Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 22, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1896
Page 6
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The Governor of North Carolina said to the Governor of South Carolina "BATTLE AX" is the most tobacco, of the best quality, for the least money. : Large quantities reduce the cost ofi | manufacture, the result going to the con" sumer in the shape of a larger piece, for less money, than was eyer before possible. BEST IN THE WOFRL.Q n««plnB the Syatem In * Healthy Condition. CURES Haadab* , -OUKES Constipation. Aota on th« Uv«r and • Kidneys,- Purifla* «*'. Mood. Dlspals -Colds and F«v«ra. BeautiTlo* the Complexion and * «>|*a*ln? and Rofrashlnff ttvthctTarta. SOLO"itr ALL DHUQQI9T*. ,**•* nicely UloiHTate4 »lsr.lity-*»re .IJneirtB ; 8««ry Book r»»ra''«o <r*«ry purchMW •• « ' Pfice 'Xe. A»k j«o« dnmM-*<- ti»ojjj« T»» Ofc. Curt W»r»^ *+• jHESTORATION OF .OIL. WELLS!. (M* Electric Hentor DeilfCDcd to Cam* th« ' . Renewed .JTlow. The general theory concerning- tha ^xbaustion of so mony oil wells is that fda» ; oil, in passing through' the stone, I^UM!logged the "porous stones with par. &&>» in such -quantities that tlie , fur- lufcr flow i* stopped, and .the well .ceases f*> .produce. Ill many, cases, says tie 'fAgf of Steel, the stapiply in the, earth has [not given out, but only ceases to flow - tfi'e exit 'is stopped. The'stoiie the Oil passes is of a. Very iiature.-'and, as the liquid is in ta-ernde state, tibe thick matter become* .» .dregs, settling, in .the rock near the ie«Jg«s of -the bottom of .the Syell. Tor- rpedocs have been used to shatter tilie etone at the" bottom oft/he well,' thus fireaki'ng up the'tloggitxf matter, but this -method 'is expensive. A "new method Iconsists in lowering- a pecull;ar)y-con- Wtrncted eJectric- heater into the .well. iThe jnoachine, which is,cigilit feet Jonp and, reseniblea tin, iron cartridge, is 1 ipfacecl in the bottom of t'he well and t'hf jcwrent regulated so that the heater 1 pwceives just enough foproduceonenoi - -- : |motis» heat -xvi-'Uiout melting the metal. JBjr-.-ftnis peculiar cons-tTuetion of the caerb'on-pack«d chajnbers. the intense.- ffteat is radiated -about. into the rock.in. 'an directions. Thus 'the paraCfinc ancl . <rtlier i-efnse are softened and melted •jrp so thnt they run. nnd when the well '1s started : a' fresh flow takrt place, just as strong as it did when the well was Justauak. .. ..... .:,.-,. ,, Drqwn«fi ]ltm»olf. , retoskey, Mich.,' Sept. ''21.^-J. 0. 3Jr»gg, who has been in jail ut Harbor Springs for .the last six weeks charged "i«i*li crimes against young girls of .^ftout ten '.years of age, escaped about , ,<n5jfht) o'clock Saturday night and cd himself iu Little Traverse bay his escape was noticed." He had nped. while the .guards were setting. •gpa stove in the main corridor, leaving •JBe.door open.. _ . ____ . '. ; . ; It Depend!. ; Mrs. Anteclc — Do you think it brings. good Jtick to walk under a church, awn• " ' ' . Itight Don. George Ltenman Dead. -London,. Sept. '21 — 15t; .Hon. George Denman, P. C., formerly judge of the queen's . bcnph ..division "of. the, high court of justice, died Monday. ;' . . . On. Her. Way Iloipe. • , , : 'Washington, Sept. 21.— The. appren-, tice training ship Alliance sailed Monday from Lisbon to Madeira,' homeward bound. - .... : . • ••: , THE MARKETS. •/ '.