Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 22, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1896
Page 7
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We Offer You a Remedy Which Insures SAFETY to LIFE of Both . Mother and Child- , , . ; MOTHERS FRIEND 'BOBS CONFINEMENT' OF ITS PAIX, HOBItOU AND DANGER, , Makes CHILD-BIRTH Easy. Endoned »nd> recommended ' by phy«l- etoSS mldwl" « »n<l tho.e who have ui.a It™ B««.»re of »ut»tltut<M and Imitation*. •." j • •"- .." rrr' i --• \, \ Day (Laborer on Lonjf Island Sud: " deniy Receives $135,000. .;.-',~^. , Sow That Dume Fortune nun Given Him ... Tknusaudi, Ho Rep'rntd His Illlt- and LOOK* to Get Uuck to 11 IK Work. .. SliSd fr P eorc"°UlBln*TOiuiitiirr teitlmonlftl.. ,. , BRADTTWJ) MQULATOB CO., Atlanta,- (ta. r SOLD »T >ti DKDOOI8TB. ' TIME TABLES. _W5? ' ..-.••-.[•'' .HV.TiVpT~' ; ;7' V; ^''i "'- ; ' . • - ; [COPYRIGHT, 1890.] "It's a signed aa-ticle ye wants, ttil.l- 'iiig how -ii-'fccls to find yourself suddenly rioli," said old Jack Bcnn to,the 'writer. "Well, it's divil a bit of signing I can do, although. I like.to. be that 'obliging, for to write my name is something • I- never knew: bow, but what's 'the. matter with you putting it down. ,just-ns I.tellyou.?" . MMM- •'• : ' • '; ' Old Jack Beun, section hand on the .Long Island railway, threw 1 down : Uls tools at the close of a summer's day recently,'and with a fervent "Thaiik God, I'm through with them,", started, for 'his home iri'ilicksville.'Long Island. Old Jack was seemingly dazed, a.ndno * ,v,••»ms Leave tor ChlcnKO S:t5fti>; OSOam; lilSpmi inin fiSm Chlcwlgo a m; 1230 P m; 1 M P n, Leave 2 '?or Bridfo. d* 1^00 a m i ~ :50 n m; V :15 p m;' Anlve from Brndforcl 3K».» m;.12 : 35 p mtiao pin Le 8 ve 4 tor&r 8:0011 in; 8:30 h m: 2:OD p m. Arrive from Eftner 7:-J5 » m: 1 :«5L'•,™'' J i -vw,' m• - Leovc rocBlcl-niond 1*5 a mi 6:-l5nm;l:X>pjn, Arrive ucbmond 2a6 a m; 11:00 am; 1 n m; n a) p m, . f.eave for Louisville 12:;^ a m; 1 «j p m. Arrive rrorn Louisville 3:05 » m; 1 :55 p m. J. A. McCULLOUGH. Agent, LoKMispbrt. 11^, itVOOB'f .•V.V.-f'.V; "und-'ilohi^i fujwu-.^jej**,... ~-jr s —--—» the knowledge that hereof ter they could liuve all they wonted to eat, even pie with every "meal; ond their heaven wos complete .when tlteir father said they eould ench have a bicycle. The knowledge that the*money was ttieirs reached them on June 14. They are living yet ns they wcro then. The bicycles have not tntfterialined.-bu't tHe boys 'are satisfied in the knowledge tlia't-they are going to pet them. When the writer visited the .family he'ifou : rid tli'cm all'Ssit'ting around alate breakfast,table. In a: minute kind- heorted Mrs. Bcjnn had another .plajte on the, tuWe'arid'insisted tha.t the vis- il:or, 'sirftriger 'though he was, should join th'emi'while : old Jack-'tol'd what he,intended to do with his 1 money._"'A' request that.he should.wiite a detailed account, of'hpw' he,intended to spend it Was ^met wjth a, refusal, the old man say- Ing : he couldn't'write it' f However, he talked it: ; ' : '"When a man," he' said, "has been Omly JKleven *••« Old, But Ila» • Head op "'Hli Slionlilern. Winchester, ,0., has a prodigyJn Baiter Marion Glasgow; the 11-year-old 'son of E.' M. G lasgow. Seventeen clays before bo was 11 years of age, which, was iu November'-liust,, Master Glasg-ow wn.s granted a teacher's certificate for one year. He is now preparing to take •the examination for another certificate, and expeets^to keep one in his possession us long'as he lives. So far,usJs known he is. the youngest person to whoin a certificate was ever granted. When, he went to take his examination WEST BOUND. 