The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on August 14, 1907 · Page 8
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 8

Nashville, Tennessee
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Wednesday, August 14, 1907
Page 8
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NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN, "WEDNESDAY MOBNING, AUGUST 14, 1907. THROUGH AUGUSTS BUSY SPORTING VALES A BUNCH OF THOROUGHBREDS SILVER CLOUD AHEAD PS? THEY'RE OFF! (Prom Hearst Service.) BY WILLIAM P. KIRK. "They're offl" comos the cry from tho closely-packed stand, As the thoroughbreds plunge at. the starter's command. The day Is so perfect, the grass Is so green. The sky Is so blue and the ladles so fair, That rapture Is born of tho beautiful sceno And laughter Is queen o'er tho slaves of despair. "They're off!" Oh, tho patter of lightly shod feet That gladdens the throng with its rhythmical beatl The favorite leads! Yes, tho favorlto leads! We knew he, would lead when wo wagered our goldl Then out of the maelstrom of scurrying steeds Tho Other Horso dashes, and wins as of old. "They're off!" The accountant who bet borrowed cash, Taken out of tho till In a moment too rash; Tho trusted cashier who can never pay back The money he stole for a .ast daring bet; Away from tho city, away from tho track, Away from the wives who can nover forget. BY QRANTLAND RICE. Y I Fall the wires Bhould be cut down And all the striker should refuse To shoot back dope Into this .town, Why should we go and get the "bluest" Hip, hlpl we then would miss the news About our ball team bumping down, And, day by day, If they should lose W need not wear the sickly frown Which comes with every tall-end fata. If we should drop two doaen straight We'd never know It don't you see How lovely such a thing would be? If all tho strikers would but lag A month, we could go home at night And droam that we had won the flag. And everything would loom up bright. "We'd never know we'd lost a fight! The booby pennant we might bag By losing dally left and right Ah! If tho wires would only sag Until tho pennant had been won- Wntll the blooming race was run We'd never got another score! Do you think this would make us soro? THE BASEBALL BUGLE. Hope springs eternal In the baseball breast until about this tlmo In August. Then It swiftly proceeds to fade nut of six towns In the circuit and seeks winter quarters until another spring. So, follow Bugs and frosted Fanatic, It Is with us For all around each day we hear: "Anothor year another year." But don't you Bugs go and get sore, Boeauso you'vo hoard it oft before. Just what another yoar will hold wo prefer to hold over until about this tlmo In 1908 but, from a purely , (EDITORIAL.) Norman Elberfald, tho sulky shortstop who mutinied against Griffith not long ago, has signified his willingness to como back to tho fold, and Is again with the Highlanders. The Bugle wishes to bo among tho first to congratulate Mr. Elberfeld In his manly determination to get back on the payroll. A great old poot once said: "To err is human, to forgive divine." The editor of Tho Bugle, twisting tho line to suit tho case of Mr. Elborfeld, agrees that It Is only human to err, but divine to repent and get the money as In the good old days. The editor of The Bugle, who does not expect his readers to know as much as an editor, and thereforo supposes they aro a little lamo on mythology, will glvo here tho story of Achilles. During the siege of Troy a dreok general named Achilles, who was noted for his fighting prowess, became