The Courier News from ,  on June 25, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1949
Page 6
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tAGf 8TT •' BLYnTEVTT,I,E (ARK.V COITOTKR NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION p*f UB« ror »0c Mini mum ctuir** 1 Mm* p*i line ............... **<= 2 tlOMft p*l Hn« per ctij ......... 12c 2 timor p«t 'lac pet diy .... ..... Vc • nm«* p*i line p*i day ....... Vc 13 tlra«* p«l nn« p«r dif ..... 5c UontD p«t Lin* ..... W*c Couni live average words to Ibm line «a oroerca lot thr** 01 *u tune* »nd *iopp« D«tnre «piraLinn will o* cd*rg- •* lor the au/nbei oj tlmet tO« fcd *pp#«rea snn adjustment 01 oill m it a e All CfB MU led Advertising copy *ub- muea oy peranns re&ialr.g outbid* of tm CILJ musi Of accompanied OJ c**& Ktte* niay e**llj o* cnmpmed from ih* •.aove t»Dlt A a terming orjei loi irrt-K'itu in»*r- noni uxe5 int on* lime tabr* No responsibility win oe taken lot mar* man nne incurred interlLnit of At service. Sir Tim my O'Buff, Reggie rta DJoude cocker yire. WorJa ien- owned SlocKunie bloodlines 'Iweiuy Nine Ctiimpions, lour generations. Ph. 24W. . 6,23 • pit-Y/^ -oaai: friQisnmg M aoui ttrvice ifci.w b STUDIO l|*-c*-u any la AM ftdft ar» rfrMrictwi to tneli prupei ciRSSiIic*tinn Ktjfe and type Th« Count! rs5«rr«« the right to *dic or reject any *a AfMirtment for 2*room lurnished no use 11CS West Mam. Ph. 2046. 6,15-|iV-7.5 Modern 3-iooni furnished apartment. Ph. 3^6S or -{267. 6:>5.j)k-:29 3 room furnished Bparimenl. Electric relnge/iiior ana siove. AdtiLis oiiJy. fnone 311*9, 104 \Veja Kennicky. Small furnished apartment UUJ1- es airiushed. cio&e ID. i'hcme 6:!0« 2-room apt. 40E E. Ash A: Lilly. One a-room. one 4-rooin upstairs « pan me nt, Private bath. Phone Mrs. 2 room furnished apartment. Close In. Newly decorated. Plione 2Qt& Two room furnished apartment with bnth. Couple only. 516 Lake. Pnone " Modern '2 room furnished apaiiment Couple only. Phone 565 or 2595. Furnished and unfurnished apt&. Ph. 'J room unfurnished apartment Fnone 96». 6.23-pK-26 3-room film Ish erf a pi Refrigerator and attic Ian. Couple only. Ph 4152 or asm. 621-ck-ti lOOmft. Phone 6155. Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Ltundtrcd »nd _ _ Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOK CO. w« cmo HI) all ynui ne«]B Uet genuine p«ru crnm ouj complete line ELLIS POOMS. UWNKR & OPERATOR South Hl^hwaj til at Hteele Uo CHAPMAN SKRVTOB STATION Uain d: UITIMOD Phone lid Uon't endangw join Umlly with faulty tlrec— BUY LEI I7RES Loons Money to Loan Uo jou rtffa • lo&n to r«pali 01 re~ BifKtffl? Nn down payment n« mort- V««f. no red tape FB» *PPROVEU RAIT s% ASK FOR OC'IAILS Max Logan. Realtor Fboni 2034 Lynch Bulldmi Blrt1CTM!« Ark Vj'23-cK-U AU'IU A*LI rUKNITURA LXJAN» ftuoipt fcr^inai b*rfic4 Utoer&i >.\jnirHi;l Purcbu* i^jrp 11* Souib }tb Pnooi nuj MODERN PLUMBING FIXTURES No own payment l(K>% l.H.A. L O ROUL1KON 1'honi 6315 FARMERS GKT YOUR HAY BALED 12k Per Bale wren and no*- you wunt It, I nave equipment 10 take care ol any aiae ct. Call Troy House Phone 2120 or 2)41 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 20^8 Blytheville or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk 7-2 S CLEANERS W* atytn»»lUe Kent sande'-H Refinish your own ilixira Kent an electric sunder from Wards Economical! K'ee instructions, Montgomery Ward 4-7 ck U Lawnmovvers Sharpened Henry Westbrook's Shop Welders Nnrtn 3*1 Street * 4161 Nlzftl for Rll Lj-pejs plumbing work call arry Myers Pti 6349 d.H [Ik VJI4 Sewing I'Uce? Reduced Bells. B LI cities. But- lonv and Duiionhnle* Ph 3?