5 locn' Krtlcht. accom dnllj ex Son... iSf 0 p ra 3 St. Louis limited dally, -old no -IS 10.24 p m 1 fast Mill! dally, 'old no;«'•»••••••••;.-,- S'.ii ?S 7 Kansas City wpress dally old roJl.- 3.1J p m 6 "acezpre»s(lalljfx6un 'oldnolj ...liuu-am Xo ' BAST BOUND. 2 N. 1.4 Bo«on llm d dally-'Old no «.. 2:41 R m 6 Fast mall dally. 'o:(lno« ; -jv"'--v;" J'w S m 4 Atlantic Llm dally ex Sun 'old no -H.. 4:52 p m 74 Local frt. Accom. daily ex Sun -...u o« p m EEL HIVEB HIVJSION. WEST BOUND. No35>nirlve...".. ......-.,.-»•• No 87 arrive , ' EAST BOUND. No 3* leate.,,.....' ...'...,.••'•'•• •'••• NoSI.IeavBi • • iao V ffl THE GRBtfSOUTH iHErUClH BALS4M I , . CUP'S « • • " LAWYERS IN FINE CLOTHES VISITED HIM ON THE ROAD." •' . '•' ;••••,•••' - ,,,.*wij.inn. *!-«• n. dnllnr a dav far tli INB. §0.10. to Si JctepHgunuuj on j v ' :W.» No .8 ei Sunday fortfoutii Bond 8 * P. No 8 .DBS'iKronsrli parlor car, HicIlnnapolUtO South Bend via Colmx. , , • • No 20' has through sleepers, St Loals to MjcKl na ""' " FOB THE. SOUTH . Indianapolis Yla U>... •.'••• , a , Ho 21 nas through Sleeper, Mackinaw to St. . Arr i TM No 15 daily except Sunday..., ....... :••-•$& B.gJ u-ona, for shgrtly after noon that, day lawyers 'in fine Clothes had visited him ou the iroad and had called him' Mr. ^ Derm, ancr^ile hewaswontlei-inswhat, til -this'iriendlincss ; 'meaiit"from such fine folks they had told him- that the will of .his uncle,, Bernard. Earle, had. beer, opened that day./nnd .that he, had, heen' left' a, fortune of $125,000. He could not realize all that that sum of, money meant. -He, the : hard-toilirg ' laJlroad laborer, was- stunned' by this ;nuiounc£inent, and he puzzled over rthc sum, S125,000i .much. .in. the parofl, way that he had tried tojflgur.e out .the ; !p penrance'pf Heaven when he was a '' Four : years'he had wbrkl-d on the road nt a 'dollar a day, and -he -could- not tell" iuab what the <;hangw:in his-prospects 'meant. ..Heibegan to realize it .though as lie plodded home. , Me^ond W9« iel ». whom he had known forbears ap-. ,,r6ache<l him with a diffidence lie had uei'er.' noticed before, itoil saluted him' ns "Mr..Benh."-' ; It had -always -been "Jack". 'or. "Old .J[an,":-and truth to.tcll Or; B: '-A. . Agent fit. Loula, Mo. A SHORT JOURNEY .-: .; : '.;--TO' ; ' : ' ' ; ' '" ...... CALIFORNIA :'. " .:•. / .- . .-.IN"'." ' '• ' ' . ' ' FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co ••SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route-New Orlewif ''"• '' to ' •'..'