The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, July 25, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER TSEWS HOMEFDITION THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—No. Ill Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Herald, BlytheviUe Dtlly News, Mississippi Valley Leader. •BLYTllKVlLLiC, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1!M SINGLE COPIES FIVE-CENTS. RAINS END COUNTY DROUTH, MISS CITY Italian People Take Heart at Evidence of Determination to Help Them. BENKVENTO, Italy. July 25. • UP)—Led by the king in person and the pope tlirough a special envoy, Italy, worked swiftly today to relieve the suffering of a million homeless In the regions devastated by Wednesday's earthquake. The hopes of the district's populace v, : ere raised immediately by the royal presence which to the peasantry ami towns folk showed the tangible evidence that the gov- • eminent was at work to feed and Cheats Gallons to Save Baby Girl from Disgrace Blames Women's Dress fof Quake Disaster LONDON, July 25. (UP) — Cardinal Ascalesi, nrehiblslior of Naples, has attributed the Italian earthquake disaster to the scandalous conduct ot the people. esi>ec!ally in (lie matter of women's dress, according U the Rome correspondent of the London ornlng Post. The archbishop Is quoted as saying the conduct of the people attracted the wrath anc 1 vengeance of providence. I Mississippi County Man Says .Highway Commission al End o( Rope. Where will Ihc money come from to finance the work of the Arkan- i pas highway department next year? j is the question asked of the highway commissioners in un open lel- jter by Clinton L. Caklwell, lawyer ' and farmer of western Mississippi I county. j ! Mr. Caldwell's letter, a copy of j Claudius H. Huston, chairman of which he handed the Courier News the Republican national committee,! Thursday afternoon, sets up the who announced following a conference with President Hoover las', night that he would resign August 7. Huston baa been under lire. since a senate committee revealed j his use of funds to his care for | personal stock market speculations, j department's fixed charges, including Interest and principal payments I clothe them, rebuild their homes, bury their dead and care for thei injured. The king arrived in the royal train at Rochetta San Antonio, headquarters of the relief work, today. He left immediately by automobile to visit the devastated areas. ROME, July 25. (UP)—The government's^..official death roll In .. Wedoeahty's disaster continued to rise today,with the addition of 104 — ; -<Je«d~«v«CyesteKlay's total. • •'•• -• Figures ' received here from reports filed before 11 a. m. today brought the figure to 1,883. The number of Injured was unchanged from yesterday's total of 4.2G4. Rush Aid to Survivors BENEVENTO, Italy, July 25. (UP --Rapidly mobilized relief forces poured into Italy's earthquake stricken provinces today to attack the,critical problem of food, clothing and sheller for the survivors ( Wednesday's disaster and to continue the search for hundreds of victims still burled beneath the crumbled masonry of their homes. The morale of the entire region, shattered by widespread and appalling destruction, was further depressed by slight earth tremors yesterday and the continuance of hea'. and violent winds which the peas ants described as "earthquake weather." The death toll unofficially estimated at 3,100 appeared unchanged today. Inspection of the devastates towns of Lacedonia and Amillonia disclosed an estimated death list of 300 and 400 respectively with many hundreds more seriously injured. The condition of thc houses still standing in Lacedonia and Aquilonia is so dangerous that the authorities today ordered complete evacuation of those localities by the survivors. A semi-official estimate within the devastated provinces 1s that at least 2,000 are dead in the province of Avellino where the greates' force of the temblor was exerted. The province of Benevento also suffered heavily In the loss of life. Fear that the earth is "not completely settled" and that more severe shocks may be experienced still grips the Inhabitants. Relief for the city of Mefli. three- fourths of which was reduced to ruins iu Wednesday night's carth- Will Resign August 7, Ho Announces Following a Talk With