The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on October 31, 1915 · Page 22
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 22

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 31, 1915
Page 22
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NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN and The Nashville American, SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 31, 1915. Commodores Secure Revenge On Tennessee, 35 toO 18 A her Long A bsence The Punch Is Back The Yellow Smudge that smeared the tut. True lo predictions the Teiim-Nsce clan poured the add on the Vnnderbllt escutcheon initl poured it on tlilrk and the arid hardly scorched. The lemg-an sited ami niiirli-dl:Miiscd punch s hack In tilt' Commodore camp ugnln. Although the licet lirtls of Col. It, Currey and Hob Turner proved u handy sort of eraser for the hhiek blot flattered on In lf)!t hy the I It-vvngcr-Pontlus machine, the broad shoulders of II itlM-rt W'Ikkh carried a shine or tlic hurden equally ns great In wiping out the h'.iiln. Not ,-vcn the nirt ardent Klip port its of the. Commodores dnred predict such a crushing defeat a Hi,- Mctiugin machine, running almost like the famous roml rollem of other tiny. plastered on the visitors. Huch llgures ii 1(5 to 0 were considered out of tiie range of nil possibility. The Commodores won because In the pinches the punch wan there, nave with a single exception. Tennessee was it mothered for a converse reason. Opportunity knocked once ut the door of the CUvciigcr-Pontius family, uiid there .v(j,h "nobody home," even llior.-h "Old Oppy" kuoekeil quite lustily. Hut once should the Commodores have hiunincrcd their way across that they failed. Although the acid that Tennessee applied in tlie look .-for test, wnn high-grade, tho Commodore Kraded that much higher in the melting pot. Tht big uucolion was and mihwered conclusively In the pile-drlvluK uttack liy big Hubert Wlgg that shuttered the Tennessee front when there was goal to gain. IU'N.Ka ATTACK WINS. Small matter it is Unit in the second (lUiirier the delciiKe wan raised, tiiat the Tennessee; forwards outchurgud and outplayed Hie Vandy line, now that unmistakable ev:ckiKe that tho punch is back m tht- at tuck V llclymt; entirely on a run-miiK attack (iasinn uiound the Huukh hi- plmiHliijr uif. tackle tho (Joinaiodores upset l lie calculations of the foot hall world. So rareiy did the CommoUoi ei essay tiie air line route that it hoius no Wirt iu ih- scheme ol play, it wus ihrowu in niuiv fur tlie suite in" opening up the Tennessee trout than lor any genuine, reason. H'here lite running attaelt paved the way for live touchdowns lor tlie Commo-oores it carr:ed no liealiny resuu tor the Teiinesaeo backs, for when their buck? cntne to the wall in the single, challenge which the Clcvenyer-l'outlUH niucuints made, the Black and Gold warriora ro8i up tunl cut (jeep iJJlo the 'heart oi the Knoxville attack. It was the third quarter that saw the two big breaks oi the. fame come and with them a sweeping victory for the Commodores and a crushing defeat for Tennessee. Deep in his own lei n lory on the )-vard line it was -Ked Floyd allowed the oval, with which he had been entrusted, to ooze iliroiiKh his hands. It was tho si utile ofteyse of the .Normal boy, but he more than redeemed himself a mumetlt later which is another story. When the pinskln shot irom his yrasp it fell under tlie yellow jersey of Hatcher, u disciple of .Miller I'ontius, and it nave the Tennessee clan their brihtem chance to turn the tide of battle. At that stat;e of tho game the cie lay with the Commodores, for Habbil Currey had snaked danced his wuv icjross tea challcinarks for u score, almost before Tennessee