The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 15, (AUK.) COUKimt WWH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- UVB Insertions: One time pei- nno ............ lOc Two Umcs per Hue per tl&y ., osc Tnrce limes per line pci day . 06c Elx times per line per doj .. 05c McnUi role per line ... ..... 60c Minimum cnarge SOc Ana orOercd J»r inrcc or »lx times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number o( (linos Ihe nil appeared and "<|uslment °' "" l mado. lilt Classmcti Advertising ra|>y «utaultled uy persons residing out- Bide ol tno city must be nccom- panlcd by cash. Hates may be computed /rj;n above lablc AavertisiiiE oraered for irregular Insertions lake the. one time rale I-io rcsporu-.lomiy will be taken for more Uian nnc incorrect In- >3rtiOJJ of nny classified ad. Business Directory (Wanted - Used Furniture . ,| SPOT CASH PAID We Itepulr Oil Stoves Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 !•}. Millll formerly Uavls & Dodson AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMML'nciAL BUILDINGS Kcaily niailc Aumjijs $1.25 up I3est I'riccs tor Quality Work Carney Awning Co. ^'all C-13 113 S. Fin il HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE O|X>n !):•)• and Night. FRESH CRAPPIE 35c Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday LION & TEXACO QAS iO.Sc gnl. Clgnrrttru $1.35 Cnrlon BIG DASEIiALL CiAMU EVERY SUNDAY Phono 1503-F4 or 143 iiallcnes n-n-n;u~ii77n ir Kii\ r "si5iVv iciT Call J. B. Clime Torn Jackson's Si'rvlco Slallon Laundry For Kent COOIi I'cdrauus, mimiuiblu. Mrs.) Dave Cnils, ',100 W. Miiln. 'Person nl - room W. Kn Jied i>|>niiiiiri)t, 10U' Phou, tm,. ,*-» ; uiiiy. Available Juiia 1. 115 Jo'iin- i ' sou Ace., O.H'olu, Aik. .|3-pk-'.!0! , IS ro«m huiise, fur-nlijiipit or uiifiir- '' nls'ned. a |,aihi; mid slee|)tni; pwvh. illl Walnut. C. J. crime. Cull i l>ti or •.'». li.u-i* ,sei'iire<l (he .services of e WuiTliiiUon, KXl'KIUKNCKU V! 1 CUTTO, lo h.- in ehai'B-i. "ur meiil <!p|>ailnicn(, Pickard's : ------'°'V E ror lllir ° rt "»''™ l1 '- Vc|1 J' '•< %11 "'> u ' . llox 311, Wlnilold Kound jumuuuv - - ... ' _ ' --'. :_•', iFtir rein--n loo.uTiiinishcd mnrt-: Alk " "•"••' Trni-k llernse No.'Jn-7:i9. I!<jin ( . laiimtninc exjierlly done. mem. very reasonable Cluirlcs lhvi "'i' uiuy have .sumo by C y\\. Reasonable. Mrs. O. Ci. Amlcv- Allen, r» K,,st n uv [ s rjpkltl !" : ; " <- : "»^n News oilier nml pay- son, MOT s. Htli. .- ! >»'.: rhariies. "H'lrhrr mmne J'!" 1 ' 1 '" lm AS'I.'MI*.'cicW SulisiiUMi •Wnnlwi Mill nU.pnOOS M:ili:,™s. Call mi ,.k-tf ""•••MUl-ll » illllUl Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONEY BACK OUAItANTUi: j WUh Every It. & (;. Or Square Dc.'it C.'ai lioueht Fruin rliilli|>s j\Iotor Co. 193« KOK \1 V-8 TO I) OK TOURING — Klue color. 3,0011 Mitas. S a ni c as Do Von Want to Build a New HUME? Investigate Our FI1A to 20 Year Payment Pluu HOI/rS HAKI1ICK SHOP 101 Saiilli 2mt SI. 1IA1HCUT aOc, ailAVB 15o liiitli -Close 8 p.m.