Jealous of some brother general and refused to put on his uniform one day when there was an important battle about to bo pulled off. Notwithstanding the entreaties of his friends, who were numerous, ho sulked In his tent while the battle raged, drinking gin rlckeys and playing "School Days" on an acollan harp. f Achilles was so sure ho was in the right that he stubbornly refused to ought to business standpoint of tho cold and clammy shekel, It mean. a brand-now grandstand and a ball club up there fighting . O. R. (I. e Grand Old Rag). Tor 1 GANS EXPECTS ROUGH ItSR! ' BATTLEWITH MITT HH HfflWrfl Negro Pug Will Take No .Chances on Coming Bout fPB5FiF SmlmWimMai With Californian. mmm Wml,mMl LOS ANGELES.. Cal Aug. 13. Every- XsssfllBBfSN. IsBBSssHMIrltBlMll Brltt Is a hard man to whip." said Joe URflttV oiBal9(ff'' Cisco yoatio"'' "IJvni '1" Sa" "J JiH BKrBHBK1 amsuro of winning a haVit, Iansaynow iIR9!KjJHMrjaaBr KCWISK' to count some. I have been training weight Inside of a week witbout hurting llraafl LaaaBlsaaBaaaaaaKXjjl myself. IVH LWiln "Take chances? Not for mine. Nel- SFWKxKW son took cliancoo tbe other night. Ho ATyswI BSfsaWK could have signed with mo for a 140. 010 AhH BBBWtaBBBsVtay nurse, but went against Drltt for a lit- ' VLbbbI BBBBEnSfv tie money and Brltt whipped htm. Tliat 3M mXB?y was Nelson's hard luck. . for ho may . &WwZ never get a cliance to fight for a big purse again. I Juvo a hip purse in sls;ht SiAUtSyjtili loss Jto mo 'to let him win. That Is one . " ( hard luck. chance to fight for FdPm."an'V'bU me to let mm win. That, is why you can bet that I wll If the material on Up this season had only traveled to Its full limit we'd Iiavo been around tho roof this merry August, but unfortunately J. Dobbs had too many men on his payroll who were not giving their best efforts to the clubwho were either not keeping In condition or were loafing on tholr Jobs. This doesn't rofer to atl of them, nor even to the majority, as Doo Wiseman, Pete Lister and others have fought to the finish right down tho lino. strike another blow for Greece until they told him that his salary would not go on. Then he got out and killed Hector, another classy heavyweight, and IX Johnny Dobbe should return next season with several of those now In tha looal camp oh hand he couldn't make a better move than to fine about throe of them $50 each on goneral principles until they had proven they wero in earnest his pay envelope was delivered regularly thereafter. The Bugle wlBhes to make Just one point. When a man like -Mr. Achilles or Mr. Elberfeld decides on a sulking campaign thero is nothing that will bring the sunBhlne back Into his features like a good, stiff wallop In the bank account. Money built tho Pyrnmlds. Money mnde Greece and Romo what they were. Money made The Bugle tho great Journal that It Is. And money brought Mr. Elberfeld back Into the fold, where he will battle valiantly In an effort to keep tho Yankees somewhere In the socond division. Baseball is ns muoh of a business as It Is a sport. And the fellow who throws down his manager and his club by falling to keep In shape should be soaked with suspension and the heaviest fine on the map. But It Isn't very probablo, from the viewpoint of success, that Dobbs will retain over five or lx of the present bunch. ready to put up the beet light Asked about his physical condition. SCHRECK GOING TO VAILS COPPED EASILY I have notdS ring tho Horrman . know, to be fight at Tonopah FRISCO FOR BATTLE Tliore Isn't any doubt of the fact that the club limits should be changed from 14 