The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, June 23, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST' ARRANT i»n ™_™ ..„„„..„ «*• ^ A-J f f KJ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 81. 'Appeasement' Tax Bill Is Approved, Sent To White House ' ' '' • ''• -, v" WASHINGTON June 23. (UP^Congreas/wilh a rush of speed renumacont of early New Deal'dnys, complete,! notion. m. record time today on the'$1,644,300,000 business eijfcourngement ax bill ami scut the measure to .Roosevelt for signature. - «™i<. iu Final approval to the measure, which kills tlie undistributed profits tax and substitutes a straight , 18 per cent levy oil income or corporations was given by the house. Tiie bill was passed by the senate with minor amendments lat.c yesterday after four hours debate The house, cut through the usual formality i of sending the hill to conference on senate changes by accepting it in the form passed by the upper chamber. Despite elimination of what had been regarded ar,' a favorite Now Dual device— the undistributed profits tax— President Roosevelt has described the measure as a good bill. •'. .' .very Calls Conference WASHINGTON, June 23. CUPJ- President Roosevelt today called a of legislative leaders conference mid fLsen! experts to discuss the proposed new self liquidating loan -program and the relief situation. 'The group will meet in the .White House executive offices at 5 p.m. The White House summons was issued after Mr. Roosevelt told his regular Friday press conference that . he believed congress should ] ' remove the exemption feature from : :*>\ bonds issued to finance the pro- 1 ' r posed $3,860,000,000 program.' I 'Mr, Roosevelt discussed the proposed program in detail at ihe press conference in the face cf indications from congress that action may not be forthcoming nt tills session. He said he believed the new securities should not be tax exempt and renewed his previous recommendation that congress end the lax . exemption of all future government bond issues. The president said it was proposed to keep the interest rates on the self-liquidating loans al tl lowest possible level. However, he emphasized that the government, expected to obtain full repayment of all Hlie loans as well as full payment' of what ever interest was .charged., 'i.'j*. -. ' ' -He. sfthi^ there was a' great- many ' --yiproJects.'Uial did not ^interest prU vate' bankers because ; of lack of profit opportunities . and that consequently it is up to the govern- j, ment in those cases to : step into ir the picture. •' Offers To Pay Expenses Of Probe; Long To Governor come Mississippi Valley Leader lilythevllle Daily News ITOTiE' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Will Barter ; 500,000 Bales For Undisclosed Amount .Of Rubber „ LONDON, June 22. (up) _ The United States and Great Britain signed nn agreement today (lm ier which the united states will trai | e collon for BHtlsli empire rubber The agreement Mas signed by Ambassador Joseph 1'. Kennedy mid °' ;'f; Stanley, president of the British beard of trade. H was reported that Britain . would lake 500,000 bales of American New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 23. (UP) — Cotton closed stendy. open high low July '...,... 938 947 938 Oct; 870 881 870 Oec 845 855 844 Jan. ' 834 842 834 Mar. . —.. 824 830 824 May ....... 817, 82fl 816 close 847 880 855 844 B3G 823 Spats closed nominal at 997, up 1. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Juno 23 (UP)— Octton futures 'climbed to-new highs today at a very steady elos- July .. Oct. '.. Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar. .. May .. Spots closed changed. open 044 85C 842 835 826 high 854 890 863 840 '846 837 low 944 880 85C 842 835 826 close 953 888 8G3 848 '845 837 BATON HOUGE, la,, June • 23 (UP)—Retiring Gov. niclmrd W Leche olfered today to pay expenses "P lo $10.900 of any concessional eommltteejii Louisiana that believed strongly enough in alleged WPA corruptions in Louisiana to Investigate. In the nrst statement he had made since the relief agency began to Investigate reported affidavits of seven former WPA workers charging misuse of labor nnd materials Leche vigorously denied that he had been summoned to the inquii-y "I have given employment to *ny number, of mbn at my farm in Covlnglon," lie said, "but I don't know whether any of them ever worked on WPA jobs and I certainly didn't, ask lh«m. But I do know that I jiaid them myself for the work they did, and that 1 paid them for the materials they used. We will defray Ihe expenses cf any responsible body, up to 510,000, lo make any investigation of WPA work done in Louisiana." State WPA Administrator James H. Crutcher likewise denied Leche had been subpoenaed. He called on Leche last night lo "express his. congratulations on his decision to regain his health." "In my humble opinion," Crutcher said, "the governor owes no apology 1 to anyone. He has never at any: time so much as asked me to put a single man oil the payroll, although at times he has been deluged with for an undisclosed amount, of rub- Stanley' announced the ngree- menl to the Hciise of Commons He said that the cotton from the United Slates would bo held In Great Britain for use only in case of a major war and Hint the United Slates would hold the rubber for Hie snine eventuality. The 'question of including .British tin and American wheat in the tarter . agreement cussed but it w. ...... v these had been excluded. By trading cotton mid rubber and storing it the United States and Great Britain would accumulate stores of essential commodities for emergency use and avoid (lumping liirge quantities of them on world markets. BLYTIIKVILLE; ARKANSAS, PHI DAY, JUNB 23, 1030 : ——.' .':.'.' ••• .: • ' ' • CaiWightniarc -V "•i* '«*}-1 '«*{•! had been was believed dls- tli tit from Senegal, men. Lafge ns a big ,'abblt, the rut Is shown in contrast to nn ordinary white mouse. letters," held - three ' conferences yesterday. One was, witK •Lieutenant' Governor 'Earl-' k.' Long—brother of the late Huey P. Long—who will become governor.-Another was with, Crutcher and another with Mayor Robert S. Maestri of New Orleans and City Planning Commissioner Hampton Reynolds. What, they discussed was not revealed, but Maestri announced for! governor whomever the party caucus named and "right now it Icoks like Earl." Attorney General David M. Ellison denied -widespread reports that lie planned to resign as soon as Ixng became governor. Leche's friends said he planned to resign by Monday. Mrs. Leche was already, packing their belong- ngs for a "trip out west" where Leche hoped to cure an arthritis attack. ' :-a man who uses fists where brother preferred bodyguards >ut who is generally regarded as ackintf in Huey's political astuteness—will be sworn in as soon as resigns. dull at 9-15, im- Stock Prices Silly Edward Sharp, Four, Succumbs Today Billy Edward Sharp, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sharp, died at the Walls hospital at 11 o'clock this morning after a .two weeks illness from dysentery and jmeii- jmonia. He was four years old. Funeral services will be held at NEW YORK June 23 (UP)— A " le cl " lrch of Christ Saturday firmer tone developed on the stock ?«""«"'. 3: ™ o'clock, with Den- market today and volume Increas-liP",-. M V... N . En1 ' »fstor, . omdaling. ed moderately. A - T- fc T. ..• 1G2 3-4 Anaconda Copper 24 Associated D. a 83-8 Beth Steel 56 i- 3 Boeing Air 21 7-8 Chrysler 70 3 . 4 Cities Service g j.g Coca Cola ". (27 [_2 General Electric - 3< 3-4 General Motors .. 441-2 Int. Harvester 58 Mont. Ward 511-2 N. Y. Central 141-2 Packarcl 3 \.a Phillips 35 Radio G Schenley 123-4 Simmons 23 Socony Vacuum 11 5-3 Standard of N. J 43 Texas Corp 381-2 U. s, Smelt 52 U. S. Steel 47 1-2 Chicago Wheat July Sept. open high 68 3-4 70 C91-2 703-4 low close 683-8 693-4 691-4 705-8 Chicago Corn July Kept. Burial will be made at Maple Grove cemeteiy. Hanna Funeral Home Is In charge. First Cotton Bloom Reaches Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., June 23.