The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1930
Page 2
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PACE TWO FRIDAY, JULY 25, 191)0, Items of 'Personal I Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Adi vi lies and News of Women To <Uold Church Services. CIAirch services will be conducted ^ch Saturday evening at 8 o'clank at the American LSglon Arena on Main street, to which ev- eryqpe Is cordially invited. Aubrey Hoo4i a student minister, will lie in charjje. CcranUtecs Named for ChlM Welfare Survey. j V j S ji with J 'following committees have a[ Tups-lo. Cross were Memphis visitors yesterday. Jotin E. Snider left the first of the week for Fort Rilcy Kansas where he will be Instructor In the Officers Tiaiiiint' Camp. Mrs. Eugene Still of Plymouth N. c. « ho has bjen- (he guest of lier iiarciits, .Mr. and Mrs. C. S. i Stevens, lelt this morning for u Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Kirk Miss. - . Mr. and Mis. Marshall Fields of Mnnita were Blyliievllle visitors 'J liursday. Mr. anil Mr.-. Richard licacham and Mr. and Mrs. Alvii Burks ot Detroit, Michigan arc Hie guests of Mr. iitid Mrs. Herman Qsborn. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. .Shlpmau have iicir puesls, Mr. anil Mrs, C. Hoy Smith ol Spa'itnnljcrt', S." 'C. and Mrs. ll.. I. Shipman and fain- ily ol Memphis. ' C. M. Gray and son, Marlon and the Rev. M. M. 'Culloway. were b?erv. named by Mrs. Ernest Roe, presWefH'ot the Anierlcu.ii U'glon A luff ar^y, 'to conduct the child \vcl- fara.survey In Ulythcville and immediate vicinity: DSfcwpcd Ridge, Mrs. J. B.- Clark; Gosftell, Mrs. Ira Crawlord; Pride blvlflon, Mrs. Leslie Moore; Third warff Blythevllle, north of Main «.. j •"';. Mrs£ Henry Layson; ' Tnird ward, " '• sou* of Main, Mrs. Gibson; Sec- ond^vnrd, north of -Main, -Mrs.- Ira GraV; Second ward, south of Main, Mrs*W. I. Osbornc; First waul, north Of Main, Mrs. F. H Acton; ....... , First w-ard south o! Main, Mrs. I Memphis visitors yesterday. •• Plea* Secoy These committees will i Mr. aurt Mrs. Clinrles Sllverhiall, start' tfce survey at- once so as to I. «'lio. are former residents of Blytlie- havfe complete reports in the hands of St. ft. M. Wnsliburn, child wei fard* chairman, the American Le- gloq, by August llth. > Silvcrblau arc emontc- to their „ « . • j home at Clarksville, Miss., from Visitor? Entertained. • •' | Oak. Park, 111. Mj, and Mrs. T. M. Ralney and j Miss Kathryn Fislier, daughter! soiis»Loon and Larry; Mr. anrt Mrs. | of Mr. mid Mrs. W. P. Fisher ol I T. e. Sainey Jr., and Wm. Rnhiey | Maiden, Mo., will be the guest of i of Raijjas City, Mo., with • their | Mi bs Margaret Gray next week. '. hosCand hostess Mr. and Mrs. Oeotge Crockett, were entertained > ; - -- --- ==== - 1 witlT a dinner party Wednesday cvcfSJns at the home of Mr. and. MrsiOarl Bloker of. Caruthcrsvillc i They motored up for the aflair. | Havfe Fish Fry. Bfcwecn fifty and sixty members of