The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1930
Page 4
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nLYT»BV!LLE.JARK.)jOpUR|RU NEWS* i» ll •:**•,*•> :!••>,• --.-.•* Personal ni i IDC -ULUDu Activities and^News TO? *»ciji'n'J '.' auxllliry of the rfcrlin church win have at th« church at 2:30 ' • SATURDAJ,_NQ,VEMnRI^ 22, .jWO-^! Heads Freshmen Ibe ..j&us'lness • arid . Professional i *£2*£k 'MJ€ ™^ at - th ?' . fiStreet Methodist church 'iT.mjBSIonary ; - soelety will '' church f<?r mission The woman's council of the First CJirUtlan .church will meet with Mn;.E. M. Terry. Mrs. Lancaster will entertain the ml^ilphary society oj the Second Baptist .church at her home en Vint, street...' Mrs.. W. B. Adams Is having the 6t.~'6t«phen Episcopal, Guild. ' - ...'•'. '. Frld»y The Woman'* club is meeting at (lie club House. Mq£.JL«i fc Elected MiSic Mi OeorsiM. Le« was elected present of 05* MitSeiahd Art'de- -" * ,,a,i nieetirii ••-. Fiidiy J -* ri Ufr QlifceryMrt.-C.'E- :; president,. Vnd .Mrs* To .'{(lid .TJuuikijIvIni liox Tu Oryhiru Home. M:mLers of the Sunday school of the First Presbyterian church will take gifts of food Sunday morning for the Thanksgiving box tc be sent lo Die Vera Lloyd home a( Monllccllo. Non-perishable foods must he given which will be ship. ped Monday with the railroad al- a P«nt yesterday with* Mrs. Wood the box lo bo sent without enroute to Memphis. - ' ----------- - charges for transportation. Ivey-Ilubble F1BST METHODIST CHURCH i F, Q. Rorie, Pastor Worship and Sermon 1! a. in. and 7:30 :p.m. i Morning service, bradcait over KLCN. Sunday tchcol, 9:45 a. in. Junior, Hy and Senior Leagues, 0:30 p. m. , Beard of Stewards Monday 1 p. ni, Prtjwr meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 Sterling Wood, of Walnut Ridge • !>• m —— __ . choir rehearsal, Wcdnraday, 8:15 p. m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 'WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON What Following Christ Means Bits of News Mostly Perspnah Mi-s. S. 0. Boone will return lo her" home In Crawfordsvllle, 1 'Ark., ' Marsh M. Callaway, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. nay ., after a week's visit with her daugh- A niarrlsto llccnre was Issued loiter, Mrs. Joe D. Halbach, and! Miss Icy Hubble, of Etowah, and family. Mr. Bpone and. son. Sim I Worthing ton, superintendent. "A Mr. Tied Ivey, oJ Dell. <• oJ Crnrfordsville, and • daughter ' ciass ^ flt tlle needs °' ever y '"' Mrs. C. T, Jones,-', ol, iMeiiiphis'j cllvltIua1 -" will come for her../' .i.-'-U. -•,& | Worship and sermon, 11 a. m. No Mcrtlnjf Monday, The Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church will not have a meeting Monday Afternoon. Miss Mary Alice'ThornpSbn;'.'of Memphis, has fecne lo'DeJtter.-Mo., lor several days.stay with Mr.,and. Subjept: "Gratitude and Contrition." Christian .Endeavor societies, 6:30 p. in. The choir will present Its an- Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson allsr othcr' Jg friend, hire 3^0%^ ' 11U8 > Tna "X 5 e M »B musical at 7:30 lived In mythevlllc'. ! ^fwrvlc"'^'bc° IwedlrftheT Mr. nnd Mrs. C. V. Sebaugb j 8 an fund. The pastor will also have ns their guests Mr. ScbanrfTs | ma kc an address ! parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. G. E." Sim-1 -i wns glad when they said let us «o into the house of Ihe Lord." "Gift of Ages" Is Thanksgiving Subject — ~~ f~ '•The Gift of Ihe Ages" was Ihe fr.ons, of Oberlln, Kansas They*wi'll subject of the Rev, E. K. Latimer'o : be here until after Thanksgiving. J. Jfj&ljft-Eieretirj; will 'continue University Is pretty Vlda'Vfsnes, i * the past; ., : ' ' j nupve.'or Union ItoiiKC, wlio has Othnribustnec*! transactedinclud- Jusr been,elected president of t'lio j itnt of Mrs. ivtrson,'•frcslnnnn women. Vliia Is eii- of the I hlngs or l.lch w I Fletcher of Wilson, will, go to Par- 1 ! agould this 'afternoon for .a short be ha. k i since e worid I '"-""" u ' «'"•« i"c worm I , 5tay M tht »paintm»nt Morris «y-chairmsh of the mem ter|Hlp 'committee ' and amnge- mfato of programs and hostesses for S^ftew.year. .