The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HER Ml 3"ony at Best When Odds ^ Againsl Him. McLarnin «,,.Bout Showed -„,. RV. 1IARKY G1UTSON *t Spcrts l-'ditor, N'KA Service "NEW YORK, May 14,-Anthony . Jniwouerl imiy not go down In Jiklory with the greatest llght- ' jtlghts of nil lime — Nonpareil Jack Demp*cy, Jack McAulKfe, •Kid Lavlgne, Frank Erne, Joe Watis, nnd Denny Leonard. w fiiu Tony Cnnwmeil has been -a mighty flue nnd .satisfactory "fighter and will live forever a-s 2jie. boxer who Imd more pugilistic Uivcs lhan any other. " Canzoncrt's Il.stlc obituary lias Jfceii written more than a dozen Jimes. Yet (he miniature Babe "Ruth came back nfler 11 years JJ'f professional warfare and IT -gruelling fights to spot hard-hit tlna Jimmy McLarnin six and i half pounds and hand the Irishman thi! whipping, of his life. irA,year ngo In the Garden, thcj laid- 3 lo 1 Hint ix>u Ambers, wh< never saw (he day flint he coul Jcpel the real Caiuoucrl, woiih beat the Italian. '1'he reason was that the Marlboro fanner's leg' were sn. far gone that n less re Epected gladiator would have beei described as round-boclctl. Uii Ambers 'wasn't able lo intikc Ciin- Koneri move, and was floored an< lock a shellacking as n result, ».,J3ai)Konerl and MeLarnln wol «jnore titles nnd wrecked more rthamplons than any brace of bat "\lrrs In Ihe annals of the beak Z))ii. L Uii|r business, »» Canzoneri, If we consider jmiloi -titles Imporlnnt ,nnd they were "li'giirdcd as such lit one time, lias Jiald more crowns than any otlin (( coml:alnnt, five In all. «; » • * Cities In Wbolesalu Lois ^ Rob Filzsiiiiinons won three. ••Canzoneri won tbe featherweight ^tllle from Johnny Dundee am .Clinched a quit claim deed to It -by beating'Benny Uuss..Tony lost the IMG-pound diadem to Andre _Hc«tis, won the lightweight by knocking Al Singer Into n permanent loop in one heal, (lie junior feller from Jnck Kid Berg, lost ,uie junior welter lo Johnny Jnd- •iek, reivon It from Untiling Shaw, IfM. bolh the lightweight ml jun- ,io> welter to Barney Ross, came ,l> to take' over the lightweight 'Clown again by trimming Am- |bers, and bent McLarnin. ( Canzoneri-has fought H cbnmp- ilons. and drew with •Hud Taylor before' lie Avns- shaved, .lost to mid won from Routis. lost ilo and knocked out Berg, lost, lo > Sammy Mnndcll, nnd won from jSmger, Dundee, Hass, Kid Clioco- ,!ntc,'.Shaw, .Frnnkie Klick, Bnby Anzmcndi, Ambers, nnd lost 'twice to Ross. ] McLarnin has fought 13 chnmp- iions, but all were not titlcholders «t_thc time, nor were Canzoiieil's opponents. McLarnin otit|K)!tilcd TJie.lale Pnncho Villa and Mandell, flattened Singer and Young JOcrtett III, and. lost, won, nnd igst Ihe welter crown to Ross. The •Vancouver veteran knocked out old Benny Leonard, Jackie Fields ttiuls Kid Kaplan, and bent Fidel ijiBarba, and Young Jack Thompson. He beat, won on a foul from Rfid lost to. Taylor, and lost to Ji)U . Bromllard, and Canzoneri f.-They said Cauzoneii was Pr° ugh wlw " Harry Blltmanj genii him nn unmerciful pounding In Philadelphia .In 1828, nnd were positive ol H when Routis depriv- gl .him of the featherweight Breath 'on a debatable decision jml Singer, n comparative novice, JMd him even the same ycnr. illicy Never Came Back, Eh? "•Those who were not convinced Efhnnenced to weaken when Mauri eU outscorcd Canzoneri in Chicago in 1929. and there was little Htfubt left when the light-hilling -but industrious, Berg pommelled and Billy Petrolle beat htm In v Sammy Fuller grabbed the duke over_ Canzoneri in'-Boston In 1931 .a.nd Jadick twice bad his hand reed over the grand little fighting When Ross lifted the ligliUe'ght title from Canzoneri in 1933 nnd rccated his victory