Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on May 25, 1898 · Page 16
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 16

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 16
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GOT THREE SCRATCHES XO OTHER HITS DID SOITHPAW HAHX Al,LOW TUB SAINTS. THE TIGERS BCXCHED HITS AXD COMPLETED THE SHl'T-OL'T. OXCB MORE THE BIA'BS DID IT TO THE LEAGUE LEADERS. THAT ONE WINNING RUN WAS AGAIN MILWAUKEE'S, NOT 051AH.VS. Pitcher Warden Reported a Deserter and. Underwood May Stay. Sout4-paT.' Kahn aliowrf oa'iy four paints to react: :irs; bits-? yrsterctay, and Burke n;.s :he o::!y o::i- of them lo rc-ich, whiie two of tiio others tiird at rtrsi. As Iavis aad Innsaa iouini the- t-a n the fifth and Simmy Nicliol; arov a i'"b' Sr agair. th tret-s. honD-- of winittr.B a siir. i,t!d Hit: a the honor of a shu;-ous.. i-jrning the tables very neatly cti St. Paul's cha.Jitor.5.-.;;.-hunters, and cspeci3ily oa PUchc-r Dtnzer, who, perhaps, labored under the delusion after Jlgnda;-s same, that he was . about the only twirls.- of rt orier ta town, faahn wer.t after his une-u:; record rata a vengeance ana had it u;. to the sixth, when but one screen hit had oeen made ort hitn. iwo more of-about the sjne order came alter ihi.t, but HaoB hsa the ac-vanuge of Deuzr in possessing h;s control lrom the very outset ot me game ana never putting hiiflEelf in a oox, although ae was close to H in the ninth. He gave uut one base on balls aitd tntce time closed the inning with a strike-out. - Not all the credit goes to Hahn, however, for tat team behind tmi Selaed cleaniy and sharply. HUies was credited with an error on a fast bounder straight at h:m, but he got In a couple of lignii-iag hue throiv to arst that snowed now his wing has been coming around. The firs; baint to reach first was Geier in the third on a fast ground bal! that Hahn hit and deflected just out of Hines' reach, he stole third on a "high throw by Twineham, but tne "old boss" was himself after that. He caught Geler himself at third a second afterward. Then Uienalvln got a life on Hines in the next inning, but he stayed at first, Nicholl. Twineham and Beard retiring the side. Hahn gave Geier his base in the hfth. but the stocky ex-Philadel-phian staved there, Nyce and Davis having fielded out a couple in splendid style and Heard again getting the. closing put--ut. In the sixth came Miller's hit, on which Huiis was excused because of its nasty bound, but Nicboil and Davis had already pu: two out on long flies and Beard handles 'Jkn-alvin's grounder. Twineham caught two fouls in the seventh, the one from Jack Glasscock's bat being a bothersome one. Hines sent Geier out at lirst In beauti' Jl stvle In tbe eighth, Dungan then making his only catch, a running one, on epics, while Hahn struck out Cross for Ihe second time at the end of an inning. Burke opened the ninth with a bunt right by the plate, and Hahn threw it wild to arst Instead of holding it. giving Cincinnati's o!l outsider second base also. He stole third when Glenalvin was allowed to block Twineham, and Nyce's talkative rrotest to Mannassau nearly got him into trouble. The situation looked critical, but Davis haflinalled Miller's long fly. his fifth catch, and Hahn. himself fielded Glenalvin out at first In double-quick time, while Beard had the honor of closing the game and also for the fifth time of ending a St. Paul inning, Glasscock sending a grounder to him. The Tigers got rather few hits oft Cross, but thos they got were splendidly bunched and they showed the. hit-and-run game to good advantage several times. W ith two out'Jn tbe first, Xicholl and Hines hit and Beard got his base. Shugart, who did some great- fielding throughout the game, put Kvce out at first, though, and three were left. Dungan got a hit in the third and stayed at first, but in the fifth Davis got one past Glenalvin after two were out and Dungan followed it with another hit. Davis scoring when Glenalvin mixd up on the short throw by Spies, as Dungan went down to second, i'icholl would havvs brought the -runs anyhow, fur he sent a two-baeger against the left-field trees and the only two runs of the game were in. Beard got to third in the sixth on his hit and two grounders, and Nicholl walked In the eighth and was forced by Beard, who reached second on Shugart's wild throw on an attempted double. That was all for the Tigers, but it was enough. Score; DETROIT. AB R H O A E Davis. 1. f - 1115 0 0 Duarsn, r. t 4 12 10 0 Mlcboll. o. f 3 0 2 2 0 0 Hint, a. B - 4 0 1 0-2 1 Beard, 2b ". 3 0 1 0 5 0 Nix. 3b 4 0 0 2 1 0 Tvrtnibam, o '3 0 0 6 1 0 Poller, lb 3 0 0 U 0 0 Hahn, P 3 0 0 0 1 1 Totals.: - SI 2 7 27 10 2 ST. PAUL. AB R H O A E Burke. 1. f 4 0 1 3 0 0 Miller, r. f 4 0 1 2 0 0 Glenalvin, 2b 4 0 0 0 2 1 Glasscock, lb 4 0 0 15 1 0 Sbugart. s. 6 3 0 0 1 7 1 Gillen. 3b 3 0 0 1 2 0 Geier. c. f 2 0 1 1 0 0 Spies, c 3 0 0 1 1 0 Cross, p. 3 0 0 0 3 0 Totals SO 0 3 24 IS 2 Innings 1 234567S9 Detroit ... 0 0002000 ' 2 Su Paul 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 Two-base hitNieholl. Stolen- bares Hines, Gler.' Burke. First base on talis ' Cros 2. off Haba 1. First base on errors St. Paul 1, Detroit 1. Left on bases Detroit 7, St. Paul 4. fitrvck cut By Hahn 3, by Cross 1. Time 1:33. Umpire Mannassau. Attendance 1,100. IVotea of tlie Game. . Tbe game was the sluinest of the season on these grounds, lasalng only au hour and tbirtv-five mlastes. T116 Detroit team will rlay in S2ginaw on .Sim-day with the international League team of that cltv. " Fuller Is catching the crowd pretty well by his work oa first base, though that canaot be ealtetl Ala position. He seems to be a trim and activv player. Outfielder Preston will rart with '.he Saints when taey ieae. here rar Columbus to-nu; as be wll! join' the Omaha team for us game here to naKTCW. Please, Mr. President Joinson. can't you move tbe umjarea arounl a little u,ore Xr.ere are others, you know. Vtnptre Mannassau cild as v.cll as he knew how again yeaterdav. Hines. Duncan and Nicboil did the hlttiait that calne right to the lunt for tt'.e ilue.