The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on October 30, 1910 · Page 8
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 8

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 30, 1910
Page 8
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NAGHVILLR TF.NNF.SSEAN ami The Nnshvillr American. SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 30, 1910. o A HARD BA TTLE COMM YARD DISH IN MISSISSJ By GRANTLAND RICE. His name Is Hay Morrison. His ndilross is Some Quarterback, Commodore footbull eleven, cure Vnmlcrblit cumpnu. His main cliaratteristiC3 :iro lho3o of the jack raliblt, villi u ilash of greyhound anil Angora goat, u Iiat elso about lilm? Simply tins leave out rile n-imilcful sinBlc-handea run ilint he made in lirst quarter Saturday arrernoon and Vanderbllt would 2mve beaten Mississippi but :! to 2, Captain N'celey's field goal being arrayed ngalnst the safety be gave Mississippi by unluckily booting tho oval across Ills own goal line. The linal score was 9 to 2, Commodores predominating, and thu margin thus mclntalnt'd centers entirely around ono of the great classic plays of Dudley Field history. Tiirougli the greater part of the 'first quarter, with tile period about closing, Mississippi's powerful defease had held the Commodoro machlno well down In Commodore territory. Fight as Ihey would, the rushing Commodores were umibh-; to pierce the rugged visiting barrier that barred the way. Finally, from mldflold, llaxton of Mississippi lifted a long, high punt which spun down tiio t;!ld to Vanderhilt's twenty-yard lino, where It nestled I:: .Morrison's waiting arms. And then Hie meteor was unleashed. I.Ike a lean, lank coyote running the gauntlet of a swarm of hungry wolves, the Commodoro quarter was off at lull speed up the field. Two visiting tackles g-pppled for. his waist us be picked up full headway, but wore shaken loose. For twenty yard ho came siraMH, and then with a ilashy swervo for the lf-ft sdde of the field he caught thu Hed and lilue stalwarts scafered, and from tills point on doilRinrr. drrMng. twisting, wrlihlng without balling a s'ep the Commodoro dually w 'lip'd through tbo last opening left, and with the field clear before him, d.-nd'.i'd ever Iho line. It was done so euir-'-fy that few could realize what had happened. For ten minutes of play the vfctntors had seen Mississippi crowding rbe Commodores Into their own :rirlt.evv tbe visitors forcing the fight. And here In a "Hash from beneath tbo .-ndmv of the Commodore goal, where eleven men bad been unable io sain headway, one num. almost unaided, had flashed for .ninety yards to n touchdown by ono of llio greatest exhibitions of open field running over witnessed on Dudley Field soil. On no Icsb than throe occasions Morrison .was lost from view in tiho swirl of Hed and Hlue tucklers around blin, only to emerge with his speed undiminished and his pace unchecked. How bo ever traveled the long distance that lay beyond him remains one of tiio miracles of the game a miracle tfrnt Is only partly explained by the wonderful speed ami rtlll In dodging that lie showed ns, like :i gray ghost f'.iat might not he pranpled Willi, he led 'eleven dazed rivals over "liis own goal line for too play. that broke up the game. BATTLE A HARD ONE. Tbo flirbt proved to be one of the hardest that Commodore noil lies seen In many a dav. Misissinnl broi'frlit te bet eleven into the October snovv-lielt that tho Hed and l'.loe has ever furnished Her defense espec'ally wt.3 noteworthy for Its steadlne.-'s. while her attack was strong at times, but pot consistent. Viinderbllt hud just the Rhode that wis all. The lines fousht ail even Lieut foug'H to a fini'di. and the decision must go to a draw. In tho bnckl'lold the Commodores had the sneed, but not cnlto the power, of tho visitors, and this f:ipoi1. will) better abil'tv In covering punts, represents the margin that tbo Gold and Black showed over the Hed mid Blue. I-eave out that one run of 'orrlon. nd the final decision would more than likely have stood 3 to 2 Captain Noolcy's field coal agninst Ml''sis"lppl's safety. In ability to rush tho ball ibero wu no d'fferenco worth noting, tf'e two squads showing enunl form. It Is doubtful If either eleven would havo been able to score by rushing t.'io ball across, for the defensive strength of eaoih eleven was too strong and unvfelding