to IB men. This would give each team two catchers, five pitchers, a full Infield and outfield, with a general utility man. As It is now one of the pitchers or catchers must bo employed as eutslde aide, whereas they Jiavo plenty to do looking after their own exclusive Jobs. You'vo got to count on two or three cripples any way through a season, and then about the only thing left to do is to hurdle the rule, aa nearly eviery team In the south has done all the yoar. Thoy may be within the limit now, but over half of. them have been above It since May. say, though, that SARATOGA, Aug. 13. Tho Delaware lave found no trace b of H so far. On' handicap, trie feature of the card. was the betting event of the meetlni whv the Xclwon flaht did not hur me Is that I did not teas any punish hard AU I inad to do after the tcntn ot provent standpoint, but that public from betting. 8AYINGS OF GREAT MEN. There la a good bit .of human laturo In tho dog that barks to , tart Homo other dog to bark-ng. Hugh Jennings, winning our spurs Is not a mater, .of luck. Fielder Jones. Liquor Improves with age, but he samo rule doesn't seem to np-ily to those who drink 1L An-Irew Stevenson. Failure Is always eager for a re-urn match. Ned Hanlon. It Is quite natural that tho winters In airamo oftn;dse sljouM let him shove i fight, . ler), 10 to 1, -second Sam Bernard 92 (Hogg), 8 to 5, third. Time. l:4CM-. Loudon Light. Muckrake, Bonnie Bard, Honlla, Prisoner, Tenueae, Lord Pike, limit, because she la owned by John the wise men and the Mlllerltes went the final talc Is told about the local club you've got to hand It to 'em ly, any how, even should they wind up last. No team in the busl-RprunB oh many ninth Inning rallies as this bunch has done In ;vo months. They have either tied up or won gamo aftor game odds all against them at the finish, clubbing the everlasting pad-of rlvnl slBbmcn day In and day out. Its sad to figure how high or rlvnl running water. The others who caught with a piay . were cairngorm ana ixn nan. Two bundled thousand would be a mild "US CBUraato of the money that changed ding out they would be If Dlllo Biskra, Lotus pitchers had only moved at the same hectic pace. Matched to Fight Al Kauf-mann iii that City August Thirty-first. . CHICAGO, Aug. 13.Mike Schreck challonffer of Tommy Burin., and' no miitchod to light Al Kaufmnnn, of Bar Hranclsco, In tlio latter city August 31 arrived In town this morning and wltr Billy Hognn, his inanaRor, will leave to night for the Pacific coast. Schreck anticipated that' he would secure a match unexpectedly, and not wishing-to be csuflht entirely out of con-dltton. tho sturdy German has been doing light training at his home in. Reading, O.. eight miles from Cincinnati. CHARLESTON.. S. C, Aug. 13. Bugs" Raymond continues the Hamilton, Glorious Betsy 91, Goes Fast. 4 premier pitcher of the league, with 3' Pago, also of tho Sea Oullo. next Hands on the result. Vails led all the way, with Dr. Ci ncr second. At the turn for home Gardner loomed up dangerously, Beckman had Vails under a pull one he let out a wrap the filly went on to Dr. Qahlnw drODMd back In the a lot of trouble by save yoursolf plcchase. Looks like Mr. Xlalarkey has picked up quite a healthy debutante in Ross Helm of Macon. His debut against Nashville was entirely successful, at any rate. Tho South Atlantic League is chuck full of first-class twlrlers, and It wouldn't bo a bad scheme to take a few brief peeps at this league beforo its' season ends to get a line on the talent there. prixa lit, uuck- Savidge, of Jacksonville. Shoppe, of