->;. : The Juittcr Mulic department, ifconrred by MUs Margaret Merritt, was In charge cf the program on.. ChopirL; •-.'Mli's Carolyn. Hall presided! for ; fhe;o numters: talic of Ohopin," : Miss Peggy MeK«l; talk "Ah Appreciation of . Chiflm's Wrrrk," Mlts Carolyn ttailii' plans sc'.o "Polpnals;i:" Chopin, Mss Virginia Ttrry; piano nurrUfer "Pour Preludes from-Chopin? 1 , , Miss Virginia Tompitlns; pl- ah'i duet "Shoplln? Stars," Mifses Majrgiret Shaver and Anna'Mae Jcneisf violin uolo,' "Composition' frofti Sarhsch and Delll&h," Wood-. 7- ••-- -«»~j« *u<*ivuincu um P'isher. accompanied by Miss I Pledges for the quarter were rolled In tha collcgo of arts •.»•< . John Bage transacted business in . I Memphis-yesterday.,, ,. ., •; President cf | Mrs. C. D. wills returned to her the congregation, introduced the: home In Paragould Friday after' noon after spending the week-end ! 5p l s . ker - , , ,. , . The service ol the church League Has Party, the i irad by Rlcliprd Jledcl, acting rab- i bl, and two voice solos were given. was attended by 26 members, After games were played hostess served refreshments. 'Methodist, ohnrch[nnd "Beside the Still Waters'' was " '"" - '" ' ' -- - - wolfort. by Miss enlng " ttllc ' '""« by "' the 'Mirgaret M.jrrltt. The hostesses, Mrs- James H. Brcqks and; MTs. 'O^orge. M/ Le?, serjred refreshineritj to the members and 18 guests. , p '- - * ' • » - TBJker-BoJin ' . " • . Anhour.cement - WM -, made today :._oj[ the marriage rf itiss Mildred Bcfmi attractive .daughter, of Mr, ahd,Mrs..C. it Bohn, 'to.. Mr. C. C. • Tueter, the wMdlrig hsvlrig taken pfaSe at Marion oil Ootobsr 19, Ihe SevV, E. K. Se««t3i»fer. of Ihe . . Marlon Metihodist-iblftrpfi, said the . rin* sen-Ice at -The' only attendants. '• .wore" ,Mr. ' cilv. s. John . , 3^ also of ;fhis . In a brief business session preceding the party plans were announced for a box supper Friday December 5, the proceeds of which' will be used to pay for the new concrete steps for the church building. These are • to be made next week. - . i v .-» -.. • It was_>also announced 'that the paid in full. • * + Club Has Party. The Kill Care club had 14 members present at the Woman's club lost evening when a delicious bul- fet supper was served with each member taking a dish. Cards were enjoyed after supper by the guests which included Mrs J. P. Walker,, ol El Dorado, who Is-Ihe guest of. lier daughter Mrs C. G. Redman. >,, > STfi-.f, 1 ' . To•H.4vr'Fal)lio ' '•' '! : } Lesson. Members of the Business nnd Mildred Judd. Mrs. accompanied MISi Virginia McCall, of St. Louis, is the guest of Misses Hutli anil Sue Butt for the week-end. Oiceo/a Society—Persona! Mrs. E. R. Began of Luxora was niiponltcd to the office of Grand Warder of the Order of Eastern Star nt the recent meeting of grand chapter held In Little Rock this week. Other officers named by Mrs. Amy Stuttlc . of Pocahontns, t h e newly elected Worthy Grand Matron were given to Mrs. Bogan 'as follows; Grand, CtianjwiiA. Mrs. Co... ..- .. ... '••- .- . - ra Mae Hliail, fae Ha.mUtqji.-.JonesBbro; !, Mrs 1 ." Mlnhie'v-£ee'»rpc "liobbins, Mrs. Hcber Springs; 'orgiuilstl Crawford, Little Rock;- Ada, Mrs. d hsobell Finch, Caimlen;.Huth, Mrs —, , —~.-.._..„ 111m , *.jvh,i,ii A 11*1.11, x/Mkivi^*^, - 1\ iiin, jvn a. Professional Women's club and nth- j Ruby Marshall,. Pocahontns; Esth- . . . ,Th> briie, who has lived here| Mi5s Lun B ' Wi]he j!L ,„.,,.„„, Para gould 'all fo7r life is j0r of t'hlslubject^ at tte' cUy hl,h cly hlgh E - cooley ' Ijtr.