The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JULY 2-1, 1930 BLYTHEVIUiE, (AKK.) COUIUER-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'r»o cent* a word lor flrtt insertion and one cent a word for fach jub«<jutnt insertion. No »dverll«ment taken lor less than BOc. Count tho wordi and send UM <*sh. Phone 30* OUR HOARDING HOUSE By Aheru CORAUE STANT01S and MLATU CQPVPIGUT IQ5O & CHELSEA MOUSE; ITOK SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week Irom now on. Marilyn Halchery. 20ck-tf VACATION TIME Take That Trip In a Good Used i Car. You will liave Ihe use ol ilic | car while you're there and also I save traveling expenses. Make your Selection From The FolloivhiK List of Used Cars. Lowest I'riccs and Easiest Terms. 11123 Model Whippet Couch.. S^' 19;I3 Mcxlcl Ford Kuaililcr ..§275 1828 Model Chevrolet Tour. ..5195 1930 Sloiltl l-'ord Coujic ... S5M 1323 Model Essex Cu;ich .. $255 1027 Moili'l Ford I'onlui Sedan ?IIJ5 1930 Model Fonl Tudor Sedan $195! 1926 Model Buick Sedan ... $175 1929 Model Ford Sid. Coupe S125 1929 Model Ford Spl. Coupe $3G5 1028 Model Chrysler U Sedan §375 102G Model Ford Touring Car $85 We will accept your old car as pan payment on one of the above late Model tort Cars. See Us AT ONCE—Phone 811 TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers FOIi SALE-One 24x51 lee Box (chest), one 2G" meat block, one 10 gallon water coaler. All in llrst-class condition. Call at 105 N. Second St. ' Kck2S 1IKUIX 1IKIIP. TOHAV Jl'lll'l'll lill.t.NT, nrllnl o-J»l, liivm ALAN SI'KV.M:, n« ntnii ilui'ii 4MU:itMV MIIUI.I'.Y, Ill-r lir*l frit-nil. Chiiinni)- hml InVfil Mi-jnv jenr* IIBU mill liixl h*r mriiKiry i\hrii h,- iienl nivayi an. IJiuiifth KL- Invvh JiiJIlli. .ludlll. ln»l*li. IIL- must mnrry C'liumiuy, "In, rrxnln* hrr moiimry wtirn k[ir fct-oa lilm ricnln. Jlidilli HlnillrK ilnnrluK iinil lil'i-oiuri, n slur In n nhinv liuckril liy HUH Hill « V(IM Inter. liu«- IIKCIII for tlrli lllU'Ci: til DUO N. Mhu I* liifntillUril Vilrb Ill-r. MiMimYbltr, rhiiiuiiiy li'iirrm Ju- illlh mill SlfyiH' lire In luir nml hrt-nk*. Iicr i-npiiBi-mi-'il. ''"I -I' 1 ' IMIIiir lilm >!<• liriiinnii "> dill V. Aflrr mini- iminlli". •'"- il[lli lii-lll-vc» flimniiir "'"' Mfjriie huve rrmimrij Ihrlr fti^ii^riMfiil. Ntilrun lrn|IK Juilllh In hi* kinih*- mill irh» In Eillnrk li". liul •.!'<• -fci-ihn-it. 'nii-ii lit* p:oe*> In IIIT lin- l,-l nnil iuk< hrr In innrry Mm. Shr ri-fil.r., iinil hr "»ki IIIT iv kf • lip h:i* Ifil him <m If nbe- did iio< cnrr fur him. NOW CO OX WITH Til!' S'I'OltV CHAPTER XXXV111 «T'VH lohl you," Jin!.* to1 '' (;1 'leon -^ quietly, "lo i>ay you back for what you said t> Mr. Stornaway nboul ino." "So you've been cherishing that all (be lime';" "I've carried U In i«y mind. 1 "You revengclu;, sitileful, li.ileful liillc call" He spluttered the wonls out. He lookdl at her murderously but she was no longer afraid. "You can call :no what you like," the said. "That night, ivlicu your bister camo lo saniier at your flat and sneaked aivay and lefl me alono wllli you, and you locked your fronl door—did you want lo nial-y me Jhen?" X.sud<£n stillness fell In that, very ordinary hotel Bittlns room. "Uhl you want to marry uic Uiat nigiit? 