Augusta, who hae been sold to Nashville, stands fourth on tile list with a percentage of .647. The following are the records of nuebnll pitcher should have king personality. Edward a fellow turns night into ho has no knowledgo of -Edwnrd Hynoman. through the Btretch, only- to come again and get socond In front of Sir Lynnewood, who came with a great rush ' from far tho pltohers who have Mike hns been anxious to get another Mr. Yorkes will summer at Montcagle until Saturday afternoon, Joining 3ils pals for tho western swing after they cut loose from Birmingham. The Waterbury gent figures by that time that he will be In shape to resume ihls winning mood, so rudely lhtcrruptod by a spell of malaria a fortnight ago. It. T. Pet. match nt once, as he aay.i he needa i few thousand dollars to complete a flh building he is constructing .n Clncln .791 Miller lost his hoodoo In the secoi race, winning on Big Chief, but he hi a close call, as Polly Watts came with rush and Just failed to get up. ' man 131, Cardigan 133, Gold Fleur 149. Sandalwood 134, Old Faithful 130, MeKlt-tredge 135, Islam 140. Third race. Orand Union Hotel, f furlongs Chapultepcc. Falrplay 125. Jtm Goffney. Nosnuo US, Colrn 127, Ben Flaet 117, Smoker, Onatasso, 122. Fourth race, handicap, 1 1-18 miles Nealon 126. Temaceo 106, Penarris. 10D, Yankee Girl 103, OolfbaU 112. Fifth race, selling, 1 mile Shrodefe Midway 109, Molescy 106, Ted 101, Zip-ango 106, Lady Vera 96. Jersey Lady 106, Sir Teddington 106, Fleming 108, Cam--palgner 111, Nancy 98, Miss Strome 108, Workmald 90, Victoria B. 100, Arlrao 180, Umpire Klem. r the rings, although Mike in fa A sensational raid was made on the Empire club, which has been doing a big from being ; BOBBERS COPPED SECOND I KEITH WINS DOUBLE-HEADER Even when crops are a., f farmers always seem ableto whlekcrs. Sam Lecver. Bo careful how you grasp a portunlty that is red-hot. wood JIagoe. Jus! Raymond, Charleston 34 9 Paige. Charleston 0 4 Lee, Jacksonville ....16 8 Schopp, Augusta ...12 6 Savidgo, Jacksonville. 14 7 Holmes. Augusta ....18 12 Clarke. Mooon 10 7 Harley, Macon 15 11 Neuor. Savannah ...15 11 Helm, Macon 17 13 Sparks, Augusta ....13 11 Stultz, Jacksonville.. IS 11 Deavcr, Savannah , .16 16 Sltton, Jacksonville. .13 14 Qulnn, Macon 6 6 McKcnile, Columbia .8 12 Schreck Is steeped with the Idea 103. run In tho first by soaring 1 i clouds. "Kid" Green Seal nlnjnm is with this Idea that he will tackle Dolaney'a Droteae. uslni: Albert Sixth race, liandlcap, 7 the ninth Inning of' tbe Special to Tbe Tcnnoseeon: MONTGOMERY, Ala., Aug. 13. The pobbers came back strong today and Sopped up with Malarkey's squad, hand- rhemo'Mb.oTuW featureless, with tbe exception of tHe heavy shooting Bone by Nashville batters. -The cumbers playeS like a bunch of Kcator 124. as a Ktcpplng stone to better and higher roe orougnt in the neoasaari the Pirates had uninni Aletheuo heavies,. Tommy Burns tnousanda of heaviest, amounting lead by bunching hits oft Keith I fifth. Score: The Chicago world's champions at( off at Altoona on July t4 and. with : Jack O'Brien, a light man,. knocked Knufm ot so long ago before tlio a chance to win the Altoona Tri- pucning, wero First Oame. Little Rook. All. H. IT. m ty rounds, nnd Schreck be i'Giibm-tf'c. 'i.' a 0 2.? Fort Erie Results. White, Columbla-Char- lcaton 6 Not In league. at the slippery field, a. a. ... z o a ru viccftPthotWIrrcnre5!s!bfe Kld passed from the big show, throughout the National ' will mlBS him. Good lucn rook en Doutrlass Burke, La Londe. On the other hands tbe ih8tllle aggregation played Jam up baa throughout tin Jrnv. and romped home uader wrapB. . (The final counting read sornethlnj kfler this manner: Noshvllle 10, Montgomery 0. x SOUTHERN LEAGU8L Tuesday's Results. Tl' NobIivIUc, lOt Montgomery. 