The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1930
Page 2
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THURSDAY. JULY 24, 193U BLYTHEVILLB. (ASK.) COURIER-NEWS PAGE THREK Large Families Is the Rule Among All Classes; Mussolini Leads Campaign, campaign, he found liis erpalrsl problem in Hie large elites. Tills was iliree years ago nnd at thai lime, Milan, wllli a population of 1,000,000 was only marking time with a birlh-rate just barely equal to the death-rate. Turin was regarded os a decadent city white Bologna, Trieste ami Genoa received the dice's stern reproval for their decadent trend. In the cities from Florence southwards, the situation was somewhat more favorable. Horn? showed a i disenable prevalence of births over clcntlis while Naples, Palermo and other South Italian cities had keut up their pre-war Since January 1, of this year, all the big Italian cities have shoi/n marked increases In population, sc that the. Italian bureau of statistics was able io announce recently I ilmt by the end of this year, the of Italy would resell 43. BY THOMAS B. MORGAN' Lnl'.fd I'rrsi Statf .Corrrspondtnl FIOME. (UP)—"How many chil- Oii-n liave you, sisnota?" is the question Italian mothers arc asked ir.sre often than anything else in tf.t-.c days when 1'ieinler Mu.ssoll- j000,000. This is an increase of near ni has launched, and apparently : ly C5U.OCO during 1930 and even sur vc-iy succe:-siully. Ills campaign So;' passed the pre-war average of 500,- incre Italian Uabie.s. • COO annually. in? qtitry recalls tlie famous re-' The population of Italy, accord- niazk oi Napoleon who interested in j ing to the. official figures was 42.- c-n'.tantly recruiting new armies ': 3M.COI) on December 31. 1339. Ue- wa> wont to ask women of the pc a<; - ! ports to the bureau of statistic? ; from urban and rural districts show ] that duri'iH 'he first six months o! 1930 that ratio of increase of births over tlrailis v.-as such as to warrant [he announcement of -13.000.- OCO to start 1931. Tne problem of birth increase hos uulry as well as of the arLstocrany ),nw many .sins they had. In Italy, the campaign for a creator population is ij..-;=<l ;n;n. on the Roosfveilian cry, namely. the virility of the race. Mussolini has often recounted the dangtts of the lulling birth-rate as having :-. direct atfect on national decadence. He attiibutes the lull o: ' itome '.o the lact Uiat after the biitli-rate began to fall, the trend toward decadence niul disaster began until it reached the |K>ini. v.Ticn the great Empire had to be de- fuidcd by mercenaries. Tntliiy, wherever Fascist families gather, thtre is a whole-hearted spirit of "How many babies." It lias become the talk of ihe aristocratic mothers over their afternoon tea. In the cities, labor organizations have answered the Duel's call by placing a premium en the father or mother with a large family. In the country districts, there is little to be feared or. the rural communities have always done their lair share of race maintenance. Recent reports show that the campaign is meeting with pronounced .success all along the line. When the Dtice first began his Carolina Woman Lost 47 Ibs. Ihe handsome .tolal of 60,000,00(1 ire annually. Besides, i concerted: effort has teen mad* by ihe authorities to any birth-control appll- or drug? from being sold. Nn Wrth control prop»|andn Is allowed and no book* on that subject can be found anywhere. No druggist cun (111 a prescription' without a doctor's signature which may be used for centra-conception. Migration from the country lo city 15 controlled and discouraged, Before a peasant cpn take up residence In a city, he must be sure of having a Jab, os If l:o goes In search of work and Is discovered he Is immediately shipped back tn hi.i ruial community. This move r artuatfd by the fact that it Is In the titles that thf greatest detriment lo population increase exists. The Italian campaign, carried or as it is wilh thoroughness and strici control, ha! met with noiewortnv rfsi.lis. hi: loo! public iinprove;n< replies: "Yes, when your population in- •reaw. you shall have the public Miprnvernems.' HAVE YOU HE ARD9-^ Your gay sofa pillows made of washable fabrics nnd your dainty boudoir pillows can be laundered frequently, with lltlle trouble, if yo\i do not havn to rip nnd sew them off and on your pillows each time. CD-HP BUG! cd from Missouri for U» Moselcy school iiflghbohood, but oth»n nrn to be appointed later \>V ewmly leaders and county 9|rlci!llur«l agents. A substantial number of contract.';, representing either felttge. Increases of old members or new agreements, were signed immediately following yesterday's meetlnf. Only one life wa.s 1 lost for every 1.W.OOO passengers carried . by steamboats in the United States tal year compared with on? lor very 16,000 carried by railroads, There are vai:o;is ways to slm- snaps for your heavier pillows or. you can have one end fasten with /:I,|ICT closing, as Illustrated here. been met v.