could draw a tfooil breath. COHUN SAVINS GOAL. KeturniiiK to the mishup of Ked t'loyd: Hatcher, M;iy and Luck, by stout-hearted plunging, bowled over the Vandy forwards until they had packed the oval to the very threshold of the Vandy goal line. A single yard would give them Ilrst down and knot the count. Hatcher, taking tlie ball on a fake formation, (lusher! liespeiutely toward the left Hank. "He's over; lie's over!" shouted a hundred frantic Tennesseans; but Hatcher wue inUy over the sidelines, whither Capt. Russ Cohen, by a dashing piny, had forced the Tennessee fullback to go. be-catiHe he Insisted upon crowding In no close in front of the former Morgan atar. Bv inches Hatcher failed to register that M fat down, and the - opportunity never ruma JifffliD. W1GUS HITS LINK HAHU, No less prominent was the second break that came a few seconds later. And onco more it happened that Red Floyd played a star part tit the transaction that (.handed for Tennessee the whole color Hchcme of the universe in less time than it takes to get a drink of water. Following the valiant stand before their goal which has yet to be crossed by a hostile fool Tommy Zerfoos sneaked back and laid his toe against the oval, driving QUALITY FIRST. ABSOLUTELY ONE PRICE TO EVERYBODY. Notice Our Windows for the New Ideas. "ALWAYS PLEASED TO SHOW YOU." 619-621 Church Street In Vandy Camp r m-iNKBY horn. Commodore shield In 1014 has been blotted it rfo j yards. Fiddling around awhile. Destiny playing a practical Joke upon lil name, tapped lightly on the shoulder of young Luck and picked him for a second turning point In .the battle. into tlie line, with the oval tucked under his arm. Luck spilled the ball and Tommy Zerfoos pounced on it in a flash. Thirty yards he scouted with the pigskin helore he was brought down from behind by M. Vovell, but the t:de had turned from Tennessee, Hubert WJggs, by steady plunging, Mulshed out the work that Tommy Zergous had made possible by his alertness. ADAMS' HKIL.LIANT WORK. A close analysis of the Commodore play bring to light a most encouraging' sacrifice of Individuality for the sake of team work. Although the names of ltabbit Currey, Hubert Wlggs and Uob Turner are written high hi offensive power, It was the sparkling work of the entire machine defensively that rolled up the attack of the orange Jersey ed eleven when they made motions of becoming dangerous. Standing out in bold relief on the defense la one Air Adams, a gent who has had many ups and downs in his tight to win a berth on ihe Hunk opposite Captain Itussell Cohen. Ycsterdny he plaved a smashing game, breaking through and not only playing a big part in spoiling the Interference, but. at the same time repeatedly snagging the runner. His tackling was hard and certain, and many a time lie hurled the runner for a loss. It unfortunateiy fell to the lot of Alf Adams to lie the unwitting cause of an injury to Jared that may cost the boy his life. It was the Injury to Jared that cast a gloom over the entire Tennessee clan, and after his fellows had tenderly carried him to the sidelines, the team crumbled and' weakened, the sturdy line snapping like a wafer before the steady rush of the Vandy backs. Xot the least of the important factors in the astonishing victory astonishing from tlie hize of the score standpoint was the beneficial reserve strength of the Commodores, the tiring backs being constantly refreshed by gents from the sidelines' who were thirsting for a whack at the yellow line. When Hob Turner jumped-Into tho fray ho was ns fresh as a Fifth avenue jellybean, and when he was first entrusted with the hall reeled off 34 yards before being brought down on the ti-yard line. Turner's dazzlins