The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1939 (AUK.) •CpURlKU NEWS OPPORTUKmr 1KB THE WANT-ADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per l|nc for cqnsccu- live fusel-lions: . • " One (.|n)e JYr>r line lOc Two limes per line per da,y!.. .08o Virce ijnies per jlne per-day...oi>o MX Htnfn per line per day....05o HptUlt rale ' per line GOo Cards of Thnnks....,, ..50c & ?5c Minlinum charge 50c Acts ortlerpd for three or six (Ijijes nnd stopped before expira- llon will be charged for the num- ticr of tlll)cs tlip add appealed anc wjjustmerit' of b(M made." ' All Classified 'Advertising ...., liibmftled by jicrsoiis residing out- tide of tjie city must bo accompanied by casli. Rules muy bo easily computed froin above lable, 'Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes (lie one tlnis ratip fjo responslblWy win be taHen for more than one Incorrect iiiscr lion of any classified ad. i *.., For Rent four I'poin fuyiiishecl house, 2 bcd- rppllis, wliji new inner-spring maltrcsscs. FriEldairc. Call 1028. ' , 22pk-2G 3 i-odm"furnished apa'rimenl. Reasonable. Utilities lumishetl. 1129 W. Ash. 22-ck-2 Bedroom for rent. Outside iiitrance Cpnriccllng b;Uh. 1-2 block froin Main. Call 865AV. 2i-ck-28 CJool, south bedroom, convenient <° bath. 6H \V.,Maln. Call 280. " Furijislied ropni for rent," 203 : Davis, Call 25 or 1017W. 21ck26 4 room fu.r))isriea iipuse during .July and August. 2 bedrooms mid bath. E|ectj-jc Refrigerator arid garden. Phone 536. "" 15-ckr22 Comfortable bedrcbm. 1017 Wqlriijt Phone 102. " • l5TCk-t" Cool, soulii bedroom. Garage. He'a- sonnblc. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wal- mit. . • • Drck-tr 2 or 3 room furnished apartment decorated. 911 licarn. Modern 3 room" unfurnished apartment. Mnjivund Second, K Simon phone 7Gf" ', 3-ck-lf Twp large bedrppms for rent., Mrs 310 W. .'Wiliiut. 24ck-lf Jffirf rnhms. Furibury Building, flee Grahain Siidbiiry. ' ' 21lf .Fqr Sale ' 2 : \vh(!l' IralleKY"'extra'' . liccnsc. 112 E. Cherry. "''il-plt-i 7-foot Kclvinator home refrigerator, National Cash Register, Burroughs Adding Machine, Safe. All practically neiy. Sacrificed at a real bargain. Call or write Joe Ap- piohan'tn, at Oscepla, Ark. plcbaum, at Osceoia, Afk, -21-ck-24 Sweet peas aati ether cut flowers. Lois 'Hooper, Phone 306 or 7B2. Curtiss Air Compressor with new motor. Inquire Cities pcrvipe, S Division, phone 567. lD-ck?2G 700 dozen used fruit jars, any size. Save money. Alvin Hardy, ?.12 E. Main.-. 17rck-77l7 Cans tor Jug Fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed wpii'l leak. 7','j cents each. Ijaymond Brooks, Stcele, Mo. 9-pk7rO We have a number of attractive and desirable cottages in Blytheville, well located, \vhlch we can srll at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract '&. Really Co. 617 e^ck-tr Notice Fishing License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WE ABE PKEFApKn TO ISSUK VOUR FISHING LICENSE 'AT OVll STOIiE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Personal Arouso Sluggish wrrr, viork oil tho hllc, to rid yourself of constipation, gas. pains and that sour, I>i;nk feeling. Take one box of "" KIRBT'S''' ACTIVE LIVER HU,S ?5e at all Kirby Stores. MEN OLP'AT 4oi GET PEP." New Ootrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster, uivigbrators'and ctiier stimulants. One dose starts new pep. Value $1.00. Special pllce 80c. Ca|l, write Kirby Bros. Drug and all good drug stores. Room and Board Comfortable rooms, Reasonable rates. 