- ' Grain, Provlslonii, Etc.' 1 • .'ChlcaRO, ' Sept. 21. f LOUR— Moderate demand and steady. Quotations were as follows: Winter— Pat- ent8.- J3.«®3.CO; stralghts;'S2 C0@3,20;.clears. 81500260- seconds, J1.90S2.M; low,. (Trades, $1 7502,00. Spring — Patents, J3.3S@3,75; straights, J2.GO(3i3.-20;:baHor3 1 . $2.10@2.'25; low Brades, $1.5001.75; KcdBog, $l.20@1.4Q; Rye. $2,00©2.20. ' - - . ' ... • "WHEAT— Moderately aoth v e and 'lower. September, - G9!^@TOHc; December, • ,COVi@ CIVic: May, G-)V4@6C14c,. . . CORN— Weaker. No. 2, 21S)2Hic; No. 2 Yellow.' 21',f.@21%c; i October,. .21c and 21»4c; December, _ .,. Mr. Lcimons— Not for the bridegroom. —Cleveland Pladn Dealer; it-.r.ffiiM: it"jlii:)>; und sniiiriiiiR inc. j ecwiaiii, tottor, iuilt-rlieuiii,und othc Svsfthc'slun.io instantly'allayed bj ' Cfiiftrfberfnin's Eye 'nrd Skin ,' •Mnttnenti -Many very buo Sases Jiuvc. been . ^Brmaneiitly^jenj-cd by ,11. ... It. is .cquuih. efficient for itching P^cs nnd n.fayuritereni:. . ady for.sofo'iijpnles; clmuped 2,'ancls, chil- Jflainiy irwtt bites,-'and ; chronic sore : eyes. Jibr «alc by druggi»ti) at. 25 cents per box. • Try Dr. Cady's Condition PqVvdcrs, they LOT just what a horse needs when in badcondi- jSya TOPIC, blood-pu*iC»" and vermifuge. 'OATS—Slow and'lower.' No. 2 ca'sft,' 160 IGVic: October, .ICo;,-May, lS 7 4®il9Hc.. Samples lower. No Grade, 9<3>Hc; No. 3,13©16c; No! 3'-White; IGSlOfto: No.'2,-15@17c; No. 2 White, MkfiMc. .-,-.-! . ; , . -. RYE—Firm, with a Rood export demand. -No. '2, 32(5)32M:<;; '-No. 3, 31031^0, and 'No Oracle, 80®31c; December .delivery, 33'/ic. ,. " ,BAnrjE'S.'-rIn good demand., .Common ttyln goods, 22@2Dc,-and po'or demand', 200 Jlc, malting common to goodi 26@29c; choice, 20@31c, fancy aboyo. .,.-.,, , BUTTER — Market firm at 9©14^<"C for creameries, and 10@13c for dairies; : (LIVE -POULTHY—Quiet -Turkoys, CQI 10c;' Chickens, 7®TV4c; Ducks, S@9c per ^ound; Geese,''per dozen; J3;00@G.OO. ',' [WHISKY — Stcndy on the baslsiof J1.1S for hlphwlnes. . , , , . ; - , New York,- Sept. 21. •. FLOUR—State and Western, steady. i' 'WHEAT—No. 2 red declined '%@lo on •large Increase on passage, weaker cables, lower west and foreign selling, ; ralHed '/io. .on covering-, fell %p'on realizing, fairly active, steady. October, CG 11-lCc; November, 6(%c; December, 67K@(!7%c; January, CS%c; May,' TOtoflflO-Tic. , ! CORN'-^No. 2 quiet «,@%c'lower.- No. 2, '28%@2Blc; October, 26%c;-Pecember, 2Sc; ^ . o, 2 dull," steady.' Western, 200 December, 2HAc bid. ----' BEEF— Quiet. Extra Mess, $C,CO@0,00; family, S7.0008.00. . ' .- F5RK— Firm. New Mess;. J7.7608.50. • RD . — Nominal. .Steam Rendered, '. BUTTER—Qulot, unchanged. • Western •Dairy, 8@ll%c: Western'Creamcry, Il@l5c; 'do. Factory. "(jplOJic; Elglns, 15c; Imitation 'Creamery, 9012c. ' • " •••••• , -CHEESE—Firm; PartSklms/SQCc. , EGGS—Choice, fresh, Arm., Western, 11 .©ific. • , ' LlT« Stock. ,' ' . Chicago, Sept 21. ' CATTLE—Mnrke't-'10@13c hlshbr brt : bes't grades; others quiet and -steady,, -Ifalr; to- Best Eficvo3-,"J3.2605.00; Stackers and Feprl- 'erii, }2.^0@3;7£; Mixed Cows a'nd'BullS; $1.250 p.60; Texas, $2.5003.00.. ' • . .,-.. . ...,:,,.