Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1896
Page 7
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Many a free man who is sick would willingly cUiiiiRC places with r> healthy convict. A man nntrht as well be shut out of enjoyment one w.-iy as another. If hi? is shut up in a cell, he ciinuot enp^KC in active pleasures. He cannot see the beauties of nature anil art, but lie can itiiagine them, and softet some benefit from them. _ A man who is sick ' -- i^ man has these tilings before him, but lie doesn' ..ok o has tueae UUUKS HCIOIC unu, U i t -.•----•-- .ee them as they exist. He cannot. ,pok on anything with appreciative eyes. 1-lts ])iiy- sical condition warps his vision and his, men- Ultty. He cannot enjoyniiytlmiK.'^niaiter bow enjoyable it may be in the abstract. .' man with" a foul taste in Ins month, with a bilious headache, and with poisonous refuse matter circulating all through his tody cannot enjoy anything. He honestly believes that the workl is all wrong:, and that, is. a mighty poor place to be in. He is DILI, despondent, cynical. Life «n't worth Uv- ins to him. Such a simple thine causes this condition that it is absurd and ridicu- - lous to think of a sensible man remaining in it. Symptoms like these come from constipation. It is the most prevalent of all causes of sickness. It makes a'nian worthless for work or pleasure. It is a stubborn trouble when yon do not treat it Pr°P"';>l and a simple one when you do. It ts cured byrtr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They were made for this purpose, and no °tli«- *»•<* accomplish this purpose as no other preparation ever did. An unscrupulous drupist may try to sell yon something else. Look out! It is vonr health that is at slake. It isyour health aeainst an extra profit on tht thing he says is "just as good. Doctor Pierce'!. Jfkasant Pellets-don't forget don't take anything else. People's Corainon_ Sense jedicnl Adviser in pliup Eri- cllsh, or Medicine simplified by KV Pierce M. D.,Chief Consulting Physician tothe Invalids' lie- teland Surgical Itmtitutc, BinWo, •V Y, 1008 pages, Illustrated. 6SOMO copies sold at $1.50. >ow sent r/np^r-boiind, AUSOLTJTELY FUK'B on receipt of 21 one-ccut ntnmoa to nay for mnlllng only. Addrcii tbe Author, ai above. .^\^ vt SSw %£$ $$> TIMETABLES. LOCAL TIME TABLES. Solid trains between "P M ' la * nha ._° dusky" and "Indianapolis and Michiga Direct connections to ami from all points In the United States and Canada. L. E. & W. R. R . AlTlVe SOUTH BOUND. No 21 Pacific Ex Dally.. 7:10 am 2-uS a m No 25 Indlanap's Ex Sunll:45 a m No. 23 Mall & Ex ex Sun. 3:25 p m :^ p. m except Sunday BOUND B:20 a m No. 20 Moil & Ex ex Sun.lO:22 a n ^30 p m No 22 Michigan City dally 4H5 p m l : Sp m No 2.1 Detroit Ex ox Sun No ICO Aceom. ex Sun.. CMS a m •Does not run north of Peru on Sunday Trains 21 and 20 run dally between Indl 0 arrives at Bloom.n B makins direct connection ton at 9-3 chafrs between Tlpton and rive a22.an< ft connect at Tlpton raSn line tralna lorSandusky, Pcor.a uin Conger agent, Indianapolis. Ind. LITEKAKY^' NOTES. ISRVIM! SUI'.MIS-SION TO THE •VKOSS." AA'c liavo beuii iissnruil Hint there ,-fnihl in 1 "0 lynuiis in Ainenen, but \vu urn :iiul liou- swvUcl.v lo Uip liol:llc:ll o-is, allow liliii lo rulCL- poliiiL-Ml :ill'uli's i his own liniuls, Kiul lo nilu while AVt T\V. He begins with the ]ii-iiii:irie-- ml cuds with the S;nU! li:.^i^:inire or villi Consivss. We cull him "lynua" ,1 -boss" tell liim !io is eoiTiipt. that ,-c'will not oiulure li.i.'s domiiiLH.'i'in;-." .