The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1934
Page 1
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LJ ? JLJUJLJU/ ^ THK DOMINANT NKWMI'AI'KU OP NUIITIIKA j^F VOL. XXX—N'u. 208 ., ,yn,e -.— l^J^L^ SATlili'l.AY. JANT .V Sc Him: HHIION I Chautemns and His Ministers Resign After Riotous .Demonstration:; PAHIS, Jun. 21 iUPI—The inb- :utt resigned irxhy us a u'snll ol public Indignation and dem- onstialions ever the Slavuky bank Premier Camillc cliaiitenips iiml his ininisteis quit their post:; after a riotous day h which crowds hail marched through tlie siu-els shoutim; ilneats. Led by rnyaliM. organizations, ih" dc-mon.'.lraiois planned an r-vin c,iralcr drin- unstralioii for tonight. The premier, after nnnoimciiuj ill.' decision, aria. f,ed to j»b ini- ir.cdlately lo palace to [ire- si nt his letter of resign:,(Ion to President U-brnn. The cabiur-i's a..',cn followed a ii'ceting of atom -in hour dinuiK which time the crisis v;as ilisciis- fc<i. The ChauU'irpr. 'cabinet h.ul Lei-n in pow.T :iiice November, !M:t, when it u-: ,"t oltice after :> series or ^overirneiital crisis. Clinulemus. veteran politician. 1.6(1 buili up his r-eMtlun and wns considered cojnp:'iativ.!y seeine lentil ihe spns.iiionttl Stavisky H-biidal, growing oiU ol a s:)«J.- OOO.OOn banking collapse and involving virtually »:i of Franci!. 'Glorious!' Yes ; and You, Too KV.c:i Coin Ron lino Com- 1 ""••• f r viirry l-'ise lo Court. l"i ni'w in.ils. •il lu Ih.' Mui/ • vi-rilu-l... ni ii >' giving four 7 •- Will Ii,. til,.i] mi by ill,' dcli-l.daiu Coca Coll, Report Exchange Probe of Rise in Wright Aero NUW YORK. j.,ii. •>•!. ,ui>i-Re- . . P-rls in Wall 3ti:-.-l slock e.schaiiji- U-LI-, iEaiionul i :-.-,. I,, Ti-.r- sleek i-j.i.iy 47 nl.,1 75 ,,,,,1 ,.:.,.. points Irom j. ••:;,!.! IS |., y s!l j,| „„, invi'.silviillii* a wiigm Aero. iineil bel,vi> 'ii ,! l,i 5., „ 7 , ^.-n u Parm Prisoner Dead by Trusty ^T.lf i'KIMJV FARM, Alk. ' "'i 1 '- ci', ii.,. Miller, :i. : . '•" '" I-- v .,••;, tor rot. servations till , . Shiuio, who wiili Bruce M R.--.-...!!!;: t !; , der,-mi : , n i N - <-. : J . . , _ Plna-lsGiiillv in llolfl-tip ol i], e "Olonous." '1011 of tin.. Siiiiiola ui Pails, aljovp. K:uiiir mi OiliCoinij (or iln- lii-'j't' time' lliat -slin could rciiii>iulu- , .is s|, t I'-'ft licr nalivo ssuic wiicn bliu was a Laijy Ami' California J-'iiu "I'.laritm.V 1 loo. M'IK-JI j| looked a-Jiiilrinely at il,, ; ".M :U .. Child Victim of Nut Shell Dies in Hospital Wllla Dean Wilson, two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl \Vil- ron, who was carried lo ihe Baptist hospital at, Memphis several | days ago, with a small piece Qf [ hickory .nut shell 'edged in her' throat, died yesterday morning. Pneumonia was said to have b:en the direct cause of the baby's ilcat-n. Whether or not an operation performed in an effort to remove the object from her Uircat was successful could not l» learned. Funeral services will be held ihis afternoon at the family rome in Formally! Dedicated and Keys'-' "resented lo Postmaster .illli :• Hock" Papers Report <-'f C.tin |j;, s ,..