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Detroit Free Press from , · Page 11

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Sunday, July 3, 1898
Page 11
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$ttt fcy-wv'?. - ? - DETROIT, MICHIGAN, SUNDAY, JULY 3, 1898. PBKjE: FITE S VOL. 63. NO. 2S2. Buying Pianos and Organs by Mail 7H Only High, OratM iu rAuia.. (Mi&Mul 'lUSl'MtMl n j view . ' iww J T PART TWO. T t, - J Wo sell a lartie number of our Piano? and Organs hv ntiiil. our reliable prices nn'l our i el labia lino rtf I'wnoH niakiriK this possible, thus enabling thorn tt buy belter grade Pianos at lower prices than they can buy of local dealers, who. selling but n iw cannot buy to better advantaR than you can when dealing directly with us. Detroit is the Piano market for Michigan you must come hnv. therefore, to get the choice of the "Piano market." You know that our is The musir house of Mieh- igan." established in 1S44, with a reputation such win make it absolutely nare for you to order a Piano. Organ or other Musical Goods BY MAIL, we pbin instruments yo ordered subject to your K- ill others and arc willing to run the risk ut aa ns not PRESENT MARKET World approval at our own risk and expert-0". We do cnpider it a risk to do p a? our piices on VAI.T'R PRTCEP. You can compare with anv Write giving us full particulars about the kn( of ptnno. Organ or other Musical vou want and at about the price you wish an,j can ff0iCl to pay. We will then oersonally ttPlect the bf-st we can furnish at your price, with fuu ,j,.Sc-ript!on of panic. Y-m will th"n he in a tuition to know whether you can be suited and c;jn place ynur order, we phipping the Ini'irument hiect to vour approval at our ri?k and expanse. you can ti1Pn satisfy yourself fully when instrument arrives a to quality and price before you need purchase. This will give you the hcncflt of nr exwt choice of the best in the mark for the money. You certainly could not select better for rtitrVlf bv comloK liore and you can mitis'y yourPeif that it is the best and the cheapest before you need obligate yajhelf at all to buy the Piano delivered. Owing to this svstem of ours, the larsje sale 0f our Pianos and Organs by mail has been made rvkwdble and it was onlv a few weeks ago when one of our patrons who bought a Piano by mail nrtfered'a second one. writing us that she had been orfered $50 more for the Piano than she paid, and so sold it and ordered another Piano shipped for herself. This is only one of the many letters receive indicating how fully we please our customers as they find we furnish good new Plnno for i'2? $273 etc., while Irv-al deaiers, for similar grade Pianos want $.T'0, $400. etc. We furnish ued pianos for $.'. ?75. etc. We furnish used Organs .for $S. ?2;, etc.. when wallv vou need pay verv much more, as you will know if yon have or will now look the mar-ter uD We make term-to suit all. Pi:inos and Organs below $100, $10 cash and $5 monthly. ytaaS Stool $2tX to SHOO. ?" cash and ?S monthly. Pianos from $,"(K) to $-100, 5J3 cash and $10 m Addresses for particular as to our present bargains in Pianos and we shall be pleased to VOn our present lowest prices, also on our new Pianos, and mail you catalogues. We Court Comparison Here Is Yozir Opportunity. English Gloria Umbrellas 4-Qc Steel rods, 26-Inch., S W F. J. A Fine Twilled Carola Cltln Steel rods, paragon frames, with Dresden china. French horn ana sliver deposit worK nanaics, just ror a icw uaja A Fine Silk Serge large assortment of