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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 2

Detroit, Michigan
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Sunday, October 2, 1853
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SUNDAY MORWNG... OCTOBERS. Our, SmJJ! A, wo pWbcfore sjkW-t-' J'M stead of Monday, rniDg. -The object of the change ia to Avoid Sunday labor in our oftioe. iiuk. in imiine a paper on Mondays, mure or less of the work has" had to be performed on tbv . ...l. i. r '-11 -IT. 1...... Sabbain ana such is me we m u hi a paper is issued on Monday morning. , Under our new regulaliuo, the only Sunday labor will bs performed by the city carriers, and tbia before xbe rising of the sun. Semt-Weekly Free Frees. The tri-weckly edition of the Free Press lias lsccn discontinued, and henceforth we shall issue, on Mondays and Thordaye,,the SehiWuelt Vacci'ftaae. The lri-y.-kly exliiiou has heretofore consisted of the inside pigee of ibe dailv. without any change of matter, and consequently on ooh side a large quantity of the same adver-Usemenw. The SeMi-VVmaur will be made up iu regular form, with a headiog, and will cnutain all the matter of the dnily, save such local intelligence a will have become stale. This waller will embrace not lea than fty Mlwnw, eluding foil comroerciar reports, and the latest news by telegraph and the mails. ' The price of the SMf Weekly Free Paw. when cnt by mail, will be Tun Dollars per year, and Tuk Dollars and Fif y Cents when deliver-nl to cilysobseribers. The sheet will be lhe same nite of bor daily and weekly editions, and we c:ui safely twairt tliat it ia the cheapest paper in Ike west. There are thousands of farmers iu lb-Siato to whom a semi-weekly paper is desirable, and there are thousands of others, citizens of towns und villages, who perhaps cannot afford a daily paper, and yet who want the news oflencr than once a week. To such we commend our new eomi-week'.y issue. It is our design to give this edition a large circulation, and we solicit Postmasters and others in uil pans of the State to act as agents. The low rates M which our semi-weekly and weekly papers are oilered, require that we should demuod pay-mem of subscriptions invariably in advance. To tboae of our patrons who have heretofore received the Tri-Weekly, wo shall send the Satsii-Wi;Eiti.y, unless otherwise directed. The Position or Geia. Cass. We Bud the following article in tho liuffalo Commercial Advertiser : The Detroit Free Press, understood to bo tho special organ of Oon. Cass, professes much wtisfac-tion with the exposition made in the Washington Union of tho subsisting relations between the administration and its patron. We ure In presume, therefore, that tho statement of the Union, to the elfect that Oon. Cass had given in his sdliositiou to President Pierce, and approved of tho proscription ot the hunker -in this State, wus uiado on competent authority. This being the ease, we do not see how the entente cordiale can be nuy longer maintained between our national democrats and the Senator from Michigan. Ol any communications tbat may have parsed between the I'rvaident and Cen. Cass, or.of the circumstances which lid to ihem, we of course kuow nothing. We will, however, state briefly what vvo believe to bo the pobiiioo of Gen. Cass. To those who know tieii. Cass wo need not assert that he has no opinions upon questions of public interest which he desires to conceal from the public, lie fully and cordially approved tho dvc:riues o!" Gen. I'iekck's inaugural address when thai, document was givcu 10 ibo country ; and the policy of the Admiuistratiou, so far as it hiis been developed, iu relation to foreign auii domeoiic questions of national concern, ho up-proves with tho salnu cordiulity that he did the iuliuguru! address. In this respect, wo believe, it is not claimed in any quurter that the President has departed from thu pnuciples laid down for his government when lie look tbc ouih of oflico. llcuoo Ueli. Cass standi, ready, as does the whole democracy of ibe country, to susluin tho Prcsi-di-ut. Farther tbau tin, wo have reason to know tint Gen. Cass has great ooufideuce in the iulig-nij and ability of G. n. I ir.KCE, and that he feels me utmost assurance that his futuru iolicy will be in keeping with his former declinations, and that Ins adinininlralion throughout will commimd p-ptovttl and support. Ia regard to appointments to oflioe, Gen. Cass doubtless thinks the President has had a most rfelicnte-dulv to wrloroi iw :-. J -- ---' dent ever' encountered, on tho threshold of his Lburs, a more diflicult task. Tho general policy of the Administration touching appointments thai, of regarding every man a democrat who voted for Gen. PiKuce, and who honestly und in good faith t-ubscribes to the resolutions of tbe Baltimore Convention and to the doctrines of the inaugural addle wo presume Gen. Cass coinuicods; hut that be approves wholly the manner in which that policy has been executed is not at all probjule. Appointments have been made to