| „„ 1-VmJiy (-'iinparison •'AUUTIIKH.'MI.I.E. '"' '' r*ffiiciiii' nf Mil-. HHr. I i Jiniiin /•) 'I' iirl'-iiiiliilf.. []]., ID ill year;; In' I In' Haul: of iliii- DooHn wn.s ni-n-rfrd oniu M '-. w VJcnlin. who entered » ,,],.„ „[ of roUliiT 1 "'' " nw I'"'" tec m "i"! •••i.ill.-M flnors woi ..... -p- "iiulifm. .iiiMioxlmauns il-.% '""'rt-r-on "'' '""' W " h ll "" <lml: ' I' 1 "i-r.-i sKM: nill | si,,,,],"" nqw '•""ijKl. last fnr ion,.. n,n [ ,„„ lh "" : '"« '"« - iii.'l. of ih, |," i M'aliable u-nli:. of norm.,] , lv < -,•; in lluiKr- trmlo mark'; of inim-inny. *T»r''li'!,. i .ni i si and downrlyhi v'm- !'::!';?"''!'.".. lni "' ™ »">»>• or "on,- In , nkc Mfsuiidersta n d i n g I las Blocked Payment for Release of Banker the nogwocd Ridse community. Tiie Rev. Bernard Bi?r will olliciat" and inltrinent will be made m Sandy Ri:l»e cemetery. The L. G. Moss Undertaking charge of funeral company j<; in Tull pn.-21-nti-il ihe Illiblh' biilMhiK. pnrtii'iilnrly it and ; ii'f.inl Mit'hlr- nr .Steele, who plan- keys of ths building to J. II. j;!- t"in] i>.m valiulion jril.-jmd (In 1 nibliery. T. I,.'"Mb" Mai:><• Aifennsas (!:«..;:,. :;ni;, : ; lln-ws. OHM- iiliihly . ~ - "" wen coui|(!eled b there WC re unavoidabl tl»' 1333 nbMrajt m. r.iil. wliu was i a ;:,j]j an accident April Ii bi-I.L ar.luiiintd yw;tcrd:,y. 'in,- j '"tm uas agair...t Chiirk"-. Morris. of [iropert. for only Die i-oimiial of ai- Improveme iistncv does- not clforls to trail the hnnillls led to ~f--; ^tT. i: -r w ^^'™ ""—, Mich^z JJlL' finnihri;-! l ''•-"--~<Ji .-• nbjsLrirM nnimill., f,,_ m,, ..,.t,, n L.,.,i n i.. ,-.. .t. . „.. I prri/ i"«v <••<!&&* £«%:»:£'?': ••--- \l f n i vtalci1 '" lllf Courier New,, surivv I WASHINGTON. Jan. 27. (Ul'i- L ULLI\ '" OL ' 101 '-r HI. Only by c'jinparlne | A lu "- nv '' V 1 ' 1 "' lirosriini fur tin L T* F* rt f • ^^ i llV /Tm«i-ii'ii,._ ." ." '' J I 1 C\tti\ I. ... - i i-n.. , l«o priurlpah in the rcHibery. The liille.' wire hiivil [Mlllinen !ni|«rl- whllc Malthews iuul nth .(• officers lured away from the vicinity of ihe bank, ,000 Ships Army Air Corps iniile. for every cill/eii Is in, own- '•r. lint in niaiiy ihe M'IIM- O f pro- iK-lcioi'shlp teems in find i-xiuei- loti only In thi; ii^rrllnn of a li'hl to abuse am] mlslrcnt No ••null rh;ht cxlsis. of course, and lor t]ie suke of the uiajinjty who "' i""-"- 1 - »«nlil like lu si'i- their public. l:ll ""' s "I Iniilillngs kept clean and such 1 - Lr0 ' CCO ' UO ° '"-•ty ii.-i tlu-y |,osr.ess iiresem-il It' ""' " is lo me that uii<| picticnllon (if IH.-I-VOIIS wantonly or c:irc'l(.':.ily defacln? Ihem h in uj,li;r, While Ho use Pressure Needed lo Block Silver 1 urchase Proposal WArmwsTON. Jim. 27 (UPl- > the nariow nir.rcln ot two Hi's 111 the tcimto today the ad- inlnlMiiiiiun beat cown efforts to ini'iiiiciiiti 1 silver reinonetiztuion .i'l'^laliun In the jjendhig golct The White Uovs'i- had 10 exert nl 1 iioj-.olc in-ei'siiiB al the lasi il to ilefi'iit, 45 to J3, the 'i amemlni-ni which would directed Hi.