Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on November 26, 1911 · Page 11
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 11

Detroit, Michigan
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Sunday, November 26, 1911
Page 11
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B . - UL.IKVU, MICHIGAN, SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 26. I9JI ' ' ' . : PRICE: FIVE dENTS. iSRVflRD SND YALE THEY STARRED IN THE EAST AND THE WEST. NEBRASKA HOLDS MEN OF YOST TO TIE SCORE BATTLE TO A DRAW BS;l,t PI FHPMC! Y Ann MANYCHATSCL5. lifter Holding Their Own gin First Periods the Crim ah Plays . Best in Final g Quarter. IPHILBIN MAKES ONLY LONG RUN f Forty Thousand Spectators fBrave the Western ; Gale i Game of "Year. if; New Havoti. Cts.. 'Kovomber. 2o. pjirviirtl rind, yaielbattied. for' oho jour on soldiers meiu. tins- atter- iiooii to a scoreless ,draw. A: was tlie case iust year noitiicr team 5tould mult e points- and for the ffoarlh year in succession no .touch -Ejown was scorudi O' AII ' tUings: con-'ijicrcd Ho big elevens were even-3 matched in physical' strength and B&ridltun skill although' at the ran (nil or Inn struggle inc. crimson 'iBdouMt-illy'-i'-uu.tlay.Q!?:' tile men .ln fact FIarvaras;.enauraHco was greater than ihar.of,' Xale s tor the mprimsflii jilayers Unlsneu stroiiKor (whereat- itinny .Naw.,iiiyven-. suostt- ttitts hail to bo' ;ca.ied-into the ut-W- Ttl KHiiio-'AVita -:dtHl further Broof that the. ruius'.vits:- they are Kttittrn tudayneed'.eba.pi;ing. before y(jsi class elevens ctin:; dccluo the festiou t-C .. Uir' ;;'Jh a signal tainoei. .)" - . i -10,000 See Gnme. Sjlorc than ioriy. thousand specta- BSoih sofrey ana nuppery' irum-jasi Wit's rainfall: A western gale oi renin? temperature hud no ter- )rs inii vast asscinoiatjo wmcn wan to arrive-ax tho noon nour ihd evidently wanted to scca-do- Islvc com hilt. ' ; :'; Hlpiii on inn reel- m in u.rai iftod "u, tbreatened -to score. ,A fjaat bv ilowii was fumbled' hiuI Tfeuu-ls ft-H upuii it on Harvard's l.yni line, inn. oiui was wimk- t ;iml iluwc a tt emoted t makt dron kick but tlliv-naad was ur- jfctie and Harvard .secured the ball fe'tbwn.v Later oii; m this period Ifervard lost a rarc-,chfi.n"ce, to score pgreai iimt by Ityltgn-' Sailed far L"K. ; secured. -it oJKiit yards im llio New Haven '-Koal line. Yet ai was impossible to advance-. -the Ull for iiiuterta;rEliTs:;tiiv'tliat'.point f& Potter irle 'S-' tofaKa. pas3.-'the rill sailing ijiroct lyjCitO'-tUe varms at:a Yale man'o'ft--that!C-yard, line. !t anu Mrvaro.13'opDortuniiy was life. . kHannrd Loica Opportunities J-JThfin thp first period; ended Hariri hftd t ip .hn'll -on Vnlo's .20-vurd flat hi thu secirna,';.pefIoai Potter m(& a. drop klok--'.-fpr" -goal- from lilt's 20-yurd Hob iarta Visaed tho jeitk by loss than -two'' yards, an-thep narrow cecapb for - the Blue mm. a tv w miuutos- liter Phllbin. Me a pltscky fullbaolc, : made the JWSMt nit. of qie vghie:. He tore UBh a hole Jn.Haryard's r(ght Jin? and iind covote'dG yards when raUer stopped '"further ' .progress ylin a oeadly taolcle: '. H-d Potior psd his man Yale 'might hava jwterl a touchdowu: .as Phllbln had .tlr llcla with a big lead. ki i; f tills came an on. 'ffiu !f! 0al,-u.ep.-.h;ui',fts the 'drive 7i i , Lnu necessary yards lilC lost thn WnM- vQn: SwoperJ0, u',fIti(1 Yalo lost, the sr-ilees or I'.omc-islfir, -tho star rlffht. SJf "houlder was-knocked out of Bit lit !l Il,rce fSrtritWmiio-o In UrMf..I:,:rI"(l, thoro--. was' several gJ? 'rc,. including two 1MI6 I-h... ?. " ..V nuluu, on Mar. IlfoTfi made IhlC. wliMHitr,nn beautiful droi kick 1-CoBilai IPARON PETPiR TS CTTATvrPTnM OF SHOW tl 1 1 wmaaie farms Wirts Blue iWbbons at Ni Yrtrlr With Ynncr Q1i:A J vnree-vfar.ftiJ I7;ii hur, tlio home of the Hi.' I?' v stallion, of the counts nt atadjson Square ? tied the' blue ribbon ter. This stallion is W. Colllftr. i? ltTlm. mv Ual'O-l Mhhi-1.1"; .I'cmt,uc breHident of whl nctt-a e LC CV uur of the Pis-vJt iUl. w'ci'lc;' "Baron Pet- 11 Hie x , .H '"iruan tt:blg class IWir N?W ork show and tli Kisf.,1 .v-vl'.tod thenlaelveB and K01 h few iCt:ond on- t'Ve next day. N " !'oSi !E ls a b,.f -wnor to Ebs was :(1 troitms stai- 8nmt(:l,tf:l 0D' Friday aome E'"iake".. Judges made no Ber. for h ; 'Mt to Baron ms (lf r..nh 1 oiib -o-f.