The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY,-MARCH 3, 1938 Bt,yTHBVlLLB (Aim.)' COURIER NEWS COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICK UT This Tiekfl Will Admit Alrt. T. K. Watson anil frientt Hasl Cherry St. —;o liie—- HIT/ THfciYTEK —lo see— ">Slart (.'fieeri'iii:" FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvi via Social CalcndiiV 1'IUUAY'S iiVlDNTS Woman's club having luiieliwii ut 1:00 o'clock at the club huusc. Ladies' Bible Cliiss of ll:e Methodist church meeting at home of Mrs. V. M. Bristol- at 7:31) o'clock. SATURD/iy'S EVENTS Children of tlic Confederacy meeting at 2:00 p. in. at- home ol Boris and Mildred Miiir. Have Dinner Tally S]>rii)(; flowers iiiirl ail Irish color scheme of green and white added decorative touches to the Young People's assembly rooms in Ihe First Baptist, chinch Tuesday night when the <idnlt department of tlic ehnreh school .served dinner to 85 workers of the tchool. A program 'was presented. Mrs. J'atil L. Tinton i'iing an Irish folk foiiB for llie opening number, the Nov. Alfred Carpenter talked to the group on "Qm- Heavy Responsibilities in View of Spring Revival", tlic principles involved in ( "Building a Class" were explained I ,v»'iw Mrs. L. H. Antry, following . which Mrs. Carl Davis told guests , "What, ivfy CIRSS Menus to iUe." : Mrs. Otis Shepherd talked oh "Class Spirit" and Miss Lima B. Wilhelm. "Class Loyalty", following which Mrs. James Tull gave ll gave grade classes in cliorus .singing ol "Some Comijarisons". The "Out-1 "Little Lizix Jane" and "Home, look' 1 tins discussed by (lie super-1 Sweet Home 1 '; Mrs. R. i', pnttdi- intcnttenl. of the school, Harry Frteius. Mrs. William Jarvis and Mrs. James Tull. of Litllo flock, lionsc Biiesls of Mrs. J. F. Tompkins, ivcic gticsts ;it the dinner. U- is reported that the church school hns had a steady growth • i Miss., is now able to be up after j having been quite III following tho birth of her daughter. Mollte fcltai- iK'lh. eight weeks aijo. Her inothei 1 , Airs. Robert 15. Leu Kins, of (Ills city. Chilis lo remain with tier for the present. Mr. and Mrs, W. M. fiurns liuve returned from Catron. Mo., where they were the sifcsls of theli 1 daughter, Mrs. Duvld Unrloii, and Rfr liurton for two day;;. Mi: and Mrs, Floyd While and fjns. nick and John, will no t Memphis Sunday lo see "3no< While and Ihe ."Seven Dwiiili;." Mrs. (T'.I:II! Clink has returned ID her home in Tulsa, oklu., allei tmvlng lieen tlie (jut-si of Mr. am! , m ,\')ii Wright. : Nurville Anderson, ul .^iki'blon attended to business here >i'3ler-:luy Claude K Cooiici 1 lell .vesleul.i; tor Lillle Ho.'k and tlonslon on business trip. He will return Sulur- duy morning. Mrs, I.clioy Woiul, who has visiting her sister, Mrs. David Hur- tcn. 01 t::i(ron. Mo., lor 10 day will ini'ive liimu- .Saturday nlsh licfore fouling lioine, she an.l Mrs liartoii will so to -Mempliis to set) the play at lillls auditoriuni, "Yes. My Darling D.iuijhlci'." Mr. and Mrs. A. Ccimay tpent :eslct'd:iy in Memphis. Helen Sunshine Mai'tin. of Sir. and Mrs. .lea U. Marlln, underwent a tonsileclomy at Wall- Husbund clinic Monday, "she is now able to be up. I Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tipton were ! ( . n ; in Memphis yesterday (o see H. L. i ... ••!'