•—then J'nll in lino at the next doc- !.ni anil vole the tlc-kot stvai^lit: for him some other boss, and iuwe tlio elutiiw ,{ tyranny closer 1 . Sonictiinw, iiiilaecl. ve revolt ami form a new iwvt.v, niul ay wo will In-oak down this dorainccv- tiL' spiHt: then we vote for those W; mpposc to In- the hei-iies of our refonn noasnrcs: nut, nlas! wo (Ind that the •lianu'lemi has only clianscil lv!» color, mil we liave n new boss in place of the ,UI -rrof. r. AVi r.liK-kmar, tu the .Tin:'-' SUNOL, THE IDEAL TKOTTER IX' FORM. Senator Stanford once said to a friend n Washington:- "Snnol,' if she should .10 raced, would be t.hc Oospa.ir of horsemen. Every curve a.nd line she pos-. sewes is for s.peud. 'Soo her sloping shoulders; hor Ion;: pastern Joints that ak of easy, true action without waste of power. See how hish she is behind. From t.he point of her hip to lior too you can draw a straight li.no oyi she 1 wives the ground. ITer pro- pelllns power is nr.iRnlflcent."—Fnmi 'The Evolution of the Trottlus-hom" -stt'ond paper-liy Hamilton Busboy, In the .Tnne Scribnor's. Frank M. Bristol, Rnv. W. T. Moov< ; , llev. W. T. Moore. Rev. Edward Ewr- ett Hale. Eov. Joseph A^ir P.OOL. Rev. Casper Reno Gregory. llev. William Cleaver Wilkinson, Rev. Sa.nmc-1 Hurt. liev. ,1. Monroe Gibson, and l;'.s:!y, tliir editor of the work;. Hov.-Oeotw C. Lorimer. . The fifth volume of the Midland Monthly, (Des Muines) vi-ovo'.'isiy eirv-c.':- with the fortlicomiitf .Tuna nnmlier. la iliis number is Iwsnn a series of finely illustnu-ed papers by N. Tjernasel en- rltled, "On Foot in Kf-*ypt and rales- tine". A patriotic: celebration in rnral Switzerland is ilo.scrH.ied -by Consul General lUe.hmaar, Twelve ".Sidesmen's Wives" are pictured by Mrs. r.abbirt: Mock Island is happily described by Mr. C. Jf. ITyde; Col. Picket r. who 'first nominated Ltapnln for tin' presidency. Is sketch-oil; Mrs. C. F. McLean eliarnii'nsly pictures the Bohemian life of Robert Louis Sievcnxon in GrM. In "A Ghostly Carouse" Mr. Ed I,. Sabin appeals in .the role of a romancer, and Stevenson •himself couldn't have told the story bolter. Frank Calkins' boys' and girls' story, "The Yoniw Tlomc- steailers," prows-in Interest. The other stories are strong in human interest, •VmoiK? the poei,* of the number are Belle 13. Smith, an.I.lwr of "If -I Should Die To-uluht," and Mrs. Virginia .1. Berryhill, a vice presMent of the National Federation of Women's Clubs. AN OLD CRIME RECALUtD. Sufi! Found In Twin L:ikM Snpl>onc<l to lltivo Boon Put Tim"; In 1800. 11. L. lined, of Genoa Junction, Wis., has found a sale in Twin lakes in'nbout eight feel, of water, tho announcement of 'which onuses great interest. It is of oid-fa.shioncd design, and is believed to be the safe carried away from the lilkliorn bank on tho mcvu.ing of September 7, 1 SCO. The robbery was eh.irged to three men by t-hc name of Hamilton, tv,-o of whom were arrested, but. i-eioasod on bull. Soon after they went to Europe, ".nil the ease never came to trial. The other man was arrested somewhere in the south, where he had g-ono, und was placed in jail. Iliswi'fo visifed him. and It is stated that he escaped from jail in his wife's clothing r.nd was not found afterward. The safe wns supposed to bo secrctec! somewhorc near there, and the finding of it in the lake has revived a.ll the excitement of the crime of 30-years fijfo. V.'hci'i t.ha safo w:is stolen it contained $40,000. ,TLe safe will be raised and further investigation made. WORLD'S FAIR