>'M 6ue N btn *(4 pk 7(4 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS DON" EDWARDS rtie ryp*» N Second St Phonr 3382 0ilt>-ck-ti for S0/e, Misc. Story and Clarlc Piano. Goort condition. Cheap. Phone 3160. fi,32-ck-30 Hardy strawberry plants T22 Jaml- on 617 pk 7JI7 Good ear corn $1.50 per bu. Phone 702 HALE SEED FARMS Burdelte, Ark. 6-11 ck tf ROOFING -AND SIDING Get Ward's low prices M-P- Top quality *t » low price Warrt'* .tspnali roollnB nnd Riding la laboratory tested ULYes Jang, hard service May* brls-ht und colorrul CoiiTenlenl monthly terms Roofing, a wide variety ot stylM. rnlnrs and weights Chooji* tortay lor RII attractive houxe tt low cost MONTGOMERY-WARD Dirt lor .salr. Call 3507 or 2294. 6,24-pk-n Want good going and a Good Buy? OWm U1ED CAM AH! OUT Or THII WORLD IN FE*rOXMAMCE BUT DOWN TO EAKTH IN PRICE! 1911 Plymouth, 2 Door wilh Henler, Seal Covers, New Engine, Very Uood Condi- lion !!)!! Chevrolet, 2 Door, with Kurlio and SeHl Covers, Good Tires, In Excellent Shape i!M2 Chevrolet, 5-l'assciiRci Coupe. While Side-Wall Tires, Radio and Healer \ real Buy! 19-11) Packard, 4 Door Sedan, Radio and Heater, A City Driven Car in Excellent Condition. A Real liargain at _ I!I3M Chevrolet, 2 Door, New Engine. New- Tires and I hi? Car is as 'clean as ;t pin . . 1H12 Plymouth. 2 Door, Two lone (Jieen Radio and Healer, a Very Nice Automobile Al Only $695 $695 $745 $595 $695 $745 "When Bellei Cars Are Huill, linkk Will liuild I'hem" Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen OH,. Slanfi.ld w . J. "Bill" Wu n d,,lich Langston-Wroten Co Walnul at Broadway Dial 555 tot Nr • fey in fcW C«rt Uy fr** . fefafc GOOD CARS! GOOD PRICES! GOOD TERMS! ID IS Kurd Super De I.uxc Kordor, Mai'oon, Radio & Healer wilh '19 Ui'«nse. 1S-I7 Ford Sup«r I)e I.ux* 5 Passenger Coupe, Maroon, Radio & Healer wilh '•!» License. 1918 Chevrolet l-'ledmasler 4 Door Sedan with Radio and Healer. Chevrolet Coach, An extra bargain at $95. 1!KM Ford Coupe, A Good Buy at $95. Good Truck Buys J!ll« Ford Pickup, Only $S!)5. 1H1B Chevrolet Pickup, $895. !<M6 Ford One Ton, Sfeel Body, J!)!)5. litII Ford LWfi \Yi Ton $695. 5th at Walnut ompany Phone 4453 Tom Sawyer paint tui cuialUj ROLLISON LUMBER CO Nortn 10th Ai Camp Moultrlr Drive Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANC U LBL*r«*Ua ID Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls jlencoe Bld«. F. B Joyner Phone 819 THEATER— N«w brick: b.llldinK. seat- ift capacity over 500. n«l profit over 100 per week. Priced MQ.OOO. 110.000 cash, balance over * period of 10 y«ars. b room »nd balti on Lumerate, price a room and bath. 2 lota on Htehway IH. (5,5<W, Barziln » room nome, good location on West Ash. Uood condition. Hot waler. heat. Small three room and oath remal house in rear. Priced right. >12,fXX>. 