-the finest Etr sliuwn l,-lli?lar(i'.' trotter VbWnS. f.'11' Moffraisla- Mini sir ls'-..but.. of. the Bltii -v .niJ:"' . y- ai by : Antevolo, at the fcpii.."' -ia rvinw- -.-vfa Ti: POM P..t ' t u S10"8! . over all road- 1 kiii i, ; 1 'raaro Dy hre,i?M ihe ,h?rfte.:Baron-- Pet-- Elc "rdlne do: lii "wr. Wtoiii ami " if '-'NdtfoWy Is ho I??e,J H at Vw- : Splcndfil turn " 13 hotioridvan,;iJ r" s T&GG 'S HEN VICTORS Maroons Pull Wisconsin Rom Tie for Krst Place and Themselves Gain look-in for the E,nnner-up Conference Position. FULLBACK PIERCE SCORES TOUCHDOWN "Keckie" Moll's Individual Play ing is Smothered by Watchfulness of Chicagoans and Winner's Xine is Impenetrable. Muvaliall Field, CliicaEo, Novctn-ber 2u. Chicago i.ullp.1 wiUn.. . out at 'tho flrst pl(lce ln the westoin tootball cuntcrenco by wln-nllii; fi-oni tho nnrti'uu i, The scoio wiis five to nothing. A .uUliniunn uj i-uuback Fierce, ffave Chicuso the victory. Scruby fall-Ci,iU H., slx ln hla "-3- for uiu imuins Aluroon line that which lUOIIlcu ,,;, Chicaeu !....... .i i."in live minutes bcfoio the acoro ivaa made. It was SSE U"'y '" 'or u.y nialchlnK Moll's piintliiK with blucklus all lh: Wisconsin t;evflr inoividual playing a KI by ut(lK frlh a stauuchC-r iiia?.d iu.-kH0ld. Chicago lifted Itsolt out of tliird rlnr-o In ri-.i... V o a tie will! the UadEcia for .second. uuriinr the llrst neriud the hall remained within tlllcen yards "of the i.!if d"1'.1."0 ''"-''-''t nu" "' Siliie" a,-'-'ly- 1,1 "'O aecon.1 period Kauer-and Kennedv nr CM- cat-o chansed Doslllons at halfback. Son! by missed a fnrlyVvanl kick V,: a K-nal and Mull kicked out 10 tho ti.i B i n 'cmaliuler "'S'.?"''!" ""I "i'ldle o! the'lleld! aVu.; r '.r'N-ei.? . ma's liail i ccuver.... tli r.'.'. SIS- oarrled the ball throuch the -badsfer line to ivlf.iln. a :yard of thi fSf'""?. llicr:0 ln "Vicious l.liinse "Jul the re.HL Scruby. who for the lirat thuo on Us hon e Kronnds had. failed to kick a lied Koal. likewise failed t( i.t-1, .k xtra i?oal kick to the touchdown. Muro.m xine Una a Shade. :: n l 1 "iicucu tne i ' j! 1 1 Justk a Blm,ie more skill In bauering the line. consh, had afuTa.,?. fS'lt VI; S Tw ,M? I,ild u"ted to .Moll threw each of hi, ihr... K.t aaain.St the Mnrn.t. it , ? fl0t Scruby. setllnE the ball when the badKers were held for downs, kicked out of dautrer .,, i1 l. " novvs c,imc '' Minnesota had won at Champaian, the crar.dst.inds crowded to the last seat, sent up a roar that told the iHconnln players they had only a o-ay- back into llrst place class .Til. c"tcren tne badgers when Moll, hurt In an effectual at- . i en . 1 . , punt withdrew and Clllctto took his place. It was to no avail and tho frame ended, Chtcstro 5; Wisconsin 0 r-iiii-iro l'esltion. tVlsconsin I Iitsc-uikcr liu.(J(mi;ichf: . . . r . is Roberts Maokmilitir . . . . Brans trd Nrpruil Buser Hoefffl Moll Gillette Bright ... Tandborjr West Point- 1 r..,. . . C ...It.G It. T. . . . . ...H.K Q. ...n.n Wlittlnu Goeiiltsr . ., Pntno Noi pren : . . iJlotco i-'.jt : l.'npt. Mummu, I'mplr aieiw lieui. luiOiett. West Point. LlfiiE. lEjicJiett. liru-sin&a Porter, Cornell. HORSE TROTTERS to have such a stallion on one of ts farms, for It means Rood loolc-inT as well as fast ruad horses, with a fidr percentage of race horsea among' them. Mr. Collier also won firat anions; tho 3-year-old trotters with Miss Mevonaon and second amonc z-year-old stallions with Thomas Hood. Miss Stevenson is a black Ully by Allerine out of Vesta Kinir by Jlambrlno JClnK, and was breo at Klmdale Fnrma. Thomas