The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on October 10, 1920 · Page 14
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 14

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1920
Page 14
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NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN. SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 10, 1920. Virginia Beateri By . M I.ub Battle Auburn Finds Tough Foe in Gamp Bennings Eleveri 'Unable to Score in First Peri od Plainsmen Manage to Get Touchdowns in Secon $ and Last Quarters, i . 'AUBUKN, Ala., Oct. 0. Auburn pot exactly Ove experience nwcsmiry for Its development when Camp Manning's weli-tralnod train of experienced players ma da tlto tram fight hard for victory. During th flrr.t qunrtcr the blay wqb mostly In Auhnrq't territory, duo to fumbles and failure to kick on last down,1 In tho fioc- onu quarter Auburn forced tho nsutlnc n . little more aud scorod ft touchdown, duo -to Shirley's alertness when ho picked up a ! fumbled hall In Cnmp ncnnlng's bnekflold L-and ran. for i touchdown. rro kicked .pn easy goal. During . do (lrat half the Auburn offense only Hrotked wuinodlcnUy. At times the line epfffirf Tar? well and with, a little more exnerfana., the part of GrlBlmm and P?iy, u ttU' be a formidable nggrrgn.tlon. Camp pinntut' nt tempt a ot advancing the -fcalt were well taken core of for the input -tnrt by tho first lino defense. Auburn's Kecondory defense nlso proved very alert In breaking up lion nt tig's forward passes, only one working of the many that they . tried. In the third quarter came Bennings' only chehco to score, nftcr n long punt by McQuarrlo, .Uetmings' star back, which wos fumbled by Scott Hnd recovered by Twining, left end for Benning. With thl" encouragement the Camp Penning teuui got j on its mettle and McQuarrlo slipped .(.throagb the line for one ot their few first . downs, making It first down on Auburn's flvetyard line. After four shots at advancing the soldiers, were not much nearer Aubqrn's gonl and tlje ball went ovor. Olllnger, In kjek- Ing from behind li to gonl lino on the Hrst down, sent the ball against the goal post line, giving Ben'nlng nn unintentional Auburn scored ngnln In tho fourth quarter after Bcnntng had been penalized for ' rough work by.Heferce Sfrupper putting, the ball In Bcnhlng'e territory.' Auburn , scored on wjll -executed forward pass to Shirley, rauking his second touchdown for tho afternoon. -- In this half Bennlng trjed many passes but all were broken up by Auhnrn's sec "omlnry defense and Warren blocked nn- '. other kick. Auburn has a long way to go ; yet before tho team wIU be n formidable Opponent. Stirling hit tho line imrd nt times and was hard to stop. Htuhbs also did some good work. The lino pn the whole did' very well, though some of the now players were outplayed by their more experienced opponents. Adams played a very strong garuo nt right tackle for Ben- FOE FOR GEORGETOWN Hilltoppers Show Complete Reversal of Form in Last Half Game. WAS ni NOT ON, Oct. 0. North Carolina ..State, conqueror of tho Annapolis mld-whlpmeu, wus defeated by. Georgetown Unl- rerulty hare todny 27 to 0, Tho gorao was played In mid-summer weather, but tho :'7mU toppers seemed to mind it far less than "Ud the Southerners. "T-State got nwny with n rush nnd for two periods outplayed the IIIII Toppers, oxecnt-inir several forward passes nnd gaining much ground, on end runH and lino plays. Jfnnltlcs for holding in tho line and off side play, litiwevor, overcame much of the - advantage guined nnd only once was t!fHrgptnwn'K fcoal threatened. Tho rilll-Toppers Hhowed n complcto reversal of form In the last two periods. They opened n smashing itttack mi State's lino nnu grnminny wore the visitors down