803 W, Ash. Phoiie 933. ' ' 22-ck-tS Pendergast, Aide' iu Pen i A captain nnd his licnlcnanl became pansccrttjic ininibcn In Ie,i,oi!- pcnHenllniy J^efl foniici Deinociiilif Boss loin I'ciutdKiist of Kansas city, and liis aide, !{, limmcl O'Malloy, i, s convicts. Wanted Copies of Hie Counci , Jnne 1, '\yijl pay 5e each dated CASH PAID for good 1935, 1936 and 1937 model Fords, Plyniodtljs and Chevrolet Phone 'How-ircl Burton at 810. Phillips Maim- Co". ' .Dairy i?etlstactory quality and service jh Dairy product's. Cattle free pi Barb's. Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Low'pry. 002-J, for HalseU's Qrarte A Rt\V Milk, Cream, Country Buttir, But: termilk, extra or Iwllday . orders, Inspcclion encouraged' anytime. llalseU's Dairy Promised LandrRouie 2 ' Minno\v S For Sale Minnows, and fishing canes. 300 E Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. ' Goldfish B. F, Brogdon, 310 Dougan KINNOWfj iarl Uampn. Cor. Railroad a fy, Salesmen Ranted —Reliable man ^cll acr .'l With mercl)anls in-Bly- Incvlllfc." All or spare .-time.'Write MERCHANTS INDUSTRIES, ' Inc., Dayton, Ohio. LAWN MOWERS Sharpened, factory method, adjust- ec|. oiled.—Picked, up & dcUyere'd ?1 Used Lawn Slowerj For'Sale ATKINS Machine Shop & Garage 410 S. 2nd Phone 2&4 New Offensive Starts On Livestock Disease ANGLEroN, Tex.. (UP)— Another chapter In Hie Soiillnyest's fifhl agaiast livestock diseases has been starlcd with llie completion of a laboratory here to study the mysterious and highly Infectious ana- plasmcsis, a malady which effects cattle. •'• • •' Coippleted with funds froiji \VPA, the .new laboratory -will be operated by the experiincnt station of Texas A. & M."college. Re.searcii workers for tlie nrsl titne will find adequate lacililics In this area for the study of anaplasnicsis anil similar diseases. Much of the research In tho new laboratory will be devoted to lo- calipg llic vector—or carrier— of the malady, methods• cf controlling it, nnd search'ing for methods of curing the disease once it has been contracted. HOLD EVERYTHING . By Clyde I . , » -^ L J MISS THEM *J bcc 'lhoiH))iou'b \\ifc ib iwikmg lus slmlb for liiin " Tasty, cases for creamed dishes can bo whippet) lip In ft linrry simply by culling (he Clinton L. Calthvcll Ingram Bldf. iilythcyille, A1LKANSAS aiiil MI5.SOUK1 TI'l'i.K OPINIONS. TITLE ^INSURANCE. COMI'LETE C'OVIiliAGE. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES.'fiM 8KB" Oycr Joe Isaits' Storo Phone 540 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshesl Slock fiuaniiifccd licat I»rice« Kirby Drug Stores mists off of buttered bread, pressing the slices Inlo mullln tins nnd l)rawitln B In » Iwt oven. RKJ) I J, L. GUARP Optometrist Only Orailuale Ojilonip- Irist in U|)'l)iev)lle, Wastes Ml(cd Correctly llljli HctU "J 4r MHflOUHNr Ausliullii (U»>)~ ior w A Obboino nrguci iiijjii hcnlb Indtciile lovi ln|elllsenie, Jla (Icelures Hint wltli tlio jollf, wlilol. nieu-hcelwl women jecelie ixllli every B u>)>, it | 5 „ mi ,, vt ,| u,,,!, bruins do nol suiter moio ln|ln- iioi> tlinii is Hiijinrently picwtit iiorninlly. "High heels have destroyed tho Imnum's most uilecUve Bhock-iibs'jrbei-—Ibo licel," lie <!u- clnrcd. Dr. F. J. Weitz (inuliialo Veloriniiriaii !7(!