• HOGS—Market strong to 5o higher, ilsht, 'J2.So@3.35: Rough Packing, J2 5,"@2.70;'Mlxed : and Butchers',-J2.S;@3.30: Hca*y Pack knd Shipping, $2.75^'3.25; Plfrs. $1.50013.30. LEADVILLE'S 1IIOT. Mob of Strikers Make an Attack 1 ... . on the Mines,' U«e Pynamite and Rifles with Dead* ly Effect—Militia Called Out to Quell the Disturbance. Lendvllle, Col., Sept, 21. — At ten o'clock Monday morning a " ' s quiet here succeeding 1 the terrible events of the 'early morning'. ' The streeta are thronged, however, but there are no new. outrag-es. It-is at: -this hour, .charged that the,.lawlessness Sunday nig-ht was due to u mob of strikers, .p'rhicipnlly from the Couord'Ak'ne, who have long been' breeding: trouble in Leiidville, hn'd'who, seeing- that the strike-• was' nea-ring H ' n end, were determined to make a.final stroire. This assertion is largely made by the.pence- able minprs of.theeamp. Early Sunday, .night there was every evidence thnt the strike was broken'. ' The 'first' lit tuck was made 'on the Coronudo, which "wcis'blovna up: The members of the mob, which mnnbeied not over 50.persons, thenPweiit .to .the ITimmett. Here they were repulsed. The. arrival of the militia is anxiously awaited', 'despite the' nppnn>iit calm. 'The'local companies have been sent to the hills nnd armed citizens are patrolling the streets. The city council met Monday morning- and decided tonidtbc state officers in apprehending- the rioters. Victim* of the Riot. Two are dead,' two arc flying, two ri>- 'ported dead aiid three-injured,-n's n-r». suit of the trouble of the nig-ht. The dead nurl injured are: . . : , Dead: Bert lller, Jaiy.os Bencon. two reported dead at Carbonate Hill. Fatally Injured; Jerry O'Koofe, ilruman; ,Hlesrlns, a miner:. Frank Tolle,. Martin Scott, while jumiilns; John Mnhoney,' miner, who was in the Emmett. Attacked wlt-h l)y:i:imlt« ixnil. lUllutt. The C'oronado mini: was nrtackod with i-'iflcs imd'dynamite by the strik- jng miners at-one o'clock in the morn- in},': and nil nl-ruost- constant :fire of i'Ules-wns kept up for hours. Six mor. are known To be,i.iead or fatally wounded and one seriously .wounded, while there are reports of more futilities. The entire town was aroused nnd in a state of terror. 'Citi/.cns armed themselves in defense. The-destruction -of tin- Cpronado being -assured,, an .attack with rifles,and .ly.namite, \vns .made at. the EinmeU and Marian mines. The flames, at the Corohado g-ot beyond the control of the firemen, and'r, number of frame dwellings with their contents were destroyed. ' ; . •.'."• !l'he strikers interfered with-the work of the firemen,' cut. the hose : and shot Jerry .O'Keefe, .a member .of the fire department, !h the side, inflicting a fata] wound.' At the Kl Pnso, also, the men were attacked by strikers, but left the shaft house and sought'cover:under bushes close by.. • Here they were awaiting the attack.of the strikers, but they did hot come near the property, contenting themselves with firing about a' hun- ,dred shots ioto the shaft house.' Armed men also prowled aJotind'Uhn R. A; M.' mine nfcabout the same-time and fired several., shots into the shaft Louse,-but did not. come close.enough to throw dynamite bombs and fire the;.bund- ings. A great quantity of giant powder' wns burned outside "the- fence of the Emmett mine, but no' ha.rm was done by it. This powder was brought to blow up the Emmett shaft house, but the-resistance .-made to the attack by. the men, on the, inside foiled thestrik-. Gladness Gomes ' si /ith a better understanding of the 1 '^V transient nature of the many'phys- .