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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 11

Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 11

Detroit, Michigan
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I inc. UfclKUIl' FREE PR IDA II II iqi- Mifflmjhuts Out Browns Without a Safe Hit MAM GEORGE ENTERS THE HALL OF FAME NO-HIT GAMES IN George Mullin Is First Detroifcer to Pitch No-Hit Game IS NUMBERED WITH GAME'S IMMORTALS THE AMERICAN Athletic May Tann.hlll. Boston v. Chicago. Aug. n. I0HDiu.n. Bo.ton Chicago Athletic IBIcaeo, Xtrolt, Sept. 6, 1S0 "Cy" Touni. Boston ve. New rerlc. Juni 10; Rhoadet AtV Iwid va. Chtcsgo. Oct. I. Cllo.p. April 20: Bender, Athletic. vs. Cleveland, May 1811Weod Beaton SL Loula July Wal.h. Chicago vE Boston, Aug. 27. 1S12 Uullln. Detroit st Louie. July (p. mi GAME MERELY EXCERCISE GALLOP FOR TIGER SLUGGERS Baumgardner Is a Mark and Brown a Very Slight Improvement Score Is 9 to 3 With Detroit Leading from Start to Finish, of Jousting. COBB GIVES GREAT EXHIBITION OF BATTING AND BASE RUNNING Achieve the Coal rf Every Pitcher's Ambition in Afternoon lilt fourth of July Program Six St Louis Men Reach First. Vultln'B no-hit (dune yeatonlay afternoon Is the fifteenth performance of the nort recorded In Ban Johnson's league vlnce the birth of the circuit. George has the honor of being; the first Detroit pitcher ever to hang ap a record of this sort In tho major leaguus. The local club- has ilgured in three otbtr no-hit battles, but always had been on tha wrong aide on previous occasions. Oalvln of Buffalo shut Detroit out without a hit on Aug. A. ISM this city being at that tintn tn the National leaguo. More than eight yean pim-d before another pitcher aclilrved Immortality at thn expense or ih9 City or tho Straits jimmy Callahan being tho next man to do it. James put the work on the Tigers on September at Chicago. Three years ater Frank Snifth held the Jungaleers hit lens tw nine Innings at Bennett jurk tht being on September S. 1905 TIGER HURLER'S WITNESS HELPS WAH rillMUERS HIS WORK passes Five Batsmen and the Other Gets Life on Rank Georgian Gets Homer and Two Singles and Steals Error Detroit Wins Both Battles Easily Morning Contest Is Featured by Cobb's Work. jBarfy" iVlataaalHeaaaaa. aaaeaaaaaBalp. saMet 1 Pl inree dacjes--Wiliett Keeps Visitors' Hits So Well 1JV li. A. BATCHELOR, ei tu a whisoer. BOAT CLUB OARSMEN IN FRONT Adams, a young- Scattered That They Produce Few Tallies. There was nothing about the yes- a hnmer. a corking llne AMIL IS BACK A rl Less than three weeks ago walv-s were asked on George J. Mul enter, on whtr-h mu iu terdav inornliiK'g game to excite the and movements icsernble those pf an eel. started the game and waa jerked after four inninsH, in which time the Junga-leers had made six hits and three wa vaS X' CaIna, net- lin, the ueiroii oiuu announcing that the biff pitcher had outlived hlB usefulness here and publicly offered him for sale or exchange. Today the entire baieball world Is sixth, when he got Into a bad hole him: sovafi utoSSv: anxratuiaimff ueorgo upon navmg tfee bat in the elgth and had to attained that goal of every pitch 's ambition, a no-mt, no-run game. Yesterday afternoon the veteran IN RACING FORM Good Trotter Steps Fast and Easily Beats Field in Lansing Event. Lansing, Juiy 4. Get-away day at the local racing meet naw tho favorites win most of the money. In three of the four events th expected