for nuvthlng that either attack had to offer. When Vanderbllt fell heir to the ball In Mississippi's territory, her attack failed to cross the visitors' twonty-yard line ovcept on ono occasion, whoro lr was halted twelve yards shy of the goal. Mississippi was able to rush in inldficld. but. like bar rivals, found the way blocked and tibo entrance barred with Iho Commntlnre goal line threatened. The onlv clfuce f'r a iotiobdown was for sonic athlete to run amuck and stampede the field, ns Morrison did whon bo zigzncgpd ninety yards tVrouirh the scattered, broken clan of Hed and Blue that for ono brief moment became dismantled, ni'd pulled Itself '-together .. lust a second too late. It was the nychlcal moment of batt'e when foiv;t'brlof Interval of time tho visitors hart eased up for a renewed attack, but they picked out the wrong time when Morrison was anywhere in reaeli- intr .distance or tho ball. I'mr'scm Is one citizen that It doesn't pay to toy with. Give him an inch and bo Is liable to take nnywhero from thirty to ninety yards. VANDERBILT'S ADVANTAGE. With tbo two sets of forwards fftrlitlnir nn even fMit both working uplnn-: dull" and the sneed of Vanderhilt's backfleld about offset, by Mississippi's added rower, thevo was but ono fenturp In which C'oiniiiodoro superiority prevailed. This ws In handling the backfleld men covering punts. Not only woro the Commodore ends down under Nceloy's kicks, but on piny after play Ton- Brown or uYoplantl or Metzger. and e'lpeelally tho two former, were waiting to nnU Qiiarerback : Havton with ii crash Va moment he started up the flela. :ho had little or ro chance to start, and this alertness saved many a S-nvd, preventing any sneh backfleld rush as Morrison furnl?hed. Haxton -Viltsntayed strong caniihllilles In the way of returning K-t oval, hut It was m seldom that bo was permitted to even stirt that he bad little or no chance lo show. Even a rabbit Is an e"sv animal t" catch if you can drop on the beast while ho is sitting witl'.) no chance to break Into a sprint. The work of Tackles Brown and Freoland in-this respect was one of tho best features of ' tho afternoon's play. MISSISSIPPI'S STRONG TEAM. In eliminating Mlsiss!ni)i. Vanderbllt won' from a high-grade fomhall machine and only won by the hardest rott of plav." There wns not' a moment dnrlnc tile battle won the Commodores were able to onso "3 In their stride. They tried practically no forward ihipfps. both elevens depending malnlv utioti tho rushinc and kicking eanie. Mississippi came with a finely trained lino. 11 wonderfully stout defense and a strong, though Inconsistent, attack. Coach Stauffer bnfi built un n well-trained machine, and one. that loted Ho Commodore delegation to tho limit, t wns the best local exhibition of footbcll by many longues that the Commodores bad shown this scison, and her people ,deservo considerable credit for tfto final result. For Mississippi no longer ranks ns n second-class eleven.. She has comb to tho front, and must tako her.ploco with .the lenders of the southern game. Vandcrbilt won from n ;lilgh-grado eleven yesterday, and worked ha hardest to win as stio did. i '. : THE SCORING. . Morrison's scnln-liftnig da-h scored the first point in the opening ounr- " tor. Only three minutes of piny woro left -when Neelcy added another point with his goal after touchdown. Mississippi then kicked oft to the Comiiio- LAloros mid blocked 'any further advance up tiio field. After attempting two plays for short gains, Cnn'iiln Neoley dropped hack Tor a kick. The pass got, awny from hlni on his fifteen-yard line, and when ho attempted t regain It; hooted tho bali back acrois his own goal line, n'y a (illicit rusb ho regained ft before nnv visitors had arrived, but the .sntmy had been scored, netting the Hed and Pino their onlv two points of the day. Throuah the cecond ouarter the fight mm alp and tuck, but a fine return of. a punt bv Morrison, coupled with sharp dashes by Neeley, Kent Morrison and Willlnnir. finally bvoueht toe ball to the visitors' fifteen-yard lino without a minute lort n the first half r,r second quarter. Hero the visitors stiffened anil blocked nnv further advance: With a third down and eight-yard gain needed for tiio. distance- Canton Neelpy. dropped back to, his, twonty-two-yard lino nn; booted a perfect field, goal' directly between the bnr3 running up