until in the final period they had lltlln difficulty In adding to their .total of point. (Juor-torhack Flnrln was tlit- Icinli'v in this attack but ho varied it with forward passes nnd n kicking game nt which Georgetown proved the aupcrlor. State mado sevenil costly fumbles nnd thesn wer turned to good advantage by Georgetown, ono tpuelulowti .resulting directly from 8DCh a iulspjirv. Tim Jlnc-tip: Gnoreelowa (27) Poult lm N. C, State (0) Formosa . . Sullivan .. ( Comstoek . Anderson . Smeai'h .... O'Connell .... Tt.T, Kenyon .....U.K..... Pluvln .....O.B Wnrd L.II.B... Mnlley K.H.U.. Weighty ..P.B...- ticorn tiy periods 3eorjwtown 0 0 7 2027 North Carolina 0 0 0 00 Georgetown scoring: Touchdowns, Flavin. S; Mnlley, Leary (auli for Ward), Gonls from touchdown, Kenyon, 3. Itef-ree, AVIllInins (Virginia); umpire, Moffntt (l'r)ucelon) j head linesman, Cosgrovo (C6r-noll). nlng. If Auburn comes through .without any injuries tho game wjll help a lot. Auburn qnly mado ono change. . Tb,o Une-up: . , Auburn. FonlUen. Bcnntng, Cnton ....... ;.C Kelley Penrco .... 3,r.lld q. .'.,,.., QrW SJsemoro .....L. G Sail, rap GrlHbnm 1. T... Trovls Warren T't..Ili T;., Adnms Shirley It. B Billow Olltugcr ..!.... ..I. 11 Twining Stubbs ....J ,...Q Bnrrtck Scott I., H Wilson Toward ..' ....R. H Lystend Shlrltmj ....P.. I.. M-Qtwirrlo . Substitutes Auburn; Bullock for Shlrl-Ing; Bennlng. Hills for Kolley; Kelly for Kills Ileuderson for Grist: Hobbles for Henderson; Terrell for BarrLtr. Referee, Stru.ppep; . umpire, PatterBon; bead linesman, Pnterson; timekeeper, Wnro. World Series Notes. "Doc" Johnston, tho Cleveland first Imse-man, was presented with n sbven-pasnenger sedan Just . before thu start of the grime. Tho presentation was mado nt tho plate with members of both clubs gathered around. Trls Speaker, tho Indians' mnn-ager, received a hugs floral horseshoe from tho Cleveland fans. ' Sewn thousand fans stooi In Bnc, braving the chill of the car'y morning, when tho 0.000 general admission ticket' were placed on salu nt 0:;t0 o'clock. Half an hpur after tho onlo opened every Bent wns taken and thousands were turned nwny. Fans who wero unable- to gnt Into the unit park hn - tho r inning. Hvcry tree, reof top and telegraph pole surrounding mo park wus dotted with clinging funs. Kdward Vox of Proctor, Vt who stood nt the head of the line for twenty hours. wu the first fan to uter tho park. 'TM head tho lino for Sunday's game; I'll he buck ns soon as the last man Is out!" Vox shouted as ho disappeared through the gates. It was his first world series. Prices ranging up to $20 were offered tho first eighteen in line for the general admittance tickets. Not one of tbera sold out. Miss Julln Kelly of Bridgeport, Conu.. was the third in line. Former Mayor Hnrry Davis pitched the first bull. .It was n mile wide, but the umpire generously called It a strike. .- Tho. crowd that Jimmied every Inch" of league, park .was one.. of tho noisiest 'in world's ' series history. CowbellB, nutomo-hllo horns and other nolso-maklng devices were used to make enr-spUttlng rackets. Wnmhsgnnss, the Cleveland second base man, drew tho first baso on balls. Ho was pnssed In tho first inning, Cadore pitching six times to him. ' 8peakor connected with the first lilt of tho game, a sharp single- through sccnn.l In the first Inning, The next InRtant Smith Hont a single to tho. same spot, scoring Wnmby nnd' sending Speaker to third. Smith pulled up at second. Gardner lifted u high fly to deep center and Sneaker scored after the catch. Tho crowd went wlW. In tho second inning Steve O'Neill, the Clovolnnd catcher, attempted to duck a hlgh-pltchcd ball and it accidentally lilt his bat, 'tho ball going through Johnston for a single. That ended Cadore. Marnaux wont to hla rescuo. Ticket