happened. During tho course of the day the season's record for the nillo in an actual nice was broken by Gold Seui In tho fli-fu heat of the pace. Jim Loenn, the eventual winner, was the favorite, but the fort Wayne horse jumped into tho lead at the atait and never waa headed. Her time for the mile was 1-2. which also tho exhibition record of over the same course. Jim Lo- UHli llilil n. lint umotis the immortals who have held op posing clubs hltlcsa for nine innings lonser. the St, Louis Browns being his victims by a 7 to tj score. Thts was SKrolt'a second victory of the day, the morning game going Into tire grip by a to 3 count. It might be contended by some that the Browns aren't reSIiy a wa" viuu umu nicreiurc tne. (nsational feat Is somewhat dim' med. hut to these quibblers let It be latrt that among tho baseball fast as anybody in the world except several, made the four quarters by much sprinting. Laporte racing merrily ahead of him. Manager Stovall sent in C. Brown to, relieve Lfuumgardner and Alexander to spell Krfchell In the sixth, the Tiger at this time having tha game won absolutely unless they happened to forfeit. The left-hander wasn't hit much, but bad fielding behind nlm and Alexander's ragtime catching aided Detroit to some moro t.illlcs. Vitt opened the game with a hit and Bush walked. Cobb's natty bounder hit Laporte in the groin and laid him out temporarily, as T.m1 118 Poaoh a hit and lining the bases. sam camo tm-ough with a safely that produced ti couple of runs and sent Ty t. third, the Peach hesitating long enough at second to draw a throw to that base and then hastening to Austin district, while Crawford moved up to second. Dolahanty grounded to Pratt, who threw Cobb out at the plate on a very close play. Moriarty fanned and rela-hunty waa doubled up Krlchell to Austin. l'auae a Moment. The Tigers paused a while but started the flailing maclii-ne again In the third. Vitt Inaugurated this with a safety and was forced by Bush, who bunted too hard. Then tho Peach bent tho concrete wall of the right Held bleachers with his homer, sending write around ahead of him. Sam whacked a two-spot to left and scored on Morlarty's bfng to rlg-ht, Delahanty having been hit meanwTilIe. Ueorgn ttlcii to tnlte scrnnd on the throw to the jilate on Crawford but Uamngardner cut the ball off and most emotional fans. The Tigers took the lead the ftrat Inning and hold it to the last, picking up a lot of euperiiuous runs along the way nnd Improving their averages considerably. KealiBlng Ihat the doings lacked hut element! of competition which lends flavor to a ball game. Ty Cobb took it upon himself to throw In a row stunts that would help the fans their money's worth. Tht hrst added attraction contributed ny the Peach wup a home run with uush on the bases, it was one of tho most peculiar circuit drives anybody ever made, but withal perfectly legitimum and proper one Tyrua cutight a fast one squart'li on the pro host: Is and Hftid it to the ''otici-flte wall In (rotit of tho rlgm Held bleachers on tha fly. Th ball lilt the masonry no hard that It bounded hook utmost to second base and Shotten. who was racing out toward the extreme regions of the park, had to turn and set sail on a new li-. (ni- tho outfielder tlntillv -cv Waa far atlvanced on hli Jsarney th. he was jc-i i throw home. Some Sprlndug. The next time tin. tho weiU all tho wav- around the bases by the stealing process. Naturally, he couldn't steal