springing won Tor him a niche high in gridiron annals at Van-derbllt, his gladsome performance adding largely to the stinging defeat which Tennessee was forced to suffer. Not only was Boh a power against the collapsing Clevenger-Poutlus machine on the offense, but he surprised Commodore supporters by hi wicked tackling and blocking. It Was O now Rob TllPndi whn cut up on Dudley field yesterday afternoon, inn nut:, uccm urn prove ii ok asset, against the stubborn Virginia front. THE RUNNING RABBIT. While. Rabbit Currey darted awny with the victory that both PontiuR and Clev-cnger had so confidently ejrpecteit, less than six minutes after tho referee's whistle sounded, he climaxed his brilliant 50-yard snake-like sprint a moment later, (Continued on Next Page.) The Pleasure of Feeling Dressed Correctly Will be your experience if you wear one of our New Fall Suits! 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AUBURN TRIUMPH ELEVEN ON STRAIGHT FOOTBALL Bv Afforpiifd Prr to Tho TonnftHfean) , ATHENS, On., Oct. 30. Strnigbt football triumphed here today, when Auburn defeat cd (icorgla. K to a. Auburn tried only four forward pam-i-. throe being suecrwful, while j GporrlR attempted thl piny no lest, than ; twenty-woven tlmen. N'ln were nucceiufu1. fleorgla four times iin within striking rilKtance of tho Auburn goal line, but each ....... fnr downs. Twice In the flniil quarter tho Ued and Klack player were Inside Auburn's five-yard line; once onlv one vlir(i from a touchdown, and ttn-otlier time llirco yards. Each time tho Plalns.nenn line held like a Mono wall. In the second quarter Georgia reached tlie Auburn five-vard line once and the ten-yard line twice. Each time forward pauses were incomplete and Auburn regained tlie ball. ni,i nntl Prend ei'intxt for Auburn. and Neville, Paddock and Dezendnrr for ! Georgia were stnrH of the name. IK'sendorf did most of the-pawing Tor ueorgm, wane raddock mJ Neville. Auburn's ends, frequently broke through tlie line for ten and fifteen yards. Hldez tlmo after lime look tho ball for Auburn mid seldom fulled to Bet In. He scored the first touchdown after carrying tho ball sovc-n out of eight times from Gcorgla'a forty-yard lino. Steed shared Indiana Fullback Runs Length of Field For a Touchdown INDIANAPOLIS. lad., Oct. 30. Mcintosh, aided by perfect Interference, wiggled thu length of the field on tho first ktckoff, scoring Indiana's only touchdown in the game with Washington and Leo here today, which resulted in a 7-to-T tie. In the second period the Virginians, by a series of well ex-ecuted forward panne, tied he score. In the second half the playing was largely In the: territory of the Generals, but Indiana lacked the power to scone. Capt. Schultx, Barrett and Sweelland were towers of fltrcngth for Washington and Lee, while Voss. Captain Whltaker, Krehart and Mcintosh marred for tho Crimson. The lineup: Indiana (7) Pos. W. and Lee (7) Allen Left End Izard Prather Left Tackle Schultz Welland Left Guard Bryan Voss Center PlorrottI Bcdmon night Guard Dingwall FORWARD PASSES HELP GEORGIA TECH TO DOWN NORTH CAROLINA ATLANTA. Cla.. Oct. 3D. Forward piuifle. brilliantly executed, played a big part In the defeat hero today of the University of North Carolina by GcorRla Tech, "3 to 3. Tho Yellow Jackets scored twice In tho Orat quarter. Fielder Hklrtlng North Carollna'H end for forty yards and a touchdown, nnd Spenco golnR over after n erlea of forward paaHCH. The Tar HeclH braced In the aecond quarter, and after workinu tho bail to Teeh'a 3r.