The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22^1930 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUUIRR NEWS COURIER NEWS COOKING SCHOOL Mrs. Myra Oliver Dougan's Reap* es .-:-".'•• SYRUP PIE WITH NUTS . .'3-.whole eggs .. 1 cup shelled pecans . :1.2 cup sugar. 3-1 cup syrup ,-.' 1-8 pound butter Pinch salt . .„ . -'.!"* teaspoon vanilla PLAIN PASTRY 3 cups Whitewater Rose flour Pinch K. O. Balling Powder 3-4 .cup Crlsco 1 1-2 teaspoons salt Cut, Crtsco Into flour and add lea water to blend Ingredients. ;: Do.not work. Chill 30 minutes before using If possible. BREAKFAST BACON WITH CHEESE Cook bacon slowly until crisp. Drain on crumpled paper. Place on oven platter or pie plate and put slice ol cheese on each one. Slip back Into oven until cheese is melted. Serve very hot. Excellent with a cup ol steaming hot coffee for breakfast or lunch. .TOMATO SURPRISE Spread slices of bread with mayonnaise. Place a thick, firm slice of tomato on the bread. Salt It and spread thinly wito mayonnaise. Then lay a thin slice of pickle (dill or sweet), on the tomato. Mix grated cheese wllh green pepper, celery and onion tliat have been chopped fine, and spread thickly over the tomato and pickle. Place under a flame in the oven until well toasted Serve as a first course at dinner or use for luncheon . ELMORE GINGERBREAD 1-4 cup Crlsco 1 1-2 cups Whitewater Rose. flou 1-2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon finger 1 egg 3 teaspoons cinnamon 1-8 teaspoon saJt^ 1-2 cup syrup 1 teaspoon soda 1-2 cup hot water Cream Crlsco, add the sugar gradually, then egg well beaten Mix and sift dry ingredients, . combine toe syrup, soda and ho water "and add alternately to first mixture. Bake in a shallow pan. To change flavor, try adding a can ol moist cocoauut t above mixture. When slightly cool, split loaf, spread with slices of banana and whipped cream, using cream on top of shortcake. Arrang sliced bananas around base of shortcake.' STUFFED TOMATO ROSE Take one medium sized tomato for each serving, peel, chill, scoo out center and mix with cut shrimp, finely diced celery, a small anioun grated onion if desired, mayonnaise and seasoning to taste/ Alter tomato is stuSed,. chill again, place hi bed of 'lettuce, thei take cream cheese that has, been beaten smooth, seasoned and thlnne with mayonnaise. Chill, then make rose petals around outside o tomato, using Iced tea spoon. BAKED TOMATOES STUFFED WITH CORN 6 large tomatoes : '1-2 cup grated cheese Chopped onion ? tablespoons butter 1-8 teaspoon pepper 2 cupsful cooked corn Salt Wash and dry the tomatoes, cut off the tops, and with a small spoon scoop part of the inside into a bowl. Sprinkle the inside oi the toinaloes with salt and a little of the chopped onion. Mix the • corn with the tomato pulp, grated cheese, and milter. Season with the salt and pepper and fill the tomato jhells with the mixture. Place in a baking dish with a little water and bake until tomato shells are tender. Serve with a sprig of parsley In top of each tomato. "HUMPTY DUMPTY SALAD" For each person to be served, take one .medium sized tomato, peeled, one hard-Cooked egg and enough sliredded lettuce to make nest to 'stfinti-'inv - j - Cut' egg. about : middle;-: taking.;.out yolk-and mixing with- sandwich spread, olive butter.ior just seasonings.. Leave open space for mouth, and use whole cloves for eyes. Nice for children's parlies and Easter. •'- . ',.';, >';.••' .-' . ,= ; • .-•' : ,'.