—The first cotton bloom for 1939 to be reported here was reported yesterday by Earl M. Coppage, Sr., of Braggadocio. He said the bloom came from the farm of Frank Stover, four miles southwest of Braggadocio. The field was planted April 3, and the variety of the cotton is Stoncvllle No.>5. The first bloom reported this year was six days later than the first one reported last year. Say Legislation Necessary WASHINGTON,'June 23 (UP)— Agricultural department officials explain today that congressional legislation would probably be necessary to make effective the rubber- cotton barter agreement between the U. S. and Great Britain. The cotton provided by the pact', officials said, would probably come out of the 11,300,000 bales held by the government ns security for loans to; farmers. Under statutory requirements the government cannot dispose of nny portion of Hint collon without, receiving a return equal to (lie amount invested in loan, handling charges nnd benefit payments.. Officials expressed surprise : lhat wheat was hot a part of the agreement; ._A , reduction; in 'the wheat acreage this year they, said and an" expected short crop 'makes the wheat surplus less acute. •,. 'Details of Ihc trade .with Great Britain were expected lo be announced here laler in, thc dny. Power Off Four Hours In Jonesboro Storm JONESBORO, June 23.—Ught- ning struck thc terminal room of the city water and light plant at 1:15 pm. yesterday and cut off nil current in thc city. Main circuit cables connecting the generating equipment and the distribution system were "destroyed and the city' was without electricity until 5:15 when, temporary repairs were made. Employes attempted to extinguish the names on the mnln switchboard and called the fire department when the blaze got out of control. Fire Chief Wilkerson nnd a volunteer, Herbert Hughes, entered the terminal ro:m nnd sprayed the contents of fire extinguishers on the flames. Insulation on the cables was TELL OF VISITS TO burned oil and the liny room dcnly became nilcd with arcing electricity. Wilkerson was hurled frcm Use rcom but returned and extinguished the blare with another extinguisher. Local Rotarians Hear Omaha Minister Speak The Rev. Prank G. Smith, D. D., of Omaha, Neb., spoke to members of the Holary club at their weekly luncheon meeting yesterday nt the Hotel Ncble. . Dr. Smith talked on his expert-' enccs in Hollywood and other places nlong the Western coast and gave a partial review of thc novel "Disputed Passage" iby Rotarian Lloyd O. Douglas, which he saw in the process Detective, Beautician Tes iify At Former Jones boro Pastor's Trial LOS ANGELES, June 33. (ypj j A detective described in supciio court today how'he had pcsed.ns a movie scenario writer to obtain nn Invitation to a champagnei parti at which the Rev. Jac Jcffcfs am his wife allegedly performed hii me ral acts. • ,; The detective' wns Vincciil Hig- llns-of the district attorney's oi/iou assigned to • investigate the ' Rev Jeffcrs because of reports-that-lie was spreading anti-Jewish prapn- gnndn and planning to burn his church for insurance. , The preacher and his ^attractive brunette wife face -four felony morals charges. Higgins . lestiflec briefly ns yesterday's session closed telling of pretending lo be "Vincent .Q.isey," a prominent IJlillywoot scenario writer in order to win the Jeflers friendship. Margaret Morgan, rcdhnlrcd beauty parlor operator told of beln» Invited "1,3 the preacher's apartment and being shown n little red bcok. of lewd "French" pictures. The book was placed In evidence. "Mrs. Jeffcrs wns nude when I arrived," she said. "She did not put any clothes on and In a little while Dr. Jeffcrs lo:k his clothes off too. We all hnd some cham- Dttgne and then we went Into Ihe Ijcdroom." Miss Morgan then described an obscene exhibition which she said the couple indulged in while slic locked on. She spoke Inlo a microphone and her words'were" carried through the packed courtroom b- loutl speakers. Pemiscot July Court Jury Panel Revealed CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., June 2.1.