-yard line. Tandy dropped a field unal. Neither team scored In the third quarter. Tech worked tho ball Into North .Carolina territory early m the final period, and Spence dropped a goal from tho 40-yarad line. Tech hammered out her luat touchdown on utrnlffht football. T.lneim nnd summary- 1 N. Carolina (3) PoHltlnn. fjovo Left End . , Itatnsey Left Tackle Powell Left Guard Tandy : Center ,T Taylor Rlcht Guard BoRhamer Ulifht Tackle Homewood Kluht Knd Ijone Quarterback Towniiend Left Half Pnrkcr KlBht Half Tech (23) T. .Bell Duncan . i . . Reynolds Phllllpn Lang . . .Carpenter Senter ... .Morrison . . . . Johnaton i Fielder Reld Fullback Spence Score by periods: North Carolina 1 3 0 3 Technology 13 0 o 1023 Tech Hcorlng: Touchdown. Fielder. Spence, Mathlna; field- coalH, Spence', goalH from touchdownw. Ftelder and Prean. North Carolina: Field goal, Tandy. Substitutions North Carolina: Met!! for Love. Black for fetz. Jones for Tanfly, Royall for Bonhamer, Ulandeii for Town-send. McDonald for Blandes, Blount for Reld. Tech: Goree for Bell. Beard for Duncan. Went for Reynoldn. Prenn for West, Warn for Preas. Barnwell for Phlllpw. Bryant for Lang. Alexander for Carpenter, Gulll fdr Senter, Hill for Johnnton. St nipper for Hflf. Gardner for Strupper, HHI for Fielder. Mathlaafor Hill. Time of quarters, 16 mln- REMEMBER ED? CHICAGO, Oct. 30. Kdwnrd DunU-horst, thirty-eight yearn old, of Hyra-cune, known an "the human freight car" on account of hln enormous lte, died hero recently at a ItonpltiU. He wan n former Hparring partner of Itohert FHb-lmmon, and for tht lnnt ntne yearn ban given Hparring exhibition!. ' Dunkhorftt vram tt 7 jnehcfl tall, and weighed 07S poundw at tho time of bin death. OF TROUNCED TENNESSEANS honors with Hide?, in paining Rround and scored the second touchdown. Oaughman missed both souls from touchdown. Tlie neorew werf made In tlie flrt and last quar ters. The lineups: Auburn (12) Pos. Georgia (0) Thompson Conyers Thrash Taylor . . L.PII I'-nu . -.Ijefl Guard. .Left Tackle. . . . Center . . . .ItiKht (iuard. .Itlght Tackle Quarterback . .night End. . ..Lert Half.. . .ItiBht Half. . . Full hack . . Frlcltley Wynne Robinson Ducote Sample Caughmnn. .. Bonner Steed Prendergast . Henderson j Garmany , McConuell j Paddock ; , Garrard i Dezendorf Powell Blifez. . . .Neville .' m.i.uiii,.iUnuVnp Aiiliuni Canmhell for Wynne. Thigpcn for Ducote. AVrenn for 111- I dez; for Georgia, Culbnith for Conyers. Fox for Garrard. Ileasb-y for Neville. Tate for Fox. Floyd for Tate. Time of quarters. 15 mil utes. Officials: Referee. Graham ( Wasbinitton and; umpire. Williams ' fCleniaon); field Judge. Councilman ( . r I.). Score by prrlnds: Auburn r .0 0 0 0 0 Hldez and Steed. Murchie night Tackle Ignico Mathews Right End Harrison Whltaker Quarterback Bagley Erehart Left Half Sweelland Scott Right Half Barrett Mcintosh Fullback Sorrells Score by periods: Indiana 7 0 0 07 Wain, and Lee 0. 7 0 07 Summary Officials: Itcferee. Gordon (Harvard); umpire. Smith (Harvard); head linesman. Williams (Wabash). Time of periods. 15 minutes each. Indiana scoring, touchdown, Mcintosh; goal from touchdown, Whltaker. Washington and Lee, touchdown, Sweelland : goal from touchdown. Hagley. Substitutions, Indiana. Hath Way for Mcintosh. Mcintosh for Hnlhwny. McCoy for Allen. Pecklnpnugh for Prather. Turner for McCoy. Pope for Mathews. Washington and Lee. Bethel for Schultz. Till for Swectland, Schultz for HctiieJ, Sweetlund for Till, Moore for Dingwall. ufex. OfTlclalw: Jtefere, Broivn O'ander-hlll) ; umpire, Magoffin (Michigan) ; field Judge, El Us (Army): head llnennian, Fltta (Auburn). Now is the Shooter's Time The hunting season is here, and the call of the wood's, the fields and the marshes is not to be denied. Get Readyl See that your scatter-gun is oiled and easy. Get a few hundred shots practice at the gun club to ensure success in the field. Get shells loaded with the