6 room and bath home on corner ot Davis and First, Everything In the house, including healing plant, n«w. l-ooxinj? for something cheap, forget H, want your money'* worth, call me. Have jwnie or KIR homes In alythevllte. cheaper than you can build.. Mrs. J. L. L«wi3. Realtor Ul Kasi Davit St. Phnne «S9 Nofic* Big live cat llsh and large Buffalo unloaded ai 11CXJ South Clarlc Street daily, ciar* Street Fish Market. Phone 3WV. W« deliver. 6 ; 23-clt-7j7 Personal 1'Qirtj ninutc pnoUwtavur u srbfcN b ^'I'lUJiU /nsuronce Cad 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 w Ann m 41-eft OLilNCOl- HOTEI BIJll.lnNU foi Rent Store building equipped with counters. sbelvmK, scales, register. 12-ft. Qisplay counter, block, etc. Good location for fish and poultry market Ph. \U6i or 1261. . «; •J offices in Borum B!dg Phone Mrs :dsar l> - Horum, 3123. «20-ck-tf Heautilul J-b*droom home on Ash Street C»ll C B JOYNER. ptl 3205 6.17 pk 1| 17 Mrs. Lucille Cox. Ark, Union, OSCCD\», ' Galvanized waler pipe is' now plentiful at your best plumbing h e a clquarlers GUILDERS SUPPLY, INC., South 61 Highway. 6-14 ck tf Jlut bought calculator. Have CLa'y Idliv* machine tor .SMC cneap. Osteola Allaha Milling Company. Phnne 392. usteola Arkansas, 6,24-ck-Vjl One 24" pectstal circulator, one 38" IKHjr [a[i. oite 30" window fan. Two window fans, phone 2123, Dr. Acmnson. 6,24-pk-T-L Modernistic Walnut bedroom suite complete, breakfast set and oil heater. •U6K. 6,23-ck-28 role.ct your baby Irom llles and insects with a mosquito net from The ot Snop. B,23-rk-26 ladles fur rout s\r.?. 14. and man's t wool suit worn only once Bargain Phone :W5;i. B2:i-ck-2fi Hoat.i any style Outboard *ervlc« Westbrook's iMachine Shop 225 N SI Ph 41«l 4|lU-ck-tl 209 N. 22nd Street 6.2l-pV-2fi FRVERS for sale. Heck Spain, Harley- Davidson 47-«l O. H V Special Deluxe wlih lota extra Terms 2H Doug an. Ph. 6712. «21-j>k-28 Champion 42 H. P. Outboard less nun 10 hours. Cheap. 2120 Henley street 6,24-pk-21 S burner table lop Florence oil Move. Phone 2593. 6,2i-pX-7;2 O. S. ROt.LI.SON LUMBER CO. yhct-t Rock. 55-iO C'cloipx. $5 DO Call us to estimate your repnlilng nrl paituinir. TOM SAWYER PAINT Oince Ph, 594 Ites. 1'h. ^^09 Priced rlKlit. Demmlns 295 gal. automatic electric waler pump, wilh 40 «al. lank. Johnson Block Co. 61 Hlway So. Ph. 2380. 6,25-ck-7,2 «,2*-ck-26 For Sa/e, Real Estate BARGAIN HOMES BRAND NEW MODERN 5 room bungalow, floor furnace automatic attic fan, disappearing stairway, large clos ets, concrete walk and driveway. Lot 75 x 190 ft. in COUNTRY CLUB DRIVt ADDITION. If its a nice home you want, we have it Priced 910,000. Terms FHA Gl. 6 large room and bath on East Kentucky. Extra wide lot, 2 screened porches, garage and outside storage, nice yard, back and side fenced. A GOOD BUY. Priced ?88UO 100% Gl Loan. Good 4 room house and bath. A I! rooms extra large and A WHALE OF A LOT 69 x 320 ft. Will accomodate a cow, a pony and 4000 chickens at $1.00 each will pay for this place. 100/'fe Gl Loan. See or call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St 5-room modern F. H. A. House. Select floors. Spacious closets. Attractive back yard svith large shade trees. Close to town and High School. Modern, neat and new full 5 rooms. Large lot. Equipped with Coleman floor furnace & attic fan. Insulated for comfort & economy. Possession 30 days. See or call MAX LOGAN Lynch Building Ph. 2034 6-24 ck 7-1 NO CLOSING~COST.