The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on November 26, 1915 · Page 8
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 8

Nashville, Tennessee
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Friday, November 26, 1915
Page 8
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NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN and The Nashville American, FRIDAY MORNING. NOVEMBER 26, 1915. ores Trail Purple Banner in the Dust 27-3 Cammed GEORGIA TECH CLAIMS S.I.A.A. CHAMPIONSHIP By Virtue of 7 to 0 Defeat Over Auburn Eleven Fielder and Pendergast Star BIT CURRY LIFTS THE INCOMPARABLE MARLIN MARVEL ACK AND GOLD ABOVE THE PURPLE BANNER Brilliant Commodore Quarter Leads Vandy Out of Ruck With Series of Broken Field Dashes That Have Never Been Excelled on Dudley Field Causing Remarkable Comeback by Vandy In Final Period. OOAOH DAN McGTJGIN "It was a grwit gumu of football. Wlieii trams aro evenly matched and neither )a uhlf to gain ground consistently, people are apt to think one of tlie teams tlielr favorite 1h not t Its Inttt. For three quarters both tinunii were fighting dc-licrutelj. Tho high wind mnrred the Kme somewhat. It made passing Mtremely difficult. Until teams am to bo complimented Sewnnce for maktnit the best of biT opportunity to score early, and Vondcrhllt for her sustained uphill attack." COACH COPE "I think Curry In one of the greatest player I have ever sren. With the exception of Curry, Vnnderbllt and Hewonee teams were evenly match ed, but his playing turned the tide for Meiugln's machine. Whenever Vanderbilt needed a sain Curry made It; Hewanee hnd no such star upon whom to depend. Curry's broken field rimnliiK was marvelous, and I consider him a man whom any team In the country might bit proud of. Both teams played splendid ball, and the best team won." By BLINKBY HORN. Above tho I'urple banner of the Tigers the Illack and Gold floatB proudly once more. The Hlnglc point that stuck on the dented boot of Captain Ammle Slkes on a November nfternnon a year ngo and carried a slim victory to the Jungle Beauts has been repiilil with triple Interest; for the Big Comeback played traitor to the Tiger on the fag end of Turkey Day, and after roosting for three periods In the lair of tho Tunglo Cuts, Mew on the fleet heels of Itabblt Curry of Morlin, Texas, Into the Vandy camp. , The verdict this time Is Curry 37. Se wanec 3. From out of tho ruck the Marvel of Marlln led one of the "forlomest" hopes that ever cast Its lilenk shadow across Dudley Held. From out of the grime the Mighty Midget (matched the Blnck and Gold gonfalon and carried It back to the proud place from which It hns flapped In the November breeze In other days. Scarcely In all of the pages of Commodore history where there are written by the moving finger, legends of wonderful football deeds con there be found a more brilliant chapter than tho dashing llabblt wrote yesterday. I,1LI)H BRILLIANT RALLY. Threading their wny slowly through a frantic molt of Commodore folks, two stalwart McUugenltes bore the exhausted .Martin Marvel on their shoulders when the tlnal whistle was blown. They held him no higher than he had lifted the whipped Commodores at tho beginning of the fourth quarter. Swinging down Into the second half, tlie McGugln machine, with the Marlln Marvel at the throttle, began suddenly to find Itself. Outplayed, outruslicd and outlucked In the early stages the Commodores seemingly faced certain defeat. Beaten back, foiled nt every turn, the Tandy attack was rolled up and hurled aside by the ferocious Tigers. By a freak of fate und n savage pounding of the Vandy front Dug .Herring's toe had found a chance to shove the Tiger elan three points In front and that gent responded to the opportunity. Suddenly the marvelous Curry Bounded the coll for the attack and the answer was magnificent. Rallying around his magic heels building up a stout shield for his wiry body the Commodores found themselves. Found themselves because Rabbit Curry wns the guiding star that blazed In the sadden and bleak sky. TivlnMnir Kniilrmlnn riodirillE. zlnacghlg In and out. the hrllllnnt Vnmlr nlrf i . i JTTiipetl through the pack of Jungle Cats with an cluslveness and vigor that suddenly swung the pendulum from gloom to hope. and front hope--to victory. Over tlie