powders that win bjbp SHOTGUN POWDERS Dupont :: Balllstlto :: Sohultza Du Pont Black Sporting Powdar Each has its gooS points each has its friends and all are bound to get desired results if your aim u right. Loaded in all standard shells or in bulk at your dealer's. Write for booklet. E.I. Du Ponf De Nemours & Company Wilmington, Delawara WILLARD ALMOST GETS KNOCKED OUT BY DEATH NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 30. Je Willard, heavyweight champion o( the world, narrowly escaped death today when hit automobile, in which he and hit manager, Tom Jones, were riding, crashed into a street car. Willnrd and Jones had just come from paying a call at the city hall. They rushed out in the automobile and struck the street car head-on, the front of the auto being badly damaged. Willard and Jones were badly shaken up and suffered some bruises, but neither was badly hurt. Willard will meet local promoters Monday and discuss plans for a fight here in February, but says he first will visit his family in the west be-fore again entering the ring:. NOTRE DAME DOWNS SOUTH DAKOTA, 9 TOO ny International News Service.) NOTHE DAME. Ind., Oct. 30. Notre Dame won from South Dnkota today by tho narrow margin of one touchdown. Bergman acored the touchdown and Cofall fulled In the "attempt at Roal. The game wan close and bard fough throughout. It won evident at the start of the game that Coach Harper Intended to Have bin regular back field from the game if possible. When tho two teamn took the field there were five wubstltutea In the Irish lineup. During the flrnt half the ball wna In Notre Damc'B ponscnaIon mont of the time. The Notre Dame hacks circled the cmhi for several long gains, but South Dakota nlwaya held when pushed back to their 15 -yard line. From here Vldal puntcil bank Into wnfe territory. At the beginning of the lout half Coach Harper put In hl regular team, hut the third quarter wna nearly up before they got going. A long uh. Phelan to Berg-mnn, netted thirty yards. Phelan made ten moro through the line, and then Bergman went n round left end for twenty yardh and u touchdown. Cofall mlHucd an eaay ehante at goal. After Notre Dame'tt touchdown. South Dakota opened up a nerlett of pusseo, sever a I of which were good for long gain. Pnrllnian proved himself a good man at the open game, and hurled aonie pretty passeH to Vldal and Ilannen which Notre Dame deemed unnble to break up. Vldal and Captain McCormlrk were tho (itaro In the coyote's offense, 11 ml carried the ball on nearly every play. Duncan. Horner and Brooks were the mainstays of the visitors' line. IS MUZZLED AGAIN fTv Associated Tress tn The Tennesson. 1 NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Oct. 30. Colgate's unbeaten eleven had no difficulty In defeating Yale. K to 0, today. Yalo wo outclassed completely, and the score does not indicate the real strength of the visitors. The point came from two touchdowns both made after sensational runs and an easy goal from placement. Yale's attack was weak and spasmodic While thn Blue occaatonally got within the scoring zone. Colgate's goal wan never In danger. The defense w fair on old-Nne plays, but, as In ' previous games, Yale seemed unable to stop tho forward passing and open game. Yale's work was a distinct disappointment to Its followers, who had hoped that after the two previous defeats the eleven would- begin to display form close to tho Ell caliber. WOLVERINES FALL BEFORE SYRACUSE fBy Aorlnte(l Pre to The Tonnesseon. ANN ARBOR, Mich.. Oct. SO. A powerful offense and the weakness of the Wolverine line gave Syracuse a 14-to-7 victory over the Untverrdtv of Michigan here to-dny. Despite fumbles and penalties, the eastern athletes worked