The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 10
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"AGE EIGHT ~"- John.Dillingcr sr. Remembers Happy Boy of Years Gone By. By NKA Scrvlc-r MOORESVILLE. Ind.—Two pic-1 turcs rise lo haunt John Ditllnger,' Sr., ns lie goes about his daily | Ir.^iT. in this mile tow,:. Ixwl by I 11 dread thai never allows him Ow is the picture of a husfcy. FtnllliiSf lad, left mothevicss al three, cliccifully luimlmj errands :il an o;d-lashloned grocery, hcl|j- iiiK with fnnn chores, rushing away hainiily for :i day's nshlni;. ! The olhcr is that of a bandit! iimrllng his haired for the law.: Hie inunliical ulwiin In his eyes! that betrays llic kllii-r. j They me pictures of his son.! John Dlllinger, Jr., most-luinled I desperado In the bank robber. j,iil breaker, anil murderer. I Shnrk to Hump Town Moore.willo folk who knew Dillinger wlwn lie was a boy find It difficult to believe he is a desperate criminal. "A steady. pood- licortcd boy. until they .sent him to prison," they say, and shako Ihcir lu'iids ns tliev biatnp "bud company" for his fall. Dillingcr. now W years old. was, ,.,., Ecmonml lo Indiana stale prison I . n , on Oct. 15. 1324, on conviction of n charge of assault und battery nnil robbery, his firsl cffom.e, nud was paroled in 1932. "My home environment lm<! nothing to do with my career of crime." he wrote to his father the (lay before gangster friends freed him from Lima. O.. jail, killiim tile sheriff in the rescue. "If they hadn't given me such n long prls- 0:1 term for my first offense, lliis might not have happened. Knows He Can't Win , ,... "I went 111 a carefree boy nndljii. ,„ nMMm "., come onl a hardened criminal. I robberlr-s i, n leniency might have saved me ll . s ,'" '"" know I tnn't win In this tramc." ' ''Killer l.lvps Back of prison walls wns born the hatred that Dillinser bears toward, society, flaming into an insanity that finds outlet onlv in killine. "He holds a lerrlble hate foi- focicly," his father says, "lie curses Ihe law and feels that cv- cryoac's hand is against him." (Scientist Claims New Fireproofing Substance <UP*~A celln- mbstaiicc which makes iwper cloth (hepioof and lifehly re- iit lo cold and .sound lias bwn ! |;n fi-clcd by Dr. r. \v. Mui'li-lel- -". of Pim-bun/h, ),e i-lalins. Mr. lli);li.',tetler. fiieml and as- .t-iiil'.- of Hie late Thomas A. Kdi- :on und Ohnrles Hteinnu-li:. rc- i-< nlly di-ijiunstrntcil his invcntloii :'.'re.-MKeii and scltnriMs fiom Hi' 1 Hurc-au of Sladnrds and the later Seville . After his parole from the Indiana stale prison at Michigan City. John, Jr., came home. He helped witii work on Ihe fnrm. but wns rt-stlcss and moodv. Fre- quenlly he made trius io Indlnn- apolls and there drifted into ns- foclalioii with criminals. Hides From Pursuers Early in 1933, after a sensational robbery in Indianapolis, police • Fought him as a silspccl. Unl he hid in (he barn at hh fnllicr's home, gun ready, and eluded Ihe officers. "Put that gun a\vay. son." pleaded his father. "You \\ere nt home at the time of this crime. Give yourself up lo the police and prove that you are Imioccnt." But John, Jr.. refused. Then he left home and a few weeks was captured ns a suspect in ernl robberies and placed In Allen counly jail at Lima, Q. As he sat in his cell one night last October. Ihree men walked into the. jail, downtown in Lima. and into the room where Sheriff, Jess Sarber, his wife, and a deputy sal. , Kill Sheriff in Rescue "We're Michigan offlcere here 1° reliirn John Dillingcr" Ihey ?aid. As the sheriff asked for their credentials, one of Ihe gunmen sleppcd forward, shot the sheriff liend. seized the jail keys and forced Mrs. Snrber and the clemity imd a cell. Then the three freed Dillingcr and all fled in an automobile Parked outside the Jail entrance A few days Inter, John slopped 'or a ie-,v minutes at his rmhcrs noine. "Ihafs Ihe last u me , s!uv Urn, says nitlinger. Sr. "He came lo Ihe house, cursed the law and wem, on his way." Keeps Indiana in Terror Then began the reign of tenor in Indiana, when banks were rob- Md. policemen shot, and police nations held up. National guardsmen patrolcd the slate, nided by Mate police and scores of American Ugionnnhcs. Dillingcr was branded the leader 01 the tenor gang, made up largely ofjne 10 convicts who had es- WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Homing Rarin' to Go Turned Bandit Wilh piirsiiH inii'Mof: lui-nni i, nanl.s of can-s wliii-li .