Town's -llcdu Cf I PLOW! A. The .Tune Arena opens Its K.:th voluini' piiffiifhifr in it now Cross, a ml Mm: H-iitcil by Skinner, Bartlctt & Co. It is :ui .unusually strong miiubcf, opening with a brilliant paper by Rev. Samuel Barrows, D. D., the (list.lngnisht'tl editor of the "Christian Register." of Boston, on "Tho First IMsan Critic of Christian Faith and lite Anticlpntion or Modern Thought." .TtistJcc Walter Clark, U,. D., of tho Supreinu Benc-li or North Carolina, contributes :in instrnctJvc and delifilitl'ul paper on Mexico, the Interest of which is enhanced by several excellent lUus- trations, indndinf,' a recent portrait of the President of the Mexican Republic. The President nf tho Mercantile National Bank of New ^° l ' k contributes "A Proposed Platform for American Independents for 1SOG," whicli illustrates ],ow strongly tlw silver movement is taUlnp hold of eastern financiers no Jess than the mass of voters in the South and West Recently Jay Cool;, the veteran banker, who floated the frovcrnmcjit l)0iuls in ISfll. at the l-imo of our sorest need, caanc out boldly for free silver. Mr St John who has roade finance n 'Dally m No. EAST o. . 'N Y. * Boston lira d dally 'old no 42- 2:41 a m ii^s-^ 1 E r. Accom. dally eiSnn ..... _..i. uu p in EEL RIVER DIVISION. •WEST BOUND. No»7 arrive EAST BOUND., VANDAUA • IN EFFECT MAY 17, 185(1. Bond IWX t S: ir JSSf.T^ £ No M Ex. Sun. 8:40 p m for Sout N °- FOR THE SOUTH No SI Except Sunday 7:17 a. m. Jor Terre Hnutfi No 63 Ex. Sun. 2:47 p. m, for Terra Hauto For complete time card, giving all trains and I stations, and for full .Information as to rates through cars, etc., afldreas 10 raiw. c ^ EDQETVORTH, Agent LiOgansport, Ind. Or E A. Ford, General Passenger AgeAt, St LoulB, Mo. Pot people vrif.h aore 03-03, \7.?!Jz, Watery eyes, and red and mSaaad eye: wusea by ngc, crtarrl; « othorwiso, tne *3razilian E«lci is a pncelesB boon. Put 15 or 20 drops of -Bdta iato a spoonfu 1 Of warm wstcr f.nd batlis the eyes .well niaht oad aorriinr:, get:::!?; SOKS of tho •Olntion into ths eysa. Tie rcnef and •nefit i" -nrUi a JmaOred irjnca tho vamvnit **~j mv^^m-m Kill the Catarrh microbe and yon cot* Catarrh. ,Thes« parasites nest dera la the tissues and folds of th< ' olfactory membrafio, ant ( are dlmcult to reoeh oik atill; but Brazilian Balm wil ^•utterly destioy tham if uset 'peraistontlTaa directed. It ,va the Hay Fever germ in a fcWdays. Usefnll etrength, or nearly r Hay Foyer. Cttre'pevmanent >ll. OL. iJ\_Mi»i " "" «tntly for more than twenty years, and who is president of a' bank bavins ti capital ot )?1,000,000, Is no loss pronounced on the subject. The Journal lias received for review a copy o£ tho People's Bible History, prepared in the U;,'ht of recent investigations by some of the foremost thinkers of I'hu'ope and America. The book is beaut [fully illustrated. It is edited by Hie Kev. Ceo. C. I.orimer, I.L. P., with in introduction by IMs«t Hon Win. ;wai-t Gliufetonc, M. T, Henry, 0. shephtutl Company of Chicfifro is tTie ubKtltor. The book Is Intended to ii- nminatc the pasc* of the Bible, not to :ike its place. In order that the wort !i;dit be comprehensive flic Bible liar, wen divided into fifteen historical per- oUs T5iore were sovon;«i.