-i?, though Hines' clean single over jeecona In the. first resulted only In a, threat of one to three score:-. Nicholl's two-bagcer, the only lonft hit of the Same, struck the trees beyond liarie and then landed ha?jcwell tc aid the shortstop's position, stlvinc Nicholl almost a chance to reach t-.rd. Glenaivln and Glasscock demonstrated their rich', to tbe championship class when it comes to lown-dowi: method. The elTons or . both yesterday went without even the feeblest protest from Hshh threw only four balls in the seventh. Glafscock rvndinr .up a ft-ul on the second hail pitched, while Shujrart touted out oa his flrrt hall and Gillen sent the first cue delivered to htm up hish for Nyce to eat. The bleacherttes who hav , found delight In calling to Manager Beard "lee'" got no chance to do this yesterday, for they wcuat bae had their calls mothered in the applause for the clean way in which he fields his position. Gleaalvin got hia error yesterday on his failure to meet the short throw ty Spies In the fifth, wben Davis waa on third and Dungan was stealing second. The ball then got away -irom him and Davla acored, while Dangar. got away with M steaL PresHent Van Detteck yesterday reeelred word that the Southern League bad disbanded. He did not say whether h. was thinking ot picking up any of the players thus thrown on the market. It ts said that Piper has been playlBC a great game down there -since he left the Detroit team. Frank Graves, formerly manager of the Detroit baseball team, yesterday began salt in the Jus-tlces Courts against President G. A. Van Der-beck for salary dating from tbe time of his re-leasa to June 15. . This is lit pursuance of a contract which h hart with President Van 'Derbeck tor bis services until June 1 and fifteen days' M by. :? was ;.'! j unci j.tckcO ;fcrwe O'." ' i 'i.t'fiii'-jt j.'.ir.rir.c ' ! I'Iln: down a hU'h 'b ho sri'. s'-v. r&i o: ; ( ':,.' j.i oatifih: ; su.-ij rrkwly soon. ;ir.l r-h'-ica: its "f . .V. i.rr.rts: a-i: war ,r the. rim' veptrday. but :lI ;i .yrr crtv,' s;-.ilry. c!;eii ''u: a: ihir.i :i the ...'i : .-. : a s;-r.3i! o "' -! Iv T iyinfa:iJ:' tr.row. I oMr kifked r. In sat'. a !! v, SK-Mi., .;''v;";".'.,,lv ' Ti .n:.a.;y, sr.d -''.-;. o'oir r:.:r' in . o i stec. ar.i tie thirl t v-r;.' ! ward ai wat .Sow.r'S fe-'li.T?'. Omnhn At"'" Lost a Close One. ! M-liva-ktf. V.'i?.. May S4.-Pc!B-)-,n !':..: v3 3 c!:.- and h.-.rd-Mu?;'.: of til.; !::. T'.Ti-y p!(c!ifJ for the n: -at team was qui:..- nth! at t;n;f'. and EVi.s;3" (tiath ir.r.'.ni; t.V i:. t. at. :.''-ay ar.--! all a.e 't a.? ta-.t.r.g v.t.;--s:'..r? a;-J a h?: f't.iaha p'.ay-:r v. : tai-as h-.! thr.-e mvn on na-' ? r T't" !!-'.c!iK 0: Ijaly x-i ' Ho lined two cii'i sciv'Terry's riio!;:::?. Tit fVV.' ,'- . r-r.-- TiV IT " AHR H O A ." AH R H O A ?h'ee.' ':V.. .4 0 0 1 1 ii'c'm! h.m.r, " 2 i !' j,;. .4 2 3 2 3 Iter,'., r 5 : 0 2 4 'avr":.'.'4 3 110 Lyor. 1 0 '- 1 'i!Tr-'i' 1 4 ' 2 f 0 j:.:rnf'tt. i.-3 7 " 2 o ;,V.'i-.-n r.4 0 0 3 H' I'c-iVth.'iS " " ! 4 M s 3 0 13 1 Kira-.r r. ...4 0 1 . 0 S;-,.-' -... 3603 ' M"'"; ai'-y. c.'t 21 2 ' Terry' p.. ..3 1112 Datth. p. ..3 10 0 4 Tetals...33 0,10 27 7 T.ttuls. . .3a a 7 211a; Innings 1 2 " 4 3 0 7 S ii Milwaukee 0 u 0 2 2 i 2 u Omaha 0 0 1 0 t ' 2 2 - Errors Milwaukee- Shoch. tvaidrcr.. Oraaha: Two-hM hits tVeaver. MeC'auley. Three-ba. i h.-,':!s-Ofr Terrvb.' cft Paul. i. Left on basts : Mlt-aaukie l. Omaha 1''- Stra;k oat Uy rrrry ' 2. V.':!d T'iteh? Terry 2. Tinie 1 :a0. Intptre Sheridan.' Attendance 700. ; Phillips Lost for flic Huoslcrs. Irc-iananolis. In.!.. May S4.-'?ae-.iaI.)-Ph!:Hp pre'nted Ka: .ar. City tc-day's same in the second inning by sulking after a few hit? w're xade. as a re.-ait of which seven runs were ; ti'-nred. He kept on in an it.lifTerent w::y and :n ; the sixth wen; up in ta. air after an crrer behlna : htm. and three runs were taliied. he itiving thera ! one by a measly fumble, when his teammates sailed after the lead -in the seventh and bean j hitting Kagan and tearing tip the Ulue. intteld j he acaln began to twirl in his old form. It 1 proved too Jate. however, for dcpite the fact that the Indians tied the .score in the ninth by a 1 brilliant rally. Kansas City won out. . Marc: is the man who scored the winning run. He opened the Cowboys' half o; the ninth with a triple and scored on the return of the bail. Stewart over-throwing third base. It was the mC6t exciting finish witnessed on the local held this vear. Score:- " INDIANAPOLIS. KANSAS CITY. AB R H O A AH P. H O A Hoirr'er. r 6 0 1 0 0 Slagle. m. 5 2 2 4 0 Deadv. 1... C 1 2 0 0 Frisbee, .. 4 " 1 1 0 Hoffm'r. 3. f 1 2 2 1 Con's'n. s. 4 1 10 4 Moti,"l... 3 0 1 11 3 McV'k'r. r 4 0 0 2 0 Stewart. 2.-5 2 5 1 3 Wilson, c. ! 1 1 2 0 Alien, s... 4 2 1 3 4 O'Hagan, 1 3 2 1 14 1 Lynch, c S 1 1 6 3 Will'rns, 3 4 2 1 3 3 Fiynn. m.. 5 2 0 1 0 Vinx. 2.... 4 2 3 0 2 Philiips, po 2 2 o 4 Egan, p... 4 2 2 1 2 Totals. . .46 11 15'24 IS " Totals. . .38 12 12 27 12 None out when winning run was made. Innings 1 2 3 i a G 7 S 1 Indianapolis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 311 Kansas City 0 7 0 0 0 3 0 1 112 Errors Indianapolis: Hogrierer H-.fftaeister 3. Stewart. Alien. Lynch, Phillips. Kansas City: Slacel. Connaughton 2. tviiiiair.s 2. Pirst base on balls-Off Phillips 2. off Eran 1. Struck out By Phillips 2. by Egan 2. Twc.-l.ase hits Stewart, Hoftmeister. Phillip.-. Bgan. Three-base hits Hogriever. Slagel, Williams. Double plays Lynch and Allen; Phiihps. ilotz and Lynch. Stolpn hases-h'eady. Hoffnteister. Left on bases Indianar-'!'' ''. Kansas City I. Passe i balls Lynch 1. Wilson 1. empire Caatiiion. Time Two hours. Attendance 500. "VVaddcll Hcported Missing. Pitcher Waddeil seems to be at outs with the club management again, and it 1- rpears that, if his twirling abilities are of the decidedly desirable sort, he has his drawbacks in bt-ir a pcrs.-n almost impossible to manage. He has not been around for practice -ince the ttanie on Saturday, the blame for losing which' he inki entire! on Twineham. lie had received h! pay the -Ity ''."-fore, but applied to President Van J lerliecli atter tflat gatne for a smai! sdM-nte. Ta 'utter did not think he ought -e be t ee.iihi.