The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
Page 5
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FHIIJAY, MAY 115, 1930 BLYTHEVir-LK, (AUK.). COURIER NUWS Farm News Edited by J. O. FULLER-TON County Agricultural Agent Garden Should Be Supplemented Wilh Corn, Peas, Potatoes, Etc. No oilier cultivated piece ot laiul of llic same area Is as valuable to n farm family as the liainc garden, provided, of course, that- tiie Bnrdeii receives proper Attention. Bui, important as Ihe uardcn Is as a source of food, ft does not supply all the food the . family needs. Some field crops can make a big contribution to the food needs of the family, according to J. O. Fullcrton, countji agent. Following are suggested acreages of certain crops to supply food for a family of five people, assuming Hint the soil is of average fertility, as outlined by D. J. liurlc-son, extension agronomist, University of Arkansas college of agriculture. Corn—for meal, fresh corn, and hominy—one acre. Any locally adapted white variety Is suitable, such as Paymaster, Mosby, and Delta Praline. . Peas—one-fourth acre. Duncli vnrieiies are referable, such as Brown Crowder, Blackeye, rice peas, and others. Sorghum—one-half acre. Any pure variety of sweet sorghum, except, the Ambers, is satisfactory. It is safer to buy seed from some farmer in the locality who is known to have pure seed. Sweet Potatoes—one-lmlf acre. Porto Rico and Nancy Hall are iccpinineiided. Irish Potatoes—one-tenth acre. Irish Cobbler and Triumph arc commonly used. Peanuts—one-eighth acre. White Spanish. Popcorn—one-tenth acre. A variety which is locally grown. Pumpkin — Interplantcd with corn on good lam!. Any pumpkin, Cushaw, or yellow field pumpkin . I Ihe area. nnd in accpidunce with practice.- approved by the Stale Agricultural ^Conservation committee. Group 1—Alfalfa, scricea. kiiclm, $2 per acre, when seeded on crop land between. Jan. 1, 103C, nnd Oct. 31, 1936. inclusive. Group 2—Red clever, mammoth clover, sweet clover, anntnil • lespedeza, si.50 per acre, when seeded en crop land between Jan. 1, 1930, and Oct. 31, 1938, inclusive, I Group 3—Alsike, white, bur and Announcing He's '• Now Proud Papa crimson clover. Avstrtan winter peas, vetcli. nnd other locally adapted winter legumes, Ic3umc- mixturcs, nnd mixlures of le- Binnes and non-legumes which contain 50 per cent cr more of legumes In Group 3. $1 per acre when secd:d on crop land Iwecn Jan. 1, I93C ami Cct. 1930. iiiclvsivc. Northeast Arkansas Farmers Will Attend Meeting at Newport May 22 A larRe delegation of North Mississippi county fanners is expected • to attend the mnss meeting at Newport on Mny '12, which will be'held by the Arkansas Rum Bureau Federation, according ' to C. C. Langston, president of the North • Mississippi county Fnnn PACK Osccola Society — Personal ! ''Inb jirl/.es were awarded. Mrs, L. !l) .Mnssey nnd Mrs. 0, B, Massou- "Why wouldn't they bo handsome? Ain't I their papa?" roars EC- tb.osi.2r o£ Brooklyn's Fros- pect Park zoo. Four cubs were born to his mate, handsome, •2'1-2-ycar-old Helen, giving him ...something to roar about. on Ihe need for organization among Uic farmers of the slate, Al! members of the ( executive committee of the Arkansas Farm TIlomiisoii-CovlllKlon. A wedding or-| to n Imw circle of relnllvcs nn<l friends in Osceola and Memphis wns Mint of Miss Allidu Thomnsun, daughter m Mr. nnd Mrs, Claude Thotnnson "lid Henry Brown Covlnglon, sim ol Mr. and Mrs. 0. M, Coviugtun. of Kenlwood. Ui, The marriage wns performed at eifi'flt o'clock Tuesday evening at the Melhodlsl church with Ihe !