The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1934
Page 2
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PAGfc TfcN .Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS NEWS St. Stephen Episcopal b ,,,,v reeling with 'Mrs: Jojiii, niythe. TUESDAY'S' EVENTS ' President's Ball, city auditorium President's Luncheon, Woman's ciub. \'i and 1 o'c'iick. Young Matrons Bridge chib having night party with Mr. and Mr Doyl? Henderson I'literlalnlng. Mrs. Hunter C. Sims cntcilaln- ing Tuesday Contract club. WEDNESDAY'S EVE-NTS Current Events club meeting with Mrs. Matt Montiglmn jr. Mrs. Clarence Volhner entertaining WedsiKlay Bridge club THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mid-Wcck Bridge club meeliii" with Mrs. Cecil Shane. -Mrs. Otto Kochtitzky i mv ing the lliursday Luncheon club Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn. -Mrs. L. H. Moore having'. Thursday Bridge club. Bridge tournament at''jjlvlhe- ville Country club. '-Mrs. S. S. .StrrnlMTR Hfads Woman's Club Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg. f 01 y< , ;ir , active in the Woman's club win elected president in a mectlm- yesterday afternoon, oilier ofii- ccrs named are: Mrs. j \v Adams sr., lirst vice president; Miss cors Lee Colemaii. second vice president; Mrs. 1). M. MauhcwMi lecordnig secretary; Mrs K F Blomeyer. corresponding secretary;' Mrs. Joe S. Dillalmnty. treasurer; Mrs. E. M. Terry, assistant ucas- urer; Mrs. Jnmcs 1). dark, federation .secretary; Mrs. Howard I rector, registrar; Mrs. Sanim-1 F. Norris, reporter. Mrs. Slernbeig succeeds Mrs W W. Hawkins who hns lieaclcd thc dub for the past four years Thul the work accoiii|)llslicd by MM Hawkins is unmcasunible was voiced by all members of thc-rlub i-.lm have followed her as she leti the Broup through the club's nH xst trying limes.' It was through her efforts that the club Ijouse again became (lie property of the club Renaissance Hy Helen Wclshimcr J KT'S wrap lovo in a [Kiiicr liiwl, ••; -.-,'.' Anil sc-iul it IhmiiKli Hie mail. A red In-art IViiiKi-il "illi fonniy Lite, That sliows a :nill;j- .sail ' • .' With I'oinpasii set for liifjli roinaiKT, Anil moonbeams spallcrcd over A bnsli of lo.-ii-s or :i Ik-Id l willi hnncyed ilovrr. Q LI-TS \>f. swccl nnd gay cig;iin, _ I'rctciuliiiR Hint il's .smart Tti live lor love as \M\ic-, diil AVIii-n iDviii^ w;is :in arl; \Vlii-n ki-isrs mcanl a lilllc mniv 'i'lian r:iMial li:iinlsl]:ikiiif;. Amlniiuik-lifilil and «:illic linir nilr.1 \Ybtn love w;is in Ik- m;ikiiii;. I ICT'S .v-ml love in an nivclopc The nosluiiin will drlivi-r At lui-akl'asl linn-, :nul M's rc'ilorc ' The analoinic ijiiivir. . Oh, Id's send paper valnilim-s On \vjiicli ;i pink-eil.m-d rnpid Slionl.-Tdin-Is :il \vi.sllul jiiaidi-ns' hearts Deal 1 , let's lie swetl anil slnpid! »• Y - 1'- U., 6:45 „ ,„ Church. 7:30 p. „,. Subject- "Mv Mesh Longcth For Thee'' W. M. u., Mrs, Carney, ., , Thursday, 2:30 . of M,,. Hall n ' attend. ) S corcilally. Invited Memphis Artists Will Give Benefit Play and Concert Here of the ^|eln]lhl5 Little "will |, 0 evening Af yesterday's meeting it was "— : : c«i that 'the club hud purchased the--- club-house from (he building and loan company for S725 cash. The previous morlg-i"o S1700. The club, with Mr, j Under heading a committee In raised the o[ S33G o and three prominent busliic M men $15. ilfonlhly Installment of L^e SI. Church Has Quarterly Conference The first quaitcrly conference Metl ^ , yC "^ ° f Methodist churc evening will, the wns held last woman's mis- Jloimry society in chai-gc Sii|i|»r was sen-ed In the -oc!