- sccretnry of 1 to pmclri'e up to 150- nitnces ol silver Speaks for 1'tcsldent .lust bL-fore the vote Democratic I'Mlcr fioblnson tc-kl the senaie: "I his miii-ndmeir. 1.-; in conflict Ith Hit- policy soi torth by ihe trciiKht by Z. A. McQulston, pur- «t a tax sdtr of in,- c L .Vanly 1:10 story t.:, : k hnilillni; on Last Main. ir,imif rrcd to cnan- Althouoh arningomemTfoT' trad I "" ry '''""' li AI)L -'' m '-"Wc »-l:ed in,- 1 ' !"K.the huge niiisom fo, th" y nl ut" ! C1 ' L '" U ™" rl lor . ^nixiii u njt If]] f the investigators snid. due to uiforsiv-n inisiniderstandinK. New York Cotton NEW YfiDK, Jan. 27. Coiton closed steady. open hiyh low urin- „ W "-' Piact rally completed several "go. the Bremcr family was "iR every effort l(xta j , 0 open k t m] *' K lllnl a " !i "" oi.en for negotiations. July Oct. n^f Ja " 1103 1122 113C USD nci 11IJ3 -1117 1132 1H7 icro im 1177 close 1104 1117 1118 1131 113:i iiv, us;) 11C7 1145 lisa 1172 1171 Spots closed steady at 1130. up 15 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. .Ian. 27. (UPl — Get ton closed ;ery steady. opsn high :mv rl-j-e 1101 liu 1101 1112 1119 1128 1115 ll:>5 li:H 1I« 1132 1112 n-!9 US 1 ) itn; iir.R 1160 1170 1160 I1G7 . May Ji'ly Oct. Dec. i . ™"rt lor iclief lo 3 | l::s tln-ni. holder ol a ia.Mrj mo. :?rige (in Hit |,,op, ny. fio'n losing its inli-rt-st Lie:,'.--,- of ths iaxi sole. F. c. Euiui'ds. whose wile' recently hiui lille r,, P ,- 0 , x .,., y Sllt ,| f-ouglit -a at a ti-v sale cujifinneci by Iho state .s:iprc;.ic LOIIH rrpi-' M'iltllt McQlllStOIl ' ! Bounrl Over in Death Of His Father's Slayerj Maxico Offers El Dorado MO-MO ! ^ an ^ arr ia?e by 'iei-y Jim Will B. istration Foe If Elects Him By RICHARD U HARKNRSS La \J •-, ^ |l I ' >-"'-J Uj ' t Jill Jill fl] IP J L.H ]J. i/;m iiui ] UJ LU 1 . _. | ^'I'lnnl ab.-tiiitis (,[ [|.,, u >-i. v .- ai . ,,r I snmy "Ir corps which would a-.lil iTF PrllTi , y c&J111l: "' ill '< .mimal i.hsirncti of' 1 *" 1 llr - v -' phni-s!K) rcitulur ol- I r SI- II I |'•'" coiiniv clc.-k n [air fti lloi '- c: . nll ii 'K'-M* i-nl'. <.'.n\ nu-n lo I I L ULn I ., m: ;V cf '' iri ^••"•^- cr ;„« I,, v 'ai- '"^ bian,:,, of -rsi.,. was „„. .nation he i(-a,-;.«l. M,-. (;o,i].. y , U j.| neunci'd by tli- war ilr|i:irtincni to- 'C Atlmin-| •;"."• "''Icli-slunud M..:sissl|)j)| conn-! '"'" 1'1-in. ,'loimed by tue general f ri/i- 'r y;: «-i--*:l v-alii:iii-,ii rcll«ctin • I ;:til(r n(t( ' r if"i:Hiy sttKlv of the iTllSSOlll'l[i"ori! or an hicri-a-/j ii-an any othc^ tt 'l:ole luiilom] dclenie scheme, will j county pri-suniabl;- i-«ull"i| i-,,,', '* pri-scnUM lo the niilitiiy affairs H wan Ix'llevpd t! !: vVhlte House fi--:o hitd cxorlcd un-ssurc In oiher <'.iiys on donbifnl .'