—The jurors for the July term of circuit court, which opens here Monday. July 17, .were .announced yesterday, following a recent drawing of the list by the judges of Ihc county court. The jurors ore: Little Prnlrle (Cnrulhcrsville), Chip Franklin, Floyd Wilks, Charles "Tump" Grigory, Lex Gresham; Holland O E Frazlcr: Pemiscot, Blnn Williamson and Bill Baxter; Cooler, Claud Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.; June 23 (UP)-Hogs: 10,500 Top, 6.95 170-230 Ibs., 6.90-6.95 140-160 Ibs., 6.00-6.35 Bulk sows, 5.00-5.90 Cattle: 800 Slaughter steers, 7.00-11.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.25-9,50 lis, Tilman, Slaughter heifers, 7.00-10.00 — ' Beef oows, 6.75-6.50 Cutters and low cutters, 4.25-550 Other guests at the meeling were Albert S. Alexander of Pine Blun. R. A. Reynolds cf Paragould, and C. V. Sebaugh. I. J. Crafton, 69, Of Near Manila Dies MANILA, June 22,-Funcral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon fcr Isaac Jackson' Crafton, who died Tuesday at his home in the Blackwater communi ISSUJTLBSEfl Craiglieaci County Residenl Wins Final Trial Case Of Ter I'm Judge Nell Kllloiigh directed n verdict In favor of Siisnnnc O llcnsmi nnd agnlnsl tho John Hancock M)itim) Life irmiirance Company of Boston, Mass., on a $1,000 )ifo Insurance p:lior on the life of Elmo Llman McCullnrs and the Jury..round the company additionally liable on a $1,000 'accl- denlnl death clause ^ In tlie niml jury case of.'tlifl circuit civil courl term here yesterday, Tlie plalnUir, n resident ot Cralt'- hcnd county, filed suit here tire- cover for the death of McCullnrs hi Missouri. Pietx and Cherry of QUIET KIT HER Mississippi's Oasis F,cc Full Force Of Natioua Guard's Raid JACKSON, Miss., June 23, (UP —The greenest cnsls In MlssU slppl's IMblu bell, (ho Ko-calle "Gold Const" across tho I'ear river from tho slate House, wn uornl and empty today nfior n Invasion by 150 national K mnh ncn. Tho t re ops. brandishing nwchln jiuis, rinips nnd bayonets llxed am a shining new n.xe -meli, h« swooped down tiixm Ihc M-mll millet of outlawed rovclry nbou lusk ^yesterday. Today, In the pnlh of destnic :lcn, tn sre than -1,000 cases o Iquor lay In broken heaps—som of It valuable store-bought varlet tlmt sold for 25 centa a shot. I tump heaps were thc gaudy trap )lngs of Ul night clubs. The rein >nnts of bars lay In piles fit onl w kindling. f The "Ace of Spades," lho "O) Moon Elver Club" and a score c other resorts looked like n tornad lad passed by. • The damage was not estimate oniclnlly, but J100.000 worth of slo nnchlncs and gaming- tables hn >ecii curled nwny by the law, It all happened nbcut tlio si\m line that (he legislature, whcs mlldlng makes a pretty hllhouell n the evenings when viewed frovi he den at iniquity ncross tho rive vns tightening the penalties o ilorc-boUBhl whisky mul maklir •lot mnclilno ownership a feloiij The militiamen came In 30 aii omcbllcs and presented clczeim o Oold coast" operators with sen'rcl warrants signed by Justice of th 'encc H. n. Bullock. Tho bouncer iiilpcd and slopped ii.sldo pollloh A foiv persons out early t» .star he night lied. Tho soldiers pnlc hem no attention, They arrestc< iperntors, housemen, bus boys aiu wlenclers-GO In all. They snmshcc Jig mirrors and mahogany bnv vlth axes, a'hoy .scratched daw gaudy decorations and crvsla handcllers with bayonets. Tho ounlcd the-money,In tlia nil .... avp lho operators a receipt tor II The rubbish 'was cleaned out o ho "Owl's Nest" nlid'-'Ailj, Oon ohn p'Kccfe set up -hendriiinrte, frcnt of wlml hnd once been ar. Thc prisoners were herded be- ore him. Some posted bond; others TIC carried to Jackson In' ••••—. .....v,, „,,„ uiL-iry ui WLTI; cnmeji u> Jackson In'niillonn Jonesboro represented the plaintiff unrd (rucks' and given preliminary ?".'!._°'.