the Mai-da Grotto and their IrieSHs motored to Barfield last everlfeig and enjoyed a fish try on villc are expected to arrive tomor- ! ow lor the week end with Mr. and '; Mrs. C. M. Gray. Mr. and Mrs.! the Janks of the Mississippi. I Bits of News •>• f-. • ,• J ; g Mostly Personal Mfis T Elizabeth "Blythc will'' ro- tum*today .from a two wc.ekf.,vn-, caUBJi Vpcnt at Jackson, 'Cleveland iindl^Ioreiiead, Miss. Mi*. »Walter Reynolds uhd son, Roy%f Little, Rock, who have been t;;c Jue'sts of Mr. and Mrs W. S. Lanidon,.-wliv. go- to.Memphis to-, duyrfoi- a visit with Mrs. Reynold? slster.-Mrs. C. L. Smith. JiSmh-Bell was'a Memphis visitor 'jesterday. -• '. . ' Mtfe Willie A. Lawsori and Homer 3> tronv> bteis^since Sunday.? . .^ and-.-Mrs. ,Jafk- Hmner 1 arc ' Wilson Socicty~-Personal Eric WadBley and . 13ob Hliotlcsl went to Union City, Tcnn., Sun- oay mornlny^ .. -• E. Y. Fitch has r..>tnrnc(l Ig his suimner work litre, lie is agriculture teacher In tile lotul Ciigh school. . Mr. and Mrs. George McGinty went to Ulyllwilie Monday nluht. Mr. nnil Mrs. Arthur HlKlain and family siiunt Sunday in Jleir)- piiis with. ri'.liUivcs. . , .1'; i .-, ML-, and Mrs. J. a, cby[0n,'.ifnvp ; cs tlieir tjuesls, Mr». Clayton's; • brcthii! and family.ol• Texas; -.who | plan to_ spend several rtuys here, 'p Uuir,and Walton Osceola •Society—Personal —no rAMTH? HOW LVEm. 1 / YDS 'PiviOi. in'-'- tlcn returned Home- Monday, nlgllt Ironl- '.Uommoth Springs nnd Yell- i ville where they spent the week- i -•.aid..-*.::-.;- •; ••••... -i-j : *v •• I'atil Wiggins drove to Hayli, Mo., Tuesday night and inet Airs. Wiggins, who' had jOst returned froln Denver. 'Colo,. Mrs. Wiggins''ac- | companied him home, The en:;u;;imeiu and appi •man-fogo of Miss Mary Hate Cos; ton. daughter of Mr. and Mrs, J. T. 1 Coston of Osceoln was announced | yesterday at a delight/mil aftcr- •noM] bridge paity when her sisters ft Miss Biirah Coston. and Mrs. Dud- |tf ; ley Lynch entertained at the hem" C' jot their mother, .Mrs. J. T. Cotton' 1 on Kelser Avc. i I Miss Coston is to be man-led early ! in August to Mr. R. W. Anderson I of llarlinylcn. Tc.<:ir;. th« wcddlnv I ! to take place in Darlington, where I '.hey will make their fnturue licme ! and where Mr. Anderson is un cm- I p!oyee of the Morgan Engineering . Company. : Thirty were present at the ; pai'ly yesterday afternoon ami the 1 fr.rmal announcenieiH cf the cn- ' sagemcnt was made following (he ; nfternoon ai cards. l.Hle Miss I fJharllnc Massey, dressed in ' a 'charming pink crepe do chine frock | I and wedding vail, carrying a sheaf i I of white carnations accompanied S ! ty little Dudley Lynch jr., descend- ' ffj ' ed the stairway to Ihc tunes of '. £«! Mendelshcn's ncddlng march, Dud-j ft- jr.. carrying the honoi-ce's prize | £$l which he prcbentcd to Miss Mary Hale Coston. Charh'ne graciously left .a carnation from her bouquet a', each table and lastenccl to each carnntlon was the formal