. Lo» Angeles and San Francisco. WM .dlscpntln-sed April 1.6th. I The npwlor '.. accommodations given the frwt .number of : p»trona o( : the above te»lnv dnrlng the past tourist season. warrants tho announcement of plans (•r next season- of- Oner service wltn •QOlpment; superior- to anything -yet kiown In transcontinental traffic;. ..... Cook for early re-lnaugur^jon of " l - i. . Then there • were ,mon, , hl. s . periors,'whom"he.ha<;laJ.way9 recognized us such, whb stbpiicd ham, greeting him effusively, shaking his hand; 'asking his opinion en-politics, ind iri'varioua'ways' l/etrayinffanantere*t in ,hi» welfare, and, deep down in;hjis'l*eart -he.blamedrtani-: =elf for eyw -haying thought tb/ai cold or haughty,' or s.uperciiiou8. , How coud, lie 'ever have'- so. called these friendly people, whom he h'ow understood' 1'or the fir»t ; time 'hafl : been -his > warm friends even all-tho time 'he .ha<3:.been;.working for.a- dollar. a: day on. the r.oad. .; ^ , All these meetings and g;rectin.i?,s had, detained himnater tliari-usual, so. that working for a.dollar a day far the best part, ol bis life he cannot conceive the possibilities'of ah income 'of $500 a month, such as 'I have now. "If the money was thrown hi a heap there on. •he Jfloor it, would frigfcten me more than it would, please me.,-.Now, I.only pay five dollars a month for this house,, but I have spent many pleasant hours hereV'n'nd -I hate to leave ii" : ;"But you will?". ' •" '"''..'.'. '<tfes. -The old- wom;i.n and the kids want a better house. I donlt blame 'em,; Thjs box. ain't much.of a.-plnce. . : U's, bitter, cold in winter and toOihot m.sum-, mer. .Yes, I'am thinkingof building a fine house here'in Hicksv'ille, and will ( spent! 'the 'rest; of niy days here:" "How Bo you propose to spend your' money,?" he'was asked.' •• •' ' - : "1 am not,going, to -use .it all. My; uncle left it .safely invested in houses and j'eal'estate; ,ond, whileI could draw it and invest'it in' something else, I don'i propose to'dd'so. I'll leave it as it is. :1 I have no head for business; so I'll never disturb a cent of it, but leave it .till:the. boys.is .grown up, and,,then they.will know how.to use it.V.,,,... "You mean to, give them ^ college, education, then?"' '. . -, . , "That 1 1 1 do. The best 'In 'the land. It's what'I'have 6'ften'niissed." • ''•'"'' ; "- "Bu't you will not work again-?" •• "• !Now, ithereiiii That's:ithe'yery thing; ; For Hoi^ie Seejkers lie Southern Pacific ; C«. •oute'' In 'Connection wltn thy "Queen, M d Oi^5cent Route" are runnlns the , only line of throngh tourist, Pullman Weepers leaving Cincinnati.. , eyer^, Tnwtday.evjniriafor Loa Angeles and •s&a^w'^^w." meted, and the object Is fo enable .tow.. who do not care to buy the flrst-claw round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy. » comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change, of cars at the ' • ».rj low Becon^lss rate; , . For further Information, addreii vi . H. COiSINOR', ; '•Cominerc'lal Agt. 9. P. ••^ Cincinnati, O. • -'.."". _ , 0 W. G. NElS!tER.;0; W. Agt. 8.' P /' [•'. ._ T. Ag» B.'* . MORSH, fo,'Ne'w i" I -WISH I 'HAD'^NEVEB ''BEEN -LEFT ' , :i . .-,. ..: A.CBN.T/:,.