cross-marked field the fragile Curry . Unshed this way -and that, shooting off at a tangent, only-to wheel suddenly on his own course Just a hair's breadth, out of the grasp of tlie frantic Tigers. Like a ghost the dazzling Curry sped through the November afternoon, twice across the hostile Tiger line and twice planted the oval closo enough for "Hough" Ray to grind his way through for a brace of other scores. And on the tall end of three wallops to the fast sinking Tiger the toe of the Rabbit udded u point until he. hud piled up 27 counts for the tJoim.iodorrs. ABOUT MR. CURRY. Perusing "Who's Who In Football" wo And that the Turkey day superman came Into existence some twenty-one years ago In the village of Miirlin. Tex, That he standa 6 feet 9 Inches and even on a druggist's scale makes hut slight impression. Colonel Curry Is simply 1.17 pounds of sheer nerve. Indomitable will and supernatural fighting spirit topped up with a pair of heels thut were banded down from Old Mercury. His insldcs are chilled steel His henrt pure gold. Curry, the incomparable, was even more so In the Tiger game. Ho Is the runnlngest gent who ever floated across the cross marks. Because float is the way the rabbit appears to move. Here, there and overy where he seemed" to be to the bewildered Tigers. Right at the tips of their Angers he always was. Reaching out to snag the fleet-ed-hoot'ed Commodore the Tiger tacklers, for the better part of the time grabbed handfuls of thin air. Throw Into a pot nil those descriptive adjectives that Noah Webster, discovered to express admiration for the wonderful and they all fall flat when one goes to speak of the midget from Marlln. He stands at the top of the heap in the running business. , It was John 6. McGraw who nBt put Marlln, Tex,, on the map with his crop of Giants. But the McGraw put the village down In pica type. Yesterday R, Curry raised it to -IS point- caps, clean across tho state of Texas. WHISTLE STOPS HIM. Nothing but tho whiBtlo of the referee sloped the fly lug Curry when he set sail in that fourth quarter, when the props slipped out from under theaTIgers' cage. The more ho ran the farmer, ho went that is by way of saying that the longer ho ran the more crossmurkB he stepped across woll, you understand. He Just kept on getting better and bettor with every Jump. Starting with a smnll sized effort that netted some 12 yards- or so, the- Marlln Marvel wound up the afternoon with a brilliant gallop through tlio entire pack-of Tigers, traveling ') yards, after collecting a punt on the dead gallop and nary a step did he stop until he had laid -the oval down behind the Tiger goal posts. Colonel Curry acted" like 6ne of those mechanical toys. He just couldn't atop until he run down. And they Anally had to stop the game to check his rampage. His brilliant broken "Acid running has never, been excelled and few times equaled. Which carries lots with it In Dixie. Still with nil the dazzle and glitter, with which Colonel Curry wrapped himself and the Commodores by his smashing rally, one might Jump to the thought that he crushed the Tigers and punc. A. A. A. A. A. A A. A. A. A. A. A. MARGUERITE CLARK AS A CIRCUS QUEEN STILL WATERS Was the record attraction on yesterday. Thousands of your friends saw her. Ask them. FIFTH AVENUE TODAY AND TOMORROW ,v,Ti lyiyiir turol the Jungle beasts hide alone and unaided. Almost ho did. But he wan not without corking work from his puis. Two gents in particular contributed In large measure to the dispelling of the Vandy gloom. Joshuway Cody and "Pud" Reyer, who sang their football swan songs made possible a pair of the Commodore scores. JOSH CODY A FACTOR, It was big Josh Cody when the Curry expedition started on that 80-ynrd gallop who blocked the last Tiger who had designs on bringing the fragile Vandy quarter down. It was Pud Reyer who leaped high In front of the foot of Clark, down at the south goal, blocked a punt and recovered the oval on the 6-yard line, making possible the second .touchdown. Both of these gents In theAnal quarter when the big Vandy rally got under way, uncovered a sterling, brand of molsekln stuff defensively.' . Not a tackle did Cody miss. Not enough ground to imbed a canary bird, did the Tlrer backs sneak over the bole that big Josh guarded. He was in the thick of every