The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 3
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MONDOY, OCTOBIOU •%)•> /104-1 iU. Eisenhower Had Two D-Day Dales Had He Picked Other One Allied Invasion Would Have Failed BLYTIIEVILLB (AKK.y POUIIIEU NEWS Willkie'Advisor Supports F. D. R. In Radio Speech PARIS, Oct. 23 (UP)- Sometime uefor e 13-day, Ckmeral Elsenhower looked over the data from Allied wealher experts, checked their choice of dales for Ilia invasion and put his finger on June ti. Eisenhower had two dales from ^iieh to choose. The second was 19. On that dale an unseti- sonal gale such as had not been sren in the. channel for more limn 80 years slruc kat 4 p. in., a storm which would have smashed the Allied fleet of 4000 ships and small craft us the sale of 1588 smashed the "Spanish armada. The story of Eisenhower's choice Is revealed by Admiral William Tennant, who had charge of Ihe Srcal artificial harbors towed across the channel intact from As it (he during which lime they could i:ot unload an ounce of supplies. It. wrecked 100 small craft on Ihc beaches and virlually destroyed the , American half of the artificial liiu 1 - i bor. , | Because the British hnrbor was protected by a shoal which held the glgnntlc naves off its sunken block ships and 54-foot concrete caissons, it stood up. Even the British narbor was damaged in parl by some 500 landing an,) small craft which tossed like chips and bounced into wreckage on the sleel structure and the beachheads. Admiral TBiinnnl said that if this storm hart hit a week earlier it might Imvr. spelled dasnstcr. As it was, strict rationing, heroic work by the Navy and capture of the harbor of Cherbourg sav«l the armies. NKW YORK, Oct. 23 (Ul>>— lius- sell W. Davenport, personal advisor to the late Wendell Willkic in 1940, made a radio address last night supporting President Roosevelt. Davenporl said lhat Willkie died while lie was still pressing for clearer commitments on foreign policy from tlie tivo major political parties. Asserling (hat Willkic htul not- accomplished his youl when he died, he added; "And no one In Ihe world knows what his final position in Ihis cleclion would have been<' Davcniwrt. former managing editor |of .Fortune magazine, said In the broadcast that he was "Impressed" wilh the steps President Roosevelt had taken toward world peace since 1940. He snld he was "not .satisfied wilh the pronouncements or commitments of cither of the candidates In this election" but lhat he felt that Republican candidate 'Ihomas E. Bcwey, lacked the qtinl- Jities of "foresight and determination is it was, Admiral Tennant said,, ,-„ l)lc cnllsc of mutual action" for ! storm cost the Allies five days. IK , acc w i, lf , n hiu | )lccll display^! by President Roosevelt. Bataan Veteran Two More Are ^Executed Ms Collaborationists PARIS. Oct. 23. (UI'i—France is ."Mil waging au all out war against collaborationists and the Germans. It was officially announced Saturday that two prominent Frenchmen have been executed for dealing wilh the Nazis, and five others have been arrested. Meanwhile, word comes from Bordeaux that 25,000 German troops still are holding out in the sectors of Royan, La Rochcllc, and Pont De Grave. The two Frenchmen executed were Rear Admiral Charles Platan, i former Undersecretary of Colonies,' and Darquier De Pellcpoix'. one time French Commissioner of Jewish Affairs. Platon was executed on Aug. 10, but no details are released on the dealh of Pellepoix. The news of German troops still battling the FFI patriots js,.re- vealed by Marcel' Fe'rrin', tlie general secretary of the National Front Party. Periin estimates that 05 per cent of all Frenchmen are determined to chase the Nazis from Prance