The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on December 21, 1902 · Page 26
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 26

Louisville, Kentucky
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Sunday, December 21, 1902
Page 26
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THE COUKIEK-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, SUNDAY MOKNMG, DECEMBER 21, 1902. SECTION 3 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS Sale of $18 and Suits at Our gift is $3 to $5 worth of suit value with every $15 suit Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, lathers and sons, can you give the men in your family a more sensible present? Give Useful Presents and give the sort that will save the recip-icn! his money. We sell the best clothes in towa lor the price wc lit every customer perfectly and keep his clothes in repair lor one year tree ol charge. $20 JOHN E. MADDEN IS AMBITIOUS Lexinion Horseman Expects To Win ihe Futurity Wiih a Home-Bred Golf. EXINGTON. Ky.. Bee. 25. SpecialsJohn E. Madden has act his heart on winning the great Eastern Futurity with a home bred colt. He has trained two winners nf that, the richest classic of the American turf, but he longs to lead home as the victor a colt or Ally bred at Ham-burs Place. So far in the horse business Madden has accomplished all he has undertaken, and it Is reasonable to expect that he will turn out a home-grown Futurity winner after a few years of breeding. He believes Aceful has a royal chance of landing the English Derby next year, and it may be the English classic will come to him before he captures the richest trophy of his native land by a horse bred at Hamburg Place, by a stallion and out of a mare both, owned by him. Madden has made many improvements this year at Hamburg Place, and the great establishment is now one of the most up-to-date breeding studs in the world. The horseman, T. C. McDowell, ts much pleased with the superb condition of the Kentucky Derby winner. Aian-a-Dale. He has been advised by veterinarians that the son of Halma will stand training this year without being Bred, and to all appearances the great trotting horse driver Charles Marvin has worked wonders with this sensational colt. McDowell will iioint him especially for the Suburban Handicap, and the horse may not race at all In the West next season. Xow LOUISVILLE " CLUB MADE UP, HE following letter, received yes terday from Manager Billy Cly-mer, of the Louisville Baseball Club, furnishes Eome Interesting gossip for the local fans: 'Wttkesbarrc, Pa., Dec. 33. Sporting Editor Courier-Journal Dear Sir: From the time I left your city last fall up to a fevr v:eeks ago I have -worked on our club, and I feel sure, tve have the goods. Truce heing declared October 2) hurt my plans, as I could not sign players held in reservation by other clubs after that date. As there were very few players at liberty I feci as if we have had very good luc!:. "I received a letter from Tebeau about -ten days ago. saying he gave you the names of men signed: Schriver, "White, Spies. C. Coons. Felix. 1532 Philadelphia Kational League; Kgan, lf02 Detroit American League: Walker, 1902 Bingham-ton. New York. State League: McGili. 1902 Decatur Club, Illinois; McCord. 3002 Davenport; Saltmarsh. of Quincy; Ashton, P.; DOWNFALL OF THE AUSTRALIANS. SAM TFTTZ PATRICK, It is said, will socn bring to this country from Australia, Bill Dorothy, a heavyweight, to pit ag-ainst Jim Jeffries. Australia in. years gone by sent to America scire of the greatest fighters Imown to the rlnp, foremost among them being Bob Fiizsinrmons. It is not likely that Sam has discovered a man who can fill the fcuiky one's shoes., but he may import one Trhr might prove big" ano strong- enough to secure him a match with the present holder of the heavy weight title. Recalling the fact that Australia In the past has furnished the "United States a plentiful supply of mitt masters, it may be interesting to know what has become of the various fighters who crossed the PacLflc to earn fame and fcrtime In good oM Yankee land. Boh Fitzsimmons Is touring the West with Jim Jeffries. Jim Hall, who whipped him in his native land, Is managing Kid Abel In Chicago. LEAGUE iS PREPARED TO j HE National League adopted a schedule at its annual meeting that said in every line, "We will fiirht if