The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1942
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1942 iilATIJEVILLE (ARK.)' COUUIEU NEW? PAGE THREE EDSON IN i ^ ^~ «^^^ • ^ • • ^ ^WASHINGTON Pray It Never Happens Here— But Be Prepared If It Does BY 1>KTKR EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent Tliis Ls supposed to be "Foreign j Trade Week" and if in the same breath you ask "What foreign trade?" or "Why?" at first they might seem natural though leading questions. Exports and imports are now under strict government control and licensing. The dollar volume of exports for this year is estimated at, $7 billion as against $5 billion for 1941, giving ; the United States a $4 billion favorable trade balance, but the only stuff going out is- lease lend aid and the only .stuff coming in is raw materials for war production. Priorities are over everything. Shipping space is practically unobtainable. Freedom of the seas doesn't live here any more. Foreign trade- in its usual meaning is knocked out for and by the war and no one knows when she will come to. So why celebrate? But there is life in the old girl yet and while there's life there's hope, and it's ihe future, postwar potentiality that makes this year's observance of Foreign Trade Week more than a mere weeping at the bier. World trade analysts in the U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce who have watched foreign trade vise and fall ever .since before the last war see in 'the present world situation, lousy and mossed up us il Is, the makings cf some real business. And they are realists enough to believe that they are not just whistling in the dark 10 keep their jobs. Foundation of the whole thini? Ls the fact that trade agreements under Secretary of State Cordell Hull's program are still being made with those nations with which the U .S. .still maintains diplomatic relations. This long- range U. S. policy, which is Hull's pet idea for solving the world's commercial wars by permitting the free flow of international trade, is also set forth in principle in the Atlantic Charter of war aims and il is therefore the declared basi.s on \vliich business "oetween nations will be re-established after the war. ECONOMIC CHANCES But aside from this matter of principle a number of economic changes are taking place during this war and they all point to expanding markets for good merchandising, which is the making of bargains that are good for the buyer a.s well a.s the seller. Among them, Nations that were once largely colonies, reducing raw materials, have been forced into increased industrially tion. Australia. India. even China, have had to start manufacturing some of their own war supplies. A.s these industries prow, in a post-war period they l be capable of absorbing a larger part of their labor force. They will shift from war to the production of consumer goods for their own people, and this expanding business at home will become an. increasingly large market for American machinery. Any increase in the standard of living of these countries which before the war were largely agricultural means an increased market for American goods. PLENTY OF HEALS Furthermore, in all these countries, and particularly in Latin America, a huge post-war purchasing power is being built tip through credits advanced for their own internal development and through U. S. buying of strategic materials. That money can't be spent now, because of shipping shortages. It will be leased for buying American-made goods the minute the.