ft rat base, that being Prohibited by the ruls even when playing St. Louis. Ho was nicked by a pitched hall as a start on Mm journey, stole second and third without trouble, and then finished up Ihr- job by Jogging home when Moriarty drew a throw- from Bnumgardner to second, George also being eafe. Jimmy Austin also hroke into the i- re If. of thoso talked atmut with diTeiicus nuaunts fti uuna ileages 3 SnasosHo huh. are several men wno are just as iiKeiy mump auc-eMsfullv as anybody llvinir. in fmt havlnir no worries iibout thn reuis ui gamut ttu iiiuir sriki-jng in thu rate, tho Browns are more man oramaniy liable Heal to break in the mretch, til; smash (ho sphere to a sate spot judges ruiiiiR tout tno ivirr naur nun una in uu. wire helore tho was across tho break occurred. GEORGE J. MULLIN. Tiger veteran who let the St. Louis Browns down without a hit or run in yesterday afternoon's game. He passed five men and one reached first on Louden's fumble. otalnj; -Kluky About It. 2:3 1 PL'USK There was nothing dukv ahnnt Quenn Worthy, b. in. by Mullm's performance either. St. hy Detroite.Sweep the Schuylkill in Eight-Oared Event of People's Pay Kegatta at Philadelphia July Fourth. Th Fref Press. Philadelphia, July 4. The Detroit oarsmen, contending againt the pick of the rowing talent of the east, proved their merit this afternoon by winning the senior eight-oared shell event ln the Peoples' regatta on the Schuylkill today. Philadelphia oarsmen won seven of the 13 events. Of these the Vespers carried oif four firsts, the Undine Barge club two and the Malta Boat club one. In the Intermediate eight rate. New York was second, tallying four wins and the Arundela of Baltimore, carried oif the senior four-oared shell event while the Detroit crew won flrst honors in tho red-letter event of the day. A strong wind blowing directly up the course made fast time Impossible and no records were broken, although all the races were hotly conteated, With the exception of tho strong breeze, conditions were perfect and tho big crowt of spectators which thronged every place of vantage had lots of opportunity to enthuse over the stirring spectacle as the crews swept down the Schuvlkill to the finish line at the Columbia bridge. Summary eight-oar event: Senior eight-oared shells Won by Detroit B. Detroit; A. Shaldlng, bow; D. 1. James, ii, W. Ellis C. B. Lundy, W. A. ar, 6: Duffleld, G. V. X. Lothrop, F. Hilton, stroke; G. C. Farnsworth. coxswain. Second, New York Athletic club, J. a. Kenna, bow; M. N. Nlcwenhous, T. M. Dooley, H. Spalding, H. C. Houston. K. Brady, J. H. Tracy. C. Kusclie, stroke; T. Scannell. coxswain. Third. Vesper B. G. W. Kngle, box; S. V. Gordon. C. II. Itag-gerty, V. G. Lehm. K. A. Graef, li. J. I.ebftcske, J. Muller, si. B. Kelly, stroke; E. C. Koch, coxswain. Time, 7:10 1-5; second, 7:11 of the Stovall outlit reached first base, or to be more exact, one man got on three times, another twice, mid a third once. Five of the visits mv iiientiui cttuvas were me results ot btiSL's on balls tho other I TOLlTABOUT THETIGERS I ---asg lrd Cnytnn, b. h. (Brady) On wnl Todd, b. h. Time 2:114. 2:16, 2m pacing. ruiisE ism. Jim h. h. hy Cliarle Herb' lllwigomuo) Gold Seal, ch. m. tKvr King Daphne, b)k. h. 