~~NO DOWN PAYMENT. Move into one of these lovely 2 or 3 bedroom homes in David Acres for as little as ?37.9o per mo. including taxes and insurance. We have more than one house plan lo make your selection from. 2-bedroom home on corner lot on Heiirn St. can be G. 1. financed. Call DAVID HEAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3631! .... Night _. Sam Godwin, Salesman Phone 4124 6-25 ck 6-29 SAVE MONEY! See These Cars and Trucks Before You Buy 1!)-17 Chrysler Windsor, 1 dooi', brand new lires, radio and healer. 1!H7 Chrysler Coupe, radio and heater, new set of lires. I«l! Special Deluxe Plymonlh, 1 door sedan, all new lires, a peach of a buy at (he price. Ill IS Chevrolet, 4 door, black, with excellent rubber. See now! I!!.'!( Chevrolet, 2 door, new paint, complete in every way. MM7 Plymoulh Slalion \Vagon. radio and healer, spol lijflils and fog lijfhls, good lires wilh 5 life guard lubes. 11137 Ford, 4 door sedan, come in loday and see this bargain at S225. 1HI7 Dodge 1'/z ton. green color, excellent rubbei, cab and chassis, 151 inch wheel base. lltlfi Alack, 2 Ion truck in excellent condition, good rubber, 161 inch wheel base. T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Ph on « 2122 Mndern Kpf A cmbinr t>y wee< m inntn cal« urvlc* Ln«i Buy couru Private Kooms in close In. Adjolnlns bath l hoi water. Ph. 2062. 623-|ik-26 jirfte. cool bedroom Men only 310 w Walnut g 8 pk Keclrrwirn 1109 Chlck&uwba Comfortable Bearnom call 2675 6V pt 7i2 Bedroom Men Help Wanted, Male DRAW $75.00 WEEKLY auist commissions and small [Olien quota in selling rool leak-proofing direct to Industrial, commercial and larni minding owners. High prtce.s new roonni! create live market for tills economical compound. Exclusive territory Minimum supervision. Home every mqm. Enjoy o\vn business Write- J-26 UOXJJ66,^Cleveland. Ohio. _ 6.25-pk-2S APPLTA'NCE "SALESMEN. ATTENTION: We are wanting 3 lop flight outside salesmen to sell appliances. Car necessary. A very good deal for a man who can sell MONTGOMERY WARD CO. 6-25 ck 28 fot Sale. Cart & Trucks Save Money on These USED CARS 48 Jeep Station Wagon with Overdrive. 48 Jeep 4-Whecl Drive—A Bargain. 47 Kaiser Sedan with Radio & Heater. 46 Chevrolet 1'/a Ton Truck —A good buy. 41 Pontiac Sedan with Radio & Heater—Very Clean. 40 Buick Super Sedan with Radio & Heater. 41 Chevrolet Sedan — A Real Buy. 41 Ford Tudor — A Good Car. •10 DeSoto Coupe. Also several others priced to sell. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 6-16 ck tf Wanted to Buy est price paid for CHICKENS— Asn Street Grocery A,- Market *sh 6;7 ck tl Production of canned meat more lhan tripled In I . 