an- r.oimccmcnt of Miss Coslon's en- ^.isement, the announcenicnt made j in the novel manner of a picture j • show production: "Announcing the I engagement produced by Morgan . Enginecrini; Company. The Cast: . ISride to bo, Miss Mary Hale C-s- | ton; Qroom to be, Mr. R. W. An- I derson." Miss Cuslon has until recently been employed in the office of the Morgan Engineering Company, first In Osceola, where Mr. Anderson was also employed and later in tile of- j jflce. lit Harlingen. Texas, where they | will make Iheir home. • A delicious mind course was serv- icd following the gauW' and high i si-r-rc prizes awarded Mrs. dart nee ! Carlyslc and Mrs. Hugh Ciaig. Mrs. ' W. J. Uiiver won lo\v score. Out I of tuwn guests Included Miss Dolly j ' Gnsivick of Luxora, Mrs. Hardln | Bostlck of Wilson. I guests, Mrs. J. H. Lovewell was hostess IT- ;he four talilc bridge club to which she belongs at her home i here yesterday afternoon. . -visllors today. Kiiends of Miss Sue 'Butt : \vill regret to learn that she is ill with scar'.ec fever. M«. Berry Brooks, jr., of Mem- li'.iisglefi yesterday for her home aftefj several days "visit with her i mother, Mrs. Allan Walton. Mfif and Mrs- Hoy liolbrook and Mrs"Carol Holbrook of Elizabelli- towrif 111., are the guests of Mr. and!"Mrs. Ernest peatie. A.'^C. Blayiocv:, jr., and Jiiumie Downing will return this afternoon Iro:iit a .week's camping tiip near Etovrah. •••••: - •' Mrg. Ernest Hoe nnd daughters,! Jce Epperson Sunday Betty. Lee and Mary Sue will l?nvej Mf rtIKl _ M ,. 6 Q -. Satttrdtf morning lor Lake Villtiee | oosnell visited Mrs <riE)(?OWH WAV f •'— -estcrday nfternoon. sixteen included Mrs. J. L. Driver',, i iV..-formerly of Osceola. Mrs. B W. . her parents, part: when the Lone Oai: ' and'i'olk'!"'8!id"Mr;-. Vemon Winlon. of Mr. niiri.fMrs ; .QVi'tnr!ju and" "spn, • Aniorio Legion lr;mis played, 'th;:Memphis, who with their children William; 'of OpClousas;-' Lav '.They | Ltyjion iwys won by a score i>l' :l re visiting ihclv father, J. L. iil-rived Tuesday 'iiijlil. O. W. Me- | H to 8. • "Driver, luv.;- Osceola Glnty accompiuihd them home : ''Mis s Mavcrlone Davis SI»IK Sim- j \ delicious ice course was served alter spending the past month i day afternoon with Miss Helen following the game and hib'h rcorc '"<"'<>• ! Hml B c. j cUlb ,,r: ZC was won by Mrs. Guy The Methodist Senior League hud ; ?he Misses Eunice and Berniee I jj r v nn [.. ji ts . j. K. Hampson of their monthly business uiid- council ; Jarratl sverr- visitors of Miss Alma ! \VL!«CII' wi,n"liieh Quest prize and meeting Monday night on the lawn N'eilhain Sunday afternoon. i J !TV . H ^ Fletcher cut consolation. at the church. Mr. and Mrs. Erby Hrdgr were!' "'"'... : Loaan Moultrie ^pent ; .Wednesday visitors of Mr. and Mrs 15. B. in' 1 Blytlnville. .- lic'rt^e Ti:?sdav mornini;. Mrs. Odic fluey entertained '.\cr • Sunday .school class with a wehicr New'Liberiy roast Mciulay night. j lri ;llll | .lack Simmons of nil. itiiu .Hi.