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Detroit, Michigan
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mmmsm 'mi THE DETROIT FREE PRESS rStXB AY AHill'B, TS9Q. "S-u-sr of -tlxe Um WOMAN'S WOBLD, SWEET AND SWEET THE T0jStE, LOW THE PRICES OP THE a "Tose" Piano. At the Leading Dealers and Manufacturers. ELEGANT and EXCLUSIVE STYLES. experiment to otvy Jias Deen.

tried It o- jtotj. by th.ousaiids. stoocL tli. -best of fotrrty- -yssua. Leaving it more pop-olar to-day ever-.

RFND FOR OUR BOOKS CONTAINING it nil 8 linn ADDRESSES OF in tbe present day zeal to reform Trrtbing and everybody a multitri hands would," were' it be only too ready to reform wom; but-Iortunatly tfaiv is beyond them. Tbe ubiquitous New York reporter has dis- covered that Emma Abbott, during heratest-sojourn in the metropolis, gave -upfmost'ol her time to face massage rfitorintbe -freshness of her once lovely and still healthy and wholesome According tbe metropolitan chronicler. Miss Abbott is having' her maid scientifically instructed in the art. She (the maid) goes every morning to the beauty shop and gets the necessary practice on the faces of society wnmentunder the eye of tbe professional complexion maker. The tuition pays for instruction and a case of creams, lotions, balms, bloom of youth for raising the eyes, warming tbe Hps and emphasizing the ears, with blue 'pencil; for veining the temples and a couple of eyelash combs.

On the subject of -complexion Miss Abbott is particularly' interesting. Her-': ruso' de guerre, as she calls it, for making a good face is a quart of hot water, a fruit breakfast and a iive-miie walk in the To make it brisk she starts out with an insufficiency of clothing for the weather, and the speed necessary, for bodily comfort gives the sparkle to her eyes and the brightness to her face that she'de-sirc. As an all round beautifier. and preservative of the skm she considers glycerine without a comparison. She buys the oily stuff by the gallon, dilutes it with filtered water and uses it as a bath for her face, neck, arms and shoulders.

Her flesh is soft, her skin as smooth as satin. SOLE (--MTCrSIC ECOTJSES AfPUTV 23 MONROE AVENUE, DETROIT. AfoliiU 178 FULTON STREET, GRAND RAP S- IBM! -I3T- A TITES' FATS FANCY BRAIDS, One Hundred and Fifty Just Received Saturday and Placed on Sale-at Special Prices This Week. Our Magnificent display of Baby Coaches has never been equalled heretofore. We have" now on exhibition "the largest variety and most artistically designed LAMES' IATS LACE BRAID, Carriages ever shown.

TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! 1 LAMES' IATS French Chips, Lace Braid, great success this year. Everybody is delighted with our 15. 50 TJp I BLEAGKiKG HE COMPLEXION. mrs, r. w.

allen's Dnnitiinn fnmnlDvinn TJlaonh inn Borni1 I CII.LDREFS SCHOOL HATS, "We have so far met with assortment of the Sivles this vear are far ii 3 TTT and varnished, upholstered in Ur WiiC Wheels, at, bile c-a-L-i cllac SIO.OO, Oilier superior to those of former season's and prices on almost all conai-O "R.orJ Vr O.VViT tV. 1 1 fl fid kll SILK PLUSH, with Satin Parasol, adjustible rod, wooden Some of the-Advantages of Being a Vfomart. THE MONTEVIDEO WOMAN'S IDEA OF WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING. An English Traveler's Opiuion of the American Girl-Bachelor. AN AMEiaCAX JOURNALIST'S COai-31EST OS ENGLISH WOMEX.

Emma Abbott and How She "Works" Her Cotnplezion. WU.tT IS DOUC IX DKTIM1T SOCIriTI 05K WKKK'S OCCCKEtlXCKS. ame Magazine escf Beinff cousidered from this whimsical buc eminent iv modern and practical point of view: "tVotueu aOci pOSSeSS the gift of beautj. "Women live longer than men and do not have so shave. The best seat is given them in church, and when they enter a car, after five minutes1 stroll on a fashionable promenade, men woo have been on their feet till day give their seat to the lovely creatures.

"Who gets the sweetest coffee, the hottest roils, the teuderest slice from the roast beef? "Woman. "Who coes to all the plays and operas? Woman. Who pays for theticketii Man. Who dresses fii silks, velvets and 'laces? lovely woman. Who dresses in coarse irarmeuts, agly and shapeiess? Man, wretched' man! Who lives in soft and luxurious idleness? Woman.