- it at that tlai.:. and for that reason relnsed it. Wa-.ideil remarks as he left that he tvouid no; be on liana for ni-irnm practice Monday, and he was not. but fhowed tip in tlie afternoon in citizen's clothes. He has been In the habit of doing this, for it has been .liinoit Impossible to get hint to attend practice with '.:)-rest of the team or comply with the clch rales in almost any particjisr. He rr. :' have gne ' Chatham to pitch for a club there, as there was a man here Monday trying to get Pitcner t'r.der-woa-i to go th-re for that if Warki.'l! shows up again at once the only thir.g the management can do Is to discipline him for his cbsiinnty and refusal to comply with repilatiorm. If he does not show up at once Pitcher L'nder-.vood's release will no doubt be reoiiled and he win be Xcpt here. The Ricrniond, Va.. club is after hia. how. Last Chance at the Snints To-day. The last game of the opening series with the Co-miskeyltt-: will start at 4 o'clock to-day, and Thomas will be on the slab for Detroit, while Hon Fricken may try the twirling for the Samu. if his arm, which was hi: by a pitched halt at Milwaukee, feeis all right. Otherwise. It will be Phyle. probably, that wil.1 go in. The sort c: ball that these two teams la-ve been playing the past tw- days deserves a larger crowd than the thousand or 90 who have seen each one. It would be hard to pick out a be'ler spectators' contest than yesterday's, while that cf the day was not so very far behind it. though fsr from being as satisfactory from the Detroit standpoint. 3Iillers vs. Senr.tora To-day. Columbus. Obi?. May (Special.) To-clay? ga.nv was postponed on account ol r&in. It w:U bo played Wdnt-irday. Pitcher rri.nd rev3nM late Monti.iy nirV.t. ard the other CiUraco twirler. Bert Hnsgs, in to-day ar.d -Tirii-ur.ced hi intention or doins his best for Columbus. WcRtern Leaprue Stnndins. Played. Won. Lost. Per. Indianaroli 5 3T G .T-io St. Piul 22 7 : ColnmbuR 2i 35 li ..77 Kansas Ciiy -V 1C 11 .577 ililwaukee 14 IS Minneapolis 2S 10 1 .357 Detroit 2S i 19 ,SJ1 Omaha 3 13 .179 KA STERN IvKAGtE. Wilk-barre-Syracn?e rame pofitpor-ed: rain. Toronto 12. Buffalo 1. first ganje; Toronto 7 Euffr.lo 3. ?econd earae. Providtr.ce-SiK'inglieid game postponed; rain. Rocheswr 5. Mcntral 1. THE TRAP. Nebraska Spring1 Shoat Opened. Omaha, Neb., May 24. The opeuing events of the Nebraska Sportsman's Association spring shoot to-day wre well attended. Fron; twent-ftv- to thirty nit-n started in. and the money was di.'ide'l ainon About as many. P.dlo. Hcikcs and Powers tied for the day's average with 114 out cf a postiibif -00. Frank Pam-ale- was with them ur to lb. tenth t-vent. durinp which he n-Jped four, leaving him nfxt hiph with 190. Gilbert, Grimm, rllcrd, Butid. Kannins a::J the rest were well bunched Just ishind. TROTTING TITIF. Dates for Races at Spriasport. Sprlngp-uri. Mich., May 24. The now race track society orgaiiized here, to be known as the Spring, port Driving Park Association, has decided .o hold Its first annual summer meeting cn Wednesday. Thursday ajid t'riday. August 17. IS an.1 10. The purses to be iven will be announced later. p. A P. M. R. R. Summer Train Service. The Flint & Pere MaraucUe K. R. train leaving Fort Street Union Sratfon at S iO ru"S through wiiJion change to Alpena and all D. & M. points, and west from Saginaw to Keed City, Manistetr and Lud--ntrton whor it rr. .;::es Imrrjediatc- connections with the mammoth car fern- 'Ptn.-Marauette," arrivInK at Manitowoc at 9:30 p. m uiaklns close connection with the Wisconsin Central and C. & W urrivins at Ouluth and St. Paul following aiornins. ThU is the cheapest route to the north- ftlRecd City this train connects with the Cr B. & I. for Petoskey, Bay View and M&ckinac and other resorts. For further information apply at Fort Street Union Sta-tion. or No. U Fort street west. THE DETROIT FKEE PRESS: WEDNESDAY, ST. I.W'IS H ALLIED IN TIME TO TAKE A GAME FliOJI THE CHAMPIONS. CHICAGO WEST TO PIECES AND LOS ANOTHER TO BALTIMORE. REDS PLAYED LOOSELY AND BROOKLYN- WON HANDS DOW'. PHILADELPHIA LOST A PRETTY CONTEST TO THE PATRIOTS. Louisville Could Not Hit Jfeekla-Cleveland Shut Out the Scnnlors. May 24. The Errwns defeated the tills afternoon r-y a streak of oppor-c. r.r':,h .jauie in the list two innings, ker t! arastrated by the heat as he Hear.. tune i cht - hat in t Sugde.-i. .' L.OCIS. F it H O i'st limine and retired ndaru-c Score: UOiTOX. A ii K H O A 1 4 Ter.r.ey Long. - Dolly. Coilins. Stahi. Low e, I'.-rjen. 1.. 9 0 1 o 1 I 2 0 1 3 1 1 1 1 .4 2 2 0 3 ..2 12 4 4 ...'I 0 0 0 2 .1 0 0 0 0 ..U 0 0 10 12 17 27 13 ivii: 0 Tavlo: Locke t,...0 0 itivetts ..1 0 0 0 0 Totals-. .41 10 13 24 10 tnrtts htitted .'or Levi -1- a- 1 2 0 4 0 6-78!' Ix-sf.-n 0022221: 0-10 2 1 0 '.' 3 0 . 1 n: Tenr.ey. Staiil. St. LOhit: lincrs--Dcwd, ."' iemer.ts. Hal! 2. P L-'t',d. iianey, Ci .ahi 3. - Croaks, liaii. Lowe. Hit by pitche.---Hi(r.c.. . ! Cieaii 'its. :-:ae? on baiis-uft 'aa!a.a-" 4. off V. aiis : 4. i-'.-?ieJ I ah Kergen. Stiuck aul Ily' i bv W li-i' a, hy La-wIs 1. Stolen has-.s Cr-.-.-b. I Hanii'.ti . Tenney. Time 2:3a. Uu:pi:e-S'.vart-. wo.,j and 'Vc-'.-l. I Senators Shut Oot. i Ciereltmd, May 24. Evans was wild in to-day's j game, and the Ir.ditns had an fasy time defeat- i ing the Senators. Score: ; CLEVELAND. Ait P. H O A WASHINGTON. AH V. ii O Burkett. L.4 ;.;,'C.ein. s." Clilids, 2.. ..4 V, i.llac". 3.3 IJiake. r....S ,',.a.'i.'r. c; M'Aleer, m.4 Tebeau, 1..4 Wii.n, p.. .4 o o 'jettrron. r.4 Seihach. 1..3 laayle, 1...4 And'san.m 4 Farreil, c. .3 Wagner. 3. 3 1 1 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 u 0 3 0 1 u o 0 3 0 10 1 0 Wrisley, Evans, c s.4 M:0 Totals... 32 4 6 27 IS Totals... 32 0J10 'Batted for Evans in the ninth. Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 S 0 Cleveland . . i Washington 0 0 0 0 0 " 3 1 " i . .-j ,;. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 ! Errore--Washington : r'3rrell. t agner. ! Left or. bases-Ctevelar.d 11. V.'ashinglon 10. .' First base on balli pff Wilson 3, ott 2, I S"ruek out Bv Wilson 3. hy Evans 1. Pwo-hase , ; hits inderson, Reits. Stolen bases MVriiley 2. JiouMe -.days Wallace and Tebeau; "A lis. n. Te- ; 1 '.ea-' an-i WaUace; McKean, and Tebeau. int by pitcher-By Wilson 1. by Evans 1. Um-j r-i-es Snyfer and Ccrry. Time Two hours. At- ; ; tendance 4X. I Phillies Lost Again. i Pittsburg. May 24. Plttsntirs v.-on its second ! game from Philadelphia in a contest full of brii-' liant plays. The fifth was fata! fcr the Quakers. Their two errors, together two hits, scored I Ganzel and filled the bases. Donovan then ! knocked a two-bagger to deep center, bringing : in three more tallies. Th Phillies played a good i ur.-hill game after this ami made six hits, but ' gilt-edce lieiding kept their score down to three ans ,i,i.ii.iiii. t-.-.. piT-r;-r,rRO. PHIL.VDELPIIIA. 43 P. H O A AB K H O A ir.,-, j 1 0 2 2 Cooler. m...5 1130 : Donovan r.3 0 2 2 0 Douglass, 1.4 0 1 u 2 i Gr-'i 3'.. .4 O 1 0 3 Deiehanty.1.5 0 2 3 0 ' It'C-'arthy. 1.4 0 0 .'. 0 Lajoie. 2.. .4 1 0 1 5 ! Davis Si.. .4 0 0 2 0 Flick, C....4 0 2 1 0 i Ganzei 1...4 119 0 .YTF'rl'nd.c.3 0 0 4 1 : yiv s' ...2 0 0 2 4 Ciosa, s 4 1 1 1 4 i "criver c.2 113 0 Nash. 3 2 0 0 2 o ! ki'ilen. p.. .3 110 2 On! . p.. ...4 0 10 2 ! Totals... 