threo additional points closing the scoring for tho day. SECOND HALF OF CLOSE. ' x Neither eleven was nblo to threaten in the second half. Both teams came back strong.. and through the two quarters the work was well balanced, resulting lnrcoly in a punting duel after vain atlompts to gnln ground consistently. There wore spells when .Mississippi; rushed the Commodore end for good advances nnd poked her way through tho : If lie with good liower. hut . "ttho visitors? found -It Impossible to moke any great' headway once well down In Commodoro territory. On the other hand, whllovtbe Commodores Ruined at odd Intervals In lihe)rvown territory or near tnldfiehl, tho.v had no chance : to advanco the ball close enough to threaten the visiting line after Neeley had kicked his goal from field. It was a nip and tuck battle, splendidly played, well fought, and outside of -Morrison's brilliant run, too close tor comfort as far as Commodoro supporters were concerned.- It was a case all the way through where tho defonso employed by each eleven overbalanced lltio f nttack. Both elevens tackled with fine spirit and with great skill, frequently throwing runners who were apparent!" well protected by interferers. The detail by Olen Hall tolls the full story, ' NEW'MODEL 19iO -Passen y-'Thla" ear can bd . bought dt a very; reasonable price, caslv or part on time 'Glad to demonstrate.. Addn&s AUTO, care Tennessean. THE NMIl FACTOR PPI'S 9-2 DEFEAT ger Tiriiig Gar Football ResUU's At Austin "University of Texas 9, Auburn 0, At UriKtoJ, Tcnn BinfrlJiun Si'IjdoI U, Kins CoIIpko it At Gum briil no Harvard I-'reshnion .1, Princeton Kreshincn . Harvard Second Lvj, Brown Freshmen u. At Annistoii, Ala Alabama Pro?by-terlan Collco 27, Hlountvlllu vgrlcultur-ul 0. At Amherst Amherst 2j, "Worcester Polytechnic 0. At Duinswtvk, ilo. Uowdoin C, Colby ii. At Mldrtletown-Trlnlty 25. WV.U-yan 0. At Ausuala, Mc-tlatos 5, Unlvc.nty nr Maine 0. At Worcester Holy cross 3-1, Boston College a. At Tiffin. O. Heldelberf; -11, Asnland 0. At Lunsiny, Mich, Michigan Asrlcul-tuiu ColJefje 17, Notro Duma a At St. Joseph, Mo.-Willlam .Towell 0, 'i jiklo 0. At Cleveland Oberlin fi, Case 0. At Cincinnati University of Cincinnati :i. Miami . At Belolt Helolt Collego Lawrence University 0. At Lawrence Kansas 2U Wr.shburn C. At Providence. U. I, Proivn 27, Tufts P. At Kaston, Pa. Uufayette 12, Buek-ncll 0. At Topeka St. Mary's 10, Warrensburcr Nornml 0. At South tlcthlehom, Pa. Swartlmiore li I.ehish S. At nichmond. Va George Washington 21. Richmond Colleir 15. At Ames. 7a. ?'afnlrfrrff!do .1. Am 0. At Madison. Wis. Wisconsin 0, . Northwestern .0. At St. Louis Washington University 3?, Drury (. At St. T ons Soccer pnmer Ch--!tian Brothers CoPe'-rc , Illinois Uni'-cs'tv .0, At Kansas City St. Louis University W. Haskell 0. At Pes Moines Drake rt. Ulmpsoti At Omaha KanBis Agrtonltural (.'ollego C, Crclghton 2. At MiIw;tukpe-Uirfiuptto TTnlverslty SS, St. John's Mil'tnry Academy 0. At Fort Worth, Tex.-Tevi Phrlstlnn University IS. Trinity Pnivprsltv fi At Wnco-nnvinr TTnlvorrity Toxpr Polytechnic Colloire 0, At Pftfshuru-rniverHity of pfitsburc TI, Ohio TnlveiKfly o. At Wnshlnitton, T'a. vnHnstou end JeiYer?on S. CarneiIe Tech , At Jaeltfoii, M'k, dnfl'Bon AJhletle Club G. Momph's Un'vtrsltv PchU") ft. At livettevPlp, Ark Texns A. ad M., 0: t'nlvi'sltv ot A'-kuusas, n. At Hot Snrlnirs. Ai-k Oii"ch!a Col-leKe. 1 1 r "nt Snrlns Hffili School, fi At WPliamsbiP". A'a. H-'inndoit Rld-iio v Colew. IT; WMllain and 'vi-try c. At Parncsvlllc, Ga. PJvertdde, 10; Clor-doi), GFOPGFTnVVM'S LIGHT ONES WON FROM NORTH CAROLINA WASHINGTON, Oct. L'O Georsetown University todav triumphed over the University ot' North Carolina football team, (he score helm; V to ti. Though out-welKhed nparly 10 puumlrt to the man, GeorKotown'a light but faster hackile'.-J proved too much foi tho southerners. Unth teams resorted to the old stylo ot foollmU ft-r ground gitltilnR. Putublms on both tddea was frenuent. North Cnr-olhui the chief loser in this respect. COLUMBIA DEFEATS GREEN. eor.uMUiA. Tftim.. out. jBi.