handles, steel rods, close rollinc frames. Hen's Umbrellas large sizes at small prices, Carola doth, niekled steel rods. Ivory, horn, natural wood and silver handles, close roll frames 28-inch, at Come in Out of the Sun and buy a good umbrella that you can use tor RAIN or SHINE. We have the tight-roll Silk ones for $1.50 The cheap Cotton stock HT$!) we sell for 50c or if your old umbrella needs a cover we will fix it up for you with a Fast Black Gloria Cover for 50c Gloria Silk Cover for 85c Changeable Taffeta Silk Cover for $1.35 WE DO AS WE ADVERTISE. KEVES & GROBBEL, Makers of Umbrellas and Parasols, 84 MICHIGAN AVENUE, NEAR WASHINGTON. In Parasols we still have a All Silk Parasol All colors, all the latest designs, at Surahs Canopy top frmeo, princess handles NOMEOCOOfiVO tMn ft Vinhlntlirt H ittrinMtU 1 tftflptllr nf MillD . -Mf ' Ulmj .V nil',' K Imtmtr : fT MTinriMn -MminiLI ravorable lmpreosion witn m cwo at tne last concert 01 mo jumtqumb Jdiss jciMt M.. jjaicer;;:iTn nun nr nitnn numiR. hbbikmi or & rs Mrvnn. snnrnnn sru vw . sarar m muslcale at Gchwankovakv'e taliX. nants wero Ma ster Willie HartV.t Rose and Laura-Llngetnaa, Uilsua. .AnniA -i,rtffnn ; KSflnt Hirmtm urimtn, iiatuaa urown atauua - greaves ana MlBSUttttu Urpprr-Prof, N. J. Corey, of-thls'3Sv!,d a Inntur linfnvo th ThfHan Mnlle era' Association At' feitayfltte, .ML WannHiliiv vilnsf HPthi miHMGt: . vaw- tographs of . the opora , as present, naintfnn lllustratlno' -the anelentlki "The Flag ot Freedom," a , Pq our Heroes and Stripes for our FusV, it Haii vitiriar'.'-aFAVifm tiv rn minim 'nr Mid ' ana M AmrAiiF ' j n n xen c mum m younff- girlu who added to th& uftardoon sraitn, wno na naa an 6prfwcBai1 thi rnmtnir vftnvy; nrnir nan i 'miwnw avn nw iiinn mi nvt. xwsb ,. Eleanor juna oaiuuiio ot acohi. (juiiii in mm. jviiinrfwi m nil fir rnn ijm troit acnooi or Jwcprcowo 1 amiBtea ay Dunn, soprano. ''in(T1sT.ll'A:U-U'BV'.'J'r ivki h iKuminr,' ..: '. 7 -.''. ..:t:...'ii'Jif;i.ii'l Of Of Fourth'tt'July exess wt tSe itorlum tH-morrowlooi aiuttf '"The gatherinjr .wlll 1M at 10 . tif! Is expected :that even at BanUiio will give tho occasion Its t ne Mayor Maybury will call itr gatherljig- i .... - ni-vn ni no charee. The orosrramme In J full Is as follows. Invocation, Rt Rev. JohU'BSB olsy Song, "America," schooi ehlldrw under direction! of Mrs. , Emma A. Thomas. Reading of Declaration of Independence, Judge Robert B. iFraxer Song, "Columbia," school children and band. i , v Oration, Hon. John W. MoGn. Ji Song, "Star Spangled Banne" school children and band. Benediction, Rev. J". M. Barkley GOODSON'S HECOR0.B; Since Bccomlna; Justice He EM Tvltf IfKiV iisses' i m THIS WEEK ONLY. C. L1NGEMA NN & CO. THE BEER THAT (9 -fcOFVRI6HTED- E.1THER TELEPHQiNErlBZ CLEARING SALE! r 7 j Up to date Detroit young women -whose husbands, brothers or "best beaux" are listed with the gallant Naval Reserves, are making their interest manifest by wearing on their sailor hats broad bands stamped, in silver or gold, "TJ. S. Yosemlte." There was a pretty feature of the ceremonies at the military wedding of Mrs. Edith Clark, of New York, to Maj. George Gray Ward, chief surgeon Twelfth New York Volunteers, at Chattanooga, last week. At the conclusion of the ceremony all the officers present arose and. whipping out their swords, formed an arch of steel, under which bride and groom passed, each officer vowing protection to the bride. The Maine ring Is the latest of all trinkets. It is extremely pretty a square ring of Roman gold, bearing