- war is over. What it points to. what it should be directed toward, is the maintenance of full employment in the U. S. after the war. to produce goods for thLs big world demand. The shipping will be there, too. to haul the tiood.s. The huge increase in American merchant marine to haul war supplies will leave this country with the greatest cargo fleet in the world. The United States will be needing huge quantities of :av; material,' liko rubber and tin and fibers not .produced in this country. All the '' e raents are there for plenty of deals. Toil fuse Bursting charge is a poison gas bomb. Bursting charges at either end will rip thin container walls dispel gas. Air outlet valve Mask gives Man from Mars appearance. Actually it neutralizes poisons as chemical fillers cleanse air. Oecoola WAR BONDS 5as Attack Gas may be dropped in bombs, ; sprayed from planes. Latter lays' planes vulnerable to concentrated anti-aircraft fire. G a s, dread weapon o i % World War I, has become a definite threat in this war. Stories oi' its use by Nazis conflict, but there is 'little doubt it will be used when Germans are driven to desperation. Few believe the U. S. is in immediate danger of gas attack, yet the government is rushing millions of g a s masks for civilians. No one knows what tomorrow may hold. Should the day come when gas is used, air raid wardens have been trained to give warning. Civilians, however, s h o u I d know what to do in case of gas attack. Clip these hints and save them—just in case. Durinq Attack Mrs. Alnvy Hostess Thirty young women were guests of Mrs. George Abroy and Mis* Dorothy Starr on Tuesday night ^ the Abrey home for an evening f bridge and Chinese checkers. Red roses, corn flowers and conies were used to decorate the ntertaimnent rooms. Place.s were marked with liny crolls tied with white ribbon and encircled with a small engagement •ing; written on the scrolls were he words "Dot and Howard are enyaued." announcing the enmw- nent of Miss Starr and Howard A. Boatman of St. Louis. In the bridge games Melavee Tale won highest score to receive bath powder; lingerie was given Miss Hortense Lauckes lor eonso- \ The 155-millimeter gun Is the modern version of the old "GPF" of World War I days. It has a I-IWKC fifty percent greater than tl\c old gun, heaving a 95-pound projectile Wilson Society—Personal (JiH'sts Honuiril. Miss (.irace Wilson nml Mrs. W. \V. Driver II entertained In Miss Wilson's homo on Thursday evcn- npproximnlely 15 miles. It is en pa- ' iuj. 1 , in compliment Lo Mr. and Mrs. bio ot high road speed ami each one costs $50,000. Joe U. Ciwyn of Now Orleans. Alter playini-'. cars the hostesses refresh men Is to 10 guests. Arsenals of America ure working hitioii prize. Miss Aline Word was' nt tcmlk speed turning out this lon« range, effective weapon for our armed forces. You and your neighbor working lumd-hi-lumd in unity can make possible tlic purchase oC nn adequate number of these guns by buying War Ikmds. 1'nl 10 percent ot your income in War Bonds to help reach your county quota, every pay day. given handkerchiefs in the checker "nines. Mrs. Abrcy's gift to Mi-ss Starr was lingerie. * » * Literary Department Elects Mrs. C, E. Lloyd was chosen chairman of the Lttcrury Department of the Osccohi Progressive Club at their final meeting of the season in the home of Mrs. George Ecirlngton Tuesday afternoon. She succeeds Mrs. W/B. Colbert. •Mrs. G. B. Seyraves was reelected secreiitry-trctisurcr of the group including 35 members of the Progressive Club. Mrs. James S. Upton. Mrs. G. 13. Scgruves and Mrs. Joe C. Watson were named the yearbook committee by tlie new chairman. For the program, Mrs. E. W. . If at home close doors tightly, I Packard reviewed John Steinbeck's liiitlutay Tarty. Francis Roush Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Roush, celc- hrak'd his second birthday when In- I'uU'rtained 25 of his friends. The quests, after playing on the lawn, were served ice cream, animal cookies and suckers. Balloons wen' ji'lven each little guest us a fuvor. » • • \V. S, C. S. Mi'i-ls. The Women's Society of Chris- linn Service mot in the home of Mrs. G. R. WhiU'sifk' on Monday afternoon