•'" <»'.Chlldt's letters .Hist because VOll'lC liliul !" chambers, who is ill in tlie Baptist, hos'pll.'il there. Mr. Cliiiinbm is slignlly improved. \V. T. Obarsl returned ves- fraiu Fresno, Calif., where she vislled her alslci 1 , Mrs. W. J. Tloadley. During the montli she was In California, she also went (o Los Airselcs, Tnlare. Madera. Han Francisco and Visnliu. [ Mr. antl Mrs. L. L. Waul and son. State, District Club Ofl'ioiaU Will Br Gucsis CUlwiislil|), to lin ijlveii by' Mrs. James n. otui'k, which wus originally nlmnied for lusl I'fMuy ufter- iioon. Mrs. linker iiml Mis. Rob- tnsoti will nlso s\x:uk, FoliowiiiB nils, a conmUUw of nine, limned by Mrs. E. K Blu- president of (lie BIyllicvlllu club, will meet with tho stiilc mill district prcslrtoilfi to nmko final for U>« convention. 'Hie ucsl gratlo paint. sliouUi be w«l wiitu )»u\tl>ij HID top of jtu wlonvobU^ollniwL^e the' Mi*. Khvowl Baker of Oeriiiolt, I l!«slilenl of the Arkuns'as Mule, (edemuiin of Women's clubs, and' Mis. o. L, lioblnson of Uurl<>' pm,-- 1 Went of tlie I' City DlMrit't, 1 I'Vdevalitm, will loe quests of lumor i HI a tpt'clnl ineeliilK of the Wo-' imiii':; d»i> here vvirtuy. when! lilniis will be comulolcit lw uiiiiMal nu-elhiii of 111* 1 illstrlcl. led-! t'ratioii, which is to bn held in I1H-, tily. The thlc cif (he imtetlnu Inn; bfeii M'i fur April :> mid li. with Ihc tfiilulivi' pronvani culling lw the tu'M <lny mill ulglii. stwlcin (u be In-Ill- in niytlu'villi- anil tla 1 l» be hol;l ill l>yev\ Miici.' (|u> Klcauur U<I:B,C- vr-lt I ibriirv Is to h» ilnllculcil. AD Invn.iiion ha:. ben t'XU'iulcil Mrs, HOWITHI. to attend (Ills sen In-, 'llnw will Iji- a iJim-hi'tm in- nununv ut. one oVIai-h. lo which innntiT;, of (he cxecuUv-p bonid, iiinnciTN «r i>H> I'onveaiitm rom- inilKT ;uul (htise piirtieiiHilhui 111 lu- immram Ui folluw, liuve been AldT I hi 1 linu'hci'n, Him 1 will be w 1'iit'l pi'uitruin nil Ainen'.'an HOTYREUEF PAINFUL "What good can I get out;t postcards ihat say 'Ciutght two jish' am! 'Hi, heed!,'.?" - who react the president's message; Miss Alma Peters, who led two six under Superintendent Fritzius and dollnr aivard. .i'lal the attendance has uowl readied 020, s:on, who played a piano solo, "Serenade". In the short business meeting, it was announced fnat Mrs. O. li. Quelmala's group was first and Jlre. Rudolph Morris' group, .second, in the. contest for collection of membership dues.. Each received a Bible Study Meets Seven members of !h' Bible Study of Ihc Church of Christ met : n,Ulhe .liome of Mrs. Howard Gillj i'eslcrday afternoon for their ^reekly sludy meeting. The sludyy taken from the ninth jnid tcnlh chapters of Romans. wiis "Jed by Mrs. Gill. The meeting was closed with a prayer by Mrs. Brn- 11 io Cook, Tlie eroii|) will meet.