30 4 6 27 11 Toads... Zo 3 S 21 14 i Tnioi:s 1 - 3 4 O O I & t ' Pi;isburtr . . . i'lula.-iffii'hia. 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0- : I Errorr P-Ufburg: Gray 2. Philadelphia: Cro?s. i ' Oriii. : 1 T'-vo-V'C-1 lilts Done-van -. Fchrlvr. rxriehanty. i Sac!"iftce hnvr, McFariand. Stolen bar-s L!:Shar.ty. '.top-s. vcu.:i piay iiy, mami anu Oanzel. Pirr; base (in h:u' ' "iff Kiljen 4, ott Ortn KJ. by j-'i-xhod ba.)!r. ;:trij-k ou: Bv KHlen a. by Ortb 2. Pa?d bail? :!, river. McFarland. Time 1 :l". Vnipir5 Bmslie and1 Andrews. Rerts Had an Off Dny. Cincinnati, May 24. Th-- Red p-ayed stupi:! liall to-day and rirc-oklyn wen. Ralph Miller, a Cincinnati boy, was prefvr.t ?d with a diamond -tud bv his admirers. Attendance. ?core: CI N '"' I N N AT 1 . 1 J ROO K L YN . AB K H O A AH 11 J: O A HM'ilav. tn 2 1 1 2 f Griffin, m. 4 1 2 4 1 Smit.n 110 j'.w?, r... 5 J ;', 1 y Miller, r 4 0 0 2 2 Sheck'd. 1. 5 'i 0 o Be-klry, 1. 3 0 1 " Uich'ce, s. 5 0 0 1 4 McPhee. 2. 4 0 0 .3 .'. Ticker. 1.4 1 1 34 0 CC'or'n 5 4 0 2 2 -t Shiodle. 3. 4 0 0 1 5 St'nfeidt. 3 4 0 1 1 4 Ha Ilia n, 2 4 1 15-! relu c... 3 1 1 3 1 Grim. c... 3 0 1 1 2 Iwver 3 0 0 0 1 R. Mill'r, p 4 12 0 1 iW..(-ds 1 0 0 0 0 JYauBhn... 10 10 0 Totals... 34 3 625 10 Totals... 35 G 13 27 17 Miller out: hit by batted ball; also lor running out o line. flatted for Peitz in the ninth. IBatted for Dwyer in the ninth. Innings 1 234567S9 Cini-inr.ati 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 03 I'raoklyn 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 2 i Krrcrs-Cir.clnnati: i;eck:ey. Corcoran. McPhee. -Dri.ok!T:: Tucker. Hallman 2. hit Steinreidt. Three-b:i5e hits-Smith. Pei-.r. Tucker, Sheckard. Stolen bases HolSiJav, Hallman, Lacbance. Double plavs MrPhee and Ik-ckiey; Griffin and Shin-ile; Hall-man and Tucker; McPhee. Corcoian and Beck-lev Kirs; bsse on balls Off Miller 4, off Dwver 3.' Struct, out Hy Miller 1. Time 1:55. Um-pircs O'Day and McDonald. Cliicuifo Chicago, May 14. hits for seven runs pieces. lioth teams 3,-K-O. Se-.Te: "Went to Pieces. The Orphans bunched nine ;n the first, then wnt ail to batted savagely. Attendance CHICAGO. All R H Everett, l..t 2 3 BALTIMORE AB R II McGraw, 3.5 3 2 Keei-rT, ;...o 2 2 Jen'inj;!., 2.4 1 1 Kelly. 1....G O 2 Stengel, m.4 0 2 O A Lince, m.. 1 4 L'ahien. S...5 - 2 Kyan, 1. .. .5 2 2 Mi.-itfS. r...3 1 2 ' M'-Vr l:. 3.4 1 0 Demont, s.C MrOnnn. 1.5 1 4 l 3 Donahue.c 3 (lr:r::th. p..l l l i i Bow' a"n, c.5 3 Hughes, p.. 4 1 Nops. p. . . .2 0 Kilruy, p;..3 0 Chance, c. .1 1 o i Totals.. .40 13 17 27 20 Totals. . .4S 15 1S'25 11 Iah!en out; hit by batted bail. Lange out Icr Interference. Inning.- 1 2 3 4 0 6 7 S H Chicago 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 313 Baltimore 1 4 3 4 2 O 1 0 015 Error-'hicjigo: Dahlen, Ryan, Mertes. Connors 2, Donahue. Left on bases Chicago 7. Baltimore 11. Two-base hits Ke-My. Kowerman, Hughes. Three-base tilt Kelly. Stolen bases Mertcs 2. Mc(iraw, Kv--.-eit. Doublr plays Griflith, Df.riafcue and Everett; Jennings and McJann. Struck out By Kil-roy 4, by Nop 2. Passed balls Bowerman, Donahue. Las- on balls By Grirhth 5. by Hughts 4, bv Nops 1. Wild pltrhes Hughes, Kilroy. lit: by ball Merles, Donanue. Connor. Time Three hours. Umpires Lynch and Connelly. Sleek in AVas a Purzle. Louisville, May 24. The Colonels could not Lit Meekln, and the Gianis had no trouble in win-nini. G-raay was put out o the game and ordered off the iMd in the second inning by Umpire Cusliman for diyputlng a decision. Attendance 1.100. Score: NEW YORK. LOUISVILLE. AB R H O A AB H U O A V'n H'n.m 0 0 1 3 0 Clarke. 1....4 o 0 2 0 Tiernan, L.5 0 1 0 0 Ritchey, s.4 0 0 1 1 Joyce. 1...0 0 1 7 1 Hoy, m 4 0 2 4 0 Wiiiaoi, r. .6 0 0 1 0 Dexter, r. .3 1 2 0 0. G-eamn. H..6 12 5 0 Wanner. 1.3 0 016 0 ..-rt'.l'.F. 2.. .3 ."31; Hmiih. J. ..3 U u . Graiiv .-..-I 0 10 0 ffiw, ta..3 0 1 0 A arn-T. f..3 0 2 7 2 Cun'h'ia, p.- u 0 i 2 lleckio. r,..3 0 2 11 T. ::,:...!.' Oir.27 12 T"tsl5...30 1 J 27 13 Xtw York . . t 0 1 0 2 3 0 0 ft u- Ltsfvi .0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 O-I Brmrf-Kew Trk: Ocf.'.s.'. - wo-b.-'.p hit WiNvT. !'!irec -r.3fo; Jt:t Genu,. s-J...... :, .7v.jv-y '--i- !.,..- or. hailf-Off C'i:-.- ro-gr-irr, 2. i; Klvkin V. fu: k .it-By ''J1 4 rt-.i?K& n'3r- ar:d V.V-tifr: ria";.!..... "'.me Two on National Lensruc Standing Pinys-J. Wm. I''- Cis'. eiiSii' l 2.J ' .ctr V rk t:7 17 10 IMl.'-Niri: 2: l.a Ch:coCa 2S 1-i J'hi.'.-irhia 2i 10 l"1 y t . . 27 0 1 Usitvill .'. 30 0 -1 VapJ.hnstor. 27 6 21 .417 TOLD IX THE CLUU HOUSE. twe-case nit aout every day .i--T.-n : r:n-:- Pitcher Billy '.Vcir x'r.o '.vas, piaying that position for the Los A-nge-3e?. Ca".., c!uh. St. L-auis once more taking its rlnce among Hi.-cesstul har-i all teams. At Sunday's ga'--there were 10.iXJ people present. It is -.aid that m-v of the Washington?; sr-' wheelm.-n. Less cycling and mere has'I-al! mir'ut put ti-.e Senators higher up in tne race. Wail-.' Tayicr. wito played with the MlUvauk-'e ten: for several seas.ais. is -a ith the Toronto ciuh in the i-iaiterr. LeaL-U'-- ana has the captaincy of still m me players on the Phli- lies' pay-r-.i.. "he i'.a.-ieKs cf iveeinng out tnr least d-sir.ihie would v.- .n raw -but for the fact that Manr.rer Stvliiacs iias no definlt" idea as to where he should h'-gin. The fact that sj fur no National League Flayer . for induigii.g :r. oosaenity or. ;he hall Seid is .-tioai; ,rvi.ii-r.:e that ihe new h'rui.i rule Is effective ia ".'a, .'e. sing the evils which disgraced the game last year. New York Sun. Some peculiar things ha ' ?n in l-aehali. Bobby !Y,'heeln.:k cou.d not hit ;r. th- v.'-atern League. . wliiie iailly George always kiiW. tlie baii. ihey . are i--an claying wi'h the Norfolk, Atlantic ; League, team, and Tlohay is making tvro hits to cverv eaie itiily secures, n conserpuence of which ! (Jee-rge is '; a'.tinr way dewn next to th" catcher. ; Harr'.' Steinfeldt either makes a hit the first or ' last ilia'- he faces r. r-ifher in the game. Sunday ; it was the firs: time Harry faced hihines tiiat he made his doufiTe. In ihe -econd rioKTon game he mael a triple the first time up. and la.,1 Sunday, ; i against L-uistlile, he made a d.ubie in the elev- j er.lh inning, which won the game. j lyclroit's defeat of St. Paul kept them from ' cjimting above Ir.dainatviis y:st-:dry. bu; they, are only one point 1-hind now, ihe second vie- : . fory tiv- Blue? got ever the ': raie-r.s n-s brought Manning's team on a pa- with Columbus again, wh.le l'.etroit 1 nr-',v nly one game behind Mmneap lis. Th-.:e it- no 0:naiir.