The Freeport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1954 · Page 4
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The Freeport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1954
Page 4
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..yiX -MtiU I '-* ' VOU HEfeP> VER EVES l.AT6R,..r ANO SLATS KNOCKED STRAIGHT AHEAD HIM SET AWAV /SHIRT ON,SLATS, VOU DOWN, ANO THEN THE TRIAL BEGINS rHUH.1 OH, NO.., Him oci mvrvT f anirM uN»9kr\i WITH THAT LIE, } OUR TURN AT O'VOIUAURYJENKS BRUTALLY ATTACK ED VOU VOU UNDERSTAND? YOU HUNTIN' . FOR 50MSBODY, GRANT ? MEAHWHILE-' THE OTHER EXAMIN£R THIS STRANp.OF HAIR. HAS AMAZING MUSICAL. QUALITIES.'.' I'LL TAKE IT HERE'S ANOTHER AS EVIDENCE.^ I'LL TAKE IT BACK TO OUR LAB— /; THIS STRAND OF HAIR HAS AMAZING COUOA PROPERTIES/.' &-&UT, THE BOD* WAS K—THERE'S A STRAKJD O HIS HAIR// 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:30 4:40 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:55 6:00 6:30 6:45 7:00 P;00 8:30 9:00 9:45 0:00 0:30 2:00 you.?— HAVE / NO.VER HONOR— VOU EVER <( BUT, I ONCE-E*-FQUND PLAVED A )> ONE. COULDN'TSELL VIOi-IN ? y( IT-SCU USED IT TO BOIL. SOUP MOT VALUABLE TO VOU, -Bunvexy VALUABLE. TO niO SOENTIFHZGENTIE- MEN. LET'S LOOK MON tHE POLICE EXAMINER WHO WCKED Uf> THE FIRST STKAHD OF HAIR— SHECKS— ALLAH LOST IN THET ACCIDENT WERE A GDUPL.A STRANDS HAIR-TNOTHIN' VALOOBLE ARE VOU SURE VOO'RE ALLRIGHT, DEAR? I KIMiKTAROuN' INTHISTU50F WATgg AN' 1 t«At WON'T 06 AAUCH of A piseuise-i tfor/cee TMAT WON'T pooi -me MYSTERIOUS Oli 6TRANGE* A PCAP CNICWN. AW, SHUXH THEN MO'RE • A NO-COUNT, SHIF'LESS SKONKH WAAL-- THANKY. SNUFFY AFORE VE GO.ON, SNUFRV-- VE .AIN'T GITTIN 1 CREDIT AN 1 lOWEEZY SAID VE OUGHT TO BE IN TH 1 MOVIN' PITCHERS-THEN I SWO TO HER, SEZ I- HE'D, MAKE US A PLUMB GOOD PRESIDENT OR--UH- ; WUZ TEUUN' LOWEEZY VESTIDDV, SILftS- A FELLER WIF YORE BRAINS OUGHT TO BE IN TH 1 NEWNITEO STATES CONGRESS SMALL-TIME STUFF/ I'M GOING IN FOP PROP-UPS NOW/ WHAT& THE MATTER? PON'T YOU LIKE PINUPS KILLEP? ANVBO&V WANT MV OLD PIN-UPS ? THE MANASEI? SAID I COULD HAVE IT AFTEP 3 SHOW T WOTi THAT, W0KKING VTMIMO Mis-ret? CHANNEL 2 Wednesday 3:00 Hawkins Kalis 8:15 First Love S:30 World of Mr. Swoeny n:4ft Matinee 4:.10 Howdy Dopcly fi:00 Small Ffy Tnlts fl:l!i Six Gun Theatre—"T, • nln' Crarulnll" ,1:30 Comedy Classics 5:45 Curly Fox, Texas T?nby 0:00 World at Larso fi:in Today in Sports 6:15 UP Movlcton" News 0:25 Weathercasl 0:30 Coko Time G:45 News Caravan 1 Married Joan 7:80 My Little Margie 8:00 Waterfront—"Ghost Tug" 8:30 Darts for Dough 9:00 This Is Your Life 9:30 Dragnet, 10:00 City Detective—"Congenial Liars" 10:30 Final Edition News 10:40 Weathercasl 10:45 The Big Playback 11:00 Tonight 12:00 Vespers and Sign OCI Thursday 6:45 Morning Prayers 6:50 RFD-TV 7:00 Thanksgiving Parade 10:00 Home 11:00 TV Kitchen 11:45 Movie Date—"Call of the Forest" 12:45 Pro-Game Show 12:55 Football—Maryland vs. Missouri 3:35 Post-.Game Scoreboard CHANNEL 11 Wednesday The Brighter Day The Secret Storm On Your Account Mary Carter Cookbook Eleven Video Lane Press News Barker Bill's Cartoons Fun for All Frontier Theatre Weathercast Crusade in the Pacific Doug Edwards News Perry Como Godfrey and Fri.nds Strike It Rich I've Got A Secret Blue Ribbon Boxing Bouts Sports Spot Touchdown The Late Show Call To Prayer Thursday Rural rtcvcille The Morning Show Island Headlines SHOWING TODAY—An a l-new and exclusive Turbo-Drive automatic transmissionf-J with a specially designed throttle kickdown is featured in 1055 Lincoln and Lincoln^ Capri cars, showing today at Parker Motors in Freeport. Engine power^has been ifl* ; creased to 225 horsepower, with major improvements in displacement and cbmpressum;, ratio to achieve more efficient and economical performance. Styling refinements in- v elude a newly designed front end. a longei rear -quarter panel with a distinctive light assembly, and new two-tone .upholstery^ combinations. , • . • • Freeport Jaycee$ Nervous As Dec. 6 NeaHSr Some members oC the Freeport Jnyccos jump nervously at sudden noises these days. "I'll be glad when December 0 gels here," one NJ* muttered as f\e climbed down from atop n table where he had landed after o companion dropped a pencil. Relationships between certain select Jaycecs and other members have become noticeably strained of late. Former boon companions are passing one an o the v without speaking. "All 1 can gel