necessary." but will not allow the programme to stand In the way of peace if the American League Is afraid of conSicting dates. The schedule for 1M2 vas not drafted until long after the holidays, and if the Peace Committees clean vp their work in quick time In January there will not be any difficulty about preparing" a new schedule that will prevent clashing- in the cities In which there are two clubs. Ren 3Iulford, who is close to the throne In Cincinnati, belieyes that the schedule matter Is the least of the troubles before the Peace Committees, GIFT Here's a Few Christmas Gifts That'll Please the Men SIX WHITE IHITIAL HANDKERCHIEFS (in box) 75c SILK SUSPENDERS (in box) 50c to 5 MUFFLES5 Plain blacK and fancy 25c to 32.50 NECKWEAR Every color and shnpc made lor this season's wear 25c to S ! .50 GLOVES Lined or vnlined, Kid or mocha, gray, tan or brown or white $ 8 to S .50 Third and Market Streets. that It Is certain that he will stand training, he will not be mated to any marcs in tho Ashland Stud next year, and the majority of the matrons owned by McDowell will be mated to the great race horse Batten in 1S03. Hugh .McCarren. the New York horss-man, will winter his string of twelve horses at Latonia the coming year, and unless some of his yearlings develop into sensational two-year-olds he will likely race next season In the West only. He has recer.tlv added to his stable the yearling bay colt by El Trinidad, dam Rose III., which he purchased for a good price of H. O. Wbb. of this city. McCarren has located his stallion Hapsburg, half brother to the $f0X0 Hamburg, in Woodford county, and will ship all his mares here to breed to him. They are principally mares-that have been raced in the last few vears by the New York turfman. White Plume, C. W. Moore's sensational yearling filly, which broke the record for fillies trained here this year, by working a auarter In seconds, was measured by her owner this week and it was found that she ststias fifteen hands two Inches high. Moore has received several flattering offers for the runnins qualities of White Plume since he announced he would not sell her outright, but it is likely he will not even dispose of her m this way. but wil have her trained and raced in his own colors. She is entered in the Saratoga Spinaway, Coney Island, Surf. Foam and Great Filly and Brigh ton Junior Chamnionship and Venus Stakes next year, and the Coney Island Mermaid stakes m 3i"H. -Her only v est-ern engagement la the Louisville Nurs ery Stakes. She is breo. in. the same line as the mic-htv Ornament, they being by the same sire and out of a daughter cf Onondaga, which traces to the same lam-lly. Her breeding, combined with, her superb Individuality, caused Moore to reserve her for a .future stud matron at Mere Hill. Pete Cassidy, first baseman; Pete Chiids, Martin, Bonner, second baseman; "Wheeler, Schaub, shortstop; Suter, Sullivan, third baseman; Kerwin. Odwell, Clymer, outfield. "Now I think our infield Is air-tight, as we have inside men. I have played with and ag-aii:st Cassidy, Sullivan and Chiids for years. Sum van is the nest man ever had to hit after me in my baseball career, as he is a wonder at the hit-and run came, and Cassidy is just as jrood. both having brains and being good inside players. Chiids was with the Philadelphia Club, and he was the last man signed by me. 1 see where the press throughout the country was olTerinf? us sympathy on account of losing our men and having no players left over as a foundation for a 3903 club. The fact is we are ready to onen to-morrow with a full club. "I will now take it easy until the last of January, when J begin to shape myself for the Y-hK campaign. I am quite a so-eietv bov these davs one of the bontor.s- play progressive euchre, ping-pong and ail those rough games. Last evening I was up as late as 30:30. but to-day is my birthday. Give my regards to all inquir-inc friends. "Wishing you all a very mer ry Christmas and a happy New Tear, and hoping to see you soon. I am. sin cerely yours, WILLIAM J. CLYMSR." Dan Crec-don has returned to his home In Sydney, and will soon fight there. Steve O'Donnell is re.siaing in- B-o;on. Joe Gad. dard 'is In Philadelphia, no: yet fully re covered trom a Duiiet wound in his head received in a light at Camden. Peter Jackson .died at his old home several years ago. Jimmy Ryan is boxing Instructor at West Baden. Tom Williams holds the same position at French Lick. Billy Smith Is located in Texas. Frank Slavin is still fighimg in the Klondike. Billy Murphy is a railroad watchman at Sicux City. Young Griffo is making his hom !r. Chicago. George Dawncn is located the same city. Young Pinto is back in Sydney. Abe Willis, who fought George Dixon for the championship, is boxing Instructor of the Gaiety Athletic Club in the same city. Tommy Treacey is still fighting through the West. Billy McCar- thy has not been heard from in years, jerrv .Marshall is somewnere m tne h-as: Billy Edwards is touring the States box iner nor.