-.eniiioi-s. ' Wlu'i'ler nl thr- lasl moment r.o,!liljil Jib propr; ul to provide " ' c of up 10 wn.oou.cop silver instead of the , |n)I , |o f ^ ounce/- In his orig- Krtintiii' Caraway oi Arkansas vnlcd Icr the Wheeler amendment mid Senator Daljincon voled •laulnst It. 2,. <iold Rill will Pass ' With llrnlliitlon of ihbal- agreed". I'pon the sjimte was expected t<£* : pass th? liooscvelt monetary bill ' late this afternoon. Approval of the measure, was re- fc-iirdcd ns cerlnln. T.-c agreEiucnt to limit debate wns readied nfter Majority (/' t • r , ... session ovcr Repiiblicaiis 'whVhi'd MdnBDing Lliargcs Icrm-1 j 1 '= tc ±l,1^« o »y «« c,, r - •>-i~ | ^or's aburacl "nBnin's? I>K John ,, lrt " farmer, Unked «tatat,mS Cl whLe 0 n"ry!e7om "w^^ " ™'^ temper and vitriolic ton«u» nnj^' inch-|.»i i , . ,, ' ," ,' 1li ' n "^ w ""i iiiiii famous ihroujlioin, tnc'iiati-n'. 5 ' '" ""' ""'""• his old was ordered held to cir- rt """««"«> bo" rate here yesterday lute has opened l« ay janiiu kbowilz of El r» wed his Czecho-Slovakian . _ listed as a candidate lasli- position in th c election this fa'.| Ben- If UK. 74-year-old veteran di'j.s ;ll '~" enouyh to enliven ih"ca':u- cliargcs that reason for fcn U-ek the stale another 'i^to^uropl. joanicyina M '""i'T"' Ir ~" p i«'^i«r:u;r R »:": "•jj^^-s-riai^ssSSW.; of tnc institute announced. w::i!e --- »u-«.rw.:. at the Male the yoiiiij. lady remains ln i] er jj a '. live land. The institute's Fpots closed steady at 1112. up H. Chicago Wheat open high low cbse May 89 3-8 00 3-8 8U 3-8 M 1-4 I July B7 7-8 88 7-8 87 7-8 . 88 3- HIL- sfiinT'^'' ° f years "SO a'ndi,. Ti:L ' instills spokesman said ser-ks i u show that Jones' ] [["J^marriage would lie legal in the arc right i , a Jonw g.- wou K l ""•'''• nn(ls °f (He son "'!"«> State-. If they incclnat«i -rr^,. l Cliicaffo Corn May July open hi^h low S2 52 1-2 52 M 54 3-8 flS 7. close 52 1-4 S4 1-3 a preincclitatcd affair. .... Speak four Times Tomorrow i could cable the Unitr<l Si .' *" t i Jgui 7.. folliAuii s (lie ceremony, l:ls wife [o sail for .. _;.ites. Because of limited immigration (liiotns t!i» gi:] cannot enter the United Stales now bin could do so If li-t-ally man.rd to an American C1M7PH ! cap. ol here are predicting tint Reed will come out of the retirement which he statk-d in 1(132 when Ins presirleniial b;wm at the CI,:ca^'o Democratic convention drv-l- cped into nothing mere tiian a l-^'-i'l ™gon bCr ° rC " !C '"^"''^''""'l Tiiey ixiint | 0 the former s,-n- ator's recent marrl. ' to ,\frs. N,>11 .At 10:15 oclock CloKhifj Stock Prices NEW YORK. Jan. 27. (Ui'i — Heavy trading in aviation featured the stock exchange today. Wright Aero soared to 73. up 20 Ppmts f or (tic sess io n am | up mcr tnan 43 points for f.vo days, an: f,.™*? at M ' "P seven points for i' e <tay. A. T. and T. Anaconda copper Bethlehem g^^ Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola American Tanjt's'ri General Eicclric General Motors ...' Mlddlewest Utilities Montgiimcry Ward . New York Central . Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds St. Uuil.s-Saii Francisco 3 7-8 Standard of N. j. . 4,5 7 . 8 Texas Co .'.'. 07 ,_., u - s. steel ' \ .' ris s-a 117 1-8 IT, 3-4 45 1-8 5-1 1-4 . 