-nest Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Cook at her home on Walnut, Slrcul. Hare Dinner Tarty Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shane i lerlained 12 of their friends at dinner party last night at their Inline when Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ivy. of Osceola, were Ihc cnlv oat of town giKrs,:j:. Tlic dinner was served at small tables which had jonquil centerpieces and were arranged in the living room and sun room. In (lie* bridge games which followed dinner,' Mrs. W. L. Homer received « dozen custard cups for women's high, and Mr. ivy was given a double deck of cards for men's high. l-'ili-rlaiu With Dinner A crystal bowl of ^iiaiiclragons in ihe paslcl similes illumimUcd by pink tapers in crystal holders fonned Bits of News Mostly Personal Ihc attractive centerpiece of llic dining table when Mr. and Mrs. C .W. Afflfck entertained 11' friends at dinner Tuesday night. Following flinncr. llie p,ue?1.s pUiv- ed bridge. Mrs. 13. A. ' Lynch w,is high among the women and received handkerchiefs. C. A. Gun-1 niitghuin mis yivcn hainlkcrchiels for men's hifjh. Tiviiis Born Twin daughters Here born tu Mr. mill Mrs. Samuel C. Owen curly this morniiij at (lie ulylheville lios- pitnl. 'Vlie "babies, who weisli live anil a half and six an;l ;\ luill lK>uiid^. have been nanictl tistelte yuc and L'.itua (>ouisc. .Sudbmy I'. 'I'. A. illrels Miss Rosa Havdy was the pim- cil>al .sneaker at the meeting ol Ihe Sudbiiry. Parent Teacher asso-j cinlion when it met yesterday alt-! crnoon at Ihc school. Miss Hardy's! subject was the meeting of the I National Parent Teacher associa-) lion which she attended last year. I Others who appeared on the j program were: Mrs. H. G, I'nrllov;, j Persons! To Fat Git is Uaufihttr Horn Mr. and Mrs. Earl Williams an-, iiounce the birlli ol a daughter last night at their home on North First street. The baby, who welsh- ed seven pounds, has not been named. L'lik'rfains Ciulj Jonquils and spring (lovers wen: used throughout tlic house nnd at the cento-pieces of tlie small tables yesterday when Mrs. Fanisworlh Black entertained members of the Wednesday -Bridge club-for luncheon. Besides Ihe members. W Everett B. Gee. Mrs. A. li. Thomas- fcn, Mrs. \V. A. Afflirk. Mrs. W.'D. Chiimblin and Mrs. Thotims K. Mahau were guests. In the bridge games. Mrs. W. J. i\yrmtlo || | ji '.vas elub high IUH! Mrs. BiiKcr Wilson second high. Mrs. Gee received the guest award. * * r Chili Has tiucsls Mrs. o. H. Willcy and Mrs. I'Veii Haiina were Die guests of Mrs, M A. Taylor yesterday adcrnooii wlicu she entertained members ot Ihe Wednesday Contract club »1 l:er home. Vases of sijiiii;; dowel's were arranged in (lie living room where bridge was pluycd. The sprint, rclicine was fuidier carried out in seasonal (allies. In Hie bridge gainrs, Mis. Hiram Wiley received (lie club prize, hos iery. and Mrs. Hanna. (be prize, handkerchiefs. A salad plalc was .served al the conclusion of ll'.e card games. 'M'lhnul slnVl rfii-lin^ i,r 3Mfl fil- tir. -atiinc c 4 M(\r- inotn rrpsrriptinn TaliMs n clay _ to Ihr illr.