11 she asked again. "Not thai I know of." "Are you lylntf to me?" "U'B a tnlnjr Iilon't often do." She smiled 'mockingly. "I (1ml the artd llr lrce» and hr.iwlinK ulih tlio inile KUU iihnutnalluK It. lint for Ilio Ingralllude of It. she woutil liavu ikvlilnl then and lliere truth serves mo well oiiout;l>. now I tlitnk you'd teller BO. suit nn auiiolntment In a few mlii- ulcs," TTM lurned. toward the iloor. Hagc •*- * and hatred were In Ms soul, and tlio madness of baffled desire, whlcli would companion him for many a day; bill ho controlled himself. "1 shall try to nr.iko yon change your mind. 1 Kluill live for that!" "You'll waste your lime." flic salil. "You'd much better forget nil iilxmt me. I'm EallinK for bweden next week. I shall lie awny all the rest of ttio nimmiCT. I'm plannini; lo live abroad a tood deal." "1 sball follow yon." "Well. I ilon'l ndvlse you to." "I sban't li,3 alilc lo belli myself. Judy! Her na::ie came groaklnsly from his lln:;. 11 was an appeal. Even now lie could not understand; tiul she made a little s;esl»re of ills- missal and he had lo go. Sbe followed him to the door and watched him KO along the corridor His srcat hulk limit; forward; In shambled, boweil at ihe shoulders. She thought ho looked like a mountain nbont to tnmblo down. Stio was not quite, sure that them was not a scrap of pity for him in her heart. She went back lo Iho couch ami Eal down, her hands hanging spiritless beside her. Sbe had been false lo what Bhe had meant lo do. She had meant to marry Gideon— for Chnmmy's sake And hint lo give thai dance. She fell till I've of a sudden that It would uo mi- lucky. Unit It would bring evil tn Us train, lly the lime she rtachcd her destination, she (Uraik'd Iho heautlful "Suite Hcofsalse" as lliosc tjlVL'n to Biinerblitluu dread tho evil c-ye. 1 S it happened, (be "Suite Kcos saisis" ?i i l tiiu si\il on Judy's c:i eur. The norltiern cunntiies v.-on nail ahoul H. Tliero was Hoiucllilin, n that Interiu'ilatlon of hers, mud ilaboraU'd since fcbi! liad Innccd II 11 1'inprot-tila \n llrne jlilcon'9 music room, that nrousc i siicclcs ut nervonj cnthusiiisiii 1 he l)ehtilflers. (lossiclvllsi-h vent to Ktorlcholi uitl] her, and tn CiiiifnliiL^t-u, and Jo Christiania. and to Ki'Veral ollu-r *'OK -KfcfO FOR RENT-August lot, one office, Ingram Building. Inquire farkhurst Company. 9c-tf. FOR RENT—Three room Pat, all modern conveniences. 1013 West Walnut St. Call 078.' ISc-tt FOR RENT— Modern six room stucco house, bath and double garage. One and one-hall lots corner Missouri and Franklin. Has been newly decorated. Kent 535.00 per month. Also a live room frame house $12.50 per month, Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. 21ck28 WANTED Those forces and feelings tbat lie She bad meant to prove to Alan dormant in Hie hearts ot men were Bctivc and' astir. The room quivered with them. H was an almos- jiliere as of battle. The two measured each other as adversaries, and realized that [ill along they had been engaged in a fight. And the man knew that he had lost. In into the Grant, and be knew that he had lost far, far more than just a yirl , whose beauty and charm Ills covct- tlioso moments lie looked naked pnul of little Jndy Slcyne once nnd for all that she was worthless and rcaily lo sell licr- ;elf for sold. That would have done the Irick, she knew. Slcyne wouli have loathed and despised-her, and would have turned to Chummy. Ihit she couldn't