-:lh a superb organizn lion all along the line. One of ths first moves was to create a com' j mission lo improve conditions c.j :nn'.ernily and child welfare. Thi> has erected hospitals and carried | on a campaign of educalion aim- ins at heaithv births and the development- of healthy children. The funds for the financing of this or- eanlKition have be?n procured by I whispering H tax on bachelors which reaches Charlercl. OIIITK NATURALLY The? Irish convict had miwd an aitich 1 of his personal kit. He demanded an interview with the warden The interview ceded. "Soir," began the convict, loudly. "there 1 -; a Ihtef in this prison." - -Birmingham, England. Gazei'.o. NIXIKSSITV HILLINGS: Some £.°nius in Loll don has Invented a bultonless shirt. D1LUNGS: Why, lint's nothing new. I've been wearing them ever was con- j s i!ice my wife learned to play bridge.—Answers. (Continued from page one) B. F. Oay, n. B. Hodge. nell-Olo Dradberry. K. M. Woodard, M. P. Brownlee, J. Fl Oill Tqrn F. Martin. Rowland-R. C. now, J. M. Stf-v- ens, Ilcrt Lewis. Manila — Jirn Huilin. Orotpe Snidir. I I.Mfhvlllc—M. U Swihart. Jr,l m | Deanlen. C. M. Mink. South of Bly.lhcvllle—II. Lutes, J. C. Fills. Joe Epperson, f). rctt. I 1 . II. Jarretl. New Liberty—J. P. Tompkinr,, j. M. Ayturk. J. F. Epiwrfon. Premised Ijind—Walter Sifwan. C. F. 'nicker. J. R. Godwin. Fiat Lako-'C. M. Abbott, llcrs- chel Smart, J. E. Johnson. Oscoila ilislrlct—J. P. ToinpWns Uurdftic; Clay Ayers, Williams and S. IJ. Carpenter, Osccolu Fm:k Fi'rgusot). Marie: H. II. Wil moth, Ktowah; J. Ii. Wilson. Jolni-r G. A. Loamy. WJiIUon. Or:» coiimiillee, cou.slsling of C E. Fi4; and Oscar Fowler, was nam- THE HINT WIPE: You don't love me any more. HUSBAND: Why, dear, I do. WIFE: You couldn't love a woman with such old dothf.* «* I Imve.—Thf Humorist. Ihelr "Have your parents given consent to our marriage?" "Not yet. Pother hasn't expressed his opinion and mother h I'liltlnf. o contradict him."— Faun. Vienna. OUT FROM UN'DLK "How well your husband TllKKi: IS N't)— CABBY ion being told to go ol the Courts of Justice): And where sings.; JUDGE: What A London cabby. One trembles before the elemental | a nu von don't know where the Law strength of his voice." Courts are? "Yes, but i.t home he is only a 1 CABBY: Oh. th; Law Courts, baritone."—Moustique,. Bin. you said Ihe Courts of Jus' lice.—Passing Show. a vaporizer Invented army engineers have By tulng In EnglRiitJ, been sucessful In running * motor truck with confiscated liquor as the fuel without making 'any motor changes. I<asl year nations of the world launched CO per cent more cruisers and 300 por cent more were In progress of building than in the twelve month.", preceding the World It has been slated 'lint smoke causes an annual loss lo (lie Unit ed Sla.tes of over 4500,600,000.'Tlie avciage cost to each city dweller due to soot from burning coal t If FieRd Courier News Want Ads, j estimated at about JI5 a year. Won't The Tone Selector 666 Itrilnes a Headache, or Nruraljla Cold the Malaria In In 3D minutes, checks first day, and checks three days. (ilib 1 also in Tablets $5 BIG USED Car Clearance Sale $5 In ^ Months and Feels Years Younger "I have hen K ruse hen j Salts for nearly 3 months. I have continued taking one teaspoonHil in warm water every morning. I| then weighed 217 pounds, '.va s al- j ways bothered with pains in nv| back and lower part of abdomen j and- sides, v - » r , - >. • . . I "Now T*am glad to say I am a| well' woman. Icel much .stronger. . yrars younger and my weight is 110 j - pounds. I do not only lee! better . but I look better, so ail my friends I say. I "I shall- never be without Krusch- ; en Salts, will never ccas.e taking I my. daily dcse and more than gladi to highly recommend it. lor the j gieal gctxl that is in it." Mrs. S. A. Solomon, New Bern. N. C., Jan.