-.. >•_ For Cake Day, the measuring, mixing," and proper temperatures for baking cakes will be discussed from the stage. Questions pertaining to cake problems will be answered. The simplest methods of decoration for artistic results will be given. S-EGG WHITE CAKE 1-2 teaspoon lemon and 1-2 teaspoon almond Rose flour, 2 cups Bennett's Pasteurized sweet 7-8 cup Crisco 2 cups sugar 3 cups Whitewater silted with : 3 teaspoons K. C. baking powder and 1-4 teaspoon salt LEMON JELLY 5 egg yolks 1-2 cup sugar 1-2 cup Bennett's Pasteurized sweet Juice one lemon milk Beat eggs until creamy, add sugar, milk, and lemon juice. Cook milk or enough liquid to let batter run In ribbon from the spoon >egg whites in double boiler until thick. Add fruits and nuts for fillings, iresh cocoanut cake, add grated cocoanut to enough Jelly to For put between layers when ice outside ol cake with jelly. Let stand half an Cover with graled cocoa- hour and Ice with Seven Minute Frosting, nut before frosting ^cts. SANDWICH LOAF Cut Tender Crust sandwich loaf lengthwise into four slices. (Take crust off.) Between first two slices spread boiled or baked ham and pickles, ground. Mix with mayonnaise. Between second two slices hard-cooked eggs, bacon, ground, aiid tomatoes, if desired. Mix with mayonnaise. Between third slices, stuffed olives and walnuts, or dates and nuts, ground. Cover entire loaf .with Philadelphia cream cheese, thinned with mayonnaise to spread easily. Garnish top with designs of sliced olives, nuts, and green peppers. Slice like cake and serve. BAKED ALASKA Put layer of cake, either slab or lady fingers, on bottom of platter Use quart of; very hard Klinkes Ice Cream, any flavor. Shape on top of ca£e. Cover all wilh a meringue made of stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar (confectioner's) and decorate with cut fruits. Place 01 large platter of cracked ice and put into open oven long enough to brown meringue. After Cyclone Struck Li l lie Oklahoma Town PAGE FIVE QUICK BREAD—STANDARD RECIFE 2 cups Whitewater Rose flour 1 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons Crisco 2 level teaspoons K. C. baking powder 1 1-2 cups pasteurized milk 1 teaspoon sugar Christmas Cards' Ma^Beair v Stamp of Senders Originality By JULIA BLANS.HARD NEA Service Writer • NEW YORK.-Kecplng up wllh Hie Joneses In the nmtler of unusual Christmas greeting cards Is getting to bo more of a problem each year. Of course, 11 you arc Ihe kind of person lo whom no failure In life Is more Ignominious than dls- 'coverlng on Clirlslmas Dny that Ihe cord you picked lo send Mamie Thomas Li precisely the one sho chose lo send you, Uicu by all means Imve your awn Individual cards niiulo. The children can draw them. Or, yon can- Iwvc a cute little sketch, silhouette or water color made of your own hospitable fireplace, front door, your pels, your little shack In the country, your boat 1 of whatever you hiwo that you value most. Or, of course, you can havo an im- personni, Individual card. made. This year English hunting scenes Godey prints, Currier and IVCB prints,' Colonial carol'singers in Height colors'; against, a black-and can MIRRY CHRUTMASI v v Scenes at Bethany, Oklahoma, afler cyclone struck lown Wednesday, killing 20 and injuring 75 or abouf\five minute's, or'until smooth, stirring all the time.-- Do! not'test--jnst remove frtun Ire and beat until the right - consistency o spread dn^ake. ••-"• v 'v. i : :. DELICIOUS CAKE ".;:•,, '. '"•' 1-4 cup citrcm '''.''• 1 teaspoon' ground cloves 1 teaspoon cinnamon . v 1 teaspoon nutmeg \. 1-2 cup corn starch x 4-cups Whitewater, Rose flour i 5 teaspoons K. C. - baking powder cup; Crisco " cup brown sugar '-, cup. tablc\ syrup -2 cup Bennett's milk eggs . cUp chopped raisins 1 cup chopped currants Cream shortening and brown v sugar; add well.'beaten, eggs. Mix milk and syrup and add to tlie mixture. Mix and sift dry Ingredients and add to the mixture. Flour-the fruit and add last. Bake one hour in a slow oven (275 degrees. F.). -2 cup Crisro 1 cup sugar egg . cup syrup cups Whilewater - Rose flour SOFT GINGER CREAM COOKIES 1 teaspcon nutmeg 2 teaspoons ginger "•^ 1 teaspoon cloves x 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup hot water 2 • teaspoons soda Haminersteins Widow Sell Apples are excellent., or early American