3 1-3 25 3-4 37 3-8 . 5 17 1-2 . 8 21 citizen. Several weeks .1^0 Lebowll?. sought lo marry th c C/cclio-Sloraklan by traiis-ocsanic t.-leplionr. but Ihe American COIIFII: oti the Kuroiwan "Ki of ire lin,' halted the ceremony at thc Ijv; iiicineiit. Sive an oiinSS^X^ "ic Grciit Pyramids of Frfcnch Egypt." The subject for the • vice, at 7:30 o'clocl- ••Skulls." UCIOCK. Bob Crider Fined $25 ser- be for Reckless Drivinc Bob , |1 1 1.*.ii i.iu u 5jr) ^inkW^ra'A ."cm"?!^ K. Benrnit. Hits Woodwork Plants NOUWALK. O .UP, _ Foreign Cfmpctilio:i has cut into the •vccd«ork bn.^ine^ of severnl Norwalk faclor:fs th! season. Maple chess sets of one manufacturer, which, t-e says, canno: IK- inniio for le.vs than 75 cents vnlcr Aim i-ican Mandards. are bt-lng cruudi-.l nut l.y French l-ox- vrorl M'ls ivtnilin; m 23 cenl-s. ^l^cal faciiKH's. ,,hich ordinarily ' —Ivvi.. K bnsiiifs.s. say cr.ii ye.-irs has for«•! such comiwii- ,. r(!er ing traffic man, ac • "re re re- cUlK "- Wlbnn's Car Is Glf( SAN ANTO.VfO. Texas ,IJP)_ Whitle Museum here now houses I the automobile of PresI I dent Wocxirow Wilson, which was ir f r n; f,',,:"j': e ni r iin ' >»• c 0 i. . . . . . wealthy Katies cil yu-vs »'•"'« acturer, ,, s an indicalio, i is liat already | s „„ th( . C1 , , ,,,;. onatorlal ring. The new Mrs i,,, is an astute Ium , r | 011 in „„ m ,, "Sht. and woVd bo a comp^n-nt o:d to her husband Allliough - ow Jirn .. a[] . on . H . issued seme scatliin» al'ick-- in "IX'llclesaml like, noth- r than to aim his l.arrrd Uu^h 01 ""' I '™ 1 *»' 1 * ""rii.' trust the nrtnnniiirano,, lns 1 . iv , ll out lie word from Was.-tn^n Hut " will not oppose Reed - chief op,K>nenls. il .ip- •c\v Moans of Cheer lisli in Do f on I iltc-'j ol IIOL:I houy.L'r, of con K'.i-K Iriimetlial'.-ly. n ui u uiider- slc-ml lo have Li:c support o( Kcc- n-lary <jf War UMII. The plan would involve expontll- I Itre of murij ihan 530,000,000 diir- 11:11; the fiv; yurx !.jr .ii-vc-lupnifin i :•! the nlr corps'. i Police Seel; Three More Par! of Plot by Gangsters CHICAGO. Jan. 27. (IIPl_D2ntll I'lu.-.-lrlc chair liwniHl ovcr voting on ameiHlments yesterday »' 0 i in ' - -•• '": toiin; in b »l. Ill which conservative lirnns anil a scittcrin» nr „ . . >"^tLi]Jtg 01 ^1;|MU".its (.ought to vest control of tlie .!^!!» -^m-ticn fun'i'm uttee nf flv^, resulted in a loar Chli'ai;o tnngslers tcilay with oily William KCOH 'iii'wart. lone dcfeire attorney, their bnlwark "Sainst damning evidence „ ,. uum o.xs.w^^Ar ^ - vic!wy to >- - Ilcallcns nf thrro of t!-cm us mem- ' tcrs of the fiin s wiiluh klilnniinl ' = ' John i Jake the Barb:-r» F.a-tor, leci.lator. last July. The defendants, nojer Tonliy. "Olcomy Gt:s" Hi-liqc-fler, Albert Kalor. and Kildle Me Pad d an. faced tre tiinl ttilhont evident cc:icern Al- thwi?!, Slewari was th,-lr onK- al- larncy In- was cc-nsltlercd as KO«I ns a battalion, it was the astute Kti'ivari -,..ho won an acqiiital for Dillinger Gangsters f'"^ '-' 'i'7 i '" r f" cin '" s '" n fe! ''- f " iiaping case In St. I'nul recently in "" '-'• the full PI.VUT of the federal Blanton Named U. S. District Attorney WASHINGTON.