play, sensing the Tiger offensive movements and stood out as a bulwark when leading the Interference for Curry. Though he went late into the game to relieve "Big Six" Hamilton, Emmett-Putnam played a corking defensive game. In the open field blocking the Crescent City boy was a tower of strength to tho Vandy runners. On the flanks both Alf Adams and Captain Cohen, the last game for the latter on Dudley Held, were down under punts In a flash, and the former cracked the Tiger interference time anil time again, bqforc the Purple backs could get under way. In fact, after they managed to get together In the last half, the Commodores put up a steady brand of gridiron work, outrushed the Tigers ten yards to one a total of 201 yards to 23 made by the Sewanee backs. Not a, single Arst down did the Purple warriors register in that last half, so smartly did the Commodore forwards check the rush of the Tiger backs, while the Vandy folks moved i the linesmen's stakes- exactly twenty-one times in, the final half. TIGERS CONCEALED ACE. For "the Tigers, Captain Dobbins shone -with especial effulgence. He was Cope's big ace. Carefully concealed as a back-field battering ram, the Tiger chief, has, since the Lookout game, exercised the most rigid sort of censorship over his crack tackle, and a ripple of excitement swept through the stands when the hlonde-haired leader started at right half. .In the early port of the melee, the Tiger leader banged the Vandy line for short but steady gains,, ploughing off tackles until the oval rested within the shadow of the Black and Gold goal. The Commodores were being rolled backward steadily, a queer break of the luck having given the pigskin to the .Purple A. A. A. A. A. A. A..A. A. A. A. A IV Hi l tuny, warriors well within Vandy's territory, HERRING SHOOTS GOAL. Almost in tho middle of the fleld Clarke stepped hack for a punt. The Commodore forwards swept through, partially blocking the kick. Red Floyd, who was laying back to cover the end, failed to 'hear the Impact of tlhc ball and the Vandy blocker, which put the Commodores onsldo and made It anybody's ball. The punt was low and short, and fell right at the sorrel-topped Commodore Into the arms of little Herring. Suddenly the blue gloom swooped down on the Vandy supporters, for the Tigers began a steady assault on the Commodore front until the oval rested after plunges by Dobbins. Clarke and Sellers, in striking distance of the hostile Hue. But the big mistake of the Purple attack cropped out here and the opportunity grew diEgustod wit'h the Tigers, and never returned to see If they had come back home, Vandy was offside, but the Tigers spurned the penalty, and after powwow- , ing about decided to risk their fortunes on Hug Herring's toe, Had they accepted tin1 penalty, the oval would have been on Vandy's seven-yard line, and with the Commodores being smashed back, a touchdown was not beyond reason. But they ! passed it up. And little Herring dropped : back to the 20-yard line and quickly tired the oval between the uprights. And the Tigers had the big Jump. But Rabbit Curry had never turned on the high pressure. But when he did ho turned a pink tea affair into a roughhouse. Trampled the Big Jump and the Rig Three Into a mere nothingness, with his scampering heels. PATE SMILES ON TIGERS. Fate smiled on the Tigers from the very outset. Grabbing the toss, the Purple clan picked the south goal to de-feud, with a zizzog wind swooping across the fleld into tho facca of the McGugln-ites. And still the Commodores, acting under orders, started out to make it a kicking game. Soon tho streaky wind began to levy henry toll against the Black and Gold moleskin men, for on every exchange the Tigers gained an average of six yards in the first period. Despite tho wicked wind. Tommy Zer-foss shot a marvelous punt into the teeth of the Nuvember breeze, tearing off 45 yards- on his first attempt. But the air currents began to play ail manner of pranks with the plksklu shots that left tho boots of either Frlel or ZerfoBs, sending them swirling off at an angle and at times seeming to check und hold them in mldiilr. It was tlie twisting currents that smeared every effort of the Commodores to creep closer to the Tiger goal by an aerial attack, when the stubborn Purpie line refused to give way to the