0. Wood. c. .J... ...... : dhv) :., Society Bud, Dainty Maudle. d "race, 1 mile D'Arklo 105 (Gar-o 1, won: Fancy Bird 116 (Knapp), aecond; Poquosalng 105 (Brussels), . AN EVEN DIVIDE. and' Barona Split Even In Yes 105 (Moreland), 4 to 5, saeead; Harry RichCBon 103 (Denlson). 3 Jo 1, third. YANKEES SLAUGHTERED Moinpnm, z; iow urioene. terday's Double-Header. Speblol to Tho Tcnnessean: ATLANTA. Auc. 13. The (Wife Snowdrift 136 (Rao'), 8 to '6, won; Daw-ton 110 cebrbloy), 4 to 5, second; Rain Reese 130 (Houston), to J, third. . Time, RUCKER TOO STRONG FOR PIRATE BUNCH NATIONAL LEAGUE. Chief 113 BY CLEVELAND NAPS AMERICAN LEAGUE. and Barons each copped one of today's iluublorheuder, . JUlonta walked away oven, won; Polly Watts lis (Not-to 1, second; Bellwether .115 Third race. 6 furlonora Pinkeln m (Lowe), s to l, tnira. -time, i:,u. Mi (Morolahd). 5 to 1. won; Bella 110 (Fow- s), z to I, second; Ketohefnlke 105 (Bo nd), cvon. third. Time, 1:00 3-6. Fourth raco. 6 furlongs Charley East-an 112 (Moreland). 7 to 6. won: Fron- ring, Winning Star, Sir Galahad, C. J. E owe 00 IE, r. X. 4 0 2 0 0 Ileus, 3b . 4 0 1 3 a o Keith, p. ,.. 4 110 6 0 Totals ...71 I "a 30 14 0 Shreveport. AB. R. H. PO. A. E. King, 3b if 0 2 0 1 1 Benson, s. s. 4 0 0 1 4 0 Daley, 1. ! 4 0 i 2 0 0 Waa-rendor, r. f. ... 4 0 o 1 0 0 Lewe, 2b. .. 4 0 1 4 1 0 Mclver, o. f 4 0 1 : o 0 Clark, lb 4 0 1 7 2 0 Massing, o 4 0 1 13 0 Graham, p 4 0 0 4 ,3 o Totals 37 0 7 "20 IS I Two out when game ended. Score bv Innings: Little Rock 900000000 11 Shrovoport 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 Summary: Two base hits Clark, Massing. Three base hits Page, stolen bases King. Bases on beJIn Off r-.m- i. mobb. Misa Marjone, orcugna, Ma. the Clubs. Won. Lost. .... 70 28 tenao 111 (D. Boland). 4 tn 1. mw.nrl- Memphis . . (va-infa Little tlnrk SashvlUe'" . . . Montgomery Birmingham Shrrfvoport . with the tlrst game, score 12 to 2, whllo the Barons captured tho second bout, 3 The 'first affair was .a slaughter for Birmingham, they having no show to win at any time. However, they came tn llfo in mc second ba'tle and . captured Tliursday. Friday and nuinlay, at Mont-goinciy, iiuve been trnnaferred horo and will bo played-at Ponce. Do Loon park, WATSON OUTFOOTED Tho Bollo 06 (F. Burton), 30 to 1, third. 5cwa?ork".'. Pittsburg ... Philadelphia Brooklyn Cincinnati .. Iner 118 (Knapp), 15 to 1, socond; Lvnnwood 114 (Nottor). 7 to 1. third. Time. 1:13 4-5. Fifth race, 1 1-16 miles Rather Royal 105 (Moroland), even, won- Factotum 110 (Foley), 8 to 5, second; Chanlda 101 (Powers), 8 to 5. third. Time. 1:46 i-i. New York .. St. Louis ... Time. 1:38. Cairngorm. Ben Ban, Zlcnap, Running Water, Dnahaway, Gailavant, Sixth race, lit miles Matnbon 96 (Mc Carthy), 5 to 2, won; Light . Note 106 Today's Game NnshvlUe lit Montgomery Birmingham at Atlunlii New Orleans at Men Shreveport at Llltli Fifth race. 6tt furlongs AU Alono 90 (Nottor, 5 to 2, won; Slnglostono 93 (Dcckman), 0 to 10, second; Black Mary morcianu), a to l, second; Reveille 108 Kunz), 6 to 1. third. Time, 1:63 1-S. At Cleveland. CLEVELAND, O., Aug. 13. Cleveland FAST SONOMA GIRL POUOHKBEPS113. N. Y., Aug! 13. At Pittsburg. P1TTSBURO, Aug. 13. Rucker took another game from tho Tanuees to- bin !. Struck out Bv Keith 8- hv r.m. lueh for the FIraton toas dny, thin time to to 6. Tile aiaugnier oe- ham 