<«• li. C. Mori-head olllcltitlng in Hi.' Impressive ring ceremony. The improvised altar erected In the cculer of t'ne chancel was <il mock oranges nimbler ruses and oilier green foliage.-, . 1'recertlng (ho iniplliils, Miss Catherine Harwell played ''Barcnrol'. 1 " nnd accamimnled Mrs." 1 John. E:l- rln&ton who sang "1 Ixive Yon Truly," The- bridal pavly, .preceded In Marlon nnd , Shirley Tucker of Memphis «s flower .'girls, entered t<i I'ne .slrains of Ihc; bridal chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin,' nnd during the ceremony'.Miss Harwell played Hie "Angel's Serenade"'from Bragn-Smltli. Tlie bride, who was given In' marriage by her falher, Claude Thomsson, ivoi-c plnk'nol nnd carrlcdipiuk radiance'roses and lilies of Ihe valley. < Mrs. George 'nicker of Memphis was mutron ot honor and Fred .la- cobs Jr., of Orider, served Mr. Cov- liiljtoii as best man. Mendelssohn's wedding mnich was used as the '••recessional of the parly. Tile young couple left .oil n bridal dip to Kcntwood, New Orleans nnd other points in Louisiana, after which Ifiey will be lit .iwiue at Orldcr, where Mr. Covington is connected with P. !>. Jacobs anil Company. i Mrs. I,, c. u. Young was -hoslpss Kill. Cilfls were iiresentecl oives. hoil- Mrs. Clyde Hlcliiirds, of Miirlon, was also a suest. Morchond led proarnm discussion on dlstlii|!iilK)ied elll/ens oi Arkansas, nnd cJuriitlonal liwitu- llons In Art'.iusss MVS..D. A, Slier und daiiKhier, Mrs. John Unoclis crime of Wilson Mrs. SI 111 and Miss Comiell were I were Mempllls visitors yesleixljy. n bridge liincbeon'ycsterday a', Bureau. Cully . A. Bureau atlend the mecllng. Cash Allowances Made Crops Arc Plowed U der or Left on Land The list cf approved practices which will qualify producers in Arkansas for coil-building payments rndcr the Agricultura Conservation Program include; turning under or leaving on tin. laiirl n number of legumes anc rlher crcps, nccordirj to J. O Fitllcrtcn. county agent. The total for scil-building payments for a farm may not exceed the soll-bvildlngt allowance Tins allowance may be calculator by multiplyipng the number o; acres used exclusively for soil- conserving crops In 1936, plus acres planted lo legumes follow. ing truck crops, by $1.' The sovthcrn region include: the states of South Carolina Georgia, Florida. Alabama. Mis sissipr.!, Louisiana. Arkansas, Ok lahoma and Texas. The list of practices undo which crops are left en the lam cr turned under and the condi tlcns cf payment include: Group 1— Soyteai:s, velvet beans cowr.eas. crotalaria, beggar wce( •and oth^r locally adapted sunimc Icgvmcs. $'].5& per acre, if growi en crco land in 1938 and vines nr stalk left on land and .see not harvested, for oil mill crush iry. or J2 per acre if plowc muter green. Group 2— Crimson clover, hi; clover. Austrian winter peas, vctc and other locally adapted winte legumes. SI, 50 per acre, when Uir ncd under between Jani'ary 1936. and October Si. 1936. Group 3— Rye. oats, barley, Ita ian ryr grass, wheat or mixture (.f these, SI per acre, when turns uritfcT ar. green manure alii • makinj reasonable growth <m Ics-s than two months' growtl In tho spring of 1935. nrovldi I hat such crops have not eo through the dcrgh stage. Group 4— Any sorghum. Snda grass or millet, seeded solid broadcast. SI ner acre, when sect ed between Jan. 1. 