for once and all. Bui, he says Ihe remaining five per cent Asks For Ammunition And Gun Affor Long Wait- For Americans AT A REGIMENTAL COMMAND POST ON LEYTE, Philippines, Oct. 23 (UP)—A husky Filipino, dressed in a ragged white su'cat-sliirt and cords, walked into the posl, snapped a salute and said: Give me cartridges and a gun. I was on Bataan," Twenty- four- year, old Manuel ycdenn had nol eaten all day and was bnrcfoolcd, but until he was outfitted with jeaus and shoes and supplied with a carbine and ammunition lie was not interested in food. He told United Press Correspondent Richard Johnson he had served hi Ihe Bntnnn campaign under General Scgnndo as a corporal in Ihc First Philippine Division. Two years of pallenl wailing for our return had not affected his military discipline. A major asked him: 'Will you show us where the Japs are?" "I am very much willing lo do so." His pockets were full of ciga- retlcs and candy given lo him by our troops en route to this command posl. He said lie had escaped from Balaan by boat and had come lo Leyte and then moved lo Samnr and worked occasionally while waiting for our return. Land Mine Explodes, Killing David Lardner Aachen, Germany. Oct 23 (UP) — David Lardncr, a son of Ihe lale writer, Ring Lnrdncr, died Thurs- Black Market invades Toyland Vicious Operators Skyrocket Prices Of Used Playthings »y Uiiiled I'rcss Even the kids are being hit by Ihc black market. Tills lime it's In Christmas toys, and a United Press Mii'vcy lodny showed the black market for (he kids is growing. And unless their parents want lo pay fantastic prices It doesn't look as Ih.iugh they'll be able to get mvy of the big present toys, such as hikes, baby carriages, pedal propelled automobiles. Such toys, of course, still aren't being manufactured, but second hand dealers apparently have a fairly yood supply. Toy imUiMry officials say the dealers, particularly in New York und Chicago, have lacked up their prices as much as three and four times Ihe original cost .of (lie toys when new. The managing director of Ihc Toy Manufacturers Association, James U Frl, says of the black market operators: "These are the meanest men In the world." Officials say there doesn't seem to be any way of previ'iilim; Die black markel in second hand toys. The manager of the toy department .of one of the largest stores in (he East tells the united Press: "There obviously is a black market in toys. Children will be dcprlvod of the available second hand mov- p.hle toys Ibis Christmas because of prohibitive prices. It's a terrible thing and we all know It, but 1 suppose there is nothing we can do as lony a;, people arc willing to pay outlandish prices to give Junlir a hike if they can afford it." In Chicago, for example, a survey shows that sidewalk bikes for small children now are being offered at £42.50 after being rebuilt. Three years ago the same bike sold fov $25 brand new. OPA regulations ray lhat second hand items sold in "as is" condition can be nriccd at no irore than one third of the original cost. If they've been repainted and reconditioned, they can be .'.old st per cent of flic original cost. So it looks as thongli a good many kids who have been counting (.n bikes and wagons this Christmas will be out of luck. The publisher of Plaything;., a trade jou-- nal, appeals to children and theit parents to remember that the sice which used lo go into loys now h used for guns, tanks, and planes And he says; "That's the sacrifice childrei have, lo.makc. There is no way to stop the vicious practice of sccom hnnd dealers profiteering in to; sales because there Is no way ti keep a ceiling on them witliou taking away an army of men needed to maintaining cost of living prices." , NOTICE OF