- and then. Harrv Dale v. th bantamweight, who was Griffo's eaual In cleverness, died In England several years ago. There is not an Australian In Amer ica to-day worthy of a match with tne champion in any class. A tew years they were contenders for every honor be longing to the prize ring- in America. ALTER ITS SCHEDULE That Chicago alarmist who looks up on the National League schedule as a bar rier to the consummation of peace would probably grow frightened at tho shadow of a billy goat in the moonlight. When that schedule was built there more chance for a cessation of hostilities than there would be for J. Pierpont Mor gan to trade his yacht, the Corsair, fo: an Erie canalboat. Undoubtedly the Do- cember allotment of dates will be sidetracked and a new double-track schedule built with a chance for both the American and National League to work in interchanges of games before and after the season. This, oJ course. Is -all speculative, hut the idea that the unbounded benefits of peace might be jeopardized by a schedule is too absurd to discuss In a so-rious vein. ffl'GOY WANTS it BIG GUARANTEE Hoosior's Demands Cause Promoters To Call Off Ills Bout. KID HOLDS OUT FOR $3,500. Must Have That Much Money, Win, . lose Or Draxr, Against Gardner. BYAN IS TO BE HEARD FROM. PPAHENTLY the Kid McCoy and George Gardner fight Is all oft. McCoy Is hardly right, hence the sudden boosting In his demands on the' promoters. Gardner had agreed previously to the split, 75 'and 25 to winner and loser respectively, and then McCoy slipped In in his klddish way with a call for. $3,500, win, lose or draw. About the time McCoy first fought Ryan, or even after the !aat time he met the clever Thomas, the Kid could have certainly called for a 53,500 purse, win, lose or draw. The time, however, that McCoy has been out of the ring- and on the shelf and following his handling of Kid Carter In Philadelphia, somewhat dims his drawing In the eyes of the promoters. It looks then that McCoy, knowing his condition best, fears the man Who beat Jack Root and whose forte la going the long distance route, Gardner, In all his fights, looks the part of an old-fashioned fighter, trained for the long route by a hard, careful schooling. McCoy, these days, must certainly he regarded as of the quick-winnlng-or-not-at-all type. He must certainly figure that the short, quick hook of his has all its old-time power and speed and that his eye is prill fast enough to place the punch where it belongs on the tencer lrnocicout spot on an opponents chin. It will be remembered that when Mc-Onv foiirht Tom Sharkev he was then about as good as he ever was in his career. His friends then predicted it must bo a quick win for the nervous temper ament of McCoy ana that ail nis ciev-jr footwork and feinting could not stnll off the sailors rushes. .Mctoy Uif-n iiao a rmn.h that f piled the sailor and for a second or so looked the winning punch. After that one clean body blow oy tne sailor finished the Ifoosier. When McCoy fought Ryan at Chicago the latter carefully framed up a defense for the lower part of his face and he-ad around the chin. For this reason he took no pains to protect the back of his head. The result was that McCoy's glove raised doorknobs al lover that portion of Ryan's head, but the Kid never landed. hooK or inb nr K-Lck-hwind slao on the knockout spot in all that six rounds in probably the oes: iignt ev&r snown in unicago. McCov's loaf, barrintr the Carter fight, must have slowed up his speed wonder fully and doubtless nas lost mm mucn of his old-time hitting power. In that rase he is wise to sidestep G-arcner, wnose known body tactics and recuperative power m a long nght would warrant a ireneral Hke