-Tho raHt Cotifinbla Military Academy team defeated tho Oroen's School team of Athens, Ala., today by the scor-i of C7 to u. The same wns a snappy one 'ind, despite the onc-alded sirore, was well fought from start to ilnish. Tho star players for Columbia wore Ransom and Pratt,, -who played splendid ban. Fov the Aiitbf'.iia hoys Capt. Whlt-lluld played the beet tsnme. NAVY BOYS TOO MUCH FOR WESTERN RESERVE TEAM A X.v """" TS, Oct. Showing :ut Improvement in form and whllo htlll havlni; plenty of room for Improvement, Navy this . afternoon devlslvely defeated thu lighter team of Western Ileserve In tbo annual fjamo hetweeu the two. The score was 17 to 0. us eompared wl:h 10 to 0, tho score of last year. Only one) or twice did the Western Ite.-erve players attempt anything fast, and then It was only a slight variation of their wide-open forward pass formation as used last eea-fiou or a line shift that Hie Midshipmen easily fathomed. 'J'MG warK tir inw. wlilm not -ef nn tn top notch, still riivu the Bltiu and Gold rooters f-neouragerncnt. Tho team work lacked variety, there belnt; -an almost inuiioioiiouH rt'pL'imon or me use ot Dalton for tackle and Hue plays. Sowell, who Is belli: tried out. us u uanorbaek possibility, siiowed Improvement, and Mc-Crtary, who was put in for a trv-uut at half did well. Lino-np: Navv. 1'fiRlltmiH. w i Hainifton... Left end. Uo'.vl'i Ol elf nns iiiiil Cobh. KInif iC.) Left tnclcte Snrde Drown Left guard..... Chill, rills -ierreiiK Weems ..... Center , ..night guard Mowory ...Wells iMluersoii. Wrlwht , wakeman. Do via Don i;! Am. , . .Right tackle ..Rosco niyht end ....TtilfSeny ClehrJst va liner. Sowell, Shaw..Quartfrbttek FInl a vmm ,A , niomaa,. iftdifiit Dalten. Carev.Left halfback tiwi. i i Austin,..: Hlght halfback vnuy (C'.'i (. "ciiran, and McCrpnry. Rodes Fullback ; uhid Krwln. Thomat. Humnmry C. S. Williams, !Vimyl vanla. referee. C. n. Williams, Vh'Khi'n umph e. Jrosliam Poo, Princeton, -u ,lude. Klrhv. CJeori'etowu, head linesman. Touchdowns, -Dalton, Sowell. GoaU from touelidoiens, Diilton, l. . Goats Cvnu, field. Dalton 2. Goals front touchdowns fmhwed); nnit"n 1. 0"i . from field Onlsscd). Ijalton, Bowie. Time of periods, 12 minutes each. TENNESSEE BOYS BEAT HOWARD COLLEGE NICELY BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. Oct. 29. Tennessee bud all the hotter of a Rrldiron argument this nftornoon against Howjird College, defeating the locals 17 to 0. The first charter brought ono touchdown, though In the .second no scoring occurred, Howard managed to get within four vartls of tho Tennessee goal. In tho third quarter. Tennessee, swept the Baptists 'oft their feet, twico tirosslnc iho goal line and kicking onl. Tho line-up: Tennoosco 1'oeltlon Howard Sttart L. T. Prilltt Mountcasllo L. K, Garrett Graham L. G. Seailons PfelthjR-ton c. Lotc Parland P.. G. Gwlim Colo - ii. T. Taylor Johnson R. K. Dunsmore Kennedy Q. B. ' Fornmu Francis L.lT.U. ' Eoykln Grand n. II. B. Llttlo Massey, Tompkins F. U. - ' Uerry Summary: Score, first qunrter. Tennessee. 5; Howard, 0; First half, Tennessee 5: Howard, 0; Third quarter, Tennessee. 17: 'Howard, 0; Final score, Tennesson, 17; Howard, 0. Referee, Wotkins (Sewaneo); umpire. Stfett (Auburn): Held judge, Cheap (Sewaneo). Touchdowns, Tompkins, one; Mauutcastte, one; Massey, one. Goals from touchdowns. Younj?, two. Time of quarters, eleven minutes. . "MICHIGAN WINS. LANSING, MIeh., Oct. 29. In defeating Notre Danio today, 17 to 0, Michigan Agricultural College retains its grent record of not having been defeated on tho homo grounds In eight years. Dl .playing a mora versatile a,tfucl; and outplay.n tho visitors at every point ,tho local team simply overwhelmed tholr , opponents Camp boll blocked n. punt and Pattlson carried tho bail over tor M. A. C.'s flrtt touchdown. Stralglit lino playa, forward, passes and fuko klc'rts weie used In carrying the ball over ui;ain .In the third quarter. - Hill kicked a goal fro.n tho yard lh:3 and lit tho last quarter repeatoj tho trick- HIS RUN Quarterback Morrison, whose spectacular sprint of 9o yards was the main factor in Mississippi's defeat here yesterday. 19 TO 0 YALE'S SCORE IN STRUGGLE WITH COLGATE NEW HAVEN, Ocr. IH. Tho Vale elovun thin ultenionii ileCvnlcit Colsnlu 1 U 0. tho cnntcLft lwlns ininu cxi'lllns Ihan thu scnii. wcinlil Inillculo. Within nvu minutes ultor t Kilm. hml slurlcil, nnller ulul Hivo hud rualivil tho hull lo Cclsiito'H 20-yunl line un.l Dnlv klckwl n llchl Konl. Lnier in llic mime peilo.l, nil n forward pan, from u.nve, Kllput-riek HoOlireil (ho hull ntiil , tlnl. Kate'H llim tor 11 touchdown. JMly failed I Howe imide u jn.yard run. fnlluwlni; thnt with a W-yard ilil.Jii, and then Stvout, on a fovward intsu fioni Howe, was Monl over for-another touchdown, Daly Ulek-Ing the kouI. In thifi period, on a M-eard punt by Howe, IJuutiuxtcm of (olK'ito wa.H foreed m make n Knfely. A drop klek by Daly In the fourlh period, nel-tlnn three polntH more, ended the ecor-IliK. , - waltor Caiuii. dr., who had temporarily rephieed Klllmlrlolt at loft eiul, had hl Itneo hurt Ijiully In a aerlnmingo and had to 'be eiirrled from the Held. 