SALE. Notice Is hereby given that i Up unc'ei'slgncd mort- gagee In a mortgage executed by J. II. Hector, lo the United Slates on Ihe llth day of July, 19-14 and duly filed hi Ihe office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi Counly, Arkansas; Ihe said J. 11, lU't-lov hnvlug waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant lo Hie powers granted under (ho terms of (lie aforementioned mortgage, and by Hie laws of the fa'late of Arkansas, will on the 2-llh day of Oclober, 19-M, between Ihe hours of 9 o'clock in Ihe lorenoon and 5 o'clock In the allernoon of snld dale, at Missco, 9 miles W. of Wilson, In the County of Mississippi, blate of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder lor cush, Ihe lol- lowlng described property, to-wlt; 2 black horse mules, 1 red cow, 1 planter, 1 middle busier, 2 double shovels, I Oee Whin, I turn plow. 1 wagon, 1 (urn plow. I culltvalor, 2 collars inul 2 seis plow near, Witness my hand this (hi- 2,'f day of October, liH-l, United States of America, iiy Itobcrt w, Downs, PSA Supervisor. PAGE .THKKB, BI.II.TP In n morlBUIW ewralod Ijy Curl Sims to the United Stntcs on 11)0 (1 diiy of April, 1911 inul duly Hied In (he ofllw of llu> Heeorder 111 inul for Mls»lssl|)|)l Counly, y\r- knnsiis; Hie s;ild C;nl Sims luivliit! waived nil rights of iippiulsi'iiiciil, side inul redemption under Ihc luws of I ho Slate of Arkiinsiis; imrsimnt U) tin- powers urimtnl under Ihe terms of the iiforetni'nlloned niorl- mid by Hie liiws of I lip of Arkniisns. will on the 2-lth tiny of October. 11)41, between the hour's of 9 o'clock in Hie forenoon anil , r i o'clock In (he nUrmuun uf snld il:itp, lit Mlsseo, 9 miles west of Wilson. ill (ho County of Mississippi, Hlute of Avkunsiis, oiler for side la (ho lili;licsl tind best bidder for ensli, (he following described property, towll: D yellow inure mules. I Jersey cow. | brood sow, I middle busier, I IIIUTOW, 1 (urn plow. I double slxi- vpl. I plnulcr, 1 ctiltlvnlor, 1 wnuon, 1 stnule slock, 1 pressure cooker, a collars inul 2 sets plow ness tny limid this the £1 duy of Oc- tolx'r. 1041, United States of Ampr- Icn. lly llolidi W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. are traitors who should he caught I c!a S' "ight of injuries suffered when liis jeep struck a line mine, it was executed immediately. Auxiliary Secretary Elected At Little Rock OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct. 23.—Mrs. R. C. Bry;m was unanimously elected to serve for three ycnrs as treasurer for the Presbyterian Woman's Auxiliary, Synod of Arkansas, at a meeting of that organization held Tuesday and Wednesday at Little Rock. Mrs. J. W. Webb, also of Oscc- oln, presided over the two-day session as synod president. Divorce Is Granted A divorce was Granted lale Friday to Mrs. Ruth Babb Pride from Joe P. Pride Jr., chief petty officer of Ihe Navy Senbees now on Saip.-in, by Chancellor E. L. Westbrookc Jr.. of Jonesboro. Chancellor Westbrooke granled .\lhe divorce "In vocation" prior lo (•Hie regular term of Chancery Court here Nov. 15. revealed today. Young Lardner was a war correspondent for the New Yorker magazine. Russell Hill, New York Herald Tribune correspondent, also was in the jeep and suffered a broken right forearm, head cuts and nose abrasions. A soldier driving the jeep was killed. U. S. Kctiirus 5 Cents CINCINNATI (UP)—The Hamilton county treasury has been en- riclicd by a check from the U. S. Treasury—For five cents.'Thc amount represents the overcharge for five used trucks the county recently purchased from the War Department. NOTICE OF SALK. Notice Is hereby (jlvi'ii that the undersigned morl- (!iip,w In a niorltiaRc executed by Ilmcr Simdmrd to (he United Slates n the 23 day of Mnrch, 10-11 and illy (lied In the office of the Hecord- r In and for Mississippi County, Arkimsns; the said K'lincr Soutliurd mint; waived all rights, of upprnlsc- nenl, .sale and redeiiiplloii tinder Hie nws of (he Stale of Arkansas; pur- uaut lo the powers fjrnnlrd under he terms of the iiforcmentloncd nor(Ba|;e, und by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on the 2-1 day of October. 