scalpers reaped n golden harvest In tho hotel lobbies before tho game. Rent 6 with faco value of Jfl.flO ebld us hltrh as $50. And tho fans begged for them nt that price, Several arrests were made. .Ii.W h.T . , . . L.G C...,.., . v j ;.u.u.. ... Lawrnnce . .. Wenthcrs ... MoKonzle .... Kverhnrt Floyd Ulpple . Klrkpatrick .... Fnucctte Gurley ..... Johnson Purks SEWANEE HUMBLES GEORGETOWN ELEVEN SKWANBB. Tenn., Oct. 0. Sownnee's football sqund bumbled the Georgetown (Kentucky) College team hero todny by a score of r5 to 0. At nn tlmo was Sowa-iiee's goal lino In danger. , After Speaker drovo out his second fitnglo of the game In tho third liming, Mumnux was sent to the bench to make way for Marquarti, Tiicro was ono out anil an In dlnn on thin) when the switch was mndc. Burns, who batter, for Smith, rappfd Mtir- quard for a single, scoring Wnmby nnd sneaker, Jimmy Johnston mado tho first hit of tho game for Brooklyn In tho fourth. It was n slnglo to left. Griffith, the next man up, doubled to right, scoring JohnBton. MAN 0' WAR AND SIR BARTON READY TO GO Both Work Out Over Mile, and Quarter Route in: 2:08 a) Kenilworth. NO OUTSTANDING FEATURE GN DAY'S TROTTING CARD Day Star Driven by Dick (Viae- . Wlahon Captures Ken-t tucky Trot. Jockey who get. 95,000 for riding the upcr-liorie In great match rncfl. WINDSOIt, Canndn, Oct 0. Man o'War, Samuel ltlfldlc's famous threo-ycar-pld, and Sir Barton, ranking thoroirghhrcd In the fonr-jcor-oM class, took their first uorlous worlcoutH today over tho rallo nud a qunr tcr Kenilworth Jockey Club track. Next Tuesday, over the same course, ' they .will contest for1 the American thoroughbred title, a purse of $75,000 ami a fu.OOO gold cup. Carninc the weight he will carry next Tiiesdny 120 pounds Man o War went the dlstanco In 2:08 10. He wob running strongly at tho finish and hnd not been pushed. Sir Barton, carrying 12(1 pounds, mode, the circuit In 2:03. Neither II. CI. Bedwell, trainer of Slr'Bar-ton. nor I.ouls Feustel, who looks nfter tho Riddle entry, nrc inclined tn push the horpcB over the route before tho race. They assert that their charges are In the pink of condition and that llttlo mora, thnn limbering and pacing exercises nrc necessary as prcludCB to the event Tuesday. With tho expected arrival of Jockeya Barlo Sonde, who will ride Sir Barton, and Clarence Kiimmer, who will pilot Man o' War, Sunday, the great raco horses wll go through a series of easy rehearsals over the course, the object being chiefly, according to their trainers, to get them thoroughly acquainted with every foot of tho course ovor which they will travel, under the guidance of tho Jockeys who will pilot them. LEXINqTOJf, Ky.,,. Oct, 0. Today's grpnd circuit racing hero whiio gopd, was hardly up to (he standard of prtTlons days. The feature of tho ca,rd was tho Kentucky, fpr a-ycar-ohls, slater event tq tho Lexington and the oldest Uycar-old harness racer on the trotting turf, It was won hy'DuvId M. I,ocko's Day Star, driven hy nick Mao-Mnhan. In each heat he lowered his. previous record of SaW,, trotting tho first hent In 2:00V6, and the second In the samo tlmo. Natalia tho Qrent, a filly that has been his YALE BEATS NORTH CAROLINA' 21 TO 0 NHW HAVBN, Cpnr,., Oct 0. Yale won Its gome with. University of North Carolina tills afternoon. 21 to. 0. The Southerners ployed an open game throughout, relying on forward passes hy means of whlah they made several first downs. Vale played In nhnut Bame form as a week ago. The visitors once carried tho ball down (ho field to Yale's 10-ynrd line, where It was lost op a futqble. I.lneup and summary: Yfclo. Position. N. Carolina, Ffipvlln 1: E Hutchlns Dickens L. T..,.....