which his joil-nieiil c.innut k-tui its approbation. .Men iu socio cases have been selected whose free sodism was .uite too fresh and who had not fully renounced their heterodoxy. While tbe general rule adopted was proper, yet, as in all other general rules, there was room for exceptions and dhcriniina-tions. Sat wo apprehend that Gen. Caps does not sic iu the mistakes of the Administration m reference to uppointineuis any sufficient reason for hostility towards it on the part of democrats certainly not on the part of himself. The peculiar ninuucr iu which the executive patronage should bo distributed is of minor importance when compared with tho great questions of governmelal concern which present themselves tor the action of the President and of Congress questions of inomen tills import to tho welfare of the country, and involving the spread of the principles of trevduui upon this coutincnt and tho protection of American rights among the nations of the old world. Gen. Cass has not many years to live, and probably a still less number iu which to serve his country. He desires during the tiniu be shall yet re-maiu in the public councils to aid in the permanent establishment of those dootnues which shall eaure to the peace 'and prosperity aud glory of the Union. So long, therefore, as the President shall pursue tbe policy which ho declared in tho outset should govern his administration, aud which thus fur has been carefully adhered to, the warm, generous and powerful support of Geo. Cass can be calculated upon. Personally aud politically heus a friend of tho President, and feels no common in-terest in tho success of his administration. Unmoved by jealousies or heartburnings, ho only desires to act for the gcod of his country. The aulboritativedeeiiration that has been made, that in all cases where men shall be found to have been uppoiuted to office who do not fully subscribe to the Baltimoro resolutions aud the address, they wilt be promptly removed, should be satisfactory to the democracy of every section of the country. Iu the extraord.nary slate or things by which Gen. Pibkce was surrounded when be' -assumed office, no living man could have proceeded ia the performance of his duly without committing- errors aud giviug offence to - indtvide&bv "Wo confess thai many appointments have been made whichas an unwavering democrat always, wo exceedingly regret. But we religiously believe that Gen. PteacE has sought honestly to do thai which he ' believed lo be best tbr the country aud for tho democ-ratto party. And looking above and beyond the minor considerations of appointments, it is lhe duty of every democrat and every patriot to sustain the President in the. noble tShri he is making to adiniuia ter the government upon tho principles of Jefferson and Jackson. Secretary Marcy ou the Kott Affair The reply of Secretary Marct to tbademaod o the Austrian government lor ryparatiiB lahe matter of tha Kosta difficulty has been puhUsbed. WcsAall lay it beSae our readers in onr next issae. have 'nastily glanced, and beikve. it to be one of, th,e; ablest Stater papers that ever issued from 'our Stale- Department, i Tho oodac of. Captain i Ixgrauax fa!ly appoved. Tut Nsvf Gotkrsok or Oa-GoNTha' iVa- -tianal latetttgnetr, -aetujing :hig orgso f the ccootry, says'- if T'lallen'to'thelof had- iy. aoy- -tnhatSoiBy 6 VKe a better appoiut meBli.tban. Untt' of the -Hon. Joan W. Davis, of -inrits(Snier bpesier of the House of SeoM- rtiT!5ntorof Oregoa&naf srsj are glad ta see by the papers that he accepts the fice." n,i..r, the 'w oths thattGenTAVW occupied the tfg? '"M only tn,.iU'ne;SN,;t"a member1 of his Catoet who didnot exercise more "poyjembaa birhseH. Iu the decision .'f all questions in Cabinet council, and in making appointments to office, lie voter; with his Cabinet, his ballot countiog equally wit.t that of the Postmaster General or the Secretary of the Navy. His Cabinet and not himself were responsible to the country for bis aci. 10 wn a humiliating straight was' the old brought, Mi how was the constituUon subverted in lis intent and design. , , TbV Washington Union makes the following position of the true relations of the President and the members 0r the Cabinet. The country know only Gen. Pi as the National Executive, and that he understands his own position, no oiau has reason to doubt: Considering tbe relation which subsists between h. President and his eabinot. we deny that there te bim iwlitical wisdom and integrity, but withholding these attributes from bis constitutionaJvi- sers. it conveys me men - -7--- is but nominally tho President, whilst his cabinet constitute tbe real executive ; that the policy adopwd really emanate? i i-. while the President is the mere organ through which they announce their decisions; that tbe policy adopted by his cabinet may bo ruinous to tbc country, but lhat the President ii not to be responsible because he either lacks tbe intelligence or tbe ral courage 10 resist mutr iu,wu-innrn h'u cabinet UDon ft full know- Icd-o oftho sentiments and characters of tbe statesmen composing it. He selected them because he knew them to be compotent to give him mince, anil because he had full assurance that their counsel would be at all times wise, sincere nun .uu.w..