for the regular monthly .social Mod-tun with Mrs. Lius- t-ilrr as co-host ess. Miss Grim' Wilson was leader ol .llu- prujiraui which was on "Children ol Our Church" with Mr.s. J. A. Apply. Mrs. Ilex 13. Wilkos and Mrs. LasslUT taking slufl' cracks. Avoid basement, first floor since gas settles to Don't • v-r ' ^^•''T*'*^'-'^-'-^'' 1 "^•-•••'•*•'-*<: '^ -'"'- ^ latest book called "The Moon I.s Down." Sharing hostess honors with Mrs Edrington were Mrs. R. W. Butlei imd Mrs. C. B. Wood of Luxora and Mrs. Joe C. Watson of Osceola. Guests were Mrs. Stella Grn> Moore of Franklin, Ky., houseguest of Mrs. E. A. Tea ford, am Mr.s. A. H. Gilbrlch of Clarendon Ark., guest of Mrs. Roy E. Dawson If outdoors cover nose, mouth with handkerchief, dampened if possible. Turn up coat collars. Walk slowly out of gassed area, against \viDd» to get in .clear Quicker. Above all, keep your head. Running about wildly, doing anything to make yourself breathe deeply results in much greater danger to yourself; and . others- Caruthersville Society—Personal *ast Matrons Meet Mrs. H. H. Brown and Mrs. Ernest A. Long were hostesses to nembers of the Past Matrons Club it the Long home Monday evening. Howard Cunningham, Tom Markey Ernest Long were supper uests. A Summer menu was served buf- 'et style from the dining room /able, which was covered with a lace cloth and centered with a silver bowl of roses and daises. Mrs. Brown presided at the coffee service and Mrs. Tom Markey poured tea. Following dinner a business meeting was held with Mrs. Tom Markey, the president, in charge. Reports were heard from various committees and work was started on the quilt that the group is making. Service. She was assisted by Mrs. Albert Walker, Mrs. Leon Flippcn and Misses Inez Lutcn and Nolle Lee Dorroh. Following the business meeting the hostess served a dessert course with coffee. $ C * ' Mrs. Walker Entertains Mrs. Albert Walker was hostess to the Double-Four Rook Club, with Mrs. Gene Akers a guest. Mrs. Harold Hamby received costume jewelry for high score. Mrs. O. E. Hooker cut for consolation, and Mrs. Akers was awarded the guest prize, the latter two each receiving boxes of fancy soap. Mrs. Walker served ice cream with strawberries, iced cup cakes and coffee. A patriotic mot.if was carried out in the refreshment plate. * * * Visitor Honored Mr.s. J. B. Latshaw entertained about 75 friends at tea Tuesday afternoon complimenting her new daughter-in-law, Mrs. Joe B. Latshaw, Jr., who is visiting here with her husband, Lieut. Joe Latshaw Army Air Corps, instructor anc For ENSORASCE of all Rinds See G. G. Caudill Agency r Hotol Blclg:. Th.2182 Blvthcvillt, Ark. Miss Ilamra Entertains Miss Pauline Hamra entertained for members of the Lucky Nine Bridge Club at the home of her Barents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip iamra, Monday evening. Mi-ss Betty Robinson and Miss Helen Hamra were guests. Miss Marie Stanck was high scorer for the evening and Miss Helen Hamra bridgoed, each received Defense Stamos. B, and I*. W. Club Meets Mrs. Agatha Wilks. new president of the Business and Professional Woman's Club of this city, presided at, the business meeting of that group Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Nellie McClanahan. Misses Inez and Alice Luten were assis- he week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Morgan. Miss Demetra House of Memphis spent the week-end with her father, Henry House. Irby Hood left Tuesday morning for Little Rock for his physical examination before entering the army. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Regenold will leave Friday morning for Gulfport, Miss., to accompany their daughter, Mary Frances, who is a student at Gulfport college, home for the Summer vacation. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Turner and daughter, June, spent Sunday in Memphis with relatives. Mrs. R. Lee Chism and son, Bobbie and Mrs. Alma Batts visited friends and relatives in Forrest City last week-end. Mrs. Herman Muliins of Memphis is visiting her mother, Mrs. Jess Greer. Mr.s. R. T. DavLs Ls continuing to improve at Baptist Hospital, Memphis. Justus Edrington returned to Msmvcll Field. Ala., Friday after u visit with Miss Mary Hill. Miss Lillian Wilson is now with Graves Beauty Shop. Mrs. A. T. Norwood of Memphis spent the week end with Mr. and Mr.s. V. G. Mann. Miss Billy Gaincs Mann is confined to her home with mumps. Mr. and Mr.s. "Pinky" Tram- r h1lor Complimented Mrs. E. A. Tea ford was hostes -o 50 guests at an informal te i her home Wednesday aftcrnoo onoring her cousin and houscgucs Mr.s. Stella Gray Moore of Franklh Ky. Mrs. Moore is en route home rom a visit with her son, Lieut. Charles Moore of Keesler Field, Miss. Arrangements of American Pillar •oses and snapdragons were used in the living rooms and sun parlor of the Tcaford home. Miss Pcarle season. Mrs. Kobrrt.sou has spent ie Winter here as uucst of hi'i rother. J. S. McCant;, and Mrs MeCimts. i Mr. and Mrs. R. f, Hryun spiMil, Vcdnesday and Thursday in U-and, Miss. Mrs. A. H. Gilbrlch ol Clamuhm. Ark., has been the houh'.T,ucsl of Mrs. Roy E. Dawson for the past veck. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Simmer and children are spending the month of .May a.s guests of her parents Mr. and Mr.s. A. T. StriiiRlVllow in Little Rock, and with his parents Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Simmer In Strong, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. John Cuvender o Melbourne, Ark., spent the wed end here a.s guests of Mr. and M. E. McDearman and Mr. anc Mrs. E. H. Burns. Mr. Cavendc was formerly connected with th county agent's office in Mississipp County. Mrs. Bclva Martin of Konnett Mo., returned to her homo Wednes- Mrs. P. 1). Weaver «avc a chapter from the study, "Christian It oo Is of Democracy in America" by Arthur E. Holt. A brief business session was hold •ith the president, Mr.s. John R. Jnoclus presiding. Refresh mentsS were served to 11 tieiiiber.s present. mel! and daughter of Memphis are siting Mrs. TramWll's parents, Mr. and Mr.s. C. F. Gentry. Mr. and Mrs. John R.Enochs Jr. rrlvud home Thursday from their cclding trip to New Orleans. . Amonu those iiUendtng the uoe.h.s-Wi.seli'ule wedding in Mem)hi:i Saturday were Mr. and Mr.s .\ I 1 .:. Mollae, MM. J. A. Apple Mrs. W. K. Turner, the Rev. anc Mrs. Hex B. Wilki-s, Mrs. Raj Mann, and Mrs. J. E. Morgan, Sivru Morgan of Dell .spen ROXY where they will take a cottag on the beach lor a month, an visit with their son, "Cap," who i a militaiy camp near that citj Mr. an Mrs. Philip Asher an on of St. Louis left Monday .I'o heir home after spending severa lays here as guests of his parent VI r. and Mrs. J. W. Asher S 'hilip is connected with the RE n St. Louis. Mrs. Ernest Long left Tuesda norning for Donlphan. Mo., where she will spend the week at her Summer camp, being joined there DV her daughter, Mr.s. Zahn Wells, and Mr. "Welte, of Dichlstadt, Mo., who will vacation there for the week. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Romer of St. Louis left Monday for their home after spending the wcrk here with their son, Bernie Romer, and Mrs. Romer. Cartwright presided at the ten table. . Mrs. Chris F. Tompkhis of Bur- clettc was an out-of-town guest. ! • ' • • m • Auxiliary Birthday Party The 30th birthday anniversary of what is known a.s the Birthday Offering in the Woman's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian Church was observed in the meeting held in the D. S. Laney home with Mrs. Sam Coble as co-hostess on Monday afternoon. The free-will offering this year goes to the Presbyterian school called. Stillman's Institute at Tuscaloosa, Ala., for the training of negro youth. A large birthday cake with candles centered the dining table. Mrs. A. W. Bowcn. president of the Auxiliary, cut the cake in the refreshment hour. Features of the program ar- day morning after the week end here with her sister, Mrs. J. L. