Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on December 30, 1920 · Page 10
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 10

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1920
Page 10
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iO THE BETE FKEE PRfS HURSDAY, DECEMBER 3 0, 1920. ' ' :" " ' ' ' Invest Your Money Carefully Unless extreme caution is used in selecting your investments the savings of years may be lost overnight. As you know we have always preached safety with all the earnestness at our command. Never has there been greater need for investors to heed this advice. Perhaps the investment principle is: Investigate thoroughly the company with which you propose to do business. x The second principle of equal importance is: Investigate thoroughly the safety of the investment. The third principle is: Don't be hurried into obligating yourself. It is your money and you have a right to know all about where it goes. Our last word is, have you received information about the Federal "Double Interest" Plan? If not fill in the coupon below and send it to us. This plan shows you how you can double the interest rate on your savings. Federal Bond & Mortgage Co. "Detroit's Mortgage Houk" Phone Cadillac 5989 90 Oriswold St., Detroit ! I am interested in your ; Double Interest Plan. ' Name. Address 'j. oday l Our great. Christmas sales have loft many broken lines In. Diamonds, Wiitchc whi.-h w- t.U.,-,1 mm .ImiiiK Holiday WV.-k :,t .l.-nrnm-.! iri.-es. : i-l !:tn:. .t.l. S.-t t vv. h. I.u Vatliere. I'end;mt. .h:ii i "liris .1 1 1 I - t .. Jewelry. Silverware, a is Hi'.- time t-. l.uv u-elel. Watch. Wns; pre i-i.-i m:.:: ;.,t h.. .. H :o' our Holiday Sale, w.; .--im ..i.t LIBERTY BONDS ACCEPTED DIAMOND BAR PINS FOR GIFTS Diamond Cuff III. n-cipjem usually ib-dres .- mv iigi:est l he pure ha!"- t 1 a line 1 namond. 1 f a i ihhi n . voi 1 can pa v b; !atn i- mont hi v. Ilv Extra Value tor your gift money. 11 i:m-.: s.; :. it i..nii. ,) j, . ' '.' ' ,'j ,l'1.t,;,,M ,';r $8.00 l 1. M..U, Diamond Scarf Pin l,l, .;; mm ""$75 BROS & CO. 1858 $100 Ringi, $2.50 a Wk $125 Rings, $3.00 a Week Phone Cherry 1299 and our snleiman will Call. Call or Hctwccn Griswold Street and Wash- write for ington Boulevard. Catalog 143. National Credit Jewelers 29 Grand River Ave., W. JEW NUMBERING MAP POCKET SIZE FREE! FREE! FREE! We are now ready to distribute a pocket size map of Detroit, showing the new numbering system. With this map you can immediately locate any new number with ease. They are yours for the asking at any "of our offices. Call and get one. Main Office Fort St. West, Cor. Cass Ave. FRISCHKORlO REAL. ESTATE CO. J BRANCHES. 10227 Woodward Ave. r.426 Grand River Ave. BRANCHES: 13104 E. Jefferson Ave. 7749 Harper Ave. FAIR SEXJEAR NOTJURYWORK "Orfeal Not Proper" for I Them Resented by Club I Women Here. Club women o Detroit do noij seem to share in the apprehension i )I some Detroit men against subjecting them to the " ordeal of jury work. While they do not court se- I lection as jury women they seeing 1 uutiiiuiiuusij ui iuk uwiuiuu 111 at i ' it is not a woman's job it is high ' time conditions are changed soj j that it may become a fit job for j women as well as for men. I Collector of Internal Revenue jJohn A. GroRari. who raised the question, said that as clerk of the recorder's court he had had to 'listen to some of the most disgusting ob-! scenlty. and that if women wtr i called to sctvg on the Jury there ! was no way by which they could ; j avoid listening to this nun, ior tqe I statement ot the prosecuting at- torney must he made in the presence j of the whole panel. Bvery woman 1 en the panel would have to --listen I to the statement even if .she were j excused afterwards. Kor that rea-I son, he believed the jury commis sioners should not put women on the panel. Furthermore he thought the law should be changed so that it would not he necessary to lock up men and women together us the present law requires. "Would It vine Conrt Procedure. Mrs. Henry ". Campbel i, member of the board of guardians of the I nd us trial School iur fji rls, at Adrian, when asked her opinion Tuesday, said : "Why should my son or my husband be asked to