President. WASHINGTON. July 25. (UP) — Claudius H.'Huston of Tennessee has announced his intention to resign on August 7 as chairman t>f the Republican national committee and has called for that date a meeting of the party's executive committee to name his successor. Who the successor will, be has not" been determined definitely although there are strong indi- tlo'ns Senator Simeon Fess of Ohio may be chosen to serve, at least temporarily in spite of some opposition. President Hoover is understood to be disinclined to make a personal choice. Huston's announcement of his intention to retire was made with the same unruffled dignity he has maintained ever since the senaf lobby committee's disclosure of his stock marginal accounts brought a concerted demand for his resignation. His statement, made following a conference with President Hoover last night, said: "I have just had a satisfactory conference with the president an we are in entire accord on our program. The president has approved my decision to call a meeting of the executive committee on Aug. 7 at which time I intend to submi' Parnell's Views Given ,in Campaign Address Virtual acknowledgment of the accuracy, in large measure al least, of Mr. Caldwell's outline of the highway department's financial situation, was contained In the address delivered by Gov. Harvey Parnell at Jonesboro. June 28. In that talk Governor Parnell said that it would be necessary to sell additional bonds to continue the highway program. Part of his talk, containing his outline of the highway situation, will be found on page four rf this paper. en bonded debt, maintenance, 'turn back" to counties and ad- j .ninistrative expenses, against the himself, .ndicatcd income, and shows a de- Tilden Wins Cup Match; Lott Loses Sheffield Promises- Help, Parnell Is Favorable; No Answer from Brooks Hays O'Brien, inset, and his little daughter for whom he killed FRANCISCO.—In order ficit ot $5,500,000. without any al-1 lhat no onc c(m id ever taunt, his jwance for new construction. , ( | augnt€r w lth the remark "ihey The highway department .accord-1 nange( j your father," Wlllinm "Red" Ing to Mr. Caldwell's figures, will j O'Brien has cheated the hangman not have enough money to meet | bv committing suicide in-his cell In its fixed obligations, to say noUi-1 thc d ca th row of San Queiitln prl- Ing of building the numerous new i son projects that have been promised | O'Brien was sentenced to hane ext year. i lor killing William C. McFarlin Did Bonds Pay Deficit? i during a robbery in Oakland last [or next year. my resignation as chairman of the Republican national committee." Until he faced President Hoove- last night. Mr. Huston keot lv- party leaders in doubt as to his final decision. His call at the White House followed 2-1 hours ot feveris 1 activity in the high command of the Republican party. Mooney and Billings May Get Personal Hearing SAN FRANCISCO, July 2 —Thomas J. Mooney and Warren K. Billings, convicted of complicity in the San Francisco preparedness day parade bombing July 22, 1916, may emerge from their cells and testify In person at the pardon application hearing to be held for Billings next Tuesday. Personal appearance of the two prisoners wculd mean a faithful "Where are you going to get. the money to pay the 1931 $5,500,000 deficit, and future annual deficits in the same amount?" he asks in his letter, addressed to Justin Matthews, J. S. Parks, Sam Wilson, J. L. Williams, and Dwight H. Blackwood of the highway commission. "Did you pay a like deficit for the year 1930 and prior years out of your annual bond sales?" Mr. Caldwell's letter, in full, folows: (To the Arkansas State Highway Commission) "Where are you going to get the money to finance the work of the State Highway Department through the coming year 1931? I will state the problem! clearly:— •'Your chairman, Dwight H. • Blackwood, has publicly stated j your total revenues for the year 1931 will yield about $11,500,000. "Before you can, have any money available ' for new road construe- . lion in 1931 you will he obliged to j pay out of this Income what are \ commonly called your annual fixed charges as follows: summer. Two accomplices have already been hanged. Six days before he was to be executed, O'Brien took poison. He left the following notib for his wife. Jane O'Brien: "I have