The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1939
Page 2
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mi ?AGE'TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COCKIER NEWS ^ FRIDAY,' JUNE..23,:-1930 - jr. Dnanmoiul To Speak S.iimlay At • ".-iCODEIER NEWS '' W, A.'Anderson & CompunWu , v 1S AJmtrel > .' _«•< thA- B1TZ THEATER ,—io see— "Code ol OK,Secret Service" Son ftrn ' v A son was born to Mr, and Mrs Clarence Mosre at the Walls hospital at luJO o'clock last night. The baby, who weighed seven and three fourths' pound's, has not yet been named ( ( , His'ct** Party t Mrs F. B Jojncf entertained me-mbenTof the Thursday Contract club and cfie guest, Mrs Hugh Harbert, with a patty at her home yeste-rda? afternoon Throughout the entertaining rooms, Ihe hosless had afraiiged colorful bouquets of summer flowers including daisies, gladioli, snapdragons and zinnias Refreshments were served at the conclusicn of Ihe games in which Mrs. O W McCutchen received high score lirize FLAPPER FANNY Elect Jim Ja'mes was elected president oi the Judson Union of the First Baptist church at a meeting of this Baptist Training Onion at the home of Mrs Roy Head last night He will serve during the next quarter. Other officers chosen were. George Ingrum, vice president, W 0 Reeves, secretary; B L Wade Jr, corresponding secretary, Mrs. Jim James, .treasure!', Mrs Roy Head, reporter, Mrs John Tyrone. Bible ijute' leader, R L Wade Jr, Mrs Rov Porter and Mrs W O Beeves, group captains The hostess served licme made ice cream atid cake to the members and cne guest. Mrs Edwin Jones of Memphis, housejuest a Mr and Mrs 0 N Hawkins v '•>*•« 1 Club Has'finest Mrs W. S. Johnston was a guest I of Mrs Ed Cook yesterday altei- noon when she entertained mem- S ervce SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON . Camthersviile Society — Personal Belle. II. Bennett Missionary Society M«ls w»h Mrs. Green Mrs. Lllbourn Green was hosles. to eleven mehibers of the Belle I Bennett Missionary Society of the Methodist Church Tuesday evening During the business session the president, Mrs. J. P. Berry, mihonnced Uiat the County Zone liicetirig would-be held with the local church on June 29 and that a Mrs Potter would be the principal speaker. Mrs. G. E. Mlchlo arid Mrs. John Ellis had charge of the lessoil wlilcli was a study of the mission book, "the Church lakes Root In India." During the social hour the guests enjoyed conversation and instead of serving refreshments, the hostess put the money In the society treasury. > I i (die Hour Club Entertained '... Mrs. Tommle Tiplon was hostess to members of the two table Idle Hour Olub and two extra guests Mrs. Edward James and Mrs. Del Paul Reviews His Life ••'-•-.•" - EYerythlnx for your <ntw with himself and the issue of all) inment and comfort. \oblc living as vindication in God's urpose and Gcd's world. He did not want something for hlmselt that was not/ for all men, but he believed that Ih4 Lord, the righteous judge, 'would give to every man who had scughl the way cf right and (ruth his heritage in the Kingdom. I(V WILLIAM K. GILUOY, I), i). i <• Kiiitor of Advance In ihts closing ICss;n on th<S life of I'a'ul Ihe great p.posllC reviews his (He. ' ' ' It is a great thing to have the privilege of the Innciinost. confidences cf a great man as he looks back upon a remarkable career and appraises his course of action. Paul's career had not been by any means without serious crises and without fnost acute ixliils and dangers. The