-; ;! \ ,-; . •: : '.;o ,when he'-reachcd home," the most .uh-- Wetentiousf frame house—just a box.ot •a house-in that.village of : frame houses, he Jound rhi^good.wHe-anxiously wait- \frg. at, the .door, with, their cluster ,9^ !four ch'ildren,'about her. . .. .. * ^ "Oh,' 1 John, dear, dear -John, 'you won"'t have' to Jiill'yburself working any • —™ »•=-!,* -.cried-, '^passionately, .:onu ow, iii that's, puzzl.ing.ime. Mebbe- you w.ould advise' me.. .The. ; old ^vpman and the children 'don't want me .to, but 'tis .as. tru'e'ria you're sitting 'there, -sir;'! would feel 1 more -to home with myself if I was out on 'the road there again'.' 1 •'.' '•'••' " 'Deed-.. you: wouldn't," /interjected Mrs,, Bpnn. > T pu'll stay home npw,V, ,, VI. suppose 1 I'll ..have to. ; with,you-a»^ the young, on'es'.all. W i Mn s * : |™ e ';!!.??. elTe T, Wted, with a'eomicdl smile. ' "How do 1 'yon spend' your time how? e^was'^askea. '•''''-•'•" ' •'•• |1 ' i ' :l! • h " VMoping around: I.get-upias early.as ever. I don't eat. as , much as I used to, r.nd I don't steep- as well. Sometimes, upon me soul, If '.'jt-wasn't-'for them"- indicatlng the loving group around him —'•i-conj'a -wish -I- h*d tfever been' left n cent.,"'. -he "concluded.- '• •' •' • :l •' -'V . Benra is:. 53 years o!d'.:..'He'was .born: in-.Wodentown, Bounty /Loud, Iceland,. where,his rich.uricle .was also born.- • , Earle .prece'ded" him. t,o America and settled 'in Hicksville; 1 where by shrewd in^estments' ; hc athassed 'n-'fortnne; of rtearVo m'ilifon' ' dolltfrs.-o -He^wte-, n> bachelor, andwhen he died, a few/weeks ago he left his vast .fortune- equally nmong:five nephews and nieces, audalso left'.a laVge amount to.yar.iousCiitholio .charities. ; , ".' . .... -. ..,.,.. ( . MARION GLASGOW. : the boy was unaccompanied by .parents or friends. He finished the first session before 'any'of the old teachers; and was the first I'D return for the'nftemooii session. All of his learning, aside from his individual study, has been derived from an-ungraded' country -school, which ho began'attending in his sixtilvyear. Mister Claspow if; a-prodigy in other wavs. On a railroad train.iieecntly th« newsboy furnished him with .the subject, fo'r'n phillipic which he delivered to a stranger who'occupied a seat with him, and he concluded by saying there ought,: to be a natiomo.l law enactedi abolishing the news agent, nuisance. Thereupon ihe,drew from his pocket a bill for that purpose, which he had prepared. Master Glasgow has . also mrule a study of politics, nnd talks learnedly on the'silver question.' He is theiauthor of-a democratic soliloquy; which -begins: "To vote or not to vote. Master Glasgow's father, is a traveling salesman'for a threshing machine comr pan'y aiicl hismother is a schoolteacher. ST.'STEPHEN'S' CROWN. Europe'* Oldest Royal Jewel H»'« °* te ? -. : -.'• ,: Jjbcta ln : P»-'«Di' The crown of St.: Stephen, of Hungary, which.,was conveyed during the recent,milennial celebration from.the Coronation Cathedral of Bt.MaUiiasat Buda,' to the'new house of parliament at Pesth, ib j the oldest'crown in Europe. It is nearly a thousand years old. that is,.the upper crown is; for this'piece oi 'royal.headgear is in two parts, one-hall of which is,Roman and,ithe,,other half Byzantine. ,, , .,., ,.,- . ,-' .