'I'otlav's was ,lho llvst name In whleli Hon hns playdtl fullbaek. Ho played brilliantly. Wcolsoy ColKato. ... Loebcr Vale. Petition. Kllpatrlclt. JaU.x end uitmp, ivnpaincK Scully Left tac.'rle SHpp McDevItt Left jjuard Parker Mon-is .Center Dockfitadcr Fuller Ulght Kunrd Rianclmrd Tomtlnson ....niuht tackle Thurbe- Brooks, Right end...T. Sullivan. Coates Tnogood. Collms Strout Quarterback.... Huntington aterrltt, Coroy Baker Left halfback... Connolly,. Daly Right halfback Peterson Howe .Fullback Cook Score-Yale 10, Colurate o. Touchdowns, kllimtilck, Strout. Goal from touehdown, Jaly. Goal from held, Daly 2. Safety. Huntington. Referee, Thompson; Georgetown. Umpire, Torrey. Pennrtylvanls Kleld jiidTC, Hopkins. Haverford. Hend linesman, Thorpe, Cclumblu. Time of periods, tnlnutoF. GENTLEMEN, Get Out Your Overcoats and let us make them good ' for another season The Coit Will Be Smi'l Tit. Glenner 238 FlfSh Ave, North Telephone Main 15.0 j DID IT CHICAGO TAKEN INTO CAMP BY MINNESOTA CHICAGO, Got. Jti. Tim brawn veterans of the AllniH'Hotu root ball squad romped all over Chicago today, doteat-Ing the Midway players by tho decisive score of 21 to it. McGovern. Minnesota's nJJ-ytai- quartoi-back, showed brJlhintJy evey where. Rosen wald, the left halt, hit the lino like a steam rani, while .Icdinsim and Stevens seldom failed to ma lie tholr distance. The Gopher forwards Mood like a bulwark protecting tho fast shifting pkiys which Coach Williams has drilled into his baeklleld. Today's was the eighth contort between the two univer.sith on ibe grldhon Thu utaudlng up today's game, which glvc tl.e odd 10 Allnne o.ii, was tb:ee to three, with one game a tie. Only Michigan and the weak Wlscontdu team now remain to eontest thu supremacy of .Minnesota in western footbiill. MlnuesoU carried tho ball iilout half the time for Mlunerimi and returned most of the punts The only j.aiv In luu recoid wns the mlsiilug of three goals from Held. Early In the game the wiar quarterback twisted through tho holp'oiw Chicago line for a LiJ-yard run and immediately foiio.vcd thin with nnothor of 2.1 ynrds. Ho had Jut completed 'anaiher dash for 25 ynrds when time was railed on the first half with tho score ti for iMlnnetiota and 0 fur Chicago. Onco when Minne ota had been penalized, 15 yards, thu Heet quarter regained it on 'an end run. Again, taking a punt on his own 2fl-yard line, aided by perfect hiterfert-nce, he ran 55 yards L-efore being tackled. Minnesota scored otico' In the half and thrco Unieii hi the second. Near H o end or the tlrst half Jlipnesota had tho plgbklu on Chicago's 2-yard line and another scoio seemed sine, but there was a fumble and Monaul, for Chicago, kicked out of danger. Again the hall was, brought within olplit yards of Iho gcal. but ..Minnesota wan 'penalized 15 vnrd4 ,and the calling of time on the half shut off further chances of retrieving lost ground, in the second half Mlnneso a again fumbled, this time on Chicago's a-ard Hue. Chicago punted, but liosen-wald, who -made the lirst "core, was quickly rushed over for uuother one. McGoveru's (J3-ynrd return of a punt figured In the third touchdown. With the goal in Bight four resistless playa veo nu' In operation urd McGovern wcnl over the lino: The fourth touchdown wns Nomethiug of a fluke, although Minnesota seemed dcst'nrd to make tho dlstiince on .straight football anyway. McGovern tried for a Roal from field., but tho kick fell a few feet short. If. Yoim? Jumred to eui(!li it, but tho ball bounded to tho ground, whoro Ttromley srked It and In thveu steps teemed u touchdown. In thl. ruse, as In all others, McGovern klrl'ed the goal, It wns well alon; in the second half lieforo Chicago made a first down, later Rotors, who come In freb In nlaee of Pat'er. ;ive the Chicago partisans a chance to cheer when he made IS vurds around left end. Othei-M-Ie t'h'engo