'Ht-an) Itutii b. ni. (Murih Time croainf half of 3, was the real cinch of the day. 8ix in the one period of his Incumbency, four rune resulting. Leads In Itattlna, Too. Mullin was the leader in the ln the defensive hard double and two Mingles. Louden and Cobb made three safeties each also. Two of the reach were very scratchy, but injustice would have been done him nad they been scored any other way than as safeties. In one case Kutlna fumbled a ground ball when he would have had nobody to throw to at tlrst 6ven 7iad ho fielded It cleanly, while another time Hamilton got the tips of his fingers on a nigh bounder but couldn't reach quite high enough to grasp It. Shotten was passed to open the game and took second on Jantzen's sacrifice. Neither Kutlna nor Pratt could hit the ball out of the infield. fratt fumbled Vltt's bounder to open the game and Oscar stole second after Bush had popped. Cobb was sate when Stovall made a mess of his easy hopper, VItt advancing to While Pratt was throwing out Crawford. Vitt scored and the Georgian went all the way to third. Austin made a nice stop of Dela-hanty's hot smash and threw him out. A double play that missed being a triple by Inches only got Mullin out of a nolo In the second. Louden walked with one out In the Tigers' part and scored on Mullin's long: double after Laporte had thrown out Stanage. Shotten got Vitfs liner for the end of the Inning. Only One Itun Scores. Bush and Cobb hit and Sam was wounded by a pitched ball with none out In the third, filling the bases. Delahnnty lifted a long flv to Shotten and Bush scored. Cobb tried to go all the way home from second after the catch and almost got away with It, Stephens giving nothing to spare In touching him out. Moriarty tskied to "One Hound" Hogun. Mitchell was pitching when the Tigers came up for their eighth and ho proved tho easiest sort of lacking. Singles bv Cobb, Crawford. Louden, Stanage and Mullin. with a double by Peiahanty. netted fmir runs, and the might have gone on scoring Indefinitely hut for a double play that resulted from Vltt's hot liner to Pratt. AFTKRNOON GAME. DKTBOIT. Ml It TR SH SB A was caused by Ixjuden'a rank ium- vi vi me simplest BJrt or a chance, a nky that anv nrlmiiry schnrtl hni nught tu make. spitv ot the fact that the nllnued on Page 12 Column 6. Not a Tiger struck nttt it- die aecoiivl game and only three in tho lirm. te. being auninmiy soo.vs nve urowns among the walkers, Mullin's lack of control was an advantage ruihtr than Anvil, b. h. hy St. ninth IimiiiK of the final gn ed to walk down. liaue intent on seoinf; that the proiierly taken care of. An 1 verytio'Jy batsman Ucss than lfl.flffl pors.ina games, the omm In the 21S and in the afiurnoon Cheeny. TiRem a ot'iecL. ine oig carver was lust wild enough to keen the iilfna runs 1., tht- cood at iuxe, no reai cause foi (U-nyina thn viiitui l-'air Maldtn, b. in. (Dean) Swanee. b. m. (Ooodwin) Time 2:114, 2AH. 2:00 PACING, PUItSK (Wrt. guessing and hitting at bad halls lie was in a hole with almost every batter, but had nerve enough to put something on tne ball when he Molly Darling, b. m. by Halbn i Kcii ii over, instead of Handing It up "already hit," as do some fiirly Th acker, Clara Paul, li 1 'mem enueavoring io steady Comimrattvelv tow hnr.i The Tigers came within an ace of mak-ng their Kecontl trlpl of the Beaoon in the seeond innlnB af ternnon same. Iaaporte got a life on Loudei," er. rur in start the round and Austin Walked In trying to naerhU-e. Ilngan bunted a tlv into iU.iiit.