Vandy assaults. Only once were the McGugln-ltes able to complete a forward pass out of the three they attempted. "Rabbit" Curry hurling the oval 26 yards to Tommy Zerfoss in the third period, when the Commodores begin their attack that yielded four scores in the flnal frame. Heavy penalties sot the Commodores back, repeatedly in the early part of the gime and ut the outset of the third quarter . when Colonel 1 Curry began to get action out of his heels, a 15-yaul penalty halted a march to the Tiger goal. Another heavy blow came after Tom Lipscomb had Intercepted a Purple pnss and scrambled 12 yards with it only to be called back and see a 5-yard penalty plastered on his pals for being offside. But even though they were blessed with: an abundance of luck in the early periods, the Tigers clearly outplayed the Vandy gents In the first half because the- McGuglnites were overconfident. So much so that it almoat proved their undoing. But the remarkable rally which the Marlln Marvel lead the three points which Dug Herring's toe gave the Tigers might have remained as big as -the mountain to which the Tiger makes his lair. , In the first half, the Purple clan out-rushed the Vandy gents two yards to one, made seven first downs against three for the Commodores rushing the oval- for a total of X10 yardB against 65 made by Vanfferbllt. Fumbles by the Vandy backs were emphasized because theor was nothing to cause the slipshod handling of the oval. But even at that both elevens allowed the plkskln to Ay from their arms as if it were greased. The finishing touches to the brilliant footwork of the Midget from Marlin, was the entrance Into the battle of "Dough" Ray. He came into tho fracas tit the psychological moment. And "Dough" made good with a vengeance. Both offensively and defensively, the Gallatin boy was a whaie. He smashed the Tiger halves and when Curry called him, to hammer his way through for the touchdown, Ray delivered the coveted distance, shattering the right side of the Tiger front to bltg. Yes, Cope was right. The Tigers cume down to play a game-but Rabbit Curry made it a runaway. Here's a few of the wonderful things the Marlln Marvel did. ' Single-handed he hauled the oval 324 yards from scrimmage and by haul In back punts. Of this big distance the stout-hearted ceneral Dlled un 1C9 yards. runnlnyg the ends or foxing the Tigord ana sneauing inrougn mo une, wnen may .were all set for him to turn the Aanks. The remainder of hiB big total of cro-s marks stepped over resulted from punU he returned netting 135 yards. He flitted over the Tiger goal line twici and contributed acres of territory n getting the oval in position for the two counts which "Dough" Itay made. Three times he fired the oval between the uprights the other is so widely deputed that a decision will never be mane to the satisfaction of all concerned. He ran his team brilliantly: selected the right plays at the right time; senced' me Tiger attacK, ant- was continuant rallying hid pa 1b both for the assault uml in an effort to check the Tiger advance. He foxed the Purple forwards at the south goal after n brilliant gallop into opening a hole in the middle of the 'Ir.a, through which he slipped for seven yaiuii and ,7Dough" Ray added the rest. Made more ground running from the formation, than the entire Purple outfit. TIGER STARS. In addition to the"" stellar work of Capt. Taylor Dobbins, Sellers and Dug Herring were ongnt stars in the iurpie cast. Sellers grabbed all kick-oft and practically all punta and was in the thick of every play, rarely missing a tackle. Nap Ruck-er put up a smashing game at guard and his work against the Vandy forwards proved a big stumbling block on his side of the lino. Neil Edmond was injured early, but; what little time he remained In the battle he checked every effort tp circle his end, and more' than lived up to . (Con.Uau6d, on Next P&se.) Photo by Wiles. Like a comet through a leaden sky-. Rabbit Curry, the marvelous Commodore field general, flashed through the closing minutes of the Tiger conflict leading his comrades 1 a a memorable comeback. Rallying the Black and Gold machine Curry turned defeat into a Vandy victory. His brilliant broken fleld running bewildered the Tigers and running from position he gained more ground alone than the entire Purple