-.«*l Ills, which vanish before properef- 0<f ts—pentle efft/i'ts—pi ua-sanl efforts— Vhtly directed. There is comfort in *ii;«kno\vledgei ; thnt so'many fo'rms'cf 1 .ir.kness are not due to any ,actual dis- -i^ie, .but simply .to .a cpnstipatrdcono 1 '.</in of the. system, which the plcasar.<; '•jnily hixativo, Syrnpof Figs, prcmpt- .• removes. That is why -it is thu only •mancdy with miUionsof families,.and is ',,v«ry\vhere esteemed so highly l>y all i<•'&<?'value good'health. Its beneficial i.-Sicts are due totliii'fact, thit :tis the. (•::•* remedy which promotes internal, '.''unliness without, dobililat'og the Dylans on which it ad s. < t is therefore .,..r-.niportant,.in .order to jrct its beno- .ia<al effe.cts, to.note when you pur : '•.,«se, that you have the'p-omiine' arti-' '...•K, which Is manufactured by ibc Cali- afnia.Fig Syrup Co. only :and doM by '.iir-sputable.druggists. ' : (Jt in the enjoyment of good health. •Jud the system 'is regular, laxatives! or Vtaer remedies are tben not needed. Jf • ioRictetl. with. >iny actual disease,.one. 'ti*jr bo commended to the most skillful •la.ysicians, but if in need of :i laxative. •We should'have- the-best.- and wi.th the *»i.i!-informcd .everywhere, Syrup, of 'Hge stands higlu'st si ml is most largely smi-^i <rfiinv!il satisfacti.ir) «rs' plans, and fttiring being caught witlK the pow-der on their persons they burned .it, ''•'•' Mllltla'tettvei for LcudvHle. : Colorado Springs, -Gol,-, 'Sept. 21.— The Jocal" militia left, here. Monday- morning on. a special train .for Lead- viiic, ..... , . .SILVER SERVICE FOR INDIANA lt:ifUo Ship Honored hy thn .^tiitc WIio.^c Niiiwo Sl-.fc Uuiirri. • Now i'oi-k, Sept. 21.—Uuv. Jfatthf.vs, of Indiana; and the party o? distin 1 - H'ni.sliod citizens who-iicuompaniedihim 'to this ictty for the purpose 01 presc-nt- ing ».silver service nnd li.brnry to the battle ship Indiana, boarded the United •States dispatch boat Dolphin ofC West 'Thirty-fourth' street shortly after ten o'clock Monday" morning. ' The pnity 'were: joirre'd by a number of Now Yorkers who were former Indianians mid by oflioiais who were to take part, in •the jirog-ramine and other- prominent parsons. E.vProsident. Harrison and Mrs. Harrison .were among the number. Capi.' Evan's received his visitors at the 'gangway of the' Indiana. The'' : =^ip had been mfl.de ready for the-occasion (by-riving nn extra scrub to the white idecks and nn .additional polish to.the .shining : brass woi-k. . ....... i The guests took <i good look at Ui;c)e Sam's best fighting ship and declared her worthy, to 'carry the name '. The services were brief, und 'sisted in the presentation of the service iby Gov, Matthews in behalf of-the s.tate .of-which he is the chief cxenutive and short, speeches by ex-President Harrison and the representatives of the navy -department. After the ceremony the guests were given an excursion on "the : Dolphin to WesfPoint.. ; C'OFFIN' GIVES HIMSELF UP. MAKING SILHOUETTES. Some luitructlon In the Art of I'roduo- Ing Thcio Old-Time Favorite*. Even in the enlightened days, when the art of photography has advance* to very near to perfection, there; ore Still tome oldJashion^d pfeop'le whb cling 1 • with fondness to .these Silhouettes. One freat thing in thi'ir 'favor is; that'the least cl-Bver amcr.jf us may with a little patience