-f. ticorge threw to Uo r.aiiy to g. Autsiin, and Morrie tncrti to second ty nail Laporte. ITnipIre Hlit-ii-ian ru h-d that bad tjnt back safely called Laporte uut. Fanny Stanton, br. m. ciiancea were, given the Uftrnii line ueorge cither had the visitors lCImorcn -l, Uenneltn .1 I ymP A SBB iBi- nying weakly or foul ing aim me Dans nit on the ground were of the "Rill Hassmur" Cobb had six hits ln evon ilmca ntxhat for his day's work. Three yt them wens scratchy, but all wore legitimate. Four of the Jungaleurs were hit by pitched balla in tho course of the oav, three in the morning and one in the afternoon. The Tigers left last nlf-m for Chicago, where they will Mart a Mirien this afternoon. Krom they move over to the Atlantie oonst, oiicning im. in New York on TufiJey. Adams, the ilrs-t pitcher appear far the Browns in the iifmrnooii, is a poream at but. He goes through niure contition than hut ilorsn't sei-m to bo able to aiuirm his way into any liits. Bobby Wallace, the vetemii thoritftoo of the Browns, waa not In either game. I'ratt hau been shifted to th() Kcot's ohi berth, where hs doesn't Sft-m to bo very vvU Idaced. He had a bad error In caoh of yesterday's gatuea. Bert the fit. IxmUs middle gardener, Is said by B.uue the Tigers i. the fastest man in baseball in truvelini; to tho Initial Ho (3 likely to Wm out any slow hit hall on the liifiuld Iliulaoiis Have Open Dutr. .1. L. 11 ud tion team ha it an a man could play with his A 1 Faller.m. Hlb 1 T.a.3... i 3 1 (. MBi -Miiic-hiy ami would like eighth and ninth inning: me Browns (tot hold of a counle Here xooa sivift an. i n. i. s.j ucurKe a reoora, twi neat catches being among th six Dutouts made by the Peach. Take these 3 bottles Call Uruntl SJ-li 1 6 1 (, jS can lludaon'a and oslt fr i 1 0 0 0 1 SfiB WISCOWSIW LEAGUE, Ai Alcnom lns Menomlc I I nvtlp 7. I At illadstone Kseanai.a I Crowd iicglas (o auout the fifth the crowd of this delightful beer this pUcMiiK exceptionally well 5 0 I 6 Ange.C..'. 5 ft IT 0 f. jBV ioto i -a a a Tombs. .42 9 XU 3 7 7 runburs ...1 I 9 10 1111 i fi 0 ft Ml Honneiis 2 Kims Wllklus l.n ML Wolanl. Ai.c... Huri'v .1 Two- swl Ik ins das-hmli. Herd- MM Wolau 2, Itiii-kn-ll PLrs( JHV oallw-Off IlilIllM 2, M-v- MWf i rs 17. hy Philips -h mm Kfe S. VI St 9 a 3 7 MS 7 mf 1 rnnliurii ...1 2 3 4 a i lo 1 ST i A KiinsRornmeS, Wllkln.s. S-jr lou-- Am Me i i-rs. Ai.c. Huriv .1 Two- Mm hhs-Weffer. I. Sarntlc bits- I MWB. llL uiai nine until tnh tvillett beer with the fine flavor." -t Lscuiiaha 0, i,., he ed hi 111 ihiii ndarit SCOREBOARD AT ARMORY Electrical Device Shows Every Play Made in Ball Games. IlOKinnlntr thin aftornoon. it new olec-t rlcal aeore boa ril will ti; put in opern-tlon in lie Lljjht (iiiurtl armory for ilic heneilt of fans who wioh to follow the fortunes of the Tmor.s on the road. J. C. Koldman, who la promoting the otiforpriKo. the hoard Itt a bifr iniproveni-'til over ny thins pravl-oualy seon htr-. The tllxhts of the ball, the profrrtips of base runner and tloider. the umpires dec-tuion and cvtrrythlnK clue pertain inr; to tho jam are shown clearly by an Ingenious method of using colored IlRht.s It is claimed for tha device that It Is the next beat thing to occupying Brand Bland neat the ball park. illl- ,1. i Aii Kurne pi-oenssatid. 