McCov imnosing impossible barriers to ward off a light before the Fort Erie club. Tommv Rvan. now shanmg up at 'Vest Baden, has expressed himself as willing to meet Root at anv old welsrht. Card'.er is certainly In Root's class, and it is possible thai ityan win tans maxen wicn n;m ro take McCoy's place, though, the iron Erie people have declared -that they could get no word from Ryan and no answers to their propositions. Corbett "Will Be Favorite. While it has been believed generally that Terry McGovern wcaild be favorite In the betting when he meets "Young Corbett" for the featherweight champion ship of the world in Detroit on January 22, It now looks as though "Corbett" would enjoy that distinction, says a spe cial from New York. The fact that ail the bier bettors, such as Eddie Burke, "Honest John" Kelly. Ge-orge and Johnny Considinc, Bob HilUard. Jimmy Waveband Sol Lichtanstein. intend backing Corbett Is taken as an indication that the Denver boy will be about 100 to K favor ite on tne night or tne contest. Georce Considine and Sam Harris, man ager cf McGovern, have already made a bet or f-.o'J at even money, uonsicuns savs he hr- a similar nnxmnt to wager on "Corbett" at even. He is satisfied to get even mcnoy, as he says that when the big men start betting "Corbett" will surely b made favorite. Kelly, befo-e leaving for Hot Springs, said he would bet KT.OO? on Corbett at even money, and Burke. Hiiliard, Johnny Censldine, Wrak?-lv and Lichtenstein say they will bet from J2,5ft0 to S3.000 the same way. Artie Simms, the W-stern lightweight, has been secured bv "Young Corbett" tc help him train for his bout with "McGovern. Simms trained McGovern when the latter was working for the bruit with Cornctt whim wa caae-i on. on rha account Corbett evidently ensrnced him to give him an idea of how McGovern fights. Husbands Still After Schuh. "Kid" Husbands is after George Snhnh to box at 33S pounds, winner to take al! or to divide the purse in any way stilt-able to Schuh. Husbands was ready with his forfeit last night, but .Schuh failed to show up. -e-t if IEAU s Louisville Magnate Confers With Hickey, Bu: Noliiinff Is Given Out. CHICAGO, Dec. 20. Special. President Thomas J. Hickey, of the American Association, held a conference with Magnates Tebeau, of Louisville, and Havenor, of Milwaukee, to-day at tho Association headquarters in the Cable building. President Tebeau was en route from Louisville to Denver, and asked for a conference with Havenor. According to Hickey. " the conference was entirely informal, nr.- had no real significance as regards a-. or schedule changes. "Robert J.;urI--;- has not been considered as a prospective backer of a prospective Chicago club in the Association .since last year " said President Hickey. "Neither myself nor Mr. Lennon. of St. Paul, understands the source of the rumors connecting Burke's name with the proposi- According to the Association's leader, there are no new developments In regard to the proposed invasion of Chicago, although it Is almost definitely settled that St Paul will have no club next season. Jnterestinc; developments are expected in the near future. O'Brien and Weinig Matched. Buffalo, N. Y-, Bee. 23. Articles were signed to-day for a twenty-round content -'.c'tween Philadelphia Jack O'Brien and -ill Weinig. The men will meet before the International Athletic Cluh on New Yoars afternoon at catch-weights. "Tho vinner Is to take all of the purse. O'Eriea has also posted $2,509 to Welnig's $1,500 -!s a side bet. AMERICAS-EYES " ON PITTSBURG Detroit Club Likely To Be Transfered To Smoky City. JOHNSON DOES NOT DENY IT. American Xeague Meeting To-morro-w To Ee Attended By Prospective Backers. COiBIISKEY DENIES EUMOBS. HE transfer of the Detroit Baseball Club's franchise to Pittsburg, for which negotiations have been pending for some time, Is looked for at the annual meeting of representatives of tho American League at the Grand Pacific Hotel Monday, says the Chicago Chronicle. That Pittsburg vrlll be made part of the new major league's circuit in place of the Detroit site was. given new foundation yesterday, when Ban B. Johnson, president of the organ ization, would not deny that the league will place a team in the same territory with Earney Dreyfus' Nationals. Business men and capitalists of Pitts burg who are clamoring for an American League