(0.)' Hnrrell Crulkshank L. G Polndextor Callahan (C.) C Jacohl Terry ............It. O.. Prltchaid Ilo It. R.....; Hanhy Dllworth ..It. r. Cochran Kcinpton Q....... I.owe Kelly Tj, IT. ' Tenney French K. II Phnrr Sturm ...,F. B Spnugh Scoro by pretods: Yolo .7 0 '7 721 "Unlvorslty of N. Car.. 0 0 0 021 Yale scoring. Touchdowns, Ucrr 2, Murphy (HUbstltute for. Kcmpjon); Referee, Thompson, Georgetown. Umpire, Schwnrtx, Brown. Field Judge, Browii, Boston A. A. Head linosman, nallanhnn, Boston A. A. Tlmo of periods, 12 minutes each. . rival for tho two years, stood second in the summary; King Harvester was third, and Dudotte duo to hap racing luck was fourth. Ilia' sulky wheel was smashed in-tho second race. " " ' ' ' " '. Just David had little difficulty In winning tho first division of the '2:10 trot, which caraft first on tho afternoon's pro- srji". Captain Mao won the 2:12 pace, taking the second and third heats.' Tho oponlng round wont lo J. I,. Jr., In 2:05li. Th closing race went to Wagner, from the etatiloa l.f F-ank Hcdrlck, The Judged ivero not plcasc with the drive McKellar wna giving Hllitnn hnd Harry Stokes was put up. nowover, Bccond was tho bps'; Bllston copld do. The real feature of tho day occurred In tho morning when A. B. Coin's Sister Berths, driven hy George Slierrlll, trotted . a trial mile for n new' tlmo record of 2:0H, aqnalllng the world's record for 3. year-old ; trotters mndo hero "In 1017 hy the Heal I,niy Tlie new record holder Is a s'gtcr to ; Miss tertba Dillon, chump'lon .year-old ; filly, and holder of the .world's re.cord In ' n race of 2:o:iV4. The mile wns benutltully ratcd. the first threo-nuartcrs eacli being trotted In 31 seconds and the final quarter i 111 lAIVllj .' Dt.uiiui,. , Summary: 2:1(1 trot, .first division, threo in live, Jnst David, b. g,, hy tho Northern Mnn (Hcdrlck) '. .111 nildn Fletcher, b. m.. (Cox)..1. 4 :i 2 Llnnra Watts, b. rn. (Long) US Mlghtell, Crcx, Charley Herr, Jr., ulso Btafted. Tlmo, 2:0691: 2:08; 2;0()V4. Tho Kentucky 'l-yenr-old trot, two in three, S2.00J): Dnv Star. b. c by I'cter tho Greut (MarJIahan) 1 I ! Natallo the Great, br. f., (Cox) 2 S ' King Harvester, h. c, Egau) 4 2 pudeltc, vozpla, Lucille liarvcsicr niso started. Time. 2:0SVi; 2:00V.i. 2:13 'pure, three In five. J1,000: Captain Mock, li.h., by Tho Bondman (Pnlln) "1 J. Ii. Jr.. b. p., (I.ouk) 1 05 Cherrv Willis, h. in.. (Stokes) 0 2 2 Ln(ly Brooke, Put Pointer, Ahblo Drlc also started. . ' Time. 2 :05 ',i : tl :04X, ; 2 :0(1"H. 2:Vi trot, I'eeouil division, two In three, wJgii'er, ch. g by Ed Custer (Hcdrlck) 121 Blnaen Bold, h. h., (Cunningham) .. . 2 1 T nilslnn, h. h.. (McKellorStokcs).... 02 VlrJenati. JHss Purkwooil nnd Betsey Morrow also Blurted. Tim", '-' :0ll!i ; 2:10; 2:O0y(. Alabama Trims Panttiers In Orje-Sided Contest Team That Vandy Beat 54 to 0 Last Saturday, Beaten by Crimson 45 to 0. BNIVRnSITr, Ala., Oct. 0. Tho University of Alabama swept the Birmingham Southern Panthers before then) liero today and ur,.My defeated them 45 to 0. Time nftcr time. the Crimson backs would get away for long gains through the lino and around tho wings. Nichola for Alabama got away for a 05 yard sprint to n (miehiJoR-a through the entire ronthcr team. The Birmingham tpam , did not limkc a sihglo first down and tho CrlmBon LOUISTANA SWEEPS SPRING HILL COLLEGE OFF FEET BATON HOIIOE. Lo., Oct. 0. Louisiana State University defeated Spring III1 College of Jfolille n today's foothull gnuio here, 40 to 0. After the first period the Louisiana playi rs gained practically at will. SOUTHERN GIRL WINS WOMAN'S GOLF TITLE CLEVELAND, 0., Ott. 0. MIdb Alexa .Stirling of Atjnntn acaln wenra tlie women's nntlonnl nolf crown for ha third cotiBPcuttve tlnif a rcconl cqunllcrt only onto In the history of tho women's gnmo. 