Hood was breri at Jackfion and is counted on to represent tho farm in tn Michigan stake next year. In vlfiw. of tho ffint that It is just, about as hard to win at th Now Voik show as It la In a futurity, the showing made by Elmdale Farms is the host on record for a Michigan establishment. Also It ho w.i (hat no state is raising bettor stok. Ijast year Michigan won a world's championship In a race and this time it lands the blue ribbons in the show ring, the combination being unbeatable. Fielding H. Yost Will Remain at Michigan if He Can Lincoln, Mfib,, November 25, Fielding Vust'a contract with tho University at Michigan (is coach of the football tcum expired with today's same against Xcbrasku. "I will rtturn to tiii Wolverine Hcbfiol It I can," was lils answer to Queries as to his renewing the contract, Yost's coaclilutr takes him away from his bualnciia thrre months at a critical lime of t tic year. THE 'l'lie fellou- holding lr boll in It wa the nodotiK ot tht Xnuy-him in Cunt. Mhnk. Xcbraaka. T C01MERIGAL OPENS IN STYLE Considerable Color - Attached to 1911 lid Tilting Teams Appear Evenly Matched; There was no lack oi color lo the rltuats that officially sent the "Y" Coramerclal Basketball league on Us 1011 "waV . last evening. a vast throng edged its.; way into tho "Y" gym to roar its approval .of the week-t-nd classic's ope nine eSort. To blow open the festivities the' Athletes composing the various teams of the leacuc fjltd nercnely arouinj the Sim claJ In their spanking new etmmplcs or last word In athletic ha li-r.l fishery, it was an Impressive slplit far the foml motlicrs, fathers and friends of the vigorous specimens of young manhood Who hnd earned their rlnht to (111 ouu of tlio brilliantly illumined uniforms. ln the unavolduble absence of Secretary Wilson of the Detroit Hoard of Commerce Will U. Wreford, the assistant secretary, obliged with the openlns remarks and did about as welt as anyone you ever saw. Others who essayed a bit of ushering In were J. Storey and Dr. ModeMtt. Jack Storey. Who after an absence of several years Is asaln actively Interested tn "Y" affalrn under the Al Huebner red me as ehnlrinnn of the Commercial league, spoke briefly ax to the anticipated siryjic of tho organization. KlRht teams now craeo the league as against six of nil previous years.. The npeninp nlfiht's play amply demonstrated that considerable lines? baa been cm-ployed in the .atriiiRs of (pilmets, Tor from preaent Indications thpre will he no weak sister, as in former years. A really excellent article of basketball was dished up in the lid-tlUltiK contests, old heads remarking as to the splendid team play for so early ln the season. The Initial fracas taiw one of the newcomers, th T. . Rayl comhlnation. saddened In ita opening splash by tlio Pater-son Bros. The score waM 21 to . Thero was very little scoring tram the field In this game, the majority of the winner's points heliiu amassed via the foul route. Capt. MHl'e gallants thumped the Hupp motor hoys ln the second event on the card by a 24 to t score. The third section saw the Studebafcer heroes fall before the rush of the Orinnell Bros.' crowd, lfi to 3. This was an air-tight proceeding all the way. The farewell tilt was productive of some rare sport, the Ayres & Chase brigade eventually squelching the Packard crew. Capt. Otiellette was the chief baeket-sllnser fr.r the winning foree. chucklnB in thrte during the course of the activities. HUDSON BEATS DAYTON BOXER Tommy Gets Verdict Over Xe Master in Hard Bout at Cleveland. now. the local featherweight boxer, boxed Kid Julian, tho Whlriwind Syracuse boy. 12 furious rounds to a draw in this city tonight. Yacknow put up tho best liattle of his career, surprising his friends by sfi-v blows on the face and body of ihe sturdy Itoltan boy. Julian, wait tho -"gBresaor and he fought tho body savagely, occasionally varying his attack to Die face. At ir,-flghtlng