team there and who are ready to put up every cent they have for the back- ng of the ciub will be among those m attendance at the session at the Grand Pacific, beginning next week. They w.Il come for no other purpose than to demand that a franchise be placed in Pittsburg, and it Is stated that should their cry for It be strong enough there seems no doubt that they will be awaraed hy the league. . Talks With, the Backers. It is known that President Johnson has had several conferences with the persons wishing to back a club in Pittsburg and also that the head of the American League is willing that the city he awarded a franchise. Johnson will d.iscuss the plan with his associates at the meeting, how ever, and until then it can only be con jectured whether the Pittsburgers will be accommodated. The Detroit Club has not been a paying: venture s-mce the league went Into the Michigan city, and It is for this reason that the American leaguers would like to see its removal. "No. I will not say that the American League," said Mr. Johnson yesterday, "will not have a club in Pittsburg -next year. The people there long have been after us for a franchise to be' placed there. There are a number of business men and capitalists ready to back the club. They will be present at the meeting Monday, and at the session it will be made known whether or not there will be a club in Pittsburg:. The men who want to back tho club in Pittsburg have a fine central location for a ball ground." Comiskey Denies Wild Bumor. A weird rumor was circulated about baseca.l fceidquartsrs ys:erday that Chas; Comiskey, president of the White Stockings Club of the American League, was to take charge of the new club to be placed in the metropolis and that Rob ert E. Burke, the North Side politician, was to buy the South Side Club's inter ests, and be in charge of that team. The report was flatly denied by Preslde.nt coirasjfey yesterday. - "I would not take the seven clubs In the East for the Chicago club." said Mr. Comiskey. "I was asked about the same yeport Thursday but hew it originated I do not know. 1 think too well of Chicago, and here I intend to stay. I will go to New Orleans v.ith my club, but no, I will not take charge of any New York team." The report that tho American League Club will be moved from the South Side to the grounds on Congress street was again circulated about headquarters yesterday, but again Mr. Comiskey denied it and refused to discuss the matter, Americans Meet Monday. President Ban B. Johnson, of the American League, has announced definitely that the annual meeting of the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs w-Hl be held in Chicago Monday at the Grand Pacific Hotel. The head of the new major league was in doubt as to where the session should be held, and Wednesday, upon his return from New York City, hinted that the meeting would be held In Chicago. He stated that the followers of the game at the metropolis cried for the meeting to be held in New York City, but after considerable thought he set the meeting place for Chicago. President Johnson notified the owners of the clubs of the organization to be in Chicago not later than Sunday night to take part in a conference at Chicago Monday. The notices were sent to 3. T. Angus, of the Detroit Club; J. H. Kilfoyle, of the Cleveland Club; Charles Comiskey, of the Chicago Club; Henry Kllillea, of the Boston Club; Ben Shibo. of the Philadelphia Club; W. H. Hedges, of the St. Louis Club; Fred Postal, of the "Washington Club, and to the owner of the Now York Club, whose name Johnson would not divulge. The prospects of the annual session of tho organization have been discussed, but nothing of a definite nature has been learned as yet. Ono of the particular points that is knr.-vn will be brought before the organ h-v 'n will be the possibility of the rer.:u .: of the Detroit Club to Pittsburg. Southern Athletic Association. Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 20. The general meeting of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association began this morning In the dormitory of the Georgia School of Technology. Emory College, of Georgia; Trinity Cortege, of North Carolina; Trinity Collc-gd, of Texas, and Wofford College, of South were admitted to membership in the association. The Executive Board decided that Tu-lane University be still retained oa the suspended list for playing ineligible men. The University cf Texas was reinstated. Shall malaria exist in the very home of Wintersmith's Tonic? It rests vrith you. YOUNG CORBETT IS DISGUSTED. HEN Young Corbettt was informed that Gov. Bliss had stepped in and put an end to the fight he said: "Well, I am thoroughly disgusted. I have trained many times for this fig-ht, and it has never taken place. Thero is nothins to do but to stand pat and wait until a place is secured where it can take place. Say for me that I am willing to fight at any place and for anytljmg. It is immaterial to me now whether the right takes place at Louisville, 'Frisco or any. other place. I'm even willing that it take place privately. I'm tired of this kind of thins, and all I want to see is that it will end, and the sooner tha better." w TRAINERS BEGIN SOME REAL WORK The Yearlings Are Being Tried At Cumberland Park. ENTER IN' STAKES NEXT MONTH William H. Jacjkson, Jr., To Kace a Stable of Belle Meade Horses, Mext Season. FRANK BRTTmrS HAS EIGHTEEN. ASHJVTLOjE, Tenn., Dec. 20. Frank Bruhns, the well-known horse trainer, who developed and sold Von House, Ben McDhul and other noted performers of the turf,-has been engaged by William H. Jackson, Jr., the young master oC -Belle Meade! to handle hfs string in 1903. Henry Gerhardy has been In charge of this stahle for the past several years, and why he resigned his, position it Is not known, but It is said -tSiat 'he will accept a similar place with John B, Hag-gin, the California horseman. It was reported some time ago that Mr. Jackson would not campaign a string next year, owing to the fact that a large majority of the horses he had in training were sold 'at the recent sale of this noted farm. This was erroneous, as Mr. Jackson will race all 'the coming three-year-olds retained hy 'him at the sale, including Stand Pat. He will also have a number of two-year-olds out in 1903. Mr. Jackson does not Intend to make a practice of racing his horses. AfteT next season he will devote his tiime. exclusively to the breeding of thoroughbreds for the Eastern market. All told, Bruhns has eighteen horses in training at Cumberland Park, and as It stands to-day it is one of the most formidable string's here. The lot, composing fourteen yearlings and four old horses. Is a fine looking collection, and it would not be surprising if Bruhns did not turn out another Von Rouse or Ben McDhul. The youngsters are bred in the . purple, they being by Bend Or, Appomattox, Prime Minister, Luke BlacJcburn, Imp. Loyalist and Huron, to say nothing of their blood lines on the dam side. Ncne of the youngsters has been tried yet, further than on the covered track, but from what can bo seen so far there are several In the bunch that are very promising. Especially is this so of 'the bay filly by Bend Or, out ol Serra Madra, by Bramble. ThU miss, on lojks, is sure to prove a good more. She is large and has a head, good legs and feet, well coup-led and plenty of speed. The blood lines o the daughter of. Bend Or, on the dam's side, reaches back to the famous Levity family. The second dam, Serra Nevada, by Imp. Glengarry, was out of Nevada, and she by Lexington, out of Lelghtsorae. Nevada was -the dam of the famous race horse Luke Blackburn, who Is 'to-day standing In one of the paddocks at Belle Meade. In a recent trial on the covered .track this filiy stepped a quarter, in twen-.'ty-four seconds very handily, -and report has it that Enoch Wishard. who trains for John A. Drake, made Bruhns a largo nffpr fnr -the vouncrster. The bav lufy by .Bend. ur. oam venue, is anotner weu-oe- .Vftl-rmiv nnri janppflv Tnoklncr VCiinrrster in "Ipthls barn, -and on breeding alone should prove a race horse, fcne is a ma sister :to Von Rouse, who sold for S15.000 as a trtvo-vear-oid. The second dam. Venezuela, was by Virgil. The other horses In the stable ore: Bay filly, by Bend Or Amerlque (dam of Moose;. Bay colt,, by Bend Or Albatross, by TmTl m fin rra yt-v Chcstnut colt, by Prime Minister Miss Alice, bv Bishon. Brown colt, hy Appomattox Heart's Ease. Bay cott, hy Appomattox 'Fronle Louise (dam of Alfred Vargraves). Bav filly, by Appomattox Everlyn (dam of Everlyn Bird and Pekin). Harding, b. c, 3, by Blazes Miss Alice. Ice Water, ch. f., 3, by Imp. Watercress Suscol. Alfred Vargraves, b. h 6, by