the ball to Michigan's territory, and In the second period left Halfback Rose broke through the line nnd sprinted fortv yards for a touchdown. Five minute later Quarterback: Meehaa cored Syracuse's second touchdown. Left End Benton made Michigan's touehdom-n by recovering a fumble and runnlrfg forty yards to the goal line in, th lut quarter. SEWANEE TIGERS BEATEN BY BULL VAND EGRAAFF'S BIG TOE fRy Annoclated Press to The Tennessean.l BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. Oct. 30. -Alabama defeated Scwanee here today, 23 to 10. The feature of the game was the work of Van- degraaff at left tackle for Alabama. lie scored 17 of Alabama's points with n touch down, three goals from placement and two Koals after loucodown. Sewnee scored or rour forward passes, and Herrlnir added three points a minute later when he drop-kick a goal. Vnii.-legraafr then interrupted a forward pass :ind went eighty ards for a touchdown. He made what in believed to be a record for southern foot hill I when, standing five yards behind his own goal line, he punted to Sewanee's twenty-yard lino. S5 yards. The 1 1 turn pi: Alabama 23) Pom. Sewunee ( 10 1 May nor renter , S'-ott Hiirks Left Guard LeTl w l h Vaudrgraaff. . . .Left Tackle Turner Morton Left End Edimn:n Cornell Backs Rip Virginia Tech's Line to Pieces fTty Associated Press to The Tcnncssenn.'l ITHACA, N. Y., Oct. :W. Cornell piled up a score of ); to u in defeating lb'; heavy Virginia Vol v technic Institute p'inn today and uncovered an aerial off cute that proved a revelation. The big red ten ni .-.Mowed conclusively that Its victory over Harvard last Saturday WHb not a fhth In tho pan. Cornell'a bach;; ripped up the Virginia 'Cecil line and ciieltd the enda f rcipiently. t.uiey the visitors held for downs on the one yard line, but Cornell returned to the atta-l; and scored a touchdown. The Cornell second team went into the game in the final quarter and Shock, sub-quarterback, tore off .several lung runs i tneii scored. The line-up: Cornell. Position. Va. Tech. ... Cottrell .. Benedict Hott Moore ... Treaklp Khelton . Jameson Miller ... Cool Anderson (lillles ... Kcklc.v .. .. Left Knd .., .. Left Tackle . . Left (Jiiiiid .... Center . Ulahi nwn-0 Rluht Tii.-uie ParriPli Itight Uiid Hall PRINCETON TIGERS WILLIAMS 1 By International News Service.) PRINt'liTON. Oct. 30. The Williams rollem- foot bul I team tried In vol 11 to hold I'rlin-'lon at I'n liner Memorial h-tiiilltim this afternoon. Tin Tigers rolled up "J t : points without much apparent effort, holding tl: visitors ncorep-f-y. It !-:ked aa If the WiJ)liinin bnyn would hold their much huskier opponents nt the st:rt of the gnme. They held the Tlgirs scorelei-s In the llrst (uarler. The nUsence of so many regulars seemed to disconcert the tram, and It did not do a thing during the whole period. This was due principally to poor leadership "Snako" Amen. For nn experience)! foot ha 11 general he displayed poor head work, and it was not until Blake, a third-string nuurterhark, wuh put In that the team Bhowerl any signs ot streiiRth. The Tigers marched down the field for their first' touchdown Juat a few mlnn before the second period ended. With tho bad In Williams' possession on her own 20-yard line th Tigers suddenly woko up. Setting the purple hack eight yards on tho first two downs. I-amherton recovered a fumble on the third attempt, and In two plays "Bu7.x" law carried the hall over for the drat touchdown one minute heforc the half ended. Law kicked goal. In n effort to keep the hall from hor own goal lino the Williams" quarterback resorted to a kicking game In the second half, hut" lie had the wind iiRalnst htm. and It was not long before the hall was on