| 1930." "P. S. You may think I am " exaggerating by writing such a long letter but truly I feel so indebted to you for putting out such wonderful salts that L cannot say enough." A bottle of Kruschen Salts that last 4 weeks costs but 85 cents at Kirby Drug Co.. and druggists the world over. Take one half teaspoon in a glass of ho: water every morning before breakfast— walk little each day. eat.. — Adv. Do not over- ! Begins Tomorrow, Friday, July 25 This is your opportunity to own a good automobile on practically your own terms. During the next ten (lays we will sell fifty Used Cars on the unusual tim.? payment plan "S5.00 Down and 55.0(1 Per Week." Under this plan Exery Used Car and Truck in our stock will he offered, each car svill be priced AT COST to us, a year's (ire and theft insurance will be available and the price of each car will be plainly displayed on the windshield. Ford, Dodge, Whippet, Chevrolet, Essex, Buick, Etc., Roadsters, Touring Cars, Sedans, Coupes, Trucks T.O: ;mE HQUSKWIFE- This special sale should appeal lo you. When your husband has the car at his office'.^r place of work; you should have a car for your own use. You can buy it from savings from house money. The car will enable you to purchase foodstuffs where you can save the cost of the car. TO BUSINESS WOMEN :• Why deny yourself the convenience and real enjoyment of an automobile. This special sale is offered to enable you to own a car with practically no cash payment—you pay for the .car out of your income on the basis of "$5.00 Down and S5.00 Per Week." TO EVERYBODY: Only false : pride will keep you from.getting a good used car under this "SS.Ofl Down and S5.00 Per Week" plan. Remember: Every car on the street is n used car and the only difference is that the one you get from us yvill hie cheaper and you won't miss the money you pay on the car under this plan. MAKE YOUR SELECTION EARLY TOMORROW, FRIDAY. JULY 2Slh , . PHONE'8M-810-777—OPEN EVERY NIGHT Phillips Motor Co. is Radio's Newest Development! Let us demonstrate the many advantages of this remarkable feature of the new General Motors Radio PanHtly, ndlo had but oat loot. Att jo» bs4 IP acccp< it for t>frr I7H °' bf o«4cui pro gram ... Then Giairal Uotp's UiroductdihtTone Selector aid made Ii possible for jou 14 «a|>hKfju bass and treble at will. Now, llaaylr with lh« tvo of a knob jro» cu t*4 ib« ciact abide of mull- ctl «lpr«»lg« you most cn|oy—for n«s7 U*d off ocal and instrumtnul MlMttoa thai goes oo the alrl Thfrc i* mcb a Taricry of delight- fcl t«atnaJa«ieai bciqg bro.adcisi i that ctmplttt eajormeal f ibis new selcctfoa •( to**, You ctaaot rcilitt wh«J M l«pf<?Y«i?eal tit To?* $«l«c>qr ™»kff i« <e- .««j>fi.9».VP.d^TOu tcuaUr Wiri((«<(^«fi>if>4lCi4'/» se.^iaj.a«i-lrr she Toot Motors Itadio so (bat rou caa apprc- -claie bow iborou|hlr fine tb«st (Bodern sell are. You will be as impressed bj tbe beautiful cabiatisof the new General Motors Radio as rou are bjr Its exceptional performance. The tie handsome modtls of radios and radio-phonograph* are patterned ' tfter fiye different styles ofautbenilc • period furniture. They tie nil the ; conTtptlppal ijpf of radio cabinet. . By til meant. cQffle«xt . flfoulnclf auractiTf models t^d let ' ua ciplata hdw, once rou buy • Geu. era! Mewi Ra4io, jou Bar • keep the cabiaej as long as . jou liit »od (litj enjojr tiety . new' d*t''°pW«t in radio, • -'- v . • •-•'•.• - - •,.' .\.-t- 1 . . cha«don &i iSberalCMAC:.;: ,• ' '' tttita* o<tlt wVGinarsl ' IMMBBBB^M '. *sni "I2.7U—witioul tubes. .: riQUVCT Of GENERAL MOTORS; kAtilb f"- 1 -^ i-:---' :North Second Street : Hollywood Story By ERNEST LYNN Hen:'s the serial you've been waiting for--a REAL story of life and love in the city of talking pielure's ... a gripping novel based on actual conditions in Hollywood. "The Hollywood Story" is a glimpse behind ihe scenes in the glamorous capital, of the movies. Principally it is concerned with Anne Winter, an extra girl, and Dan Rorimer, a scenario writer; bill il is more than a love #lory--it is a real picture of real people in one of the most fascinating professions in the world. By the author of 'The Yellow Slub,' 'Neighbors' Wives,' The R lazing Horizon.' etc. It Starts Tuesday, July 29 in BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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