the name of the Maine in raised letters, with the date of the great catastrophe, and set in panel fashion at one side, and oblong blue enamel with gold stars upon It. ... Hammock pillows and piazza cushions for this summer's use dtffergreatly from those of past seasons, the war spirit of the time being the reason for patriotic displays of any kind. The silk square with the flags ot all nations is one of the choicest new designs; while others have figures of cavaliers, heads of noted generals, outline battleships, etc. Red, white and blue pillows are sure to be among the favorites. PERSONALS. 9 I l.llUVimi-V1 Mr. Robert Appleton Is visiting friends In Dexter. Mrs. J. C. Walton, of Howell, Is visiting In the city. Mrs. and Miss Seyler are passing two weeks at Ann Arbor. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Parsons are at the Alma, Alma, Mich. Mr. Julius V. Seyler spent several days at Ann Arbor last week. Mrs. Frank McLean, of Jackson, is visiting Detroit friends. Mrs. .Martin Chrysler, of May City, Is visiting Detroit f i lends. Mrs. J. T. Wing and Bon have returned from a visit in Flint. Miss Adah Harris, No. 85 High east. Is visiting friends In Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Cbauncy Gouch have returned Xfc TTrnBr V n TVomerker Is DnsslnDT two monins in we eaai.. u inhn vhwaII. of Flint. Is the cuest of Miss Hulme. Abbott street. Mrs. Allan H. Atlerbury has returned from a visit in Battle Creek. Miss Edna Jcelln. of Holly, who visited In tho city, has returned home. Mrs. Jf. L. Harris and Miss Harris are at the St. Denis hotel, New York. Mrs. Eva Kramer and family are occupying their aummer home at Grosse He. Miss Fanny E. Marsh is visiting Mrs. W. H. EdRar. 54 Peterboro street. Miss Pessle Bishop, of ntcher street, has returned from Vassar college. Mr. J. A. Forrester and family have moved to Sylvan Lake for the summer. Mrs. A. I. McLeod Is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Roswell, of Duluth, Minn. r. r..nitAvllla unH w f Pertlnpr have returned from a trip up the lakes. Mrs. Julia Bell, of High street, is passing the summer at the Alma, Alma, Mich. Dr N. VV Webber, after an extended trip south and east, has returned home. .,i t minn Drifl Yn 47 Crtliimhlfi ittreet west. left Saturday for k visit In the east. Mr. and Mrs. J. Llndemann have returned from a two weens visit ai si. Mr. i m wiiiiam TT Maridnek and son are visiting Irlenos in turn w i Ti.tioT, r.vnn are nasslnc a few weeks at Rushmere Club, St. Clair Flats. Miss Sarah L. Dcyle and Mias Jennie Camp-be'll are vMting relatives in Cleveland, O. Dr G Edward Roehrlg, No. 03 Leicester Court, has returns from a trip through the south. Miss Nannette Strong, of Perry street has returned from a month's visit in London. Ont. -., r Tl'olnhnn. and Master SeV- .nr. ana jiic. ,......0 mour have returned from a visit in the east. Miss Brooks of Boston, who has been visiting Mrs.' E. V. Meddaugh, returned home Friday. ' Mr and Mrs. Thos. H. Van Loon and daughter Grace have gone to their cottage at Sylvan Lake. The Misses Martha, Bertl-a, Viola and Corlnne Palms are ia.?!ns the summer at Magnolia, Mass. Miss Lillian Strang, who visited Mrs George H. Herbst. has returned to her home in Cleveland. Mr and Mrs. James Cnllen, of Nashville, Tenn., who visited In the east, nas returneu home. Mrs Elizabeth Rooney, No. 30 Peterboro street, left last week lor a trip down the St. Lawrence Mlss McGregor. Mies Mary McGregor and Miss Mulr of Jefferson avenue, sailed Saturday for Europe. VI,, Marie T. Selleck, No. 20 Henry street, s visiting her slant, Mrs. Mary Rogers, in Milwaukee, Wis. Mr aid Mrs. Jud Reading spent a few days with Mrs William Lindeuiann at St. Clair Flats last we?lt. - Mi's Birdie Charlcsworth. of Shelby. 