Julian was the more effective. The bU) abounded In spirited julxlnit. t-ith hoys at tlmeg Mtandlng toe to tuo and slugging fiercely with both hands. In tho first bout Tommy Hudson was given th decision over Clyde Lrf Ma:r of Dayton, after 12 rounds of hard milling. Tho. spectators showed their disapproval of the verdict. Hudson was :nu.h stronger than tho Dayton boy and he hit much harder. Ho crowded Clyde about the r!n- but the uhlo lad did bome sood I And I up as he retreated and several tlir.e?, lie spurttd and iandl hrd swats to body and face. Hudson gained 0114 hard knnck down, but lyj Master was up inslanily. While a draw would have pleased the crowd and would not iiavs ten a. bad decision tludon had a shade, all things con.sldt.-red. WHAT THE CACHES SAID. COACH YbST. "Lincoln. Keh.. Xovoniher 25--r-''I irii Very well satisfied with a tie score," sold Coach l ost ad.i'.lo . game. "itobraska has a t-.tpmkall team and, all HMnst.-l.efng considered. we Were luck- lo.du as well as we dld.?I ejepected a hard game and in fact -feared defeat. 1 knew thihliCbrnhunkers we?e TtroSe and worked harder to get thegmjhgjrUiteam ready. for this earae thin ever I. -ivorkt-d before. Sfta&&4df Sot- play op to h fSi mS fuuihllne: and penalties hurt-." 'he Plays used were not altvaya of the heat either. As soon jift. Michigan scored, she should' -have rcsorlotl to kicking ; wit i t Ho! (ball In her own territory, playing o defensive game rather thanl. trying 'to pile up points . .u1!,11 ,twD ni?n I". thitt'-eaine who never had played varsity football before and with trfo' .eijeeptlons everybody was more 'or less Injured. We haven't snyklelt coming, though I have seen the men play. a lot better galea. There never should have been a gamo to fqllotv the Penn. contest anyhow, as It ia almost imnos-sible to avoid a let-down aftier a tattle of that Importance." C APT?' CONKLIN. Said Cant Conklln: ' well satisfied with the tie. but think that Michigan played bolow her form. The men did not seem to have any pepper and they could not keep hold of tho Nebraska hacks when they, once got to them. Nebraska has a strong team and would have given anybody in the country a battle In her present condition. The game was rought and the -field hard.'but 've have not any complaints to make regarding . over--strenuousness .on the Cornhoskers part. They played good hard . football and earns our respect.'.'. - ' u COACH STIEHM. Coach Sttehm of Nebraska thought his team outxht to have, won. "Wo outplayed Michigan for the greater part of the cams and gained much- more ground than she did," said the NebraHki mentor, "but penalties and other bad breaks put a handicao an u Michigan played a plucky game and fought us every mlnntA tlie time. It was hard luek that time for the end of tho Ami quarter had ended before we made our touchdown, as that nlv went through .perfectly. None of the Michigan men had heeded the whistle If any of them had heard it. and the expiration of time did not.afi'ect tne performance in any particular" B A.TC HEIjOR . PURDUE DOWNS . INDIANA BOYS Hutchinson is Boilermaker's Score Producer, WJiile King Buns 45 Yds. for. Touchdown. BloominBton, Ind., 5. Outplayed and oiit-gimeralcd. Indiana lost to I'urdue today In the final game of the season 13 .to 5. .Indiana made- her only acor threo mlpuUe after play started when, Kins broke, to the Itoilirma Iters' line and ran -i yards for a touchdown. Gill failed to kick jroa!. Iltitchlnspn, Purdue', h ijuarterback, scored Ihe tow touchdowns for the Old tlold and Hlack, one In the su.'ond period after the Crimson had been penalized hni( th dls-tnnco to tho goul tor rouh play and the otli.jr In tlio t bird ' period just after Indiana had held on her own 3-yitrd line. Ollnhant kick both goal.