his own 2fiyar(l line In Princeton's possession. Here the Tigers began to tlRht hard, and a series of line plungeK. with T.nw In the lending role, placed the hM between th'1 xoal posts fir the second touchdown. ) The Williams team recovered for the mo Harvard Defense And Penn (By Associated Prct.s to The Tenncsseim.) CAM Bill DUE. Mftn.4., Oct. .1". With a stubborn defense In the danger zone and a sturdy, but not brilliant, offense. Harvard defeated Pennsylvania State college today, 13 to 0. One Crimson touchdown was the result of a muffed punt by Penn's bnckfield, tho ball rolling over tho goal line, while the second Hcore came on a well-earned inarch of fifty yards, mostly on short plunges Into the lino. Except for this burst of speed In the third period, the power of the Harvard offense was either lacking or kept from the eager gaze of Princeton scouts. The Tiger visitors saw a fine demonstration of tho strength and flrmnens of the Crimson team when righting under their own goal posts. Penn crossed Harvard's goal Hue In tlie second period on a thirty-yard run. but the ball was sent back because of holding. Injuries anil penalties wore froqumit. En-wrlght. the Harvard hack, who had Just recovered from Injuries, wns again hurt and may not play again this year. OREGON AGGIES CRUSH ' (Ily Associated Press to The TennesseaiO EAST LANSINO. Mich, Oct. 30. Smashing the local line ty a surprise attack. th$ fnotbnl 1 'eleven of Oregon Agricultural college defeated the Michigan Aggies here today, 20 to 0. The team from the far west had been represented as a brilliant exponent of football. Instead, Conch Stewart's men used nn old-fnshloned battering ram ut-tnck, which 'e suited In three successful marches for touchdowns. CORNELL WINS (By Associated Press to The Tennessenn.) CAM BIUDCE, Mass.. Oct. 30. Cornell today won tho cross-country run from Bar- Best Treatment for Catarrh S. S. S. Removes the Cause Specialists in Catarrh troubles have agreed that it is an infection of the blood. The laboratories of the S. S. S. Co., at Atlanta, have proven it. Once you Ret your blood free from impurities cleansed of the Catarrhal poiso.nsj which it is now a prey to because of its unhealthy state then you will be relieved of Catarrh the dripping in the throat, hawking and spitting, raw sores In the nostrils, and the disagreeable bad breath. 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' Samford Iticlit Guard Perry Rogers Itlglit Taekh Dobbin" Stevenson High! End Mc Isaac t; Harsh Quarterbin-k HerrlnC W. Harsh Left Huff Seller Taylor Itinht Hull Clark Johnston Fullback Jones Score by quariers: Alabama 7 8 0 1323 Sewanee 0 0 0 10 10 Summary Substitution!. f,,r Alabama, Ho.ine for Stevenson. Mnvater for Taylor, Whittlesey for Ilurlis. Stevenson for Hoone; for Sewanee. Harrison for Perry. Meann for MclMiacs Kllcrbe for Jones. Moss for Tuf-iitr. Touchdowns. W. Harsh. Vandegraaff, Dobbins; j;oa! from tonrhdown. Vandegraaff 11!), Clark; iroals from placement, Vande-graarf f3; goal from field. Herring. Time at lu;.rt.Ts. 15 minute. Officials! Strett (All-, bii.-nl; referee Hnnloge ( Vonderbllt ) ; 'um-pl-v, Pelhum (Mli-lil Kan) : head linesman, I inn. Harivit Quartet-buck Terry Collin- Left Half Kmblehy Hhlvricli Itight Half Powell Mueller Kullbiu-k Kedrt Scot-., by periods-Cornell. 