great crisis of his life had coiiie when he fcund SvSvsBs JOB^iJa..'iS|«L- — •"* Walker Park Is To Be All-flay Singing Scene Watch Oi Courier Newi F«r free Show CbeiU FRIDAY, JUNE 23 175 GOO!) REASONS , Walker Park Sun- Hr. N. H. l)rumm;>ul Graduation service for 34 Sunday school workers completing the normal course will be held at the Firsl Baptist church Sunday morh- hij!, it was announced today by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church. Dr N. it. Druniinond of Nashville Tcnn., head of the educational department or Baptist Sunday schoo board, \vlil be the principal speaker The service will take the Irene .-which was after all-not So much .., s - sriow Matlfiee or Night $ J * * t ie still worshiped tlie God of his fathers—Paul' launched out on Ills great .preaching ministry. unue until four o'clock. R. E. L. Smith, president of the singing convention, lias announced thai those who care to do so may bring lie wanted to share with others l)lcij . j uncn _ tire glory that he had found, and Thta; nothing caild stop him In his de nothing caild stop him In his de- fm . (hl . ee q i mrlc | s tt ,i,ich come the termination . to preach tlie Gospel y^test distance. Mr. Smith says arc' being offered pt go:d news. Paul had set out for liimsclf a large task and a supreme goal, and . . that some of the best talent In'the south will l)c heard on the program, and any who desire to be large tasK anu a supiLiuu yum, .HIM gram, ana any wno nt-sire i it is in the spirit of one who had ! on 11,0 program should notify bcrt Harper, at her npaftnicnt on ^ f a re g u i ar coinmenccinent West Fourth Street Wednesday r g ,. amj me Rev. Mr. Carpenter [rilteriioon. . stated. "Twenty-three will receive Mrs. ticrnrd Callhan hold high I diplomas for completion cf four score and received n, double deck | years' course and 11 .will receive "I'll he glad when yoni sister finishes mriUin 1 tier dress. We cnn'l keep enough in the cash register to make change. by Mrs Maggie Bass nnd family, who were returning to their home In Nashville alter having visited the Parllcws in Pnragould. Nancy's brother, Graham, remained for an indefinite visit with his .grandparents Mrs. M. T. Burr has returned of cards. Mrs, Byron Ward cilt for | consolation ' nml received stationery and Mrs. Jean Roebuck received balh salts for low score. Tlie guest prize, a vase, went lo Mrs. . .Harper. . been lhc guest-of n clnssni.Ho nl T | 1C nos tcEs served dainty santl- Vrindcfbilt College, Nashville, Tehn. wlc ,, CS| f u( | EC squares and fruit While there they • also visited in j )1]nc ij New Orleans. He will visit his • parents, Dr. hild Mrs. L. E. Coojiei, J 10 ; 1()fs Guest With Tatty .iloiuns for completion of first ar classes. Eight will receive the cl and Blue seals. Demonstration Club News Notes Mrs. Vester DUsli was hostess to Ihrc'c tables of uriage, compli guest* Mrs. W. C (he guest ol her mothci Mis J. L. Thrallkill, for several days. Mrs. Tom Hcaton, Mrs. John F. Lcnli ai'.d Don and Dick Greenwell Jr., spent Wednesday in Cape Glrnrdean with Mrs. Paul Gfeon- welt, who underwent ah opeiation there 'more than a week lor several days, Mr. and .Mrs. Tom Lewis visited In 'Braggadocio Sunday afternoon. monull g „,,,• ^ ua , v , «»,.-,. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H - ouslon O f Laurel, Miss. Prize M. B. Lewis. .. wej1l . (,o Mfs, Lcs Brntlshnvv anc Misses Alice Ann Oclom mid Mar- k fo RA \ V ^ ooodin. Following Hi jciic Tinsloy of Joiner, Ark,, arc L nm ' es a delicious dessert cours spending this .week herd with Mr. K m, f rll n, drink was" served. nuvi. «..,... ....