^- n w* mid Diylc Hen- henrliigs. All finally were released derson Ihc defendant. Trial ef the suit brought by Homer T. Tinkle nitnlnst the Joncs- boro Cora Coin Homing company wns ccntiiiucd until (he next Icrm of court. 7t had been slaicd ns Ihe final trial cnsn of the levin which ended. ycsterdnv but wns continued by. agreement. Close of (lie jury term'yesterday ended, two weeks of trial work which considerably reduced the size of the civil division's Irlnl docket. ermanent Post For .Mrs, Joe T. Robinson LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. June 23.- igs. All finally were released en bond— $1,000 for the white mer nnd women, $500 for the negroes Troopers found not a liolllc o uecr, the «nly beverage- legal In Mississippi, and that by local option. One operator 'explained lhal he carried no beer because "It Illegal In'Rnnkln comity." Senator- Caraway 's Son To Wed At Fort Lewis Gnrrclt June 22. (AP) Whlleside, secretary to Senator Caraway (D., Ark.), ami Mrs. Whlleslde will leave tomorrow for Fort Lewis, Wash., lo join the senator nnd attend. the wedding Iherc July 1 of her son, Lieut, •Irs. Ewlldn M. Robinson, widow Forl ' Caraway. f Senator Joe T. Robinson wns) I ' leut Caraway Is lo wed Miss lomlnalcd by President Hocscvelt Kctllc Mctidls, daughter of Col. mid yesterday lo be permanent jjosl- Mrs, Vlclor Meddls of Port Lewis, nn.sler of Little Rock. Her appoint- "^ Ohllkool Barracks, where Lieut. lent was sent to the senate for Cnrinv ny Is belne transferred fro:yi onfirnintion, together with those Fort of several hundred other pDst- lastcrs. ' -i Mrs. Robinson hns been serving imier (cmnornry appointment since larch, 193B. Ga. flotor Boat Operafors Camden To Dedicate New Municipal Building CAMDEN, June 23.—The new i $100,000 municipal building will be rr T ir n • • ' dcdlctlt<xl tonight. Alderman T. I. Urged lo Use Caution Thornton Is chairman of the Dcdl- cation Committee. Singing of "Amer- The Arkansas game nlid fish lca " wl " bc d bv Ca'tcr Hnynes. lj - Hoover will <?lvo Gucsls and' visiting commission IMS Issued warnings Tll|! Rev - J - agnlnst specdltiff of motor boats on thc '"o™" 1 " waters In the stale and Severn) to- , ""' nb!cs wl " be Introduced. •- ....... ,- — -..«,^. , v,uui vl , v^im.u ral sportsmen have pointed out Jp B ' Jameson, member of Clark and John Morgan; Virginia dangers Involved in Improper t " c cll ' f Co "ncll Bulldlntf Commlt- P. K, Jackson and Lee Buys; Gny- j handltn? of such boats on Ihc Big tc *' wl " P re scnt the building. May- Japanese Back Down At Swatow; Tension At Tientsin Grows concession j n other key Ciiinosc cities. A Says Prospects Of Marketing 1939 Lint Crop Are Good ' LEfiOY PERCY STATE PARK Mlsx,, Jim,. 2j. (UP)-Oscnr Johnston, president of the national colon council, saW today thai mVlei Lhi! new farm appropriation bin • i™ ,, 0 " lhok t01 ' mnrJtclliig tho '"30 lint crop !s good." "IJnnlng jmifoiluualo' Ititeinn- lonal compllcn lions," Johnston said exports for (he coming year under the new progiam should appic male 0,000,000 bales." He predicted thnt the 1030 cion would movontpilco levels langlng between li'/f cents and 10',!, ccnU iwr iwiiiui, Siwnklng bcfoic the Delia Council Jchnstan cxplnlncil IVmt Ihe >cw leijlslalloii would mnkc It lin- possible id impbuiidcd export loan. illvcctly Iron stock's whlc! means Hint nppioxltnatcly nl! cl he prcgrnui will bo coiinncilj lo Ihe OHO crop until Die pilco level goes ilyh enough lo penult borioweis 10 rop:sscss' Ihclr loan collon." But 'Senator Nye Advocates Townsend Plan To 'End Unemployment' INDIANAl'OLfS, -Jmie 23 (UP) -Senator Gerald P. Nyo N. O.) attacked tne-^ew .., pending and lending policies in speech hero today at tho National "owiiscnd convention and said Ihe rownsciicl 4200 a month pension )Ian must be- ''adopted lo icstt/rc mrohnslng power and end uncm- ioyriient. "Tho Townsend plan," he said, nis liii'soly and essentially Inlo ny considered and. worthwhile pio- ram of national rccoveny." Nye snicli the nnllon e;iil'd not ndertake . u recovery . program wllhoul nlfordlnt' (Ihccl ntid sub- .antlnl assurance 16 nsrlciilUirc' 1 nd «rg«l llmt congress enact the o-cnUcd "cost of producUcn" bill i one treatment. "The bill," he said, "lays down program which without suljsicllz- ngr the farmer or regimenting the avmcr would Insure a price for inn ormmodlllcs that would win or the far/nor the cost of pro- uclng. that commodity plus a rotll." *'*.