Big Spring Daily Herald from Big Spring, Texas on January 19, 1944 · Page 7
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Big Spring Daily Herald from Big Spring, Texas · Page 7

Big Spring, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1944
Page 7
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Buy Dtf«BM Stamps and Beads Big Sprint Herald, Big Spring. TCKM> W«A*«dty. January 1», - W4 LINEUP FOR INVASION r* MMMMOWW (U.V) CMrf TtWMk (tr), Dt*«r ChM (*0 Ak MOHIWMKY (tr. I oooimu (o.n «.(.»* »ir rwc. WMON (If.). Chief MVKJ(U.S.V AUXANMt (Ir.) AIM tart* lAKtt (U.I.), Air CUIHC (U.i.), Mi Amy TWINING (UJ.V U.S. !Kh air (ere* V.S. 15th otr fan* Tin Wf fWiP CONNOUT (U.i) Goat 'Gold' Makes Goats Of Hunters SALMON, Idaho, (ff) — There aren't any dentists working the Salmon river uplands in Idaho's primitive area, but nevertheless more than a few wild goats have "gold" teeth. Exhaustive examinations of the rugged country have been launched because taxidermists claimed they found flakes of "gold" embedded in teeth of wild goats brought in to be stuffed, but there have been no bonanzas.' Frank Keefer, taxidermist, says it's only fool's gold. Once he retrieved metallic flakes from the hairs of a mountain goat, Keefer related, but a forest ranger told him the substance was mica, explaining there are whole mountains of the gold-like ore in the Salmon river country. Despite the Restrictions of Wartime QUALITY Still stands out as the distinctive mark of all KELSEY PHOTOS 800 Runnels -Etu-1234 RADIO PROGRAMS Wednesday Evening 5:00 Minute of Prayer. 5:01 Griffin Reporting. 5:15 News. 5:30 The World's Frontpage. 5:45 Superman. 6:00 Fulton Lewis, Jr. 6:15 The Johnson Family. 6:30 The Halls of Montezuma. 7:00 Let's Dance. 7:30 Treasury Star Parade. 7:45 News. 8:00 Gabriel Heatter. 8:15 Infantile Paralysis Fund ' Speaker. 8:20 Teddy Powell's Orch. 8:30 Soldiers With Wings. 9:00 Royal Arch Gunnison, 9:15 Bing Crosby. 9:30 News. 9:35 Sign Off. Thursday Morning 7:00 Musical Clock. 7:15 News. 7:20 Musical Clock. 7:30 News. 7:45 Rhythm Ramble. 8:00 News. 8:05 Musical Interlude. 8:15 "Lest We Forget," 8:30 KBST Bandwagon. 9:00 Front Line Features. 9:15 Morning Devotional. fl:30 Shady Valley Folks. 10:00 Arthur Gaeth. 10:15 To Be Announced. 10:30 Happy Joe & Ralph. 10:45 Musical Moments. 10:55 News. 11:00 Boake Carter. 11:15 Dr. W. S. Palmer. 11:20 Hank Lawson's "Music Mixers." 11:30 U. S. Navy Band. Thursday Afternoon 12:00 Xavier Cugat's Orch. ' 12:15 What's the -Name of That Band. 12:30 News.' . 12:45 Luncheon Dance Varieties. 1:00 Cedric Foster. 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:15 4:30 5:00 5:01 5:15 5:30 1:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:75 8:20 8:30 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:35 Listen Ladies. School Forum. Nashville Goes Calling. Morton Downey. Palmer House Concert Orch. Yankee House Party. Waller Compton. Dance Time. Harry Hodge. Ray Dady. The Black. Hood. KBST Bandwagon. Thursday Evening Minute of Prayer. Griffin Reporting. News. The World's Frontpage. Superman. Fulton Lewis, Jr. The Johnson Family. Variety Time,. To Be Announced. Confidentially Yours. Tony Pastor's Orch. Bob Crosby's Orck, News. Gabriel Heatter. Infantile Paralysis Fund Speaker. Swing Time. Treasure Hour of Song. Raymond Clapper. Dale Carnegie. News. Sign Off. Tradesmen Needed For Skilled Jobs Opening a joint recruiting drive with the navy, for skilled workers, Max Winkler, civil service representative for this district, announces that more than 30 different skilled trades jobs top the list of navy civilian employment needs at the Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, Calif.; and Hunter's Point E|ry Docks, San Francisco, Calif. Transportation will be furnished appointees