The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 7
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MARCH 3, 1038 Colorful Kentucky Governor Opposes Veteran Kooswch Whcclhorse BLYTTTEVTLLR, (AUK.) COURIER NKW3 Kentucky's Governor And Futmlv »v t:.Mi;it:soN I-KICK XKA Serviee Sin-rial Curn-Miomli-nl I-'UANKFORT. Ky.. March i When Allierl lleujninin Clinndln was graduated from Corydou lli(<)i School in IS] 7. he was handed a sheet, <jf |iiipi : r with a ,, nn tei] li'Btnd. Earii member of Hie (Hss had i-c-Ktfvrd ;i similar class pro- Cliandlei-'s said simply: "WoiV 'i.'ii'd whit,.- you wait; ami you'll he I'overnor of your stale." lie spin- ne<l, luck,,| (!;,. |, al , el , jj, llls 1)otl> He si ill ha;; n. Yellowed n bit with ui;e. It rests between tiie pit,ts ol an nkl iiible in his present lionu Correct, :is far as it went, the prophesy may have stopped short Of reality for today Clmndlci is oul after the U. S. Senate .seal of ' Alben liait.ley. veteran- Roosevelt wheel-horse. And if Chandler .should be elected lo the Senate in 1938, who knows what might h in pen by 13-10? Oul-I.-.imlons I.umloii "Happy" Chandler will run on a record as governor that is in many ways more striking than the one which won Air London a presidential nomination in 193(5. When Chandler became governor two years ago at the age of 37. he had promised to balance Ihe -state budget. It hndn't been balanced in 30 years, and witli a debt of $26,000.000. not one voter in n- thousand really thought Iti could be. But at the end of two years Chandler had not only balanced the budget, but had cut the state debt from $28.000,000 to $10 000000, "In two more years the State of Kentucky won't owe one thin dime to anyone," Chandler promises. The saving W ns accomplished by abolishing i:io boards and commissions, all spending agencies. Only one agency, the Department of Finance, now is a spending agency. Chandler saved 8150.000 a year by cutting clown the.amount of fire insurance on the stale capital, which is as near fireproof ns a building be. Hard Wink, Hard Play Every day in the life of "Harry" Chandler Is a miracle of physical: endurimcs. nnd exuberance. He works oul in his gymnasium i»» Mhe;pi!seuftnt ; 'of -the mansion every morniiig-.lle is often in hi?' officer bclore eight o'clock. He sees hundreds of people, prae- i tically anyone who wants to sec I him. He lunches with legislators, often speaking over a telephone brought lo his table during lunch. He attends innumerable dinhem and banquets, and still finds time to rouip daily with his four children. He sleeps little, but soundly, and Ihe lithe figure and movements of n former football player are still Ills. He insists he can still beat any — Wt'okly Siitidny Scdno) "Serving With What We Have " Despite crowded days, Govermn Ch.mdli.-i lie is extremely tone!. With Mrs. Chandler, into each '24 hours. u,c family is shown in I ,il left is Maiwlla. On the governor's plt-nly or time to romp with the four ehlldrai of whom who works c-lmely with him In fit tin,; scores of appolntmi-ms the abo.e uroiip. The governor holds Albert Uenjimln, j,-.. left are Mrs Chandler, .lofeph Daniel, mid Mildred. »V WM. !•;, (il!,, Hilllur of Ailvan.. j 'I'o those or us who rend (he New j IV.M.-ifneiit story or Jesus nnd Ills i<-:<rl)ily ministry, .-.specially- In ill'' li'ihl nr nil I but Ims happened tluriiiR the Christian centinie.s, it seems iim;i/ii]|! ll:«t niiyimp sliniild ever i,ave doubted the Muster nr .'hnutd luivn ciueMioned (| H > liuetj- j lily of Ills letiriiin/.. and Hie beau- MV ami pmver ol Ills mission. I Vi-t If we pin oui.M'lvis hack In ; lji«' jiluci- ol (Hose u'ho lived |» [ KHfai-eth, where .Jesus wn.'i bit)ni;lit I up. unit iv.i think (1 f W |, a [ ,„„. ;1( . ; wliniii «•.. knew just us nn (ji-dlmn-y tittell.