-M..w aukee game scheduled for to-day. It is said that Louisville has cla med Dammann ; and wil'. make a ii;ii: for h services. Accord-leg to the rules adopivd by the uiajar Itagu.- mag- ' 1 nates, no players can he farmed after the season ; ' opens, therefore Dainmann wouid necessarily b - : released outright to Indianapolis. This could not ; be done unless ali cf the league clubs waived 1 ' claim to his aetvlces. and it wouid do the gama ; ; mu''h gc-od if the ('oloaels aiake a fight oa this I point ana beat utusn. i I N T ETl X AT I O N A L LEAGUE. St. Thomas Won Tvro. S:. Thomas. Out., May 24. The home team won : the second game of the series with Saginaw here j this morning. Taey outclass el the visitors with - trie stick, cracking out eleven hits, while the Sags sc.uix-d oniy two. Meilvaine twiried lits llist gaiuc for tlie locals, lie hJ.-i all kinds cf j shoots and held the Americans down to two hits. ) Kuehne, late of the Decr.ats. who has been en- i gaged to manage tbo, S.air.ts, played second in an j aorr.iruble siyle. Score: St. Thomas. 10 runs. 3i ; tit" and 2 errors: Sarinaiv.. I run, 2 hits and 3 ; e.-o- T;att-rits Meilvaine and P.e-id- White 1 and Laf.etir. l.'iapi.-e McNcirney. , The locals agafri tc-:k t'r.p Sagtnaw aggregation ; into camp in the aft,' Thoofi by defeating theni in the third and last game of the s-riiu. Tlie lo- : cals started in with a r.'h and secured three rune . i". the nrst. Van Oieson. who did the twiiing for the visitors, was hit freely, wnlle Clarke seemed to be a pilizie to Manager bhvk's -aon- j tingent. Kuehne. the new manager, proved inin-svlf a great acquisition to the Saints, making thre hits in each garae. Score: Innings 1 284.'. U7SRHB t Tiiv.mas.,..3 1 V o 2 0 0 0 0 - ti 12 ,'. : Saginaw 110 0 0012 0 3 G 4 riQtt-res Cis-lte and Itei-i- Van Gies-cn sn'd La- ; fleur. Cinaire McNeirr.-y. Time 1:40. Arienu- j aace B.O.V. Three Games at Hamilton, Hamilton. Cat.. -May 21. iSpecial.) The Hamilton and Port Huroa baseball teams celebrated the queen's birthday here, playing three of the best games of the lion won in in,-! br'k n n nine two end losinff one. There were poplo irrts-n: in the rriv:r:m? and 3.-5Cj in tr.e artemoon. S;-ore in the rr-c-mlrs Iin'ngw ..1 2S4J.6789 R II E Harr.i.toi. 0 0 2 0 1 1 1 0 5 -lii 2 P-.r. Huron 0 0 0 I ' 1 0 1 ' 1- Battens BakT anc Conxell; Kern and Bo-la:, d. Umpire ''ir-'cn. First afternoon gsrr.e: Innir.cs 3 2:40CTR0RHt P.-t HrrjV ,1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 a 1 o 0 O o 0 0 1 O O 1 i 1 lt;!tteri-5 rrlfk and toinnd; Eradt'ord and Ccn-weJi. I'mpire Grogrn. Second afterncr. ga.:.e; Inning--. . R JT h 3 6 1 Hr.rr.ilt'.n 0 0 0 O 3 O O O p.-.rt H-iion. .. .0 o O " " n " o- ' 1 Batt?rle M:-Cann and Conwell: Habel and Bo-land. Vuipircr Gropan. London Broke Even. London. On... May 24.-The Bay Citys beat the London quite easily this morning. The locals couid do nothing- with Damuth's piiching, only four hits lir.p r.ade ofl h.m. ccre: Inning? 1 2 3 -i 5 u 7 If R H K Bar City 1 100120005 S 1 London OOOIOOOOO 1 4 2 Iiattenj Damuth and SuIlivtLn; Crewe anJ Bates. Umpire Daley. The afternoon game was won by the locals in ihe fifth inning. With two men on bas?- K?t.-an's threc-baggcr and two errors by Shortstop Lowntv 1h in nvt ri:n. --.r: n"ings 1 2 3 4 5 0 . S 9 R H E Bav Cltv 1 02001 0 0 0-413 4 London " 0 0 0 0 : 0 3 0 0 7 tj.tte-rifp Robb ar.d Sullivan; Beaie and Ac-co'rsini. Umpire DaK-y. Attendance-3,000. AMATELR BASEBALL. Marine City and Petrolia Tied. Marine City. Mich.. May 24. 1 Special.) The Marine City and Petrolia clubs celebrated the Queen's Birthday at Petrolia to-day in a rood exhibition of uall. Petrolia supposed they had an easy Fnap. as they vlefeated Marine C;ty ;o badly Jast -ear. Lamont. of the Ham it on league tfram, did tli" twirSms i:nd Dunn, of the 'varsity tesm, oaught. Th-? pitching on both sides we s Ko-d.' Th- Marir.-s pla-'d all lot-! boys. Th-.-an-.e had to i.p called at the end of th ninth, a tie, in ordi-r ior the Marine Cuys to catch the train,; l::r:n?s 1 234567S9RHE Mnrir Citv 0 3 0 2 0 2 0 0 1- S 12 3 Pftroiia 3 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 S 9 5 Batter;-Marine City, Striet. Worthy an;l; Pt-troiia, Lament and Dunn. Almn College, iri; St. Lonlx, 0. Alma. M. May 24. -Special.) The college team had an easy time with St. Liis at base- ball to-day. Alma aweke from the letharg-y cf th past two ( und played with vim and ?nai that was deMshtful to see. .-rem the first j Inning it wis evident that the paaie was Alma'6. ! St. ly:-uis was to hi: rears, except ia the fourth innme, when they bunched four hits. All ; the Alm3 men hit hard, '.rane ? batting, Mc- ; i !annis fii'-ldiifr snd Brjske's aH-an'.und work for 1 ; Alma des--ne :r.ention, whi :rgess p!ay-d well for ?t. Louis. Final ecor : Aim.-!, 15 runs. 13 j hits-. 3 errors: St. Louis. 6 runs, 5 hits. 10 errors, j ! Construction Team "Won. ; j The Construction team of the- Citizens' Railway ' ! defea'.iid the Waikerville team yen-rday aftrr- j noon try a ;c:-re of S tr 2. the construction team I winning ay tneir oetter nnting ana superior i biise-running. The score: j Innings 1 2345 7S9 j Construction 2 3 0 2 1 0 0 0 O Waikcrville 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 Bat teriet Brando and Twomey; Tickner and : Benson. ! Rayls Hud Fon "With Cliathnm. J The Rayls Went to Chatham yesterday and 1 opened the new grounds in that city 3.000 ' Continned on Pope Ten. j OASTORIA. Bean the y? KM You Hats AlKfajS Bougiit MAY 25, 1898. QR0E8LETTE AT 3 TO I EASILY BEAT OCT THE FIELD IX TOE SAI'PHIKE STAKES AT OAKLEY. MAZARINE, THE AMBRICAV HOHSE, WO.V THE TORONTO Cl'P. Sly Fox Hurt .No Trouble Taking Pocnnfieo Hauilicliii. Cincinnati. May 21. Orderletfe wor. the Sapphire.', the lirst 2-yt-ar-oid stake cf the nicotine at Gakiey to-day. She was a to 1 in ;i:e bettiiic: ami had no trouble in beating iter rieid, which was a very ordinary one. The race was worth 51.' to the winner. .Hay ii. rar. away :wo miles before the star; in the closine; event and was loft at the post. Weaiiter rir.e; track fas:. Summaries: First race, nve t'urioags Parker Bruce, 113 iicherrcrj. -. to v.-yn; Fiavias. PJi (Con-ieyi, 2 to 1 and i to 2. second; iiannte. P7 .;ririttor.i, IC. to 1. third. Time, li'lt'l. Peter Sterditis, Htliebuiir., Frank Feiiows. Bent-ley il., imnie-nse also ran. Second race, six furionas Panchita II., 113 iC. Z to i. won, I'ctroi. 