The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1946
Page 4
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FOOT BLYTHKVILLE (AUK.) COUKJKK NEWS THURSDAY, APRII, -I, 194G 'Win The Peace' Meet To Begin ~f Conference Sponsors ^.Accused Of Haying '' Communistic Ideas United Press SU/r . CormpMutent .WASHINGTON, April 4, (UP) — A>"win the peace" conference sponged Jjy' 20 members of congress convenes here tbhiorrow under published charges which do not brush off easily that it is a Cominunisl front oulfit. ;<Thc conference meets for three d»ys in the auditorium of the com- pjerce department. "Most but not all of the congressmen presumably are unaware of the .political background of thelr^'conference «sso- If Senate Agrees, Daphne Will Be Reimbursed For Her Nylons ; the congressional and non- congressional sponsors are some nptoble followers of Ihe Communist party. Itpe.alUiough many, .have, no connection at all with the commun- fstparty. .jTiic original,, conference proposal, however, carne from sources which suggest that it Is designed fcjr Iwo major purposes; :il. To create in the Uniled States a • more sypathetic attitude toward Soviet Russian foreign policy::"'. ' '." •-"••• •." 2. .To create pressure for a change in-United States foreign policy to a trend more favorable to Russia. . Rep. Adolph J. Sabath. D., 111.', announced conference plans last month. Sabath is the 80-year-old dean of the house and chairman of its rules committee. He says the charges- Ihnt Die conferences Is n communist front Is bunk. . The American peace inoblllration \vas created by Communists and their ; sympathizers. It attracted s^me non-Communist followers in lfl-10. Tis purpose was to oppose \ Araercian lend-lease or other assistance to Great Britain, then at war with Hitler's Germany. At that time. Germany and the Soviet Union were at peace. Germany altackcd ' Russia on the night of June 22, 1941. The American peace mobilization, which:was pickeling the White House with anti-Roosevelt signs at that moment, prompt- ly-nrent out of business. Its Communist ' members almost Instantly begari yelling-for help for the British and for war against Germany. '.A "strictly confidential" memo- rjmdum by former Attorney General Francis^ .Blddle quotes Earl BrowdcJr?' former., communist chief ift this country, as describing the A/neriean league against war and fascism as a party "transmission belt." a channel to-'-reach the mas- sfcs of the "people. Biddle also stot- efi that the Federal Bureau of Investigation learned that the league was among organizations receiving rhoney from the Soviet Amtorg Trading '0<>r!wation, -which had Anxrj'-iuaii headquarters .In ...New By FREDERICK C OTI1MAN United Prtss Staff Currcspundrnl WASHINGTON. April 4. — The House of Representatives has done the hojiorablc thing by Miss Daphne Webb of Spencer. N. C. Now If the Senate kindly will shake, its legislative stumps and agree to the appropriation, Daphne gels a new piilr of nylons. Ajid why not? The Government ruined her old pah; It came within a hair of ruining Daphne, too, with one of its postal trucks. Slic arrived jn Washington to be a clerk al Hie War Department when, bang, the Iruck smacked her. She put in a bill for three weeks' wages while she was recovering frojn her bruises, $3 to clean the mud from her dress. $44 lo pay her doctor and. among other things, $1-35 for her nylons, .which were lotal wrecks. Her Uncle Samuel did licr $150 worth of damage; the House passed the Daphne Webb law. The Senate will debate it in another roii- ple of weeks. Then maybe Daphne gets her new hosiery. Once a month the Claims Committee sends up a bundle ol bills neatly tied In a piece of red tupc. Honest. Genuine red lirpe. Mostly (hese laws are for Ihe payment t>f piddling sums lo clli/ens damaged by their Government am! nobody, except me, pays'cm much attention. The congressmen dispose ol these bills In such n hurry that nobody but a worry-wart bothers to learn what happened. I can't help it. The Government knows more ways to RCl Into trouble Him anybody. Take the lutesl session: Clem and Ida Rrynnl lived huppl- ly on their llC-acre farm six and a half miles of Independence, Kans., until the Army builL across the road n plant so smelly thai Uiey had to move. The Army admitted its smells were obnoxious. It sent Inspector ( a colonel probably) who reported, and I the farm free General Asks Rebuilding Of Armed Forces Southern Demos Want Showdown Congressmen Awaiting Hannegan's Return To Washington coinmlllW* views. The digest asserted that llic recent vote >m (he Case null-strike 1)111 was a "vote ucnlnst (lie Amcr- k'nii iicopli'." Most southern congressmen volccl loi' ttic bill. HainiPKLin p.Sso tiaid hf. wanted to meet with Hie "committee on iiar- inony" :rs .soon as he rcmrnccJ. Brudc'ii dcscriljcrt the conversation as "satisfuclory." Members o[ tli c committee were willing for Imnnoiiy to WASHINGTON. April 4. <u.i>.