1936 and Ji. 31. 1936. and al] the crop is lo en the land or plowed under. The seeding of legumes Is al included in the list of approved} F radices for sotl-bulldtng pay- merts. sec-dings may be made alone or In coimcclioti with perennial grasses; provided, however. Mint the amount of such legume. •sccdings per acre Is normal for Cobb, AAA regional rector, will be one Of tlic main leakers at.the mass meeting. Mr. J. F. Tompkins, Burdettc. is ; president of the state organization, and H. A. Young, North .Little Reck; Joe Hardln, Grady; H. S. obb. who is always a popular j Mobiey, Prairie Grove; \V. A. Wil- ifaker at Arkansas farm meet-1 liams. Garland; J. H. Sharp, igs; will discuss the "place of Fitzhugh; S. c.'*Miick, •Newport;' irm organizallons' in the fiirm and R. E. Short, of Brlnkley. arc •ogram: • - - | members ot the executive coilimlt- Edward A.. O'Neal,-• president of i lcc - Wi >ldo Fi'asier, Little ;Rock. e American Farm , Bureau Fed- ' 5 executive sccretai-y of the! stale atibn. will also be .n speaker at' organization. e meeting. He will discuss the] The meeting lo be held at Now- irt. which the Farm Bureau iias port is one of four mass 'meet-1 aycd. .In ' national /.'agricultural In&s scheduled by the Arkansas gislation. .Mr. p'Nenl, a Mas-'Farm Bureau. .The otlicr : meel- Farmcr . from j Aiabamn, lias ! ings' will be held al Clarksvllle, ecu . president of the national May 19; Hope, Mny 20; Pine cdcratlbn for the past four years. I Bluff. May 21. *;-. headt|Uarters are In Cliicago/ Farmers are urged to see M^r. Dan T. Gray,' deanvand dirccr j Limgston or J. O.'FnlliBrtpn,.coim- dr of.-the University of Aiknims Ij igent, in icgaid to r alir.ngc- ollege' of- agriculture,: will • speak | ments for attending the meeting. . nt | tbe home or Yier mother, Mrs. C. iS. Stevens, in Blytlibvlllc, honorhij | her sister, Mrs. E. p. Still of 1'ly- mouth, N. C.. and Miss Nell Council of llulL'vlllc, Miss. The guests Included four tables ; from Osccoln ami 9110 table froi : Blytbevillc. Hlg-.i score prliic,. embroidered l>illow cases, was won by Mrs Cliarlcs Lowrnnct!" First and second SLOE GIN THE BEST YOU JVER TASTED* ^ ForFizzes,Rick&ys ^ and Sours also gtu'its of Honor nt n lunch-! con for sIxttHMi guiists ni UK' homo of Mrs. Welby Young oil Tiiwdiiy.' Mrs. Chariot; liose cnU'iliilned i 1 'Iglil uiifsts at a bridge luncheon for them on Wednesday. They will U' complimented tomorrow wll'.i a bridge luucftcoii nt be home- of Mrs. James Driver. t • * Mr. nnd Mrs. Hraxton lii'iigjr cn- ti'iliilned ssveral couples with 11 dinner dance al Hotel Clarldge In Memphis Wednesday nlghl. The Biit'sl ILsl- from Osn-olii Included: Mr. and Mrs. lien p. miller, Mr. and Mrs. Jnmes Driver, ;\ir. nnd Mrs. Godfrey While. Mr. nnd Mrs. "uy Bryunt, Mr. nnd Mrs, Ij. W. Viillcrs, Mr. and Mrs. chnrlc-s -ioso, Mrs. W. li. Dyess. O. A. Hearing ot si. l^nls nnd ^•'iicsU'r IMvis of Dyer.sburg were business visitors here Tuesday ami Wcdmvidny. Elmer llrynnt Is In Hie Mellunl- sl hospital nt Memphis for an np- K'udlcllls 'operitllon. Mrs. A. P. Spiese lins returned 'vom n six weeks visit \vltli n sls- er In Chlcaao. Mrs. N. K. Matthews and