less than three months later, only the former New Orleans bootblack's best friends retained failh. They raised eye- tram when Harry Dubllnsky beat ien Chuck Woods beat'th'e JJUTTIGVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Price of Gold and Glory Tony Ciliuoiicrl, Icfl. us lie appeared «L the slnrL of Ills |ir<>- taslcnnl car jet In 102U. mul tlic battered veteran of tnilny. ninny great flghlm bobbing around un their heels. The crudest part of n cruel tame Is thnl they never know when they've, had enough. COMES NATURAL Houlhfni Atlanta Nashville IJtllL- Hock New Orleans Chattanooga iMcmphh Knoxvllle Biimliigham National ;t. Louis Now York Plllsbm gh Chicago Cincinnati ..» Boston f Philadelphia ".'.... Brooklyn W. 1.. Pel. 25 -I .802 la 12 .COO 15 11 .517 10 » .552 12 15 .-III U IS) .321 U 19 ,'J21 9 20 JIU W. L. Pel. 15 II .O.V.! 14 III .53'! 13 10 .511.1 12 12 .500 12 II .'IU2 11 IS .'158 11 lli .-107 10 IS .4W) "Clftr lleVfieVo, ubovc, tomes nal- iiriilly by his daiedoviltty, foi- hc is a niovlnK picture slnnt man in Ilollywadcl. Hcrgere iilso is one of the handsomest of su'i- tomobile raciiif! drivers, lie lln- ishcd third in 1932 for his best showing in the 500-milo Memorial Day uriml nl the Indianapolis Sjicedway. He'll drive n four- cylinder cnlvy of I .con Dimiy this trip. MM Program To Be Held In 1-egion Arena If Weather Permits "y J. P. rniiiNf) If the weather man Is In a fa vfjrnblc mood the American Legion wt'.'kl.v wrestling 'program will be '• r 'd nl the (men ah- arena nt the Ix'glon hut, MoiKlnj- night, It 1m, iJi-i-n nnnounccd by the Lsglon cf- Uon Corlc/, tiie speedy Span l:i!'d who miKic n decided hit Mon- dny nlrjlil di-spit.! t,i, t . fncl thru he lost to tiie lilvtheville Invor ite, Frcddl.; Knlckle. has been iri'.Hihwl with Toinmie Ta.sscs, nn- olh.'i- irorid, vt;i-nUllL- Kinppler. who hill's fruni Chicago, for [lie mnln i-vi'iit of the show. They nre mid- Two lieavyivelchls, "Wild Dili" 'Idish, Nashville, Tejin., nnd j| m . iiiie Knox. lilliixl. Miss., two or the ranking grupplcrs 'niiionj; the till! boys In Promoter Mike MITO- ney's circuit, nrc down for Ihe li:"-l lllalcli. All lour will work over (lie 00 mlmile time limli ronle. with two best lulls out of three deciding llic- winner. i , Cmtc/. .Sclnilllii, ' forte/ is oni! of the most sclen- j lilic malmc'ii in the business, fie Is (jiille alert nnd fnst. Ilandl-) caiipi'd by .superior wel|jht nnd strength he did not get nn op- IK.ilunity to display his real class, ni'i-Di'illng lu out of town visitors who witnessed the match with Kiilcklc!. The Spaniard prcl'urii llm olil slylu lights rather tnan' lln- trunks nnd nlways wrestles Ini Ilivni. Tassils Is nnolhci- good boy who has teen hcnlcn by Knlckle'. Tas, l us, like Coder., look a fall from the liirmhighnm ace but was not nblc lo co])c with the .skill and i.'XpiTioncc of Freddie. It should! proslile H corking good ninlch. DOUBLE TIME By Kn.:ny, A HERMAN «:!•!'. t='J K>f! 7fttS Tilt c/itcvi >% I®* ' n. — Wfe: » HV AliT 1(K1!N7. N'KA Service Clolf Writer Since Ihc clubliond must rcliira .••. n. u uugnc ^,,^ L ' bl<1 ), '? ll "" roxl "">t'- > <y Ihe Store. Probnbic unticrics: Hu, Minn nrcjlmt iras taken lo (he and Voting; Holland nnd Wall. i OEyziAMtfA^ //£ KAYS I B/ffc A'O.Z IN TtlE LINEUP, LED NKtiOMfM- LEAGUE. ' IN OO«J/.£?S MSI AHD /S Sf.ff/M, Tf/ £ f>Acj.- A&AW ®~W. •tsy'^&za&tse. niREE-TIMER? By Harry Gray son FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1 93 G — _ J CHIEF HOPE' }Js> Teams" of Sofl Ball I.ooj) Clash in Real Tests Tonight's Schedule Pastime Billiard Parlor vs. Bast Aikansn.s Builders. Probable batteries: Wnrrlngton nnd Marshall- .Uurrm and Wright. ''„.? D ' I!l| B hcs Co. vs. Fnmous batteries: Huey American League New Ycrk . Boston Jlevcliind Jetrait '. tViishlngton 'hltadetiihln SI. Louis ..'