—Shine Automotive- I'KICKS OUT ON AUTO I'AKTS Tires, Tubes, lintlerlos. Paint, Teats. Molor Oil, Floor Mats, Sent Covers. Cict our prices before you buy. Save Money! E. C. Robinson Lumber Co] Phnnf , „"'""•' AKW!S We Guarantee fo Save You Money on Screen Work of AH Kinds li.OOII Miles. S a m e as '"iBarksdaleMfe Co 'Kt!> r () K I) V-8 T U 1) () It I *-'*-*' Jl A»U\l*.liVi 1F1.1C.* VJVF* '"""" '"" ""•' Phone 19 T O l.'U I N (i. Kailio. A i Real Buy ............... f 155 1D3I roui) v-s ro RD OH SKHAN— Same ;u> New .. 5395 1U31 FOitI) V-8 1)E l.UXli TUDOK— New painl, nciv liies .................... S'"j MONEY HACK OUAllANTEi; ON AM* MARKS Mljcral Al:ouai:=r. On Your 1'rcs- |:cu ji - ience. Drive by lails :unl CIcl Aeqiniinfnl. Call RIO - Rll for Dcmcii-slr^lioH yr Infornuiliun. Ask for Graves, Shanks, ('.tlvili or . Barber.' PHILLIPS USED Sill & Walnut 1'lioliL- 810 or 811 O|icu At Niglit For Sale MINNOWS—lc each Certified l-'otaui Plani*—Tomiilo, PC p p c r & Egg PI a n t.s G. U. Hawks Uor. Ijnke &:_ Main or 520 Madison MINNOWS lc each BILL LnSIIOT 223 Dougiin Good Used Trucks 1935— l!i: Ton Ford in;(S— J-i Ton I-ur-l rick-U|i 1331— !'(• 'Ton Clicvrolel W31— I'A Ton International All liave Good Stake Bodies TEKSIS Delia Iinploncnl Co $125.00 Credit on Hew Chevrolc! or used car, value S4DO.OIJ or mo r 2, lo buyer having no trade-in. Ci- od discount for cnsh. Box "AB", Courier News. dh tt , Poultry UOUGI1T & SOU> hlBhesL Prices 1'aid D. T. WORTHY—SIS E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry ill E. Main Wanted To Rout WANTKI) — Knn.islied 2 riwin apailnicnl. Mjst have, private rntianee. Call "S" Courier News. A G room house hy desirable tarn- ily of four, no children. Must he clean. In good neighborhood. "U" Courier. 25-ck-ll Vf'anicfl To Buy Gornl Jcncy milch cows, fresh or heavy springers. Craig's Dairy S. Fl-anklfn si. Phone 74. c Shoe Repairing Wall Paper NEW 1'ATTERNS—LOW I'UICES CANVAS, PASTK AND TACKS ASK ABOUT 1'lTTSBUKGlrS NEW PAINT FINANCE PLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 Free Estimates 128 E. Main For Sale or Trade; Excellent resilience M mi Hrarn Street, \vlth niumblug, graded. lo\v taxes paid up lo date, -<jood llllc with iibslrnct. Only H65. Terms or Trudo See or phone Roy Cfllvlii % Phillips Motor Co. 13-ck-lS Jlinde-Jl. 1117 A.s(l. Mis. i'WH. Call am. *. i room modern furiilshwl iiparlinehts. Rensoniibk'. Cull 2Ut). U-ck-tl Modern furnished house for sum- 'i.i'r. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross, 3l)o Luke. 8-ck-lf ANTi;i> fw IMvIeish Hollies i't wm fmnlHes. Hi'lliibie hustler i!:<«il(i sluvt earning $25 weekly mid iiUT,'«.se rnpltlly. Writs toduy. miw- Lost - bednxjiiis or n two room fill 1 - nislied ivjiarliiieiil, Rciismmble. ----- ----- ........ ..... --------Mis. J. T. Collins. lOao llenrn.'i \" :llllf! »!l Klnj?. Siihsljinilui Hewunl ' J. Klein- 3:CO P.M. iind (3::ii) I-.M., nii.i oth- erwlse In Ihe sumo imuiiu'r „-, lirovldcd hy luw lor luiuilng ,.