19-1-1, between the hours if 0 o'clock In the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of suid late, at Missco, 0 miles west of Wll, in the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for sale lo he highest ami best bidder for rash, the following described property, lo-wlt: 1 brown mare mule, 1 black horse imile, 1 middle buster. 1 Gee Whiz, 10 sweeps, 1 wagon, 1 barrow, B xiijfle trees, 2 collars mill 2 sets plow Bear. Witness my hand this the 23 day of October, 19-I4, United States of America, lly Robert w, Downs, f'SA Supervisor. NOT1CK OF SAM-:. Notice Is hen by Klven Hint Ihc miderslniipd moil- KIIKCC In a niorit!ii'.<e executed by F.dwurd c. I/mey to the Unlleil Sliites on (tie 2,'i duy of Mnrch, 1(11-1 mid duly Illed In (lie ofllcv ol (he liecurdiv In mid ' for Mississippi County, Arkansas; Hie snld Kdwunl C. Ixiiiey linvliii; wntml nil rights of tilipriilsemenl, sale und ivdemplloi WAUNIMC OltDKIt 11 |!H> Cliiinm-y Cmirl, Clilrluisaiv- li.i IIMrlrt, Hllsslssl|i|il ('ouiily, I. L. WiiiTcn, I'lalnlltt, vs. No. HHTO iviH 1 WiiiTt'ii, Defendant. The defendant, Irene Wiirrcn, Is lunrby warned to uppeiir within ihly dnys In Ihc court mimed In he niptliiu hereof ivnd answer Hie coiuplnlnt of Ihe plidnillf, O. 1,. WniTOn. Duli'd Ihls 111 day ol Oct., 10-11. IIAIU'KY MOHU1H, Clerk lly M. JiimUl, 1). C. C. F. Cooper, Ally, for 1'lf. WAIlNtN'd OKDKU i Ihe I'lumrcry Cuntl, ('hii'lms:i lia Dhdlei, 'All«!vsl|i|il Cutiiily, Arkansas. Kliilne HiiKKlll, I'lnliillir, vs. No. 11112(1 Olillord IliiM.lll, Defrwliinl. •1'lui defendant Olillord llnwlll, Is hereby wuriu'd lo uppeiir wUhln thirty diiys ill Ilio court mimed In llu' caption hereof und tinswer Ihe complaint of the pliiinlilV, l-Uitlne lltl/7.111. Dated (lilii 11) duy of Oeiober, 11)1-1. 11AHVKY MOlililti, Clei!; lly Uordi Mulr, I). G. Clnnde V. Cooper, Ally, for I'lll. I'miy A. Wrlldit, Ally, for Dcfl. VS. No. 8708 Sidney II, linuldy, Dcfentlant. Thu defc'iidanl, Sidney H. Brnildy, Is hereby warned lo aiipcnr within thirty days In Hie court nnmcil hi Hie capllon hereof and answer the tvimpltiltit of the plnlntirr fncn Bv- eret Dnuldy. IMtctl this, 7 day of October IOV1 11AUVKY MORIIIS, Clerk ' l)j' M. Jarintt, D. O. K(l Cook, Ally. I.iick'ii Coloitidii, Ally, ad Mlcm. JUi9-I(i-23-30 WAHMN'G OKDIilt In lh« Chancery Courl, Clilfkasaw- lia Dlslilcl, JlKslsslppl County Arkansas. ' James McMorrow. PlnlnllfT, vs. No, 071111 Myrtle U-o McMorrow, DefendaiU: '1'lie dcfcndnnl, Wyrllo Ixa Mv<- TOPS FOR YOUR HAIR Xilli II, frntni .1,1 l.inlrn — ntyl,, t i!r.'ii!iliiK— nnlj 1 We Morrow, is hereby appear wllhln llilrty Hays in?'the court named in Ihe capllon hcreol and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Jumcs McMorrow, IJalcd Ihls 10 day of October, 1944. 1IAEVEY MOKBI3, Clerk . Hy Doris Muir, D, C. Ed B. Cook, Ally, for Pltf. Lliclen Coleman, Alty. ad Litem. ' 10|18-23-30-n:« MARGARET'S .- .WAIJTY »>hcm« 2532 Bring Ut Your Beauty Problemt Modern Equipment Expert He In Ihr Chajicei'y (^oiirl, Clilclfa.s.