10a (Barrett, ti to i ami f! to i. second; .V.agv.c S., IC'o (Cejp.leyj. r to i. third. Tintf'. l:lo. P.ock-waii, i'.ay B.. Passover. Duncan ileii, Bro-rno, Annie il., ilotilia, Cecil, Senator Quay also ran. Third race, mile, selling St. Helena. 103 Utaby;, 20 to ;, won; Spaldy V., 7 iiliiieri, h to : and 2 to 1. second; Skylark. 109 (Scher-rerj. e to b, third. Time, 1:44 1-2. MeUie. Nannie ij.. Clar. Campbc-H. Birdie May. Dorninica, Islip. Carl bioiiand, Kenriena, Dantai..';.-1 aise, ran. Fourth race, five furlongs The Sapphire stakes OrdcTiettc, IOx. (Natti, s to i. won; Pi elirninarv. 10.; rconiey), 13 t - a antl 4 to 5. second: Maymle M. It., 105 (Matthews), a to 2. th'.rJ. Time. I'M 1-2. Saivarse. Kitty French, Nora Tayl.:r also ran. Fifth race, or.c and an e-ieinta mi'ies Ban-iFhed. ii'a (Beatte. tiampi. o to 5, won; 1 kin, 112 i Van Dusc-i:;. 7 to 1 and 2 to 1, se'eond; Eddie Burke, 112 iM .rrison;, 3 to 2, third. T'.iii.'-, I ;oo 3-4. R-asinanto also raa. Si:th race. mile, seiiing Countess Irma, liO (J. Mattinews), S to 2. won: Tlie Monon, 1 i Morrison ). a to 2 and even, second; Colleen. 107 (Br:tton. 12 to 1. third. Time. 1:45. Virgie O., Sue Xell Kathmore, Rifle. Rida. Gov. Avon, Annie Taylor also ran. Ray H. left at post. Entries First race. StlSth. of a mile Zene, Joe Zarra, Bristol, leu: Christmas Eve. Imperial Duchess, Beana, 110; King Carnival, N'ervura, The Boneiman. 113; Rose Apple, Mary Kennard, Cascariila. Pansy H.. 115; Paea. 113. Second race, selling, six furlonss Lady Marie. Lauretta ii., Jennie J., Belle Chasse. 105; Sun Bonnet. Sister Mamie. Fair Day. 10a; Tessie L.. 112. Third race, seiiing. live ftiriongs Lucky Jim. 9S; Willie Seller, Fusion. 101; Deacon Alien. Sintram. Giddy. 104; Peieus. 106; Lost Time, L. Piliot. Jr.. 107. Fourth race, seiiing, mile Belzara. ?2: Passover, 94; Necklace, 96; Charina, SS; Travis, 101; Mitt Boykin, 102; Hilda. 103; Petrel. 104: Judge Baker. Oilean. 105; Kitty B.. 105: Henry Launt, 111, Fifth race, selling, mile Est-ne-Regina, $9; Senator Penrose, Don Alfonso, Hazel Green, id: Hungry Hill, Courtesy, 94; Caius, 57; Lady Keith. 1(0; The Planet, Plutarch. 103; Say On. 101; Cymbeiine. 105; La Salle. 107. Sixth race, selling, six furlongs Mariti. 105; Aliie Belle. Virgie Cook, Armorcl, Marietta, 109; Hazel Dean, 109; Bermuda Dance, 112. Mazarine Won Toronto Cap. Toronto. Ont., May 24 (Special.) The Toronto cup. ihe stake feature at Woodbine to-day. was won by Bennington & Gardner's Mazarine, who carried 130 pounds, and nTtc-r making all the running won by a head from hi? stable companion. Nabob. Lnnky b"ob finished third, three lengths brick. Dir.smore was coupler! with Mazarine and Nabob and the trio were at li to 5 :n ili-j bet:ine Seagram's Queens Plate -A-'iiH'.-r, P-on jno, was the public favorite at if :o 5 but wajaHvays outrun. Mazarine a.nd Nnr--ob made all th? running: and alternated in the lead all the way. The time riL-ian' O. a mile and a quarter in 2:31 was vry fast considering' the con-d:;ior. 0:' the track. The take wa? a value of $1,350. The Bennington & Gardner's hr.rsos are entered in all the .stake events at Highland Park and Fort Erie, and Na-r.oi, is a prominent candidate for the derbies. i.t was general holiday ir. honor of the Q-.;ecr.'g Wrthdav and about 7.'3 people saw the big card of e:?rht race? run. five favorites, two second cnoices andan outrider taking1 down the purges. My Valen-iir.o. who captured the six-furlong race for maiden?, was the lonp shot who landed. Fort'.' to one could be had about her in the mi-idle of 'he Yellow Jacket and Hermano lell nar the hr.lf-m!le ground in his ra11 an Reitz. wh.; rode the former, suffered a slight concussion of the brain. Hopkins, who rode Hermano, escaped injur-.-. The stewards ruled Jockey Stailcnp ar.d the jumper Lion Heart rift the turf. 1,1 on Heart started in th;- steeplechase and was plainly!T to race and Stallcup's inactivity was visible to evn'one. and he Dulled the horso up ?fter half the journey had er. cov-red. Brcs. w:red .Tof, K. ?e3rrarn this r?fternoor: r "vje'.inc- the sf-rvlc--1? nf jock"y 'Tirv" MMlirim? to pilot Tilln in the Brooklyn handicap. fJentr-im wired h!s con?"nr and .Villiam': will leave for New York Thurdr.y. ummaris: Fm race. Crnn.i r.r.-l pure, f. f?:rlonr Tyir Zer.i wn. Th" Pnrhppf; ?ecr-n. Ed Dandri'lr-' rhl-; ti'.n. I:!5'!. Second rnc-. F-'Hinp-. half m M;.-h(ef Ms ker wn. Ruth Black second, Flyinp P.-'-lle third: Mme. :.r2. Thir-i ra". To-rnnti cup Tl miles Mn sarin won. NaV'h spc-md. Lanky rib third: .irr.. 2:ll!i. Fourth race. Red Coat "teoplechase. 21 m!!e-Trillion wnn. ?tr?.lhroy s-ond. Prince Chnrl!" third: time. 0:3."4. F!f'.h race. Ontario plate, l1; miles Maritana won. Ahbittsfcrd pernnd. Th Tar t'ni'd; time. 2:03"i. Pisth rce, Woodbine ot1 pi , l'i mil? ?ir Ar.dr'w won Rd Pt ?econd. Pr!nc Mnrk th?r!: time. 1:17. Svprr.h race, f, ft-rlonrMy Valentin- won. .Tin M-'Oii bon c-rr.d. N-wb'.im third : tirr-. :20. "irhth race. "nd!nn hunt, tlat rare. v miles Trn:dan won. Revolver second, Marble third: t'me. 2:54. Entries: First race. Flah (ttkf. all ages. 5 f-.:rloncsJut:- Win?!:. 1-7: Sleepy BH'-. HX; Takanasce 103: Detrn. 1C-0: Flyinp Ees;r-!no-Aef-rlini: TOO; S:?:r All'-'', 105: Looram. 307 Mn-gr llan. 107: Nicholas. : Cheatham. 107 CoonJ ra-c. Wncdetok plat. m m!le Mv Mnrv'and. 122: Lavek. 122: Newhury. 117: Wink. 117; Nabob. 122: V R. '"utrr9. 122: Dln.--msrf 127: rv Valentin. 112: Aracnol. 127: Lankv Pc.h. 127: Hrac. 127: Jim McGibhon, lit Third race. Hclter Skelter st"-?plechce. pbnut 1- mjlef-Falsecraft. 157: Herirano. l-"7- A!fy. 157: Lidy Stella, I": Brother Bob. K32: Epnloworth. 157: Mr. Dunlan. 102: Samson. 157: Hesperian. 152: Moorland, 157. Fourth rac-. &rr-4r- staV-'e. 1- -. miles ?a?dr-nyx, lHi; Dumfrirs. 110; Tcron:o. 11f: BraemT J'ir. 117: Disorder. 119: Wnlofk. 124: Violent, 117: Sottish Chief. llf. Fifth ra0. 2- var-cld,: 5 furlonrc Tadv Yarak. 115: Rnwn Hilp. 115: Toddy Lad!e. 115; Wh!r- Heather. 15: Falr-nia 115: BuiToner?' 115: Serine Plo"- IIS Sixth race. Hotd plt". sellinfi. mf! Wr-rdwrrth, jOT,: Pearl. 91: Estea. 1H; St-ine-masvm, 110; Brandywiae, 110; Guinane. 107: Hums, 100. Sir Fox "Won Easily. Xew Y'ork. May 24. It was anything but oleasant weather for racing to-day at Morris Park and the attendance was small. Scratches reduced th? number of starters ;, th" Pocar.ti"" hard!c?.n to four. Plv Fox 'won vers .