1II.V i.nly hit Mi oecame Intense and tt ll aliiituii K. He lammed one lly a out Held, hut Khotien was under Shotten ROt three in four Mannz. Give it the test of taste. In other words, drink 3 bottles Then decide whether you want trip: uny honors Oiate ill Mullin' came. lie Ben. In 7 14 I PT. I.OUtS. ATt TB SII i Compton aniaahi.l aimed f.i? c.cntc"' that seemed 'u h- Crawlord. but Ty iu K.ccp Daiance ot case. Austin got the other two. it Wuj an eellent plan to hand the rp tickets to those birds, for lunh are mo rati that th, are likely to convert anything mt a hit barring a fly that is grabbed. Kill Donovan, Kddio Kutijincre and Del. Gainr did not depart with tho cluh. Ihll shortly 1b to start on a uf-outinp trip, Eddie will sworh out around the park Rt-t in nhape. while fialner shortly tu Prut 11 port Austin, si'iKU or tnn nrncAnr ks and ii KO, thl Sleilhna iiunt-rso mi ojtrra.ion ror tt.i; t'ftlt arm. Uenriria "Kain tno CASS CLUB WANTS GAMES Beady to Book Contests for Next Week Play Today. Tass O. A. r. elb Is dcnlroim of book-Inn gamei fr.r every nftemoon noxt weok. Pnrmlrtablo t.iam call Gmnd Com will play a strong local team this afternoon, and all pLiyers are rrqiieatcd to ba on the jft ariy. ne uiiwns "Onlv .1 "01r laat th. lv 1'iree moro to tret." jtn-l Cobb got a hit In came hy 1 Intjt the ball directly war Jimmv Austin's ht-ad. On on k- union, Pran sphere back behind the lino l.ut didn't even attempt throw the Ucoryiau out. Slanagft is entitkd to a lot of t-redti for I the manner in which liandb-d -M illin ttntf.i for Hainllto: i ninth Inning. ''MIS thflr 'P. Mt too on their elirar-s. In 1 23 15B7S? lines The Beer n-iriit i i i i A0 sounI. With the Fine Flavor" lViiuiiHir Wnnt Date. Windsor Irttsiie team an pcn du(c Kaiur.lfty. July Would liku iipr from honifi fas, city team. Phone Iri9 Windsor ur CS1. Joo Renaud. sight Person I'ttiJeu mm 10 got nis no-nn Kai Although Oscar mu-t havo sitiTered tensely In the broil in heal, he us-d npli did judgment and did the liiecliaiiual of his work in iterftct fashion. Shotttn got a very ehoap banc Ollt In Ulc V. 1,0 "to tile ttlr. nr. is good enough to stand such a test. "Itou s'endlnar three niiKei-3 that he sever to in.llcitl St. Lou in 0 0 0 0 0 (1 0-0 HllM-or," Ailani.s 6 in hmitiRS, off Hamilton 2 In 2 Mli. fi in At t.ut -ARfilnsr Adams 16. n-aliist Hi.fiilKon 9. iiituinjf! Mitchell S. Two-base hits IJ.Iahiinty. Mullin. Struck out By Mullin (Kmlna. Hr-an. Adnmfi. tl.iniiimnl, ny Adams I fVitt). riascs nn liltH-di'f Mullin 3, Austin 2). rT AiiuniM 1 (Louden). ofT Hamilton 1 iiiusi.i, j.layu Mnllln to Moriarty to Shult'n to Pratt to Stephens; in Kntinn to mcphns; Pratt to l.njion.- i on errors Dntroit 2, i on Del rait fi. U.vuIh 1. lilt with pltL-ncil hall-Hy Ad-nms 1 ( Tinip Umplros Hineen niul Attendance 3. 7fA ntB and i inn MAUMEE GEORGE CELEBRATES HIS BIRTHDAY IN BECOMING STYLE fifmei! l(f set this con- th. 1 an rniutlvn You will be so charmed with its' rich, malty flavor that you will want to keep your home refrigerator well stocked. Phone us for 3 Prompt delivery. An entire case of 2i bottles costs but $1.00. Drink 3 bottles and return balance ofcase his threr. in ire set to work on Chooses Anniversary of His' Onn and the Nationals Advent as Proper Time to Break Into Hall of Fame. lmS -ArV ONLY TWO FAVORITES WIN Ilroa-n: In 4. Hui two rtf thn fa- nt lnnlnw. win in ilvi him. 1 sui tno over fir no-run record, hut until yesterday was unable to do so. He. hua com close several times, 'having numerous fine performances to bis credit hut somebody always has managed to break through his defense and spoil things. About arf close ns Oeorge ever came prior to yesterday was In tho opening game of the. ini season hre, when be held the While to a single hit. this bring made by