--. . MMiIck unt! S'nolty wit the stars for Indian.!, white Hiituhlnson. Oliphav.t nd tyin'stun plai-l stellar ball for llm vis-1 lory. BAT CITY BEATS SAGINAW W. Schultz Scores Only Touchdown After Offside Play Cnli. Saginaw, , Slich'. Xovomber 20. Snpi-n:iw high' school- lost today's same to Bay City Eastern, S to o. whan tho entire local team Quit playing at the Bound of Umpire Mtmson's whistle for an otSsldc play, wbiclt was credited; to the Saginaw team. William Schula started a lino hui-k when the ball was p-tt in play on the Hay City 10-yard line during the Int nuurtcr. Finding hirn.-teif itnrnolcHte'l ho started back to the line of AcrimmHrt-when his teammates realized timt they did not hnvo to take tlie penalty, and .Schulz then continued -hla rtr Bav i:ity was otitpunted and outplayed at i:very Btajje of thn-Kamo but in the closing .-mfnutfls. - Six different times with tho liniv'iniri-fp. .sr.-3-at-ii lin-j Caud-rcaii rnlspd (Jiiivklclc ... is (.nut. ONE TOUCHDOWN BEATS OHMNS Syracuse is Able to Score but Once, 70-Yard Bun Pro-ducing Tally. Columhns. Ohio. November 3. Syracuse won from Ohio State today on a (dlppery field by a score of 5 to 0. and four times after tho making of the lono tonchdown advanced inside tbe loiers' 10-yard line either to lose tho ball on dowss r have Foss-a dropklcltlng attempts fail. - Fullback Castle scored for "Syraoue. running 70 yards to do ao. Early in tbe first period. Posts muffed a punt and gave Ohio Stte a chance In Syracuse's territory. WJliiman tried a drapklck of 33 yards, but tho ball shot low into the lint and camo bounding buck. Castbi .picked it up and was off , on bis . run. L. -Smitb reaching him 5 yards from tho goal If"-' fiu fe or by the SyVacuse ffh print B itkk macle Syracuse was unablo to advance with any consistency for the remainder of the tirst hair but la the second. Fos.mS running skill put Ohio State lr? daw-r four times. Twice the ball was taScra over on downs and twice Fogg Ucfcejffop goal to no aiatl. ' Ohio Sliitc's forwards, particularly Mark-icy and Raymond, rendered excellent sr-vice, dyracuse ends seldom were elud'ed while tho off nasi ve strength ' of tbtii team center in Fogg, who manased to run in slte of the heavy goinc. Solvays Again In Field. Solvsy y. M. C-. fotTMrty -the SoJvai Cui? win reorgnnlM for tho coming basketball season. They have a niimbor o' ntw players on their roster to pick from,' mailing their team much stronger' than iast year'. Tho roster conxisU of "XieLi" Smith, John Smith. "Rca"- McMillan. Rofenswoig. and Donnelly, of last year's team. Tho new player m Kfnrr.ell thr former star center of the McMillan Win; Alex. Wei-be. th former center of ihe Homer l-ane, and Cutrimlngs, of th Western high football ir-am. The above-uifntloncd ari rcqiipsted to report' for i!f'-'hl.1Cat "W ,h V"y Si'm' T"??J?' ax rittner it Hnrvfltd.. . Br ton FLAMMA CRIMPS THE LIKED ONE Two-Tear-Old Classic Taken by a Eank Outsider by Safe Margin. JamostQiin Vj v. w .w.vuauu. j-j,, feature event today, the ,Hynn Havan jTLiuioioH, waa fsoa by an outsider, Flamma, defeating iaidora, th Qrat choice, by over a length. Iaidora forced all the early runnios. but stopped after tlrlns- . tr. The fields were all on the larjfa mJHlTM r?C .PU" 250' 3-ycnr-oIdg thJlfinJer;"'?""-?; cU0eaE'U'1,Or; " won; Fort Worm. lot tronyth), 6 ,J (Tnrn-?i I Corinth. 101 Time. i;3o. aT.o Bin's.0- j;r?.- Da nBem.ld. 10S (McCaa.y). 3 ' ii.- r- "lira. Time. 1:09, Jos cTSS.nifr S ' U1" "St. "ePven"",,'!-TB?b'Sv "L iV- lengtha; Sager, lis (But well). 7 to S Tr,- . out- second; Bcaucoup," ift-(DiRslna), B to 1, 2 to 1. even, third Time, 1:41. Also ran; Chesie? KrmS Heather Broom. Martin W. i.iniMna Fourth race, puree, (COO, 2-year-oldit, to I, 2 to I. 3 to S. won; Isldora, 11 (Turner). 3 to 1, A to S. out second Surfeit. 108 (Bums), 4 to 1, g J! j to 5, third. Time. 1.15 S-S. Also ran' Garry. Breaker Rov. Snrim-h u un tt 9 i pu"';' 3U0- 3 years and wood. Hi (Fain), s to l. 2 to l, even. to 1 to 1, third. Time, 1-.15 ?-6 r.h .i7a n iiicnara Sixth race, pursa, S300. 