clill- iren, Mary. I'reslon, n nd Hnt'.i, of I'lptun, Tenn., visited Mrs. Mntlh- nvs- slbter, Mrs. Mary u.'nn, the llrsi'of the wwk. Misses Helen 1'ltlmiin and Ev« Mac Woodson nrc In Memphis several days this week vIsllhiK reln- Hves nnd nUcmllug Ihe cotton Cnv- ilval. They will return Sunday. Among the out of town attorneys who attended chmicury court here titls'week tt-src: C. M. Ilnck, Cecil Shane, Oscar FendU-r and claudo Cooixjr of Blytheville; Ciinrles Coleman of Lllllc Hock, nurk Mium of Porrest cily, and Kd L. Westbraok, ftLsco lawyer, from Joneslioro. Tho docket consisted mnlnly of divorce cases. Mrs. R. u. Jones wns iWsles.s to the Lltcrnry department of the. • club at her 'iiomc Tues- Mr. and Mrs. clem nowen eiiler- talned the senior clnss of i'ue digii school nnd Ihelr s|xinsor. Mrs C). I.. Moore, with a spaghetti Mipper last nlghl, complliiienthig I'.ielr dniigliler, Clemenltne, nnd aillii'it Hogcrs, both of whom are numbers of (he elnss. Ijiter in Ihe evening Hiey were guesls ul Mr. nnd Mrs. O. W. Kiiluhl nt n thciiler imrly wllh Mkses CmLslln,. i>,iln- dexler and Cibdys Kstes also lu- ehtded, lioniersvillc Society — Personal Iliipllsl hospital, • Memphis, by Dr. H. O. Cope on Monday. She underwent un opmilkm Wednesday, Her InisbanJ nnil Mrs,. B, O. Co|)o wen: wllh her, Mrs. Rlley 1', Knight went to Memphis Wednesday lo mnso' Mrs. Uoiie, Nlnely-lwo, IncUuljiiu mcmbere ol the faculty and" nllemled Ihu annual their Junior-Sen- day afternotm. Mrs. Mrs. T, I). Klusolvlnx left Weil- nesdny for Cupc Cllrnrtlmu tu visit, her iliuiKliler, Mrs. li. it. Mill, and family for n few diiys. Mr.!. Bailey Walker and diniKli- ler, of Binnlniildii. urvlvml S:il- urduy for n week's wllh Mr*. Walker's imieiils. Mr. nnd Mrs W. 11. Huflin. E'lKhleen Kastern Star meuiln'rs intended a school ol Instruction nt Kennelt Momtuy nffcnuxm ami nlllht. • : (JtN Dr. E. a. Cope. 1', c. Parks, \™ U. Sewcl! and the llcv C. N. Clalncs made a business iv|» to Simimervtile. In soulhwest Missouri. Wednesday Miss Kitty Adklns was broujilll home from liaptlsl hospital. Memphis, Sunday. Blio Is recovering from u iniijnr opmllon, Mr. nnd Mrs, W, .1. lliirleson of Wnrctell spent Sunday here vlslt- Infl rclntlves. Mr. nnd Mrs. Clyde'R. Wclman and Iwo sons, of St. txiuls. (ire hero for n visit wl'lli Mrs. \Vcl- iniiirs mollier, Mrs. R. E. Anderson. Mrs. T. A. nay relumed Sumliiy from a len dny.i visit wllh her son, Paul, at Willow Springs, ami with relatives nt Sptlimllcld. Mrs. O. J. Cope was Inkeh lo ior bnnqui'L nt llu> hlgli school last I'rlclny nlghl. Illijh wliool comnu'iicemiml ex-' nd.wi will b« held nt the Molli- ' odlsl cluiix-h May 21 with the Rev. Prior 1), KiiiMilvlin;. of Jackson. Tenn., dellverlnn Ihe address, p, C. I'nrks. president of tile boiml of eilueullun,,will pr&wnl (he dlu- lomn.-i. Miss lluby Wllllums Is ™l- edlctorlan and Miss Alberta KdiHI Is .sululatorlun, Tlic Gi'mlimilnij dius has 33 members. Miss Sara llnlli Aeon, tcuchcr al Wardell, wiw u week end nuest ol' Miss Knlliryu Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Milfonl Sandi'rs enl Sunday wllh relatives In Marble Hill. Unilen Perkliw wcnl to Memphis Tuesday' tor obscivnllmv ul Ihe IluptLit liospllul. Mr.- and Mrs. Wyllc Tntc, Mri nnd Mr.s..Twllla Davis and Mr, • and Mrs, Joy Davis, ot Luxor'a, wem ri'senl, , -': Mrs. R. M. McDonald visited relatives In Hlckman, Ky., last, week, . . . '".,-: J. H. 0:illih]|;5, of Uixora, was here Tuesday looking nflcr ills farming Inlercsls. .'