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Driver will have as their week end Bursts Mr. and x Mrs. L. P. Jones and Miss Virginia Humphries of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge TonRatc and Mrs. S. L. Glndlsh will drive to Rldgley, /Fenn., Friday for the day with Mrs. Tongate's daughter, Mrs. W. E. Dunlap and family. They will be accompanied home by Miss Marjoric Doyle of Qsceola who has spent the past week as guest of Mrs. Dunlap. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McDonak and children, Bethany Ann anr Frank Jr., of Little Rock spent the week end here as guests of hi- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gcorg n NlRhl Every Nl*lit Excey Saturday. Show Kvfiry Nifjht 7:(M) ttox Office Opens *J:15 Continuous Shows Sat. A Sun. Saturday Not only clous suffer from rabies. Cases of rabies have been found unong cats, swlnc, cattle and worses. Drafted Men Hear Talks At Osceola FITTED BY Doctors J. L. and J. C, GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 flight commander of Columbus Miss., air field. Friends called from 3 to G ii the afternoon to meet the youn honoree. a recent bride. Miss *R. E. Kent presided at the tea table which was draped wilh a lace cloth and centered with a bowl of spring blossoms. Tea, coffee and fancy iced cakes and mints were served. Mr.s. Juanita Scott Sutherland and daughter. Carol, accompanied by Mrs. Scott's brother Fred Scott. left Wednesday morning for Flint, Mich., where Mr. Scott is employed in a defense plant, and where "Scottie" will work as cashier and OSCEOLA, Ark., May 23.—Mayor Ben F. Butler, S. G. Lockhart, cashier of the Mississippi County Bank, and E. R. Reid, commander of Mack Grid-.T Post American Legion, made talks in the farewell ceremonies at. the courthouse Tuesday afternoon in honor of the 28 white selectees who left for Camp Robinson. Jarnes L. Kent, director of the local draft board offices, accompanied the men in the special bus to Liitlc Rock. The Osceola School Band furnished military and patriotic numbers. Those leaving wore Byrd Morrison. Hyman Wcinbcrg. E. L. Tcl- liafcrro. Edward C. Thompson Edwin Howard Riley Jr.. William Newton Thomas. Bernard H. Fer- IJhone 42 Box Office Opens 7:3|) p.m.— Show Starts 7:4f> p. m. Admission Always llc-23c Tux Inc. Also cartoon & serial "Giinfj flusters." Continuous Showing. Friday-Saturday Mat. Sat. 4:00 p.m. Churles Stunett, Russell Ilaydcn 'West of Tombstone 1 with Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards, Marcellu Msirlin Chuiitcr <J "Captain Midnight" & Shorts. Sunday & Monday ranged by Mr.s. Dick Cromcr included song numbers and readings bj four negro girls. Mrs.- Cromer, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Herbert Shippcn d Mrs. Lloyd Godley told of the achievements through the years with the use of posters, a large map of the world on which they pinncjd tiny Christian flags at the various fields of mission work. A larger Christian flag and an American flag stood at the sides of the map. The 23 members present were presented small hand-woven Chinese fans as favors. Guests were Mrs. J. A. Moran of Memphis. Mrs. Charles Rogers of Osceola and the pa.stor, the Rev. L. T. Lawrence. Following the meeting the Sunday School teachers met with the pastor for a brief business session. Mrs. Quinn Hostess * * • Mrs. Quinn Hostess Mrs. D. S. Perkins and Mrs. Waclc Quinn were guests playing with the Thursday Bridge Club in Doyle. Mr.s. Laura Rogers will leiiv Monday for San Diego, Calif., fo a vacation and visit with her tw sons, Gilbert and Mastin Rogei and their families. Mastin Ls connected