Who works bard and long? Man. He, unfortunate rascal, spends eight or ten hours every day beading over a desk, or rolling barrels, or ten pins, or counting out or buying or selling stocks, or editing papers, or reading them, or playing billiards. While she, arrayed more brilliantly than Solomon in all his glory, jroes forth to "shop," to 'see the latest fashions, to spend her husband's money, or to visit, to gossip, to promenade, to flirt, or to go to the library, or, if she wishes to stay at home, she reclines on a sofa, in th-T softest of wrappers and reads the last novel. Oh! who would not ba a woman! The women of Montevideo evidently think that life would not be worth living if they were compelled to live outside the pale of fashion. An observant traveler informs us that they wear short dresses in the streets, tons affording a liberal display of small and high-hseled French boots, with hats but without wraps; Tbe extreme of fashion is apparent in the.

bustle, accompanied -with, great-puffs calculated to make a poor little Jap girl die of envy. Our traveler declares he has frequently seen the bustle projecting quite two feet front tne body and wondered wbyjrthey were not utilized as Da reel-carriers. Bat then every country has its own standard of taste and fashion. In Valparaiso and Santiago it is the spray of eathers and top-knot of artificial vegetation which marks the best society; in Montevideo it 'is the bustle, which, by its greater' or superficial dis-tinguisbes the patrician from the- plebeian. The graceful lace mantilla, With the dignified black" embroidered crepe or silk shawl, is all unknown, tha most extravagant -French fashions having taken its place.

The men show no better taste. Just at this period it is a question whether they are endeavoring to trim their shoes or their beards to the sharpest point. A well-traveied Englishman, who has worn off his insular prejudice for everything. 'uu-English," was lately asked what was the most characteristic thing he found in American life, ''The girl-bachelors," he said. "There are no spinsters here, as we call them in Eug-eland.

The unmarried women-in America is a type altogether unique. She has all the independence of a and still keeps every essential trait of the best woman. She thinks and plans and executes for herself, and she does not seem to make mistakes. The girl-bachelor often has her own home and she values it exactly as she would if she were married. The is always gracious and companionable, but never oversteps the bounds of her dignity.

Oh. the bachelor-girl is the most wonderful thing America has yet produced, and she is altogether charming." Eugene Field, on the other hand (and side), writes that in England one sees very few tastefully dressed women. The London ladies, in particular, wear costly toilets of an evening, but tbey have an appearance as if their fine. things had been shot on to to them out of a cannon. They display their jewels with a generosity that is simply vulgar.

It is not unusual to see ladies at the theater with four or five diamond brooches up and down the front of their bodices. As a class the barmaids are splendid looking creatures. Among the house servants, too, fine specimens of physical beauty are frequently to be met with, but the women of tbe upper classes are disappointing in appearance, and in movement tkey are, contrary to tradition, awkward; the Euglish woman either swaggers or shuffles. Yet the English women are said to be singularly robust. The women upon whom age, even an age in the neighborhood of 30.

is beginning to set its seal, is wise to wear ties on her bonnet or hat, because they wiil do much to make her look younger aud will conceal from the public that first sign that she has passed her 2iith birthday the wrinkles that come behind the ears and frequently extend along tbe throat. Even narrow velvet ribbons will hide these, and the woman who doesn't take advantage of their charitable offices announces that she has no idea of the practical use of dress. We may as well confess that woman can't run that is to say, despite tbe fact that there was once a lightning-fcoted Atlanta, running is not woman's forte. She can swim, she can dance, she can ride: ail these she can do admirably and with ease to herself. But to run ature most surely did not construct her.

Sb-j can do if after a fashion, just as tbe domestic ben will or. occasions make shift to flv: but movement is constrained and awkward may we say it without disrespect? a kind of precipitate waddle with neither gracs, fitness nor dignity. We dare say 2f the Xo I mm thsAavantas Do Not Buy a-BABY CARRIAGE before you have seen OUR ASSORTMENT, OUR STYLES AND FINISH, lun iiv j. Styles in Proportion, from FILOOE, I AND OUR LOW PRICES. WE UNDERSELL ALL OTHERS WHO DEAL IN GOOD CARRIAGES.

ENORMOUS STOCK THIS SEASON. Prices Lower than any Dealers in the Country. 26 MONROE AVE, PEICES. YO Heyn's Bazaar. The face of Prof.

Sherwood is aires dv to be seen in Woodward avyiniR show vric-dows above ile announcement of his iaiended rerfonnarce ist-re April under the auspices of uud. Greatest Pianist, uses exclusively America's Greatest Piano. THE SDPERB CHECKERING. We carrr lite larcest ctoct of Hijli Grade Pi-J to bs found in the city. See oor great as-i iortnieni.