Inspector .B. Fronle Louise. Stand Pat, ch. g., 3, hy Luke Blackburn. Tiavnr livtvn INK-. lv Tmn. Loyalist Bav or brown filly, by Imp. Loyalist Veleranna. Brown Ally, by Imp. Loyalist La Duchess. B. C, by Dandie Dinmont Enamel. Black colt, by Huron Lorena ilac. Trainers are beginning 'to send their vearllngs along at a. lively clip at Cumberland Park. Many are being tried out to see if they will do to enter in the stakes to close next month. Tom Hayes has a bunch of youngsters that he regards as the best he ever owned. William Hayes also has an extra fine collection or yearlings that he will try out next week and enter such as he -thinks will do for the spring sl'akes. Enoch Wishard has not missed a day since he arrived at Cumberland Park v.ith his yearlings. They are being sent right along daily under the covered track. His youngsters as well as the old horses all look good. William Gerst, the brewer, has such a large number cf yearlings it requires the entire time of Trainer McCaniels. looking after them. They are taken out in sets every day and are being given regular work. McDaniels will try them out on the main course next week, providing the track is In condition for fast work. Henry Gerhardy has named the cnest-nut colt by Huron, out of Virginia, blimp. Tho Jacobite, Tennesseean. This oolt is a grand individual, and if looks and breeding count for anything ho should prove a bread-winner. Trainer Gerhardy will enter the colt in all of the stakes to be run at Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, Latonia, St. Louis and Chicago. lASEBALt CHAT, i BA-N" JOHNSON may now be excused for saying "I told you so." "DUCKY" HOLMES, the former Dstrolt outfielder, has signed with Washington. JOE KELLY failed in an attempt to sign Lave Cross for the Clncinantl team. JOHN T. BRUSH says he is entirely satisfied with the results of the league meeting. FREX HAKTMAN dees not believe Pat Donovan has any Intention of retiring from the game. MANAGER McGRA"W. of New York, may coach the Columbia Unlverslty team next spring. BABXBY DREYFUSS says he already has $7,000 out in advance money, with the holidays still before him. JACK DOYLE will probably be Brooklyn's first baseman next -season, he having signed with that club. 0KX,y last week Wallace turned down an offer of 510,000 to manage and captain a certain National League team. JESE TANNEHILL is said to have ben offered a four-year contract at S3.O00 a vear to pitch for Los Angeles. He has the proposition under advisement. NOW that it is settled that Griffith is to manage the New York team, Comiskey - will probably be his own manager n-xt season, with George Davis as team cap- ' tain. PITCHER KANE, whose right name is Cohen, and who hails from St. Louis, has signed with Pittsburg for next sea-con He is a southpaw and was also wanted by Philadelphia. WILLIE KEELER states unequivocally that he will play with the American League if it has a club In New York. That being the only condltlcn, Brooklyn might as well say good-bye to Willie right now. RUBE VICKERS. the Cincinnati Club's Michigan pitcher, has been matched for a six-round go before a Terre Haute, DIRECT IMPORTERS ' WINES Wines. J. Calvet & Co. Red Wines In casks and- in cases: St. Julien, St. Emilion, Pon-tet Canot, Cha,icau Bernones. Imported in glass: St. Julien, Chateau La-rose, Pontet Canet, 1SS7: Mouton Rothschild. Bordeaux, White Wines Graves, Haut Sauternes. Haut Barsac, Chateau La Tour, Blanche. Burgundy, Red Wines Imported in glass: Chambertin. Ramanee. I Nafh'i Johnston & Sons Bordeaux Red Wines Imported In glass: St Julien, Pontet Canet, Chateau Gheval blanp, 1S30. Bordeaux. White Wines Imported in glass: Barsac, Haut Sauternes, Chateau Yquem. R. Oliabiinnes & Co.'s Bordeaux-Bordeaux. Bed Wines Imported In glass: St. Emilion, Pontet Canet, 1S90. Journu Freres, Kapel-hoff&Co. Bordeaux Our own 'bottling. Bordeaux, Red Wines: St. Julian, Meddc, St. Emilion, Pontet Canet, Chateau Larose. Imported in glass: St. Estephe, St. Julien, Pontet Canet, Chateau Bel-grave. - Bordeaux, White Wines Imported- In glass: Graves, Preignac, Haut Sauternes. F. Buinezj?, Bordeaux Red Wines Imported in glass: St. Julien, Pontet Canet, Chateau de Nort. , Bordeaux, Red Wine. We have a large stock of E. Cu-senier Fils Aine, Paris. Also a very selected stock of Scotch and Irish Whiskies, Jamaica and Santa Cruz Rum, London and Holland Gin, etc. THE ABOVE 1 FOR CHRISTMAS THINGS i r lc r 5 1 in. p A Deauiitui TTasrnn, strong, dura ble. IigUt. Price 4.65 1 Cyclone Wagon Large Size, Ice Skates, 43c up. 