-U was with no view ol" escaping the high responsibility which the constitution imposes upon him as Uie head of tho government that ho formed bu po-To sav that tho policy promulgated aud acled uin is 'the policy of his cabinet; and that they, and not he, are to be held responsible, u to insmi nis iuieiiiB"", ... .!.... 1,1 clolliv to tho eonstitutiou. Il will nnt do for those who occupy this ground to excuse their covert assaults upon the President by a resort to Urit'uh precedent and practice, ueuirni ; claims none of tho exemption trom rapuiuioiuo which attaches to those wno proiesc vo iu.. .y ... vine right." Ko has never skulked behind Im cabinet to avoid a blow that may be aimed at his admioislruiion. Whatever policy emanates from tho executive department emanates Irom him it has received his sanction, and ho shoulders the re-spousibilty ; und ho thanks no man for that kind ol friendship which Mould make him a mere supple tool iu lhe nanus 01 niscauiuei. " thoso who have deluded themselves wuu uie...e.. that tho President and bis cabinetdo not constitute one family should be thoroughly undeceived. Il is well thntthey should know iinuiistak- ablv thntfieu. I'ieroe is J'resiuent aejacw, u .e.. 11s il'jure, andtbatwhoever assails tbe policy..! the administration assails his policy, aud not that merely of hia eabinot The Condition of Cuba. wriler in lhe New York National Democrat represents the present condition of Cuba us the most deplorable that can be imagined ; the Span- h planters themselves abhor the yoko under liich they are plundered and imprisoned at the option of au irrtsponsime ami mmpoiu.) u-r"- ilad thev a native tyrant, a ' legitimate King, . u I, in iuleresl, wero ho lhe worst 01 men, imu leach him to he more merciful, for his successors nii"lil be called to reckon for hie crimes. But as is, the vice-royally of Cuba in a license to plun der and oppress, mi liliilam, lor a certain nuinoei ot years. The Captain-General must make hay while llio sun shines, a change in the li-nie Cabinet may al any time remove him, and call him back, to live upon what plunder ho may have acquired, for lhe remainder ot nis unuaiurui me. In ihcir distress, thu planters ami caucus 01 iuoa huve appealed, as boldly as they dare, 10 the Uni- 11 d Stales for succor. They witness our prosper ity, as it sweeps by them down the Gulf; they are acquainted with tho constitution which guar aulccs uur liberty and prutic'.ion ; they sec bow rapidly the Staus that have bw-u added to the ' Old Thirteen" have risen to opul. nco and dignity, and they iffcr their allegiance 10 institutions as beneficial and expansive as their own are trco- uleul aud narrow. Thk Mortality atSkw 0lss. Tlw New Orleuus Monthly Register bus nti elaborate n'ti cle on the moruiliiy oftho past year, limn which we gather the following facts : The whole mini bcrof deaths from September, 1S52, to August. a 1,000', :i iu.'i8 o,o oi.a.i... un der ten years of age and 1,JS1 colored pcrseu-. Of this frightful aggregate, G,705, or uot far from ouifhalf, perished from yellow fever. 1.. every ir.ouih of the yearexcept Miu'ch and April there vv re futal cases ol this disease : thus in Sep tember, la;i'2, the deaths Irom lever numbered OS, in October 221, in November ICl. in D-ceinbei 17, in Jimnary, 1S53, 1, iu b'ehruary 1, in May 1, in Juno -1G. in July 1.SS7, in August 4,7'JS. Dm mg tho same period tho admissions into the Charity Hospital wuro 16,834, ducliargk l.i,;i! I. deallw 3,!ISS, births 17B. Of the pcituns admit- d, l;'i,0i7 wero born iii,foreign countries, l.Oild were nalives of the Uuiled Slates, and the bii th place of 12'J wai unknowu. Goon Dcctium: Al thu ratilieulion ineeting of the "hard" Jern 'cracy in Jew ora on Jion- iav n'glithist, lhe following retolutioii wa adopted "Tbc loftv natriotism whiell induced Franklir Pierco to leave his profession and buckle on lln armor of war at his country's call, his triumph- nnt election while stlindinir on a piriform f well-defined principles, which cheered the heart and uervod tho urui of the national ilenioenicy for his success, aud his voluntary declarations on sssumiux lhe reins of government, nil give the assurance that, he will stand firmly by the 1 111011 and bv tho compromises ef the constitution on wnieh lh I'uion rests. Mistakes tu aptKiintmcnls 10 office tho most difficult of all du!ies---huvo not destroved our confidence in tho purity of his mo tives ; and his administration oftho government on the principles laid down in the inaugural address will continue to reccivo our zealous support." Decision bv the Skcretarv of the Ivri.- 1110R. We are glad to learn that lhe' of the Interior has decided 10 issue patents to pre-emptors on the Evergreen Bluff, LakeSuj rior. Their locations have been in dispute for a longtime with tbe original holdeis of alcie friin Government. After having beau in litig..'