with th Coca Cola offices in San Dieg while Gilbert is with the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. Mrs. Rogers will be away three weeks. Dr. and Mrs. L. I-Iowlon spent three days in Little Rock this week attending the annual convention of the Arkansas Dental Association. They plan to leave Sunday for St. Louis for the Missouri Dental Convention which convenes three days of next week. Dr. and Mrs. Morris Nickol and Dr. George Cone also attended the Arkansas convention. Clarence Grigsby of Pine Bluff spent the week end hero with Mrs. Grigsby and daughter, Peggy Lou. Mr. Grigsby is with the Trotter Motor Company In Pinr Bluff. Mrs. G. B. Segraves Jr. is a patient in the Methodist Hospital in Memphis. Mrs. Russell Crockett is also a patient in the same hospital. with The KING'S MEN IRIS ADRIAN DON DOUGLAS JUARJORIE GATESON Original Serein Play, Robtrt Uti ana Frtd Rinaldo, Arthur V. Janti and Dorcai Cochran Dirocled by HAROLD YOUNG Producer. JOSEPH G. SANFORO A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Fox News & Comedy. rell. E. R. Smith Jr., James H bookkeeper in a large department jCavencss. Comer Garrison, Odis store in that city. iH. Buggard. Franklin A. Patterson. Frank Wilks left Sunday for R °>' T. Foust. Frank A. Estes. Ned Turner Field, Ga., after spending a 10 day furlough here with l;Ls Frazier. Eulas Harris. Charles H. Blair. Willard W. Franklin. Joseph mother, Mrs. Agatha Wilks. and! A - Fields. Charles C. Gray. Erby other relatives and friends. |L. Hood. Howard Brewer. Vcrnon Ralph Pettinqill of the Farmi Himl - Oscar Oswalt, David N. Security office here had as his tCooprr. Fred N. Sa'.iba. Woodrow tant hostesses. Chairmen of Standing committees for the year were appointed as follows: Mrs. Rayc/ Stroud, education; Mr.s. Lavonia Latimer. finance; Mrs. Nell Cunningham, health; 'Mrs. Wallace Hulbcrt. international relations; Miss Laura Belle Shcp- ard. legislation; Miss Jewel Williams, membership; Mrs. Margaret Badcr. program coordination; Miss Ernestine Wilks, publicity; Mr.s. parents in this' city, and his Wife i before leaving a t 2:15 o'clock by guest this week, his father of Benton, Mo. W. Franks. James D. Morris. Twenty-eight negro registrants Clint Murphy left Wednesday!' 11 " 0 scheduled to loave Monday for Portsmouth. Va.. where he is have boon instructed employed in the Navy Yards. Hcl l ° Deport at the at 1 had spent the past week with his | o'clock for last minuto instructions Lloyd Rogers, public affairs; Miss at Portaceville. I special bus. thc home of Mrs. Ed L. Quinn Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Quinn used snapdragons and larkspur in decoration of her home. The club prize went to Mrs. IT. J. Hale with Mrs. Wade Quinn receiving the guest award. * n •> Gives Huffrt Supper Mrs'. E. S. Driver was hostess to the senior class of Osceola High School with their sponsor. Mr.s. C. L. Moore, for a buffet supper and informal evening of games and music in compliment to her daughter. Miss Flavin Driver, a member of the class. Carrying out the class colors, crd WARNING OHDEIt In the Chancery Court for tin Chicknsnwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Thclma Greenwood. Plaintiff, vs. No. 7803 Ocia Greenwood. Defendant The defendant. Ocia Greenwood, is warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, wtihin ?>0 d»ys aiul answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Thelrna Greenwood. Witness my hand as Clerk of said court and the seal thereof on this 22nd day of May. 1342. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. By Kldora Nca]. D. C. Atty for PHf.. G. W. Biirhatn Atty. ad litem J. Graham Sudbury. M23-30-J6-13 I^^^H^H^W^^BV^B^^BIV irz Barpaln Matinees Every Dmy ccpt Saturday & Sunday. Show Kvcry Niffht 7:00 liox Office opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and SOD Listen to KLCN !):00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 4:30 SATURDAY Midnitti Show 11 p.m. 