. W. L. Pet, 20 19 If' U .114 0 .Cl!l 10 .1500 10 10 .COD 12 13 .-ISO 13 15 /Ili'l 3 16 .3f.O •1 21 .100 But .Canzoneri never would be ruled off for not trying. He evened his score with every ' lighter ™ 1111 " 1 ^ Wm Northeast Arkansas League W. U Pet. Newport o I .657 West PJnins -I 3 .571 Osceola .j 3 .r,ii Paragould •! 3 .511 Jonesboro 2 5 .288 fiatesullc 1 6 .143 Baseball Results Southern I.eapnc Memphis •!. Knoxvllle 3. Nashville It, Blriulivghnm 0. Naw Orleans 4, Chattanooga 4 *!>lr,e Innlnj lie, culled to permit teams to catch Irnln). Only games. National League New York 5, Chicago 0. Pittsbiiruh 5, Boston a. SI. Louis 12. Brooklyn 4. Cincinnati at Philadelphia, cold weather. American League Chicago" 13~ Wasliiiig!on~ll New York 6. St. Louis 1. Philadelphia 4. Cleveland 0. Boston 3, Detroit 1. Norllic.-vsl Arkansas League Paragoiild 6. Newport 4. Osceola 7, BiUesvllle 1. Jcnesboro 13, West Plains 3, (night game). --•Canzoneri now only 27 although thj record books show him to be ttaee years older, seeks a third fhot, at ROSS,' the welterweight 1 rader whose two victories over! nun. were by the narrowest of marsins. Ambers, Pedro Monllnez, and Ross. That is the schedule Canzoneri would like to fill now Kanzonerl has won the hard way in,- practically all of hta c(m tesls. Jf? J cen the ldeal " club " f8ht«r arid has paid a fearful price for Mug glory nnd goM as the result .Canzoneri ought to retire while h6 has all of his faculties, but the chances are that he won't. There Is loo much fighter In him to <n)it. which Is why there are so Today's Games Southern League Nashville ai Memphis (nlclit game). Chattanooga at Little Hock. Atlanta at New Orleans. Knoxville at Birmingham. National League Chicago at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Boston. Cincinnati at New York. .Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, American l.capue Philadelphia at Detroil. New York at Chicago. Boston at Cleveland. Washington at St. Louis. Northeast Arkansas League. Osceola at Batesvllie. Newport at'Paragould. West Plains at Jonesboro. The Danish flag, a large white cross on a red Held, is the oldest unchanged flag - m existence. You're Tellin' Me" ^ggy Walters, of the Charleston club of Vlic Middle Atlantic. League, is Ihe youngest manager In organized baseball. lie's 22. . . The Twilight amateur league of chili-lesion is stni-llng Us twenty-second season. . . . Harry Yunngliimdil, n Japanese liul. is expected lo piny center for thn university of Wnshlngton next. fall. ••Hai:i'J'.,-Kriley, the Athletics' : gray,- be.-l rd recruit, pitched three double-headers for Memphis in llu> final week of Ihc 1932 season in n heroic attempt lo win the Southern Association flag. . . . Oscar the Ox Eckhardt and Johnny Cooney, respective baiting leaders of Hie Pacific; Coast League nnd American Associalion In 1935. are 'hitting in the neighborhood of .115 for Brooklyn. . . , Oscar ifclilto. Red Sox second basi- innn, has purchased an accordion. but promises not lo fold lip on the lmll field. SfoKT Tint £LV8tlEAl> a^c\ i Low AUD *•' CLOSE To 7ilc <5/Taw/>,,. Jly .1. I'. I'ltlliNi) Hit.'iness is dun to pick up in the Commercial Sollball League. Beginning lonlRht the so called "b!