11; 13; lJ; iV 4f.. Virginia, it; 0; 0; d liefer ee. F. It. CJlllender. Pennsylvania; umpire, R W. Muipby, nrowii; head linesman. A. W. IlisJey. Colgate. Time of periods v minutes each. Corne'l ncorlng Touchdowns; Barrett . Sliiveriik. ISekicy, Cool. Collins, Shock; Koals from touchdowns, Barrett. Sul st Ui tes Cornell, ltyersnp fur Slielton. Fisher for Jameson, McConnick for Fisher, MeKene for Miller, Snvder lor McKeungc. Iti-mvn for Cool. Cnrr for Brown. Ban! d-i- Anderson, Mussoti for Bard, .lewett fur ;ilUes, DIx-mi for .Icw-etl. Zeander for i:ckle.v. Shock for Barrett. Schlieter for colbm;, Kleluert for Mueller. Lewis for Kleinert, Bofi'man for Shlverlek, Benedict for Hoffman. Vlr-plnbi Tccli. Bylueoi; for I'owell, Dixon 'for Kmbh b.v. (iregoiy for Cottrell, Henderson for Mnuie, Mnoie for Hopp, fjray for Moore, I'owell for Banish. CHEW TH OUTFIT TO PIEC! ment, and when the luill again rushed to h'-'r own four-yard line, nhe bold Princeton for downs. However, the visitors' 1 1 119 roll Id no I hold out ai;:ilit the ui'iny f null sutjstltuifs Kent In n;;;i!nM It. and Hilly Moore, the fastest man on the spiad. silly scored two touchdowns In the bust quarter. A 1 111 list slnglchamled Moore currli'd the '.all fnun mid Hold on n serbw of 1 Ine plmiK'iH for a touchdown, and on lino buck ho cleared himself from the llrhl nd placed the hall between the goal posts fjr another after a forty-yard run. Only onco did the Williams toani have a chance to score. With two minutes to play nnd the . ill on Princeton's 4-1 -yard line. La pi ante broke away and was not stopped until be had come within six yards of the coveted goal line. An attempted forward pass failed, and on the h-c nnd down the Tigers recovid the ball tlimuh a fumble. Drlggs kicked nut nnd tho gatno ended. The lineup: Princeton. Position. Williams. ...Blndgett Huhbcll Clifford Welch t.itmberton . Parlsette ... Nourse (U-nnert Hogg Hnlitcy Wilson Aincs ...Left i;nd ..Left Tackle ... , . . Left Cuard . . . Center . .illght Cuard .. ..Bight Tackle .. ...Itight Knd ... . .Quarterback . . .Ieft Halfback . .Klght Halfback Weeks .1': aleo Lapbmto lonea ,0 erlon . .Pollard . Wright She Drlggs Law . .Fullback Score. Princeton 1!7 ; Williams . To in downs. Law '2. Moore 2. Coals from ton downs. Law 2. Love. nefcree. Mr. La 1 ford of Trinity. l.'mplrp. Mr. B-mkhrt Dartmouth. Head linesman, Mr. 1 :i' Time of periods, 1 2 minutes. Ii- Proves Strong State is Beaten The lineup: Harvard. Honey Blgelow Taylor Wallace Dadniun Parson Hnrte WINeox Position. . .Left End . . Peitli State. HlggllU Wood McDowell Left Tackle . Left Cuard . . Center . . . Itight Cuard , night Tai-kle. Itight End .. Quarterback Teft Halfback Painter Miller , ...Cz.inif kl Morris . H. McDowell Enright King ... , Berryman Y eager -..Itight Halfback Mali an Fullback .Clark Coals Touchdowns, Parson n, Malum. from touchdown. Malum. Itcferee, Mr. M or Ice of Pennsylvania. I'mplre. Mr. Put t z of Brown. Field Judge. Land of Annapolis. Time of periods, 15 minutes. Substitutions I-Inrvnrd : L. Curtis for Soucy, Caner for Blgelow. Sugar for f'nner, HBrrls for Wallace. Powers for Dad man, II. ('. Curtis for Pardon, Coolldge for Harte, Itoblnson for Will cox. Boles for Itohliu-on, McKlnlock for Enright. Whitley for .Ic-Klnlock, Wlggln for King, Hor we,, n for Wiggln, Rollins for Muhnn. Penn State: Miller for McDowell. Tbomus for Morris. Ewlng for H. McDowell, Verger for Yenger. VIRGINIA BACKS SHOW UP STRONG (By Associated Press to Th Tcmo-;sean.) CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.. ui-t. 30. With Its hacktlcld . showing the best form of tho season and the line Impregnable, Virginia defeated the Virginia Military Institute here today, 44 to 0, scoring sir touchdowns, five goals and one field goal. Tho cadets were helpless on the offense, mnking only one first down, that on a forward pass. Thurman of Virginia gave a superb exhibition of punting, while Halfbacks Mayor and Ed Anderson and Quaf-terbaclc Berkeley made Rpectm tiinr runs. vard. 35 to 76. Wlndmtgle of Cornell was the first to finish. .

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