.ion i.-r a number of years, it whs decided by the U. S Court in favor of the pre-empiors ; but there ua fouud 10 be a difficulty in obtaining patents, as in making out the papers they were found 10 be dated prior to lhe passage of the pre-emp:iou net. This, wo Irani, has recently been decided in tueir favor. They have fought for a long time, and are deserving of the success lliey have met wiih. Their location is or. the same range wiih lit.- Minnesota, and but a short distence from it, and is supposed to be one of the richest iniueral locations in the Oatonsgon district. The Falcos. The Buffalo Republic of Fri- ! day evening informs us that lhe propeiler Fal con, owued by Messr. J. L. IIcko or Co., cf this city, " ran agrouud after leaving lhe Detroit river, en Tuesday evening, on her way doiva from Detroit. A heavy sea was rolling at the time and tho wind blew a gale. She got fast about mid-night, and Captain Woodward, en seeing that there was no other way to save his vessel, threw overboard same 600 barrels of flour and 00 casks of htghwincs. Ills vessel got i ff about t o'clock yesterday morning and reached hero during lb.-night. Tho Falcon had 00 003rd 10,000 bushels of wheat. The Captain entered protest here." A Nosii Example. The'iVutioiiai Intelligencer relates the case of an interesting yotiih ot about fifteen years of age who recently died in California and bequeathed 235 towards the erection of the "Washington Monnmeut. This noble boy, early inspired w ith a profound admiraiiou of the character of WAsmxcTos. felt that he con'd not leave this world, in which his career had been so short, wiltiout bequeathing something out oi his scanty earnings to honor the memory of the jreat Father of his Country. How noble, lion generoas, hove patriotic, and worthy of imitation by those who mo inore blessed by fortune! Coil Fremont. The Washragtot) Ercnins Star sa :;,(We regret extremely to write that -we have news her telegraph from bt. Laws, my ing thai Colonel Fremont lias been compelled-to abaudonWs-iontney cf eafdoration. to California (overland) and to return to St. JboaB. on accunn of the condition, of hia health," " fgjf'' jlsarshfieidU Msisusl,"t OB, xtow repose the wmainsrof trre-greai statesraaii. lA.v- . iel Wsbster,. has been, dori&g-the'nBsi summer,, xiuted, U. jb'said, by" rwtlirWthati 12,000 'persons, and the crowds still continue to throig the place. Officers oftheMlitolfJa State Agrleal.n- Tlie foilwingSss comp'ietelUtofthe offieers-br this ietelected si the annus! meeting on Tnr day jsst to serve for oneijrear from tha 13th'of.:De-, cctabcrnext'. President -Q& C- Msro of Hilbdale C5irr-H. H.BWITD, oHT County. Sterdary J-C Holme?, of Wayne County. VICE PRESIDENTS. John R Ktflioge, Allen, Allegan co. John Bowne,. Hickory Gonwa, L i Crippic, CoUwater, Brasch eo. K ilcMath, . Berrien co. ico Henti-, Mawhall, dlboun co. Jtui CiaKe. DowasiM. Cas co. Ssmuel .iibiuon, Sautbta. Mane, Chippewa co. David StorgU, iu, Clinton co. . piizr-prnld. Belleme, Eaton eo. L W Beecber, Genesee, Genesee co. V T Howell, Joneaville, Hillsdale co. Cvrn." Lorell, Tonia, Ionia co. Geo W Pc-ck, Laosins, Ingham eo. L ButterfieH, Brooklyn. Jackson co. CUa E Stuart, Kalamaxoo, Kalamazoo co. Rix Ilobinn, 7. Kent co. Robt Jr'ergnson, Dryden, Lapeer co. St,.pbpn Allen, Adrian, Lenawee co. Freeman Wobh, jr, Pinckney, Linng?too co. Micb;j! lJou3tnan, Mackinac, ilackinac eo. J Summers, Utica, Macomb co. K G Baiea, Monroe, Monroe co. L Cone, Troy, Oakland co. Hen it Penimver, Grand Ucven, Ottawa co. H S SliUtjr, Sigtuaw, Saginaw co. D Xortbrop, Part Huron, St Clair co. E S Moore, Tbrse llivera. St Joseph co. I B Martin, Sbiaw-W3 Shicwace co. C M Ubl, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw co. Tit iw tort. Dearborn, Wayne co. J U Simmons, Paw Pair, Van Burenco. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. J .iy R Mtmrt, Paw Paw, Van Buren co. S M Bartlctt; Monroe. Monroo co. John Starkweather, Vpsilanti, Washtonaw co. C V Green, Farmington, Oakland co. d v K Lothrop, letroit, Wayne co. John Miller, Adrian, Lcnawa eo. A Y Moore, Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo co. P K Locch, Utica. Macotnb co. C Dickev. Marshall, Calhoun co. Thoa Clark, Lapeer, Lapeer co. COnflESPONDIXG SECRETAHIE3. fili'ha EIv, Allegan, Allegan co. N Barlow, jr, Hastings, Barry cu. Thoa Love, Berrien, Berrien co. K B Pond, Coldwater, Branch co. John Collin?, Suinncrville, Cass co. (j C Convtock, jr, '1 Calhoun co. McKni"ht. S;"it Ste Marie, Chippewa co. J Y TaTnerBftWUt, Clinton eo. W R Martin, VennonUillo, Eaton co. It B Perry. Grand Blanc, Genesee co. I.-aiah McColluiu, HHladalf, Hillsdale co. ii'v IU1A1, Lansing. Inzham co. Kred.:rick Hall, Ionia, Ionia co. .) C Wntkin.-, Orasw Lako, Jackson co. K W Curtoniu-, Kulaiuazoo, Kalamazoo co. llenrv Seymour, Grand Rapids, Kent co. Geo Clark, jr, Lapeer, Lapeer co. i A G Kiiatmiii, Adrian, Lenaweo co. W A Bucklev, Howell, Livingston co; ChasG Avery, Mackinac,' Mackinac co. Ira II Buuerfiold, Utica, Macomb co. 11 G Morton, -Monroo, .uonrooco. A C Walker, Fanuingtou. Oakland co. Th"5 J White, Grand Uavon, Ottawa co. W L P Liule, Suginw, Saginaw co. Cha A L'0ini.