WILLIA3XS. Practical Piano Builder r.nd Itcpairer. MARVIN'S, 233 WOODWARD AYE TELEPEOITB 141S. MME. KELLOGG'S Dress Cutting School REMOVED 10 new Detroit Busint-s University Buildiasr, on IVilcox Opposite orth SidePubllc Library, FLOWERS AKD PLANTS, THE I LARQESI i.

At tUc olfletl I-'ortSt. IVest and B. troit Opera House BIk. MRS, E. ASHLEY, HAIR GOODS.

Kil? CUT AKD D3ESSE0 IK THE LTCST FASHIOH. ir i-otite 21 STATE Orrosns mos School. BABY CARRIAGE DEPARTMX Mrs. T. Bced Roberts has gone to Boston.

Mr. Free Browaell Is risluafpat Mrs. 5. J. Stockham spent the week at Jackson.

Miss Edna Joslin, of Hollr, has returned home. Mrs. J. J. Johnson Is ns'tiojr relatives in Jackson.

Gertie Harris, of Almont, Is visiting In the city. Miss Mabel Howland has returned from Almont. Mr. Bert Snedicor, of Howell, retained home on Monday. -c Mrs.

John English, of is TisfUnjr De-. troit friends. Mrs. C. T.

Billing visited friends at Caro the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hathaway, of Portland, have moved to Detroit. Mr.

and Mrf. Geo. Walker have taken apart menis at the copia. Mr. Bra no Xeisser spent Easter Sunday with bis -sister at DatUe Creek.

Mrs. J. M. Meyers, of Jackson, visited in Detroit durinjr the week. Mr.

O. F. Hall has taken a permanent residence at Spokane Falls. Wash. Miss Gertmde Eddy is visiUnr her sister, Mrs.

James Gilbert, at Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. G. T.

Warren, of Flint, visited in the city the first of the week, Mr. Alexander Jones, of Jackson, spent tbe week with relatives in this city. 3frs. "N'ormap of Marine City, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Ughtbody.

Miss Venle Hasch letnrned to -Mrs. Sheldon's school at Kalamazoo on Moaday; "Miss-Helen Lane, of Cincinnati, Is risitiae friends on Alexandrine avenue wesL; Miss Lizzie Hibbler. of Alrooiit, is vWUn her sister, Mrs. Frank Kennedy, Elm street. Miss lizzie At well, of Chatham.

Is visiting Sirs. James E. 'Atwed, Xo. 219 Hlph street ease. Mr.

Geo. W. Hurst attended the Thraves-Brlstol weddinz atrFremont, on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.

R. Z. Smith, of Saeinaw, returned' home Monday night after a few -days' visit in this city. Mrs. G.

V. N. Lothrop. Mrs. Charles B.

Lotbrop: and Miss Helen Lothrop are to leave Pass' Christian for borne this week. Ed. McLean, formerly; of Detrolfvand howj.1 the ownerof an extensive cattle ranch neat Alba- is in tne city spendinr a'fewdays with old friends. 31r. McLean, is accompanied, by his bride.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Chambeilain are rfsUing relatives at Monroe. Mr, Frank Hood has returned from Flymoath. visiting at Miss siary Sackrider, is risltins frlenda at Ma-son.

CoL Jerome Croul returned home from Ionia on Saturday. 1 Dr. and Mrs. J. S-'Owen returned Monday from a few days' visit at Monroe.

Miss -Minnie -Gldley spent a few days, of the --f week at Ann-. Arbor. After an absence of four months Mr Albert M. Steele retnmcd to Detroit last week, barto traveled about ,000 mhetf through Mexico. California and Washington.

Mrs. Oscar Xewcomb and son Paul are Tbituir at Milan. Mrs. Stacey, of Brooklyn, spent the week la Detroit, Mrs. H.

E. ClarKson and Miss Kettle Clarkson, who visited Mrs. 0. F. Hall, have returned to Jackson.

Mr. and Mrs. 3Bdwm Heath, and; and Mrs. E. T.

Tripler. move this week from HIeh street west to the comer of Adelaide and John K. Mr. Klrchmaler spent last -Sunday with bis narerns at Monroe. Mr.

C. Collar, or Eaton. Itaplds. visited In the city the latter part of the week. Mr.

C. Van Denbenrb. of Howard Qty; spent part of the week is Detroit. Mrs. W.

H. Holers and daosbter. May, of Fenn- ville, returned home on Monday. Tiie Misses Man'eand Carrie Howe, of Camden, wercinthecityaparvof the ller. J.

Huhtinzton and daughter, and Mrs. Geo. 1 Huntington, of Milan, are in tbe.citv. Mr. George W.