-nr- li.i NKIild, Sllssl',-,[ii|d Ciiimly, uiuler (he laws of tlie Htiilc of Ar- rtruansas. lo Ihe powers'Clllford Lewis, I'lnlnlllt, kimsiis; pursnanl Knurled under the terms of Hit aforemeul lotted mortgagi 1 , iind by the liuvs of (he State- of Arkiinsus. will on (he 24 duy of Oeiober, 11)11, bchveen the hours of 9 o'clock In the forenoon und 5 o'clock lu Ihe "flernooii of said dale, nt Mlssru, !) tiillos W. of wikmi, In (he C'oimly of Mississippi. Stale of Arkansas, offer for snlc to the highest und best bidder for cusn, the followlni! described properly, to-ivtl: 2 Ijlnck Itorse nuiles, 1 Jersey cow, 1 ciilll- vntor, 1 pliniler, 1 middle busier, I breaking plow, 1 burrow, 1 wnR<m. Witness my Imitd Ihls Iho 'i'i duy of October, 19-M. Unllcd Stules' of Amcrlcii, By Hobcrl W. Downs, l-'SA Supervisor. va. No. Ktilullit Lewis, Uefendind. '1'he defendant. Kiilnlln Lewis, Is lii'ieby warned lo oppeuv within thirty diiys In Hie court nninccl Ihe caption hereof und unswer Ihe cniuplidiil of the plulntlll, Clillord Lewis. Dalcd lids Hi duy of Oulolwr, 1011 IIARVI'.'V MoKIJIfS, Clerk lly M. .liniall, 1). C. O. V, Cooper, Ally, for 1'lf, Three Persons Burned In Big Alabama Blaze PAIRPIELD, Ala., Oct. 23. (UP)— Workers are clearing away Ihe debris from a lire which swept the Allied Chemical and Dye Corporation at Fail-field Friday. The blaze caused heavy damages and injuries to two firemen and another man. The three injured suffered burns when hot tar splattered across their faces and bodies. The fire is believed lo have originated at a loading platform where barrels of tar were being pla aboard freight cars. Seven oi NOTICE OF SALE. Notice Is hereby given lluu Ihe undersigned mortgage in a niorlBuyc e\ccnlcd by .1. C. Wurd lo the Unilcd Slates on the 28 day of Mnrch, 19-11 und duly Hied in the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi comity, Arkansas; the said J. c. Ward having waived nil riglils of tippraiseinenl, sale and redemption unoer the laws of Ihe Slule of Arkansas: pursuant lo Ihe powers grunted tinder the Icrms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by Ihc laws of lite State of Arkansas, will on the 2-lth day ol October. 1944, between the hours of 0 o'clock hi the forenoon and S o'clock in (he afternoon of said date, at Missco. 0 miles W. of Wilson, In Ihe Comity of Mississippi, Stnlc of Arkansas, offer for sale to Ihc highest rtnd best bidder for cuslt, the following described' property, lo-\Vlt: 1 brown horse uitile, ! blnck horse mule;, 1 co\v, 1 waison, 1 middle buster, 1 turning plow, 1 harrow, 1 cultivator, 1 double shovel, 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear, und all sinnll too'.s. witness my hand this the 2:1 day of October, 19-14. United Stales nt America, By Robert W. Downs, VWA Supervisor. WAUNINC: oitni-ii In (he (.'luniery Ccmrl, <;iih:kas:iw- lu District, Mississippi Cinmly, Arkansas. Mollle Key Divlney, Plaintiff, VB. No. 8713 Edivnrd ulvlney, ncfeminiH. The defendant, Edward Dlvlncy, hereby warned lo appear within Ihhty days In the court niimi'd In Ihe capllon hereof nml nnsww (he complaint of the pluhilllf, Mollli; is, Kev ' - Diltctl thls 7 ' 1 of October, 1011. HARVEY MOH1US, Clerk. Ed li. Cook, Ally, for Plf. Percy Wright. Ally, ad Litem. NOTICE OP SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned morl- LOVELY-ALLURING-LOW-COST ihirat-IooVtiiKciiilsiind wives now *irs, cnslly, oiol-lj-, al liomc. Do it PERMANENT WAVE KIT "C ronl.iins cvcryttiin? you need, permanent w ii...^d I Bot" li() r), ciiTlera. slnm]x>o anil wave-rel. i— ;. y _,,,. r I for every type of hair. J'rnised hy HoJIyvvixxI ,,,.-, " l atlKS mov i c ilnra. Over S milliaii >old. Utt a exploded in the bla/e, causint' blasts ; Chmm-Kurl Kit today..' which were heard for more than five at Kirby Bros. Drug Slore and all • miles. drug stores. DLEACHtssomctimcsoo this 10 coitcns and linens be<aiuc thcic action is Hr.tcn 1. PUIN WASHING mcins lots more rtiihng to get tilings wliitc. This also is very liarj on fabrics. 