-il room before the meeting in which a program was given. Ben wig- gns presided and O. c. Barnes led tire song service and the pro- Emm. H Is planned to have a supper ""'"B '* «.cl, quarterly con- icrence this year. laughter Born to A Mr dai " ! ', lt ; r WaS b0 " 1 yesterday to Mr. and. Mrs. Franklin Marshal or Memphis, who formerly re-slde i oj News Personal Hie city audltoiium on the eve- nliiR of February 22. under the nircctlon of Mislni Feililsh. Memphis pianist nnil compose,- Thit; will be s]mi«o!-«l by Ihc local Jiivith Dndlcs Aid society. Mrs. Laura Scherrr nines The scholarships Include ;i si-rrc- liirlnl COUISL-- lit DraiiBh- an'.s EltisincM college of Memphis piano FChn:.ii.<,hius in MeinphLs, st Jxilus an<l Chlciign. nntl co'iirsej j'-i dranuilic art. voice and ilanc- mL'mbers of the Memphis Little °" e "I Ihc .sclHilarships,will he I neuter, Miss Emily lladlcy, loc | Given In inemory of the lulc S. S. dancer who lias performed iv. France mid the 11 "*"•- Virginia Moreno; Slates. jniSlernbcri:. proiiiini'iil business man . ( |i(ir lilythcvllle. Mrs. S. S. Slernbcr- '•• chairman of the scholarship aiu dc- foi them lyrlc-riraimiilc niprunii. : coininlttce anil young nicn of tin- Chicago O|ii-ra : .voiini; women of Ulylhevillc Abe. Kipper of Mem-j "'ring to enter their names pms. baritone. Miss Dora Hern- fcholarsliips should submit incm Mom of Memphis, plnnlsi. and M r . to her. Members of lhe coinmlt- >-""••'- planisl, will appear on lee l« make Ihc selections will be H'ibish. I he program. j announced later. Proceeds of this affair, which it' Officers of the lewi«h Ladies epccted altun.tcd bv Aid socle ly • are Mrs L K i, rutdT"!', 10 " 1 I'",' T^ wliliwBt * ""»" ent :' M'S W,,er "a'"IK u--'d. for (he scholarships U: b.' tnllml. vice nresidciu- Mrs p,,i awarded by lhe ladies aid to local .'and \Volfort sccreHrv'- M« ?im S7| S o, ^f" 1 "' W "" 1Cra "'--'"•'"-•I"'. t™'ur?r; S'c E cm," Ule^C SChOKlrSh III; .'rtlll^rl .,* *t finn It-.. .._ j_ ^'"ll .. - -...-.. ...I.LJVI.T (|L Jl»l.pll. LJL-MS1 iliff2_ sc holarships. valued at $1,000,1 ter. reixirtcr. Civic League ;il U-acliville Plans Year's Program Ark.—The i.ench- vllle Civic League has placed in Ihc hands of its mi-mbcrs a p,o- thc year, setting forth flucnzn atJ'hcr home on Chickasawba avenue. Mrs. CaVrol Blakemorc is I,, CovuiEton. freiin., ivllh her mother who is critically ill. she was taken to a Jftniphis hospital Sunday, t ,J^ "PPration bul physicians ilec.ded hog was unable to iindenm «ii operahon and lhe was rclurn- crt home. , Miss Bell^ Whitsilt has rr-iurnnl i Irani fo it--, piirp... terms: Our Aim: To make mote inlcllii;ciit citizens of oursievcs. Tii lietter conditions under which we and our children live. Our Purpose: To uri;c women lo register and vote in all elections. TO sllldy n|,(| .support 1 0 (.| 5 - laliim Jor impioving lunnaii wi'lfure. Our Object: •• •* 1*1 our object be our counlrv and by nod's blessing may tliai country It.solf become .i v.-ist^ splenilitl monumcnl. nol r>f wLsdoni, ,>en Hornersville Society-Personal W. E. Hnycs. the Rev. C. M Oalncs and Dr. E. G. Cope i .-tuunit: lorfll i — —" — -"" ~"i~- WC1C the followiiiK d "y l " D -' B vlsltol ' s "' KenncU M <"'**•! Mr. and Mrs. George S. Browr. 