-, St Clair, St Clair co. M WakiMuaii, Colon, St Joseph co. James Cummins. Coruuna. Shiawaasee co. W II Harridoii, 1'aw Paw, Van Buren eo. L Itavia, Ann Arbor. Washtenaw.. co. Abram Fisher, Redford, Wayno co. IjUI. of Premiums Awarded at the Fifth Annual Fuir of the Mich-ian State Agricultural Society, held in the city of Detroit on the 29th and 20th days of September, 1953. CLASS A CATTLE. Class ShorfHorns. No. fG. Ira Phillips. Borneo, Bull, 5 yra old 1st premium, silver raed'tl and 810. 75. Geo Graham, Lunelle, 2d prem, $10 101. M A Alton, Tcctmi3ch--3'1 prem, $7. 90. Cvrus Fuller, Livonia, hull, 3 yrs old and under 5. 1st prom, silver medal and S3. 118. D M Uhl, Ypsilaoti, 2d prem, S3. JG. J A Austin, Detroit, 3d prem, 7. 233. Samuel Blackwood Novi, bull 2 yrs old, 3d prem, 73. Latsbaw & Johnson, bull I yr old, 1st prem, bronxc medal and S5, HI. Moses Allen. Plymouth, 2d prem, S5. SKi. P. 1! (Jilleby. Tccum?eh, jd prem, $4. Vi. tra Phillips, Uoir.eo,bull calf, 1st pron Trans. :nid sr. 50. Jhivvey Austin, Jackson. 2d prem, S4. 17. M AlUm. Plymouth, 3.1 prem, 3.00 59. Juliii .SturUrtuiithur, Ypsitauti, cow 5 yra old :md over, 1st prem silver modal and 8.00. 13ti. A Y Moore.'t, 2d do. 7.00. 2d. Andiuw Wilkio, Detroit, cow 3 yrs old and under 5, 1st prem, silver medal and 3.00. 92. D C lilnir, Tipton, 2d prem. 7.00 2. Ira 11 Bultcrfk-ld, Utfcu, 3d prem, G.00. 1!). 11 Aus'inJiitkson hoifor 2 years old, 1st pr, bronze medal and 5 00. 7G. Geo Graham, LitsoNe, 1 yr old heifer, 1st prem. 'J'r:iiis iiil 5.00 77. Geu II Graham, Losetle, 2d prem, 4.00 'J3. D C Blair, Tipton, 3d prem, 3 00 Clasfi 2 Derons. 23. J KGrosvoiior, Monroe, bull 5 years old and over, 1st prom, silver medal and 10.00 33. Riley 0 Cone, Troy, 2d prom, 10 00 135. W H Wilier, Moscow, 3d prem, 7.00. 2S3. F V Smith, Cold water, bull 3 yrs old and under 5, 1st prem, silver medal andS.00. 05. J W Child. Paint Creek, 2d prem, 8.00. P1. U W fc G P Bennett, Jackson, 3d prem, 7.00, 237. F V Smith, Culdwater, bull calf, 1st prem, Trans and 5.00. P3. Chay Rtuipoiu, Kalamazoo, 2d pr, 4.00. 197 0 W tt (I P Bennett, Jnckfon, 3d pr, 3-00. 71. Laisuaw A Johnson, Eric, cow 5 yrs old and over, 1st pr, silver medal and 800. V V Smith, C'idd water. 2d pr, 7.U0. 1C.. o W . G P Bennett, Jackson, 3d pr, 6.00. 2S1. I-' V Smith, cow 3 yn old aud under 5, 1st pr, MWor medal and n.00. HO). O W A G P Jumicit, Jackson, heifer 1 yrold, l?t pr, Trans and 5. f7. J. W. Child, Paint Crock, 2d pr, 4.00. 51. Chas Ransom, Kalamazoo, calf, 1st prom, S5-253. F V Smith, 2d pr, 4.00. 290. K V Smith, 3d pr, 3.00. Nr. Hereford or Ayrshire wero exhibited. Thoy formed classes 3 and 1. Class 5 Crusg qf blood rattle. 5?. Wm. Canneld, Mt Clemens, bull 3 yrold and under 5, pr, silver modal and S.00. 302. I. F Olmstead, Sturgis, 2d pr, 8.00. 101, Win Ga?, Hay. 3d pr, 7 00. IU0. E P Bryan, Marengo, bull 2 yrs old Ut pretn, silver medal and S.00. 107. L D Owen, Romeo, 2d pr, 7.00. 7. Oliver Hampton. Hickory Grove, bull 1 yrold 1st pr, bronze medal and 5.00-279. Ivoswpil Waterni in, Ann Arbor, 2d pr, 5.00. 271. John W. Collins, Farmingtoo, bull calf, 1st. prem. Trans, and 5 00. 191. A Y Moore, Schoolcraft, 2d prem. 4 00. 3. Ira H Butterliel 1, Utioa, 3d prem. 3 00. 137. A Y Moore, Schoolcraft, cow 5 yrs old and over, 1st prem- s meJal and S 00-177. Justin Kellogg, Ypsilanti, cow 3 yrs old and under 5, 1st prem- 5 medal and S 00. 97 J B Arms. Dexter, 2d prem. S 00. 270. John W Collin?, Farmington, 3d prem. 6 00. 95. J B Arms, Dexter, heifer 2 yrs old, 1st pre ox. iced at and 5 GO. 10$. L D Owen, Romeo, 2d prem. 4 00. 1S3. A Y Moore. Schooleraf:, 3d prem. 3 00. 79. Oliver Hampton, Hickory Grove, heifer 1 yr old, 'd prem. 4 W. 272. John W Collie?, Farmington, calf, 1st prem. 5 00. ITS. Justin Kellogg, Ypsilanti. 2d prem. 4 00. HH;. A l Moore, j-enooicrait, At prem. s uu. Class 7. Xatit-cs. 311. Win Moore. Detroit, native cow 5 yrs old and over, bt prem. & medal and S 00. 37. James Smitb, Detroit, 2d prem. 7 00. 273, John W Collin?, Farmington, 3d prem. 6 00. Class S. Cross of Blood and Satire. 105. Robert Hamilton, Bruce, bull 2 yrs old, -lit prem. s medai ;.nd 8 00. '25?. 0 Botiord, Farmington, 2d prem. 3 00. 294. C G WbeeVr, Ypsilanti, 3d prem. 7 00. 276. L H Hubbard, Mt Clemen3, bull 3 yrs old and under 5, committee recommended diploma. 250. Leonard Lee, Armada, ball 1 yr old 1st prem. b medal and 5 00. 110. Z L Boston, Superior, 2d prem. 5 00. 99. E L Powers, Livonia, 3d prem. 4 00. 43. Calvin A Green, Avon, bull calf, 1st prem. Trns. and 5 00. 216. J L Stout, Troy, 2d prem. 4 00. 199. O W ,t i P Bennett, Jackson, 3d prem. 3 00- 120. X M Chi. Ypsilanti, cow 5 yrs old and over, 1st prem. s medal and 8 00. 119. I M l hi, ycsiUati.2.lpr..7 0t. oo. Jacic. jiui-b. i-trcit. SI j r.. 6 00 121. I M I lit. Vfi-iUut:, rov 3 jis. oil and nader 5, Hi pr..s!vtfr nu-dil and S SO 63 .S A Raodall. Xrville-. 2.1 j.r., 7 00 " :, Zit. J K St. J.:ha, Konieo, b-:ier- Tears old, lt"pc.T medal aud 3 CO. 125. DM Uh!. YisiKmi. 