and a steady hand, find in them I a pleasing recreation, and'soon become tuh-oikin their, execution, ' But- l there may be some of our young readers who scarcely know what a silhouette is, and uuch unenlightened; persons we, .will endeavor to instruct" in th'c almostf6r- g-otten art. A few sheets of drawing paper, a pencil, and .ojamp, are all the ^•Ksentials needed -totcommence" operations, sdJSJStjrippyThoughts. The o[»crator flrst fixes a sheet of paper ..to. -the -wall, by. inserting n pin in : cach corner. Then the person whose likeness,.or."silho.uette," is to ( be taken, is seated in* aich'air,' close/to Jtb^l w'ali, 1 : in such 11 position as to throw a distinct shadow of his;prbflle (sis nea^;lifesize us po>siblej on the center of the paper. To secure steadiness a ,wine,glass, or pome; such support, is placed, .between. his head nud the wall—for the slightest movement of ten causes failure. Having arranged these matters satisfactorily, the ope;-ntor proceeds to sketch,'with a pencil,' the head and profile of the "sitter;"' and this-requires a steady hand- and some dispatch, as- it is no easy matter |to sit in one position for a great length of time perfectly motion- jess. • When the sketch is concluded, little!skill will be-needed to bring tho tcsk -to un end. 'The operator has only with: a- -sharp penknife to-cut out the iiend'initlielineof th'e.pcucil mark. The center pnrt is then thrown aside, nnd the'other pa-per laid on a piece of black cloth, which throws,out the features boldly, nnd, if sufficient care has been taken, a striking likeness will be the roward. " ' '' '' "' ' ' How Are Your Kidneys? "Ever have your backache? Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney , Pills JCLICfi BOBUS. K. b. re BbamBftUim •igbl'iiDl»««M.D i«-ml«, Pnlni i: theKidntm, PI L'.'iimonUli from tii HMlthy kidn«j« I jmTitj tb« blood l>7 ' jUleHm? from it t other poiiona imtraritlM. t FpSjjggfflp Dr. Hobbi ircffu* Kidney ' I .'- . WIU i, ( K«ur*!j!in, Go--. [»b«tM,Dropir.Ecien>n, , i Abdomen, Hockncbe, ' irxicUnii and drnggiftU BO CenU ft box. Tee- Jj-VorSalc in LOGANSPORT, 1ND., by •fl* Ben Fisher, 311 Fonnh St. and John !•'. Coulton, 304 Market St Canada W»nt«, a I'»pul D /roronto,, Ont., Sept., 21.— An .Ottawa special says, the liberals intend to ask the Vatican that authority of the papal delegate 'in 'the United 'Sta,tes shall extend to Canada,' and that he be author-' ized to investigate' the cbhduet.of cer- lain French Canadian- bishops in there- cent general elections, or else .that a special .delegate be. appointed to Canada nnd commissioned to hold such inquiry; , Child Unruod to Death. , Cass City, .Mich., Sept. 2J'.— The farm- ipuse of Joseph Pettinger, living near lere, was destroyed by fire Saturday niglit and a two-year-old child ' wn3 yurned to death! '.The'motherhad gone o ;o neighbor'B. Mr.; 'Pettinger • dis-. covered the- fire, .-and , supposing the- •hild wns with her mother made no ef- 'ort to save it until too late. . , :-. Serloos ;Mft(iacre» "Reported. :• i VVashington, ^ept. .21,— rMinister Terr rell cables t^he state department that he.. ^ advised from Harpopt that serious massacres have occurred at Koek and Seazs, in the valleyct. 'OfBcials'-6f tho department 1 do not find tlie places on uny maps, but expect further advices on the subject especially if: any Americans have, suffered. ,lndl»napolli. Bank Wrecker Taken to Prison to Serve Uli Senteucc. '• ; Indianapolis, Ind.,' Sept. 21.