•• slganllo demonstration was planned Iicie, 'and Japanese icpOrts saltl that dcmohstratlun>i were iield nl Helping. Tslngtno, Kalfeng.J Nanking, Hnnkow, Canton, Tniyunn mid other cllles, extending througl)- oul the vast Chinese tcij-itory occupied by the Japanese army Appirenlly Ihe Japanese had Mijrcretl a ^naterln! setback in the' south, If only-for the moment, bccniiso of Die prompt nnd firm 4 <!cn»i)cc by United states and llillhh navy niitliorltles of a Jap- nncso onlcr lo get their warships', British nnvnl authorlttes offlclal- ndvhcd all British merchant v, men In cliliicsc .wntcis to'resume I Undo with Swatow, The 48 Amer- " cans at Swntovv liad refused 'to - Icnye, as had British residents " Ihc united slates dcMroyers' ' isbury and Pope and the Brit-' fah clcstroyDrs Thnnct nnd,Scout icnmlncd In Swntow harbor --)"'• - reiwloii swung lack to Tientsin ', the Japanese suddenly !n con-' .?.- | and at least leportcd in- tho coi ) Jnj "" lcsc Pilots ^ To 'Inercnso thc tension the Japanese nt ] ns t turned on the !Li e 'f C ii l0 ouuellt '" 3° wllw obslrlicllve wires surrounding- concession area., Their first ClC: Of the victim was « Chinese - ,. • People saw the ngure of n 'cHr. | nc«e diesscd in laborers' clothes n S i,? r °, le ' S ? UeIy Ol1 the * fis « few lunuhcd ynids fiom the i.,it > M ? B ' CS " mrlne italde the wires, Apparently he hart tried to'get ''| ? nvc '' <"o wUM during the night ,?„,,, ' lc ™ nt!e S5lo». One Land clutched a slrand of the..wires. • , 'P. v «"«'» l=gs were Sprawled 5 nsldo lho barricade area; His iiat I my on the giound outside ' , Hundreds of Chinese -stood docilely In llno.nt the nearby Shan- . si Road barrier, »niching the body" lurn. Anger aragould Votes Sewer Project Bond PARAOOUT,r>, June 23.—Citizens Piiragoiilcl voted, 2B8 to 17C, In vor cf tho pro|»scd scswcr project ; a referendum election today, lie vote was on the resolution of ie city council's awarding the ntracl (o II. I,'. Perkins Ocsnslruc- on Company of Fayclteville on •; bid of $120,205.51 and en the dinancc passed January 10 nu- orlzlng construcll'.n and opcra- on of a sewage disposal plant, iprovcincnt of the present sower stem, tssimnce cf revenue boiids id the fixing of rate charges lo •y the tends. pio-Jnnancw Chinese policemen aiding tiicm,. took 15 minutes t6'' seai-ih each person, and ' people *«ltert In line for hours for their t of thc British 'residents' 'iiotmted ns their fellow country- - nen (old of Indignities 'to 'which ^ :he Japanese subjected them; some * veic stripped naked, ' others 'to lielr undciclolhcE After H J Lord ' ind been ienrchcd, a Japanese ot- iccr foiced his mouth open with' ns passjxjrt. Ivor E. House, son-in- , aw of a formei British consul Bcncial heic, lold how Japanese ' uul kept him stripped 'naked i,Jn'' i searching.hut while foreign wo- iieii finked,. They examined" his mining minutely and even turned 'li necktie Inside out. 'When he 'as permitted to dress, one sentry ' hrust House's passport through ils hair tauntingly, ns If to comb The Doinel (Japanese)', news agency announced tlmt Japanese authorities "dismissed with laugh- tor as malicious' propaganda," reports of the indignities, explain-', ing: "All people me treated alike t I but nrc dealt with according lo their Individual merits. Britons are typically airogant." The threatened explosion at Swntow, caused by a Japanese order lo foielgncrs Including foreigrf warships lo get put, seemed lo have subsided -by mutunl consent. :Tiie Japanese explained today that they had not issued an ultimatum—they , had