'Mis. Karl niidin and Mrs. E. o. Co|ic. Mrs. Frank Chaill and Mrs. Van Grantham attended thc in- Mnllalion of olficcrs of liic Order of thc Eastern Slar at Caruthers- 'vlllc Friday night. Mis. T. W. Glass, ausin Cope and \V. E. Hnyci. nccompanicd by Hoy J. Cope 01 Maiden, were in Memphis Thursday ivhcrc they consulted, a physician. Mrs T. B. Kln.solvii'i« returned Friday from Cape Girardea '-< here she spent daughlrr. Mrs. liobcii Hill Mr. Hill. W. n. Sewell. E. lr> fimnKni'i IT * cnitcci. AjucTicn Kir^t i n-t n ^ * i ' ^'w "i tlt*sLricl nicotine nf ^m-ii i" vsdjjif/ncii, MO., vccitcrdnv bv i IIP ' "-"• i HM. i>u.ii nnn Al- - r\-rrnt ~v i «"h «i M,^».H "Mrs" c^C ^ngvon°^nt ,j ""**'" C: - ^ r1 "" ^ .1. P rc,J ,,, Mr5 - "V F ' Kllteh1 ' " f «««Memphis today whSe L mc hc?| T"V HM "' Al E ' R ° binso " ">- vice-i - V *'»"' » , r ? w (i ^ ">b week daughter. Miss Adele and MiJ ' ;cs!rtcl ' 1 - "«• I-'rert Alexander itie."" 1 Mr ' Knl S lu Sara Nunnf who .ire comin. H,™ Irrosi !!' cr - ;itltt M «- E. E. Byrd lhe: "! M Corrl 'BWH and Willie daughler. Miss Adele. and Mis-, finm Vr'V, Wh ° • lre comi "5 ''"ni" fiom lhe University 0 [ Mississippi hnlld ° rd ^ l ° 5pCnd lh * mld -'«> holiday. They will be accompanied TH Cr M -ff" : ' lso a s'uilent thpV" They will return lo school Tucs- Biliy Hcssin returned Friday af- inn a r. KCeks 5lny in M t">ilc anrt^ayouLabatre. Ab..anrtNew ( 'j> r -,°- L -; Williams, of Mariana, will arrive tomorrow to s W nd the with his dauchtcr. Mn; May Jr.. and Mr. Milter.'' Upoii return Monday he will be -,c lamed by Mrs. Williamson arrived.yesterday. Wood, four-vcar- - -. „. Mr. and Mrs. c C i, who has been m w ith K<:z . OF THE Kiplu I). Bfaaky, |. astor Siinrlay school, 9:<5 a m P Eva nc, Biipt. ' Moining 11:111 ' Jehovah; bul it was the demoii- slratlon of divine Love casting out error and healing the sick, not merely in the name of Christ, or Truth, but In demonstration of Truth, as must be thc ca«; In the cycles of dlvhw light" (page 135). The Christian Science Rending Room Is o|«m Tuesday and Friday rom 2 lo 4 p, ,„. a t room m Hotel Noble. ^ All are cordially invited lo ut- FIRST I'KKSKYTEKIAN CHUKCll S. 11. Salmon, Mlnl.ster S:« a. m., Sunday Church! School, S. B. vail, Supt. 11:00 a. -in.. Morning Worship, bcrmon topic: "Providing fo/ Our OWll." SlWeiul !7n,i,n »fr r fering. 0:*5 p. m., Young-People-of-thei Church. 1'30 p. m., Evening Worship. Sermon topic: -Bearers of lhe Llghl." 1ILITY WED Business Experience Essential, Says Civil Service Commission • —..!, .v. ~... Even a Republican may aspire fc|>cc!al Home Missions oJ-jto a postmaslerBhlp under the I fiooscvelt administration, at least 1 if he excels all Democratic candidates .in "experience, ability and character," according to a news release of tho-,United States Civil ""•n"" i, r. Service Commission in connection To all Presbyterians, to all who] with the forthcoming appointment •)>(VC 110 lOCfll Mil I ret l I mil if, t f . nil fit n rimi' i\r>rt .».-.».*.... f.. _». .. no local church home, to »\\ who are not duly bound lo be elsewhere, we extend a cordial and & uijjiisillljIL^jll, of n new postmaster for Blythe- -'llc. The commission states that "it . , m l|1) . eel: Docs ft Pay To He n Chris' tnyeiit Invitation to worship with Is riot Interested in the political us and to Join with us in service'religious or fraternal affiliations 10 Gcxl - " (o God. KIRST METIIOI)lsrT:ili:ni'll \V. V. W'onKick. I'asttjr Sunday school, 0:45 a Evening service, 7:15 o'clock Fcr 6>ison, Supt. Subject: "The Orenl Divide" I Yo "»S People': nil Ln Y ' P ' S ' Of lllc z °"e 5 ' '"I hold a convention at the -!'»ix'h Sunday afternoon. 1-5 • clock. Representatives r , 0 ',,, Beech Grove and Bly- K D «.