—Francis' 'Coffin, who was convicted a year ago-of .'complicity in the-wrecking;Of the In-. .dianapolis national bank, but who has been o.ut on-bonds, pending; .an appeal, .to the supreme court, that proved fu- .tile, arrived here on a train from the cast early Monday morning'; 'surrendered himself to Marshal Hawkins and' was hustled awiry to-the northern pris-. 'on at Michignm City, ot:seven olclock, to serve his sentence of eight .years.. There has been .some speculation as fo whether Coffin would appear^ and his long continued absence caused much comment, a's this was the day appointed' ; fbr his appearance.' Coffin is 1 very •downcast. -On the first trial- he waa .given, ten "years, and., was • taken to •prison. .He wore the stripes for. two I hours an.d^was then released on a su- persedeas.' After his second conviction 'his friends made a vain'appeal to the president^' ' " ' '' : ,pQNGOLA.|N HANDS,OF BRITISH. .Deader at Dorvlshen Called Upon to Hui- render. and .Offered Pardon, ... . ', Cairo,. Sept. 21.—Gen._ Sir . H. II. Kitchener, commanding the Anglo" American'Con»ul 'hint of Smallpox.' : Washington, Sept. 21;—The-state de- wrtment'has, r.eecivp<l a ; cnblegram nnouncing the death at Bcyr-ut, Syria; of United States Consul Thomas G,,Gibon, .of smallpox! Consul Gibson -Avas appointed by President Cleveland from Au'gn'staVMe., in'Septotnber,'lS93. i ., Orllered to Fort SherlU.-in. , 'Washington," .Sept.' 21.—I*irst Lieilt Joseph'!E. Jfaxfleld, signal'corps, hni 'been ordered to proceed 'from Chicago Ito "Fort Sheridua, on.-business pertaic- 1 ing,to-.the, construction of-fleldr- tele-, wagqns. ... ,., • • . ., : .i-.- , •.; ', t. . i . . Settled-Orit.of Conrt '•:' i .Boston,.,.Sept. ;2i.—T,hE -Wyman will" jcase has been settled.out, of.court, ajid [there ( willjbe no,contest .over the bequests of'.about $l,o66iooO'-'to' public charities, • • Egyptian expedition up tlie valley of the .Nile 1 , 1 reports that : • the '' gunboats 'which were first" to arrive at Dongola found: only. a. few dervishes, there, tho .main.bpdy of them having withdrawn. Gen, Kitchener wires' that lie sent a let- tbr'.to Wad Bishara, .the leader of tho dervishes, calling upon him to surrender and offering to pardon himself and his followers 'if they will' lay down Iheir arms." • ' " i The. casualties on board the.-gunboats in, the. fight .at El Hafir Sunday, were cine tnnn killed and .13 wounded. ..... Train fcerallod' by Wfdckcn. • Grayling,. Mich., SepJ..,.21..— Southbound, passenger train No.. 202 on, the Michigan. Central railroad .was de- 'railed thrbe miles' south of here early 'Monday morning by train wreckers. The engine, nioil nn<l 'baggage 'and smoking-icar'left the /traekj but no one was .injured, .The wreckers had jehopped off; the ties ,and. pried, in. the .rails.. .It |s.! believed, they intended to. Avreck the .north-bound, train. Threq. men were arrested on suspicion.^ Muncle's Big DhofCc Ci?0t). ' DISINFECTION 'OF THE' SKIN. £otip and Water 1 UOOM Xot Komoro All the ImimrltlcH The Xe>y York Ileniki's ]Jiiropean edition imports' some interesting 1 expcri- ifie'nts of '>f. Lauenstein, a Hamburg physisian, upon the-disinfection of the skin. .' •'• ' '.