to the place of employment and they are assured housing facilities at moderate rents, he announces. Winkler says that those persons who meet qualifications will receive appointments at the time they apply and he urges ski)' tradesmen who are not engaged in essential war work at present to apply for these jobs at the United States Employment Service office at 105 1-2 East Second street, on Thursday from 12 noon to 4 p. ra. Stick Candy GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (JP) — A. C. Neyhart, proprietor of a barber shop here, wonders if there's a black market value or a collector's price on an item missing from the sidewalk-in front of his shop. A thief made . away with his barber pole. Yes-'Twas Loaded CHICAGO — Edward Kozlowski, 50, a gunsmith, has cleaned police guns for nearly 30 years without a mishap. Yesterday he was in a hospital suffering from a bullet wound in his left hand. He accidently discharged a gun. The first air combat occurred in World War I when a British pilot flew over a German plans and shot at it with a revolver. ...Those 25 dosed War Plants ... Bring Our Boys Back Sooner! Today::: even as you read this::: 25 war plants^ are closed for lack of wastepaper::: over 100 more are on short shifts. Every war plant that's closed is as dangerous to our boys at the front as an enemy mine field! Every day they're closed may lengthen the war;;; may take the lives of those dear to you. It's all so unnecessary, too! Because the paper is easily available. That waste paper which you burn or throw away will make parts for bombs, signal flares, planes and helmets. It will pack all the 700,000 items shipped regularly to our fighting men. So get it out.;. round it up! Enlist your friends in a regular paper-saving plan. Enroll the kids as paper commandos. Get your clubs, lodges and societies busy. Turn in at least a bundle a week! Open those 25 war plants! Keep them open! A BUNDLE A WEEK SOME BOY'S LIFE Newspapers: Fold them flat Msiatlne* and B**ka! Ti« C»rr«jeted and Cardbeird n»m»»»>r-i>—i—-•••-•-• (the war the paper boy sells them in boodle* about IS B»xeeendCarteni: Flatten Envelope* fte.): Flatten and them) and tie them In bundles iacbtf Ufh, thun oat and tie them in bun- puck down in a box or bun- about 12 iachet hijh. dies aboat 12 iache* hijii, die, to that it can be carried. U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign SAVE ABIINOUAWKK The Daily Herald Poll Indicates Return Of Long Faction In La. NEW ORLEANS, w Jan. 19 (JP} —Slowly mounting returns in Louisiana's democratic primary election — in which nomination by the party is tantamount to election — Indicated today that the faction of the late "Kingflsh" Huey P. Long, if not in the saddle, has a good chance to be in the saddlebags on one side of the steed of state henceforth. A ground swell of returns from the bayous, rice fields, cotton plantations and upstate Industrial cities would tell the story. The "ins" of governor Sam Houston Jones, who was not averse to dealing «ut some tart words of criticism to the democratic party nationally, seemed likely to have in Jimmle H. Davis, the leading candidate for governor if the country vote followed its early and expected trend. But it seemed likely the "outs" of the faction headed by the New Orleans mayor, Robert S. Maestri, Earl K. Long (brother of the "kingfish") and the party's national committeeman, James A. Noe, would have some better seats in the 1944-48 show. Davis, public service commissioner and singing movie actor in his spare time, despite the early lead given the veteran Lewis L. Morgan, the Maestri-Long-Noe candidate for governor, was encouraged by the small advantage Morgan gained in the metropolitan area of New Orleans. His headquarters felt certain the trend In the country