3. WITH PUSIX you on avoid bodi dangets. Used as directed, Purex whitens £/£//>'—wjih ccnlrolhJ action. Safer dian inferior bleaches or cxrn rubbing. Linens l«t kr.gtsl. AT VOUR GROCER'S PUDtX IHS CON1ROIUD ACTION-CEHTH TO COTTONS AHO It OF M/ CM/ You, too, will have a transportation problem if your car wears out. And surveys show that 800,000 cars will wear out this Winter. So protect your car against cold weather. Save wear on your motor, chassis, battery, tires, gears and other vital parts by Sinclair-izing for Winter now. Sec your nearby Sinclair H-C Gasoline Dealer today. Sinelah's Post-War Program: Bettor Products, Better Service WARNING OHDKll fiucl Johnson is warned lo appear ti (he Chancery Court of Mississippi >mity, Arkansiis wllhlti thlrly days 'rum Ihls dule to answer u com- Jlnlnt filed iignliist him In ;,ald court by W. II. .Payne. Dated Ihls llilh dny of October 44. 1IARVKY MORRIS, Clerk. Reid & Evrnrd, Allorncys for Plaintiff. \VAUNIN« Oltlll-ll In llir Cliancery Ctiuii, Chh'luisiiu 1 Ini DIslrlcL Mlssls*!ii|d Cimtily Inn/. Kverul liruddy, I'liilnlllf, FALSE TEETH That Loosen Heed Not Etnbaras! iMany wearers of false teeth liuvi siiffcud real embirrassiuent be their plale dropped, slippci or wabbled at Just the wrong time Do not Ivc In fear of this happen lug to you. Jusl sprinkle a lllll PASTKUIIII, the alkaline, (noil ueld) powder, on your plales. Holds false leelli more firmly, so they feel more comfortable, Docs not Mini', Checks "plalc odor" (dcnUirc brcfl(li). Get l''ASTERTII nt any drug store. Preseri^son Filled Over 15 iillion Times Recommended lo do jusl two tiling's: iclicve constipation and pis on the Momnrli. 'niis.s(u:cc.s=/ti! iiicstriptioii fa now put up under (In: 11:11111: uf AIJI.KUI KA, Gel a bottle of AiUmka ue.vt tijiio ytju Mop ;il vonr tlru^ist's and ECU for yourself liow riuinlily jj.ig is relieved am! ucnllc bill tlioroli);li bowel action fulkmg. Good for old ami yonn^. Ciiiilfon, use only as directed. C,clAJlc,ll<al,<,m?nM,t,,, S tl,lt<i,lar. KIKIIV 1IKO8. 1IKUG STOKKS For ycnrs, the U.S. Ho DcLuxc IIPH been n hijjl scoring lire. And toda from coasl to coast tho new US. Roynl DeLuxc, mode of synthetic, rub- bcr, is turning in performance records Hint arc mighty close lo pre-war natural rubber tires. "U.S." llietic lirco ore good tires. BUY WHERE YOU SEE THE U. S. TIRE SIGH TIRES PP.E SWRCF.-HWAP IN TIME'. U.S. TIRES DISTRIBUTED BY LANGSION-WROIEN CO. ft P Walnut & Bdy. (opposite Post Office) Phono 553 8 rl | NO-SMOKF, MAGAZINE Three Models To Choose From NO CERTIrUIE NEEDED HARDAWAY APPLIAKCE COMPANY 0. 0. Himliiwiiy B08 W. Main J. W. Ailnnis Phone 2071 * * • • Because of the fine response you have given the opening of our new store it might be possible that the service, or something you have purchased, has not been satisfactory. If so, won't you please come by and discuss the matter with the management. • • If at any time you may leave or lose something in our store you may call for it at the office. • • We maintain a Layaway Department for your convenience. Small payments down will hold practically anything. Toys and gift goods should be selected now and you may call for them as late as December 24th. • • To our regular and part time salespeople:: You have bc6n wonderful; you have worked hard and conscientiously, Agai^we say, "Thank you." • • To the Fathers and Mothers of the young ladies who work Saturdays: They are the smartest to be found. May we assure you they are working in a place of highest standards. They not only will scrye as salesladies, but will be taught good business methods. When you are shopping in the store we would be happy to meet you. Across From Ritz Theatre Main Street - l <« Phone-901

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