3 years; a up, mne ieienc. &9 (Ambrose), g' to 1; 3 to J, even, won; Brevtte, 115 (Peak); E llO(McCahey), it to 1, a to 1, i tb t. tnira. Time. l:5, Haldeman. Eddlo Granay, Frank Purcetl, Golconda, Jdont- liarl also ran. fihamropk Hurler to Meet. Shamrock Httrllne club will hold a anoetinff at headquarter at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon. All members are expected to be present, as Important bua-laess will ba transacted. ADRIAN OFFERS RECORD AS CLAIM State College Unwilling to Con cede Olivet the Titular Honors Wish to Tackle Claimant?. Special to The Free Press. Adrian, Mich., November X. Olivet baa refused to make good on challenge Issued previous -to Alblon-OItvot game accofdlns to Manaper Waldo of coHeye team. Olivet says other schools have conceded her championship. Adrian firs: don't belicv It. second objects to drop the hantercblof -nethod. Is willing to play on any srbund .'elected by Olivet any time betcro holidays. Adrian's championship claim: October 14 Adrian S. Alma f,. Octobtr 21 Adrian 9. YpMlantl o. October' 30 Adrian 13; V. of St. Freshmen 0. November 8 Adrian 11 Albion 6 Xoveinber 12 Adrian H, HllUdale 2. Celtic socrer tlio Ab- at M;,'a Oclray nt 10:15 o'clo.k r-Plfu'V-iu a speRlar mcctlint ne-xt Tuesday nfKht af 3 O clock. - All niinbc,a a:o CAftteatly requested . to. attend TITLE GO TO GOPHERS Defeat Handed to Illinois Team Gives Minnesota- Undisputed Claim to High Honors in the Conference Score is 11-0. WESTERN SHIFT BRINGS VICTORY Bulldog Attack of Eosenwald and. Stevens Brings the Championship to Team From the -Northwest, phicago Aiding. Champaign, m. November 25. itlnlveratty of. Minnesota football jplay.cra tonight put: in their claim for the -bib JSlETlit" champion-ship1 Victors over the .Unlversltv .f rilinols, it to l), in a thrilling gamo oere toany, tbe .Gophers claim the Western football title through the defeat of Yinconsln by Chlongo. jaconain played Jltnnoaotn a week ago for tho conference honors, tho Bame resulting In a fi-tVG tic. Neither team had been dt-foar- etl. this season until today. "Minnesota's triumph over Tlllnoia was tho rcButt oc tlio buIi-dOK ut-tack of Iloseiiwttld and .Stevens. After playlti?: an open (ramp, for Mm ttlat two periods without successful gHlnn, Minnesota resorted to tho famous shift In the thlrtl period, rtpsonwald was used hh n battering ram. Voy nine succi-hsIvo pIuvh he plunsed throuKrh lllinntu lino galnine from elRht to l-n yards on-ovory atta.-.k. When within two ?.rdu ,-or , nUnofs Kn. ''4 tore tiirouph for .MirmcHota'a Itt-t louenuown. .Morrill failed I (foal. rVrvrnrd Vtmn EOffeetiv kiek In (be llmil period Su a perfect furwanl imn6'n -'illOt i r V-i wh? ,:nrriR" the ball Jlvo anla beforn beinp downed. Uosen-walu dovo throutrh' tatiklc for a rour-yard Bain, and then Stevens Went over lite final for Minnesuta'H Second touchdown. . Morrill booted th.j ban so.uni-o!y -between the Doaui Puntlnc . charii..tfrlrtM tho ctinn-througbout., loums f"0-quvntiy used torjj.rd pafun-.-t for nt-fertlvo Kalna. Mimn'sola : ' jdayed t(,P belter open game, while linll had llu, bettor of Cupi-nn In kicking, . l-ollr ut-temptH at nhl goals wcrf ni-i(Jo ,v Heller, but all of bin klelt:; w(-nt wldo or their mnrlf. Rrnirii. tr MKinesota failed at two goals from the ticid. IltlooU Threatens Otire, Only once did Illinois conm danger. ousty nr-ar scoring. In tho fourth period Seller, tint Illinois star nunter Wlio had benn laid up nevoi-al wchs iflcaus of Injuries. went Into thfc Come, replacing Oliver. On tlin Brai play be shot a forward pns to Carter, who was downed on Minnesota's 3-yard line. Thrice Illinois attempt d to driva Its hncka through for a touchdown, but they fallr.ii to sain an inch. For Minnesota Hosoniv;hl. Siov'up, Cftpron and Hnyward played a star Came, while Itobertsi. Hf-iler. Oliver hu! Carter played brilliantly (or Illinois. Une'-un: MIXKESOTA. ILLINOIS. ToWn Robinson flrnitli Morreif lowers i.. Frank . Wallender Canrort Tj. Jv SnrlriK. i:. Him ,.L. g. . E.. ttosenwald I,, ll Stevens it. H . . . . Johnson F. r..... SabtHtionsFor Mlnix for Johnson; Elder for i for "Wall&hdcr. For IIIli Oliver; Prince for Tiiomi Uiiio KOfcerts. Totichdown-Kos'-iiwald, tioal from toiifl:down-Mrtn-?tl. I FlbaBer," North wcMfrn. irnipln MIchlRan. Flejd j.,dffi-ilaii. Head lincsma-n ll"r,ni;i'f D:irli(ifnit) Of periods 15 niinmea. S?ICY BATTIE AT DIX PARK Argonauts and Redeemers "Will Settle Differences Today. Unless ail known sum that Illtio fffiuabble iietwci.