-••'' the upper crown, was destined for Boleslns, of'Poland,' was'-presented,to •Stephen, of Hungary, by Pope Sylvester Iiv, itHis formed of two intersecting hoops n nd:connected,atthe.fouT ends' with a,border. vOnuts top is-a, smalli globe, capped by a,cross,;now,m an in-, clined position. Beneath is aimniatnre. of the Saviour surrounded by the earth, the sun; ! tih;e' l moon,'and two trees (prbb- Bbly of some symbolical significant).' The entire! surface of'-the" : two ! 'hoops' IB adorned with the figures ol the twelve i • It clears the beadof foul mucous; heals tfio Lores and ulcers .of, the head and. throat; sweetens the Wath, jmd perfectly restores the senses of the taste, smell .and hearing. Stops headache'and dropping into 1 the tLroat, Also destroys the germ which cauwe HAY FEVER. laking a perfect cure in a few days. Ncvwr ..ails! ,«o fatal case o' T ,A GRIPPE ever know* where Brazilian Ball-. •sfaithfulJj'.sised. le destrof 7 \e grippe gene andquicWy removwj irbadefi^ect ll N Fii LI B LE in ASTHMA, CROUP. BROBM I V«-»" '-PJ.EURJSY. PNEUMONIA, SVSPEPSI*, \TISM, TYPHoro aad SCABIB* MEASLES, and any disease whetc ^. i nflammation, Fever or Congest ion. Greateot ^rilief in Consumption evey discovered. ures a Fresh Cold m one da ' ' and relieves deafness. ' "tite. As »u fnjc jcctl«» "if Snl Se contains 100 Dows,' or- Two leeks Treatment for Catarrh. Jf.OO POTTLE eQUALS THRC* GOO. BOTTLES. croup, cold ana me-won* wi"» »•• s*'rt- ••- "•"„" 7-, .,, Tr , T .^~ has usc d tl Jtin W ^'Soothe D'D Pastor Del. sluctiSap- <-"•• jirs dv<^.i.,na& usvu t, 3/JCi/Af,i'^'Ivas very'deaf for io : y6ars from catarrh:'Brazihan Ba^m anph SOLD BYALLaRU^QISTS g. p. JACKSON & CO., , 0. Means, H. D. Battery and A. R. Klstler. HERCULES ROBINSON. To. Be Honored by »o El'evnt!o9 to tb« I'o«r:i(to for 'nil Siorvlcc*. ' Sir Hercules-Kobinson, forme.r]y governor of Cape Colony, will reap ^.substantial reward for pursuing a conservative course .in. South Africa; .He kept oloof from.entanglemeEts.thatTled. to,the trouble* of Cecil Rhodes, Dr. .inort;,- -Mi»v .^jn.^., i threw, :her' arms -around'his- ueclc, bing. ' The-excitement of the day . • r been 'too.-much':for P^d JoekBenn an,d Ihc' w:ept. nlsp,' as. he pressed her to .his ; lireastand 'the-children wept in sympn- ' 'The' S125.-000' had: brought. .the assnr* unce W:Mrs.:Benil that h(Jr;nwn^wouJd : not have to tpiLin-hea-t and;cold, ; wet or, i dry ' any more, and;she,,was.,satisfied.. 'When the happy little fan^ly .sot down to' their meal' fhat -evening they flll'eac- prc88ed the desire df'the'ir-hehrtB.'-'Mi- ' ,...,,,*. f .1 _ i i-^;^.-A ! - 1 n't' <4*A*i*«fi* r ^lj3 ^" rlfl*aB • . , ,. ..neumona..,. , ...• .••••;!,. Mrt.' A. j. riirreiicei'.of Beaver,., P*., •ay*f l ' "B»'fi;iHin : BWin Biob'ght nie out ' ''- spienu,afii«M,(!-<.'ji, w^-^ioopfnui: "=»•-.' eay fof cfVvgnsandJunB.troubli;*, ,.AUx> f , fot'dutwafd 'u»e'. Tor hMB8,"'cold 'lorei r »nd chopped hands and f»ce, it cures 1 - pped ic 4 ; It ' ' the 1»«- vvorldW i«» .'Bn-lJoStlcriin.-thc Uouse.of^tlia.-L, ,1, Kv n»,, O t.py / ster.Bay, isaid thafnow he would like- to-stwdy.tie i business of civil engineer. His f*ther • said he coiil<ir"iraryVaR-ea I!), had only oTH^'flfcuVrtv'. 1 Shc^vflintod'-t'o ]<SW3i^stfiDO^" '•rnphv nndilypewriti nft-so thatsh.e could ,^;. T) " 1,'pr oivn living, while,; the'two --.