-...— •-"---- „,,,, tncrc more man » WITH. "B"' ^"^ bereol the Double Foiu'Bridge club ]g , vl , )llt wll , probnb ly ic- -'"• '" "' "" r hnm " main In the hospital for two more Mis W C Higginson with a party at her home A pink and green color scheme was carried out in the parly decorations Bouquets of larkspur, lal- nnd Mrs. L. C. Spencer iind olhcr relatives. Those present were Mr. nnd Cnldvvell, Mr. and.Mrs. te orations Boutmels of larkspur, tal- daughter, Miss Doiolhy Jean, lies and the salad plale served at An() M|ss LaNcl)c S|narL ttlu ]^ vc tVio cAnr.lllslf'm nf tllfl CainCS all , . r _. ~_. r-,,,..!..,*,, T'nv ,,.», ,...^. ..— .-- - anci MISS Ljuiiuni; oiiirtii, «i,i n-iijk* the conclusion of the games all , ommlow fol Iroll ncnhtm, Tox., emphasized, the color motif of Ihe lh w(]1 vls)l rc i ntlvc , of Mr. iind Mrs. Ehvood Brown and Uj r . u j snnWi M,-. and Mrs. Me children, Gene nnd Joyce, spent A11 | stcr Miss Swan Naylor, Mr Saturday night at Savannah, T'i!nh.,U, w ' Clir i| ni Mrs.-Ralph Gooili in flic hoine of Mrs. W. M'.^l> cllccr ; | nnd Mrs. J .'W. Nceley. *.„..„..,. -- i ,,,,-3. \v. C. Houston and dangl next two weeks here with Mr. aiid r, Cnro |j, n i e a Wednesday f Mi's, it. L. Ciisey Ami .other rein- (hc ' lr }WI1 ^ E in Laurel, Miss. The where they will visit relatives of «'y ,. ,,,»,!„ tlie Higginsmis. Before returning Mrs Johnston was high scorer In ^ { ^ wm ^ (o Ulc . G ,. nm , ne bildKe Kamcs ' Canyon and the Carlsbad Caverns. Upon Ihcli ictuin here Julj 10, 'illss'< Hlgglrison will leave for Camp Cnachitn at Thornbuvg where she will, spend a month. John Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs H. G. Smith, formerly of here and tives. , have been guests', of Mr. nncl Mr on ,110 Cotton Av'cm Helen and Mary Aiina, Were visitors in Blylhevillc Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Meadows and i,. ^.. u,,....., ., - - children returned to their home how of Tallulah, La., who fractured j n wetumka, Okla,, Sunday after n vertebrae in his neck while play- t n week's visit liorc with Mr. and ing high school foolball hcic scv-! j,[ f s. Lcyon Earls and Mr. nnd Mrs. , I oral years ago, is in a serimis con-1 D. i. Clark. They were accompa- Mrs W. B Acton left jesterdaj ( u(| 011 m the Memphis Baptist htis- nfcd ns far as Perry, Ark., by Miss for Birmingham, Ala, lo bo with p|j n i p 01 m0 rc thAn n jcar his chrislai Clark who will spend two her danghler, Mrs W, H. Jackson, || n i\) S haie been pnraly/cd ns n .re-; \yeeks there with relatives. ;vho 'is serious!,' ill there Mrs 51,11 Q f tht» injury. Mr. and Mrs. D. Hardin nnd '^•" . • i nave DCCII i Dr. nnd Mfs. L. E. O:oper spent y te i cr 13,151, Mdildny in Memphis. St. Joseph Hospital for an opci' Wednesday' evening and reported lived largely that he surveys his life. He speaks of his persecutions and of iiis situatini at that very time, In bonds, as a prisoner. Far from feeling that his life had been a failure because of this bondage, he rejoices that thraigh his willingness lo suffer others had become more bold and courageous In speaking "the word of Gal without fear." The public is invited to attend the all day singing convention, he \vniorel Cliib To Meet Mrs. Cieoi'ge W. Bafham'will give ' demonstration on the arranging of cut flowers iit a meet ing of the Aiiuorcl Home Demonstration club Monday at the/home of Mrs. W. Leonard Smith. All members are urged by ofll- cers lo