-The nomlna- llnn of Unrry Ciillcn Bhnton of blfceslon ns District Attorney of llii! totem District of Missouri with headquarters nt St. Louis, was bv President Roose- was ndvo- or Mis- BV WAKIilNtiTON '"'re ovvr n,,,. y "Heal in N..I,. : -ni:i'icu[)tibl(.. Vet II n-oimi •f-y there wns I ITI! divided on Ih .. those who think V... , !» lir.iv M, ii|:llun h, r . : ^llh and the,,. ,,|i ...... nk l<x) in;,)! -i 1)ri( .,. ,„ Ccnnln K^-nuhhc^,.- 1-ong's attsick uii in.. D ..... ,. anil a r.- |-l:i(! I,, :hal John Dlillniji-r. accused killer. unwillingly led inn a "i Ick town" . police trai), were himlcd in this j vicinity toUay as Dillin".-'!' and three .-oiifi'dcraU'S we:, iif!.1 In j.ill plail- ! "i; a fib'ht K, i'cmc thrlr release. A habL'.is corn,., in-ariir- schcil-i uli'il io':I:iy was i;.c:r fir.M' sl.'p in j Ihi-ir n^ht lo niithoritlcs 0 ; B.IHKSICI-; »'O" succeeds Louis H. Breu- the Identification of the Bani-Iers as khlnapeis Stewart was pn'sentnii; a picture of gati;; strife m Chicago icsiiltin^ j n pi.i-=.-.cntloii of llin di'tendaius. ric clvirxe-l In , , cm states "•"" "'"Iwith ILMai- papers. Ovrr-lni-- rivoii- Hlained For S.trial Ills Walter Coles „„...., CT. 1.0UIS. - Walter D Coles rn o|'<-nin»-.moment n. i ,. I ^'7™ '" Ballb V u Plcy for the lioweifui Ai"canoiie ' °"" Ensler " District, of Missouri for »» '•'iniinntlon of the Siy^! j inad'bec^ie^wn'asl tan? ••• ami has used its Inthiencc in . ruptcy expert without a superior •"•' even I hi the nation, hns rejizned ef- .-jm- frctive next' Thursday. His 'suc- ci'S>-i>r will be appointed by Fed- nsl Judge Fnris. .. ..,^i ii.iv.^.1 i ti u -:;:•"> tn,-m ;,o]ic e . stale's attorney. i . , ....... -•- ..-"".n-j, and i l.-lcral diuaitnicnt of justice _|(-''s lo further this ucrsecullcn j Federal Stock Exchange i Regiilalion Recommended WASHINGTON. Jan. 27. ,tJP)_ r-.-,f..^..i ..^..i_,- . ' lowans Chafed With Public Works Fraud MONTREAL Qili-. --"If yon wish <' rur,- tin. ills i.i MK-irly liy slrr- -_ — -_^,.- _ wl , t unii. & (, iijr'j — Filter;,] ii^ulation of nil slock «-1 »E3 MOINKS. iDwa. Jan 27 (UP)'es reciimincnded to Pres- i— A conspiracy lo defraud the ftd- ic.cni li-.-welt by a.-.Miocla] iu- r ral government in administration "f milliciis ef (bllars worth of pub- ]„. jlow-cll. Kansas City, who'was 'M- l ' ats - '«tcd m 1932 bv Bennett Clump Loader ^ark. and Willis H. Meredith. - c " lfl 1 of the house of ivpn-fri- of the slat" leglslalure. •or ncscop l>attrr?<m u.-. "• also Is shied 10 uiak,- I:.' Hicks Kcnnetl, nickT" thrcc-VMr-oM H , [• "'"' Mrs ' Je| f »'--^. ied at. the family hom , ,„ .,,., Nuniber E s :- t comimmlt, in Mi- -rl. iieir the -kaiuas stnt, i:,,.,, yesterday. H| S delth WB . at|r , b . iitcci to pneumciiia. Funeral services were IrH v-- terday afternoon at Number' F,',;iil cemetery with the R? v . Mr Crie- and olTlciatlng. Tho c^'^. taking company H . as in ctm . f 0 , finicral arrangement.';. Hirec ytiirs tr, .. '•all lie may h „ ., Louisiana. most, r,'.