BisselU who. has been traveling in Europe for the past three months, sailed for New York last Thursday thesteamer Columbia. His Katie Downing has returned from a three weeks" visit with friends in Mr. and Mrs. Will Punirs have removed to tlielr home on Plqnette avenue.

Mrs. Mark Goldenberc of Leadville, is Titinc her parents, Mr. and Mr. J. Alum an, T2s Cass avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chittenden, who have been vUitioc Iricuds in Columbus, 0., returned on Wednesday. Mrs.

Geo. P. Good ale has returned from a several weeks visit in Crescent City. Fla. Mr.

and Mrs. C. A. Wortmnstoa. of Third -ccc.

are home from a trip to the Bermuda Island Howell is visiting at Jackson. Capt. S. B. Grummond is In Chicago.

Mr. Hiram Walker is In Florida. Mr. J. Maffitt Brown, of Chicago, visited friends in Detroit last week.

Miss Louise Brandt is visiting Miss EffieBey-nolds at Monroe, Mr? Charles Bobzm visited friends at Bay City the latter part of tbe week. Mrs. M. B. Champion, of Cheboycan, spent the wee in Detroit.

Mrs. L. II. Fowler has returned from a visit at Olivet. -Mr.

and Mrs. Alfred Chesebroneh, No. 171 Fort street, vc-sr. who have been spending the. past moctfts Hot Springs, returned to L'eiroit last Friday.

MUs Hattie Fonda has returned from Chicago. Mr. w. U. Dean aDd family, of Plymouth, bare morcd to thi? city.

C. Hackelt, who has been seriously ill with pueumoma. is rapidly convalescing. Mrs. Cutmac, Xo.

14 Lincoln avenue, returned from a two month's visit In Petroiia. Gnu Mr. Frans E. Doyle. Xo.

ISi Seldec avenue, Is Denver, foi. Miss Mamie liiiey, of Milford, Is vbitin? In the ciiy. Mr. Harry 'E. Tyler, of Xew York, Is the guest of Jeffoi-soa avenue ine.ids.

Mrs. Howard KernGlds. of Buffalo, Is visiting friends on Winder srtet. Mr. and Mrs.

Lou Collins, of West Fort street, are in Xcw York. Mrs. W. J. McLean, of Jefferson avenue.

Is vis-ilia? friends iu tbe country. Mrs. Walpole, of who visited her brother. Mr. Stewart Marks, of Second avenue, lias cone home.

Mr. A. J. Hardy spent part of the week at Xasb- vUle. Miss Frances Iioynton.

of Base street, has returned from a month's visit in Chicago and Oak Park. Mrs. DavW of is visiting her pa-rems hi this ci-y- Miss Lewis, of Jcffersou avenue, has returned from her visit In Washington, where she was the guest of Mis Amy McMillan. Contluoed on Page 17 Woodward Aye. THIRD 147-149 151 MADAME JUST RECEIVED THE "VERY LATEST EMBROIDERIES, FLOWERS In Bunches or Wreaths, Millinery Department, "ECc Lady Should Buy any Until she Las pais our department a visit.

Largest Best Arranged Millinery Oep't lsl In the state. aDd our price Equality considered) always Our stcc: season of the year. i Wl UAPKS and in ail gua-iiies from the cresses; lCC 1 R1 11 r'' we L'tu int." most Ja'tioioos. Sarettac money tai troaKs mjioc or 01 us. VIl ji.j.

ji IT I HI Vj ft PASfn 4 u' 4 IVulI il.lli MADAME MAX, WOOUW.VBO z-n of 3TIK IIAIII Cosmetics of Every Description, i Tj Koilene for reniovis suv.wsCCns Hair. tooJn's Cotton Eoot i or Chiton Root. Tansy and by an J'nce Si. dt A. C.

WEEN IE, IMPORTER CF FINS MILLINERY, 23! Wood'vrard Are. r.nectsd:. iT.ce Si. ny seaic-a. Laau-s, your irSijUt for Cool: Cotton and taie no snbstltnte.

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it new liie ana vssor iu ine uii'i i 'i-wC-. anu ov EH uvii.i! j. i e.iiu. i 1.1. am- unpleasant facia! expression caused by force se, and ov so uoin r.

reniovca or unpleasont fat-b! cspressioj, caused by force 1 foil line of HairGootK v.holesale and retail, Yr nariiCU-ars cai! or address i 3IRS. R. W. ALLEN'S Hair St Jlicll. 210 Woodward Avenue.

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i G-O TO TPnrn-TTQriTTTTjD'S best in MM for correct styles and TErir ALL SAT SO. OOiCE axxd AVoii Tftnr5 and Shades. Wolverine wall paper compIp in ft, riaja 139 Jefferson 9.

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