-n tlio A.-Konau:.-. an'.l Ho nedeenscr (Jruy. ;it Itpico n r;trk this afternoon shouhl prove a hummor. TIlIh wilt b the Initial rneotinK beiwo'-n th-e two Ievens and as it la :iUMj to hi the fai'.-well effort of both txm for the present season the boy will prnJcaror to ;:ia!;t: their closing performance a jiasitis oii The reapectlvo r. oaiAfn announce " thiit their charcfja are lr: excellent tronilitlon so that the loser will havp no wail :omln:f ftlonif thesfl lines al least. The foKow-Inp Arson a tits ro rcau'-stcrf to bo nt tho scone of activities at ; uviick- t'Jrant Hoover, Van Haaren. ftari. H-rt-pl, Steith Rice, N. Hftfrmars. A., Ja.-ft' Klawunder and UMdctrdt. lieuvrrs Wantt Ftattlfw, .Beaver A. C. would like- t& hw 'n-rn omo S3 or SP-ponnd team for a udtoo tl'js afternoon. Phono Hickory jru-l, u:i.l-a-rA for ?Ynk. Ilavn pwrtnl: for HIle file Wou.d alao llki to book a. ni wltji any team for ThaitUfiifivir.i' Imj. Ml leavers report ot Mi. hd u.-..tit this afternoon at x o cloi'k. T00TBALL KESUXTS. faOCAf.. Eastern S. We.nrn 0. HTATK. S'i.f'i1 HlKh 6- ;nlt"' Hiirh s, Hillsdale 8. Ypsilantl XormaU C Tort Huron llijrli. 5, pontiac. 0. Bay City KaaU-rn f,. Saginaw o. WKST. Michigan 5. Nebraska C, . Ames i, Driko o. Kansas 3, Missouri z Bl.John f, Wa viand o" Arkansas 3, H'H.-air.i-ton t. Miami 5. Wt-.tttsrn i:ecrvo i Cincinnati Wittcilberit 0 TToileyau 17. Dpnison a. Purdue i;, Indiana 5. Minnesota li. ISilnois f Chicago 5. Wiacon.dn 0. Syrocuse C, Ohio State v.-Case l5,Woo3ler j. 2J.AHT, WaBhlugton arid JCre;sou n, villa Nova luifijlyetto ll, lhl-ih a Harvard .'a. Hale "j. ifa-vy S; Army o. ' Crifslc- 2, HopktiiA h. . Bm:kneU 11 aver ford ;.-Uroivn S. Trinity i. CONTEST ENDS WITH COUNT 6 TO 6. Cornhuskers Prove Big Surprise, and Michigan Eleven Is Forced to Fight to the Last Ditch. BOTH SIDES SCORE IN THE THIRD QUARTER Wolverines Comes Following Long Run By Conk-lin Westerners Pound ' Line for Theirs. nv E. A. UATCHKLOH. Lincoln, Neb.. November 25.--ie tola la not tho ohcerlns chronlcla of victory, nt least It ie not tha iloleful reeital of dofoat ana Mlch-ison hea Bouiethlns to be thnnkful for In that. There woro times tin. ihe Nebrasltane Intended to haoE b0?Pa?VfcV?,'!,eM" ' Ann Ar? : tZlwiaf '""Woivotlnoa, ilirhtlnB des-Sn my,"Iw.w"' tnouK" seldom r, :,SlanitE"i V bo' 'o a tie ana " anm ended six to six " Ihoae poor down-trodden Cor-n- i.iJv?W- "'"urn their fondest ad- : ,wrro ,"kl"S odds of any nrvnies',e"t""J!: th" "alter nghra proved about the most vivid prop- -oKltion that tlio ilalite and Blue 1la encountered. this season and It tiote 1'1'im from hack' lloriKi eoitl.i ...L. - to uverr a whipping. ' uHne'? ""'"K rests, bolh sides ira ' lit I Z -,ll!''lai'' was lueky to and admit. It. Nebraska expect Hg wen "il., fVL" "" lon. ?l,i,L '?''! ,th0 Sfal Ttost ma--ii. I ',- '-'"""llf. on sround-gainlog i iV.i I 'jv. hQ"orl. woro W'th the ! hJ SSI.'' ?',ty the ball . tu-. "PS at l"t wo yards to M ehlEan's one, and In the last fetv P;1""'"" "f Play., arte" a parade -oc! t.?- . lr.tpt f0.r -lrt down. To thai tho liniB Vib. " L HlJn- wtfttcre In the stands , pVol's;, , pnttins.'it alto- d Lt(n-t.",tI'liV- ThoyVero scar-d tttirr. Tho Maizo and Hln r,,nm tlavo1.l,con fcn'ei, too, btit it 'ibl not allOW tllfa nmntlnn f t ,f th,1'. Rhe!