the jerk to say is remember December the sl^th", one ordinary member complained. He was speaking of a former buddy, now an NJ*. Seeking out an NJ* 1 , we got an interview by pointing out the peace and quiet available in a photo darkroom. "December the 7:30 The Morning Show 7:55 Press TMuws fi:00 The Morning Show 2:00 "Dione Lucas Show 2:30 Bob Crosby Show sixth" he kept muttering .as he wns being carrldd out of the darkroom on IT stretcher-folio-whig the interview. Standing in the cool mklhtehl nh\ wo thought of the tenacity ho displayed withstanding our efforts to delve into the NJ's* secret dur- ing the Interview. He shoute "Remember December 6," n» trial ambulance pulled awny. , :l By tha by, anyone in the market! foi* a slightly, used and stained! short'length of garden hoso? , *—Nervous Yfaycee). • 'Impression' Lowers Fine LOS ANGELES (IP) — Col. Robert L. Stclnlc received a traffic ticket several months ago near Salome, Ariz., but lost it after re- tv\rnlng here. He asked the Arizona highway patrol by letter what to do, as he did not "wish to jeopardize my welcome in yoUv hospitable state." The colonel received In reply a letter from Ernest R. Hall, justice of the peace at Salome, who told Stoinlc ho thought he had mailed him a notice that a $10 fine was due. The justice Added that he I could check his records, but that he would not. "The sole object of the fine is not just to collect the money, but it is to impress the traffic offender so that he will be deterred from committing the .offense again, Hall wrote. "You have shown it did make an impression on you, so your case is [ dismissed without prejudice." Retold in the word? of the Holy Bible by Noririan Vincent Peale Illustrated by Valejitj Angelo BARCLAY ON BRIDGE By-S-hepard Barclay "The Authority on Authorities" O •sHflflSLU~~~ \fcyi&yi£ Jesus' Descent from Abraham nnd David ND Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom wa.s born Jesus, who is called Christ. So all the genera* tions from Abraham to David av« fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations! and from the carrying away Into. Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations. BOY ON MAN'S EHRAND ONH) OF the moat piclju^Bque adtnonUions connected with briop W ^^9SS3S^ * 5?Z-.' on a man'« rorrfcnd;* 1 -Who httsn t done Juat tHat? Probably everyone who has played tho game for '. a whtJe h.»s e«Mfele5aly tyumppcl a trick wUh a, jow cnr4'whcn he. sound, afford « W^er epc. Even fair-to-middling' card-readers have done It after cstlpaatljvjj the length of a Siitt we opponent hnd bid. They thpiH U l» probftWy a cortain length, an.4 the partnvr therefore will have to' follow sviit on the riiff«cl trle,U. But maybe (t is one card long-er than the estimate. If you cnn provide against . that,, by all moans clo so. 973 4AQ A None V AKJ 1075 i JO 7 6 5 N W E S AJSH'l 4J8'!-' . + 7 4>KQ1062 r; Kant, nerable.) East South Pass 19 Dbl. 3 V .via North 3* 4* What a nice contract to play 80 West thought *B soon as r «lub V- W»Hled to his A. He ndU' at onco that he o^uld ruff' p\it hlH two losing clubs, could <ll«var4 tllamond on the spade A, and BO would have no losers left rxcop ibr«e In djajnonda. First he paused ig reflect on-tlis.bidding and de- Plutrlbiited liy King elded that North must have ilx L bs, so th^it Sautlv would have ,o follow suit three times. Eased'oh that assumption, he swung? alonp. His second trick wns a ruff of the club 8 by the heart 2, the third was a diamond llscnrcl on the spad^ A, the fourth 4 ruff of the Wftde 4 by thft heart 0 q^nd the nfth a rvvff of the club 10 by the heart 8. But whoa there! South over- ruffed that with the heart 9. Now, will} no w.ay to avoid losing three tricks in diamonds, West's contract was doomed. There was no need for West to send a boy on a man's errand. He didn't need the dummy's Heart Q for a trump .trick, as he had the other four ranking honors. If'he hnd used tho Q for ruffing the third' club, ho would have b*en snfe. But then his cursory card- reading would have been wrong., ns North held seven clube Instead. of six. Tomorrow's V 10876 43 * 1°A 4 N W B S 4KQ10882 If AQJ 73 (Dealer: North, vulnerable,) What is South's soundest otid action if East, U4 South dQHble«J, W«st North 1-Spade and Bast J F9»<ur?H RUSSELL'S CAFE "Hon» of Good Food" IT WA« AI.WA COMFORT^ 8ISTFUW.', THANKSGIVING TURKEY

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