in Davis' favor would make him top man. But Earl Long himself seemed well on his way to be top man for lieutenant governor and the "old regular"-Long choice for attorney general, Joe T. Cawthorn, held an early lead in both city and country. • There Is a law in Louisiana which provided there shall be no runoff primary for other state offices if there is none for governor. If one gubernatorial candidate has a clear majority or if the second man In the race for the governor's seat should withdraw, the men who have simple pluralities down the state ticket win the nomination (and election) automatically. Legion Asks For Special Session HOUSTON, Jan. 19 (JP) — State Commander Sam D. Forman disclosed today that the American Legion of Texas has requested Gov. Coke Stevenson to* call a special legislative session to repeal the poll tax as applied, to servicemen. Congressional, district and division representatives of the state's 40,000 legionnaires have forwarded a letter to Stevenson asking him to "exercise your privilege-of office and call the special session that these great fighting men may be permitted to vote without payment of a poll tax." Forman, estimating that over 500,000 Texas men and women are in 'uniform, asserted that Legionnaires "are solid behind this action." "Some are pretty hot about it and they demand and end to all this talking," be added. The letter asked that "permission be given soldiers, including women, to exercise their rights as American citizens and residents of the state of Texas" and that 'we cannot consistently refuse them the right of a ballot." Forman said he believed Stevenson would call a special session but "should he not, the boys individually will take the fight to the legislators in a statewide campaign." Three Fliers Killed As Bomber Crashes SHBEVEPORT, Li., Jan. 19 (ff) —Three fliers were killed and another was seriously injured in the crash of a B-26 bomber in a wooded section north of Shreveport. The fliers were identified by the Barksdale Field base commanders as second Lt, J. T. Rodgers, 23, son of Mrs. Minnie Rodgers, Lubbock, Tex.; Sgt. Jasne.s L. Lentes, Detroit, Mich.; Second Lt. Richard H. Clendenin, 21, Springfield, 111. Lieutenant Clendenin died at the Barksdale Field hospital of severe head injuries. The plane struck treetops in rying to reach a cleared field in a forced landing. Newspaperwoman Is Victim Of Death AUSTIN. Jan. 19 (JF) — Mrs. Letta Rider, 38, Texas newspaperwoman and capitol correspondent for the Houston Chronicle, digd suddenly from a heart ailment icre late last night Mrs. Rider, who had been connected with the Houston newspaper for 15 years, was born at Leesville, La. She was married to Ed Rider, alto a Chronicle correspondent here, in 1928, Mr;. Rider was a graduate of Center, Texas, high school and the College o! Industrial Arts, »Dentoa. Let »» RECAP V.«r S«o«*k «*•• 6.TO *. AA « M. >fROM THIS $li.6.00-l« NO RATIONINO CIRTIHCATI REQUIRED TO RSC*r ANY TYPi TIRE HOME INSULATION Roll 2.69 Save* Up to 30% in Fu«l Costs! F.H.A AVAILABLE • fair fo Waff/ As long u your house stands, FarUmp •will pay dividends In fuel ured trtry winter and In protection against he*t In summer. FREE ESTIMATt * S6 Mb fft4»frW far M» A verofft She Heom •*'•'!* On* H** f • On.CWCor.rc/ with water and bnu. or roll it on. Beautiful color So My to u*! OVERNITE BAGS Formerly 1.09 N/c./ySfyW • Good end Roomy • Scoref ofUut Made of fast-dyed olive drab duck with simulated leather trim. Has many, many uses. 14-inch length. SUSPENDERS AT A SAVINGI Reg. 49c Assorted widths and pattern*. Clip. en os button-on type*. Dress Suspenders R»g. 1.00 79e Olip-on or tattoo- on types. AMAZING VALUES! Cheek Every Omal Tire Preservative reg. 39c for.. 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