coaches, They are smarter thai ship models. But thU business 'of- getting Jits too Individual or Just too cleve has reached Its peak. Last yefi by the tune the average Amerlcai had waded tlirbugh 60 : smart am smart-Alecky Christmas 'cards hi reached but wllh a sigh of rolle lo a good old simple one- that' sail the one word, "Noell" Whether you design your owl cards or buy them ready-made, ge about U early, make your cholc and have them all addressed an stamped and out of the way before Ihe Christmas rush really begins. .; Sqjne Want Formal Cards . Many persons want.two very dtf-. fcrcnt kinds of Christmas-'cards. A formal kind for business connnec- tion sand ne wacquantlftnces and a personal ktndt for Intimate 1 friends.' Tile 1 fornlM- may ba'rf \rport--0ut;"an ''. «5 ' white prlnfof a New-England win- jl ter, wood-cuts and 'wood-block prints' of 'historic spots, and steel engravings of famous etchings such ,1 as "The Christmas Cwch." They may be on parchment, lUjen, stllf •cardboard or fine stock that takes wood-blocking. ,Many. are , In sll- ' ouette also. ' '' '.'. - Sectmd In line come the modernistic ones. SlmulAtlng the, current se of bright metals in modemist- c furniture and ornamentation of all kinds, these cards ,u»esilevr and pluck; gold and crimson, Russia^ eds''w;UU'el(hfr gold or silver. They,, re' not a Conglomeration. JJ)tJ year . '. cubes, circles and angie£, T They •em to have evolved some theme, sually a falling angel, a leaping . ntelope, or a thoughtful., figure. . _ ho use o! materials. and, colors , | iat make the picture utamjn them J modern. Many IJusilan. cards re Included among these modem • hlngs^the skyline of-the''Kiemlin .-f one in bizarre modern manner, a. Buscovite bear, aC hauvre Saurls dnncer. ''• •' ' •''•' . Animals [Are Popdar The third class this year, ih nuui T bers, that .is, seems to reflect the' popularity for odd animal pets that Is current today. Animals walk, run, leap, sit and fly all over many 1-2 teaspoon salt Cream Crisco, add sugar, cream well. Add unbeaten egg, beat mixture well. Add syrup, beat again. Sifl flour before measuring.- Measure; add'dry ingredients, and sift lour-times. Add alternate- [ y with hod water In which soda, has been dissolved. Drop by tea- t spoons on lightly oiled paper. Bake 8 to 10 minutes in moderate oven (375 degrees to 400 degrees K). Make 5 dozen cookies. Measure syrup and hot water scanlly. CREAM ICING . \. 2 cups confeclioner's sugar. I • tablespoon melted butter About three or four tablespoons cream—just enough-to mate It easy to spread. 1 teaspoon vanilla. Blend. Spread over cookies while slightly warm. CASSEROLE OF SWEET POTATOES Boll three sweet potatoes until lender. Peel and slice in one- half inch slices. Alternale layers of potatoes with slices of apples cut in same thickness. Cover with bne-tliird cup butter mixed with one cup brown sugar. Add enough water to keep from being dry. ORANGE MARMALADE SANDWICHES 1-2 pound soft yellow cheese 1-3 to 1-2 jar orange marmalade 2 tablespoons butter, softened 1-4 cup pecan meats FROZEN CHOCOLATE PUDDING 2 squares chocolate, one-half cup sugar, 1 cup pasteurized sweet mill!, 3 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon vanilla. 1-8 leaspoon salt, 2 cups whipped cream. Mix sugar, chocolate, milk; cook slowly until well blended. Add egg yolks and beat 2 minutes. Cool, Beat in other Ingredients and place in refrigerator tray to set. CINNAMON T6AST Work [our tablespoons butter until creamy. Add slowly 3 tablespoons light brown sugar and ore tablespoon cinnamon. Remove crusts from eight slices lender Crust Bread, spread with mixture and cut in strips. Put in hot oven until sugar is melted. Serve with cup of steaming colTec or lea and serve with fruit juice or fresh fruit for the perfect breakfast. DECORATIVE FROSTING 1 1-2 teaspoons Crisco 1-2 teaspoon vanilla 1 1-2 teaspoons Bennett's milk 1-8 teaspoon