attend this meeting wliicl Will lie in the form of n (Intel luncheon. It will begin nt t o'clock. Paul reveals' the-. Inner secret of bis life quite clearly in lliese self- evelations. His strength is in the net of the in-dwelling Christ. Else- •herc he spoke of his weakness nd of ths Ihcrn in the flesh that lad buffeted him. It was in this ,'cakness that a divine voice had p;ken to him, saying, "My grace s sufficient for thee, for my Scientist^ have traced Halley's comet back to the year 210 B. C. ^MM^MSSM^WJMi JUST RECEIVED NEW SHIPMENT OF- Admis.'ion MalinVe lOc & 20c Admission NijHt IGc & 3fic Aho March of Time '& Clyde'Mc- Coy Short. . ....'..' Jackson is Ihe sislcr -cf Mrs Jiles j 1 nambo and Miss Mary Vctus Acton Mrs Sam Florman and son, I Llo>d, and daughter, Roberta, will I leave Sunday morning- for Miami, Fla, where they will spend about I eight weeks , ul; ul Mrs Geoige M Hunt returned j or n this morning io Thornburg. Ark, where she is a counselloi at Cnmp njury. Mrs W ,L Clark Ji , is resting wrll in the Memphis Baptist hospital follow ing nn opeiation for appendicitis pel formed there Tuesday Mrs. Tom W. Jackson is able to '.lie up lodny alter having been ill r a few d,ijs Miss Wsnctle Shephcid Is cx- to retuin today from Jmics- Ouachila At Ihe close of the j] 01o tt iiere she has visited friends week's training course Monday, she f or „ W0l ,^ g)i C fte n[, over espcci- came lo spend a few days vviln ^^ [ Or ( )lc jance sponsored bv tlie Mr Hunt before the camp was of- ji^icm Arkansas Young Men's ] flcially,'opeffed. .. ••.-. "., ..-;:• . " c i u u. Mer mother, Mrs. Otis Shcp- Major and Mrs Marion Williams ncr ,i p mo lor«l over for hci jcster- and son, Bill, left this mornmj for das , Hope and Texnrkana wllere thej will visit relatives They 'were nc- companied lo Hope by \frs J P Friend, win will gc- on to Pleasant Hill, La , to Join her mother, Mts W. R Brown, and slstcf. Mrs M E Gibbs, and son, R A, •who are visiting there She \ull go with them when they return to their Ii6me m Lufkin, Tex, before ccming here next week f r , a visit with her and Mr. Friend. Mis Charles Crlggei Jr and son, Charles, and Mrs Eddie Rs;e- .rioid and son," John Ed, s|wnl yesterday in Memphis Mr; and Mrs. II. D. Sutherland of Heringlon, Kans, are spending a fevv weeks here with their son D6ri Sutherland, and. Mrs. Sutherland Tney came Sunday. J S Hojan left last night f r Springfield, Mo, where he will spend tlie summer v>ilh his sons proved. . . Mr. and Mrs. H. Plgiwou and two 250 4-H Members In ^ Marianna On Thursday .. .Tiicre were 260 members of Boys tfnd. Girls 4-11.clubs of Mississsippi cb'u>ily<.wlib attended, the annual study Day at tlie State. Experiment Station near M'arlanna .yeslcrdny. included in the ilclegaliin were the county extension ngenls; Itay Johnson, new malinger of Dycss colony, and a numlicr cf officers Who are connected with tlie c:lony. strength is made perfect in wcak- icss." Paul was now an old man, nnd il s no wcnder that he was somewhat perplexed as to whether it was Ixittcr to go on in the earthly warfare or to find the rest in Christ Iliat he felt sure was the reward of the Christian after death. Bui in tliis perplexity, there was Ihe one certain and unfailing purpose. He was determined to press en to Ihe goal of possessing Christ and .of being possessed by Christ. This was the goal of "the prize-of the high calling of 'God i Throughout his THEY'RZ UNCLE SAM'S FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE...AGAINST CRIME! Saturday INCLE SAM'S FIR 4SE...AGAINST 'Code of the to JtCRt SERVICE dnughters left early this .week lor SliHcrS Broken-Leg T>nl n !r,l, M n u-nrrp IllOV Will Visit .,- " Sleele-Cooler Society—Personal Mr. and Mrs. D. Htudin nnd daughter and Paul Alloid have returned nfter a visit 'With relatives in poinls .of Indiana. Misses Helen and Mary Anna McCanix arc going to Matthews t*- „„„,..