(! iejiim-"—Hobinsbii, Fatuous, Ark-Mo Power. Pastime and n! U. Hughes—start a round robin ngnlnsl each other, nnd the sec- olid division clubs open "crucial" series within tlieir ranks Ihat, should give the fans some idea of who's who. nnd why. Victor IN tbe 1 n d i a n a \> o I i s Speedway 500-mile Memorial Day classic in 1928 and 1933, Louis Meyer, above, of Hunl- iiiRlon 1'r.ik, Calif,, is back again for Ihe grilling lest of man nnd racing machine over Ihc improved lloosicr Irack. Meyer will pilot a four-cylinder car of his own design. ' Philadelphia Expects Week of Gaiety June 23 men, merchants nnd restaurateurs nrc preparing for one of the gny- Read courier News cta.ssllled Ads I'aslimc Billiard Pnrlor who Init week «•<><; riirinii. •!VV i '"" I'^i'"'"* «>r one o: me gny- ilrnn,, Ij l-I I,* , ' J ' tllC ? St mCks '» '"C hlsl '<>rV Of this svv^ + ** EHfr^^T--^ 1 '^" - top or ,,„ bnckswing, it is ^ ?™ « « ^^^ 1« ^S^ ^f ^ ST Jlnl that tho club be taken back'"™' 1»». starting at 8 p. „,. | te,,,,^,' ,",. u , c ° .HLs low ami close lo the ground. I Joc Applcbaum's PVinioiis Slore Dclcealcs nnd visitor will n^ i TbLs brings about p.oper wight »7 b "f »e"n 8 lo keep Itieir more tba' 5500000 he^ed.S fhlftitig from the left to the right i s1 ""-' c!ra i-. mid also keep t )ac3 (he week according to est S fcot in the backswing, and on-! mtl ' "'« Robinson Drug Cowboys, made by civic tao^tas lstlmatM ables the club lo hit the ball a tfl>co an n(:ki '^ I" Ihc rejuvcn-i POOSICI^ low, uvcemn, h,™ : nlcd R. ^H^te clul^w ^fcn- Courier^eivs dnalllrt Ads Pay the first of four names' with the ' leaders, Ark-Mo Power, Robinson nnd P.islime following In Hint order. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-Thnt imaginary "groove" on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, hunted high and low by racing stars for 25 years, lias ucen relegated to t'hc scrap heap. The track's nil "groove" now, This Ls trie finding of A. O. Hastings, former member of the Indiana Stale Highway Commission and the expert under whose direction the oval 'has been rcmcxlded to provide for Increased speed on j Mny 30 and in Ihe future. I Winners of the 500-mile rues. I from Hay Harroun in 1911 to Kelly Petillo In 1935, all attributed llleir vicioij- In some part to their own secret discovery of Ihe "groove' Inlo which the wheels of t^ieii 1 mounts fitted most perfectly in Die pilots' quest to achieve the fastest c? with the greatest safety. Halph Dil'altnn, Tommy Milton, file hie Prank Lockhart, nnd other Immortals spent, lung honr.s riding the bricks to gel Hie feel of the turns and locate rough spots. When llic-y had chnrbxl I'heir course they'd announce that they had found their "groove." Directly after last, year';; race, Hastings btgan his cx'iuuistlVG study (o determine how (o make (lie track faster and .safer. Climbing Wall Impossible While drivers .sped around the course, Hastings checked curcfiilly on their .spring, wheel, nnd lire action. He noted the jars and bumps encountered on the brick strnig'iit- 11 ways, the amount of centrifugal force exerted on the turns as speed wns increased, and the visibility of the clinnlieius. Afler weeks, of calculation, he placed his findings on blueprints and speedway officials followed them lo Hie leltcr. Grade lines were laid oul lo eliminate all irregularity. "Tiic process Involved was very | similar lo (hat used in highway I construction." says Hastings. "Nat, iirally, (he speedway was designed to subject racing cars lo tbe wear nnd tear of the average road, and this objective was retained In remodeling the coursi'." , The HEW surface on the turns is ! rock aspiinU, blended careiully to match Hie brick of the straightaways. The new outside wall, three feet his'n, is constructed of concrete, imi built perpendicular lo the cross-section grade on the turns. Tne old outside concrete wall remains untouched, and it is now virtually impossible, according lo Hastings, for a racing car to "climb the wall." Removal of the inside retaining wall and the new