-n / contrlb'.i- oi-s to the fifteen books. The men vhose names are connected with thn book are William Ewart Gladstone., 'rof. A. H. Sayce, Eev. Samuel Ivcs Jurtlss. Bonn Farm, Eev. Elmer H. ;apcn, Rev. Frank W. Gnusanlns, Kev. GOOT-KO F. rwitecost, Rev. R. S. Miic- Vrtlmr, Eev. Mm-tyn Summcrboll, Eev. The U.ucolu p;ipOT in McClnri'S ilag- aKlne for June will describe Lincoln !n his familiar, every-day relations with Iris family, friends and neighbors, at the time of his return to .Springfield after scrviuz a term in Congress. It will contain a number of new facts and anecdotes, and will present Lincoln in one of l;ls most'attractive aspect. The paper Aviill bo fully illustrated. McClurc's Maga/ine for .lime will contain ft dramatic and descriptive story of a battle by Stephen Crane, the j-ioiiiig auiihor whose wonderful srudy of war from t.he standpoint of the private soldier, "Tlie Rod Badge, of Cour- agu," i-s 'Ulic liitorary snccuss of die day. rlic story will be illustrated by Taber. whose pictures of soldiers are always a good story toi themselves. Dr \lbert Shaw gives his impression of "St. Louis; This Year's Convention City" in, the Juno Review of Reviews. With nil due concessions ,to Chicago. Dr. Shaw .succeed.? in making out a strong case 1'or the Missouri town. Among other iritorestiDg facts, he shows that St. Louis is now more thoroughly under Republican control than any other of our larger cilies. not even ex- coptinir Philadelphia. His article i.< copious .illustrated; there Is an excellent view of the convention hall, with a diagram of the sealing arrangements. Bret Harte's new story and Jerome K. ,Toro:nc's latest piece of fiction have both Deen secured by Tho Ladies' Home Journal for immediate pnhl'earion. ;r..-rome's stoiy Is called VRn S ;n:ild Blake: FJnancior and Cad," and sketch- os an incident in fashionable London society. Bret Ilarte calls his srory "The Indiscretion of-F-lsborh," aiid pictures the romance of a young American who falls In love wiHi. a Germs') princess, masquerading as a diary maid. "I was troubled, a long time, with sick headache. It wns usually accompanied with severe pains in tho temples and sickness at the stomach. I tried a good many remedies ~~" recommended, i'or tliis complaint; but it was not until I began taking " •;> AVER'S Pills that I received ' anything like pcrma- , nent benefit. A single box of thcsu pills did tho Avork for me, and I am,now a well man. • C, (1, nUTCIIISCS, East Aubuni, Me. For tho rapid cure of Constipa- Hio.n, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Nausea, and all disorders of Stomach, Liver, and Bowels, take- 'S . Cathartic Pills and Diploma at World'a Pair. fttk your drugnlst for A»«r'» Sareiparllla. Tliere Is a marked iniproveiiu-nt uorc.l in the May rwimber of the-New Holiem- iiin, the excullunt riiagaxino pulilifhcd at CUucIn-no.tl. The ma-axine has rt'ccr.tly cluuiKKd-liands. It lias been inereassd -sixteen page.?. Two new doparrriRMirs have been added, "T-lie Pas-Sinj: Show" and "The Borders of Bohemia" both hoing'brifrht and attracllve, i;i kc-.-pin^' with, the «St. of the perioWcal. Wondufliind, (he tourist lioo-k of the Northern Pacilic mllroad coinpnuy, is tliis year more complete and of a hipher (Trade than evon hist year's book. 'The matter contained Is all new. the pictures are new ones, und unusually beautiful, Fpe-iKklng much for tho ^cenory aanl the ndvantngos of the country the road is interested in advertising. One of the leading article* for tlifl June maRazlncs is tho practical statements of the Eastern question by Henry Norman, whose article on that question In the ScribTier for June Is destined tt nt.trnct. general attention. It is only on? of the excellent up to date features of this magazine . Our AnJinsU Friends, the monthly mii-fmssine pnbUshed' by