clan. His performance stamped the Midget of Marlin as one of Dixie's phenomenal gridiron warriors. STATEMENT BY THE THREE OFFICIALS The score in the Vanderbilt-Sewanee game was 27-3. The secondf goal was not kicked by Vanderbilt. CM. BARRY, Referee. H. F. PELHAM, Head Linesman. ARTHUR BLUMENTHAL, Umpire. Witness: HOMER WILSON. Virginia Beats North Carolina For Eighth Consecutive Time RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 26. Virginia won Its eighth consecutive Thanksgiving day football cliiah from North Carolina, 14 to 0, hero today. For nearly Torly minutes tlia tcumH battled without a score. In the firxt half tho Tar Heels played Virginia even, and It was only when injuries took out man after man that the g-ante wan lout to tho Tar Heelfl. Even thon Uiey fought with dcnperatlon and twlco took tho ball from Vlrcinla with iea than a yard to go, Tho Orange and Blue oITciihq wiih good, but not as effective an It ban been in other gurneti. "Buck" Mayer, Htur Virginia back, wan unable to get oiT any of hlu brilliant end runn. Virginia realized Ub difficult task early In the game and tried no Iohh than four drop klckn which failed. Forward paslng wan resorted to on evernl occaalon.i unit three timet HUbstantial gnlnn wero made. Three, however, -were Intercepted by the Carolina ttecondury defense for good gains. The IIhouph: DETAIL OF GAM Sewanec's Purple Vanderbllt grounds Tigers entered tho early.. Ailing n big' motor truck and dehouohed In front of the engineering hall. They entered the bu(Idln-g In a body to awiiit the time to take the field. The day was slightly warm. With this exception It was perfect focitbal! weather. A stiff wind drove acrcsa the field from the west, promising to mnfcc things difficult for the opposing kickers. Van derbl It's yellow-robtd wnrrlors trotted out on the Held at 1:50, led by Captain Cohen, and the rop'-s . ately began to exercise their leather lungs. The kickers took the fleld for practice. Sewanee marched out In ti body nt 1:65, followed by their little mascot. The Purple rooters showed signs of temporary Insanity. The Tigers begun to run signals. The players were not numbered, although the Commr'dores had the same lucky symbols on their, bucks that brought them through tho' Auburn game. The Tiger klrkers began o warm up their toes, while Herring tried a few drop-kicks. The Commodores run signals for a few minutes and Captains Dobbins and Cohen met in the center of the Held for the toss. Sownnee won the toss and chose to defend the south goal. WIND FAVORS SEWANEE. Cody kicked off to Clark on the goal line, and he brought it back to the twenty-five-yard line. Clar- went into the line for but two and Htrring made three more over left tackle. Clark puim-il fi; yards to Curry, who was downed in his tracks on Vandy's twenty-seven-yard 1'nv. On the first pray Zerfoss punted to Herring, who failed to return It. It wan nit Sewanee's thlrty-third-ynrd line. A line play gave two yards ojer left tnckle and an end run made two more, Selles running. Clark punted out of bounds on Vandy's thirty-cight-yard line. Frell shot through left tackle for eight and Floyd added five In the same spot. A line play by Curry made two yards and Frlel made one over right tackle. Zerfoss punted and the ball went out of bounds on the Tiger thirty-seven-yard .line. Dobbins went through tackle fdr Ave and Sellers failed on another, play. Clark punted to Curry, who fumbled, but recovered on his twenty-yard line. -Sewanee man who tackled him was hurt. Dobbins la . playing nt halfback, with Sellers as a running mnte. ., BREAKS TO PURPLE. On a ; fake punt, Curry skirted right end for twelve yardB, being run out of bounds. Prlel went outside left tacklo two. Edmonds was hurt Friel went off right tackle for two more yards and Zerfoss punted thirty yards to Sewanee's thlrtv-flve-vnrd linn. There was no re turn. Sellers tried right end for no gain j and Clark tried the line with the same I result. Clark punted thirty-seven yards, Lto Curry, who returned It seven to van-. " tT ' , Virginia, PoBltlon. N". Carolina. White Left End Boshamer Moore Left Tacklo Ilamney H. Coleman (C.) Left (Juard Cowell Brown Center Tandy Tliurman Hlght Guard J. Tayloe (I. Anderson. .. . Hlght End Homewood Berkeley. Quarterback Long-Mayer Left Halfback McDonald