7. Sacrifice Rockenrte Id. Ben allowod wonoma uiri, mo most, famous trotter or the year, mot her first defeat In the grand circuit races, In the, drlylng park this while Brooklyn BABBLERS TRIM PELICANS Cedarstrome Won Bronxville Handicap son. Double plays Graham to Clark, Time. 3 hours. Umpire, Davie. Now York .. Willis for Blx llvo of them and the latter hits and six runs, and ala, a dozen raps oft Duggleby YONKEIUI. N. Y., Aug. 13. Cedac, PO.A.E. and Clarko. Umpire Connolly. MEMPHIS. Ton lenl of home, v intcher. guru Ne to thoutandatnce, and suspended after Summary: First race, mile Lenncppo 101 (Mos-rrave). 8 to 5. wnn- nt..v Inv 1ST strome captured the Bronxville Handicap, tho chief event today, at tho fancy price of 6 to 1. aottlng oft absolutely last, Nelson's horse worked his way to tho front at the head of tho stretch. Carthago, tho favorite, thon made his bid (Harty), 80 to (Pohanka), 10 te WUIdO, Estebnn devoid of special Bowcock, rf. . . they gen a out. Bo II. 11. PO. ranged along side Cederstrome, but R. H. E. S 05 8 3 that Loomls, tho Second rnce, 6H furlongB Servile 103 (Preston), 11 to 10. won; Bounding Elk 112 (R. Williams), S to 1. second: Emma ....1 0 2 0 0' the latter had the best of the weights and St. Louis sliced. to tho wire, winning by a Tutsi 34 6 13 27 15 O. 113 to Ohoilin and Dlock; Powell short head. Polly Prim, after a tortuous passage, got third. IleBter Zoni. Vlnrnta Maid. Itlllo flablle. lb. . Rlckert, If. Nadesu. rf. and Spencer. Umpire Hurst. Shreveport. AB R. II. PO. A. T p.dy ilvov made the earlier runnlnic KlUK, 2b and looked atl over a winner until she Range urid Luiotta ran. Third inc. Bronxville handicap 1 1-11 miles Coduratromc 94 (Pohanka), 6. to 1, won; Carthnge 117 (C. Bonker), 2 to 1, aecond: Polly Prime lib (Shilling). 3 to died in the Daley. 1'rlnco Ahmed was atsrt, cutting off an offender At ' Detroit. DETROIT, Aug. IS. Detroit was Bhut it by Philadelphia today. " Plank al-wed tho. locals but throo hits. Score: R. 11. E. several ot ths 1:10 1-6. Lady Savoy, At Philadelphia, PHILADELPHIA Aug. 13. Chicago hit Corrldon hard in the ninth Inning today, winning the gamo after It appeared that Philadelphia had hem at their mercy. Score R. U.K. Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 4 6 11 2 Philadelphia .. 30100000 0 3 7 0 Batteries Browp. and Kllng; Corrldon and Dooln. Umpire O'Day. At 'New York. NEW YORK. Aug. 13. Ths Glahts tightened tholr hold on second, place today by capturing the first game of the Barleg from the Reds 4 to. 3. The game was very closely played until the Giants brought In four runs by a batting rally ent to them that Loomls had plenty of m to cut In and lake the pole. Sprlng-r mado no formal ' proteet. J088' FIRST REAL MONEY. Addle Jons will never forget the flrat nmo ho pitched for which lie reeelvol I in ay. It was iy i Ue wUrls of. WIs- ildle pitched his team to victory and cdved !' I'i'iita fur h work. J).' i-iti'l)- d.aoveral other games. at. the same rato nd then landed a Job tit 110. a week. In loee days doss did not travel In Pull- out when nan OBtrich. Prlnc Fourth rnct 100 (J. Loo), Hi furlongs Colonel Boh Mclver, ef. . Chirk, lb. .. Beecker, p. . Philadelphia ! 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 O-J 8 I Detroit 0 0000000 00 I 2 0 3 hanka), 14 to 2, second: Stanley fay 109 ID. R. H. TO. A. E. .plank and Powers; MulUn (W. Ott)t 11 to 5, third. Time 1:06 4-6. At tho post Mooselt acted Uko a wood-n Image on the back of the good thing, nd when the start came ha was left at ne poat. The occupants' of the ' grand-tend see up a cry of dismay at on ant! and Schmidt. Umpire Sheridan. Tlvoll and O.. O. P Fifth race, abdut I Totals 37 5 12 26 17 Two out when game ended. By Innings: tne team played nwny 13. Again the 0 0 3: from home, that Is, when Little Rock . Shreveport . . .0 0 01 When the field had a pratty falr stnrt. 