changed my mind about going up there nnd letting them hang me. I intend to kill myself in a little while and save them the trouble of doing it. "I was so glad to see Rene anc 1 the baby today that after seeing them I felt pretty blue. "I sure hope I make a success of this so nobody will ever tell her when she grows up that her fnthei was hanged. Or "tell you, either. ' "Say goodbye Cor me to all of your people and to Rene herself. "It is 12 o'clock so I'm going In o few minutes. Goodbye, my dear and I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. "Your loving husband." At the end of the letter were 11 Endorsement of the. principle o f apportionment of the Arkansas tjenernl assembly on the basis of thc 1930 census of population lin« been given by Gov. Harvey Piirnel' nnd Judge John Sheffield in letter; to J. Mell Brooks, sccrctnry of the Ulythevlllc chnmber of commerce Mr. Brooks wrote the three leac' Ing candidates lor governor, IP j nuirhiK their views 0)1 lhe question No answer has a,s yet been receive'" from Brooks Hays. A vigorous endorsement of the proposed reapportlonmenl was received from Sheffield, wlw promised, if elected that the "full leplli mate )x>wer of the governor's olllce will be put behind Ihe fight to make the rcnpporllonmenl.' Governor Parnell simply stilted lhat, "I favor complying with thc laws and Constitution of ou Stale." The letter/; follow: From Harvey Parntll "This will acknowledge receipt yours of the 18th hist, with refci ence to thc apportionment of th Representatives nnd Senators' I this stale. "I realize the Inequality of rop resentation as now apportioned, an want you to know, thai ' I fayo complying with die* laws nnrt Con slltullon of cur State. You mayresl assured that this inntlei will hnvr my immediate attention when il Is presented. "Trusting that this answers your PARIS, Junly 2Tj tUP) — Thi; j United Slates :iml France got away j to an even slnvt In challenge round ~. play for the historic Davis cup lo-1 Us day. WJlllnm T. Tilden defeated Jeun Uuro'.ru In the singles 2-0, 1-5, G-l, id 7-5, bul Henri Cochcl evened lattcrs fur France by beating •rorgc Loll. 0-1, C-2 and 0-2. Kuughi before crowded stands in day's matches resulted quite s the tennis experts had predicted nd lett the Issue, Hie possible rc- uiu «f the Davis cup to the TJnll- il Htnti's, still very much in doubt. is LMSPOI WTHBBEGIH sccola, Luxora, Manila and Other Points Have All Received Relic!. • The U'o Months droulli was definitely broken yesterday In most, parts of Mlsslslppl county, hut residents ot Blythevllle nnd the area. Immediately surrounding tlie city were still wnlUng today cloiul banks which have for the ho tared TEN MILL TU HAS RILED Campaign to Provide Adequate Support for Blytheville Schools Unsuccessful Definite announcement of the failure of Ihe campaign conducted lust spring for a ten mill voluntary tax (o meet the deficit that ccn- frouls Blythevllle special school district No. B \vns made icday by T. J. Mnhtm, chairman ot the special committee which conducted the campaign, K D. Ferguson, president of the chamber ot commerce. nud Cecil Shane, president of the has failed am! board. 'The campaign crosses, indicating kisses for the Vfor baby, and 12 more, marked Jane." Guards said the position of O'Brien's body nnd the expression of his face indicated he died in terrble agony, waging a terrific bottle against the desire to cry out and attract, attention. GEHLBKH CTHL LEiiipei Wins All-American Derby Prize Money pn Houston- San Angelo Leg. SAN ANGELO. Tex.. July 25. <Up)_-Lce Gehlbach of Detroit. (I) Road Improvement District pace-setter in the All-American air SHEFFIELD HITS inquiry satisfactorily, and with best wishes, I am V'HARVEY PARNELL, "Governor." From 'John Sheffield '•Your letter 'of the 18th relative to my position on the mnler c reapportlonment of senators and representatives under the Constitution has been received. "As a citizen of eastern Arkansas, as a member of the Leglslnturr during the sessions of 1923 and 1924, no one knows better than .' how much trouble we had passlnr much needed road legislation and other legislation vital to our section of. the State, because of our Inequitable representation in the legislature. Therefore I hasten to assure you that not only do I favor a reapportionment under the Constitution