-ifily. Other winner?: Filament, Pr.rpr 'Hanwll Sir Va.var. Don d'Oro. Entries First, race, seiiing. 5 furiontrs - 'auM Yotian. St. Frusquin. V'i Love. 103: Merlin. 102; Kinc Ber-rn f; Fairy, Dsy. Bel! of Holmdel. Bonnie Oem P7; Flareaway, 91; Larequoie. h Second race. 4 1-2 furlongs Passair. An-;rr,us Stamina. Th Bouncer. Dereptive. Mr riav Frhsinn. 107; Merry Heart. Water Girl" Florence Clark. 1W. Third race, re Gal'-tv. 4 furlongs Chemisette-. 115: Tn-n':en-- Ladv Onward. Tender. Lapida, Saccharine. Merrv Heart. Lady Fxlle. Bet-:U Grav. I.adv Lindsay. Klondike Oueen. Ornamental. Sparrow Win?, 112. Fourm racf ;he Harlem, 1 ra!l Lehman. 115; Da-min. 3'T9: Bannock, 100; Mr. Baiter, 97; Babieca. S9. Fifth race, 7 furlongs Cle-onhus. 125 : .7uno, 114; Dissembler, Nearest, Fleeting Gold Kenmore Quetn. Ella Paly. &S. ?i:th race, selling, mile Sun Up. HO; Marrian, 1"C: Louise N., 105; Hquan. s4. Four Favorites "Won at St. Lonif. St. Louis.. May 24. This was an ideal day for racing at the fair grounds. Four favorites were successful, alonir with two heavjlv-rjiayed second choices. Weather clear: track "fast. Winners: By George, Bridge-ten. Sorrow, Thp Elector, Ed Parrel!, St. Ro-ie. Entries: First race, 1 1-16 miles. selling-Kings Guard, 91; Rushflelds. Bill Dawdy. 104; Lulu Fry, Virginia M.. 306; Ransom, Jack. Bradley. Kodafc. 10S. Second race, 7 I furlongs, selling-Ktsmc (formerly Kis s Me), carina, stena tuo; cwj t. , : Springtime, Covington Ky.. MS; Prin,OT,,-Ir.cia Osrlc-11.. Tho Parrot Mouthed, L0. Hano' Belle, Forsvthe. Amber .Glints. i07. Uncle Abb. Imp. Kinggold. 112. Third race. 1 mile and 70 yards, selling Forbush. . Buckvidere, 103: Dr. Shepprsrd. 112. 7o" race. 11-16 mile-John Boone. SO; Miss Verne, SO: Silverset. 94; Zorrazo. 95; Nick Carter, TOO; Timernakcr. 115: Enchanter. U3- Fifth race, 0 nirlongs. a.anj,. a.,. Aunt Mar.-, Stockholm, 105: Lufra. Helen ' H. Gardne'r, 107; Sweet William. 10; Nina Louise. 103. Sixth race, 1 1-16 mile.-, scllmg -Joe Shelbv, 97; Confession. P.ufse'.la. 102: Siva. 103; Baseiuil. C. S. Bush. Tony Hon-! ig, 1-77. Opening; Day nt Harlem. Chicago, May 24.-Resu!;s at Hariem: First ' race, 6t: furlongs Cherry Flame won. Millie M. : second. Warren Point thiid: time. lSBii. Second race 4V. furlongs Espi-age won MaCit Venus : second Elsie o. third: time. :57-i. Third race. 1 1-1R 'miles Joe Clark wen. Barqa - II. seeoCo. , Monereith third: time. ItKKi. Fourth rare, o furlongs-Dave Waido won. I'eter Mce'-ae seoiie'. Richard J. third: time. 1:02':. Fifth race, inlle- imp v.-on. Frank Thompson second, J. H. c. th.:.... tine. 1:44. Sixth race, .su. f urlongs-Hugh Penny won. Floronso second. X'iggs third: time. 1:22V Hariem entries: Fir-t race, hor and a half turicngs Facade. i sjwjv roiw The Hue. 10P: Chevil D'Orr. ihe DragaV-n Mlzzoura. Chcrio. Nilmah. 112. Second race, eleven-sixteenths of a mile Carrie F Dona Rita. 107: Teuoie .loan ehinroy. lOfii iiiy 3' iv. Mis Casev. 110: Fidon. Hugh Penny, trae .y"-'' o-hrrrv Leaf. Flotow. 112. Third race,, 1 mile and an eighth Sophomore. Valid. : Dor-o'-v 111. 107' Swordsman, to'. Harry Shannon. Kirk 100. Fourth nice, seven Piricnss-Henry .har.-ce. PS: Locust Hlossom. Miss Gussle. "Jo: tS" Dauphin 1'XI: Ja-'kaiiap's. 103; Puke of i Haven Loviding Dave Waldo. 106. Fifth race. ; 0n mil-Ki?lculm. Clifton S6: Orailella. Lizr-.e e-astalier SS; Festa, A! Fh-esco. C.indle- I back f.3- Treohv. 0.: Friar John. ;; Foncliff. ' (. Joe '."lark. 113: Jack of Hearts. 114. Sixth ! race sellinir four furioags Martha Fox. Housel- ' 'tc.e- ' v,;;;.' Fonso Mazle v.. 103; Esplrage. j Hu-'n: Ventura, 104: Lizzie R., 103; Elsie G., ! S--,tin Slippers. 10S. THE WHEEL. I Dctroiters Kendv for the Clreolt. Several of the Detroit riders who are working j out regularly on the local bicycle track are get-I ting readv to follow the state bicycle circuit, 1 "taring 'n at Benton Harbor Friday and-Satur-! oav of this week. Moross. Roth and probably 1 Dcovnev of tlie local amateurs, and Espercn of : the local pros, will be those to represent this ' ci-y on the circuit, the lust meeting of which 1 will he held here the 17th and ISth of June. ; Harry" Marsh, the well-known Michigan pro-1 res"c'onni from Dowagiac. who first came into i prominence " :he bicycle racing representative ! of the Vnlversritv of Michigan, came down from 4nn Arbor yesterday to do some work on the ' t-ack here. York, of the present University of ! M'cliigan bicycle squad, which has been trained i more or less by Marsh, was also here. Trainer 1 Tom Cox came from Ann Arbor and is at the f?ek. His record was made as a trainer ot wheelmen before he was hired at Ann Arbor to tra'n the university football team. Johnson Ahead at Montreal. Montreal, May 24. The new Queen's Park cycle track was opened to-day before a good ; crowd and the professional events were exciting. '. Results: Two-thirds mile handicap, professional Karl '. Kaser l20 yards) won; J. 3. Johnson (scratch), i second: Leon Boulay (scratch), third; tlmt, ; 1:24 2-5. r , S One mile, professional J. S. Johnson won, Karl ; Ka?f'r second. Earl Klser third; time. 2:04 4-5. ; Mile tandem, professional Leon Boulay and ' Rene Cavally won; Karl Klser and Karl Kaser. ' second; J. S. Johnson and James Bowler, third; j time, 2:05. Triplet Mile Record Broken. ! Denver, Col.. May 24. Dazey. Selzer and Rus-' sell, riding a triplet, liave broken the world's j record for one mile. The feat was performed at I the Denver Wheel Club park. The quarters were i roieI off in :23. : 50 3-5. 1:00 and 1:40 1-5. The former record was held by Johnson. Mertena and j kfser. who made the mile in 1:46 2-5. INTERSTATE lAGUE. i Grand Rapids Lost a RaKffed Game. j Grand Rapids. Mich., May 24. (Special. )-i Grand Rapids played a little more looely than Mansfield to-day and lost a very ragged game. Both teams used two pitchers and even that j would not hold down the hits or the runs. Katz's i home run in the fourth inn:ng, when two men ! were on bases, gave Mansfield a lead that Grand ' Rapids could nor overcome. The game wa Uninteresting and useless orrors killed the enthu-i iftsm of the spectators. Manefleld's right fielder j was pUt out of the game for kicking on a decision ; when he was at bat. The score: Innings 1 234567S9RHE Grand Rapids.. 4 0 4 2 2 0 1 0 0-13 15 i Mansfield 2 3 0 5 2 1 2 1 -vlC 17 2 ! Batteries KoiuU, Lucas and Cote; Emig. Miller Stolen bases McKlnny. Taylor. Torreyson 2, Flournoy. Katz. Sacrifice hit Schrall. Two-base hits Taylor, Floumoy. Home runs Taylor. Katr Struck out By Kostal 2, by Luca 2, by Emiz 7 by Miller 4. Bases on bails Off Kostal off Lucas 2, 0fT Emig 5, off Miller 2. Hit by pitched bali-By Kostal 1 by Lut-as 1 by Emig 1 bv Miller 1. Passed balls Cote 1. Time 2:S5. UmpireWarner. New Castle, 0; Dayton. 