<- Tucker, who is. the s:n of 'Mrl.J. W. Cox of Memphis, formerly lived at bsceoli where he'ftt- •--tinaed the city high school. Since moving here a year and a half ago he .has beerj conducted with the A. S. Barboro oanpan.v. ^ 1 ... * • • . Enfcrtaln Club . ; Members of the Osceala-Luxora JfcOO'clUb and tfhjr guests from (Lira tifb,' towns were guests of Mr. and - Mrs. Roland. Green, lost evening. incrudEi in the .'seven tables of platers were: Mr. arid Mrs. Alyln Wuj!d;r!icri, Mr.- Mrs- G..E. Thompson, Dr. and Mrs T. F. Hud- tew all of Luxora, Mr. and Mrs. J. .A, Pigg, of Osoeola. Autumn leaves arid • (lexers were usediri the three nxms thrown open 'jind a Thantagfvlng note was eeep. in th>" tail'ieil ' -. • For ladies "high In the,club Mrs. Bert;Butler, of OsCEOla, won fe' foot- EtcoVand a; tie went ti <J&se;Brown ol .Luxora, icr men's club"' : hlgh Mr!:; G. E. Thompson, of Luxora Have Hike Dr.-and Mrs.- Bogan, ncconi|iiin- icd by Mrs. E. S: Chiles of Osceoia, returned Thursday from LIUlc Rock where they atlcnded the meeting of grand chapter, and while-there were guests of Mr. and Mlr.j Monta Hughes, leader nc- coinpnnled the 20 girls. * * • Attend District Meet The local Royal Neighbors chapter was reprj.enled nt tlie district meeting in plggott tills week by M:.-. Henry P:s!cr, "Mnv oill.' Foster, Mrs. Sftrah Ogle nnd Mrs. J. Broster Thay motored ovsr Thursday morning and returned yesterday. • t • Harrclt-Wade Miss Fannli Mny Wade and Mi-. Byrd Harrell. both cf Ilipley Tenn ••were marri^l here yesterday by Justice Oscnr Alexander. Pultl-Wright The rrmrriago cf Miss 'Jewell here. She is the home service:_„_... of the Arkansas-Missouri ,Powcr company. .,.; L. L. Ward and son, Lloyd, -are going to Hardy, Ark., today for n week-end at their cottage. Mrs. George Shanks is ill at her home on Lake street. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Norri- LAKE STICEET METHODIST CHURCH W. J.'.URoy,.Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Sermon, II a. m. Subject: "Thanksgiving for Great arid Good Men.'; . Epworth League, 6:30 u. m. Sermon, 7:30 p. m. Subject: "The Dilteient Crosses We Carry and i Why.. What Is Yours?" This ser- imon wjll'be illustrated with several I crosses' used. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HO Cherry. Slr«t A. T. Sic AN ALLY, Pa»tor ,, Sunday scliool, 9:45 a. m. Class- The iBtematlMul Uniform Sun-1 day Scbttl u^, n for Nov . a.; VMiat FoUonUie Christ Means. Mark 1«:I7-Z7. BY TVM. E. GILROV, D. D. Editor *f The Conjuiallonnllsl Tlvs story of the rich young man who came to Jetus seeking lo know he true way of life is on: of undiminished Interest, that appeals alike both to rich arid poor. Why did the young man ccim lo Jesits? WJLS he conscious cf something lacking, in spite of all hi? cmcerity in obeying Ihe moral cods? Or did he come with a certain tpirit of pride anticipating that Jesus would ccmrrwnd him for his virtues rather thnn find in him an example of tile man wh- with all his pocdness lacked the on; rhost fundamental and essential thin?? Whatever tin younj man's motives, he waa manifestly surprised anil started at the response of Jesus, If he had come with pride In hlmrolf, he went away crestfallen and sad- If he had corns! with a consclrusner. that there was really something lacking and with an 'honest purpose to know more concerning th« way of Mf,?, lie was appilled at 'the Immensity of tho sacrifice that -Jesus demanded. ;KtchM- Hinder Him His Immediate reaction wa i tl rt slumping back Into his environ-' ment of- Trealth. His great possessions - fcpijeased hiiii even more than he p6:i5eaod'thcm. With the! I alluring Ijiyitetlon to jcin the' Master's, company and go abcut with hirn,.hs;was 1 confronted with this tarrlsrvof Sis wealth that turned him back tlie supreme op> partuhity. • It would:be Int.Tresting to si>ecu late, 'if.: speculation were ever cf at the auurn „. I« a ta-o .weeks ^ s - tlldlccl .nh-thepMtor in Mrs,. Ruth