2-1 pr., 00. Vri. DM hi. Ypsilanti. hehr 1 jear oid,lfitpr.,6 OIL 133 D M I'lit, Ypn-anti, 2d pr.,400. 29- J L Stout. Irpv, 3d ir.. 3 0C. UU. l. M. CM YpMlaati. calf, 1st pr., 5 00. K5 l il rw, YpsiUnti, lMpr.,4tO. 25. J L Stoat. Troy. 3d pr-. Z 00. Class S -tror&ijre- aren, . i 21T. C W Own. FarmicgtOTT. psir of oxen ever 4 yrs old. 1st pr..irvr ta-dal ani to CO-SS. K M t' Pof-st. Ann Art3t. il pr . tOOO. II B iuw. KljiiaKo, S.i pr., 8 00. 269. John W Collin?. Farunaitoii, p&irof workicjr o-V.- "a, S tjs. old, commiltpe rtcuauna-tid; a. 1st premiuni-221. J "R Moure, lw rw.pair of rortlncoxra,S7rs- old. coniUHtM rrcoiamend 1 2iJ firemiuia. C?aa'9$riers. 22S. Geo ChunVriwa,' Bedford, pair of atsrs,3Tftir oM. 1tp;.,iQ 00. : 29J. S V Smith, OoUwiter, 2J pr., BaeFs. Tanners' Cvsopxcion od 500. 5)9. F Y Sjftilh,CoMttr,psir trained cMtJ,. 3 jefti tId,lstpr,30bQ.; . ; . .. f:"L td. John Staitaiher, TUaatvpaur ymc.olitttrf, lsf 00 ..... .... .. - - 1. A:L Gilbert, Curtuto oxic iu?er 2 year old,lt pr. 5,W). .a a, -v Classes l&tf- lfat caitic :'Aiu TAjIorvKjiiaaxoo, 1 suit hint, lit . oo, . . . . . - - --- .61. John SlaAtreatber, XpaUnti; lnM-fed stear 1st .-pr..s.oo.- . . . - ; ; -rj : .: 236. John Sly. QBtoalhic gnjto Traas-& J0,0. ".-V''-V i' " -i & - CiasslZ mU&toviu .1 . f T I " ,-, ,226- Chs.X, Detroit, Istpr. rifnr HdlJ&. ' t.O0'TVktmit 4) nr til.... T.a.:- 11 nuUs . 0. 1 Sli. Tim JlooWr Dtrwt,3dpr. SJO, vlvawinawai Class n-jeriSg SattU- , S2BSAviS,.3yi old or 5 0. 6 00 ) T t.Sl" J.A.-. Me. Mich. I).v 3 yrs old ir i-.r. 4 l'l . BBT Bioi.inl. fM,C W, croM blooJ orer 1 rr Old, pr. rainuitQl- -hilt be Mu of lhoiif ih. Miclmn UA iUtereJ ito competitioa forego. Clats l-for all icark. Wl fKI..i. . BU;.khvrt, ..jr.oU, 1rtr.foruBIW.-.!wolll JiT. Vf Henilrict!, iiintaA. il pr. H.J Horgta.trs 13a. J P Griffin. Clrston, .ullion 3 jr oW, In pr, A Kn-.pp, NcnltlisW, luroc pr. nti-1 iVOO zi: nrfnril. Romeo, m ire .uiliua 1 ye oi, 1st yrs old vita fOAl .t Tit. fitoCliir. ll""r- o" J" M- foal 314 Clitt iiik 0 if oU with fjl foot- J nr tUllor..nd J.w. th fSfAI-U. ""f"!'3 jnoH.lnpr, WJ 1 MoSib'., Utrnlt. 21 pr. Trju; and -M- 70 Jroe CwrJ. B-"i!, r - yn Pr- TraDs aud 5 '". ClaiJ 2tlrausrfd nones. 139 J A M.irsbil!, A'lriin. nJlioii 4 yr old or orer, lit pr. Hrermll.l MV). Ml AH Otii. Grw-olitfld. Ji pr. 8 10 "01 J Tuoa.biil. KaUmuoo llpr, oujtt oo tin hori 30"ji'il"n.I)rtr'"'.- brood rair. 4 jrr old. lt pr fiih-r mM.i ncd 13-JTbos Morton. Aln.-- .Hlhor, -.jr. ol 1. l,t jr 3 W. 304 J Duridsoo. Uotroil. st.Uion 1 vr old, Ul pr, 3,00. Clasi bjcks and Hiui&o. 2TI3 H Oardner. L.Kni, Siiiniib Jack 5 yn old, ilpr. Class ?,-blood horses. 41 Cilvin A firwn. An- UUioo 4 ynoldor orer, 1st pr.silv-rmediUod 11 l)err. Troj. 2d pr,TraQ.and 10 1)0 1 15 A y Moore, Sihool't. pr.-J. 17 P ItOancr JjckOTn. -lallioo Olncoo, took prerut-" uio ones, and ttiw-tiw cannot compte; lot com- Riittee reciMiiut-Mi'lc: irt nnuni 20? C W llrwi. furininsrwn brood mare 4 yr old or over, lflt pr, su.or iuw. . .... -1 r.r. IraiMi od 10 OO. iOT llotert PurcJll. Sttioi.ler.fc. 3d pr, Youatl : and 5 00. 313 P U Carter. Jactson, J y mu lt pr, br. llrlJT Utpr. TraD BOd K.CI , ICS D SI Ubl. Ypmlanti. uiare 1 vr old, l..t pr. Trana aud b.OU 4 Silas B.ile. ?ontll Koialt' . Mafls, stallion (foreiyol 1.x 5 .-, llallidav.W' L uornwan, i ,2d pr. Trans, and ll) W Class matched and single horses. i Sll Ilalp. South Itoyaltor.. Mass., 31 pr, .i 00 ia, I.. R vi.utt,. Ann Arbor. nan ili'bdd Iiorsos 4vr. old. Ul pr., and 10 00 "JT 'rt'ni S Manin, Vp..i!anti, span of matcbed boraes " tivraold. ilpr,brooJeiiid.ilaiidC00. 13 Win Ui-trt. Kalamaao". .pan of nialched hoMM, 4 a.,d r, vr-. old. 3.1 pr.- Tram, and 10 00. Grow San.-r. V yiUvu. m awuto ojr. oiu colt.-, iatpr, 1000. 20G. ' nrain Andre. "'."'JS"'"' r"J "' "97. J I. Korison. i psiiaiiii, .' i" - - J. Knutus Wttl, BUJ. Crjef. iSle hotM, 4,ra old, 1st pr , silver medal and 5 Ou. 171. Kol.l Pnreell, Sclioolcralt, . vr. pr., ouatt and 0 00 , ... , ,., , . 1S2 John Storkdale, 1 .n.naou, " ,eaio,u,n p,., r'011 ., .- i IT r..,nnlnn. nBlUntl. d 6 veara old.4tli nr., 3 00. fjotroit. do. 0 yr. old, diploma, tuisa a shuck "'J0. K inn:ii Class 1 long wooled aud their grades. 61 PLatIn-. Bri-, l.enefier i.uc., . jeara oiu auu over, 1st pr.. aiiver -. - t , 103 ' W -M. T U hennei.o pr.. xiaii.n. anu o vo. al Ban Harrison. Xankin. 3d pr., 3 00. 150 N.lliao Karl, r vnion.., "'" J'" ' K5 IW ; one vear oil. -Opr., d 00. 101 Nathan Burl. 6 UicHSter r, - yrs Old ana over, 1st pr., Mtver mwn ""; lfi:-. H Stone, i no.. 2d pr., .iOj 107 O W .V O V liennvt, Ja. k.-on. 1 JT. old, Ut pr., Ill- 17 Jo..oli Tvremali. (ireentield. 2d nr..o 00. .5 Leicester buck lamDS, 1st pr , 10 Josei.ll Tyreniau 140 K Stone, Eriu, 31 pr., 3 00. 611 David Browu, Detroit, 0 Ktiroaier e..umo.i, u.p.., lSJoacnh Tverman. Orcenrieid, 2d pr., 4 00. IsO K, iirin.3d pr ,3 00. Cluss -2muldle uoaled and their grades. 9 Daniel Wliittiebl, i'ootiac, a oovnii uo,.ii oui., Id and over, 1st pr.. snver uiCU.; v. O IV, Whillir d. "Ji lir . 