accomplished nothing on the offensive. TIE GAME RETWFEN TWO STRONG ELEVENS MABI.SON, 'Wis.. Oct. 29. Wisconsin and Northwestern football teams playe' to -u tie here today after a game In which the ball was In the air most of (he -lime. Neither aide made first down on straight football more than twice. Northwestern tried to scoro un drop kicks by AVard several times, and onco the'" ball' struck the goal post. Gillette and Ilyrch for Wisconsin also tried drop kicks in vain. .The only chance for a score on "old football" cnme In the lirst half, when Wisconsin failed to gain over Northwestern when on the latter's one-yard line. ROBBERS' VICTIM DIES. ATLANTA- -On.. Oct. "fat" Ten ders, & bartender, who wan, shot by three, highwaymen In n Marietta street near beer saloon lute Thursruv nig lit. dd tonight in the Grady hospital. The roUco have no clues to Landers' assailants. Detail Vandgrbilt-Mtssissippi Game By GLENN After some prellmlnnii warming up, Capt. Rill Necly guessed tho (tip of the coin correctly, and Vanucrutlt enoae to detenu ttie noitn goal, wltn ttid wind bcaitUb III Ult-U' UllL'Ka. .UlfaaiaSlplJl KlChtU oil -t i ui'u a ii jvtrii. jiJi'naun, iwio lutiuc tity Uiitiun wi ip,0n; for 2.) yitnii-. no wu,m Lt'tu ht i j ir, m. lariMiii Hie line, t'Ut laUcd to lit-oouuiu u natiu itay .Uwi-t i.iun Hiiiivu uiuxlUt Hie vinl tur o vuids ami iNciy jiuiuuu yai us io niuiun, no HiUun-a u. HiiK'lua uiut L.t.-u Li icil unuc tiicii, out Ineji' i.ltorid only ntiituu 1 jui'iiH unit riiieiuf imuaM y.ilua win (u Uuitui. 'nun pmy . tis ittCitu'La null aim, tuu I'un (.enitf Jyjou&m : UilU lHitlruilL IMl.lll.tu HI lliue, WHICtl it-il to mi uhciihI arouiui Iul-aIu uy . n.i.tiius, wliil no mM'ii-Ciuulo iCmiIIS. -He luu rn.iKil oil tin.) u nuir oi auo. which l.iit.L'u .j.ciiiii lu i-ti.ll, out 1Kb oooc Uio oloj..t.u. ilt lim M.'iuoiulu ln) It- Cfll'li-U tUO lutll. OuH-lllo Wilttim tL.UUUl ciih lor y y.ium. i-ia winuriiu to is tried, out goi nu iuii.ii-. r tnaii toil ui.e, una AlHU.ud tlllO.. litrf Wltll I llllU JHI tib, Vx.- iiicemt;i. famc.urt biarted tiiuuuu euu afe.uii, out ui ijiinuy jiurtiii loin imousll uuH iiurltu intil liuciv .ania. ni.kma fipa.iittt one to lvuiy, out lie mii&La li, iiml aiLCf a lu.ii Lllae ca.-ibiea loo tl.ifi.c te.muM' on uiu ii-yatu Hiit. J-il occkilu tiiat .Ntciy naU rmun liit.ili;it:ii wnii. und .Mi.-Meat)pi to".i pi)iiali..eo l.'i yaiilH, which . atuv.d uiu L.oniiiioiiJicS in tiHlt hum ot neeil. A pair oi Hue auueH amo.mica to I ynius. and Nteiy puutou i yudo to i-t it. ton, iviiu iv.. s downed uy htewari utier n.tving biuuuertii bucK i). Dintina maae a y.uu ami a half and .ueCull u..t one oeiortj no gut up sioain. xiuJi lmmio tno one, the only, m Alpiia and tho i)ii;CAn toueiuio,,.!. .Siilelu .sliocd oiio aoout 30 yaros, Hay Monlson snate i-ing it In Jiimair. Hotoro .viisslsaiw-i ends saw wnat had happened, Kay had Hhot bv like u wutriwn.d In idgusi. As lin raced up the Held every man on the Delia team uuk n tiy at him, but not a man got n fair grip on him. atinmign he passed oiiectly down Hits center oi tit mid. Kitiy time Ray dod'ed r slder.tcppod he aeemcd lo Ret taster, anil at luo m.u turn, waen be pasw-u jjttxi""; he wan nxreedlng tno speetl limit ny a hefty margin. Tho rooters went ;vitd h the shitty quarttriiack planted the bun s.tfely behind the ountlng i.onts. -Necly ' Local rooter and others thought that, this wns the noginnlng of the cud ami that Mississippi would prove easy clucking henceforth, but nit. there wasn t a child In tho yard. MlralsHlpol opened up again In pallid earnest by kicking oyer the lino. Vanderbllt put tho ban in play on the !in-ynvd line. K. Morrison i'"' but Cunt. Nely passed tv,o Mjito lines. The play wasn't allowed and 'andriiHt S lot W iro widths to the n-yM lino. Noely punted 33 yardH to lia.Mon. SHe'dGund SteCall had tried once each with a net gain of 5 yards, the former tried n drrn '-'rJ? fn goal, tno hall yali-Imr wide nf tho mark. The ctrimmooorort Initiated iday on the 23-yar-d line, t wli R. rrlsp-fi iettlng -l vnrdd. followrd by .Neeiv, with a brilliant dash for 15 yards, l.'i -n nna,o r-At r, vai-fiH on tho snllt plav. K. Morrison went 2 yards past tho 'line and Vanderbllt wtts penalized 10 vards for hoHtng In the lino. Morgan passed the ball In eoly'o direction for a punt. In his endeavor o get tho uunt off in fast time. Needy allowed the