-n.= i.-i their Tor,.. Majority Joe Itobiiuon. i.u,-., U | :cme bltti.r-niiil n,,( , v ,-.,ys In- ^'"llve-iutacks fiom ii, t ." kln- inofo.'.i,! ci McCall nnivoisitv W. U. The wor.-: ri-it:as. '"'I by siib-i:orinn lrci!u«i. but l:v i I'roit-Fsor Tail di'c committee whose , j ' ne '^i;ort of the com'inittce •chology in! transmitted to the sen.r.o b.uikin? i :ni<I currency coinmitlce. urged crc- the most .-ition of an administrative \iitlrr- ' not cans- tty wit;, broad discretiouar'v , ow- II.OIkT.ll .l..-lnr-- I.. ;_- .. . ' - I'"" ;- ui^'i-euoiiary paw- "'e neiiteinnt governor un d'-[ e r, to require slock exchanges to |N'ov£mter was state 'ecrcta tlle.. enforce rrznlstlnni- ...1,1.1. .. , , ll, n ,,..K>I- ...--.-- . J . . C ? lic works projects In rowa e!'nrgcj today against Lt Gov Nelon G. Kraschel and Carlton D. ?r. prcminent Des Mcincs bond broker. The lieutenant governor until bst fwnt-shops re- p;ople. enforce rcgnlstlon which woui ;rablish a "minimum -;tan>1ir,-| nf " draplti-- .su.-kin 1: HII.-V I'lfli crailf horrors, ni it there i,n (I-.,, f;,.:,.,!.. n,..,,. raining him-vT uith tisi-i lain thai It wmuiiri :c«|j n:r,'.j, niter al.i\s of Vir.'iuia aon 1 !;'. 'k to fluey a nil. Hi wun't-' i mention him l.v narnr;. ivfer: lo hhn only as 'ihat pcrsii:i." :iii-rnns. bin -says. ' In mr nun--'-'!, • not i-aii.-.ed by i|i{- inti the ;;! Roosevelt Has Power to Conlrol Subsidies rreatest WASHINCJTON. ,Mn. 27. , U P)_ Fiill power to cjrivci Ini-qnalitics Senator Karry H: wcs ol Mi- nnco din-atoned hi-, wit'i p>v v'nlence If he dit'irt lay oil ' On Inn otlie-r irjiul 'tiunv 1 ivjolclns; In |hp r,.|ii>i-if<s ' !"ifcoclles ore ro:i(c:n,-d. it is tet- ter lo leave nature to deal *•• "" '['i .ilJlltVi nnd abuses in a ir and ocean mail ,siibj.dy contr.itts sl , c ii as have been [revealed by current senate Inves- PresldciH tt Roosevetl'. SSNi ^^ ^ In l!:e bustle cf emerecnci- nro- >e public works administration At that time he was removed from I'WA by szcretary of Interior Tekejs The charges were contained in livo indictments returned by a federal cr.ind jury. Roth m«n were lumcd li> one Indictment charging a conspiracy to defraud ihe United stale? and Beh was named alone In another Indictment charging that lie forged several pages of an appiicatiou for a SHC.OOO loan and ?rant tn the city of Olttmwa Iowa. . . "' li.U UIIMJf c Icrs In !vi own way. II j ? rams whicli has nurked tl uiirso imrccilcs tlicv rile i d n il tiling it •»>-" ^i 's for thi'ii- sllghtlv'more -l"even Mr nKvM.' ',"L intelligent brctiir-i.-fociety has, ' -"^."o-^eit h a a iifcd of the miner (!os to carry on I'l-e rn«»h work the more inlelli- | 6t-'H rmislder bcni-iih iliem." tlciis bill which armed hlni aiilftorlty. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonlsht and Sunday. Cooler In northwest Memphis and vicinity—PMr am! warmer loiilght and Sunday. Coot- «r Sunday ni;ht,

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