nnd according to lru> 1930 census, but In the event I am elected Governor the full legitimate ! power of the Governor's ofiice will I be put behind the fight to make the reapportlonmcnt. You can readily understand that It Is golntr (he extra'ten mil! tt>x.wlll not be placed on the lax boots of the district." Iho announcement soys. Failure of Ihe campaign menus thai some other method must bo devised of raising the money necessary for operation' of the schools, hut no definite program hits ns yet been submitted. ,- over and around the city for the belter part of three days to yield more than a few scattering drops ef moisture. Total precipitation here yesterday, according to the official gunge 'at the Chicago Mill, was only .01 in. .insufficient to be of any benefit -to crops. East, north, south and west ot here there have been good showers ,n the past two days, reviving hopes [or a late corn crop nnd giving new growth tr> cotton plants. Hams nn All Sides Most of the Missouri territory adjacent to Mississippi county had been favored with sufficient m"ls- lure for the present, anil ralua Wednesday and Thursday In the vicinity or Osceola and Luxora, and up (he extreme eastern part of the county, ns well as over the south section generally and in the Manila neighborhood, have taken care of the Immediate needs of most of the county's farmers' except those living near this city. ' j While the weatherman, in his of-' Tidal forecast offered' ho'prospect of rnln tonight oV tomorrow, the sky this afternoon remained overcast and the possibility of a good shower may not yet haye vanished. ' : ..;':' ..:..•'~. Messrs. Shane, and directed to the taxpayers of Iho district, follows hi full: "Due to oitr failure to secure signatures of seventy-five per cent of the property in the district to the agreement to pay the extra ten mills school lax In order to keep our schools operating as at present, the campaign has failed. "The agreement was to thc effect that if seventy-five per cent of the property was signed to thc pe- tlliotis that the lax would be spread on the books and collected, beginning with our tax paying lime next spring. Only about sixty-five per cent of the property was signed ta Ihc petlllons. "In order that Ihere may be no inlstindcrslandlug about this matter we make this announcement; "Tlie campaign has failed and the extra ten mill tax will not be Irich and » Halt 'at .Osceola and nearby vicinity lost .night and continued cloudy weather'"this morning has apparently broken the drouth which has persisted since May 18. .."..• The rain extended as far north as Luxora whores' the precipitation was greater than here and extended somewhat south ot here. Showers were reported west of Osceoh early this morning. ; to be a difficult task because of our [ ricl placed on the tax books of the dls- I present status In the legislature, bui I suggest to you that a Governor rv i n, i t U T i committed to the reapporuonmem Declares Statement Me IS j can hold the balance of power nc- nf Hiahwav I aw ; ot nignway Law "Contumacious Lie." lo P ass t» e necessary fecl tnal thc mMN 's of sufficient Importance that 1 request you lo secure organized support of the counties Interested ^^ ^ ^ ^ ft Govcrnor tord maturities and interest and | le( , tnc neM o[ 12 emries be repeated for the year 1931. >i,a,, (2) Inlerest on , SG 2,000,000 State 15 minutes, 35 seconds. He will re- inay be elected. I " intiM JOHN C. SHEFFIELD." . . . Highway bnds t -fair o «- , he MANTLA.-Ark. (Special)—R. E. Lee Wilson of Wilson, Ark., nnd the Memphis Commercial Appeal, as well as his Iwo opponents In the j gubernatorial race, Harvey Parnell' u p pi > and Brooks Hays, were targets of i Hot Springs Slayer S (he attack of Judge John C. Shsf- I Meld In a political address here this j morning. Judge Sheffield was In- i oduced by E. B. Cook, local at- ' reproduction of their dramatic j trials of 1916 and 1011 which re-1 sume the legislative appropriation of S2.982.500 for the year 1930 will be repeated for lhe year 1931, wilh increase for maturing principal, if I any. pilot to land at San An- 52,982,500 (Because thc last bonds were is- sulled In conviction of the pair | sue ^^ S9.000.000 in March and $9, on charges of having murdered the i ono 000 in July. 1930. interest for ten persons killed when a blast ] payment in 