Mahnn, accompanied j CJ!:lrB0 ' , by W. B. .Tanner and 0. W. AI- fllck, motored to Memphis today. Mrs. V. M. Bennett 'and daughter. Miss Irene, and Mrs."Emnn Haley, of Memphis, returned home yesterday after spending three days with Mr. and Mra.'B. H. Bemietl. Mrs. V. M. Bennett is Mr. Bennett's mother tind Mrs. Haley 'his aunt Rev. matrons nnd patrons of the slate ns well ns visiting- matrons and patrons were Invited. Mrs. Hynson will be remembered nil- over this district as Mrs. Estelle^Jones, formerly deputy grand lecturer train Piggott nnd''Inter grand mntron. of the Arkansas Eastern Star. Her' marriage to H T Hynson, now of Amory, Xlis.,., j "^ iTtlie^i'ly .uu«,. but a former grand patron of (ho j Wr . anu MrJs . H _ '„. Fim)c]| of Eastern Star In thj., state, wns con-i Goodwell, Okln., Mr. nnd Mrs Ola irrlMn 'T^"'S' ,^± 5 C - k ««" 8n.nd daughter. .. Mrs.' T. ' H. Haynes, ;the and' Mrs. P. B. 'Langicyy Joflrr'B. Lnngley returned last','niglit"froiii Fort Smith where * they attended theiit'af'e' Bnpt'fst>'cofivfeiltloh':' Mrs 1 .- Hnyncs also visited her son,-Harold Haynes, nnd family. They «cre accompanied by the Rev. C. E. Welch, of Osccola, and Ihe Rev: Nanwcirren, of Wilson. Mr. nnd Mrs. P. -L. Porter and two sons, of Eorle, Ark., arc attending to business in the city today. They formerly lived here for a number of years. Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway nre expected to return tomorrow"-from a week's stay 'in 'Marshall, Mo. They will-be accprifprfrfieil by their niece, Miss-" Jaiir/.' r 'Cbnfrny FlelS) who hits been visiting her tath'er : m Marshall and ' (Miss ViVJarr Dillahunty nt the University of- Missouri, Columbia. N. F. Knight, of Stcele, will spend tomorrow in the city. MJS. Mny I,. Aldridge returned Icciay from Greenwood. Miss., where she spent several days visiting relatives ami nltending the v.cddlng of her niece. B. N. Wilson, county engineer, and his dniighter, Doris, of Osccola, •>' Chiirch, 7:30 P. M. Subject: "It f l V/iiifc' ; A< Devil".;. j : i 1 • the meeting of the chapter Wednesday evening. , i cuL , stcwart, of 'Jackson, Miss visited here this wect Mrs. Fiiinoji „ . _ „,, , „ . be remembered as formerly Mrs. J. B. Mitchell 1 13S return- Miss Constance Cooke who', with cd from Memphis where she under- ' her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ola went a successful opcnUlon nnd Is i cooke. lived here for a number wel Ion the way to recovery. ; 0 [ vears Mrs. R. H. 'Jones drove to Jones- i M'I-. and 'Mrs. W. H. Stovnll have boro Friday returning accompanied First Christian Chnreh E. K. L.itirrier, MlnUtn First Christian church • will begin Sunday morning with the min- iitcr, the Rev. E. K. Latlmer, condcclins tlie two services and nightly services for two weeks. Bible sclicol,' 9:45 A. M. Communion and sermon, 11 A. M. Christian Endeavor 20 P. -M'.' societies, . Church Allied', S. Harwell,. Pastor -, Sunday, school, 9:45 A. M. - Sermon, 11 A. M. - Subject: "Paul's Pot of P.'s". I B. Y. P. ^U.'s, 6:15 P. M. I Sermon, 7:30 P. M. Subject: ".& Good Mnn Who Went to Hell suit A Bad Man Who Went to Heaven". - '- . ' i Scccnrt Baptist .Church • t E- Z. Ncnsinn,-Pastor Sunday School "9':45. A. M., W. M. •, Blayloc k. Sure rip ten d ent. •', Criurph Service' 'll' A. M. and 1:3p'-p,,;-M, by the pastor. ,Morn- BigJ--slibjcct, 'Thanks-giving"; Evening 'subject, "The Challenge of Christ to the World". -; B. Y. P. u.. 6:30 P. Mi .