> •—The Army's K'^Pe board today hud u bigger job cut out for it ...... than il had b.irgnined for: A West,! I""' 1 * chairman Robert, E, Hannc- Hanncpnn i;ol back but insisted they WASHINGTON, April 4. <ui'>— would th?n seek a verbal show- As far as Southern Democrats were down on the whole issue of party concerned, all was "peace and h»r- polides. Jnony" within the party today. | ".^ecrciary of Commerce Henry There'll IK no more open Iciiris A. Wallace recently suggested thill, or factionalism—at least not until Democrats who don't vote the way Read Courier News Want Ads he wants llicni lo will be'read out of the party," one commltteeman said, "Noiij; of us gives a damn about Wallace, but, we'd like to know If his statement reflects the attitude of the national committee." He said "There have becir rumors of another purge within the party, and we'd like lo find out what's what." "If they intend to read Democrats who voted for Ihe Case resign until-bill out or the parly, we'd like to know about it." he added. "And we'd like lo ask 'Hannegiin where lie's going to get his votes if he does." 4-H Club Meets Monday A useful and economic way lo pack winter clothes was the topic discussed by the Burdette Senior 4-H Club girls when they met Monday at the school. A wool skirt land sweater were used for ciemon- jstratlons. Boys discussed diseases of chlck- tnc iui i ens mid stooping i new-born pigs. Mollle Autry and Virginia Pierce were elected song caplalns for the group. Miss Hazel Matthews. D. V. Matl- hcws and Mr. Duultip \verc in charge of the meeting. Approximately 4,000.000 acres of grassland were plowed up In Eng- floors to save New Jersey had a total of 154,000 milch cows in 1942. asked it to starl and rebuild the Point General from scratcl armed forces. "The Army Is out of touch will) the American people," HI-IB. Gen. H. C. Holdridge, Ret., a life-time officer. "It is feudal, totalitarian, reactionary mid despotic." After his testimony before the board. Holdridge told reporters he urged a clean break with the past and creation of a small, powerful army of 100,000 to 200.000 well- pnld and highly-trained specialists. "There is no room for the caste system in an army of atomic scientists." said Holdridge. He asked the board, studying officer-enlisted man relationships, lo recommend creation of a Nn- lionr.l Security Council In the hands largely of civilians to direct the nation's striking force. "If you turn Ihis^xnvcr over to trigger-happy militarists you are heading for trouble," he warned. Wilhin (he new army Holdridge asked for a single ladder of pro- 1 grin returns to Washington. Her/iegati Is expected back In about two weeks from Ills vacation 1(fll ,in Phoenix, Ariz, and the 50 son- a'sse™led'i tnern congressmen who want to talk over a few parly mailers with him arc content to withhold their gripes until he's available. Hannegan moved In by long-distance telephone yesterday to pacify Southern anger over a criticism of their voting record in Ihe current issue of the Democratic digest, published by (he national committee's women's division. He told Rep. Graham A. Braden. N. C., and other members of the southerner's 12-inan "committee on I hnrmony anil cooperation" thai the criticism WHS ''most unfortunate" and did not represent Ihe national AND her salad greens. The lawmakers balked only al paying Sergl. Charles A. Clark of nn ! Buffalo, N. Y., $500 for running his car off the road. The comptroller use his words, (hat!.said it wasn't Ihe Government's of odor was worth ; fault t« o deer strolled In front the was worth : fault $5.600, but with obnoxious odor, only i of him. Congress ordered Claims Committee to study that Three,-/.of.-- 23 congressmen prig!- naUjt-'J^annouHce'd * .at:/: conference Sponsors have withdrawn their names: Rep. Luther Patrick. D. 4!a., Rep. William W. Link, D., Ill, and Rep.'MeU-in Price, D., Ill: Sen Claudia". Pepper, D., Fla.. is ' not sponsor but has announced tha he will address the conference a its final session. Sunday. ' There are no Republicans among tJie sponsors who were listed follows: i Sen. Harley M. Kiljrore, D.. W Va., Sen. Glen H. Taylor, D., Idaho, nnd^ the following members of the Hpusfi; Ufeps.'. Dtlocy, Wash., Po'well,''N."y., Outland, Cal.. Green, Pa., Granahan, Pa.. McGllnchey. Pa., Miller, Cal., Doyle', ~Cal.; Celler, D. V N. : ,X., .Douglas, .QaL, Kefauver, TennT ^ Osillaf her. 