-r In our i-oiiumuiily .slmiilii MKfilciily riiiuiiiiiiie (lint lie hnd a 1'ii'liln lie niKslon nuil importiiiit I'^n-lhiiK lo (leclin-e, w,' slmii uii- '^i-tinul a llttli- til the- atlllude ol I! v.,is mil inuiattinil Dial, those •\li-t Usii-netl IK Jesus urn- nslon- 1 l«'(l al Ills leiu-hlni!. Ihul Ihey •••I'diil.t nslt. "Where dlil 11||. : mm , "'I Mi.'b wi.'XloiiiV l.s not Hits Hie I'illpelller. Ihe ), m , of Uliiry. uiHl liivther n( James ami .Indus, nnd : Hiiiiuii? And me |»,| j||. c s |s(.'r; leiv win, ,,s?" H was, 1 K , v »"l«r:«l Ilial they shuiild nsk sneli |<iiii'Mioii.v. rv.Milily It wiis not mi- nntnra! II!MI that (hey .should have "iilei- ot thhiHs nt the .stale cnpllnl lied c.ilonli.l building. |,,,d iilwajs li'VH ns .slnnd-olllsb ns It looked 'I'lie Chandlers run It l n so easy "iid Informal n nmnm-r Mini nil sorts of people go there mul feel nt been ufreml,>d hi ui m ; hill here, ni'verl)iele.-.s, Iliey were wroiif;; nnd II Wiis here tluil Ihe simple llsh- irnu-n mid nihev.s whn listened lo Jrsus mid wlio iipprrivcit His leueli- Inr were riv.lil. 'IVulh doe.s not depend upon Ihe wriillh, or position, or popularity, i>f Ihe Hum who Httci-s II. 'I'nitli Is Iniih. and rlfilil Is rlnlit. 'I'lie rlnln iiiiiul nnd tlii- open mind w.uild not bull- coudcmmil this new (earlier jusi lii-i-nii!.' HI; v.n 1 ; u humble I'ui'penier, and did not seem In Jwi-e tlif kniiiiiiu ami iiuthiMlty ol Hie men of They would hiivi- Mild. "Are his wnrcis true 1 .' J* tils I'hnracter mxxl? Are 111.' Hi works Ihul ln> dues e\-j[)i'ii«.-, hi.', power nnd willingness ;„ lii'hi Ills (i-lltnv iiiniV" Ji'.siis fell, vny kt'i'iily Uils m- iludr or llin.-,,- ,,f llis'rm'ij com- iniinlly. He ivnilnded (Heiii Ihnl n imiphfl. Is mil williunt liimor 'i! in Ills own roimlrv. More milewoilhy Is Ihe | lu -l ' llml He coiild ilo mi nilidity work there lieeiiiiM- of il,,. m ,|i(>|i,.|- ,,r || H .«, lienplc. Is even Ihe i;<Kid worl; ut t'od llmlleil liy the hostile anil umesponsh-e iililiiide of ills children? Jesus miirveled because ... Ilielr imliellef. Ilia Miclr iinuellef did not iliseoiiiiige Him m utleet Him In His mission to proclaim Hie (lospel, j * * We fornel that JC.MIS WH.S tin or- linnl/er, thai He won nut simply a hlr-.hly Idealistic U-ehcr, willliiR to "'•l forth lll.s- Wi-ns to who fiuni! to llslen. His mission wiis ii|;i!ri'f.slvo; Hi- ealled unto uini u,e liveli'e whom He had ehw;en, mid He .sent Minn lorlh lo prochilm HIP Klnwlmn o( Uod. He demanded "I Iliem i.uerlflce mid devotion. '['In 1 Kliindom anil ||.-i |)i'<wlHiin,. lion were I,, hi: I heir sole inieri'Ml, Mi' It was ihut Ihe twelve, nnd Inter other .'-i-vcnty, «l';<i wliiiiu •li'.'.us ii|i|iiilnlei|, went lurtli call- fhl- upon them In repent, and In tin- niiuif- nii,| power of Jesus ^ r . lu'inlnu wiaideiini woiks, 'I'll,' title uf tin- lessun Is "Sci'v- liif. with Whn( We HIIVC." We or u moiliin diiy nuiy jjrjL Imve (he power »r Ihese upaslles. We muv- not have lln- t-lll.., ( ,| henllnn. llu'l we nil IHIVI-. .si,ine !„, iilllc:,- , (m i lumers thai we could devote lo (hn Aluster. u Is oul u! (he j/lvini- of whnl. (ii-opl,.. |,,.,ve i,,,,!, ,,,.,.„ iiio'iii"!, ; h M'emed lltlle. (lint Hie lu-lik'veiiieiit.s of n,,. (^p ht-i'ii JMtiile. JPAGE KEVB Letter Goes 3,000 Miles In Wake of World Cruise FHKMONT, O. (UP) - A letter mulled In Bcllevue, Ohio, 14 miles dl!:tini(, to nr. Sherman McKon- "t'V. of Fremont, nirlvrd • here two months later nfler traveling 3000 mill";. ft bare pre.tumrks of ;ion(j Kims, China; Sydney, Aiisln AiicWrnul, New Zealand, and Anu.eles, Cnl., apparently tr« Hi', "nil Mr.i. AlcKcnney, wlw on n i'iiciflc cruise. A it<",'/ly developed feature on nn uplMi iiirtTafl carrlr-r "molhw" iliif Is u tansiiii 1 which .... tin: p|iine» In,in (hu weather. ,.,.,,„!, Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here tt'o pny Hiuliest 1'riccs on 1'iKillry tt( .'ill Times. GAINES MKT. 118 W. ninln SI. Phono 113 oth,.