\u. elnl school clwilem.s-. nt tiu> t n \. Inwlnti imllini; plaec. lo-wli: Closiu'll Behool liiiii-i- Wllness my linnil Ihls ;>[, <i; U ' uf Ajirll. m:it), WINNIK VllUill, TllliNHU County Kxiiininer. ^3-'2-9-ll! Artists Priiise New York For Scenic Varicly NKW YOKK (W)... Kin. ji (1> ]iu. nrtlsls, well Vi-rsed hi Ijutli Kuru|i('<in or Ollrndil i\i-(isH ( New York te.u-her; Iturilelli. ill! Sniieho/; K'llela Meyer, wife or lit'Hlinild -Mnrsli, well knmvn Imuall. ni«t Jumes ,1, Moniuiiiie. MHI ti!' .'nines J. MuiilnRiie, widely known ilewsn:i|H.nnnn, All unili'i'':);(, tlu.y "Her u youthful point ,,t view np- |w<ij»'l«te to New World m-t, SOL \Vrceker Srrvleo - (Jus' 1 Ol'KN AI,I, We lire mil ut iilfuirn seed «iul mil .not (jet iiuy more irom liliii'C we iwi tlui l.-lml ive hem Imve ti o,,e on ITCOI ,, ,•. „! ™ '">»»»'«:. ami we ;,,e , tln.t New York provides„ore "- 1 ' '! " ' ' >! 'l ""' . u i . , , * _ . * l ' •* \\O11K1 l.OL hn II': liriiin tin nil limn old Worl.l nu-. Irr.polls. curieiil I'linviise.'i of ilm rril |]it slicw siieli subjccls us N CW y,, r |. street MTUCS, the ivaloifionl the- filers nml tynes (if New Yorker-.. ' lioutl volume of 1 ^— »o Nice Ijirfe 13i'.:raoins. Mrs !J. B. Noleii, 310 West Wnlimt. - 1U7 «lh si . .- ,••">!*,<. vn- ni-i'A.i,ii, I'.ri'.t; i i(i.\ lower lloor ill 1013 W. Wiilnut,' \ 1N CiOSNEM, SI'KCIAI, SCJIIOCH uiifiirnl.slieil rooms. Call WI-J. OIK'I'RICT li Ol» MIRHIKRII>PI ck-lf ONFURNIsiliii) 4 room nnarlment wllli balh. call 3;!7, or V, M "iiiht. . ia-ck-tr Wanted Mi>n for newsuapsr work, liisiir- iince or ncwfpapoi- expericnee re- West Furnished 1 Apiirlmcnt, In Shiine Duplex at. l!H West Ash. Call 197 or 571. ^.IB Piirtibhed S-raom house. 500 N. ; Kltii fit. Couple Only. dh 5 Konm Aparlmeni, •! rooms fiir- nishcil. J. II. Knii.rt. tuil 805-J la kit KOOV., .M>:c 12~y 50, 1K , x(l ,.„ Hiibbanl Tire to. !l^tk-rv m-wlv DIKTK1CT li 01" MISSIBSU'I'I CODNTV. AIIKANSAH. Nollce Ir, hereby C )ven Unit Ihe enmity Court or Mississippi County, Arknnsa.s, IHIS eullvd u speelal elivlinn to be held in Uosnell, Ar- kimsas, on <he 30 day of May, I.W<. Hi ivhlelj (he iiiralKled electors of siild Selmol Dlsiilel lilinU vole on the question nf n 1 mill bulkllnic Imul lax. to lie eolh'eleil aimrnlly on the assessed valuation of the taxable property In the- Ulslrlcl. beiilnnliit; \vllh Ihe luxes collected In 1M7, lo repuy the principal and Interest, of a proposed i-ciniidlnt; liotid Issue or $15,000, wlitcli will run for U4 years. Such election shall bu held In siild district, on the 20 tiny ot Al.iy, IKiti, i)ct«-een the hours 'o! inulerliil inleriinllonal In ,.r,ip ; . Tile artlst.s ure llunuv u.'.y^ KITKRHCKS Every (lily nil F (HI ,|, F |,, U1 . Menls, Orneerirs. i' rc . fl li i.' n ,iti nml I'roduce, Ruiey inuj g (m ,| 0 niiy nuaiillly. ' 1'iir eniivenleiiee ire nlTer "I'm- 111 Hliarlny I'rclccllrc Crrdil" Conic In or I'lione RITE PRICE GROCERY I'limic 331 W e llrllvr Ml E, ninln I,, O M . mio Mint we Imve | : ,.en nelllnif. We (hunk mir trade lor Iliul we have we ave enjoyed. We i\il| have llirm m:aln Hits rail. We now oiler Soy lieanv-l.umlo, \li|;lnln lirnivn, Minnnioin llroivn mid Delsla. ]'e;is-.\viilp.s, Mixed id New Rru, And nny k| m [ ,,f ciHtion (livd ffruivn Ijfj-ii. ita. 1 or cull 113. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Colltni, Collini Krcd ,v Coal SKHVICI'l STATION .-> T'OH VOdlt (,'ONVKNJENCE'-" SINCLAIR GAS AND UJUUICATION ' —Hill I try Service —ItiuliitUir Kt'iialr. —Hotly \Vovh —IVnilcr Work —(;ii\ss Inutiilled —Auto I'ails W, T. BARNETT K idco ,t riy.moutli PI ION I'!" 888 MsmsuxaamMM RADIO REPAIRING A Uomptelit Mun of Tul.t.i anil I'nrli TIKE * HATTKBY CO. HEAR! 1C you 1 have a hnriiii nstaocinllon cBrliflcalo of iiny kind mi your loved OIIUH wlion they unns iiwny, ffc will ncccyt iL .it full vnliic on U, c funei.O, pioviflnd you buy « s m ,idi as ?fiO or more 11 , niurlii COBB FUNERAL HOME . PlIONli 2« Eost Prices Paid For SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blythuvillc Iron & McCal Ci>. 221 W. Cherry Highest Market Prices • I'AID FOB SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Etc. WE SEU. All Leading liranrts of COAL Small Jots, Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Co;il it Mining Co. Wholesalers, Retailers -t miners N. Ili'iay Gl Opp. .lake Uiiffar Git) I'linnc 700 Illyllicrillc, Arlt. Extra Special! SOLID BRONZE Screen Wire 5c per Eq. (I. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Airs. J..I. f)avi6 — Hpencnr Corsclicrp Call 421-W for apniintmtnts WANTED — M.I, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, S3 to $5 Ion Aluminum. IOC Ib. Brass, 2c to 4Ko Ib. Copper Wire, 4c to 5c Ib. Kadiators. 4'.4c Ih. 11IIJES & FURS WOI.F ARIAN (>KONE 17S J28 B. MAIN VACC.IN.OL I!ACK TO NOHMALCY! : C'MOU,BOyS-WE'VE' \ :WORK.TODO-8EAR. / CX3WM HAPn. Al I ./ .WHAT TK THUMDERATlOM , , \ is ^LLTHIS ^ FOOZV! -^, iCOHGLOMERATIOK) ? /TH' GRAMD U/IZER'S SPELL ISBROKEkl! DIKIMV I-IAS COME BACK 1O MORMfli HE'S HIMSGI.P AGAIM.i DlfJMV OH, MY FDQI2, PEAK T'ME, I, DIMWV; me nr mn'scRvic'c, iw" T u ntc u 1 1 P*T OFF., ,i. . . DIAMONDS BLADES'? HOW THAT GUV CAW SHOOT IF VOU SEE 'EM TRVJW6 TO Glf" W-VAV, MAKE 'EM THINK THEVRE ^ SUKROMDtD VINDICATION! Kills WJicti The Photic 100 ^! E. C. Robinson Lumber Co , STOVES STORED FOB SUM- bhocs Rtpsired, 65c & upj MER Strings w i!h job. lc eslra | Local Haui'Jlg SATISFACTION GUARANTEED I My Coal is Black Bui 1 treit 1 T1HJE IJUJK SHOE SJIO? | You White Next,.to B. T. Worthy's JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 101 'i!. I GUSSS YOU V/ERE 1 RiGHT /BOUT THE COIW I "VtoU LEPT, YOUK'G MAW.... ' HERE )T IS....A FIFTY( CENT PECE DATED ^-v.^^ 1878!! fc "^x YOUR HONOR, COULDMT | IT BE A COWCIDEWCE } "WAT A CCIM OF J. THAT DATE. V/AS J ! AMONG TH£ ONES \ i WE FOUND UtJDER ) | THE FLOOR? „ CERTAIWLYj IT COULD BE A COINCIDENCE.,.. BUT A COIN THAT OLD IS RARE .' ALL THE OTHERS WERE MIMTED AFTER ' l!y Hlossci IF MR. TV/tDGt STILL IS SKEPTicAL,\bLiR HONOR, x CAM GIVE FURTHER IDEWTI- FICATION! THERE'S A SCRATCH OM THE TOP SIDE OF THE COIM THAT LOOKS LIKE ~f THE LETTER V! HERE IT IS! V/OULD CARE TO EXAMINE IT, MR. TV.'tDGE ? WAIURE RJRWISHEO THE MATF.R1AU AND : GAVE THE COURT Tr^H OPPORTUNITY !

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