the society for. the prevention of cruelty to iv.ii-mals li.,s Touched The Jounial table. Thn May number is unusually excellent m all department*. The matter contamel is such as to totnrest cv,eryono. Ufo that always brlRlit and witty •lonrnal. in Us Vacation Bool; nnmbev offers a Const that its admireiVwill rei- Jsh The best number of tli's nhva.vs- ex- cellent'poriodlcal-will fie tho- verdict of Iliosc who read It and enjoy its i:lus- tratlons. . . ' PROF. HIRSCHBEHO, , the well-known Eye Specialist of.N?w York, wishes to inform bis . many fi-ionds and patrons of Loganspott nnfl vicinity that he, or one pi his staff, .wl.li be at the store of his ngent.-D.-A. Haul; and adjust .Ills celebrated spectacles «n<1 eye glasses to all In need of them Mny 25 Sny» SI") Lends tho World In CvrcnlH. The secretary of state ot Iowa Ibe other day received from Washington a bronze medal and diploma awarded the state of Town, at 1-he world's fair for makir.? 1»? finest display of fnrm ;nid g-arden pi-o(,hicts mid also for the greatest varl-.'ty of cerc-als and farm products of extra, (j'ua'.ity. The diploma, states the display was un- surpossod in artistic arrangement and uxtQnt, and gives Io\ya first rank in Uie world on these displays. The Cat In Old Days. J,*o mention of the cat occurs in the Bible or in any Assyrian record. Even in India, Prof. Max Muller is quoted as saying:, it was but recently Icuown as a domestic animal. Its Sanskrit name is ina.-ja.ra, from a root inuanirsjr to clean, from the creature's habit cf lickinff itself at its toilet. The cat's mousine: habits were well known to tho Romans, ana even to tJic E( ruscans. Tcunla. Prof. Skcat thinks he has found new evidence to show that tennis is derived from the French tenet/., the imperative of tcnir, in a manuscript reading of the line of Cower, written in 1300, which is the earliest instance of the use of the word in English. Tenet? probably meant "sec here," "look out," ar.d wa.s therefore the equivalent of "play." Old Coins Found. A few days ago a Moosup (Conn.) man while tearing- down an old house • in that town found, two silver pieces of money bearing the dates of J7S1 nnd 17S2. ' PRINCESS AS A PATRONESS. ChrtBtlnn of SciiloHWlB-nolntoln Interested ID a Now fork Institution. At li'er own request. Princess Christian of.Suhleswig-Holstcin. daughter of Queen Victoria, has been appointed one of the. patronesses of the New York SohSo'.'of Applied Design for Women. Tb's probably is the first appointment, of or acceptance by Kng-lish royalty of connection with any Amen- cr.n institution. • Mrs Duulop Hopkins, who founded the New 'York school, has obtained u lar~c Tint of money from the county council to establish a .similar institution in London, in which f,u; princess nkos the greatest, interest. The corner- s'tori" oT the projected buildinfr to bo erected on a plot nrar the Imporia insti'tuw. in South Kensington, will soon.bo !nid. . Vvrtto Cullficrt on America. Yvc-tte (3ilbert. is provi"? a great attraction at the ICopirc theater. In an interview rc^rdh- her rece-n Inp to the Uritcd Suites she isqnowd assay- in- that New YorUcrs have no indi- n.nd that tln--y are loo uus.y DiimU-d for money ffettin?