1 raiiH. aou u w. ..,. l.iur Ctii-a.M,, nr.. 300 9j Wm H Lester, l :tiva. oinb tfown biu'k,lBt pi 00 6 Dnviel Wbltaeld. I'outiae, 0 eo't-h ' es 2 yrs oWai.aovcr.Jstpr., suvvrtilcuaia u. .in T. ,...n. ;r,.nl,l. 2d t,r. toy Daniel InlCeld. 6 Solltiidown ewes, 1 jr. old, 1st pr 02 Win 11 Lester. L'tiea .2.1 pr o 10. Vl'. 11 I ,.slr. I. I l- 1. IJ Cl.llIllUUWU ......... 1st nr :. 00. S Daniel Wlntfi-ld. Ponliac, tid pr 4 00. 7 Daniel Wbitneld. I'onliac.f, eive Umbs.lst pr :.0n. Class .i-.-cjAim-.a .ilcrinos anu met, iiu.. 4i lleiij IVekbain, fauna, Spanish buck 3 yra old, 1st or silver melal .ml -' 00 ItA lliiam Smith, Homer, 1 Silesiao do, 2d pr lraos 14l"jno Sl'arkweatber, Vpailaoti , SpanUh buck 5 jra old. oil nr i 00. .., , 49; Beoj Peekbam, J'anna, tpanisli uucft, i yr oio, 1st pr meaal anu a eo. 126 Hirau. Sinilli, Homer, Silesian buck, 1 yr old, Al pr .100 143 John Stnrkeatbor, Ypsilanti. Spanish lurk. 1 yr old; 3d pr 3 Ou. , , . 126 H smith, Homer, Silesir.n buck lamb., lit pr, 50 It Veckliara, I'arina, j Spanish buck lambs, 2d pr 4b0. . ., , , , , 52 Jno K Godfrey, Parma, Spanish owes 2yrs old.lst or silver medalaud i. 00. 14 O W Whitney. l!tica. pr a 00. 157 Nathan Dic.lo.von, Home, -'ird pr ,'. 00. 127 H dmitb. Homer. 5 Siieaian awes 2 yrs old, lat pr, silver uieoal ami 6 00. U4 Jno stockdale, Yps, 5 Spanish Merino ewes, 3d pr, 12$' H Smith. Homer, a Silesian owe lambs, 1st pr, 6,00. 51 II licekb in., l'rio i, i) Sp-niisb ewe lambs, 2d 1 1. 4.U0 Ca 4 French Merinos and their grades. 73 John Urewer. Superior," Vreuch Meriuo uuck -l yrs old, 1st pr. silver ineilal and 10 Ira II llntterttelil, UticB. 2.1 pr, Trans and o,00. 72 John Blower, superior, :-t pr, 3X"0. (l ,1,, do do b buck lambs. 1st pr, , -,.00. 11 Ira K Hut'.erfield. Utica. 2d pr. 4 00. 12 Payne K Leech, Htiea, 3d pr,3 ( 76 Jno Urewcr. Superior, 6 ee lambs, Ut pr, o,00. 1U2 Geo W Hale, Vps . al pr.4,0O 13 Pavne K Leech, Utica. 3d (.r, 3 00. 203 J H Renton. ft Huron, b ewes 2 yrs old and over, Ut pr, silver luedi.1 .Hid 6.00. 74 Jno Bre-eer, Sllli.-ri.ii-, 2d pr, o.OO .... , lsS n Dickinsou.-ltoineo. 3J pr Aineriean Sncpnerd and 3 00. Class 5 S'tirons and their grades. 106 Geo tlluninersh. Iloval t ak, buck 2 yra old and over, lsi -,ir. silver m.-'dal ai.d 6.00. 07 J 1" llilleli.Suarun. 2.1 pr, Trans and o.OO ; 3d pr, osfj L' Gillelt. buck 1 vr old. 1st pr,6,00 ; 11 pr, 3,00. iOO Geo lilmnbergh. Kftyal Oak. :td pr. 2.&0 64 J P Gillelt. Sharon. & ewed 2 yis old or over, lstpr, Silvermea3l and 6,00. 66 J P Giilett. 2.1 pr. p.w. 00 do 6 ewesl yrold. Utpr, Silver medal and 6 00 ; 2d pr. 6 00 ; 3d pr, American Shepherd and 3,00. till J p Giilett. 6 bock lambs. 1st pr. 5.00. 70 do 6 eu-e lambs, Ut pr. 5.00. Class 6Xalircs. 163 Mathcvr Earl. Plymouth, 6 eives 2 yrs old, 1st pr, silver medal and 5.00. 22 Jos Tjerman. OreenSe'id. do3yrsoid, 2d pr, Trana and 5,00. , Class 1--Fat Sheep. 452 Nathan Earl, Plymouth, 1st pr 3.00. Class S Foreign Sheep. 144 Jno Starkweather. Yps, long worded buck. 5.00 142 Jno Starkweather. Yps. Spauiih merino buck. 6.00. 14 C W Wbimev. Utica, 6 Spanish ewes, lot pr 5,00. 73 Jno brewer inpenor. Ttc:h h buck. 5.00. 203 J H Benton. Pt Huron. French ewes, ji,00 70 John Orew-er. Superior, 5 French buck lambs. 5.00. 15 0 Whiting. Utica, 5 French ewe lambs. 5.0o. will be noticed, are all Micbigau sheep. who entered into competition with ioreico. SAVIN E. 102 F W Backus, Detroit. Berkshire toar, or rocuai and 5.00. . 101 1' W b'ackus. Berkshire breeding sow, br medal and 5.00. 1(H WV Itackiis, lot Berkshire pic. 02 G Knapp. Aibiou, Leicester 6o, , o,C0. . brass medal and 6. o. y9 Wm R Boberts, -rade boar 2 yn old 1st nr. br medal and o:bu iy Linus Foote, KeLsicgton, 2d prbr medal anddoo. 130EH Cressy. l'roy, grade bosrl jr old. 1st medsl and 5,r0. S3 Jas Uollev.. Napoleon, 2i medal and 3.00. 140 A H Otis, Greenfield, breeding sow2yrs old, 1st pr, br medal and o.OO, 103 i W Backus, 2d pr 3.00. 147 A H Otis, Greenfield, lot of pigsover 4 mont&s ana under 10. brans medal and S.00- 14S U O Jubb, Detroit, China sow and piss recommena-edior prsmium. , . , 27 Lansing JeOT- Bethany. N , Suffolk ow months old. recommended for premium. . 2s Lansing Jenny, Leicester hoar 5 months oiI. recommended for premium. POUITRV. 115 Dr M Freeman, Schoolcraft, best lot Cochin China fowls, 3 00. 46 Benj Peckham, Parma, best lot Shanghaes, 3 00. 120 Dr Freeman, best lot Dorkings, j OU. 135 Princo Bennett. Ypsilanti, best lot Poland?, " '300- " ' 122 Dr Freeman, best lot Bants?, 3 00. 135 X A Prodden. Ann Arbor, best lot Chittagoaga, . '3 00. - . . - , 116 Dr Freeman,hest lot cross breed. Dominica ano Soangb&ft, 3 00. . , 165 Wm lludson, Iia'mtramcl, for best variety, SOU. -- .. 33 A A Gardner. Xortbville, 2d test lot Cochin Cbma., 2 00. 54 JW Child?, Paint Creek, 2d best lot Shanghais', 2 00. 1 Francis Leslie. Dearborn. 2d best lot Dorkingi, 2 00.- ,. J55 Win Cook, Detroit, 2d ben k Bantams, 2 00-117 Dr J?renan, Schooled 31 'best lot Chitta- -'---EODgsOO. ---' 119 Dr Freeman, 2d test lot cross breed, spscfclo-i Cochin China and Dorking, 2 00. 