'J'he rcil-lioired Gporffln girl won tho title ot the MaytMelil Club today by defeating Mrs. J. V. Uunl of the Westmoreland C!b, IMtteMirph, 4 ami 3. Mrs. Hurd hag been twice champion of the United States and KnBlnnd, nnd lins nlso held the French, Irish, Scotch nnd Cnnndlon titles. Mlas Stirling won today solely on her tremendounly lonp pamo, ae on nppronch-Inp nnt puttlnp there was llttlo difference betweon thor winner nnd runner-up. , The champion wns contlnunlly forcing Mrs. Hurd to play odd and outdrove hor for nn average of 1W yards to the hole throughout the entire match. Miss Stirling's best slnglo feat wna to score n blrrtlc on ' the 4f0-yard ninth, which Rho phiyed In four, tier ilrlvo was over two hundred yards nnd her second shqt, nn Iron, carried to the very edge of the green, leaving her n jrood approach. Stic run her putt dead into the cup without brsltflt'on. Miss Stirling mado a grent'play on the lrtth. when khe drove tho green pf 440 yards In two. her second idiot, 'made with nu; Iron, falling on tho left sldu of the green, well on. But sho usod three putts nnd WflB forced to halve the hole. Tho match wns prolonged on thu 24th when Mrs. Ilurd's seconii shot was sliced Into tho wowls. Tho ball hit n spectutor on the arm nnd bounded down Into the coiirae, giving tho Pittsburgh womun a fair ahot for the green; wns torce'd to frlck bat twice. O'Connor made ft pretty run for 45 ynrdB after picking tip a fumble In mldfleld. Lewis, punting for Birmingham,' wns tho individual stnr for tho visitor, and bin spirals kept tho scoro down several degrees. Tho charging of tho Alabninn lino wna especially good nnd the hefty forwards broko through tho lighter lino regularly. Summary qnd score follows. Score by Quarters Alabama .7 21 14 It 45 Blrmlnghnm Southern ..0 0 0 00 Lineups: Alnbnmn Newton and Clem-en, ends; Brown arid Cooper, tackhis; Johnston (enpt.), Hunt, gunrds; Sessions, center; Sewell, qiifirter; Lenoir and no-vntor, hnlvVs; Stevenson, full. Birmingham Southern Unity nnd Stntop, ondB; NetHo nnd Gnndygn, tackles; Evans and Hodgos, gunrds; I'ropst, center; Burner, qunrtor; Ix; wis and Brlkselle, hnlvrs. and Miller, fullback. Snhstltut Ions O'Connor for IIo-vater; Bstty for Neuotr; riorettl for Stov-.Anson; Klrby for Fiorettl; Montgomery for Cooper; Cooper for limit; O'Connor for Bntty; Bnker for Cooper; Ilovator for Mchols; Nortovn for Barney; Spear for j Bntty; Grjffln.for Lewis; Itlchardson for Uvnns; Levlc-for IIodgeB; Bntty for Bpcar; Touchdowns Lenoir U, Rtovenson, NIchntH 2. O'Connor 1, GonlH from dropklcks O'Connor 1. Goals nfter touchdown Se- t, well, ilcfcree Ttnndolph (Virginia). Urn- ( plrc-IIntrlfl (Autturn). Head UneBman f. Arms. Ttmekecpoi: Borden Bnrr, BALTIMORE ORIOLES WIN THIRD STRAIGHT BATiTIMOllB, Oct. 0. The third gnrao ot tho Intcr-leaguo series between Baltimore and f)t, Paul this afternoon wns a'vorltahle rout, and tho Orioles chalked up tl.jlr third straight victory 111 as mnny starts, tlie count helng 0 to 2. Score: Ilnltlnioro 3 0221001 x-f 14 1 St. Paul 2 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 02 7 2 BntterlcB Ilentley nnd Styles! Ilnli, Wil-llnuis, Grinur uud Hnrgrnvc. OFFICIAL ATTENDANCE AT YESTERDAY'S GAME CLEVELAND. O., Oct, 0. Tho to. trf ottendnnco of todny'' game was 23,134. Th'' to"1 receipts were $70,301. DIOKlSON HIGH WINS FROM OENTREVILLE Joo Sowell, the recruit shortstop with Cleveland, was 22 yenrs old today nnd ho did considerable celebrating. Ie played n spectacular gnmo In tho short field, whero Hay Chapman used to hold forth, fielding brilliantly nnd with excellent Judgment. He figured In n doublo play nnd nurrowly misled a second. He also got two of the Indians' twelve hits. Myors, tho Brooklyn outfielder, plnycd n nensntlonnl fielding game. Ho mnde the first doublo play of the game. In the fourth ho mnde n thrilling running catch of HvnnR' fly. falling an he caught tho hall, just off the ground. Ho turned n complete somersault, but managed to hold on to the ball. Other Football Results. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 0. Final: Pennsylvania. 2t ; Swnrthinore, 0. IMUNCETON. N. J., Oct. 0. Princeton, 3T; Maryland State. 0, At Ann Arbnr Mlchlgnn, rw; Cnse, 0. At Schenectady, N. Y. Union, 0; Wll lljiuis, :i. At Lewlsburg, Pa. Urslnus, -18; Duck-noil, 0. DICKSON, Tenn.. Oct. 0. The 1020 football Hnason wns uBhered In hero Friday afternoon when Central High School scored a triumphant victory over Centrevllle High School eleven, the scorn being t:i to 0. It wns possibly the hurdest fought contest witnessed on a Dickson, gridiron in mnuy years. DesplU the fact Hint Central High wns outweighed ten pounds to the tuau, Dickson's lino held Intact like n stone wall, while Scott, Dlckson'B fullback, tore through the Centruvllle line for 10 to 20 yards at n time. The feature of tho gnmo was the hard field running of Sugg, Dlelison'fl right half; the sure and hurd tackling of Chapman tit right end and the line, plunging of Leech. Dlckson'B qunrtcr ami enptain. Both teams played strong football, mive for four pusses by Centrevlllo nnd three hy Central High. Central High eleven lire arranging n schedule with strong teams this Reason and they expect to hold the record qf a defeat-Ipkb team.' They will meet the uwlft eleven from the AVaverly High School next Friday afternoon nt Dickson. Tho acore by quartern In Friday's game: Centrevllle High School, ..0 0 0 00 Centrnl 'High School 0 0 I) 713 OfficlnlB Pratt, referee; Crosby, umpire; Mntthcvvtj. hend lluusmau. Tlmu of fiimr-tera, 10 minutes. W. O. W. PLAYS BODY WORKS IN DELL TODAY The Pino Tree Cnmp No, 31, Woodmen of the World, team will play tho Nntional National Body Works Club In Stilnltur Di'H this ofti'rnoou. starting nt tl o'clock. Both ten m a nru evenly matched uud a battle royal Is expected. M en's Tan English Shoes All Grades, Rubber Heels Dark Wine Color eating of Back the Tide Hionh rices Last week King's announced a reduction of prices on their entire stock of Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats at much below even prewar prices. We also stated that we believed ' clothing prices are coming down, though clothing was even higher this fall, so we "beat them to jt" and started the "ball rolling" downward, taking our loss now instead of waiting for the end of the season. This mighty drive to break the backbone of present high prices has met with enthusiastic response. Men who really wish to save, men who are aching for the "old time" purchasing power of their dollar, men who are sick and tired of paying high prices are attending King's sale in great 'numbers. Suits and Overcoats AT Pre-War Prices BOYS!! OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF Sm'fs, Overcoats and Macliinaws LESS DISCOUNT 20 DISCOUNT School Suits A very large assortment of all wrol suits at this low price, in cludiiig blue serges and corduroys-Others at $6, $10 and $12. 8 16 King's "Jr." Suits $ Made of the finest woolens, beautifully tailored in the new single and double-breasted models, with two pairs of pants. - Others at $14, $18 and $20 Overcoats 10 You will need one soon. Heavy Winter Overcoats that you will not find elsewhere at these reduced prices. Olhpra at $8.00, $12.00 to $20.00 Every Suit goes. Our complete new stock of Fall and Winter models all-wool fabrics, of course. Every new model in sizes to fit any man stouts, slims, stubs, shorts as well as regulars. You know King's Clothes at their regular prices give more value, dollar for dollar, than any other clothes. Figure, then, the exceptional savings that are yours at these reduced prices. 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