listen to language in a court room which is not lit tor ine to hear 1 have been around the coi:rl.s a great deal in my eight years' work with the legislative -e of the Twentieth Century club, ami I refused to be scared at the idea that serving on a j u r v wouid hurt women. "Jt is high time, it seems to rae, that court procedure ts made .suitable for women's ears. Women ol-feiiders need the protection of tin-presence ot other women, it stems to me. and the whole tone of the courts would be Improved it women served on juries. Personally 1 should not ask for jury service, bin 1 will do my duty if asked." Favors Option for Women. Mis. Alexander Mac-Donald, president of the Woman" Citizens' league. Mud: far as my own choice is concerned, 1 am lar too busy to serve on juries. Uu. the option, it seems i. me. should be left lor the women to decide, instead of being answered bv tin men. It is tile old argument. We grew so tired of hearing about during the suffrage campaign. It seems to me that women are fully capable of serving on juries, and the proper changes should be made to make jury .service possible for women if th-y wish to serve. So far as the charge of perjury is concerned, we do not see many men of affairs serving on juries, do we? If their excuses are taken b the courts, why can't, a woman, i"f she hus i-hi Id re 11. or many household eares, ask tor exemption and g--t it as easily as the men'.'" Mrs. Bdith W. Hunk agree that there are For New Year's Breakfast Greenfields of en vho does o n 1 y t vould s- not seek on juries, those amusement and thoe who would regard it as a horri ble experience. "ItCNKUNi1iliit- of Itnllot." "I'ersonaily I .I my n nd I hould not go oliL jury service," : not think the monetary reward would tempt women to leave their (n-ines ,r their occupations. .'.lit if as-ked to seive I should take it was ;i matter of i fact obligation which conies with citizenship and .should do the hest I knew how to lultil my dtitv hi rhis. as I do in .-ther re.'-pon.-dbtfitic.-: ' which have fallen to women along ; with l hi-, baliot. i do not believe old el; jur me t i and time." Mr:. l.olj. rt . ligg. member of e t-.iard ot control i.,r the -Mir-h -11 ;.-!. .iniatory i.,r Women, said nadii t t:uuii:hl much about i: but iay curiositv has been excised W'bai can t!ur.- be about jury duty which is so mvs- h.-uldir: ha bi'fnre. erious that of if.' Is euUy i'IV be a.-died to my bit. Cnll Stn I mi cut He tiff t to 11. 11 should no: he ask ;'1IS" .ivin-s at-.- fre.ju at iiiiiht. I it.'-1 !iU m- ti ..f t.,d;iy will be I pl Ol.-.'l iul; (hetiisel v i-s. ! ('.I that this . n thai wo-to s..r-v,-: -ntly lockeo ' thai th. 11 My eapabh-s. ;tld be-tatenieiu is n upon ifo-man ! b, - Lit.- thu asked f do so i'ki, pronuiieiu v-onieu will view his isly. no: huhtly. ;tnJ ne;is;irab!j- mi making Ml I (i;n ; stiuuld be." f altie lu Sr tiiftifoii. Wilbur- ISruth, rion. c.r.-i.i villi :he n which JAPAN ASKED TO CUT HUGE NAVAL PROGRAM Tok!,.. for 1 1 battleships. - : nnd I'Ju : ijbin;i by i;t-r. should newspaper ,-n; govern uier.t . and points mit pond it ii; s fir one- lent ( r. tlliiuitnents. i b wnaia urn fctut& Fresh every twenty-four hours to your dealer Make the new year's first breakfast really delicious by serving Greenfields as the main dish. Greenfields are very fine sausages, made according to a famous country recipe. They are as wholesome and as good as fine sausage can possibly be made. Serve Greenfields for Greenfields will help the entire family start the year 1921 with the kind of a breakfast they'll vote for again and again. Hammond Standish CSi, Co. EENFIELD In scaled one-pound packages only MOTOR HORNS The true worth of a product becomes known through the service it gives. For eight years the SPARTON Motor-horn has been standard equipment on the Hudson additional proof of SPARTON superiority. Makers of worth-while cars know SPARTON Motorhoms, SPARTON Fans and Radiators and SPARTON Fuel Feeders for their excellent construction and the service they give. Sparks-Withington Company Main Office; Jnckion, Michigan Factoring: Jftctcon, Oereland CUveland Officii 622 Stretland Bollcimt jATCH f or rr

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