-Mld'reil l>v (1... 1 ;V1 . Icinir mind. W j|, •i Hie innsli-r mind A lerrlni: shoi | K u-nv nut KI, 1'ASO. '] W. c. ah: f «'''* l -S' 1 ^; 1 ,;, in Hi/- l'ic First N:ii|n,, ; ,i i,.. i!k „„.,.,, " '"'ilk of siionfl i,, Ninivoo' ['ill Mi-iillmlaluin In Hie iinslrlU lo ri-lliivi' liureau of Mines In Washington. Commendations from the of.'i-1 eials In Wnshiiiglon followed the : deinonslnitlon. liureuu of Mines olffclflls cited the Inci Unit no mporlant advances J),ni been made "i Hint jjardciMar field .since 1812. Dr. Itoclistettcr has been carrying on Im-cstlgations In the n-ld o- applied science for 30 ycnrs lie was torn In Germany nnd was a./rlcml of Steinmelx before ihc D&l'.or was exiled. Uoelistctter c.'ine to this coimuy three vears i'lier aielmneti-. Dr. llochstctitr lias Ate jo mis . Kan. 5U |)ii! s nearly C! . UIM I IIII'H '° di " Hb — - _ . HELPED THOUSANDs CONSTIPATION ^^.Uy-t^-^rrbra^. 31 " 11 " 115 ' ^ This Interior Decorators Color Rule with iturcliuit of tt'ud/iiile faint Ihe hope not cast-s Miry ] !IV hb fntlier. .slnikln ,,,f,,lly. -! wwry „„ .11 f?et word thai he has lim crt hi „ butll,. «j|], |X)! j 0( ,.. And Ihe fear Is ,>V,T with tin- father th nt nillln^. ,„„.,.;,,„ Inniletl. will cniue to |,i,| L , :il ,],<. One-Day now possible YOU want ro know how interior (ii-cnratnrs coinliiru- 'S uriisticully? Tlicn cumc i.'i toilay for this reinarkalilc m-iv interior Decorators Culcir Rule. \\V olfcr il to you l-'KKE with the iMirrlicM- of /flyji/e can of \Vallliiik., tlit- Vitoli/eil Oil 1'iiint lh:i[ liriinjs )'<xi One-Day I'^iutini;. n-vi-ak the low cost \iaj- Painting with Wallhide to brinu beauty of colur to your rooms. It shows the poial WullhiJe colors best suited to your walls and ceilinj-s. it shows how io combine them with the iiew modern \Vutcrspar Kiunu-l colors for furniture avd woodwork. Iniiuoihrnvaycan you get such reliable "iii, d^ncc on color combinations. You'lWam to gci this free ColorPiilrtuiLy. 77?^ low-cost way to beautify furniture make your woodwork look like new! "N' women who have used Waierspat to liri<;lict-ii fiirniiiirc and rctoucli \vtHKhvork*. it takes iisurpri.siii|;lv short time lo apply. No experience is necessarv. l-nur hours hirer Water- M>:ir is dry arulharit. 'i'lie resulrs rarely fail rn win the iicarty approval of limb family .uiil [frirniis. Best of all, Waterspar Enamel and Wntcrspar clear or colored Varnish now cosrs but little. Thirty cents buys enough to paint small or medium-size articles. You chouse from any of twenty-four of thr most beautiful colors yon ever saw. .Make it a poini . 10 cnme i:i todxv fnr frte \Varerspar Color CarJ. . McoresvllR. . His tnllicr dcfsii'l snv -Inn one i Bets the Imprrssiun Hint he'll imr- ' _ the "Ixiy." f m - Mir lies of! Si """" . 'Hood arc .slroiia. and ever bofi.rr "Hi rises Hint n:her nlctnrc he boy who wcnl whlsllins al Ottawa Pacts Result i n Increased Cargo Tonnage ;i| MONTREAL (U!"-Tl,n Knnlire S ie rade pacts negotiated n( the bl- ~" ^c (own Conference arc workii,., t o jg gas ami Ise^daclto b r-".= (Itta Jn IT I^COMSTiPATEONi - the of o( Canada, nstires n Atlantic operations of the i vcrim? of Halifax':-;; 1033 reveal. In l!>tt rarso lommiie handled IS by Ihe jmrt tolaled tMnilli!) tons '?ii compared wilh C7H.821! ' tons iii s i 10M. an increase of '.'5 per ci'iil. ij J(K Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, in-2:")c Nile <i:-tf>, 10- S«BhimNOW /a nd forever remember him, as the Immortal Oriri Nordholm,mlghti- e>t characterization of hit career.. Y Last Time Today Mafiucc—1 Oc - 2~>c Nile (l-.^lo, Blytheville, Ark. 1'OX NFWS Friday & Saturday lOc - 2,ic bartered her )/} husband's wealth for CARTOON "OI.K KIN(; COLK" Comedy "liocr and I'lfl/ols" A Musii-:i| ..Vourh,W | Sunday, Jan. 28 - - One Day Only —o,\ TIM: ST.\(;E_ ^rw Kiliiion of AfillrrV "Urown Skin .Model-" ••J."i—PKOCI.K FAVWRAY , Walter Connolly /.'-/, DrVrctfJbi Which Would You Choose:Co-Operation or Compulsion? pai/mmts abmt M "' rental payments and Ml If We Refuse to Co-Operate WMI,, l, e cmnpe , M ,„ mlucc „„,, rm , m m mli mm '"""'' « «« of cask Under the Bankhead Cotton Plan ™ Kr 0 ^zir± 6 v;°oV'K'r/ to » wi the •««••»«* «**•' " " Am procured «* of how many he • Sign the 1934 Contract Now! Don't Take a Chance At Six Cent Cotton! BLVTHEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

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