'MirirU Coffee, Wash'.. Healy.. Cal.," Pitterson, Cal., "'' $4,800. Tlie House ordered the Bryants paid $800 for tile Army's smells, plus $600 moving expenses to a less smelly house down the road, ' Dr. John A. Losjan of Washington put in a claim for S2B5 because Army troops broke Into his summer cottage at Ship Bottom, Ocean County, N. J., one Winter night for a game of cards. This, in pall, is what he said they did: Wrecked an heirloom clock, S50; smashed fine old china and glass. SG5; tore up a mattress, $15: spilled shoe polish on the rug. S30, and burned food In the doctor's pots and pans, $10. The House hastened lo make amends. Mrs. Mary M. Wolf got a job as stenographer wllh (he Home Owners Loan Corporation at Detroit o support her child and sick husband. Bu the time she'd earned $3.882.50, the Comptroller General discovered thai she wasn't an American, but a Canadian. He tried to Snake Jj'er, P4y1.thc'.rnoiicy: bicfc- House " passed a law tciling the comptroller not .to be ft Simon Lcgrec. Lovic Trotter was rolling down the road in her truck at Dawson Springs. Ky.. when an Army truck hit her. Lovic was not hurl, but her vehicle was wrecked and. she said, lhal was not all. She sllll hat! in the ground $40 worth of rad Ishes, $15 worth of green onions $25 worth of turnip greens, am $20 worth of spinach. What gooc were they, she demanded, if sin had no truck to deliver em? The Army said it didn't mind fix one some more. gresslon from, private to general, with no break between enlisted nnd commissioned status; a single uniform; a new system of mililary justice; Indoctrination, from the top down. In ciemocracy. Refirms must staii at West Point, from whlcu stems perpct- ua) support of the caste system, Holdridge asserted. He said it should be made I graduate school. Junior J. Spurrier. Congressional Medal of Honor winner from Blucfield. W. Va.. urged correction of abuses which he said furnished fuel lo "our boring-froni-withln enemies whose aim is to wreck the United States Army." • Spurrier spoke for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Ing her truck, but it would he dog goned if it would pay for her vegc tables. Tlie House ignored the Wa Department and gallantly appro printed Lovie J500 for her true Worried about Thanks To the Voters of Blytheyille I wish to fake this means of expressing my sincere thanks and appreciation for your loyal support in iny race for City Attorney. Percy A. Wright SATURDAY BA KEkY SPECIALS Fresh Cocoanut 7 Inch, 2 Layer Cake ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Due to the critic-ill shoring of this Ton Grade Cocoa- mi I \vc mnsl limit sales to just 1 cake lo a customer Blythevillc Owner] — Employing Blythevillc People DAMP WALLS fa per Seal the moisture out with BONDEX Bondcx keeps the basement dry by sealing up tiny cracks '. . . actually to/ids with the wall. At low qo§t hajVe a cozy jopjrn. Easy toapply-^bnishoraplray. FOR COHCHtTE, STDHE, ' «' CMtNT OR CINDER BLOCK SURfUCESl ___ ' Get your BONDEX color card from ARKANSAS TAINT. GLASS and WALLPAPER CO. 105 Easl Main St. 1U1I111AKD HARDWARE CO. <213-15 W. Main 81. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER CO. 1801 W. Main St. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. .113 W. Ash St. 69c Soot/iino DOLPH'S LINIMENT £,»"". 49° Rubs away pain, KIRBY DRUG STORES MAIN AT SECOND - BROADWAY^DIVISION Fast, 25c Shave Cream Po-D — jtr For cool speed. Coir,miltee Votes |PA'NewLife' ^ Truman V^ill Decide i What Price Controls ,: Will Be Lifted 'WASHINGTON. April 3. (UPI — TJic House Banking Committee today voted to extend Ihe OPA unlit June 30, 1947. and to give 'ha ft-esidmf power to' determine whati PBJce conCr6l^_ should be lifted be- Isre Ihaii^ £Th e pia n fo r future price con- PSJiperations was offered by Rep. Payr Brb#n." D:," Georgia. It was adapted by a.20-3 vole. -'The commillee previously had defeated,'. 15 to. 9. an amendment o/fercd by Rep. Jesse O. Wolcott, R.. Micnigan. which would have ^ven industrial advisory cortirnil- ttes and the Secrelary of Agricul- tare power to determine what! price controls should be suspended. ;• Under /the ,committee-approved plan, thfc ^President would be required to determine monthly what price controls should be lifled and certify to the Price Admlnlslrator Uiat in such cases the domestic <*emand for the items affecled had Ifcen satisfied. :.^The Price Administrator then would be reouircd to remove siich controls within 10 days ol the c|r!if:cation. '..The^.amcndment also provided for restoring .control On any item Ihrouph certification by Ihe President that there was an unsatisfied domestic demand. It also provided that the price Administrator, on his own initiative , could remove price controls on any Hem.when he deemed such •rtfdnronsisterlt -with the purposes 6f 'he Price control Act The immediate reaction ot mem- b«-rs to.this plan was,that it would not greatly affect -• the preesntl functionfnfr of tht PA. The PrGsi- d>nl would lean on the OPA Im his determinations of what poods he could certify to be !n satisfac- forr. rx'Pply .to^permit removal of couliols. - - ' FOR THE MOST POPULAR OPERA OF ALL TIME a/u- FOR THE MOST POPULAR W2] OF OUI1 T3ME Seagrams BLENDED WHISKEY 86.8 Proof. Seagiam's 5 Crown, 72'/,'/, Grain Neulral Spirils. Seagram's 7 Crown,65% Gtain Neulial Spirits. Seagram-Distillers Corporation, Chrysler Building. New York ANUSOL EUPPOSITORIC* Carton . 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