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OWNER FRED POSTAL, of the Washington Club, savs that New lork invasion is a vita! necessity to the American League, as to abarulon that scheme would be a fatal confession of weakness before the public. WHEN President Ptilllam makes his headquarters in New York the offices " In the St. James Building- will be occupied Joir.tlv by the New York Club and the Nat'onal League, and tho expense Is to be shared Jointly. t-c- CHABLES LYON'S JOB. .... . v. r ,rl .1,- nM( nt T,,-rt- Louisville Trainer of Harness Horse3 Signs "With a Wheeling Brewer. Charles Lyon, the well-known trainer of Louisville, has signed a contract to take charge of the trotting stable of the wealthy brewer, Henry Sehmulbach, of Wheeling, W. Va. Lyon came to Louisville in as assistant to Ed Geers with the Village Farm stable of Buffalo, N. V., and the following season operated a public stable, but r tha nnQr three vears has been under ' contract with S. De Bidder, the well-i Vnown local tobacco exporter. De Rid-' d'er's horses in Lyon's charge have been I verv successful. The Rajah won the 53,000 Xew England Futurity last year as a :.,.oar-niri and won the HO.CflO three- vear-old division of the same event the past vear. Another great performer in the same stable was the four-year-old mare Maxine. 2:07. Lvon will leave for Cleveland the first of "the month and take charge of the Sehmulbach horses there, as the Wheeling millionaire owns a private stable at the Cleveland track. 1 BBlllllilTx flW $2.90 8 I HARDWARE AND STOVES J !YOU CAH w,A'tE A wrmss and r motors. R'M m n U BROS. o. in jk. y L. -J- Burgundies. F. Chauvenet & Co Nuits. Red Wines Our own bottling: Beaune, Pommard. Imported In glass: Macon. Beaujo-lais. Beaune, Nuits. Pommard. Chambertin. Clos de Vougeat, Red Cap sparkling. Bouchard Pere & Fils. Beaune. Imported in glass. Red Wines Pommard. Chambertin, Clos de Vougeot. Burgundy, White Wines Imported in glass: Chablls. Cognacs. 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REMEMBER THE GLOBE SECURITY AND TRUST CO. THE BOUT WILL NOT TAKE PLAGE Sheriff Dickson, of Detroit, Formally Announces Thai Corbett and McGovern Cannot Box There. ETROIT, Dec. 20. At noon to-day Sherlff Henri' A. Dickson, of "Wayne county, announced that he would not allow the Corbett-Mc- Govern fight to be pulled off in Detroit or Wayne county: that Gov. Bliss had instructed him to prevent the fight, and that I ! T3-. i AND LIQUOKS fossiie Wines. Our own importation and our own ,v, bottling. Rhine Wines, White Deidensheimer. Laubenhelmer, Nlerstelner. Rudes- fteimer, Forster. Traminer. v Rhine Wines. Red Assmanhauser, sy Assmanhauser Auslese. ... Moselle Wines Moselbluemohen. ? Fred Krote, Coblenz t Rhine Wines, White Imported in glass: Hattenhelmer. Nlerstelnr Aus- lese. Hochheimer. Fo.-ster. Traminer. ; Lfebfraumiich, Marcobrunner. Hoch- J helmer Dom. . Dechaney, Steinberg Cabinet. Johannisberg Cabinet. Moselle Wines Imported in glass: ; Zelringer. Piesporter. 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FOR CHRISTMAS, FOR TAXES, For WINTER NEEDS he had been advised by an attorney that the only thing or him to do was to stop It. Previously Sheriff Dickson had Interpreted the Governor's letter of yesterday as merely holding him responsible for seeing that no State law was violated, and not as an order to prevent th9 contest. In this connection the Sheriff said he did not consider boxing as dangerous as football, and added: "I have decided to take an expert with me to the Corbett-McGovern contest." said Dickson, "to see that things are as they should be. If the contest Is legal I do not see how I could prevent the men from entering the ring." Gov. Bliss, who is in the city and announced his Intention of conferring with the Sheriff about the contest, said: "I thought I made mv letter to the Sheriff plain enough. It was my intention then, as it is now, that he prevent the fight from taking place. I so instructed him, I think." It was after hearing this from th" Governor that Sheriff Dickson announced that the fight could not take place.

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