90 (W. Ott), 6 to 1. won: Woodwltch 94 (Munrrava), 7.1o .I, seeond; Escutcheon 111 (Mnussifl), 6 to 5, third. Time. 1:09 4-5. Confessor, Mnttlo H.. Beldemo, Miriam C, Rradon, Usury ran. Sixth race, 1H mlles-Reldmoore 111 (Preston), 7tn 6, won; Monncodor 191 (Llcbcrt), S to 5, socond; Flavlgny 92 optional with them whether they Giants after tho flying horses. Although seeming to he hopelessly beaten, Escutcheon developed startling epood, and had ho b.lKBn Summary Two-baBH lilts. Rockcndeld 2. Hess. Stolen haaea Page. Gilbert 12). Haies on balls-Off Keith 1. off Decker 3. Struck out By Keith 3, by Reecker 3. Hit by pitcher Bcecker (1). and It's a cinch bet that the -railroads )" .........0 0 3 0 0 1 3 0 07 S 1 tteriaa Smith and Sullivan and Mc- in tnen neen riddn with ordinary JUdg-nt could have won. Aa It waa he was iten two lengths. Moeaell was called ol:65. Umptre- i. lurk. l'arland TannehlU. Prultt and Shaw Umpires Evans and O'Loughlln. not declare extra dividends about tha time. Jobs wus.the highest salaried mai on the team. At. first the team worke on the co-operative plnn. hut'lhtB did no eult Addle und he ''struck." His alrlk for the 10 per finally resulted In the dla banding of the . learn. 'Addle's next Jo! was at 1100 a month. He .then went t Toledo, remaining there two .years, am finally landed In Cleveland, where he ha been over since. net-eland News. was tn danger. Cincinnati 00100000 23 7 3 Now York ..100004000 X 5 6 0 Batturles Hltt and McLean and Schlel; Ames, Lynch and Bresnahan. Umpires Rlgler and Carpenter. BOSTON, Ana. 13 Boston began Its homo series with a defeat at the hands of St. Louis. Tho game was full of hits and error!. Boatnn's four runs In tho first inning were due to an error by Bur- Fred Tenney says: great ball player, but Iing had It all eve Rucker are having COTTON STATES RESULTS. At Columbus Meridian, 7; Columbus, a. At Vlckaburg Vlckaburg, 1; Oulfport, 0 (5 Innings, nilnV At Jaekson Jackson-Mobile, no game, Pastorlous and pitcher. Both are leri- Rucker's first V.,ln ou .respect, etc., nobody had It all over Jennings or was his equal right "ll0rt"0I- Now yorK Bnr Qull True to his word, outfielder Flick, of Cleveland, remained at home whin ths Napoleons left for the-cast on July 23. Mirk's retirement la. however only tem he said he hada 'hefler""' ir la also worthy Lefty" Davis Is K. NelKlllioM. Khlrl IT Krlll ,1, off Kill, ld Krlts 1. by !.VI,H ulis. Manning. Iflehnr iplri-s Flymi and Rln: IONS MANNING, nn.. Aug. 13. "Midge e.-ently with Mcmph by N-.-w Oilcans. of phenomenal. This Louis ,40200000 39 13 3 Harry Martell, b Brooklyn theatrical limmntcr, lias made Ned Hanlnn an offer at par for tho 40 per rent of Brooklyn meek held by Hanlon and Aben. It Is said that the offer will not be acoepted "and I did so. Little Rock lias 10 claim on him. So the story Quitting the came becauss he la .rugt. ,0 0 0 0 0 0 0 04 S 4 oast on pre leading American league hitters under porary, owing to 111 health. Dr. Cas Batteries Frorarhe and Noonan: Young. didn't want to play under me la marie Cantll management, besides playing Pfelrter and oaoam. umpire John- positions with Increasing cer toe ciud pny the team In Commercial Appeal. talnty speed,

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