just asked the foreigners as friends to avoid possible danger, and had mentioned 1, pm. yes-- terdny as the desirable final hour ,' for .evacuation. oso, Herbert Edwards; Organ, Na-jLake floodway. I or Don Hnrrcll will accept. than Howell; Concord, Lee Wilson;! Because the nomlway is a favor-1 chlef Jus "<:e Qrlffin Smith of Butler, Talmadge Burgess; Godalr,' He fishing spot and many small lllc Arkallsa s Supremo Court will P. L. Boone; Braggadocio, Robert craft, frequently occupied by wo- Ledbetter and Bart Richardson; men and children or men not skill- JUTe River, Harry Fields and M. "d In operation of boats, are in G. Kennard; Hayti, Everton Spcer the narrow flood way the warning and J. B. Buckley; Pnscola, H. A. is especially applicable nt Big Lake ' A """ H Is said. ' i Operators of motor boats are! urged to lake every precaution to' >ize dangers to others incl-' to opcrnllon of their craft, Allen. Blackwater community near 'Intolerable Insults' Basis Of Complaints vil omcia C d at liielor ' 6 WNDON. June 23. the of 69, was born near Ark., and spent his boy- . British foreign secretary, (mi * M l'™«esled to Japanese Am- uassador ShtgemlUu asaiml -Inlol erable insults" by the Japanese - H1II , hood days there. He engaged In the sin barber trade which he followed army to British residents al Tlent- many years. He Is surviv< -rafton; The Japanese ambassador came ,lo the British foreign office at ...« n &y his wife, Mrs. spccllc request of Lord Halifax children, Wil- and was Informed of the Billish James, and government's give Ihc dedication address, followed by a dance in ihe audllcrium. One Twin Dies Other Critically 111 One twin daughter dead and the It Is Insisted, Rector; one' of in thc Otto Duda family. Billlc, age one year, died at a Memphis hospital from colitis and her sister, Barbara, Is critically ill of the same disease. . The babies, who lived wltlrtheir parents near Calumet, were stricken 111 several days ago. When their condition became serious they were taken to the Memphis hospital.- Funeral services will be held this afternoon, four o'clock, at the jKanna Funeral home but the Her leg was broken In three mother won't be there. She re- she received other ;mained with the other sick baby, Little River Woman Is Injured By Cow KEISBB, June 22.—Mrs. E, B. Woodard, wife of E. B, Wcodard, a Little River farmer, is In B serious condition at Campbell's Clinic In Memphis. Hodge Infant Dies Suddenly Last Night Annie Lois Hodge, fonr-day-old daughter o[ Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hodge, died last night at the family residence five miles south of Blytheville. She was the only child. Burial was made at the Wllklns cemetery,- near Half M«n, this afternoon. Cobb Funeral Home was charge. ' Slay Drop Foodstuffs TIENTSIN, June 23. (UP) — . Beams from Japanese searchlight batteries stationed in various parts of Tientsin played across the skies tonight causing reports that British airplanes' from the aircraft carrier Hermes intended to -' drop foodstuffs to aid the blockaded British concession. G. C. Whittle Exhibits •Cotton Bloom Thursday Droo Charges Against Former School Director W. Leon Smith, employed as special attorney to a Id'm the prosecution of J. K. Childs, former Reiser school board director, charged with.'-embezzlement, said today - "-- charge against Childs had Thc nrst blcom brought to Bly- in . thertlle for North Mississippi ccimty cotton of 1939' was shown hero ycs- terday by O. C. Whittle, «ho grew the nrst bale ginned last year. Thc D. nnd P. L. variety tros grown on his farm west of Yarbro. A blcom brought to town a few hours earlier" from the Little ' River section west cf Osceoli and' There is one son, D»da. surancc premium charges. another from near Honiersvllle, Mo. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday, warmer Saturday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday, not ' much change in temperature. * '

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