•• '• • •. • • ; ; . It is generally supposed that a little. ,soap and \yater.will.removeall.impuri-. .ijes from 'the skin. But-.these experiments of M. Lnuenstein prove that it is Vy no mfans easy to disinfect it, even "i)} r minute washings and the mostse- ivbre antiseptic applicaticas." • • . • . ; , In H7 operations he first removed, a •small piece of...epidermis; 23 of these .cases had merely been washed with •vf-ater, whereas the remaining 524 had; • ; liad the operative field disinfected with Vther, • alcohol aiad 'solutions of isub- tijmatc. ot chlorine.. Tbe:little:pieces of- hkin. taken from the latter and tested by ;ihe, usual methods of culture, were jfound to be exempt from gerins in 49 ,cases only. • ' ' ' ' '. • The practical conclusion to be drawn 'fronrthese'expcriments is tba'tdisinfec- •tion of .the skin -is difficult to realize, •that a quantity of batha must be given . jimd.that too.jnafly. precautions cannot. .be taken and'no detail is superfluous. "As regards hospital practice M. Lauen- steln'a experiments show tba't It is far jireferablc not to operate on-patients as soon as- they? are-,'admitted, bnt.-.only, -.vhen-they-haye ,been subjected to.,rc-, jieated sn-d thorough cleansing and dis- infection. For greater s'eeuVity it is advised' to' tia've a series oiwashirigs with soap dn : fl of-frictions-with alcohol, ether, corbolic ncid and sublimate,-theportion- o^.the body to be trepted .being protect-, td during each, seance..by a fresli anti- is'eptlc...dyessjing—as, tbc .'.only security .nWinst fresh micrbbinn cbntamina-tion. ONE-HALF SIZE OF COX,. PQZZONF5 'COMPLEXION POWDER I h«* ibcen the BLandhrd .for forty ycnrs u , is more-popular lo-ua? than crcr before.. PO2ZOXFS I Is tic Idoil oompiciion powdor—bo»t:tl£rtnK,| roJrcuL'.rtK, cleanly, b-utltbl'ul ard bannlosa. , | A deleave, Invlblaie protection to the face. With every uox or J'OZZO>TS A mag- A I nlBcoiit Hfovllfu COLD ll'CFF ' I i BOX ij iciven free ol cbarice. . ' AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. ' THE A. high standard of exreiwnee. Man»' iu«n lot the "Munsuu" conelder.tt ., '.'.,,THE. BE^T..;/.; You will find tt a valuable asslstaut In jour office. Address lot partlcnljin THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO 1 MANtJFACTUKEKS. / - 240-244 West lake St. Chicago, IlL : Going For A bake Trip? ' .-' > ToAi'll- ful if you take ooo o MCHIGAN AMD LAKE SUPERIOB .TRAMSPORTAHONCO'S --------- DO IT NOW. Some EvcrydBy'"Advice ; for Fcoplr—rrocmntlnaUon. A successful.business,raa|i says that, •he .oyrcs.niuch'.of his prosperity .to,a. .Ic-sson tnyght' h'im by..his.'employer. JTliis mail's principle ^-as: '"Doit'nbw." Instead of putting- things off, says-the' , . . 1 Mmicie, indi,'S,ent., 21.— Judge KoonS,. I, ' 'of the circuit court,'gran ted six divorces 'Saturday. There ar'e over 46 complaitits 'fordivorces.to be h(*O2'd clurfng-fne pt-eS- ent term 'of court; •. •..-•'!•• '•; •-'• • '• "' • Trled'tb-'Kill Ills Wife! ;Eiffsbiirg, Ind^.^Septi'Sl.-^rohn'jriit- 1 ter,-of this place-; Js under'arrestntFort Wayne, for trying to cut throat. his. wifV« 'Xatural Stockman, with tho idea, of attending- tp.them-"some timc.