0 Is the Sliest of Mr. and Mrs. L. Sabine, -No. U Culum- bMrS"s'.r Ascber of New York. Is visiting his parent.?, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Ascher, Montcalm "jMss Pearl Cohen, of Sandusky, who has been visiting her cousin, Miss Cella Bannon, has returned home. Cleveland, O. Mr J A Forrester and family. No. 21J Harri-n avVntw. have mcved 10 their summer homo at SST!inn Trc W J Stuart, of Grand Rapids, a" ,VgueSts? Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Andrua. Hudson avenue. Mrs John Coulioe and. little daughter, of Merrick avenue, have left for a month's visit at Benton Harbor. ir t Palmer Stephens and son are visiting In Omana Mr Stephens has returned from a trip through Colorado. Dr t S. Ganson, of Logansport, Jnd. to the guest of bis sister. Mrs. S. F. Dvyle. .No. 181 Trumbull avenue. Messrs Frank S. Clark. George Huntington and J. H? Holfner leave Tuesday tor a ten uy oul-ing at Georgian Bay. .... The Mls-es Mabel I. and Edith O. Mackimmle, kTs West High street, are the guests of Mrs. Handy In Port Huron. Miss Laura Workum, of Walnut Hills, Cincinnati Is voting her cousin. Miss Blanche Hart. No. 3S7 Second avenue. . qarah Goldsmith and daughter, cf New Orteans are passing the summer with relative! and frlends in this city. Mr. M. Wohliemnth and tvMr and Mr. M. vwmsm mm our expense, as we know you will find ours the 238 and 240 Woodward Avenue HAS NO PEER5 MUSICAL. THE DETROIT SEMINARY, SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Principal Mrs. Hammond and Miss Browning, successors to Miss Cutcheon and Miss Pope. Six uppimmeMs. from kindergarten through college preparatory, with entrance certificates o Smith and Wellesiev. Unusual advantages In modern languages and physical culture. Home pupils limited to twelve. Hoys are admitted to the lower departments or the school. A coach will run from Hendne ave. to the fcchool. , , Catalogues on application. Principals at home Wednesdays, from 3 to li in the afternoon. 643-645 Jefferson Avenue. Letroit Institute ot Music MISS KATE II. JACOBS. Director, S aim 10 Atlanta Ave. W., MIDSUMMER TERM BEGINS Monday, June 27 Telephones 4737. Headquarters for fine Ladies' and Gents1 wigs. Face Massage. Cream Rusma for removing superfluous hair, Golden Hair Wash. Mamma Dura for developing the bust. Full line o hair goods. All goods wholesale and retail. Send 2c for Illustrated catalogue. MRS. R. W. ALLEN, am Woodward Ave., Detroit. Mich. Wigs and Toupees made to order. worjcma.nauj ua fit ruaranteso. Hair Dresslhg. HSo; Shampoo- inc. Oi Bangs Trimmed and Cnrled, liio. , Djolng and Bleaching Specialties. HiUnea' Hair Store, 76 Grand River Ave. S doors from Bagtey ac We give oash coupons. Em- OCEAN STEAMERS. VACATION TOURS. Two vacation tours to Europe, leaving New York on July 2, 1MMS, by the Steamship "Berlin. Thesa are conducted parties, In two sections, J2&0 and 45. Send for programme. Mtterii of credit passports. steamsMp tickets. W. PYLE, Agent Thos. Cook A .600, 823 Hammond ldg., Detroit. Bins and family have taken cottage at Cass Lake for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Encllsh and daughter are visiting Dr. J. O. English and mother, No. 253 Putnam avenn. Mrs. 3eorge P. Goodale has returned trtm a two months' visit In Buffalo, Avon and