bring herjclf to do it when It came to the poln She was a coward—that was tbc trulli. Her triumph was n failure afler all. With a tremendous sigh she wen anil tidied her hair, changed lowna in Uie Scandinavian countries. Ho comhicleil his musk. The (wo wi'rc on termn of the closest friendship. Judy wnnncd to Hie idanh.t's genius for life, as well as to bis avt. In many ways she found a kindred soul In him. Judy was very happy, as an artist must bo when her work nut only satisfies herself but delights Ihe liuljlic. Sho knew that she had i vcr done anything heller tluin e Scotllsh. danee. She knew H ' II hurl her KO much. Uach me she danced II it hurt her more, hen she closed her cyea and loughl of Alan'H liltle houso :nout' Ihe I.Ialno hills; nnil thai as always the mdment that rough! Ihe liousi! down. Closslelvitsch told her one morn ig that lie hail heard from Gidenn lu had been III, and was al Aix les rank lurr. fllilmn li'ofci'd innrft iko lule ni^ht-^ and si'If.iiuhilr'.iMK'O hail like a mre at A!x. He never oolc lii:i ryes <i(f Judy. nOSSTKIVITSM.'U went In to pay '^ Hi,- bill, ami Juiiy and CiiK-rn M'D li-ft aluue in the cui.['iTchul "Yi:ii are lint luoktiiH well," Mr. I'llisoh," the Klrl i-ald. "U's your fault," he lui-iwvreil crnasly. "01'. la. l.i! 1 hrar yon'iv to l.c iniirr!.-il, :i(in' all." • "T!;,' s-ai:ie hulyi" "Yi.-." ; Juili Luiulieil. "1 ilnnk you're very ivlni^. Ainl ynn >.iiil you hail -tu luiy 5J 1 . 1 i,m>.) to s.-l out i.f it." "Th ;l was yiuir fault." bo sniil. llh Yni.c IVLIH sliai[t wlili exi.ii'ii.i- Itnu. "Ainl here ymi uro iinuiihij; il, wlib Cojalulvltsi-h lo make luvo ous eyes had desired. He saw her!hat, j lu t on a light wrap, and wen pride and' her strength and her downstairs, asking the hall porte purity, and he was awed. |io call her a cat). She was di:c- a lie had looked right Inside tlio one of tho smaller concert halls a shell ot Judy Grant, whom be Md'slx o'clock. Grcgor Gosstelvitsc considered fair gamo from his WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and. ironed by .competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S Lake SI. 17ck-tf AT ONCE-SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent positions: , cleriCRl, mechanical salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries S25-S160. weekly, transportation [unlisted. BOX 1175 CHICAGO, ILU 23pk24. LOST point of view, and lie bad seen something (hat made him turn his eyes away. "So this Is your revenge!" ho Eaiil, and his voice broke. "If you like lo call il so." lie looked at her with somelhlng plleous in ills eyes. "I suppose I deserve It. I shall Buffer for It; but I shall try to make you suffer, too!" "That's what I should have expected of you, Mr. Punch." "1'erhaps you'll cbango your mind." "It's not likely." LOST—Black leather hat box containing ladies wearing apparel from car Sunday at Bixtli and| Main strrets. Dag has initials R. F. H. $^.00 reward. No questions asked. Hiijhlill Cotton Co., ]ilione 352 24ck28 i "Are you golug to marry anybody was coming there to n room tba hey had hired. Ho was bringing friend to play OTCT to her ccrtai parts of-the "Suite Ecossaise" tlia be had composed for her. He had not beeu satisfied wit Iho finale the last time, nnd si was to dance It in Stockholm at a early ,late. He could not play il himself, because