> W, Ash Phono win It tnkei 1,000,000 pounds ol orel The fiom (lie t,|doii\ilo mtnqi ot Can. n« tj] nda, believed to bo Uie iJclicil lij lim|. t, TO » ,,^ the woild, to jirodiice ono grain oft" 10 ^' 1 ^ fi & indliiiii In final faun, ' cordi. . NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service HEMORRHOIDS Ciireil Without Si»rgcr.v, niitt (!iiiininlc«l A I'cry Mfo mut hariHlcss inoltioil; wilhcut coiillnemcul to bed, loss of l|mo.from work nntl with very lltllu dlEcomtorl, All lyiii's of piles, tout's, Jlslnliis, cle,, lieiilcd by pur dfllco Jiiulhods, •• ' BUS. NIES&NJES Ollnle oil Milu Blltlicville, Ark, Now L 151 ,Nprili Sciwid ADDING WACHINE ^ TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU J)ON KDVVAHDS,' 1'roiirleior All M.-ikcx (if I<cb|i|jl 'V)'(tcHTl(j>rs, Adiljiiu Htuclilnc!) ami • Cnlciilajiirs—II SAFE'S SAKE! I5KA1) THIS AD Kre us ,(iul >>nc! S^vc ^tlay! S,iie tr(in%!' licfurc siilng gn )11|r l.K.lllna nr (alflnr wlof IrljHr, lei us clicdk (he follow(nj: CooJinj? System and •Vim Kelt (.'eiicnilur, Kluelncjil System - ; '•••• i'ii, jlnike r«lai '& Clutch . Gear. v ? ; Wheel Alignment -,- ;1 PHII.UPS MOTOR ISO. -r^PRESCRiPTIONS:— Safe - .-Accurate Your prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First I'hono HI A MYTHICAL BEAUTY HORIZONTAL 1 Beautiful w:oman to Whom Zeus gaye a closed box. 7 Her story is in the Greek 11 Bugle plant. 12 To perch. 33 Conslcllation. 14 Careens. 16 Indian mulberry. 17 Three. 18 Indentation. 20 Poem. ' 22 Becomes delapidafed. 21 North . America. B . 26 To quench. 51 fq opine. 20 To snicker. 52 Goddess oE 31 Cook. vegetation. ' 32 Natural magic 54 Cut of meat. aSCryslal gazer, 55 Ofle that 36 Copper. ' names. 37The cat" 57TptnW. family. 50 TJ|e box 39 Jnfernalional ''coplatncct Answer io Prcyipiis Puzzle dislress • signal. 40fesijval, 43 Lighted coal. 46Bucke!., . 48 The afpresaid - -^- ills. 60 Her ^-~ forced her (o onen the box • VERTICAL IHole. 2Qrcedy. Stable linens. 4 Bone. " • Slriiet, ' 6 Book of maps. 8 Coal rjiincrs' payments. ? Oak,10 Horse food. 15 Pulverized (pbacco. .17 Lifting- device.- 10 Sesame. 21 These ills ' over the . earth. 23 Slair ppsf. 25 Parapjirase. ZTDcnnUc article. 28 Snow glider. 2SToch,eV. : 30 Lion. : 33 Winged. 34 Clay house. 3? Distant. 38 Finish. .. . 42 Fodder vals. 44 Rill of tare. 4 5 Bay. 47 Hindi dialect. 43 Convex •,:,• moldings. 50 Faint color, 52 Credit. 53 Monkey. 56 Half an em. 58 To prosper. BY FHlil) HARM AN THWK JUDGE ll-L/-V\KE ^WRG WATEQ OUTA RED RYDER/ GET BEFORE 'RYDER HURRY, BEFORE HE V-JHILG BACK Xt THE rAoRGANfi<i>N>cn-- , , DlMGY OFRCf,., AHf HEBe _,COMESMUM VSER 1\VO. ** BOOTe ~^ftW UVpm COME IW ' iWc Wovi—-ijrt .KSO 6v.'M>- « WVi'T ME : m w^5^K VAKIf TUBBS ftPffiT VoM^-l^Sf^^ HAD VOU OH I-T A MESS, AN' I (JOT PRODUCE.' SAViE HERE. 1'W A'P(?^TTV'"FA|B HMJD AT RUkJUlMCi A MKWUE GUM OR AM A\ep\_AME, POPWER, BUT WHEW \T COWe<, t6 DlSHPAti HMRPlNSAUO PO*JOERPUFF4 JUST MATUf?AVLV DUMB TRV TO THliiK OF A CHEAPER W>W'TO' WUPACTURE SOME S1UV 6AD6ET, RECKOM. OR EWE DISCOVER' A VIHM \MENM PRODUCT THAT NO MAW OR QM W^AVJ CAM 60 WITHOUT Wt-L WE CiO, '.ywcey THE r .,. . ;( TOEOREAWOf EVEKVWOtAAVi WUN6', BEAUTIFUL MTO '/*. GI.AJAQROOS All. - HOW .SMOKE, RBCKLKS AND HLS KmENDS The (^irl He Left Behind BY MBRRliilJ:'-' YOUR FATHER. POP • 1 WAS Tpo sieei SON MA k HAVE lou'sor SEE US I THAT DOZEM TofAATOBS- R4QC ? ' >EO WHERE THtV AT LEAST' •-• . J MK5HT HAVE SAVED ONE. FOR A SMJDWICH/ /^Vl * OWE EVERY £;.'} f,, rt «T IS THE of THE . , WHO USE? 'PETAL

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