other cities In New York state. Miss Emma S. Patterson, ot National avenue, left last week for a few dayi' visit with friend! at Orchard Lake and Pontine. Miss Grace Hicks, ot Australia, and Miss Frances McVvTilnney are visiting Miss Alice M. Lake-man, No. 273 National avenue. Prof, and Mn. Fred W. Moe, ot No. 42 Lincoln avenue, have gone to Twin Lake Park. Lima. Ind., to pass the summer. Miss Grace Norman, of Washington, D. C,: who visited Mrs. A. E. Bloom, of Bag tet, has returned to college at Ada, O. The Misses Hose and Sylrla Wolenborfc No. 5 Montcalm street, loft last week for Mackinac Island. Petoskey and Cheboygan. Mrs. Fred HU1 and Master Clayton Hill, woo have been vlsltlu Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Curtl! In Vassar, will return home Tuesday. Mr. L. N. Outmet has returned from a live weeks' trip to Montreal, Thousand Islands. Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Cleveland. Miss Lilian A. Plager, No. 665 Fourteenth avenue, left Thursday for a visit In Chicago, Milwaukee and Port Washington, Wis. Mr and Mrs. John Philip Dawson, nee Frum-vellcr, will be at home to their friends Tnesdaya after July 6 at No. 748 Trumbull avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Will Unx. who have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. J. H. Werthelmer, Bait High street, have returned to Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. W. Montague Perrett, of Laurence avenue, left Thursday for New York, thence to Asbary Park for the summer. Mrs. Charles D. Standlsh and children, of Chicago, are at their cottage at Sylvan Lake. Mr. Standlsh will Join them later In the month. Mrs. Mary Lnckle and Miss Charlotte Iranoee Lackle. ot New York city, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edward. Ml Third avenue. Mrs. N. A. Scott, No. 78 West Elisabeth street, left Wednesday for Blmira, N. Yi, to pass a few weeks with ber daughter, Mrs. Percle Cornwell. Miss Wolenburgh and Miss Sylvia Wolenburgh. of East Montcalm street, have left for a three weeks' trip to Mackinaw and other northern cltlee. Miss Julia Merrett, of Medina. N. Y., Mlsi Else, Lleblg and Mr. Parker, ot Ann Arbori were guests during the past week of Mrs. E. C. Skinner. Messrs. Fred W. Dennert, Ed C. Dennett and Jule Suckert and family are at the Flats, where, they will spend the week at Mr. Suckert's cottage. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carllsft Kq. 70S Twelfth street, have returned from a twa weeks' trip to, Saratoga Springs. N. Y., and ohir .eastern resorts. . ; . Mrs. John Splllane nd daughter Marie, of Wyandotte, have returned front Erjiis, Test, where they have been visiting for the pttt three WMi.'o. A,-.hinger,iotSniltht avenue, has returned ftomUtt'.vWM Plymouth. Miss Salde Laichlnger hae returned ftnm a vUlt In Stark and Plymouth.; Mrs. Errett, of Chatham, Ont., : and . Mrs. J. M. Macfarlane, of this city, have returned from a visit with friend! In Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington and New York. Mr and Mrs. T. J. Acheson and son, of Emporia Ks and Mr. Nelson Acheson, of Kansas City, spent the week at the residence of Mr. H. H. Packard, Lincoln avenue. Continued on Pose Two Part 2. LOCAL MUSICAL NOTES. Sohremser's orchestra will render the following Fourth of July programme at Belle Isle to-morrow afternoon, commencing: at 3 o'clock: Part 1. March, "Loyal Yankee;'' i rurortiirn "Hungarian Lustsplel." (Kel- er Bela); 3. Grand selection, "The High wayman," (DeKoven); 4. Patriotic fan-tasie "Memories of the War," (Beyer); 5. The Charge of the United States Cavalry." (Kline); 6. Selection. "Martha," (Flotow). Part II 1. March, "Remember the Maine," (Frazer); 2. Grand selection, "Ihengrln," (Wagner); 3. Medley, "Pousse Cafe," (Bo-lV,frV. 4. Fantasie, "A Fairy Talo," (Bach); 5. Grand finale, "America, (io- banil, ISB Otai HI'oi'b"-. At Clark Park the following programme will be played by the Metropolitan band at 2:30: March. "Centennial," (rteeves;; over ture, "Zubel," (von Webster); grand fan-,( "Mv Old Kentucky Home," with var iations for various instruments, (Dalbey): piece characteristic, "First Heart Throbs. (Beyer); selections from the comic opera J5.iT. eVrannriA." (Herbert): intermezzo, "La Pyrotechnic," (F. O. Boos) ; Paraphrase on V J "SarY" (Meacham) ; march. "Our Flag is There," (Thlele.) . j... -..-lnw Oia nnnllfl nf Mrs. Last 'lnurauaj cvmna v-r and Miss Farquharson, assisted by MIus Alice Calder Stock, soprajjo, and Miss Pearl Dewey, reader, gave a piano recital at nark's hall, 313 Woodward avenue, iw who participated were the Misses Florence S TtatH Fleming. Ethel Brown, Eva Crosland, Jessie Sowersby, Florence Brewster Dora Clifford, Mabel Carty. Sibyl Foesl Luciie Foesi, Mamie Thomas Lulu Murray, Leonora riiqunsrs ouharson Clara Ingram and Masters Wal- ?"nS.' tJv r-.r?ni and Roy SoWersby. ler uiwti, The pupils of Miss Anna L. Benson and Miss Bessie Shook gave tbelr thlrfl annual recital last Thursday evening. An lnterest-, ...nfnnie was rendered. The Misses Kathleen Mahar, gf re fcxlah ffld- den May Maaar. lti 'ir r I Violet Peters, Naoma Deltz, Florence Mor- Dnorr Clara" Frederick, Bessie Shook, A. jjon, - ifai-no TntiAfl Frank gffie!lo5S15E.:WIUl. Seibert and George Look, assisted. The pupils of Mlis Mary L, Roberts gave a very successful muslcale at Bamlet hall, last Saturday evening. The participants were- The Misses Louise Trombley. Margaret Spaiildlng, Marie Kahl, Margaret Kahl Louise Waldeyer, Dora Waldeycr, Bessie Wilson Loule . -yiricks. Edltb . Cur-rlef Jean Currio, Maud Lewis, Mf-Holden, Eda Shurry, Annie Warwick .Mabel. Up intvre Irene Cottons. Georgena Cottong, Lau?a'Denewlth, Margery Blerkamp, Ma-bel Etohn ' Mabel McLaughlin. Thos. E Cur-rie and Loufs Hall. They were assistedf by, WBAm-UMbuMB and Muw Charlotte McDonald, violinist. The following pupils of Miss McEaoheraDi assisted by Miss Belle Preston, reader and Mr Wm. Bartels, save a piano recital last Wednesday evening at 1429 Grand Blveir avenue: Miss Baxter,-Walter Falrburn. Ha Anderson Bert Chilman 'Mamie Thosteson.-Grge Fanning, Irene Fisher. Hazel Dug-. ?aS Graham Bridle. Llllle Anderson and TSU the N.w York vocal teacher who Is announced to conduct a summer vocal, course at Macatawa Park, winbe th guest of his brother. Prof, J. N. .Arena M ; Montcalm street cast, for a few days en route to the park. There will be a concert of Seneca "O. lJwIs' compositions at C- A. Sbafer'n sheet mul? detroent Wednesday, afternoon-' "W Mahogany," Mr. LevW latest cqm-position. be played, Miss Kuoy Jew", wj "MMiy-'j -rEcL V. Seyler'i aaalstant piano teacher, sfj The entire balance of our magnificent stock of Ladies' high grade Shirt Waists at half price. GOURLAY BROS., Importers and Ladies' Tailors. 99 Woodward Ave. v" a m mm. ,,,, . , an hi m on Aionaay j.M.r,?i:3!Si'r n..