ball to get by him and in tho mart cbaso for It, he urged It over thu goal line, whole several- Misslsslpptans piled on him. The plav was a clean safely and counted tbo two points opposite Mississippi's name. . , Krom tho 20-yard line, the ball was punted bv Neelv to Haxton, who pulled uft a neat scries of aide-steps for n lu-yard advance. McCnll and Shield hero showed their wares to bet advantage und went about 'S yards bofore the rush was ended by time being taken out for Injuries. The Commodores recovered and threw McCnll back on tho lirst play and Shlold3 tried another drop kick. This try went shorter und lower than Its predecessor and Uuy Morrison pocketed It under him arm and ran hack 10 yards. Brother Kent wan tried and got ?. Just as the whlstbr blew for tho end of the tlr-t quarter, with the ball In Vanderhilt's pos-nesslon on tho ::0-yord line. S15COND QUARTEII. When the nbrevlated polar Interim was over, the Commodores took tho ball at tho snme relative position on tin? Held, now defendlne; the south goal. Neoly faked 1 yards, then kicked 1.U out of bounds. On the fii'Ft play Mississippi toyed with the ball and several Commodoics sur-. rounded it. X'.-cly went 5 yard around tacklo, then Uuy Morrison shot straight through the llm1 from his position for 10 vards. He fumbled tho hall, hut Frog MeUgor was on the scene and ball In an instant. Neelv was forced to punt on the third down to Haxton. who made a nifty return of L'U yardu. Shields gained '2 yards, which lrt'e lost on iho preceding play, then punted 45 yards to the Commodore quarter, who returned 15. Necly punted after he had been held for no gain and K. Morrison hud lost 'd yards on an attempted split. Haxton caught tho punt, hut Brown wns un him In timo to prevent more than a two-Inch gain. Haxton punted out of bounds nnd Vanderbllt took the ball at mldileld. Uuy Morrison cleared end for 5 yards and In the play was hurt so badly that bo had to retire In favor o' Trotter. Kent Morrison started play again by losing S yards and Xeely sent another punt to .Haxton, who .eelved a terrific Jolt from Stewart. Following u series of plunges by the Mlssinslpnl backs, which amounted to 'J! ynrds, Shields toed tho! 1ft i-ii-.ll tn V naif 11111 Hi.iiii:.Vi It I back 10,'but VanrtcrhHt. was penalized for tne amount or inn gam. iceiy una aior-rlson took a turn each and went i:i yardu, followed by Xeely tor 12 more on n fak punt, Kent Morrison then getting 10 yards in three tries with Kay sandwiched between with 5 around leTt end. Hern Vanderbllt tried her tlrst forward pass i 19 NEXT A. HAIX. und although the execution was not without several bobbles, Ray Mori Ison tlnady got it for a total gain of m raids, landing on Mississippi's i:t-yard tine. AltalrH appeared helhitroplc for Mississippi, but they fought for every inch of ground and after Neelv and It. Morrison had each gotten :i yards, this pair scored u held goal, the former booting and the latter bidding. This brought tho score up to y to '2, tho 11 mil tlgures. Mississippi kicked iiithward to Vanderbllt and tho bull rolled over the line. It was put In play on the 25-yard line, from which Morrison brothers ran It up u yards, Just before Necly kicked S5 yards to llaxton. llaxton got away with :i yards on the return trip, ami then called for a forward pass. The play was . Incomplete, tho ball stilklng the ground without anyone having touched ft. Before the penalty could he Indicted, Umo wns called for the second quarter. THIRD QUAUTKrS. During the hnlvos, tin Vnndcrbtlt band handed out a few selections, while coaches stauffer and Mcdugiu gave their respective teams Insiiuctions for the next (juarierfi. No changes woro made In Vanderbltl's llnc-up for the opening of the third quarter, hut Mississippi replaced llulhorno with Guest. Operations were begun; with Mississippi again kfeking to Vanderbllt at tiie north goal. Neoly reccled: the kick and ivirrled it 20 yai ds before ho was downed. Neelv punted after It. Morrison and Williams had made only II yards In as many trials. This play wa.s disallowed, Mlsslssipt getting the penally. . K. Morrison went into the Una for fi yards, Neelv duplicated for 1, then punted tti vards to Haxton, who was thrown in his trucks bv Stewart and Brown. Shields made a yard nround right . end, but Trotter butted tho Hue without ftaln. Morrison returned Shield's punt