**>». aim '•iinunf f" ,n k ° P " 1 "' « P™' unlch will continue for three •ours. The public Is Invite Ho tli s ap'dnl meeting. " lls — ....... evening tlonal services 6:45 p. m. Morning worship, 11 -nn Subject of liom God.' Evening in, ., CHURCH Urner I,ake and Johnson Slrrels ". J. I.eltoy, I'a-itor Sunday .school, 0:45 a in I'rcachiinj. 10 u. ,„. Subject- Vliat Is A True Test of What s lllghl and What Is Wrong'" Tins will be the first half o7 t« : o CMiions on this subject, .Hear Leagues. li::io & 7:00 o'clock. Preaching. 7:00. Subject: "How Aic You Feeding Your Soul?" Vie nrc looking to the Government for feeding our bodies whether we arc. signed up with CWA or not. But arc we sign- Hl up with (ho BOL for the fecil- ine of our .souls? 'Jlic Quarterly Conference will hi- held Hie first Sunday night i,, K-ljiiinry instead of next Sujidny nlght. An exchange with the 'jjJhY- cr work was made for Sunday .sermon, "l-'mrlu:? Out " •• worehip. 7:30 p m. . . Sermon subject: "Thomas, A Man of Moods." We invite .strangers and visitors to worship with us. •SKCOM) IIAITIST CHIIKCH .)' \i Neiisotn, 1'aitor Sunday cchool. 9:45 a in n. Y. p. u., C:30 p. m. W -M. U., Monday 2-30 p m There will 1* no church services "i" (ho pastor will preach both morning and evening at Closnell Kvcrybwly cordially invited attend all these services to Mnrsh M. tollaway. Minister- The Church School opens nt 0:45 "- in. with Jue Cromcr ;is superintendent. . eleven . . Morning worship at Sermon by the Minister, o'clock. _ j >4i< _ jjti;i "The Evalation or^he" Afflicted!" Thc public is invited to these services. It.CRlM I.UTIIEKAK CIIDKCII H. .1. Kleindiensl, 1'nslnr Sunday school, n n. m. Morning .service, 10 a. m Sermon theme: "Why Should We Hle.«s the Orxl and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?" KvcniiiB service, 7 p. m Sermon theme: ••Guard your ]';«" Tliis is the second of a present ECIIPS of evening sermons oil "Catitions." Friday evening 7 p. m., informal lecture on Bible Fundamentals at he school. A cordial welcome is extended to "11 lo worship with us. FIRST BAPTIST Ulritdl Sunday school, 0:45 a. in. Alvi inlley. Supt. The Rev. Carl Uasselt will qj v "i illustrated talk to the rn tj r school. Church. 11 a . ,„. Slll)j t Watch Your Step" with the Re\ [>rl BassolL occupying th<. , m] n\t » Y. P. U.. 0:2i> p. „,. M ,3 ima B. Wilhclm. director. Thcr 111 be no general assembly as th young people will B0 from i), c l inioiis into thc church auriiiorium ,„,. Afcrnoon service. 3 o'clock Th ivilh her n<!v - Carl Bassett will S ]H-ak or The Proper Thing" "Does a widow u-ntiimc lo use Iicr luisljand'.s ><•"<•• .'•• In society a wldniv r uses her own mime on her cards and " never uses fhould also use her husband's name for all forn-al occasions. "Will you picas., leli me wlicth- ci op^not it- is 5011 form to have Aiits" before one's name in call- ins cards?" It Is not only correct- lo use the title--Miss" on a visiting 'eara ••y an unmarried u-omaii; ibutTth.) omission """ "•- "" • • *•*•• ciror. of any applicant," but will merely "certify to the postmaster general thc names of lhe highest three qualified eliglbles. if as many a:s three are qualified, from which the postmaster general may select one for nomination by the president.". There will be no formal scholastic examination, but applicants "will be rated on their education and business experience and fitness. The Civil Service Commission will make inquiry among representative local business and professional men and women concerning- the experience, ability, and character of each