5. Davton Mav 24. Score : lnnins....'..l 2 3 4 5 6 7 S 9 R H E Dayton 1 0000002 2- 5 7 2 vJw Catl....0 00001113-6 11 2 Batteries Daugherty and Donahue; Miller and Bare I a v. Toledo Won a Good Game. Kayne:. flYVl S 9 R H E Po-r' 5wm,...0 00010000-1 8 S ?o!fdo -I 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0- 2 12 1 naiterls Herr ana Campbell; Keenan aad Ar- VoonsiitoTTn Won Another, Springfield. O.. May 24,Scorc I Irmnpp 34567S9RH nrinirlleM on. t 01000 fl 10 1 0 2 0 2 0 0 2 7 10 Your.gbtown . Crabill and Graffius; Martin and ZJn- F-auene ram. GBNERAL SPORTING XOTBS. It Js reported that an offer of J5.000 has been refused for Lady Nottingham. 2:(vi.. The black mare Story Teller,, has a nne ' younystt-r by Directum. 2:o5Vi, by her side. ! pt Dunne has sent Flying putchman to Clay ! Bros.' farm, near Paris. Ky.. to be turned out. ' The Ralph Wilkes, 2:00, Kitefoot. 2:17.. colt I ncV; in Bob Proctor's string at the Readvllle j track. He is called King Malcolm, i The Columbia-Cornell -Pennsylvania-Wisconsin ; fcrattn wii! take Diace on Saratoga lake June 30. On July 1 th freshmen and university crews will contest. Gttr- has in his string a full sister to Lord of Munor named Lady of the Manor, which he thinks will be one of the sensational green pacers of the present year. Jack Bonner, of Philadelphia, has accepted the uffer of the Kentucky A. C, of Louisville, to box Australian" Jimmy Ryan twenty rounds the latter part of this month. The opening day of the spring meeting at the Gentlemen's Driving Park at Baltimore was well attended. The- sport was good and the talent broke a tout ever.. Smith O'Brien won the 2:27 pacing and Waceca the 2:40 trotting. Th second of the spring series of catboat races will be sailed at the Detroit Yacht Club this afternoon. There are three series for the seasun, the spring, summer and fall, the latter called ;he "heaw weather" series. Each will consist of ten races. Turn Sharkev is anxious to make a rnatah with of the big fighters. He recently telegraphed to j" J. Q"inn- ' Pittsburg, to match him with ar.v man :n tlie world for $5,000 or more. Quinn sajs he will match the sailor a-gainst Jeffries. McCoy. Runlln or any one else. A-tisan. ch. c. 2 years old. by Spendthrift Goid Coin, by The M.ser the property of J. ii. Madden died recently at Morris Park from a cold contracted on the trip from Louisville. He was considered at1 extra good co":t, and Mr. Madden paid O. H. Chenault. his breeder. $2,500 for h!m last fall- At an athletic entertainment to be given at the West Side Driving Park. Fort street west, to-morrow evening the following boutu wiil be pulled off: Ed Scott vs. Phil Robertson, four rounds; Kid Barry vs. Tbeo Anderson, four rounds; Jimmy Kennard. the St. Paul Kid. vs. Btllv Suttun. ten rounds, and a match between a ptiir of unknowns. SM:rtary Walter O. Parmer, of the northern racing circuit, received yesterday fourteen tele-crams from horse owners, asking for stable ac-.-r.mmo.-'atinns for the Highland Park ceeting. June 7 to 23. He is wondering whAt to do with j all the applications that come in. as the: nomin- ators of hors-es for the stakes hav to be given ; nrst consiaemticn. This is a busv week In athlftlcs at the L'nl-versitv of Michigan. On Monday tho '.arfiity nie i'3vwl Kalnn-Mzoo collece. To-day is the date of the annual "varsity field day. Tomorrow there is a b.isUall gnme with Bel-Jit college, vh!ch has this vear defeated Chicago. Illinois and Wisconsin, as well as Michigan once. On Friday and Saturday of fhls week th bic ate hlch rrrhool athletic mtets, indoor and outdoor, will" bo held in the Waterman gymnasium and oa Regents Field. A Biff Thins. A Miagazine Camera for cut Aims, entirely new. ata price within the reach of all. The best selected line of cameras and Photo supplies in the west. Allen Brothers, 247 Jefferson avenue. THE TIRE. i . ! AFTER ALL is the most important part to thi ' cycle. One or tiro "broken "spofce ! missing nut, a loose handle, or a 3 : drof ijud onp other little mh which every wheelman ! are annoyinj: accidents, bnt not- j essarily di.sabiing. A punctured : i however, means a useless bicycle,' :an if the puncture occurs far fronv- ; haunts of man or ihe laJr of the bic ! repairer, the wheel that a momenta j fore was uncomplaining!? carrytog ifi i owner on iis back, now becomes i old man of the sea and must be pushed! or carried manv weary miles. It is evident, then, to the most i experienced that a tire which can ' repaired by any novice, on the roaifl side, with the use of - No Other Tools Than These or more material than can be carried in a pocket match safe, is in Itself not only the most practical pre, tmtud ' ' no inconsiderable amount to tne;jttc-, -ticability of the bicycle itself. THE DUXLOP DBTACHABLB TIRE fills these requirements. It is. held on the rim by inflation, and when?J deflated can be instantly removed anfti replaced after the repair Is made. Get our catalogue from any bicycle?; dealer, or from our distributing agent,? H. M. SNXDBE & CO., Detroit, Mlch or from us. THE AMERICAN DUKLOP TIRE COMPANY, SEW YOBKi 604 506 W. 14th St. CHIOAGOl J3 131 Lake SLi Our Cfiaioless Testimonial Files are Growing Bulky Clean, easy running, accurately cat Colpmlila bevel-gears have won favor with an army of delighted; cyclists.. Bevel-Gcar Giiainiess Bicycles, $125 Malt. Hill Climbing EmuX,' OUR CHAIN WHEELS need no Introduction. They have always led. We are determined they always shall. Columbia Chain Wheels - - - $75 with 3-inch drop in crank hanser. New Hartford Special - - - $50 with 2 3-4 Inch drop In crank hanser. Vedette Bicycles - - $35 an $40 In two colors, handsome finish. Jack and Jills, all sizes - - - $30 A complete line 'SS sundries at bargain prices. Our Renting Department consists, of all new Chalnless and Chain Columbias at reasonable rates. POPE MFG. CO. 272-274 Woodward Ave. A Snap m Bicycles 200 bicycles strictly high grade Thompson fittings best 50 percent carbon Shelby tubing Jessop tool steel . . T 1-4- t wjrr bearings nuugm - -m libce To close out, while rJ they last, tor This is the greatest Bicycle n . .. 3 rJargam ever onereu. H.M. Snyder &Coi 307 Woodward Avenue" Phone 3403. For All the News Read The Free Press $25.00

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