'Iscy Live—and Love—Recklessly! 'Steel Against the Sky' with Alexis Smith, Moyd Nolan, Craig Stevens. Sunday-Monday [crocs unmatched for courage... History unequaled for glory I Errol Flynn, Olivia DeHavilland 'They Died With Thier Boots On' with Arthur Kennedy Charley Grapewin, Gene Lockliart Directed by Raoul Walsh Comedy and News Ncllc Lee Dorroh. publications: | Mr. and Mrs. Clint, Murphy arc \ Negro churches sind other organi- Miss Jo Juda. head o fcurtesy j announcing the arrival of a daugh-! zfilion - s are planning fish frys and j^ n d white roses were used on the committee; Miss Nellie McClana- jter. born Saturday night at Port- {other farewell parlies Saturday tables and throughout the house, nan. of defence committee; and jagcvillc. She has been named i and Sunday for the group. """" " """' " J Mrs. Raye Stroud. historian. The program for the new year was discussed, and during the social hour the hostesses served a dessert plate holding favors of tiny Bayonee. N. J., arrived""carl'v this American flags and nosegays of week to spend' two weeks' Myrtle Darlene. Mrs. Murphy before her marriage was a ' Miss Ruddle of Portagevillc. Mr. and' Mrs. Paul Lipscomb of Dorothy Perkins roses. * * « Una Roberts Lawrence Circle Meets Miss Gladys Nichols entertained the Una Roberts Lawrence Circle of the Baptist Missionary Society Monday evening. Eight members Mrs. Rollo Scott has beon quite with Mrs. Lipscombs sister, Mr.s. C. H. Stewart and family. Claude Stewart, Jr., who is cm- ployed in St. Louis, arrived home this week for a two weeks vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Stewart. College Moundsmen were present. ill for several days. Mr.s. Clyde Bailey had charge of Mr. and Mrs. J. j. Gallian and 200 W. M.lin SI. I'honc 2012 \\\c program taken from the Royal [two .sons arc in Galveston, Texas, Favors were small diplomas tied j with red ribbon on which descrip- 1 tive verses of the guests were written. __ , Other affairs given recently for /Vl/ JL OllJlC/\lhc seniors include the al fresco supper given by the Junior Progressive Club on the lawn of the John W. Edrington home on Broadway, and the chicken supper given in the Weathersby home by Joe Weathersby. Kenneth Sanders and PHILADELPHIA. iNEM—Pep Young, Temple baseball coach, calls college pitchers "breeze boys." "They blow gomes with their 2-and-O pitch," says the former Detroit second baseman. "College hurlers try to breeze the third strike by the batter instead of driving him awny from the plate when h<> is in the hole. "The hitler often connects." Saturday Mary, Givens. * * • ' Mrs. Frank Robertson left this week for Clayton. Ga.. where she will operate the Mountain View Inn at the resort for the Summer Start The Day With— 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by MaxCKl House. Regular Price 1 Ib. 25c 3 Ibs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at— Pickard's Grocery 1044 Chicknsawba Ph. 2043 Cartoon & Serial "Holt of Secret Service." Continuous Showing 1 . CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St Prices always Ho and 22e Sat. starts 12:15; Sun. starts 1:4A Night fckows 6:4t Continuous shows Sat. and Son. Saturday 'The Durango Kid" —with— Charles Slarrclt, Marjoric Coolcy and "Sons of the Pi oncers." Comedy—"Tuff Boat Mickey" Serial—"Drums of Fu Manchu," Chapter 10. SATURDAY Midnight Show Box office opens at 10:45. Sunday & Monday [HE GREAT THRILL TRIUMPH! Paramount News & Comedy 'One woman and 3000 men where only the law of the jungle reigned." — with— Sally Eilcrs and Donald Wood. Sunday £ Monday 'HERE COMES MR, JORDAN' —with— Robert Montgomery, Claude Rains, Evelyn Keyes and James Gleason. Comedy—"Tickled Pinky." Also—Universal News.

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