-iHn. hi. tArm which ha lasted sJncs went out. oi uiuwc nj vwY , ... i T..t(rA : VJIv . lTsfmKfi 7 WW $1.45 $1.29 few odd lots at odd prices. and tassels, at 98c $1.98 Avenue. These Prices Talk $5 Cameras for $4.00 $15 Cameras for $12.00 $5 Cameras for $20.00 Photo Supplies at IUgrht. Prices, ara certain if you Good Pictures Use COLUMBIAN DEVELOPER for gelatine or Telox pnper. COLUMBIAN TONER. Columbian Fixing and Hardening Bath. COLUMBIAN PAPER. Mail orders promptly filled. DOTY BROS., Druggists and Dealers in Cameras , Woodward, Corner Willis. Cass, corner Sibley. 2S4 Warren ave. west. Where Will You Take It? This question often arises after you have consulted the best (not the cheapest) physician you know, and have received his prescription. It should pro to the best druggist you know one who will use only the right kind of drugs, and will not try to fill it if he hasn't the right kind. It should bo to the druggist who will exercise the greatest care In getting the right drug, and the right quantity, and will go over his work several times to be sure he is right. . . . We conduct our prescription business as the best druggist should, and this is an answer to the question, "Where will you take it?" Oar Prices Are Also the Most Reasonable. HURD & GRAY CO. Popular-Price Druggists, 2Q8 Woodward Avenue. HAMMOCKS TRe. Mexican Hammocks ROe (ll.BO Woven Cotton Hammocks. iKc Woven Cotton Hammocks l.-o (with valance.) REFRIGERATORS National ST Og np Challenge g-00 P Ice Boxes nn IOE ORE AM FREEZERS Endless variety from $2.00 op Closed all day to-morrow. Hunt, Roehrig& Noah G22-626 Gratiot Ave. 220 WOODWkHD rY. -. , , i. .ir''r.'liri.tJ.' fWMrV ' cases started -oeiure u 13- a .i-j rt rtnlv Ann have oeen apveift--: m . wjjrrrti& .t? u-ft - . . 1 k.k .u - hBti fin fan on Tia by Justice Goodson, and 'orttgss sWJ- v. . .,uiii .: .hi nircoli Court: lesu yvc.w ...v-..w -'.-:rr .;-,L2.i;; - The Justice nas flmsrigM- trnnt case and one criminal w,i thBt.Dt rM . ... v-ii-. T.mnnnnT nil -v ft 26 Monroe SUMMER RESORTS. IF YOU ARE ILL why not go where all the conditions are favorable to recovery Q THE ALMA ALMA, MICH., otters advantages that arc unequaled. Every-thing strictly lirst-class and up to date. Experienced Physicians, Curative Waters, Perfect Service. Even-one should read our book. It tells why 111 people get well at The Alma. Correspondence solicited. HOTEL VENDOME THE LEADING HOTEL. OF BOSTOX On the Back Bay Boulevard, COMMONWEALTH AVE. C. H. GREENLEAF & CO. WHITE MOUNTAINS. PROFILE HOUSE AVD COTTAGES. Open June 30. One of the largest of leading summer resorts, with every modern Improvement. Location unsurpassed. Golf links and all popular attractions. TAFT & GREBXLEAF. TheOssawinamakee Adjoining the Rushmere Club, St. Clair Flats. Now open for the season of 189S. Rates for board ve reasonable. Boating, bathing voting, lis -ine Fish dinners and suppers. P.. L. BUHL. Prop. Further particulars at U5-117 Randolph St.. Detroit. . THE METTAWAS, KIXGSVILLE, ONTARIO. On north shore of Lake Erie, one horn's ride from Detroit. Finest summer resort on the Great Lakes POrtLAR PRICES. Bathing boating limine, golf, tennis, bicycling, music etc. For' Illustrated booklet adreM therorwictors. Windiate Park Hotel Near Waterford on D G. H. & M. R. R. Fine fishing, boating, driving etc.. makes it the ideal summer home for families. Rates $r..00 to $7.00 per week. Special rates to families. Commutation railroad fare. Addre" M. L. Rice, 131 Grlswold street, or J. D. Rice. Waterford. Mich. HOTEL VICTORY Put-in-Epy Island. Onto, open June 20 to Sep-le-nbef 15. 