-clkms. inilil you hn\v In^t cnouph fat—then sli>n MarmolA Prcsciirlion Tablets liavc hccn Fn!«l Irt Ihc li'iWic for ninrc lhan Ihirly ytars. Morn lh:m twenty million Ixixc.i have bc-rn ili.^lriliutC'd durmz thst pcripil. only for fat VPTjon* ivlio Hrc nortflal unit tiealthy pthenvi^i 1 anil uhn..- i;. < a<]Kpd by hypO'lhvratliMn \villi nc.'oivipanv. inc ,'utnoi-ntal tiiclalwlic vatos. No othn- rxctpl under thrsr conditions anil acvonlin^ lo Uif tloFsii:*' .''s n.rontin.'nil.'.t. Wr do not make nil' 'iiRHni'MS as llial is Ifie function of >onr iihy^irian. >> no iuu*( It? ! i-on^ullrd for That purivijc. 'Ihr (-fjiiii)lclc formula is include! in every pHclias*. i!<:trt with MnrniolR today »ud win the slender , lovely figure that is rightfully >yuii. . J ¥ Ffiday-SaUinlny- Sunclay All Day ChoioUitu Fruit Filled Huns, curb Cherry Nut Hread, lu;il Uatc i\ut 12' 1/t-f us make those party takes. voltH and mints. I'limic no Mrs. Ezna Henderson mid Mrs.' Sadie Stanley, of Dell, were in Memphis yesterday on business. Mis. LcGroin Whittle spent yesterday in Victoria with her cousin, Airs. James Mieurer. Mrs. Edgar Skinner left Wednesday moiling for Seyijell where she will visit relatives. Slie phins (o return tomorrow. Mks Lily Jenkin.s of Kiplcy, Tenn., is the gnesl uf her cousin, Etldic Biirks, and &frs. Burte. Mrs. Thomas yv. sijiler. formerly i of here and now of HiitUcsbiirtj, Lloyd, returned today iiom Fort Meyer, Ha., where they spent scv- cr:il weeks. The coiuitiercial airlines are Ihe leaders in Uic installment ol new- In.stninicnl.'i. They hare paved the way lo many ol the most important navigation instruments. COTTON SEED l>. P. I,. Nn. II rirsl ^'ear Vrom Ilrpcilcv C'nsloin Giniied BRAXTON GILL Dell, Ail:. Caused bj r Tired Kidneys M.,i,|' ,1 II.,«, caa»iii|:, naiiclni!. |.:.iut«l :l ('.'[( ':•" cm" !'l 1° I.V ''ti'.° ll" k i. I li A t-^':' I "l 'i! I i,y bo r,.|icv..| »l,,.|i (,,,,ii'<l h, Hi,, riulil «jy. Tlmki.liicviinro Xulur..'»i'l,iil >»>• ul Uil.ln B •X.iM l..uh EULli ]),,{.^>1U,ILM ^t:L^lt< l-ut III Iliq it !,M..'ll i.roi.lnni.vmilxiyt Ll liintHrt ilny u[ tl tl'm 1,1 miles i;l "ki<inr.v lulira nii.l lillrn It 1^' 1.1,1,4. Tl'u-.-n j»..i.-i,in tuny i-t:ut ii:H!uiiiB -MIJ. Tliry ui'o l.,.|,|y Kliel i,iM «i |IP||, .I iuilt.i t.( liilucy tul/-« Iliuh lu'liu 'I'iK'licallv Now lilei'trii- Wilier Iloiiler {I iMo. Old (iliiintnU'i'tl lo lie in New ConilUiun A (Iirilltn^ sitvinjr i-o ., 'ish <J t li rv M;I U U 't.:i I l«Htub', ncut'it novruy CLOTHES iiml r$hct the Cay Sfriril of Sj>ring COATS vSUITS'-TOPPERS 'l''iiii'lie(l willi UK." imi!>•!<• of I'linsiaii Slylinu! l''its!i- ioncd in the ncui'st iind mnsl inlri^diin; uf ;tn<l in'ii'cil wilh iiH'raliblt: inodtTafion. SI vies .75:'to $29.75 Sport Tu\vii <uiil l.,a Vo^iu' Dn/sscs and {loslumr Snils Htylvs in Color Cnmbinalions, in fnilnrt.'!! Mutton 'i'rimiiH'd Drosses with hlcndod Tnpiifrs. («'ar- iiii'Hl.s liiat are I'ricL'd $.10.75 lo $2-1,715 (Hlifr dif.sscs in Slicrrs aiui I'rhds. f)»« uml l-vn anil l.agKKr XVash Silks. i IX)VKI,Y ADAillvVriON MOSlKixY KAIH) CORSKTS BAGS OLOYLOS TKI' Mam' INTO si'ui.Nt; AND i'i"i' vorit TOOT I)0\V,\ S.MAft.TI.V IN A I'AIK <)!