E. Anderson . Bight Halfback D. Tayloe (C.) Sparr Fullback Reid Score by periods: Virginia 0 0 7 714 North Carolina 0 0 0 0 0 . Summary Substitutions : For Virginia, Ward lor Moore, Stuart for G. Anderson; for North Carolina, Currie for Tandy, GrlmeB for Cowell, Hlnea for McDonald, Parker for Hold, Blunt for Tarker. Touch-dons, E. Anderson, Mayer; goals from touchdowns, Thurman (2). Offlrlals: Referee, McGuftln (Michigan); umpire. Donnelly (Trinity); field judge. Brooks (George Washington). Time of periods, JG minutes. dy's thirty-three-yard I'.no. Frlel punted to Sellers, who made about five yards to his forty-live-yard line. Dobbins shot Into the line for Ave and then added two more. Herring made four nnd first down In the line. A forwnrd pass was blocked by Cody, and Lipscomb recovered, but the play was called back and Vandy wns penalized, five yard 3 for off-sido. It nui'ther' first down Herring skirted right end for U yards mid Clark battered his way through the I minaie rqr t. uiarn tried again, but Ups-, ooiyb hurled him buck. Lipscomb took time out. Dobbins tried right tackle for 1 but 1 yard and Herring dropped hack to tho 3-1-yard line, hut fumbled and Sewanee recovered in a wild scramble The ball went to Vanderbllt . on downs 011 the 30-yard line. Bluhm went In for iMimouas of sewanee, who limped as he ! went off the field. Curry tried left end I for a 1-yard loss and Friel Hkirted the other flank for G. Zerfoss punted to Her-l ring, who returned fi ynrds to his :i7-ynrd une erring rumbled on the next piny, but recovered. Clark punted to Curry, who made a 10-yard return. He was tackled viciously by Clark. The ball was on Vanderbllt's 40-yard line. Frlel went over right tackle for 3 and Floyd went through left for 3 more. SEerfoss punted 27 yards to Herring, who was downed in his trackB by Cohen on Sewanee's 27-yard line. The unarter was up. End first period Vanderbllt 0, Sewanee 0. SECOND PERIOD. Adams replaced I-lftyes at right end for Vauderbilt. Herring skirted right end for 6 yards on a beautiful run and Clark HiL lhu nne ror 1. ciarit punted to van-' derbllt'a 27-yard line and there was no , return. ; ' s , Zerfoss tried left tackle for a half-. yard and Curry made 2 around left end.' Zerfoss punt'ed- to Herring, who was tackled by Adams for no gain on Se-, wanee's 30-yard line. Herring fumbled Clark punted to Curry, who was tackled for no gain by Dobbins but the ball j was brought buck" and Vanderbilt penal- izea 0 yards lor off side. It wag n nrsi down, Clark made 1 in the line and then made 4 off right tnckle. Clark punted to Curry, who made a beautiful running catch. PENALTIES HURT VANDY. Vandy was again off sUlo and the ball, was brought back and the Commodores, penalized 6 yards, Cody blocked a .punt bv Clark and Adnmn recovered out of bounds. It was Vandy's ball on Se wanee's Hz-yara line. Friel nit me 11110 for 4, but fumbled and Sewanee recovered. Frlel tackled Herring for no gain on an ettd-run and Dobbins ploughed through left tackle for 8 yards. Herring went through center for 2 yards Continued on Next Page.) (By Associated Press to The Tennessean.) ATLANTA, Ga Nov. 25. Georgia Tech claims the right to dispute with Vanderbllt the football championship of the old Southern Intercollegiate Athletic ONSudutlon, as a result of Us defeat of Auburn today, 7 to" t). Two long runs in the second half one for fourteen yardB, the other for twenty-five by Strapper were responsible for tlie lone touchdown. Auburn fought valiantly, but during three periods could not keep the ball out of their territory. Kvory available man was used by the Plainsmen. Captain Hide?: who was suffering from "charlcy horse' so badly that he did not start the game, entered after Tech had scored, and by his own efforts i-arrled the hall to within six inches of Tech's goal. Throughout tho remainder of the second period the ball was constantly within Tech's 25-yard line but the Plainsmen apparently lacked the punch to put It over. Long rutis by Fielder and Strapper for Tech and Prondergast for Auburn, as well as Captain Morrison's punting, were features of the contest. Preudergast Bkirted Tech's ends for 55 yards and 15 yards. Georgia Tech won the toss and kicked to Auburn's 20-yard line, After an exchange of punts Fielder broke through Auburn's center for 