-"g: the advance t5i! u.m! Create steain roll-rr, Nbraska. after two ptoya S tic bail wollt . wide, 'hobee Score (lint' Didn't Count. , .i5aa?c maUl a touchdown on, bi. Aer.I,y oxecutoJ; forward pass '.l'51..01 the end of thti first period. b;'"11. runnIne 35 yard?) for tho fL01G- It was a wasted effort. h.yer' f ""timers' whiatlo had , before th play started and ! . rli" J",8 not avowed. A lengthy the ottlclalfi called .Nobraska back. Ji , .f;aulim 8 'men objecting moRt vlolftnt y t(J the' ruling. They. i.-Iiilmeri that they, had not heard the whistle, but if-the official Mew 1 it, tbia would not-maHe any differ- ence, and the ruling: was perfectly I nrn-ct. Play at the end of a, nerjori ceaees when the whistle f blows, not whem tha playrs hcRc i u-, Pjovidinff. of course, that the; nail 1h dead at tho time. 1 Tito crowd could not - understand what hud happened, and man-, itf6 tho Hold firmly convinced that Ref-olcwart hftd robbed N'cbrapk mi some mysterious fashion. The il-olsioji Is one Involving; a question , ... rt.m nui wiiu i ouiiiinn. ana I Mr. Stewart, If notified that the i touchdown play had started after the whistle for the end of tho quar. irr find blown, had no alternative j bat to call tho hall back. Uoth teams scored in the th!rl nr-rlod. Michigan's touchdown bnino- Mluf, io tiie blocking. of a kick. Qlb- ' sou. htniuiinj; about un his own 30-yarii stripe, attempted to pet off. a bunt, but was slow -.and tho ball struck (,'apt., Conklln on tlio .arm as it rose f rum tha Cornhuskers' No. !!, conklln grabbed the ball aft H -wiit buu tiding over- toward tbe !:i(io lines and raced aeros.i the-goal lint: for a touchdown with nobody-near lilrn. Ho planted tbQ ovsV lir:tly back of tho posts, and scnrlriK the goal irns"a'. simple mai tr. :orbuwkern Score Here. Ttwn Nebraska camo ba:k. Tho Torfthiivnkf;rs drove over tbe coal-litie on the kick -off? and Mielilgan brought the ball back-to her 20-yard line to put it In play. Thompson-rn;inaK?d to fumble on the llrst planum! one of the home boys wrapped himself around the leather on Mlchi-s ;tr.-yurd stripe, Purdy took tho spheroid to Michigan's six-yard line nn a dash around the Maize and Bliwi's richt flank. . Tho Eigantio captain, blionka, was' called on for a rush and when they stepped hlmt th.- nail was within ,a yard of tho iitiai streak of .white-wash. Purdv toik It over on a split play through, th left aide or .the. Hne. Shorik opfiiiniT up u hole tlvat an automobile could have beon tfrive.n through. The touchdown wiis:ma(fa over, ntiar the aide Tine ;and Michigan Htiij had a chance to avert a tfo by. picve.'ttlnfc the heeling of the punt-out. No such luck was in. store for the. U'olvorlnos, however, and when tne Cornhuskers had got the leather directly in front of the uprights, Totter hoisted it over neatly. That ended- the scoring, -but it did not ond tha worry of the-Ann , Arbor boys, who had to battle like fiends t b roushou t tlie remainder of tho Joust to prevent - Coach Stlehm'a burly pupils from running wild. Two things contributed to the result of the battle. . In the first Place. Nebraska lias a remarkable fnrjLoaii team, one of the best '-m the country, so far as it has been possible for Michigan men" to make comparison. Secondly,, tlie game put up by the Maiae and Blue showed a!! too plainly , the. Ut-down that re-HtiliO'l after the victory over penn-sy. I ho inevitable anU-climax was iiJi t."i apprtrent and-the were tar off form. They -lacked the ttash, fijr'nt and eritnusfasra that marked tho big- scrap on Ferry fielrt a wck ago, and for the most part pinyeu in a helpless,-lost sort oC way. The heavy Michigan Hne was torn all to Pieces by!- Nebraska and tbrouifh th hole opened by the -rnrtei and Cream .forwards, the Kptc- ly backs -plunged'." for gain af-t.r xaui..Qnce i the Cornhuskers carried tliti ball half -thrfVlenSth of tho :ifld by straight and several ot hot- times , they.ininfphed. from tontitiucd uo -l'ag oat-

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