-,, .liieii aiiuiiioiis 01 ~\\ f till-ijf J fit-,, iVs»i«i iBlytl-.evillc vlsilcd Jtr.' and Mrs. >> aiLe) lMh('J\€WS where (hey will spend two weeks Elml!ay afternoo vacation.. They will -also visit ulj Mi5S Janic v . Vicksburg, .Miss., while they awa •• • - . ; and Mrs. B. L. Banister left- t p , d Qf J P Clark oon Jordnn sl) ,, m ., le WDCk cn( , vitl) ,. o!;lUu ,,. -(„ T[ , n _ Mvs. Brii Green was a Blythevil'.e \r j!:]'. 1 y. -.!?:cl:iv. Dr. and .Mrs. L. D. Mn.->si i y spent • W.-dni'Mlriy .-hopping in Memphis. . Mm; >:.ivy Hale Ccslon. who i.- visitins; her parents, Mr. I'.ud Mrs. ! J. T. Cr..-lon. in Osceoln. will re-| tuvn r:'vly nt-;:l week to Ha'.lei'.t-.'!:. ] Texas, «-:uie she has until recent- i Iv l;i'fn us.-ployed in the cilices 6! Miv:s:.-n Ili^ineovinK Company. Mi::. J. I. .Urivfr jr.. Mrs. S. V.'. i polk and Mr.;. Vcrnoii Winlon ami w H L , d nnd fmnih . this imormng 10 spend the «.»k j Mr _ „„„ Mvs _,_ A L| ,- , L end with Mr. and Mrs. F. O. brmt.i of Helena, Ark • Mr lin d Mrs. , Eu E ene Prichard Mrs, J P. Snider and children | c[ Holl;uld Mo Saturday d s d [u • . Bcn Prfc , lard are iSpending two weeks vacation at Forrest Ci;y, Ark., Mr Snides parents. Mr,, and Mrs. Tom Jone s let ! ! this .morning Little-Reck after Hcinncn and Lola . Smld:lv aflc .,, om for their ured all(1 D , le Avc k ding a t:w| Mr and ^ jj , w| days-Jvith Mrs. Jones' mother^ rs Blv|hevn]c vjs , d l Craftpn. They were accompanied home- by their aunt, Mrs. Frederick 61 El Dorado, Ark. Estes M ,,. and Mrs. VI. A. Wheat Sunday. M". and Mr,. J. V. fierce call:d Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Tierce of DDgwocd Ridsc Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. John McMasier» of Mississippi Osited Mr. ar.d Mrs B. T. Medley Sunday and Monday. Lone Oak Hems A tuo weeks revival bcp,i;-..3 Mr^ arid Mrs. -Will Vickiburg, Miss., lefl £. Max Parks of Terre Haute, Ir.d.^-ls the guest of Senator R. A. Kcissn and family.- M£ Earl Hatcter and J. R. Miller at. Osceola left this morning lor pointe in Texas where they will stay*Uuring t'le cotton season. Mg. L. H. Hauff of Lcachvillc v.'ill «*spenrT tomorrow with . Mrs. Earl^Hatchcr. She will be at- comgjnjed home by Mrs. Hatcher, Luis Oak Sunday night \u'.n Hcv. and «ivvo -.daughters, Tommic anfi . \Villiam? .'conciuctinj! Ihe services. Evelyn -who" will spend a wort; ] Th: itachers and olliccis of ihe ! Sunday fciiool held a iiutn-.- ;>t Borum ofit'.ie home of Mrs. Frank Birchef, burg, Miss., lefl for their' 'tut^day night. Rclrcjhinci.'.s were homP 1 yesterday after spending Uervcd. several 'days with Mr. and Mrs.! Tl-.c ccunly council of Loi:c Oak T. Ti» Hayries. iwill entertain the dificrcnt ec-.i:i- Mr». Cecil Shane and daughter, j c:ls ol tlr,? ctum.i Si!lin(i:r.