25 yards. A punt gave Auburn the bull on their 20-yard line. Preudergast run around left end for 55 yards to Tech's 30-yard line. Another exchange of punts followed, and Fielder again got away for 35 yards. The quarter ended with the ball In Tech's possession on Auburn's 30-yard line. Score: Georgia Tech 0, Auburn 0. Strupper replaced Fielder In the second period and on the flrBt plav gained 14 yards on a lateral pass. On the next play he ran 25 yards for a touchdown. Spence kicked goal. Auburn kicked off 4! yards and obtained the ball on a blocked kick on Tech's 30- CORNELL CLAIMS CHAMPIONSHIP OF EAST BY BEATING PENN., 24-9 (By Associated Press to The Tennessean.) PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 25. Cornell defeated the University of Pennsylvania on Franklin field today in a stirring contest, and tonfRht the Itliacans are claiming the football championship of the east. Tlie Hqnro was 24 to 0, but it does not Indicate tho terrible" Scar tho righting Quakers Rave tho undefeated big Red team. The final quarter opened with Pennsylvania leading, 9 to 7, and Cornel fighting desperately to turn tlie tldo of victory in her favor, the marvelous Captain Barrett leading In tho attack, Pennsylvania, battered about by various teams during the season and desperate from adverse criticism because of her poor showing, had risen like a flash In the second period, swept Cornell off her feet and took the lead. Then Cornell, with defeat staring her In the face, showed her championship rallber. By a mighty effort she smashed Pennsylvania's defense and battered her way to victory by scoring two more touchdowns and n fleld goal. Twenty-five thousand persons saw the New York state team win. It was Cornell's third straight victory over Pennsylvania and her fourth win over her old rivals In twenty- threo years. Barrett was Cornell's Krcateat hero and closed hln football career by scoring eighteen of CornellBs twenty-four points. Cornell had all the better of the playing in the first period, but Pennsylvania's rejuvenated defense was strong enough to keep the Ithacans from scoring. . In tho second period Pennsylvania showed most of her brilliant playing. Cornell made a touchdown early In the period by terrific lino bucking. Pennsylvania secured the ball In Cornell territory on a fumble after being set back fifteen yards for holding, and the Quakers executed a complex new formation, on which they gained forty yards on a forward pass. Another forward prhs put the ball on Cornell's one-yard mark, and the rest was easy. Later In the period, Hawley, who replaced Right End Hopkins, kicked a goal from Its twenty-eight-yard line. The third period was desperately fought, ARMY GIVEN FINAL DRILL FOR NAVY GAME (By Associated Press to Tho Tennessean.) WEST POINT, N. Y., Nov. 25. Tho army eleven was given its final drill today In preparation for tho navy game in New York Saturday. Tho coaches sent the vursity men through a hulf-hour of stiff signal drill, during which all the plays that have been devised for the navv game were gone over until they were run off with the smoothness and precision required by head Coach Daly. The first string men lined up against a substitute team which looked strong ana had an Identical set of plays. The army team will leave, tomorrow morning, arriving at the Grand Central station in- New York at 10 o'clock. .It is to have secret practice on the Polo grounds in tlie afternoon. The battalion of cadets will go to New York to witness the game. GEOEGETOWN WINS . (By Associated Prcsa to Tlie Tennessean.) ST, LOUIS, Nov. 2o. Overwhelming superiority in speed and technique and a slight advantage in weight enabled tho Georgetown eleven to .defeat St. Louis university 90 to 0 here today. Buy a Humidor of SanchltaB Cigars, $1.25. (Adv. tj '.MISSISSIPPI BEATEN (By Associated Press to Tht Tennessean.) 1 AIIKADBLPHIA, Ark., Nov. 25. Ouachita college defeated Mississippi colleRO here today, 6 to 0. The game wa Interrupted after the lirst half hy a -rain storm which continued ifntll darkness, preventing further play. Old-style football wns responsible for Ouachita's score. CIGARS! PAUL & JOHN CIGARS SODA WATER yard lino. Bides wont in at fullback ftnd on nine straight plays carried the ball to TcchJa six-Inch line, whore he was held. Tho remainder of the period was played Inside Tech's 25-yard line. Score: Tech 7, Auburn 0. Auburn kicked off 50 yards to FleJtff who had replaced Strupper. Fieldjfr returned 25 yards. Morrison kieffod 55 yards over Auburn's goal line. 