calls for a certain number or Xrto Jjijitrunicnts. COKSTDEHS SOH" DEAD. Hother Files Suit To Recover On Life Insurance Policy. Suit was brought In the Floyd Circuit Ctourt at New Albany yesterday by Mrs. Kate Jackson aganlst the Supreme IjoJco Knights and Ladles of Honor to ric.nor $I,0:o alleged to bp due on a policy of insurance on the life of her sen, Thoma? F. Jd-ckion. wlo is boinwea to e dead The plaintiff cllc-e in her complaint that' FIshback. Foy E. Ballinger and Laura her son joined the order Februar- 1. 1S:'T, ' Hurtch, Frank E. Good and Libble De-nd complied with every rule and resu- Henry C. Kleier and Undine M. lation. as provided under tho by-laws. Potty. Durrett Hart and Halile Landers. She avers that he'left his home In New ux 1 " - ;f the Cincinnati Hoard cf Trade, Capt. BuKss succeeded In t'eeurlnff valu-.blo The President is "delighted '.vith j )ve gta!ist!cs. He also brought back with the success of Lieut. L-nhm and Maj. nI;n statistics scriu-eu from the Cora-Hersey, the successful balloonist", and ! niercial Club of Cincinnati, bearing on a Is only waiting to promote each cf ! ninc-frot stage. He will condenee these them tatistl. and send them back to tbe C.n- Albany March 13, isy7. and since th"n j l;as not been heard from or seen and it antlfti-ft.l tK-it ho la nw- ltft Ir. fur.! She fur- i thfr avers that on May E. phe no- ' tifiod tho defendant of Urc diE.ippara:ce . t-f lio.r son and domr.niied payment or t!:; ; blanks upon whlaa to mnke the proofs cf i Ms dr-r.ih. Sine thn. slio allosfs, sV.c j 5ins rr-ir? rpnratcd dfTnanis .ia-J has ten i If all the rebels in Cuba surrender tt.elr arms, it will be tough cn Taft and the army and navy, to sny nothing of the quartermaster department ancj the army contractors. If Charles E. Hughes should not be elected Go'error cf New, Tork he will be offered the Treasury portfolio. This is pretty well understood In official circles. o fix hundred nnd forty-five rural free delivery routes are -ubw in operation refused, and she further avf rs Uiat the ; polity remains due and unpaid. ' Snd IlOt'8 the delidoUS after : commercial club changes. : taste. Even if you have good .Tiie Xew Albany Commercial Club luu'tpeth theV IlCSd reCulaT atten- JiVD. Kelso to fill vacancies on the BonrJ 1 tj0n tWiCe-a-daV. WatCIl tiie m Doctors. T!w constitution of the club L V j Pas been amended so that hereafter the efect Oil VOUr ITienaS. Sifficecs. president, vice presldrnf. sccr?-, 1 "s. Starr and treasurer may be elected hy th? In handy jaitol cans or bo.tlo -Sc. m&ri of Director, as Is tire r,p S ?ftftS5 Sr,:-;i?e,ii t& the comitercial clubs of other cities, j Sa3S3 S 63IS !i mslii-Si 0 alaiaria makM many miserable.'. Get -"J; tv'intersmlth's .Tonic, It Is a pcJ2oj-Bft;v? ."5 has an established refutation. .-, - - -'J-gga

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