of his broken —which, however, was doing as well as could be exiieclcil. As she drove lo Iho hall, her depression spread itself over the wonderful Scollish ballet music of the young master, anil she wished lie had nerer writlcn it for her. Through her closed Mils she saw that gray-green sccno ot moiiutaiu Quite suildciily. one day, Gldcoi •lipc-arfcu. U w.'iu about six week ater, and Juiiy was ilancini; In Her Gobslclvitsch was leaving th party, as ho had news of Iho ser ins illness nf his mother, who llvei n Home, lie camo in one nioinin lo Judy's silling room, with hi customary luiiich of flower?, a :old her thru Gideon AV.IS wilh parly of yachtsmen who bad pu into the port for a few hours. "lie lias oficred to take me acros lo Hull, mademoiselle," be e: plained. "It ivill bo Iho nuickc: way, for (hero is no bout uutil I morrow, and they are leaving th evening." "1 shall mif=s you, monsieur," fil answered warmly. "And 1 ilo hoi you will Hud your moliicr bcller She did nol even menlioii Gideo KO tho pianist returned to the aub-i jccl. ".Mr. Gideon hopes you will allow him lo Fee you, mademoiselle." She shrugged her slionlders. "Oh, all right," she said carelessly. "If you would like to ar- rani<3 it, monsieur." When the time came, slie found that she bad no feeling at all about meeting Gideon. They drove out to Iho little- cafe in lliu woods, where Jmt-- ordered coffee sm) U'.e men lo yon!" I'Ki.'.liy. I think you're vory coal':.-." the ulrl relumed linn'ly. other men by yoursrlf." ''1 sliau'l mairy her mm 1 1'vo en i.iii imalit. .luily," lilikun taid. Thai's riiltciiloiis. You ought lo arry ber." "Tlicre'b nhvays n chance.' 1 '"IT,TO isn't tbc ghost of one, r. I'niii-h—talic my vviml for It." Ho U-anoil arrops the lalile. A? iiicb ^c-milnc passion as lie wua vcr likc-ly to feel glowed in hi. •cs. ".liu'.y. your name will always hi rilk-a on my hcarl," he said. "Only, Mr. I'unuli—only liccaus on ti.nldu'l got me!" He ]aia!iud bauk his Iroii clialr he fi'i-i uf II ground un Ihe sloi: •>o..' ami set bcr teeth on cdye he ii'sc. to". Gosstulvllsi'b cam ul. Thi-y iveut lo tbc car an eaileil bark to Hergcn. Ji:st before hbo started for Hi healer, a unto was brought lo hu- iv hand. II bad bcuii Kent befor be yarht talh-il, and was from (ill 'mi. !!u ro^rnac'bed IILM- for her In lavirir to liim, and saiil ho wuul ic in 1'arij for her iiutumn To wrote oilier foolish things, such •\s a man writes iviinso crnotliuia ire out of baiul. Jmly read them with curll!ii; !i|i3. Ilul II.e sliug was hi Ihe lall. al- lhoui:b be wrote the postscript quite ini'i'ceutly: . l)y the «ay. Slor:iav.-;iy writes me t!i:it your falr-h;:irt'd frleml, T\Ii=s Morl'.'y. and her young man arc gcttijiy marrii-il at last, f wonder if you iliilu't know. You useil lo be so much worried about her. Jmly rufuFPd to dance the "Snilo bisleil in her retinal, nlllioiigh lliey trlt-d lo per.-uadc her lo cbango her mind. She was to slad ilial Ciniiiimy was {joins; I" l:o luippy. It hud Kll cumo oul riiihl: bill she wouldn't ilaucc the Sluttish dance ih:H iilnhl. Slie did not dance (lie Kcollish dance, hut she (lanced us she had never before. ('i'o 3ic C'outlnurd) 5r(6 Pti-f E5CROUJ READ A MdkilVl TROW AC-fRSSS I'M HERS A^SD M6 PROM15F5 BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES ft,\ TWO MINDS—AND TWO THOUGHTS By Martin A LOT EAS'KK DORIS: Pa|>:i is iinincnsely pleased to hear you arc a pom. YOUTH: Is he? DORIS: Oh. very! Tile last of my boy friends lie tried to throw- out, was an amateur uoxcr.