10 years be- IVftn 1937 and 1947. Read Courier News Want Ads Female Help Wanted WANTED: Woman "mlddle^airecrseT- nd to live In liomc and care for nmall baby. Uo general house work and Iron- His. Motner teaches. Applicant must Be prepared to stay throughout school term. Apply Mrs. Roy Trantham Rt 1 Box 302, Cariuhersvllle. Mo., or phone wanted someone to care for a yr ld boy. Days Irom 7 AM to i:30 PM' on Co. c.o Osborne Furniture Co. WARNING ORDER The defendHiil. Ray McWilliams, Is hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty days and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff. Hazel McWilliams. filed against him in said cotii't, Case No. 10.U10. and upon his failure so to do. s;>id complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of saitl court and the seal thereof this 6th day of June, 1949. KARVI-.Y MORRIS, Cleric By Betty Ball. D.C. Reid and Roy, attys. for plaintiff Oscar Fendler, atty. ad litem. 6.7-14-21-28 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba WlfT'S PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space CABOVERS—CONVENTION ALS—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES USED USED inin- inis- 1 !l 17- 1917- 1<)I6- 1917- CARS-TRUCKS $50 to $2100 -Model A Ford Pick Up. Runs Good. -Ford 2 Door -Ford '/2 Ton Stake Body. Looks good, runs good. -Ford Vi Ton Pick Up. Price is rij;ht. -Ford '/i Ton Pick Up. Priced lo sell. -Ford 4 Door Sedan, Heater, Seat Covers, Good Taint. -Ford 4 Door Sedan, Heater, Seal Covers, Like New. -Dodge V { Ton Long Wheel Base. -Dodge I Ton Panel Truck -Ford Sedan Delivery Truck. More to Choose From Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway * ChirkRsawha ' Phone 4-122 Our Used Trucks Are Renewed Money Makers WE KNOW A TRUCK BUYER KXPECTS THE TRUCK HE BUYS TO MAKE A LIVING FOR HIM AND PAY THE COST OF KEI'AIRS, AND PAY THE NOTES. 1941..ClievroJet </ 2 Ton Pick Up Truck, only $695, 1940..Chevrolet l'/2 Ton, L\VB, 12 ft. Body. Today |595 1946..Chevrolet Cab Over Engine, 2 Speed Axle, 750 x 20 Front Tires, 825 x 20 Rear, A Steal at $695. 1946..Ford !'/•> Ton Short, 2 Speed axle, A Beauty at ?795. 1940 GilC 3/4 Ton, This would make a nice ice truck, nothing to do but load. 5395. 1941 Ford V-> Ton Pickup Truck, Special $295. 1940..Chevrolet 3/4 Ton Panel, Good Rubber. Motor in A-l condition. This will make a sood delivery or peddling truck. ?395. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always itlak* a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 30] West Walnut 1'hone 578 You're making a wise investment when you let us install this new Oldsmobile engine in your car. It's surprisingly low in cost—less than a major overhaul! And it's available now, on our easy Budget Plan! In addition, this factory-guaranteed engine—precision-tooled with new materials throughout— assures you of increased opcratiug economy and lower maintenance expense. Call today for an early installation appointment. AVAILABLE FOR '37 —'47 MODELS LEE MOTOR SALES 309 East Main CARS TRUCKS , Phone 2056 Something to Clieer About . You'll Cheer, too. When You See The Prices On Cars and Trucks At Still & Young! 19ifi Ford <! Door, A Beauliful Ruy. 19)7 Mercury Sedan Coupe with Radio and Htaler. 1948 Ford 2 Door with Radio and Healer, While Side Wall 1'ircs. 19-11 Ford 2 Door in Excellcnl Condilion. 1910 Packard -4 Door, You Can Get a Real Bargain in This Car. 1917 CMC '/j Ton Truck. 1912 Dodge 1 Ton Truck. 19-12 Plymouth 2 Door, New Paint, A Real Buy! 19i7 Lincoln Sedan Coupe, Fullv Equipped. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phonr 4333

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