- , , . "I want a '•pp'unil.of . butter,", said .Mr, Sp'udds'to the grocer. .'.!' ... ,. , "Yes, sir; the real or the imitation . "Which'"-' kind 1 '-"was it you gave'-W day beforbyttsterfla'y?'- '••' '•"'" "That.y,'as:tlie:gemaine'." ;(;,. •>•:•' t,he , imitntion. tins ' ..-,.: . "Latin ''inscription^..'. .;...,; .. . ,..-..-•,,-,., , , The" crown 'traveled all' over Europe, but' 1 ) t ! was never b'rbfceii 6'r'robbed of its jewels,'; afteri the mannwof othar migrant crowns. !;.••;..•.'•!; '."''- : -'"" " Then some one : buried it, -ond-jneariy, all the inhabitants, pf.,Hu«fpry, boggn 'to see in t'he.i'r dreSmsJhe place where the crown wos.hiclden,.. . ..., ..-,-.. When-,' -in"' tht middle- of the.flft.pe.nth centnry,'theTeign-ofthe,Tne-eTIpnh'cam% to-an end, Que'en'.EHzabe'th:iof Hungary, pledged the brown :.1i9;;a. : p«tty ; pa^'ri- broiler 'i,u,«-Vicnna.fqr. ; 2,500. guldens- (a ''-7 • .'time.V-JS''.,Y.Wor;kl,, , '• •;It.Beeins;tonie,"BlioutedUiicli;.Allen •Sparks'to the. .fle'eing-, biopmer., .g-irl,, ; whose ''bicycle "'had'.given,'hi® H "severe, •'jbiv ni ; fl ; crossing.'"'you 'm'i?rht stop a ; '«fecond or 'at •len-st i '16oTc r arou»a--to'-spe '•vVhether ytfu'v'e"krioel:cd ,1nybddy down ; 6r nott' Thatiwortiaibe the pentlcmanr ,.-, ^i» for T.o.ur own good. ?: , ' ' : .. .' ".VVhat.is it?.'': : ,.,., , '•! ;,'/! ' "i'"wanit'i : ou to give'.'.up .^ .You W Wn ply rul nln^our health and ; 'my 'ln.ee ciir1/ains."'-WaBh'ingt<>» Star. ' 8ea»oii • 1.110 BtJtt»"« U» • vi*v*^ . sunim^ipsay wffo'i.^alwnya-so ./TnmlUlilte' ui hot'WefttKe'r;"•'-'.- <retifle ; and -am^bliB' Jn no^weatner ; . i «SoCiH t .niirte!^-it":roust';bc fbccauaetnll ,the .progressive; euflhi-e.'Clu,b8,:haTJS;sJiut] •aowTi.'V-Chicago.JJecprd v . .,,.:-. . r , i; ;- : ,- guidei)is4p,een,ts).Gscng-2 f .an •pfe'hnig'es; -•The'pawn.ticliet is still^n •exist'encenhd bears tne date of May 8, '-• " •"' ' •"••• It was pawned ng-nin, this time-to rred«rick:IY'.: Of :late,yenrsfthejcro.wn 'ha8-.hnf| ( a. more quiet-,tirae of, it.-; It : is 'by.no menas.beaiitiful.aml |s.valued.at •$a,00d,ooo:.'!',;, '',...' "V, J'-. . ' lit 1 .: 'i.ll'-S-: '• ^— 1 A new,diamoncl.'fleid,nas,ueen ; diBcoY.- icred' hear Timworth; Xew South Wales, nnd fresh finds of pold nnd silver con- -tintie to be reportedr" There are in this 'colony 378-worlcs;for the. treatment of •'. VIA : , HERCULES ROBINSON. Jameson aud their associates in the iben's e • i;; ; E|fH and--El.«otrlcltj> .French ...experimenter,;... - r - ;;: -. ;i.-ji *!-,, germ in,the!, memorably ' Ttansvaaa fight with, .-the', Boers and the British government has by implication, administered a.reproof to the conspirators by deciding to. ele-. vateT'SJr Hercules to the' peerage. .BTe was' conducting the affairs of Cape, .Col; ony for his secondvterm when the storm broke. "it "is, 'acknowledged that his xjjicy. was in no>y'ay responsible for the -aid on the Boers and that his efforts to maintain the dignity of the home government at his post were successful, although he was In a very trying situation with, perhaps, the majority of Eng,]isbmen-ready:;ta,deDOwice.tl». representatives of the government .in SouW Africa. CAUGHT UP WITri THE HERD. Mbitherii B»uW»y Condnoior^ Apt B«tort to an linp»U«iit P«i««n*er. Southern. .railroad s.haye axepui for slow travel,. and, in Eome.,cuBes it.i«, well , merited',, A ,'.. western, traveling ma'n."s'ays-Harper;s Bound Table, making a trip on-Mse lines suffertd'fcgreot deal of ttTW^yancfe from this particular failing, but up'.to'thetime'of the follow* ing, incident he (had, en joyed himself; Jro- menselyi.guying,tbe J oonducU)rs > .tr,aan-, mentor any^person Jta^g to,.