••; Mr. Kllchens, 01 inyuiertlle, was 1 'icve on business Monday, Notes • Kendrlo Davis and Eva May Ulckson were married by the Hov. A. J. Hill al his home here last Week. Mr. and Mrs. Willie- Tutc. Knitting Classes Tuesday* & Frlduys, 2:30 P. M. 1109 Clilcknsnwba INSTRUCTIONS FllEE ORDHliS TAKEN TOU "1JEUNAT" YAltN Mrs. Leslie lloojior Mrs, A. 0. Haley Phono 193 The Hrllish navy consists of thrcq": first-class nnd 10 sccoud-clnss. bal-v lle.s'nlps, two liattlc cruisers, 49 cruisers, 78 modern destroyers, and modern submarines. • • Ift-lp your eyes lo Ihe right kind ofT lii'.lit liy doinn tlic sensible lliing—a nvold unnecessary eye slrnin byV. hnvinu tliffmeil light fall over I your shoulder as you work. . \ If, aflcr lh«sc precautions, you.j pxpcricncc fatigue'or hcadnclic, ' (.•oimiltyonrcycilnhlspecinlislim-l mediately nnd profit by nature's \vnrniiifi. Wntch your eyca flad they'll watch ou» for you. J.L. GUARD Optometrist J At Guitrtl Jewelry Store « Now I^icalcil ill 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKDH, rrnpriolor All maku of rclnilll Tjpowrltm, Aflillnc MncnhiM ud C»l- oul»tor»—KcpulrliiK—rart»—ltlt)bfln» BEHIND EVERY &G USED CAR AND TRUCK DR. SALIBA Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic I GLASSES FITTED Room 310 - Ingram Bldg. Office .Phons 118 - Res. 4101 "I don't know a thing about a car but believe me I know whether it is acting • right or.not—and when I put Lion Kaix- Knox in-my at I just never luve the slightest trouble.. There-may be other gasolines -just as gopd'but I haven't found them and i've tried th«m all, and besides, when I buy Lion'gasoline I'm spending my money with borne folks." ' I^IOTN KNIX-KNOX GASOLINE FOUR .REASONS TOR-KELU* ARMOR UBBKR TIRES Ftst tl»r(s, ^flui - sperds, xm*ll.. wheels*. safety's «>f. Ktlty SQUARE DEAL VALUE CARS AND TRUCKS FOR [ EXTRA THRIFTY BUYERS R&G uscil cnrs nnd (rucks reprcscnl a new certified c|unlity in tho nuloinobilc world. You buy, them on,facts. They imisl mcnsure up lo n new. liigli stuiuliird in every detail. After piirchrtsc, (lie.cnr is yours to drive for Iwo dnys. At nny time wilhin 48 hours after delivery, you limy bring it bnek, and receive your money in, full. And tbis pledge oE.qunlily in every detail is also underwritten for 10{nil tiny.? niter delivery, if liny part of (lie car should fall sliorl ot llio stnnclanl llinl lias been j<uaraiilcedt Your l f ord dealer will mnUc you it generous nlloivnnce on your old cur. In nvcrugc condition, it will probably m:ikc tbe ilown-payinent, nnd ' you won't need cash'now. The balance will bo in-ranged as suits you best. Visit (be ucarcsl Rcv'G display. See the largest and most varied selection of really fine automobiles your Ford dealer has ever offered. Notice the moderate prices! Then pick oul your R&G used car-nml (Irivd i( home willi pride I Convenient U.C.C. Tcrm», MONEY BACK GUARANTEE BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WHERE THIS EMBLEM IS DISPLAYED D E A L E R S LION OIL REFINING COMPANY V ~V. "I V> I. II, 6AS10N>.liyJcil SOUTHERN MADE FOR ./SOUTHERN-TRADE See Our Daily R&G Bargains In the Classified Section PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Authorized Ford Dealers

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