applicant, and the evidence thus secured will be considered in determining the ratings to be assigned to the applicants." v Education nnd training will count 20 points, and business' experience and 80 points in determining the ratings of applicants. To receive consideration an applicant must show that for at least three years he has been en- eaged m occupations In which he has demonstrated ability to conduct the affairs of a business to Ihc- extent required of the post- olflcc for which he is an appll- In the absence of a formal examination the rating on thc education and training of the appll- ^"i*;" 1 £ *rtenBlncd ;,-om in- Hawaii may be a Paradise to some people, but to the property department of the Cecil B. Dc- Mllle troupe, which went to the Islands to film Paramount's "Four Frightened People," It was a hap- py'hunting ground," In more ways than- one. The picture with Claudette Colbert, Herbert Marshall, Mary Bo- Innd, William Gargan and Leo Carrillo playing the leading roles will be shown at the Rltz theatre Sunday and Monday. The story of "Four Frightened People" is that of four highly bred ladles and gentlemen, who are lost In the dense jungle and leran thut they are really men and women alter all. d , , .rom n's fo ™ all °.» furnished in the appli- ; , of the fillc is a'socfi)' Kciser News Notes . ratlo , n - J '» whic "quired to sh — -_ u .. uri UK, uinjitb «nc locations of all schools, attended whether of elementary, collegiate NEXT at Blytheoille's Theal, K THE CITZ Genevleve Tobin, as the neglected wife in the Warner Bros, picture, "Easy To Live," which comes to the Rltz Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday. Invents a novel method of bringing her husband to time. Mary Astor and Edward Everett Horton form the other two sides of the lore quadrangle as flic other woman and the other man, while Patricia Ellis and Paul Kaye arc thc young lovers. which is one Cavanaugh, Robert Q.., Harold Waldridgc. .and Frederic March, Miriam | In ,,u George Raft and Helen Mack £ " Sl the cast of Paramount's - A i ' Me. showing at tho Ritz •rj,,..,'.' f Thursday and Friday. l " trc directed by j a ,,.^ """'ry of lite A f e " Ue who lea " ls Ve from tw ° "Sleepers : N(l| , . Pc ,. ic , : N(l| , nest-selling novel makes h\ -in lion of a girl who could not nnk<> good in the city of her c nice but who comes back to fmd I ',"' . self the star witness In a m,i lc that threatens the careers of many ' prominent peoflple Preston Foster has the masculine lead opposite Wynne Gibson • •*- *«••- j wuii£ iijvcio. fit i - 1Illt - *-'}i] Other noted players in the cast Mo," Barrl"* H°, f lhe ^ arc hich Is on,. /,f „„.„_.!,_., _ la Marr ic, Harvey Stculien.-; of escemionil ' ™, strength and talent indude Guj HoTarriTT 1 Kibbee. Hugh Herbert, Hobart I ?n J ' a irvey Stephens, Carrol Nojsh. Suzanne Knar- THE coxy Life in a boarding house immediately presents situations frn,i?ht with dramatic possibilities. Each tenant is a story by himsMf-all the occupants together offer a colorful, kaleidoscopic panorama ol life—joy, despair, love h?le and intrigue weave thc pattern: Columbia Pictures has taken this interesting theme and produced a picture--a picture which might be labeled "the "Urand Hotel' 'bl boarding house life In New York " II is called. "East of Fifth Ave- uaiit-u in me appn- ~....*.