•' -l^c/, or Natural Bridge Shoe.- , (-../- n r- t t(J ->(), /,) Olhci' Hrar.ds—Smart C»l«r ('innliiiKiliims t \- Slyii's Inclusive features in Hu-se I'n- slilui> Uilc Shuts. Sec llic Style Slimy at t.lie Kit/, l'Vnlay Evoiiing (Kurnivcl.v New I'A'ijiiumy Shup) . U*si Hum U)Hdou SUQUIP, doeb; ua IIBVQ anv «lectiic.uiet«r luspcc- \ wrs nllliough Ihero <re 21.0*0 consumers ol Hie utility.• In.Ui« suburb SKK (IKAHEK'S SMAtiT FASHIONS ON PAUADK ATTHKKinTHHAJ'KK FRIDAY NIGHT \ • ' Graber's Spring Fashions MANNISH SUITS With that Fresh Spring Look! $095 $1095 $1C95 VlU(ll lllui'ks iltcys 'fans EXTRA SPECIAL $10 Suede Stroller' SUITS sij.i's it tn ;;u i •luulvil iiiumtity in Ihtsi. altrnctlvi. Z-iilH'i; sin l» in ooliirx »r S li i I in [>, UasiilK'rry, (iuld, l!nl«i\ (in'y mut UlUP. «(•([. 510 VJllMCS. DCHiltlflllly laildivd or now chalk stripe;;, pencil '.U'llics uml llwriimuoiie OTIIVCK . . . every !«tr- uipnt. cxiH'illy nui(Jo from Kcunliic men's Mill woolens, 8(Mw v> to 20 and 311 to -H Kverybotly's Talking/ About these Knclianlinyly New Stroller Suits $ Cit'y, llcJj(« ,Slirliii|t KuspHcrry Vtl nvil Uluc Uolil Tlu-y'rc Die rn(ju of llic £«ison! SiniirUy tailored iwo-plccc uarmcnli; of Tweeds, Fleeces, and Succlc I'huincls. Dahhins fliv- ticr-tlp lenntli Jiickcts Hint may l>c tiscd a-s it Koptnato uarment. Sizes 12 to 20 am! 3D lo •!•!. • So Smart! So Inexpensive! SUEDE TOPPERS SUKDK l^,ANNEI,S - .Ul.BBCKS - TWEBDS J98 $798 $1095 $1C I a In 2 l';vcry«linc yon K« -you'll seo Sucdu Tojipei'.s llu; hivoritc Coat for sjirlus!- These arc cxccntloimlly niiinrl ivilli their Tuxwto and Slrcntnllncd fi'oiils, roll rallnrs, emhroltlcred mill well sroni lnpol.5 Ucaullfiil salecn linings. . ' : Klruwbrrry llrljc I)»wn RMv (lold Illur G'ay New Print, DRESSES Navy Tl\e cream of llic crop In Dresses nrc iliisly KIWI; Ihc dasliinu new Ellk-scrcen Prints and "hies Sllk-jjrlnlcil linens, nl.vo now Nuts, Imidun Tun Shccr.s, nnd Roiimlnc Crepes . . . all ""•Jii'il shown In 'a' large selection of exclusive "Is .n.vles. Sizes 12 to 20 nnd 38 lo 50. 98 i'ti re 'Silk HOSE 59c 79c 98c 'lilt! ll.'iraiiii Tan Glillcr Q95 $1O 75 I'lia-hasc Silk Frocks 1'rinls SJt.lfS VillllOS Dills Stri|it-s A value, sciisaliiiii! Chilled, skirls laltorcil models, new flared ^lilc."!, Kton and }h>lrro nioii- cls . ,M . licinilifully styled «t tilk ci-cpcs. \Vc reiiciU— "A Vul- tio ' " Sec Our X c iv S i> r i n f Dresses at S2.98 ant! ! S:i.!)8 HATS are Hie right HATS —SJIAKKSKINS 98c 98 SiUicily vellnl .... Vlowcroil . , . and nciv Sport Styles. Position Hats. iXfexican rollers, bowl brelons. darling pillboxes .and ofT-facc models at two v;iHio- eiving prices. GRABER'S FOOTNOTES "ark ' ,\j e «- open and closed-too saiiSats . . . Pumps, „. ''.""• *i«l Tle.s in the smart Spring styles. Calf. Gnbar- '•"'>' -line, Kid and I'alchl. Cuban, Boulevard and Con- twinier Tan thicn'tal heels. Sizes 3','. lo- !). Widths AAA to C. ? RABER'S KTOiBVA' %W" STORES

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