„ ... day to spend Ihe latter .part of j,i rs Tom the week ivilh Misses Rcva and u,| s VV eck. Jeannic McCnnn. Mrs. Bob Rushing' mid Miss Glcnda Chambers were visiors In Blylhevillc Sunday 'altcrhoon. Mr. and Mrs. VlcC;r Mnllory and daughter; Millie Aim of YarDro, Ark., silent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. iBuril Castemnn. Mrs. J. W. Robbins and daughter, Miss' Martha, silent Monday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jordiui spent Sunday nl Lcpnnto, Ark., as guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Dan PortiS Jr. Mrs. Patty Hazel has accepted n position, wilh the M.ntgjmcry Ward store at Blylhevillc. H. B. Spencc, Frank Harper, H. Balleutine, Shirley Smith, Max UHUEltl'Vl-* ll " v "• •! . , .. Raleigh, N. C. where they will visit with her brother for several days. From there they will go to the const for a camping and fishing trip. They will be nwny for three weeks. .„ Mrs. O. H. Morgan spent Thursday In Memphis. ens of New In Unusual Accident KEIfiEii. June 32.— A rim frou Christ Jesus.' , „.._ Christian life, Paul had known IID purpose, bill this: To apprehend-Chi'bfimid'.:lo be'apprchcndcd qtHim'; and lo the -cry cm! tills Was his unfailing and myiclding purpose. When Pnnl snid, "I have, fought he good fight, I have finished lhc course, I have kept lhc .faith," he was not'indulging in any small cr harrow boasting. When he spoke of tlie crown of righteousness Ilia ne-lelt was laid up for him, he wa not speaking as seine c'arthiy vide rnight speak of ah earthly haubl or prize; he had in mind lhc Ir . .— tlic 'wheel of a road grader hurtling. through the air struck Vacl'cr Morris, breaking his leg in two places and inflicting other minc-r Miss raisy ttimi lyin't.,.-, u . ."••• injuries: Mr. Minis and two corn- Madrid Is the guest of her sister, j pniiions were .changing a tire on course of the Christian as a conilic Is Hostess lo unnco Mrs. T. .N. Brigancc was hostess to her Lucky Nine Bu'no parly a I lief home yesterday afternoon, the Miss Patsy Ruth Mrs. Tommie Tiplon and family its week. Mrs. J. L. Lhulcnthaler and two daughters of. Jacksonville, Fla., who have been guests of her sister, Mrs. 'Alfred Tllmnn and friends in this city (or the past three weeks, left Thursday for their home. Rev. w". L. Meyer . and Mrs. Meyer are out of town this vvcek. Mrs Meyer is visiting with her mother, Mrs. II. II. Strathman at Wright City, Mo., and Ihe Rev. Meyer Is attending a Ministerial Training School at Central College in Fnyctte, Mo. Rev. Meyer was asked to speak before the Rotary Kellcy, J. W. Reno and Al Jordan were'among those from Ticre Kho attended the Masonic 'meeting nt Hcrnersville Mchday night. Miss Lola McKay was relumed lo her home in the Oak Uidgc coin- Club at Glasgow, Mn, Thursda> evening. The Meyers arc cxpectd home Saturday. Miss Fern Marshall of New Orleans, La., came Wednesday and will visit until Friday with her sister, Mrs. Gordon Wright and Mr. Wright, Miss Jane Wampicr of Cape Girardeau, Mo., arrived Thursday and tier nomc ycsiciu.ry nueiiiuuii. i..