\.. **<u»i. ui nun AVC- ch the applicant is mie '" anrt wl " t« showing nt the tow the names and J™ y Theatre, Sunday and Mon- 11 Schools attnnrfA^ OKJ'. Dorothy Tree and Wallace Ford are featured. The film marks thc or professional grade; the dates avc fcnl '"' c fl. The film mr of attendance- and whether or not llebut of Miss Trc e. who. u the applicant, was graduated in I lictllr< '. *'as known only the applicant, was grartiiatcd n each case from a prescribed course of study. "' Robi »s<"i lira nn ' m' n'r n f allcluicri to business m BIythcvillc Friday. W. M. Taylor is "in Sin Louts on business this week Lcsmcistcr enler- Mrc^'i ";-, brid 8e club this week Mrs. J. T. folk and n. H. Robinson were lhe prize winners llcnry L. Werner of MCI '-model visited • Pyramids of Eeypi." The public i.> Invited lo •<••• 'ices. :croulli!!; secretary. ...... "•>' inti WUIU Philhoiirs sivnt the wcrkcnrl \, sles, is now up . " ar » ! , d Slernborg has return-: from Memphis where 1,c spent l«u ' -^ --. ...j. - ~ r *..v tllv VMfMJl^rl U Thursday. February 1. a proj.-r.uvi Mci 'il>hls \vi(h their father anc en Good Cilizenship will be 6 iven. eranrifiulicr. P. P. Bryant who is at the community house, with Mv« ' lilkln c treatment at the Bamiit C. L. Smith in charge. "'hospital. v iir h'^^'v 1Wlrlllir > : '»• Iherel «• M. Rlddick visited Mr. nnd h'"lc^ i ^he V S^,e iU l!; > Tha"e 1 ^.n^ "'hKl" K \ C '" -Mr.=. E. M.jiOT,-ar(l. " ! =mrt Bother ,winU of Tennessee ^^: ti; -'- r -=-;^ -Mrs. M;,i,ei outlaw -a m! daughter; P^Ved with Cam-oil Tuesrtav nidi Mis,' lx>is. have moved in the iv.s-1 T 'ie cirls won bv I;O(KI MJore ;. w.tii it, mr iv.s-1 -- ii uui> won ov n cotwl i'.fiH-c formerly occupied by thc'-'hile the boys los^ "6 tn £ M« !ark.s on South Main M,xa.| Mrs. Roy,, Franks " ,,„,„;• * ' -nn , ," 0 '»''«"' ciitertaiin-d: r 'iiisl for Dunklin cnnnty Hold Th,' -rt 1* fr '°" ds nt I'iiduc.'he first cooking rtcninn.v r: ,iio, it iiuir.-day aflcrnoon. Hisn "'" "•'•• *• "-"«m us. held Mrs. Johnnie Swiehart, H'oros; Iho lou noon. She prepareii Wrdni-stiny nfter- Jolinnic Swiehan. and !ip'Mc»- ami meat dish Wfl.s I'r-lfl \... Tr » _ .. a vegetable score w as i lcll , uy ^ u ;,^ Blown. Mrs. Minnie tlie emulation ra^or. to B ,, rl , rt tail rc-i Mass. .up>. Frunk Mrs. E. TOLEDO, o. ,op)_i n ,,, c ,- amr ™^ v of. her pet ctog, Belly, a $5,000 fund for sheltering and caring for ani- nialsn has been ifrbvfded'lnfrVun. der tho provisions of a living trust lie howl„ ,,,,-. , . . •- llessom Birthday bvirlijr Unifli-' ' i 1 Sl!c -I 1;1 > loa\e. nun "drarl "W 31. Ihc niylhevillr rlub housr *T* ..«.? slloot ' u «"*'h >'is srconrt -----— "j the iai.e iv Worthlngton Pomeroy. ire Mrs. E. H. T abrT . , ball. Howard. Mrs. Fr rt "*T 1 *""" i,.v,,J " ?nti •""<! stood , . O ,it V I'l HI When hr sitiK-k II-.P -dead , — -*""iim. .ijj.>. r] i n j ^Voander Mrs. j im Alexander ri ^^^Bycrleyand'Mr,^!;- Read Coun;r Xevs \Var.i ^ds wrxxl" It hminrcd. Lindcd o: — "P. leavsng .seven to hi.? ihlrd ASSKHIII.V OF OOH Cm liCJI •Snulh Lilly Street Rimdny .school, r>:-»5 a . m Preaching service. 11:00 ;i. n Text tor Sunday inoriiini-- "i Christian Soldier." Junior Chi 1st Tmba.vsarioi- ser vice. 5:30 p. in. 'Senior Christ Ambassador ser vice. 6:311 p. m. Evangelistic sermon. 