•The Junjor.B. Y..P. TJ. will give a Thanksgiving program just before Hie regular evening -services, led by Mrs. Ruby Holt assisted by the:Intermediates. Come and en- Joy this program. " Tlie public is cordially invited to 'come find worship with us. County Baptist > Young People at Osceola Friday '• pSpEOLA. Ark., Nov. 22—Nearly a' hundred Baptist young people of Mississippi county attended the quarterly meeting of the as- Epeialional B. Y. p. u. here last evening. The assembly was held in the auditorium of the First. Baptist church and presided over by the nssocln- tlonal B. Y. P. U. president, James Lunsford, who is a ministerial student at Joncsboro college and pastor of the Baptist churches, at Kciser and Dell. Following a short .business session tlie evening's program on th ctheme, "Magnifying His Church," was presented by members of the Dell B. Y. p. u. wilder the leadership of Miss Izola Morgan. •Banners awarded quarterly were presented the Wllhclm Union of Blythcvillc for efficiency and the DC11 B. Y. P.'U. for attendance. Represented at the meeting last night, were the Blytheville Senior Union Perry Webb Union, Crusaders, O:i Goers and liar wood Smart Union; all of Blytheville, and the organizations of Keiser and Dell together wllh members of the Osccola Union, who were hosts not only to the assembly meeting but arranged a delightful social hour for the guests at the club rooms in the court house following the meeting at the church, The next meeting will be held on Friday, January 2. nt the First liaplist church In Blytheivilc with the Osceola B. Y. P. u. presenting the program. Oil from the seed kernels of cherry pits is being squeezed out .to make cosmctks. The' residue goes into fertilizer, and the shells are ;used for • tuel. much value, up-h the character and, destiny of tha young man after {his': crucial episode in his life. IT one. w«re to jud.?e by general experience, ' one could be, certain that in this failure to mate the crucial decision he lost much a' the high morality that he had had before ' . -' It is very seldom that a man| comes up. to the point of making a great decision, "and when that derision has been made wrongly continues his life just upon the mcral level where it has ban telore. Failure In a; crit-is creates a reaction of weakness and despondency. \Vhen a. man has failed to make Boorinsss the chief thing in his life, the standards of go'dnesa irwvitr ably are lowered in relation to all his outiojk and action. Conscience Ts Powerful The other alternative is that while th? young man went away deeply sorowful, unable to make that-crucial decision'in the moment of opportunity, the " very topth of his ..JCJTOW indicated the. persistency of the appeal 'of conscience. He' went away dissatisfied with ! "ices, where we may have not p:rs- himself, conscioua that h.- was not j -^wris' at nli, nflay equally inter- of his Teit: Htrk'l«:17-i!7 , • -.-_-. "''"?< And when he was gone forth into the way;:there" cime" ona iunnirsj arid 'Kneeled to him, and asked, him, Good Master, what shali I cjo ',ha( I may Inherit eternal life? .' '.-••' : And Jesus said unto him. Why callest thou me good? thev= !'j ;ion; good but one, that is, God. Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do no[ kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour't'.iy' father arid riiother. . - ;i And he answered and said unto him, Master, all these have, I cb:; served from my youth. Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, O:i- Uiini •thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou liast, unii give to tha poor, and thou shall have treasures in heaven: and ccmc, take up th? cross, and follow me. . i went away grieved: for ho measuring, abo of his weakness On.thisiyiew thj allurement of all that 'he had lost followed him through the years, and be came ultimately • ta the place where he achieved the,.decision and the alliance with Christ that he had failed to make at the first great opportunity. Whethe'f tliiu occurred is, of course, a matter of speculation. Some have professed to find s^nie identification between this rich yourig man and Joseph of Arima- th.3a, who, in n lime of ircat danger,- claimed the bctiy of Jesus.But such an identification is In the realm of pleasant imagery. Probably