^. amlMy [i, c fi f s |, O f this week fro afTair being given in honor of the Mcmp ,, is w i (crc s)ie lln derwcnl : birlhday anniversary of Mrs. lorn a pp C , 1(llc | Us operation. C. Lewis. The Fourth of July rnGllf, Mr nnd Mrg H , B Sl>cnc( . an( j was carried out in the decorations, • c |fl ltlrcn> - incflic - Rn <\ iieriicrl Mc,,lace cards and tallies: | Bride, nnd Mrs. H. A. Spence were The high score, prize at bmiM| UsilWs ln nayl i Sunda y. went lo Mrs Gus Coopci, second Mr nm i Mrs. Lloyd Welntzcll and ,.I_1. ._ ^t TT.tnl. >flnl,.n 1^ K,,,l_ I . ' ... . . ... lo ncr nome in incuaK mngu cum- iimieau, i\io., airivea iuui.->M»y •""« >^^. munlly the first of this week from lj s the guest ol Captain and Mrs. milled. the'grader at Hull's Service station Thursday afternoon when too much air in the tire caused the explc- sion. " Leo Schricck and John Sicvers •'.f Osceola, who were assisting Mr. Morris, received minor injuries. , At The Hospitals .• '.Ulythcvillc liosvitai Mrs. Thomas Boyctl, city, acl- mitted. Ed Johnson, city, dismissed. "31 cm pit is Baptist liospitaf ^1rs. M. L. Gresliam, Wilson aci-,, ittSl. Mrs. Wesson Lewis, Manila, ad- mitlcd.- |Mcmi!his St. Joseph's hosiiital Mrs. Carrie Mae Mcattc, Hayll, aduiilicd. Carl'Allkson Jr.. Steclo, admitted. '..'•> • Walts llnspiia! Ray Tipton, Mnniia, admitted. ^lI:s. ..Clarence Moore,' city, ad- , hlqb to Mrs Hugh Michic Jr., bun- ,1. M. Cannon aurt their son, Joe. Mrs. Pauline flayden spent Wednesday at Jackson. Tcnn., and at Rcclfoot Lake. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Emma Moore, her brother and wife, Mr. nnd Mrs, Olnckwooci Moore of Clii- T*Irs. Rene George and baby, city, dismissed. II: ML Kvans. city, dismissed. Susan Cavctt, city, dismissed. Mrs. Acidic Dunn, Huffman, dismissed. . OF ^.. U „.„ -- - - - „.„, L,, U J U u ,'., of Brooklyn, N. Y., cngo. 111., and sister, Mrs. Waller Cle-Udc and Lon Ilojan He v;as co tfi Mrs Clarice Gllhland, low wll) arr | VC here nest -seek for ft imwlhoruc and son, Walter Gnr- mbl6red'as v r»r'as Essex, Mo., last score nnd traveling bunco b;th to ^u^m M r. nnd Mrs. Chris || nn< | of Qsccola. night by his daughter, Miss Mabel j Mrs Lonnie ^ordan^Mrs^ Iffiwls W elnUcll. Mrs. Roscoe Cokcr and two daughters left Wednesday for Kansas City, Mo., where they will be guests of Mrs. Coker's parents lor hrcc weeks. Mrs. J. W. McCloskcy iccompmiied tliein ns tar ns St. .ouls, MO., where she will visit night by his daughter, Miss Mabel Mrs Lonnie Jordan Mrs iswis i Hogan, Miss Jessie' Srile, Miss Era 1 was pre^enlcd beautiful drairerels i Wnght'and MBS Matal Jo Wilson for a bcdrocm All Hie gilts were l-He will visit his sen, Ray. there wrapped In red, white and blue. before gcng on lo SiSr.ngfield Th« • reiVeshmrnts w | e white ' Mr. afld Mrs Tom Terrell, ol Ice cream topped \vith cherries and Paragould, are the guests of Mr and j on blue plntcs, red, white and blue Mis flogtt" Whltsitt They are I cake, red, white nnrt blue lemonade. i spending' today in Memphis bull • * * will return here tonight before I Missionarj Sccictv l.nlcrtaincil •g^lng back lo Paragould Vmorrow I There were ten members present Mrs K H E Keblett returned }es- at the regular meeting of the I lefdfay irom a month's vacation I Woman's Missionary society when [-spent in the feist She visited in thej were enlerlained In the Mclh- Dell.. News Have 1'rogrnni'Meeting Members "of' the ' Woman's Missionary Union of the Dell Baptist church-met nt'the home of Mrs. Jim noss Monday aftcrncon for the prcscntaticn of a Royal Service program. Twelve members and one visitor, Mrs. Mullins, attended. The meeting was, Opened with a song following which Mrs. J. T NT [«:-y- EACH WEEK BUYS NEEDED . <:£'•:.