-. PollvJ] are visiting in Paragould for. A number cf Lor.c O.ik p tevcial days- j Ihe Ixill game Wrds.i-,- Mra J. H. Elkins is able to bo I day af.crncon at tho Chicmo Miil back"Bt-h!s ofTice aft?r being cr.n-; ~ fincd™to his home with an injured: riVC Dollar Plan I imbijof several \v/eks. i n • Mru.and Mrs. T. M. Rainey, and ' son?,J?LeDn and Larry. Mr. and lirs.ljT. C. Ralncy, jr., and Mr. '' A very :inusual mn!-. : ii! \Vm.»Rainey of Kans&s City. Mo. i Used Cars en time is !:^r,i: [•],-,' are the house guests-of Mr. and ployed by one (;f I'.ic lai^ 1 :i;!io- Mrs. Jicorgc Crockett. | n:dhile dealers in Blyllicv i!.;- T:ie Fian in brici calls fu, Mrs. Wilson Oxford spent Sunday with Mrs. Hall Hoa.ird. Mrs. Freddie Barnes is rpeiidir.s the work with he: mother. Mrs liiisscll. at Go B iie:i. Mrs. Myrtle Gray ha.s yone to • their cniUwi: cf J.cmphis, an New Madrid, Mo., for a visit, with j s-pcndii-.g '.wo wrc'.is with their her husband. Charley Gray. . lathrr. .1. 1.. Driver at ins home Pete Barnes spent Sunday after-j south of O\.-ob. Mr. Driver, Mi. noon in Steele. ' p c iX ar.:i Mr. Winton will :>p.".i:i Misses Sallie Kirk nnd B->:;ie Ox-' mine l::iu here dinins Uicir visit. lord spent Tuesdny afternoon with :,;i-. ..,•,;• :.'.v.-. C. n. Driver, Xlos. Mrs. Lissie Crabb. . Heil:c:L Si-.ipjjen, Mrs. Chas. Colc- Schooi slnrted at Moil- man and M:.~. Colcniau's house ria . v - gitcM. Mrs. Hii'jh D. Tunilins=n. ol Mrs. Clare Brown's toby of Ty-!g,. t c , ;1 , sl:ent \\'ednc;day in ronza has been nuite ill at tiie Bap- ; j> (1st hospital hi Memphis. j' Hospital NntCS jfecdin/..'''^^ to cov:.«=. the (',:.Dibmiscd: Mrs. Edgar Prin-<:iii I vor am! odcr of it ar, jr., Jonesboro,- Ark. Proving Popular Mri~and Mrs. J. L. Cherry y- liuntjj yesterday from Paris, AIK.. whcr»j. they have' been visiting lor sgmc'time. J-fr^Wadc Ewrate of Vazco City, Mlss.i^v.-ill arrive tcday for a vlolt v.lthfllr. and Mrs. UzellBranson. £ C day 4b be with his father, will Sidorgo an operation. . <i::y la^smail dov.n payaier.t n, Cll> >i I'.ulh the br.lancc spies: 1 , cur .1 jjjc-rind of r>2 wc.:ks. Ihe s-alc fccgun tcday and vill I continue Icr tt-n riays. Tl-.o p;v.l- 0 U. Cherry is 1n Memphis to-! ? C Eeilins ll>e!r uscd °« rs i»" m'ii" who « lo c!l : ar lllc " olllrc stork "1 >"« Merchants Grocery Co, Distribiilors &z.&m For Saturday and Monday »Jr- +J KSISB&X Size 360 Suhkist Jumbo stalk 15c Lettuce Fancy 48's Extra Fancy SEE Blytheville No. 2 can lOc | Crackers S3, 2-lb. box Premium No. 21-2 Can Libbys Delux 2 can Early June 2 cans 23c Tea "1-2 Ib. Lipton or Banquet Libbys, Sliced or Grated No, 2 1-2 Can ESX^-SOS sa2rai5asfi2ys 3% Welchs Pints 25c I Pabst Malt No. 2 1-2 can rHV'^.TTyi^!' KaL-j 83K22H Guest lOc Snowdrifi ; 3-!b bucket Full Count 3 boxes ESETQlZadE Pride of Illinois 3 Can Limit a Z325£E52ti£H22aarEa5 KSSHE 16 oz. Webco VN& $$<t '? Butter, :k Hawk Bacon Sliced 3 Pound Limit ^^ Country Pork 15c Phila. Cream 5 Pound Limit srsasai* ir< M 5 Full Dressed ib. 35c Iff-.ff-^j.-ri^f^i^Ki^ffSS^ l^^^^S^ Thick rib, stamped beef, pound

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