—An- swers. Spanish spoken by most Mexicans has undergone n change similar to that undergone by English siraken by Americans. NOTICE From May 1 lo September 1 )u r dental offices will be closed •ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. II. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? nook your coal orders now. for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or' call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. H. K. Oflicc 107 Phone Res. A. T. and T 215'1 Aviation G'i Chrysler 31 3-8 Cilics Service 28'i Coca. Coin Fox General Electric ... General Motors .... Origsby Grunow ... 1. T. nnd T llonlgomery Ward . Packard 145-0 Radio 44 Simmons United Gas 3G 3-4 U. S Steel 165 HO 7-8 47 71 1-8 -15',; 14' 45 3-4 36 UIGIIT F111ST TIME "What did your father say when you told him of cmr engagement." the young man asked his girl friend. "Guess." she replied. "Give It up. dear.' "Why. that's exactly what he said," she burst out. "How did you ever know?"—Tit-nits. Sonic rivers of Siberia flo\v over ice many years old :iml nearly as as rock. TACT PETER: !\ love me? MOTHER: mnmic. do you really Why of course, dar- PETER: Well, why don't you marry the man who keeps the c.m- dy shop? Answers. iM>i;i:n "Well. Tommy. 1 Kre your brolh- rr hns a b:u:ilii^i".l haiul. Has he had an arc-idem.'" ' "Yes. sir. Rpcklrs-s driving." "All, a motor cur, 1 presume." "O!i, no. sir—a nail."—Leeds Enylanc!. Mercury. Taffy, tlio favorite c-'Mifectiun of | northern seaside resorts, trrccs it.s name to the South Kca Island ol Java. An kvbir;: lioats with nine part of its bulk miller water and onl one abcivc. The averauc icuber wciyhs upwards of 100,000.000 tuns. V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily frlps to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-3315 WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Syslcms Fhono 52 Ingram Bide. Blytiieville, A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Y<x> CANT TAU& "msse BOVS UP, RtDOIKlS.... IF AHVBODV / r> U ' ( HOW r.-.^JOOi-oH'T Co FOR ( W£ To SAY Too WCH X NOT JUST VET. DOES iT, 1'LL'DO IT — 60TTA TO Ki A PLRME New York Cotton NEW YORK. July 2-1. (UP)-Colton closed steady. Open High Low Close July .... 1263 IMS 12-H Oct.. old 1'290 1300 1250 Ocl. new 1275 1275 1343 1315 1269 1317 12% 1316 1332 Dec. old Dec. new Jan. o!d Jan. new Mar Mav Spols closed rmiel al 1205, of! 25. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July =•!. (UP)Cotlon closed steady. Open Hiqh Lou- Clo.-e ... 1242 1242 .... 1280 1230 1260 1236 1236 1258 12S6 1320 CHICK MAKES THE I'KONT I CMl OH ^£>V, USTUI TO OH1CK &UNN'"i BEELV1 h COV CWJ&HI CURBING Of f "VULKV PORCH WORHWG VJf.tsR SOt-lEl 'SORT OF =;!i vie. CUT VWV CHlC< 12l6b 1253 1271 1277b 1298b 1314 WO'.M.evtWVONE VUtOWN'VL v,t evtw II ^N BLTal-UP G1B1- UCVLT ECOU IDOH'T W40W VOU'LL DO GOCS THPOUOH1T .WJGM SOME MAi FOR tHF-TRCTURMOV VOUTH 1O ME - VJVW 1 'i He TO FROM NOW CN Vtt ^ MARHEt) rUvM.GOSU\WlNTtL CHAWS Sf\X? May -.... 1334 133-1 1314 Spots closed quiet. at 1244, of! 25 C\ PM imb- t tr pm- •bery :een-

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