salt 3-4 cup confectioner's sugar Cream Crlsco, adrt salt, sugar and milk lo work easily. CofTcc or lemon juice may be used In place of milk. When Ihls Is done emit vanilla. Run cheese through grinder, add softened butter, work until soft, and creamy (a little cream or top milk added to soften If necessary). Add marmalade and nuts and spread between slices of whole wheat or white bread. This amount.makes one dozen full-sized sandwiches. Suitable for tea, Sunday night suppers and children's lunches. NEWPORT PUDDING Take a simple cup cake or cut from layer in fancy shape, ice on top and sides with whipped currant jelly. Sprinkle with shredded cocoanut and top with whipped cream. Arrange circles of sliced Caches or other fruit around base. If using special color scheme, color cccoanut or use mint Jelly. PRINCES PUDDING FROM DENMARK Break four whole eggs and two yolks into a bowl and beat together until well mixed. Add one-half cup sugar and 1-4 teaspoon, salt, and. beat into the eggs. Mix with this one quart sweet milk that has been scalded, not boiled, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Pour the mixture into a ring mold nnd set In pan of just warm water. Cover and bake until custard sets. Chill thoroughly. Un- mold on a large plate, surround with lady fingers, fill the center wilh broken bits of lady finders and cover with butterscotch sauce and whipped cream. BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE Put in top of double boiler— 1-2 cup dark corn syrup 1-2 cup heavy cream and npple; only 5 cents." To mov>, or the milling thousands in down-town Kew York, she was only another of the mans unemployed persons v,ho eke out scanty earnings by selling apples on the streets. But! to an eagle-eyed photographer admitted bcins Mrs. Oscar Hammcrsteln. -vidcw of Ihe late and internationally impresario.- Once identified, the penniless woman rapidly sold her apples, and here you sec her as a sympathelic crowd gathered about. old-fashioned picture, or a modern one, and mny be accompanied by. an engraved card Instead of the sender writing his name on it. The latler can be anything on earth the sender wants. Generally speaking there are si: divisions of new Christmas greet ing cards. Perhaps the old-fash- ionsxl ones lead the parade. These Include reproductions ol sampler of.Hie. niiwesi-carW. Not Just the or other ."oft -the Chrif'Jn&s tree, j vaddling ducks, eoort : okV elephants, j 'Mx of all kinrtp, rabbits, and so on. •'• Of nil dogs, Uie'ifroshtonnble Scot-'i y and the.graceful Russian wolf- I lound seem to lead. i • Fourth come the religious greet- | Ing cards which we have with .us always. But this year there is a- wide variety here.' Famous stained glass windows have been reproduced In color; etchings- and en-; gravlngs of famous'''cathedrals :hat would, make pretty pictures'if' [rained; hand-Illuminated and.col- i ored reproductions of some of trio ' Russian ikons famous for centur- ] ies. All of these carry their, own re- j llglniLs sentiments to which you merely sign your name. Finn come -the. flower cards. There are charming Christmas cards this year of baskets and boxes of flowers nosegays of yesteryear vase arrangeriients of today. Usually in color = sometimes su> liouetlid in .black : and white. : . ! Then there are what..might bo I called the 'tourist Christmas cards. ' These are pictures, postcard size, ; ol those places such as jthe "Let; ; Bank"'which all 1 travelers'cherish. By WM. E. SJcKENNEY • Secretary American Bridie League The following hand shows two doubles. One, an Informatory double to convey to partner definite information regarding the high card holding. The oilier double, made for business, Is dangerous ns it conveys information that allows declarer to make his contract. CHOCOLATE ICING 2 squares bitter chocolate 1 beaten egg 4 tablespoons Bennett's. milk or 1 cup sugar cream 1-2 clip while