-. She bc- r'r.t'cd Chi<-ac;n.'specially itJ streets, and said 1ba.t/Philadelphia did not im- licr at nil. Ornamenting ® It recently occurred to Tiffany & Co,, the New York jewelers, to ornament a. bicycle elaborately with gold,.silver, and precious stones, believing that some wealthy customer would esteem so handsome a mount. They preferred to pay $JOO each for for infants and_Chtldren. MOTHERS, Do_You_KNOW «***-* IYI Batciaan'8 Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, riany so-mlicd Soo-hinjr Syrups, one jno?l remedies for children or; composed of opium or morpliiiic? I>0 Yen Knovy that oi>:-.im nivi 7:101 ph'.jie arc stupefying nnrcoiit jxiis=ns? po YOU Know that i:. »osi comurks dr-.,g s is';.a7^or. pcnuif.eC los.il :,.ircoti'. without labeliujj tlicni poisons ? Po You Know that you should not permit any medicine •.<. be R i™» yourcl.ili unlras you or your physician !:now ofwhnt it is composed ? go VouKKOWltot Casloria is a purely vegetable preparation, .ind th.-'. '- '•*!•<* Us ingredients is published with every 'Jottle 7 " »0 YOU Know tliat Castori. is the prescription oMhe famous Dr. ai,mic: Pitcher. XtaittbMbeentawo for nearly thirty years, a»d thr* more Castoria is nowwld ibar cf all other remedies for children combined ? »0 YOU Know that '.-.= I-atei.t Office Department of the United State*, and of other countries, h-v^d crfwlvc right to Dr. Pitcher and W»««!«»s low. the wo* «< CBBtorla " an>l Its formula, and that to imitate them is a claw pnson oCaiM „„ V«a Knqw "'at oi.c of the reasons for granting tl.is sovernm.nt protect^ wa.stec=u S eCastona had been proven to be absolutely HarroleSB 1 PO VOU Knew that W averace *»» cf Gloria are furnished for 35 celits, or one cent a dose ? «o You K»ow that vrt.cn possessed of tl.i'. perfect jrci-rulio,,, yourc'.iaren m» 7 t>ekept -W'-'i, and that you may have unbroken rest? \ycll. tjlO*ejht"K» arc worth knowing. T!.«y --"- Tacts. in on cvcrg wrapper. For their purpose to using any other make of & wheelTheremust be no question of quality in a bicycle selected for such ornamentation. ' & — t Therefore they chose Columbias STANDARD OF THE WORLD . Unequalled, UnapproacheJ. Beautiful Art Catalogue of Columbia and Hart itamps. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria POPE MATWFACTURING CO, Factories and General Off ices, Hartford,Conn. The Governor of North Carolina said 'to the Governor of South Carolina 1 "BATTLE AX" is the most tobacco, I cf the test quality, for the least money. Large quantities reduce the cost ot manufacture, the result going to the consumer in the shape of a larger P^, for less money, than was ever before possible. Arebuilt IF. the Largest and i nipped Factory ic tiie World. Experienced **\ _ \ . Ktl . d»^T .vllvf Riders E- scorcii CL1NE BROS., Agts fNIFOUMED. 1 ATTENDANTS KOI NEW YORK PASSENGERS VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. T!,* Pflunsylvnnla Lines liavo lutro- |.,,wl imitorin Parcel Ponci-s at Jersey r-ity to look after tho coiufon ol'.nll .,,-rivin!? ana dcpai-liiig passengers. r : ieiv services'will be gi-.ntis, and i:ii-.v a-ill accompany passenger* (if dcsii-edi IWMvccn Cortinnd Street Fern', New ••-ni-'k City, and/the American Line Piur. Sixth Avcmie .Elevated -RaJlroad anil the Central-. Railroad of New Jersey Srafion; also between Desbrosscjs Stroci CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR WASHINGTON EXCURSIONS. Low rate tickets to Washington account Christian Endeavor. ConTenttoc 'will be sold via Pennsylvania Short Lines July 4tb. 3th. Cth and 7th: gooo to return-until July intb. with privilege to extend limit until July 31st. See Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agents for details. .... ." • Subscribe for The Journal. : Branch Store, jni A_g«nci« in almo,,. ev.r.

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