fi yards, then made a cm tailed tcaln uruund iHght end. Ncely' tried tackle, but tho. lino leaked ami he was grounded with no gain. Vanderbllt then punted no yards and In tiio mix-up. In which Ha.vton made i yards. Ii. Brown was hurt. Tlmo-was taken for "Lilttle Brother," but ho'EOou recovered. Shields reopened tho fray-wit h ti vaids nround tho end. but tho next plav was spilled in Us infancy by. the Commodore linemen, their play was1-illegal, however, and a penalty of r yards resulted. Mississippi fumbled on; the next plav, but recovered the ball, Trotter following the misplay with a pretty plunge for S yards on a well executed split phi v. BUI Necly was thrown in Ids tracks bv Hathorne when he tried to come back on Shield's 30-yard punt. 'liny Morrison showed another hurst of . speed -and wont around end for 15 yards 'with three men hanging on him. Kent mado ii yards through a broken Held, and Neely followed with fi on two play. Vnmler-hltt was oenallzed tfi yards for holdlns. Duck Henry improving the shining-hour of dctay by replacing Williams at fullback. Neelj' made S yards, then punted out of bounds, Mississippi taking tho ball on tho 110-yard line. Shlclihi mado vards through a loophole In tho line, and Haxton came along with 5 through the same vacancy, following this by. losing - on whut appeared to he a signal flury Neoly brought Shields' .- 15-yard pimt buck fi yards ami iiay Morrison followed Morgan down the held 10 yards befot he . was discovered. Hay was hit hard on his trick play nnd dropped tho ball, Mississippi gaining possession. Snagged by Slick Stewart for no gain. Shields kicked yards to Morrison, who returned It !). Time wns then called for the end o tho third quarter. FOURTH QUARTER. Play began on the lifl-yard line with Vanderbllt on the offense, north-bound. Xeely got nly two yards in ii ihio play, then booted to Haxton, SO yards nway, he returned It 5, then got, around end for tl more yards. Mississippi tried a, forward puhs which failed, tho Commodores getting possession of the fumble. Xtay Morrison got 'three yards on an - end plav. and Noejy followed with fi - on a fake punt, but lost a yard on his next attempt. Kent Morrison made up thu lost ynrd, and Ncely punted M yards, llaxton getting; & on tho return. Brown put the roverse engllh on Shields, and sent him back 2 yards. Shields retrieved and lost ground with a yard to spare, then forced to punt. It. Morrison coming back 12 yards with the bnll. Mississippi took a huge brace at this stage ot tho game and Morrison brothers for no gain, after which Neely had to kick to Haxton. Tim ball wont -10 yards, then ft more after Haxton caught. It, for Stewart and his compnniou. Brown, hurled him back with disttistefi) abandon. J lux ton, on the lirst play, shot through tho lino for eight yards. Shields was hold. fast. Shields klcknd yards and - for the Vtconth time Ray Morrison bewildered his opponents and came hack J!0. yards before they landed him. Vanderbllt tried a forward pass on tho right wldcv'but it went wild, and Mississippi got possession on her own 25-yard Hue. Haxton fnlled to gain around end. ihen was thrown back I yards. MI'sissinpl nun ted. with soveral Commodores off side, they recovered the bull nod an argument started which u'a ended bv thfie being- culled with the ball on the M-yard line. Llnc-up: Vanderbllt. Positions. Mississippi. Morgan Center Adams Mother... , Riirht guard ;.Cohu Steairal Left guard Cttusev Fi eelind Right ' tackle Klnnebrew T. Brown Left tackle .Cnrter F. Brown Right end.; Walton i Stewart Left end Hathorne I .... ri....i Nerdy Left hulfunck .Shields K. Morrison. ..Kl-hl halfback McCall It. M"tTlson...,QiiaUorback Haxton V l'II-ms Fullbaek . Lee Henry. Troltor. Touchdowns. Morrison 1. Field '.son Is, Nedv 1. Goal from touchdown, jJetdv. Safety, Mississippi. Rcfero", 3,": Rlc'e. Umpire. Gale, Chicago. Kl-Id Judgt-, Helsinan, Georgia Tech: Smltlv Castlo Heights, head lineman. Time of quarters, is, 12, 12. i. cj Don't fail to see our line of coats with Presto Collars. Like Cut. You can't appreciate this improvement in coats without examining tliem. We regard this as one of the most important improvements we have ever seen, really two coats in one. AH Kinds at the Correct Prlcr Always Pleased to Show You - 621 CHURCH ST. XO VENDOME THEATRE

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