'Auburn brought the ball out 20 yards fithd Pren-dergast skirted Tech's left And for 15 yards. Duncan tackled him Crom behind, after all of Tech's secondary defenses hod been passed. For the remainder of the period both teanid punted on the third down. Score: "Georgia Tech 7, Auburn 0. The line-up: Ua. Tech. Position. Auburn. Goree Left End Taylor Mauck Left Tackle Weenie Keynolds ...t. Loft Guard Campbell Phillips Center Robinson Iang Right Guard Frickey Barnwell .... Right Tackle Sample Souter Right End Bonner Morrison Quarter Caughman Johnston Left Half Ducotte Fielder Right Half .. Prendergast Spence Fun Steed score by quarters: Gcorirla 0 0 07 0 0-0 Auburn 0 Tech seorlnir: Touchdown, Strupper; Sn b sfl tu 'coal from touchdown. Snonce. tions: (ieoreia Tech Strupper rn r Field- er. Bell for Mauehk, Duncan for Rey- noids, ! lemer tor strupper. Mauck for Bell, Glover for Spence, Strupper for Johnston, Alexander for Lang; Auburn Halrston for Caughman, Uidez for Ducote, Goodwin for Frickey. Thlgpon for Goodwin, Atkins for Halrston Ducote for Atkins, Riekenbaeker for Ducote, Scott for Rinkenbacker. Referee, Brown of Vander-blllt; umpire. Dennett of Pennsylvania ; field judge, Bmmnge of Kentucky State; head linesman, Graham of Washington and Lee. with neither loam getting any decided advantage, Barrett missed two field goals, but then Cornell opened up, and Pennsylvania began to falter. The Ithancnns hammered the Red and Blue tini and finally Barrett broke through fnr a fnrty-two-yard run and touchdown. This score, sending Cornell Into the load, shook Pennsylvania's cnnfitlttncc, ond Cnmoii unort added another' touchdown, largely on an intercepted forward pass. Barrett was evorywhero over 1 tho field, breaking up plays and killing forward passcH, and wound up by kicking a fleld goal after three unsuccensful attempts. Cornell played hnrd and mostly straight football, while Pennsylvania made many spectacular plays, The navy football squad, which plays the army at New York on Saturday, saw 'the game. The lineups: Cornell (24). Pos. Penn (). Shelton Left End Hopkins Tllloy Left Tacklo Mathews MUler Left Guard Hcnnlng Cool Center Wray Anderson Bight Guard Nelll Gillies., Right Tackle Itusseil Eckley r Right .End H. Miller Barrett Quarterback (Bolt Collins Left HalTback ...Rockefeller Bhiverlck Right Halfback Derr Mueller Fullback Williams Score by periods: Cornell 0 7 0 1724 Pennsylvania 0 9 0 0 9 Summary Officials: Referee, W, S. Langford (Trinity); umpire, David L. Fulta (Brown); field Judge, Carl Marshall (Harvard); head linesman, W. R. Okcwon (Lehigh). Time of periods, 15 minutes each, Cornell scoring: Touchdowns, Barrett (2), Shlvcrick ; goals from touchdowns, Barrett (3) ; field goal, Barrett. Pennsylvania scoring: Touchdown, Williams; field goal, Hawley. Substitutions: For Cornell, Jewett for Tilley, Sander for Eckley; for Pennsylvania, Hawley for Hopkins, Murdock for Hawley, Price for Nelll, Harris for Runnell, Urquhart for H. MUler, Rosa for Williams, Williams for Ross, Loucks for Williams, Tighe for Loucks, Loucks for Bell. BROWN DEFEATS CARLISLE INDIANS PROVIDENCE, Nov. 25. Brown overwhelmed tho Carlisle Indian football aggregation today by a score of 39 to 3. Tho home team had the upper hand throughout the game, rushing the ball around the field at will. Carlisle's only score came In the ilnal period when Brvker made a field goal from the 22-ynrd line after thr attempts to gain through tlie line had failed. Captain Andrews and Pollard starred' for Brown. W. AND L. WINS NORFOLK, Va,, Nov. 25. Washington and ' Iiee today won its annual Thanksgiving football contest from tho North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical college. : Tho score was 48 to 13. The Carolinians did not show much form after their first quarter. REO SIX Tha Six of "Sixty Superiorities" Cumberland Motor Co. Broadway at 15th Avanua Hmlock 76-2424 See lift for Cigars packed in Chriftr mat packages. Wo are prepared to handle any size order wholesale or 1 retaU. . " STUMB LUNCHES CANDIES

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