7:3n p m Everyone is cordially inriled to attend our services. CHRISTIAN HC.IKXCK SI'ILTV "TIlUTir" i.s the Mibjcct c,( (he Lesson-Sermon lo bo rrait m the Chtistian Science vrvirr. mornlnc at 11 o'clock Tlw Golden Tr-xl n r . Rocl:. his work Is pcrfrrl: his ways nre judgrmriii: n truth and without iniqiniy ' (| >r . ril /! ol just rlgbt is ho- ii)eme'n.:i,miy Among Ihr ritatinn:; Iron, (he Bible is the folloa-inu'. -A-id he was ca.Miiic 0 ;it a devil : ,ni it dumb. And ii ramc i,> ,«« when lilt- deul wa.s B one out tile dumb spake: and the perm!,. U01 , " i n i . The Lesson-Sermon will rlude papers from tl,,- fVarnce lextlxwk. -Sr:ri. Health w ,u, K C} . ,/ \ K . lures' by Mory linker Ertrtv o - .incl !;-rlp- -hich reads, ""a^t^vT J«us taucht it was r.o: a C reed con,:=r N CWS Wau, Ads. i^iaf & U'T^M noon' 1 '° KciSCr ™"'^ «'«r- Mr and Mrs. Spencer Williams '"-' m Kei«r Thursday night, Baptist Ladies held a bix at the church Thursday Pair ,^X^ W " C ' Or r - Walska Denies Reconciliation . ^Tfce^rating of the applicahV on business experience and fitness will be determined upon consideration or his statement of experience in lus application, and of other evidence-confirmatory, supplementary or corrective— secured through careful Investigation by the Civil Service Commission. The supplementary investigation by the commission will cover two purposes: full inquiry as to suitability and fitness for the office by reason of character and personal characteristics, and careful inquiry of iwrsons best Qualified to know' as to ability, business qualifications and experience, and success , cces in business or other employment . . picture, was known only to legitimate stage audiences. ed Norman Faster, who fi,*t achiev- fame on the Boartway Mace portrays the role of the doomed man Marian Marsh is his ™"et- nny, n. e „,"„ Ule I]OV hcart; Reginald. De . whose conniving n jeopardy and Richard llemieu tl . , • • " *i.n.u.uu uunueu the lawyer, who aids In saving his Two opjxxsitc sides of life arc vividly shown ... the gav cabaret and night life of New'York- "lid the -drab,--despairing 'death house at Sing Sing. . . ° Although sjrlm and realistic at times, u beautiful romance between Miss Marsh, enacting Ihc role of a Broadway hat-check girl and Norman Foster, a taxi-driver dominates the theme of the pic' |ture, which Victor Sehcrlzinger di- -rected. .From the chronicles of real-1 life stories—the pirss c*/tht rK\->t- • - \ lion-came the Inspiration to make!" "Diamond Trail""wlh l b» show,, ^Strange Justice" showing at the! at the Hoxy Theatre Thursday. rlj : |lering Shadow" and a cartoon. Value of Hold-Up Not Limited to Opponents' Opening Suit; i All Members Invited to Participate in Annual Klection Monday Night All members of the Chickasawba District Chapter, American Red Cross, arc invited to be present at a meeting to be held Monday night, 7:30 o'clock, at the city hall, to elect the executive board which will direct the chapter's affairs during 1934. All residents of the Chickasaw- brt district who subscribed si to the Red Cross in the-roll call last November are chapter members and are eligible lo participale in the election. Twenty-four candidates for th IU places on thc executive boan have been placed in nomination and other nominations will be in Today's Contract Problem ' lour the How hand "West Is declarer at sji'des. North opens queen of diamonds, should Went play the to make his contract? 4 7 V J s 7 r, • QJD '• *Q4 3 2 A A K J 1085 V j 2 + J3 T AQ!M 2 • Alflfc ( + 10 36 5 Solution In next ISMS. 27 Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WM. E. MrKENNEV Secretary, American Bridge League Ihc safety of the hand with a bid . ol two diamonds. South allows the diamond suit to be a four- carder with a bid of two no trump.' ; which is constructive, and Nortti. due to his four-card spade suit, has a right to try for game. The Play West's opening lead is the three of spades, which East wins with the king. If East returns a spade it will establish two -spade tricks m dummy. East's best return is to shift to the king of clubs and here is where thc declarer must employ thc l-.old-up. A irici is needed in spades for declarer lo go" game. As West is' marked with the' ace of spades, tv.e declarer must' hold up until the third round,'hoping that East l:as at feast four clubs. This will exhaust West of clubs. The third club liick is won by South with the-acp/and he immediately return.