sugar Cook 45 minutes over liol 1 1-2 tablespoons liuller water, stirring occasionally. This While broiling meal, cream lightly enough potatoes to use in potato bag and decorate plank around edges, making barriers of potatoes to hold heated and buttered green peas, asparagus tips, cut beans, and place in oven again for a minute before serving to reheat vegetables before serving. STUFFED BAKED FILET OF TROUT A LA TRKSTOX Order two 2-pound filets of trout. Brush over wllh lemon juice and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put o:-.c ftict en butter baking dish or Pyrcx platter, spread with stullir.-;. cover with remaining Illct ar.d rest of fish shifting, beta; cau'ful that flsh is entirely covered wllh the shilling. Put small amn;;:v. ol water in bottom of pnn aim cover fish with oiled paper. uHiig Crisco. Bake twenty minulcs at 350 decrees F., remove paper, po'.ir or.e cup of cream or top milk ovcrfish and return to oven lor fiiiccn minutes. Let brown to golden brovai and servo on platlcr whcr; cooking was done if possible. ITSH STUFFING 2 cups coarse crnckcr crumbs 1-4 teaspoon Mcr'.o:u snlt 1-4 to 1-2 cup melted butter l-s teaspoon pepper as 11 Isits and can be used \ cup Vanilla to flavor whole w . ad^tcd chocol.UT and a,, except vaniil, Coo* will keep In your Frigidaire as :ong for any cake or pudding. PLAXKtl) STEAK Select one and cue-hull lu mo-inch pcrlcriiuusc, Wet or steal;. Soak in Crisco a lew minutes beioro broiling in very hot 1'ew drops lemon juice 1-1 cup hot water to mix Mix ingredients j chicken. in the order given. This is baked WEST S—X-1'36-2 H—A-IO- .. 9-7-2 ./ D—None C-A-K-7 , NORTH" •S-Q-9-5-4-J H—J-B ' D—J-3-6-3 C—1(M o Leave electve o.nto pnt and 'hot! °^ S CHU -M' ER ™ AX "'HIPS 'whip's in the a:.i::-i: <-•' the police West, the, .1 declarer, wins with the ace and returns.the deuce, trumping In dummy with the seven of spades. The missing high cards are spotted in South's hand by the original bid. Declarer proceeds to set a diamond trick for a club discard by leading the king,' South . covers with the ace, (declarer j trumping,with the deuce of spades. ' As the 'declarer held Ave of the i suit, bid by' South, he may expect too find live trumps held! against him by North, who doubled. If the declarer were to return a heart and trump In the dummy, North would get a valuable discard. Therefore the declarer leads the six of spades, winning the dummy : wilh trie ace. The ten' dropping j fiom the South hand clearly warns } him that there are four sp&des re- ' malning in the North hand. : The queen of diamonds is re- 5 turned from dummy ' nnd llio seven of clubs discarded. 'Another : ciamond Is led and tvurjipta by trw declarer \vitli the eight of; spades. ; Declarer cashes his ace and km? ; ol clubs and leads the ten of hearts, North discarding the J?.i.k ol da..... rr.onds, South wlnn ins'with the. diamonds, South passed, 'West bid queen of hearts. South returns the .; three spades, and East carried it queen of cluts which the declarer j to four spades, which North dou-! refuses to trump, discarding the i ' ' seven of hearts, as he. knows there ! is nothing but trump remaining in j the North hand. This forces Nortii i to lead into the declarer's kin;}, j jack of spades, and declarer has f made his contract of four spades, doubled. S-A-7 H—* D—K-Q- 7-5-4•2 C—9-86-3 SO UTH— DEALER S—10 H-X-Q-6-5-3 0—MO-9 C-O-l-5-2 The Bidding The liand was played at contract and South, the dealer, opened the bidding with one heart, West, holding three and one-half high card tricks, doubled. North passed, East responded .with three bled. Although North's hand contains five spades and his partner has made an original bid, Ihe double is rather dangerous as the rlo'.i- blcr's hand does not contain a high card trick. North op the top of The Play Read Courier News Want Ads.

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