£&$,-•-• "•;-• REQUrREIVlCNTS Tires, batteries, radios, hcalcts and other products for your car . can be bought on the Firestone Budget Plan fot surptisingly liulc cash .outlay and terms so jniall you'll hardly notice them. nniitin DrufliuHOSILLATOWH RONALD REAGAN lDa , t «v. j. Smlrt • rniWlM »r« Also tnrtonn « serial "Buck Rogers." Contiiu:«ius show. \dntision till SCO 11 m iOc Aftrr 5:00 p.m. IBc ft Sic SOUP FASHIONS Sunday - Monday f Til* ifory'of AtrorSom Lincoln NEVER been lofdl Also Paramciinl News & Comedy Cnntiuitnus - shmv Sunday Aclm. Surirlay All Bay 'let & :i6c Artm. Sloilda.v Mat. IOc & Z'6c Admis. iMond;iy Night IGo & 366 (,'oinini; ' Soon: Only Angels Have Wings Confessions of a Nazi Spy Stagecoach On Borrowed 1 hue Suslnnah of flloiintics ^>un Never Scls . . InVilalion to Happinrss Juare/. -speiit in vne tast OHU VI&HCU in i muj *>cic tnn-»\«,iiv\* ,n *n^ «L^V» Bcsl6n,(orXl«6 weeks be!:re g6ingtcdist church annex Monday alter tcTjWasliihzloh'and New York City noon , i """'B ivi.^,v... B ,....^.. ........ -where ; sh« attended the World's Tlie meeting was opened with 1 Ren fro gave' the devotional and i Fair En'route home she stopped prajei by Mrs R C Sle«le Sr., 'sentence prayers were offered, Mrs •In NashMlle for a visit with Mrs iMier which the mceling was in Oa:e was pKgram leader which wa,< ! Ada N DuBerfy" and rlaXighlfr, Miss charge cf the vice president, Mrs.! disftiissed iillh prayer by Mrs. Ileii- l-M»rUia> c " f '<"" ' 'i ' p - F - M'-Catclicn, during the ab- Iro. I • Nancy" Partlow^ daughter of Mr. scnco ol Ihe president, Mrs. New- . The hostess served refreshments I > -- J "-'- " /i'n.,n— returned berry Johnson. She gave for the during the social hour. Tlie next 'btagould I scripture the 17th chapter of Luke.' meeting will be at the hcme of ,wiiac Jhe spent t a'V<eek -»lth her » « » /madpttirts, Mr. »nd Mfs. H. B. L E Cooper Jr. arrived yesterday 3p»rttoiriiShe »as', motored home | from Gulfporl, Miss, where he has IHl:^ with her sister, Mrs. Faris Cun nlngham for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wllkcrson of Memphis, Tcnn., are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl C. Holt of Braggadocio. They are expected here today for a visit with friends in this city. wt«. scraicmng ™iy ";«<" <•« Vi'rt 1 ™* Mrs H. N. Arnold left Monday tlon .and trouble. Such pests. When for Hollywood. Calif., where she tht^'V"'-" h - lhftn vou will spend several weeks with her scratch, son and wife, Mr. ami Mrs. Edciic Us« your head, nnd don't your fingernails when mosquitoes Wt«. Scratching may lead to irnta- ts. When ; n AculT. Read Courier News want ads. during 1938, and the Go s^ire' passenger's " '" Bo' ready lo quickly relieve this discomfort of non-poisonous Insect Mies' with famous Mexican Heat Powder. Soothes—cools—relieves Hie '' Also for baby's heat rasrt. comfort .to thousands; j mint o ,£!'*S>"r "Nttiwvift N. B. Tuftcin <t\e Firestone Voice a ., MEXICAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. g , h * rlionc 8 ALSO ROXY Attriitsslnn alwayi IOc & 26 Matinee* Fr1.-Sal,-Stin. TOWN AlND rilAVEL SHEERS PRICED FROM $195. 1A95 MISS' WHltSlTT'S SHOP Friday-Saturday \lso cartoon fi 'scrMV "I.onc r Rides Agim r Continuous ialurtTny Sunday-Monday Undercover Doctor 7 with Lloyd Nolan & Carrol ; Naish. Jolin Ako Comedy

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