1931 will be about $3,quake tragedy, came today with the of dynamite disrupted the parade, j 232 500 arrival of trucks and workers bringing provisions and clothing. I ... r» The death list at Mefll and In St. LOUIS Man Fights surrounding towns and villages continued lo creep up ns reports filtered In from the more Inaccessible localities, but all estimates of lives lost and property damage are approximate. Arkansas Posse Seeking Negro as Murder Suspect GURDON, Ark., July 25. (UP)— An armed posse today was comb- Ing this vicinity In an attempt tr apprehend Will Jones, negro companion of Sam Jones In the robbers of the C. J. Mason store at Greenwood, La., and believed the actua: slayer of the store owner. Sam was arrested last night after b«lng recognized when he stopped at the home of citizens here for food. The woman who gave th' negro food 'phoned police after she became suspicious. Return to Face Charge . Spurred on by the refusal of the Missouri governor to honor requisition papers for Wiley J. Permln- :er of St. Louis until further affidavits were secured, the sheriff's office today had forwarded affidavits to the Missouri capital at Jefferson City. It is generally understood that attorneys for Ferminter, who Is I (3) Maintenance and repairs of Slate Highways. It Is fair to assume the legislative appropriation of $3.250.000 for the year 1930 will From San Angelo the flyers will speed on to Douglas, Ariz., and from there to Los Angeles. Crash al Dvcrsburjf DYERSBURG, Tenn., July 7.5. (UP)—Guards were posted hereto- day over the wrecked airplane In which Luke Christopher, Washington, D. C.. R. A. Chandler. Port Huron, Mich., and W. E. Berger Marysvllle, Mich., were flying and which was wrecked yeslerday. be repeated for the year 1931 (4) "Turn back" J, Judges for County road and bridge work. It is fair to assume the legislative appropriation of $1,800.000 for Ihe year 1930. will be repealed for the year 1931, The guards await Insurance «3~isO 000 1 representatives who are xjxpectec to V County I to cl a |r n the plane. None of the ' three flyers was seriously hurt. Thes left last night for Houston. Tex. where they will get another plane Christopher Is an official in th; All-American air derby. $1,800,000 i h- etc. ten «™ "« legislative to kill, will make a strenuous fight 1 of & w - m for lhe year to prevent Perminter's exlradllion. I "pealed for the year 1031, j$3,000 Loss as Lightning I Destroys Barn at Luxora I LUXORA, Ark.—Wednesday nft j t j *.,'., ! ernoon during an electrical stori „ „„ ,. „,- j - Toll Bridge bond maturities a Wg hny harn owm , d by Jame ened to shoot his wife and child an <l Interest.. It is fair to assume Pcrmenter was struck by lightning the legislative appropriations of ! the barn was talrned and one m ul SS50.000 for the year 1930 will be. was killed by the same bolt. Th •""' ! loss Is estimated at $3.000. Th 5850,000 ' storm preceeded a heavy downpo'j Permlnter is alleged to have shot 1 at his brother-in-law and threat- while on a recent visit here. A quar- rell between Perrnlnter and his wife Is sold to have followed an attempt at reconciliation. Perminler led lhe scene of the alleged shobtlrig. neav Burdelte, before officers arrived but was later captured at St. Louis. repeated for the year 1931, (7) Toll bridge operation ex-1 of rain lhat broke the sixty-fl' penscs. It is fair lo assume the j day drouth that has prevailed (Continued on Page Four) this community. Father-in-Law Suicides HOT SPRINGS. July 25. (UP) — Despondent because his son-in-law _.... „„ „.. ...-1 recenlly killed a man who alloged- huslaslic response from an audl- ! ly had attempted to break up his ico of sixty or more that heard i home. Wlllilam F. Kchols, 59. killed im here, left at noon for Osceoln,, himself at his ho:r.e near here lo- Sheffield, who received an en "We regret very much that we iiist make this announcement but fecl that the taxpayers of thc district and those citizens Interested ,n our schools slio'uld have tills information." Shnwers al Manila MANILA, Ark., July 25.