1S9S; elite center of the Great Lakes, dO miles southeast Detroit, In Lake Erie. The lnr-est and most magnificently furnished summer hot-el in the world. Celebrated orchestra. New Natatorium. Elegant Service. Steamer Klrby from Detroit each day for the Island. Rates and particulars address Frank T. Peterson. Mgr. IN THE GREAT NORTH WOODS. A nice, cool place to spend your "acation. HOTEL DEL MONTE, NEAR THE AMPERSAND, ctrictly flrst-cluss in every respect. uVie and well-ventilated rooms. Write for circular. . C. F. CARPENTER, Saranac Lake, a. LELAND'S OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT, R. I. Most Fashionable Summer Resort In America, Opens June 20. Bathing. Yachting, Boating, feeling Fishing, Cliff Walks, Ocean Drive Golf. Tennis. Polo. Special rates for : July and tli. season: "Sea Food a Specialty." Write for book-season. AltREN LEI. AND. JR.. Manager. RIDDLE HOUSE, GROSSE ILE. Healthful and beautiful resort. Is miles from Detroit- good Ashing and boating: honi com-fwtsT termrreasonable. E. S. FLEURY. Prop- THOS. S. SPRAOUE & SON, attorneys and solicitors of patents. United States and foreign. Correspondence solicited. In- Patents ,ttet'ag2n saving" bid., 32 and 3 been hWrd by the rMH fiffifc OCEAN STEAMERS. Plrect to PARIS. 1AXDOX, HAMBURG. F. Blsmsrck Jul? 20 F. Bismarck Aut. 13 s. Victoria Aug. U A. Victoria Sept. l'WIN SCREW PASSUXV'GEH SERVICE. NEW YORK HAMBURG DIRECT. Pretoria July Phoenicia July 3D fstna. July ltl Pennsylvania Aus. 0 ilMERICAN' UN. 87 Broaditay. New Tork. JAU3 SHINES. 60 Woodward Ave. NORTH GERMAN LLOYD ' Burnt syres Service. Soatbamptoa, LiOndon. Rreiuea. -SCslser WMhelm d-r Cress. Tues. July 5. 2 p. m. ;lhn Tues.. July 12 Lahn Tues.. Aup. 9 : Trave Tues.. July 2(1 Kills WcG Tues. Aug.10 Stale Tuea., Aug. 2 T: ave. . .Tues., AUff. 23 WIN SCRKW FASSK.ICiKlt StHVlCB. SOBTHAMI'TOS. LONDON. UllKMBN. JCoeniglQ Iulse Thursday, July 7. 0 a. m. ! 4Ktmcn xnui-saay, juiy n. Boon . U1BKALTAU. NAJ'l.CS, GKAOA. t. W. U.. iilr . 10 am Alter .Auc. 6, 9 am Ins July US. am K.W. II.. Aug. 20. 8 am IMtldolia Co., 2 Bovflins Green, X. V. JAMS RHINKS, 8S Woodward Are. OBOROE V, WAT8QN. M Woodward Are. Summer Gruisss to Bermuda New Tork to Bermuda and return, only $30. in- lud4nc meats and berths. Steamship 'Orinoco." 4000 tons. Tount to Montreal, Quebec, Vhlte Voiffitstn, Saratoga, etc. Send for circular. Steamship tickets, tc. THOP. COOK it SOX, 12. ;'TK. PYLE. AgJt 323 Hammond Uldg., Detroit. open an omce at m xiuiw: and take up h.s law Practto' W D AMORY IMPORTING CJohnRSfrettDtroI.,M.' XI Rue de la Pate, Parte. Amory will sell all-' . Ar HALF PKTClT rw-f". II 11- . . i npsr ATf ah una scctMLHi ttdraotlv- Imported Hi n 1: v M-JB. 1 ( SALE American and Red Star Lines. hew york, quebnstown, so-hampton. mew york!. Southampton, Antwerp. the itrumera performing theae itr. toes are either . British or Bcljrlnn. -Every Wednesday and alternate Saturday at noou. 'Chester June ty Berlin July (i BMUwsrk . ...Jun 29 Kensington July 13 AVeiWrnland July tj Noordland July 20 : INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION COMPANY. Here 14-15. North River. Office 6 Bowling Oreen. IMe Rnlnes. 6 Woodward ave. Sam T. Flak. SO Woodward jiv-. ; Geo. W. Wataon. C. P. & T. A.. ft Wooawsrd ave.. DctrolL ANCHOR '.LINE Sad from KevrTorlc every Sntordar tor GLASGOW VIA LONDONDERRY tor Salooa Passage i CUT OF HOME, WW). Other Steamers. 50. Second Catiln, 8S, 3T.S0, $42.50. Bteerage, 5Sa.5t). f24.r,0, i3.50. ISiSSSL?' "l!an Intoraatlon apply to H1DER80N BROTHEP. Ksw York. 5,iM.W)o4wsjr4 ;a.;!or " looias Dick, 28 CMUIe gjysxsir o. W. Woo. 84 Woodward Svmitf ' ii'- Coo St. W..

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