the one thing that it is necessary to point' out is that tho application of this leston does not lie at all -cmly In the realm of reat wealth. It Is not only great pos.' that may become a barrfcr in the. way of one's highest duty nnd opportunity. Smaller pcsses- MATERNITY HOSPITAL—For unfortunate girls; secluded, private, rates reasonable. For information write Fairmount Hospital, 4911 East 27th, Kansas City, Missouri. WK TREAT ALL THE ILI^ THAT CLOTHES ARE HEIR TO Clothes that want mending are unpardonable, especially with the ex- I>erl service we offer. A few deft stitches will save you the embarrass- rtenl , of slovenliness. This service is inexpensive, loo. BARNES' NuWa Cleaners I'lioin: 180 And he was sad at that saying, and had great possessions. And Jesus looked round nbout, and snith unto his disciples, Hovi;, hardly shall they that have riches enter Into the kingdom of Goil! V And th« disciples were astonished at his words. Bui Jcsuo an-', swereth again, and salth unto them. Children, how hard is it for thcni,',' that trust in riches to enter into the Kingdom of Godl : ,'" It is easier for a camel-to go through the eye of a needle, th.;n for' a rich man to enter ;nto the kingdom of Ocd. ' And they were astonished out of measure, saying a mo: 15; tlicnwelvrai" Who then can be saved? And Jesus looking upon them saith. With men it is impossible, bu!, not with. God:' for with Gcd all things are posrjiblc. sloiis,' even prejudices and prcf.?r--- U/iUhitfii Mtlffo "'i' ences, where we may have not txrs- livaj/liut iY(/ie6 { . , > D. M. Abbott of Caruthcrsville, Mo., and Allen King of Brngg City, Mo., were admitted as pa-' tients to the Blytheville hospital today. .] vene between ourselves and the way of the highest Christian destiny. Other Thngs Intervene It is the tlihit;, whatever it mny be, in our lives that interferes with tlie freedom of the rule and guidance of the" Christ-spirit that con- j 1 Each of the four cnblcs of the' ! scitutej the obstacle to true dis- Hudson river' bridge, between the: | cippleship, and a-s long as that upper end of Manhattan Island! ihing, whatever It may be, persists r 'ahd:Fort Lee,' N. -J., is made np div ! In c*ir lives there will always bs in our characti?rs nnd in our services, no matter how, high their outward aspect of morality, the one thins Jacking. • . The on^ thin* that constitutes true discipline of the Master is the placing of the claims nnd influences of his spirit supreme tvsr all ' other nnd 'over nil other motlvej. Only that constitutes the completeness of the Christian ideal of life. about 21,000. individunl wires,' each''-'over a.mile long. 6 is a doctor's Prescription for Colds and Headaches'"" IT IS THE MOST SPKED*'" REMEDY KNOWN. GGfi ALSO IN TABLETS.- To You--Just an item in the paper To Them-Tragedy. Many Week End Motor Accidents at Memphis MEMPHIS. Oct. 13 (UP)— Automobile mi^hnps on highways n'.id streets in the Memphis area resulted in the death of one person nnd injuries to 17 others over the week end. M. E. Wyatt. 59. nutomobile dealer of Mendcville, Pa., died early today from injuries received yesterday. Wyalt's machine left the highway near Marion, Ark., anil overturned. The condition of Mrs. Wyatt. who wns riding with her husband at th? time of the nccident, is critical and physicians doubt her recovery. The above news story wns picker! n( ranrlnm h :>m the hundreds apntafintf in various newspapers i-vei'v day. Maybe it doesn't mean much to you. Mayi;« you've never had a serious wreck. Maybe you consider yourself a good, careful driver. Well remember this fact—ACCIDENTS I-'OU OW THE PATH OF FAULTY IJRAKES. Your dri'vin- skill won't always keep you s;ife unless your brakiM are go*d. RAYBESTOS-UNED BRAKES \V[),1, HQU) Let us (esl yours free Dixie Service Station I'lione 315 . Ash

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