curves have improved visibility. . . ,, '. The grading of a 50-foot safely' zone directly inside l|, c turns has I given (he drivers plenty of "spin- 1 ning room" should i'ney encounter trouble, All Curves Exactly Alike | "Checking wrecks, we discovered that many cars hit the inside wall , then skidded up the track lo the outside ivnll," assarts Haslin^ The new surface is made ol the best non-skid material available according to laboratory tests." Hastings explains f.iat while the Kichai'd D. Chapman, of Greenwich, Conn., above, is America's chief hope m Ihc lirilish Ama- lem' (jolf chiimpionshij) at St.' Andrews, starling May 25. A half down players /ram ihis country ire entered. low, tweeping blow. . Do not lift the club abruptly. Such action prohibits n correct pivot. Drs. Wert & Wert O!>TOMETHISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store "\VE BIAKE 'EM SEK" Phone 5*0 track does not receive the pounding that a modern highway suffers from heavy truck trafiic, Ihc turns are subjected to much punishment because of the terrifl' centrifugal force when cars come into I'iiem. All curves on the remodeled Iracfc are constructed exactly alike, with a super-elevation of about 10 degrees. The two long straightaways arc 3301 fee l in length; tbe two .short straightaways 060. and Hi; four curves 1319. This gives IMe track a circumference of 13.188 fcot or two and u half miles. Discussing speed, Hastings estimates that IGO miles an hour could be attained on [.lie straightaway? with perfect safety, while 110 miles nn hoi-t- on the curves, and I2i) coming out of curves would be well wifiiin the safety margin. "II goes without saym» thai much depends on the driver and the car," concludes Hastings. "We have provided a safe track 'for high speeds— and it's nil 'groove.' " The .liriif ilays mor . 000 eg(;s during ils spawning'pcriod. BUSINESS ,t POLITICAL LETTERS A SPECIALTY Work neat, cheap '& quick Veterans Service Work- All Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Little Hale Bldg. Before Vou Buy Any Oil I board - See Ihe NEPTUNE' 2 n. p. ^{r Sinele Cyl. '!? W (Oilier Sizes to 1C .11. P.) HUBIJARn TIRK & KATTKKY CO. 't'aplocn eomrs from tlic ciwavi piant, wvilch contains deadly i lv '- drocyanic add. The heath).' prop- CSS USCfl '<* i.inl-i.... ».,_•.. . ... HlP noil u-akiog tnpic^-kil, ^X^*^™ cans. f here OLD'AS can keep up witliY Hot Springs Nation?' -*^r» r/" 1 : 11 . 1 Park, Arkansas cold water <n the Lakes HERE'S a surprise in {lore for Hotel Majestic Quests this year. A l>rar«l new W&e on beautiful Laku Hamilton is awaiting your arrival. Here you may swim, fish, boat anil enjoy the water nnd woodland paradise of 'lie great Notional Part. Special summer rates nt the luxurious Hotel Majestic offer you the grcntest vncn- "on of your life. Rest, bathe nnd play your \vay to new health. ^T'V /OP D«cnptiVe Lheratvrt. H. BRUCE E, WALLACE!MGR.' anJlilinife There's nothing quite like a real Family Recipe! To Dad's way of thinking—and to ours, too—there can't anything ijuile conic up lo an ho;icst-to- goodness family recipe. I guess you'd think it kind of funny if The VVilkcn Family Kccipc wasn't good. Figuring the experience of Grandad, ami Dad's 44 years, and all us boys shown •>t nuppcr here —you might say it took Hip years to work out this family's Whiskey Recipe of ours. Well -anyways I'm ./ glad you like it! 7%, i •••• »-t '+2b» rii .^ ]J*«» K«1S^ i?s:'~'J.',"«-"' 0 ' 111K11P S6.S PROOF-75"o GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS BLtNDEB AND BOTTUO BV JOS. S RNCH S CO \*r- SCHtHlEY,P*.-DIVISIOKOFSCHENlEVPROOUCrecOMc' Copyrighl, 1936, JOS, S. FINCH & CO.,

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