|-govt-mor in America- at. golf, forcenilness He likes lo fish, nnd on infrequent Hips lo remote parts of the state ami Bostiirc. ]iiJorni;>l nlwnys. Governor Chn.idlei' li| :C s sitting u.stride a cliair in what plainly is lo lalk lo visitors \vlule not a slulfec.1 thirl. His apparent in every move for fishing, his nmnitlngly wide nc- fliiiiliiliinee anioiiB nil .sorts of poo pie is revealed. ClmiKller doesn't drink or smoke "I don't. Jam- why. I just, don't." he says. Wife Quieted Ills SliiKiix; Hut, he sings, ire SIUK;" ns Die young son of a rimil mull carrier in Cors'doii (population. BOO). He .sang us he waited on tuble to work Ills way through Transylvania College, nnd won his letter at bnsc- tiiill. basketiwli nnd football. He was sun singing \vlien, after experience in Ihe army In 1918 and study at Hiuvard. law school, he conchPd atliletirs nt Versailles. Ky. He satii; too lourt. pretty Mil,' tired Wntkim. a locnl school- tejicher, decided. It is a fnull .slie believes lie has remedied since they were married. At 30. "Hnppy" Clwiullci' went to the State Senate, but cut .short his four-year term to run as llcn- leimnt-govcrnor with Ruliy Lfif- foon. Both won, but in 1932 when I.iifroou sponsored u stale snles lax. Chandler "denounced "him n'n'tf opened one of the bitterest political fends of Kentucky history. Governor Lnlfoon succeeded in having Ihe slnte ' prlnidry election law abolished. Bui. when he went to Washington lor a political conference. Lieutenant - Governor Chandler seized the moment to call n special session o( the Ic-jjis- Intiirc mid rush through n itieas- ure re-e.shiblishiin; the primary. • l)es|>ite LntToon's appeal to 'me eoiirls. the action wiis upheld. Chandlei' grew in uoliUcul stature so fast that in I9:i2 lie became the. lieutenant-governor of Kentucky ever to be chosen ROVCI-UOJ-. I-'ree anil Kasy The Chandlers Instituted a new in iii-Be Chandler lo make die Senate nu-e. When he j s criticized for ln- foi'miiHly «l the iimiision unid lie Is i tie says simply, •'[ repres«m these people. I ought lo make. every effort to llnd out, wliul. they wiint done. There miiy u> lieltcr ivuys of Dmllng mil. 'but 1 don't. know \vluit they me." Embarrassing lo Wi-sbtiiKlon New IJenlers because they owe support to the unspectacular but faithful Barklcy. Chandler's can- rlldncy brings (o the national scene the freshest, breeziest, mast vltnl ili;iire lo emerge In several year.!. Eager Colonists Await Invitation To Manatuska SEATTLE (CTPI-Dr. H. Milton Colvin, lej-nl counsel for the WPA, snlrt Mnnatuskn Is'definitely established and Is here, to slay. "The 160 families token from relief rolls in the Middle West nnd Irnnsplanted tu I be Northern li'V lire ciuvhin u new and proilue- live einphe, iiml nix- fliulinu for themselves a new nnd pronasliui ; destiny." said nr. Colvin, "There lire 15.000 persons i>u Ihe wnlllnif llsls, Mulling (o Ijeraiiit- nii'inlirrK of tlic colony." Dr. Colvin imlnted oul that Ihe- government ivnnted lo iiuike Alnskn •wir-suslnlnliu; by hs i, m \ food products, beeause of a- military necessity. If n war blockade should .stop Alnskn shipping for otic- nionlh, Alnskims would fucu vlr- Itml stiii-vntlon unless they hail fond resources ivlthln Die territory Dr, Colvin recently returned limn six months of activity in the eoloiitauion project WANTED GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON SWEARENGEN CO. OPFICK CONCRKTK niJ)G ON WAI,N«T STRKET IT COSTS LESS- To lot us KEEP your in shape than it (loon !o rc'imif it after it Ims broken down. In- crcnHc the value of your cm- ami LET US KEEP IT IN A-1 CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need All Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. •Oldsmohilc & G.M.C. 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