^h.e made lit a,rule i to,"db'it' i ijow!."'' Thus he was io'ftc'n 'in' advance 'of liis competitor's, lioth'in t'aking- ; h'old of a pood'thing-'or letting 1 pb of ; nnunprofita.bleone. This principle, may l>e npplfed to the smaller affairs of life as well ns to the more-important^.i The little tliJi:gjs weougitto do and don't do worry us most,, ."Some time" they must be .attended to, and the'often'er they are brpug-ht^to mind and.dismissed again to''that indefinite .time the more tronblc they give'TIS. Then after nil' we are often surprised' to^find how little trouble it is-.to at' 1 tend, t'o these things, and wont some-. I body to. kick, us .for not .realizing it. -.sooner., Happy.is the man whose rule I is promptness iii'all things. . .. , X»ll Ro»e Bnsli. . . ;• Mrs^ T. C.Austfn,oi8jracg«.C'i«y,Fla., has,,a rose bush eight feet tall with..a ^spread of six feet which sustains more than'S score 'of varieties' of roses, 13 b^ which, ranging i in color 'from 1 the. jacqueminb't to Avhite, have beea iniblos- sbm-at one. time.iOBd spmo of which are; always Tn .bloom.. 1fh~~e_,sTocl!:,i says : Si6 New York -SuD. is, a Captain Christ3\' grow.in§ liplSn^a McCforln'ey ."rooT, ^M there are engrafted tie bride, laP?5nce,' ^perle dee jardins', Clptilde.lvruger, JFran- '.cisli-a, superb', mciteor, : Mme'. Joseph 1 Schwartz,' jacqueminot,' Kaiseriri Au- 1 gusto. Victoria, Vick's caprice, Prfccess i Beatrice, Ylscoun tess -Folkestone, .-Mane. • de TVatte.vllle, Lady Ashburton, Malmai- ;son, Corinna, Helen, Reingold, and iiFrankiejIJackwood..,:.-.: -.-:., r i 1 1 (•«•;••:' IJi« Nnrober Thirteen. ' ' ' . ; For thosfe'wio Relieve-in the fatality, tt tko, n-unjber ihrrTeen,< the Aroericon EGANT STEAMSHIPS, tween Chloco and Mtcklnac' Island four Utne« every week. "">o new stool stoarnshlp ffMtolton" Is a .;ji!ii- palace. Travels 'twlxt Chicago. ::.iricvolx, 'H«rbor. 'Spring*; Pe<nskey. .-.vMnac Island, etc. .. ,.,,... Write for our readable reading- -mattor,-: fteo,-*.or ask your nearest apcnt, • Address-' Jos.. Berolshelm, G. T. A. . , ...... LAKE melt. AND LAKE SCPKRIOU TRANS. CO. > Ruih *nd H. W*ter SI.. . ChiwDO A SPECIALTY Uorj- JJLUOO FOISON rrji -.=- ODdarrorl^it ' perm:uentlf noch bomaforBmneprlcoandcrgama.. ty. IfTOUprcfortocomobercwewIllcoD" tract to pay railroadf around hpteloliliiud i.Ifyonbavotakc.imttr* cnnf,Todliiis'pbfcish, and'etlll bnve^chci «Dil . *>- - c hog In month, Sore Throat, •*^..t**_ •.•iH^t.a rrlMaHA nn __ , , cnlns, Mucous Vntchon In , ,, Flmplcg, Copper Colored Spots, Clcenl on anjpartoithoVod/.Ilalror ------ --.«-oat, It It this Scoondnry Bi iW« fallinir POISOJI .76 cnmrsnte^ to euro. Wo solicit Uio mot obitk. to care* and clmUcntr* tbe world for • * cur«. TJils d!?oo«« bos nlwsn of the montcmlneutphyil* i-k. VAOO,OOO capital behind, our ^iDOonar Absolntcproofi" ncnt «f aJcd on Ircsr COOK HtJMKDV CO* CU1C3QO, lit, „. (lar ; js .about, the most .un- le .they can carry, says tie, T' artfcle iArg-onant. On the said coin there are ',13 stars, 13 letters in the scroll which 'icompbso.-'ita wlng-j 13 featiicfs are in its itail, there ore 13 parallel lines on ttp i|shleld,-13;.horrizoi!inl stripes, 13,nrrb*'-, 1 Seads'i •», and 13 letters in the words 'quarter-dollar;" HINDOO rRODUCMf TBX ABOYB rjiuLT«ta«« ervoul FamUies in the Country f Should alw»y» kcep;Br«iUian ;Balia on hand." It is-the doctor In the houee, always xeiidy and reliable,' 'For*colds; coughs'; croup, catarrh, asthma, pleurisy,' rhcumatinn, constipaUon,.femftle »rouhle» and nil kinds ot fesere it acts likemagio and saves many a doctor's bill. and many »long

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