^.^ .the Voids about- their' rapid transit-jHe was : trave'iing 'one 'afternoon on "an exceptionally Blow train, which came to a stop-eVcry now and tneri^witnoutiany apparent cause: : After expressing, himself very audibly to the passengers, he 'resigned .himself, to, tne inevitable and dozed offilUo shorf naps, which were . interrupted % the sundry jerks of the . train, at which'h'c complained.' The pas- Kcngers' showed -their -annoyance at thesejpe.mplaints:by':angryJooks. a-hc : Iost ii.ology;had -been 1hat the cattldobr-l BtruEed the track. The train had. started again and proceeded about ten .miriu'tes' whcn.it; halted witiajerk. Up. •walked ' the ' ; impatient ' traveler -.and. petulantly, remarked : "Dear, 1 dear! J I ; buppose,. J condu6tOT,-. '-this worse :thua slow train has strock another. herd :Ot, "cattle,"- "Staick another v one!:. .-Not much,''. replied, .the wnduetor, '^> ; simply .-caiigHt ip again withjlie first hera4e ran; in^';" that's all.": "The trav- , eler BuSs'lded'and the 'conductor-was left .in peace ' 1 - ••• - "BIQ FOUR" TO THE rioiJNTAINS, LAKES anil SEASHORES ., .,: Solid Vestibuled.TralaB.. .: .. .,,m.tb Wagner Sleeping Car* ... 'to HJljMt from ."/•;••' su Doais, Peoris, ludlaiiapoUSi- Clnd*- - •••£ \ ) Dat \ a j ^& ! • j' ..-^ OLEVElAND AND BUFFAI« -^ "The Knickerbocker Special" ' ;g '••Thel Soutbwertern Limited:" '• ; ''j Six TernaJnals at the Great Lakes. J'^ Oblcagp, . Bentoa-Harbor, Tole*»,.>| Detroit, Sandnsky, Clevelaat ^ Tourist Rate* In all WrectioM. .....^ B. O. McCormlck, ^ 5 : Pass. Traffic Manftger,;. f?j D. BV'Martin,. -.; " .-!.' ;• -'^ GenL Paa« and Tlcfcct Agent. '^ Greatest Dlscioyfir!y or -ihe 19* Centnry The Lpflansport Humane ' For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animal* ,• E.S.RIce-Prcn.~'-' v Oeo.Tr.Waltcni-Scc. J. J. Hlldebrandt-Trcw W. M. Bluhop-IIomnne f*~ *' S '6^ ! WWalwi : v'^jJ'.T. Dlldebrand«:r_ ; , ;;s PW *^ 8U Tn. Pratt Xnt.KM.^m r . Telephone No, 30. ^.. f . • : « '•»"•'•, ^"=. ev " ;• ,™ ••• troy'ed by' an electric; ; '- The Turkish-, language J:is:'said .„ ^g- is lit". r "'-=,""j— .~f r-.--,...-. ,, ,-DoholajBi tO^be .itheMioftftit^ona 'current'thh't wp'Jld ; kill an : ndult--fpwl? j mtll i ea l,langua?e,ojf.,inpdern ; ,timesvfie-. ^ttia^lle^rm^i^otricyifi^Wtet '^ca^es thnt.ii WOT *'! 'ta»>fcet;te£' ad»pted"l(Q Ithe'.purppBes c l: ' ' nrusltiaV citation'.' 'and fecitntion tft* even the Italian. 'ANIAI-MIDY [these <-any.Capsnles are -i 1 ta-EBEpm oi /% — iK - Ojl^is-orlnjec CURE m 48 .. the samo diseases inconvenienco.;/ ,..>•• ' ' SolS. If; ah i!ni Typhoid and Scarlet Fever. timeBr.nliftn these di«e»»e» very --«.-:prevents deafc«w.-M»!}.,!£o« which Karlet fcyjr and ™*>™ leave behicd. • •.••»'& " .-.-'!§

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