—Showers which liegan here Wedn'estlay have conlinued to visit this section during the past two days. The two months drouth broken too,late to be of any benefit to thc early corn crop, hut part of the late corn may be saved. The cotton plants seem to have taken on new life, and have grown rapidly In the short time. Many farmers In this vicinity plan to plant hay ir- places where their corn has burned up. Little Rock Dry Too I LITTLE ROCK, July 25. (UP) — While from many sections reports of badly needed rains were heard Little Rock today entered its 33rtl Save I nna ftffprpil Inhs rainless day today. 3ays Long UliereO JODS Exccsslvc i,eat was felt here yes- to Political Organization ] terday when a temperature of. 99 ilegrees was registered. Huffman, northeast of this city, NEW ORLEANS, July 25. (UPI —Qov. Hpey P. Long offered thc Jefferson Democratic club, an Independent political organization here, 150 jobs in exchange for It , Gosnell to the northwest, and Mo- nelte. west, all received substantial rnins yesterday or today, according here he was scheduled to speak ,k I day. Echols shot himself in the head authorized negotiations with a view • go on shipments from Russia of his afternoon. He will speak in the ourthouse nt BlytheviUe 'clock tonight. Referring to an interview ,ee Wilson published recei ne of thc Appeal papers his Sheffield declared that Wilson was correctly Quoted he was j Echols In either grossly ignorant of the Ar- I the would to know I (ried to pre- kansas highway program or a con-1 vent the trouble." umaclous liar." ."And," he added, : don't think Mr. Wilson is a Tlie quolallon to which he took j exception was to lhe effect that de- •. 'eat of Governor Parnell would re-1 suit In returning to the land, of the i, ourden of highway Improvement I II LI V, 1**V JUUO I" V,^.VL.HH & -V .~-» •*• -^ -_ !„., support, of his senatorial candidncy to reports received here today. Augustus G. Williams, president | —— ~ and former recorder of mortgages,, Issues Ban OH Russian charged last night. i „ , »• i i r ..•„!.-, The assertion came in reply to | Puip, Made by LonVICtS a statement of 21 members who i bolted the organization to suppor' I WASHINGTON. July 25. (UP) — Long. Five of them had prevously | Assistant Secretary of Treasury been ousted lor "conducting un-1 Lowman tcday ordered an embar- Dies in Chair for Hoid-up Murder Illy 25 (UP)— three j tariff laws. MANILA, Ark., July 25. - Carl i Some shipments arc understood Tiplon, chairman of the local school: to be on the way to the United bonrd, anounced this morning that; States at this time. ' the. meeting of the sclvol board ; with local citizens had been post- FUEL IRES FAREMRS OPALOCKA, Fla. (UP)—Farmer? ^He'atUcfed the Commercial A P -1 hoW»P of two while men walked . _ ... . . . r . unit-Mi- + f\ inrt <i!p(*ir:n ciiELir in iiic peal for a similar statement, say- 1 Ing that his entire record was evi , . .?' ' f: pen tentian Imd been sent ng tat s enre recor was ev- dence of his endorsement of the through his body was pronounced Martlneau program. LOVES DOG, JAILED ATLANTA. 1 stolen, had been used to fire a still ! of 150 gallons capacity. A sheriff's ' force put the still out of business on the JOKE'S ON SHERIFF Ed Adams, Atlanta negro, loved his ; dog, he Is serving a 15 day sentence on the stockade. Tlie local ] WEATHER . i dead. ', Nolan assisted o!flcers ns they Strapped him in thc f 1; >j r at 7:0 j ; dog catcher was making his rounds.: ARKANSAS —Generally fair to| a. m. His partners. John Green and ( flnd A j amS| wno had no money for night and Saturday; not much MQNTR03E. Colo. (UP)—Sheriff i M»<* Brown, had died In the same | a dog || Cem e, carried his pet Into ! change In temperature. McAiially and a deputy watched, chair In March this year. ( n [<; home and hid him. Officers the road near here for a car ot a | The three negroes murdered Ed i made a searcni discovered the do?, certain description,, and halted 1! Dudley and Bert Morgan during a am i Adams was fined $5 by the when it appeared. The car was • holdup. Efforts to save Nolan yes- \ recorded for attempting to evade driven by Sheriff Israel of Ouray,! terday failed when Judge E. L. Mc- whose friends were playing a Joke i Haney of the supreme court denied on htm. a stay of execution. his lawful duty. He went to th' stockade, as he had no money for dog tags or fines either. According to lhe official weathar observer, Francis Carpenter, the maximum temperature tor the p«st twenty-four hours wis S3 and the minimum 75 degrees; cloudy with .01 Inch rain.

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