Cravat h. now with th- Philadelphia eluh. of the National league Tha solitary safety was a fiy that sailed Just over Sliaefer's head and struck too far in for the outfielders to handle It. In Washington this season Mullin oitchcd finelv nt-a In si tmlnv In Ijakt rvli Probably was iuut as wncertcd fotiieiuar Hrown Men and Women 1 fSS Are, aatUfaolnry iforrt to wear. aB A BH yti" because other ciii VomDSro sSB jfl mok" i inn cult, ihi-y UrJiiK Miime Allerton In the tr.t n.l in-. In liie trot, (inr-lli'j" in tin- jrjir.t ami li'. A. L. in tho trot were SumiiiHris: trot Ma ttlr- Allcrton i.TfwnJson). won; ftoiihen "WivKisox (Ntir.l;ois, w.von.1; mlih. KK to first in (uctty). tnirtl; tinift, :13. erythlnif. au ana spoiled 'Meruit Ule. Hnrd, J''wShottn It was singularly appropriate that Oeorge Alnllin should have pitched his no-hit, no-run gome on his birthday. Tho big slabman was Just "9 years of ago yesterday, biting horn on July 4, 1883. It is commonly supposed by the fans that Mullin Is an antique, this Impression being gained from tho fact that he has been with the Tigers for so many years. Thin makes 1 1 seasons that fteorge has worn (he livery of the LV'trolt baseball club. He is the oldest man on the club in point of service, but. according to his own reckoning, to which he Is willing tn take oath, is far. from being the dnddy on the btincn tn years of existence. Ever Binco coming into tho American league tho big fellow has been striving to hang up a no-hit. it you are not entirely satisfied. We will call for case and return your money. fiofis bottled and draught Mundu served in all leading cafes West Side Brewery Ltd. PHONE ALL STYLES AND SIZES 2:10 pace Not (To McKweti (Carth) won; Lito IWy (Ilitnoi), scrond; K. (Nuck-f-lsi. third; tlntp, trot A. Ij. (Gisnoll). won; Dr. Mnck LVm-kolR), pocoikI; Pnirfcvn (Pr-tt-r). third; time, Johnson, holding the Nationals to. three hits and shutting them out S1 witch in ii ior 'w Ly "nil "dUe," 8 vleorons-Pch u'. irropresBllile another dandy bmaker, Saginaw (eno(. nt t'lordon Boy tLo, won; Lily I (Mamisom. kpcoihI; Mahol W. third; tlnto, BReefJ Cushion ShoeHusej 1 George camo to the TJgera 1902 from the Kort Wayne club, then In the Western association, and has served here continuously ever since. lie led the American league pitchers In lifts am nas been w.ll up toward the top almost every season since settling here. though not a consist hard hii ba" very connects wna crnocts was nox 2:20 trot Pr. I Thu thirl; ') eak fi an,) the host he onnM Bell-West Si li ot 'no fana wati Home-City vEk OBk JBfflf I ml and on. woj, one to net! This Uon" T1!" battlne tn ni "SsHbsbbw poi Hot Weather UI 1 $15 Suits O'coats to your order $20 to $50 UBWAY CLOTHES SHOP BBBBBIM AMjlHBiualqeBhfc lywaft, ssMsslT thVaSDBBBBtssaBnKflBBsflUB SSalalsflBSKHsV bsbssbbsVa JJHHeHB9BC st IiHaSaBBBBBBBBSaR' Out-of-town orders $1.00 extra tor bottlea and $1.00 refunded upon their return. P'a'o and then, "hen In tho a verv City thiiV on' Tho Slf bt ii l.or(,sto,P certainly id 1 tie BKflntV. 1B- Bin A 1 eep center on ''ndiv more Tyriin ur.U ffWtk tho Wxlo lad Base Ball TmST DETROIT vs. CHICAGO Jnlr 5. 7 The niitnm.ti.. i XiD. SKB. ED. IIAI SKR CO. On the Point. Cor. Michigan Lafavett l. TlffwIMSjJ Hullln Buy Your Clothes in the "SUBWAY." It's the Best Way. 'n the hill hla fall same or the and As and eaclllnn slott X6 and 25c. Doors ODto. 2:30 jd.

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