-; tlic jack of spade;." All West can do is to ivin viith the ace and relurn a heart, hnp- to find his ppitncr with the ace of hearts. avcrs to moln -i, i P ro note its long suit and to establish I South sma " East put' thc trick | vited from thc floor at night's meeting. Those Mondaj already nominated arc: Rev. E. K. l.atl- mcr. Mrs. Paul L. Tiptoh, Joe Isaacs, E. M. Terry, Jeff Roland lhe Rev. j; J. % Thompson. B D Ferguson. Zal-B. Harrison, Dr A M. Washburn, Mrs. K. E. Alexander. A. B. Falrncld, Tom w. Jackson, c. A. Cunningham. R. D Hughe.-;. J. j. Daly, C, R. Bah. cock. Dr. Hunter Sims, Mrs. B A Lynch. Mrs. Harry Kirby, Max B Reid. Mrs. Edgar Borum. B. B. Lyman. Mrs. Howard Proctor, and ;Mrs. John Lcnti. WARNING ORDER on t" the Chnncery Court Chicka- siwba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Mrs. Josephine Miller, Plaintiff, vs. No. 5569 feler J. Miller, Defendant. The defendant. Peter J. Milter, ii warned to appear within thirty Chicago, Gnnna i rta - vs tn the court named in the rn l' 11 ™ hereof nnd answer the cnm P'alnl of the plaintiff Mrs. Jr wr>hine Miller. Uatcd this 32 day of Jan. 1034. Gatnes, Clerk. -"•"."OV, vtft LIU* Walsk.i. P,,M S h singer, ts abown «a she nrrivcd for her flrsl concert tliore in several years. Sha atn kincheon willv Harold F. McCormlck, belor, bar divorced ibdnd, hui denied se^oncllla. liou runiorfc " . - - , . F - c - Douslss, Atty (or Plaintiff. : C. F. Cooper. Atty. Ad I.^'em. IHI:[i>:, 22-39-5- . -• • -— ^.u... i -^^ Mill.-, L[1L IClCr card tricks by using high cards ace, and the res-, ot ilayrd from thc qi;n with I lllC UiCK^ -J — ....5 11.5.1 Irlltlo ULt, all as entries. However, the hold-up I arc his. is a strategic play of the declarer If he had won 'lie clubs h-Ior that may offset this attack ...... Generally, the hold-up is applied on tr.c opening 5ll it. „„(, m icdays hand we m-.d it applied on t-.c second suit and not asallut Inc original leader. 3X.T. Pass. ^nc s West .e bid H „» i , bl<1 ° f onc * s * «eak for a negative double. In ther words, West does not wish o Pl»y the hand at two spades inless East has an exceptionally flue hand. Alter Wests pass, North shows ilie third round, Writ would hair gone in with tho ,ve of spades, re- I turned a club, and East Mould' have made three club lrici:.= in- '-tead of two — ciiwigh io delciil the contract, i Copyright, 1534. NEA Service, fnc.i May he They Are Terrapin DIAMOND BLUFF, WIs. (UP)—., Turtles captured by William Wat- '] terlln along the St. Crolx and • Mississippi Rivers, are shippr,| in f easlern iwrls where they are .-nld as terrapin. Waltcrlin said that lie often gets 1.000 pounds of turtles from n single nest. NOTICE I have on January 25 sold my entire stock and fixtures lo ft. I fiould. of Caruthcrsvillc, Mo., and I assume all liabilities against the stock ol merchandise up to that j day. 27-pk-2-8 b Lausky. A very Plows nnri I-ighl Implements •Always-A-Hcad Feeds. Ilicl, C--.1 Grade Field nnd Ganli-i, Sttd, Roofing. Fcnfillff. ncss, clc. OBERST STORE CO.

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