130 AT McReynoWs, Detroit, -2d best variety, 2 00. IkSirxmsh'.SthocAcnit. beas4 larsest oollee-tioa.of fowls raised by exhibitor. 5 00. 154 F Leslie. Dearborn, best let blektarkeys,3 00. ISO C W Wuiinev, Shelby, best lot white mrkeys, A JJtfe I'-,.'-: ,--t-.t..-..-- 172 Wm Hudson, Hamtramck, best lot large docks, finisonr test ft small dneisj 3 00. 2 ; F Leslie, Dearborn, best lot Guinea. Xowb, 3 00. 129 F lesliey be lot gray geese, 3 00. 164;'Wm Hudson, Hamlramck, best lot lea fowls, .' '-' 4300." '. '-- - 1T9 C-W Whitney.' bet lot wiH tnrSeys, cajnmit- '- '-'.;-,''resiatueaded premhup. " ti ' . .-CbBaiaittM'reajme&dBcl premiam'-fio ai "turkey JfoapS.Po'"cnn4!jlrci;""; .. ? I921)r"Treemin; Bei!craf( "pair whjla svrtBi, , lecomrsejKiexl for prtmiara. Class C Faum iMKExerra. i 73 -H WJLn!rer3nil,lilV'f.irui'iir8o1-;lil,;5ra. .... i - nn v.-v. .v.-: 82 -Ponlib'nJ OsMfeldi'Ptfoi,'l Jm feW- I OC P V Parker ft BrO. Jlrlt..O ; 1 1 Waiter Chester, iKra corus-aus iruucr? o w. ;j 1 J I Wi'jon, Jastson, oest ccni-eos cruinvr, 5C0. i i T7 n..nfnr.h nn.vt. b.t straiv cutter, o w. 75 C A Crarr, Columbia, best hone-rake 5 00, 4 J S Gav, Dorujt:, nest runerior Senerai ui, 5 00. Jn Diortebake, Detroit, best rmg Imneas, dip ami 2.00. D 0 W S PenfieW. Detroit, bt thtiro 2.00 F F Parker i Bro, Detroit, belt cheeso pnr?s. 2.00. p r Amnion. Vno best Praia cradle, - w. 67 John Ilawhjris, ScuthfielJ, bejt doi irriae-iioJ broora5, 2.00. 30 Jasper Thomas, Geneseo, III, best beehive, 3.00. 77. Piatt Adams, Detroit, gig harness, premium recomineij'ieJ. 59 R E Chase, Three Riven, siog'.e harness, pro- mium recoramcatieil . 1 Williams i Buckley, Bellartlle. K , screw an4 lerer choeio press, prem recomuieudeci. Class 3 1 John HanforJ. Dettoii, threshing JIachmo, 1st pr. 10.00. 5. Jno Hancock, plow, Pm re,;- 15 P Latshair, Erie, stool plow, prem rec. 16 11 HivilanJ, Aon Arbor, irtcit drill, 1st pr, 5 00. 17 John U P.aoeh, Monroe, corn sheller, 1st pr, 2.00. IS G D R Hoiie. Hittelale, srass seed sower, pr reeorameoJed 26 DO.tWSPenoelJ, Detroit,a XoCplow.pMui ; D 0 i W 5 PenSeld, cast iron road scraper, prem reo. PenBclds, com and seed planter, hand or horse power 5.00. Pen6elds, dog power for churns, prem rec. PenGelds, sheep power for chums, prem roe. Penfields, hydraulic rams, prem rec. Penfields, vegetable cutter, dip- do do do sausage stuuer. pr rec. Sausage meal cotter, pr rec. garden enaine, pr rec corn cultivator, pr rec. chain pump, rigged, pr sec. apple paring machine, pr rec. two oortable cider mills and cheese do do do do press combined, Hicock's patent, 1st pr dip and 5 00. 52 do Eagle plow No 74, pr rec. 55 do Emery A Co.'s thresher and separator, 1st pr, dip i 10.00. 56 do Emery's ,t Ci's portable circular saw mill for wood. 1st pr dip and 5.00. 57 do Eiuery aud Co'i one-horse power, pr rec. 53 Wilard 'Fisher. Brockport, X 1, .Seymour, Morgan's i Co's reaping machine, 2d pro 0(1 63 J A Flowers. Pontine, wheel cultivator, Ul or, dip nnd 2.00. 66 John Daincs, Birmingham, draiu tile, 1st pr 3 00. 69 John S Wright, Chicago. Ill, reaper, mower and automaton rakor, 1st pr dip and 10,00. 70 Elliot Harrington, Xorthville, double plow or jointer, 1st pr, dip and 5 00, 92 F F Parker i Bro, Detroit, lap furrow plow, pr rec. 97 F F Parker & Bro, clover huller, pr roc. 99 do do cultivator, pr rec. 100 do do vegetablo cutler, pr ree. 103 Daniol P Willcol, Tompkins, apple und poach parer, pr roe. ICouciuded in our nest frgp Dr. Co, speaking of persons who profess to do a great deal for religion, wilbmit reall possessing any, says they resemble Noah's carpenters, who built a ship in which other people were saved although they were drowned themselves. rjg Business is brisk al lhe Philadelphia Navy Yard. The United States steamers San Jacinto and Kultun ore repairing lliere, and llie Cyalte is daily expeeli-il. gSfllon. Cnas. GavAniiE, toriu.erly United Stales Senator from Louisiana, is an independent caudidate for CoDgresa in the New Orleuus (lis triot. 5g- At Springlield, iMassachusi-tis. a lady sent the following vulunleer totisl, ' Spruce old bachelors, the evergreens of society." Mr.Du Gk.u'i', the reul western railroad eontracHT, Iras dunaled SI ,W)0 '.ownnia tlit-coiiiileliou of lhe Cloy inuouiin-ii;. The .Stale debt of California, on lhe 'JOlli ultimo, amounted to S3,3 10,2:12 t u( v.liicli SU31 ,5S6 96 were contracted on account of war. J3T Daring the three days of lhe Ohio Fair, it is said tho rectils aniuiii.tcl to ahuui S32.H00. IS' From Jauuary 1st lo August 27lh, 20,-722 paeseugers arrived at Sua Francisco by sea, and 1S.0S3 left by sea Interebtixo Statistics. A gentleman elaim-iiu. t be a ' friend of the human race." and who keeps lhe run uf fads, figures, and babies, has jt ioid before an " iuouirinc world," the follow n ISJUSI lid before an statistics : . ' The whole number of languages spoken-in the world amounts to 3,064; 578 in Europe, 938 iu Asia, 200 in A frica, and 1 ,2G4 iu A merioa. The inhabitants of our globe profess mole than 1,000 different religions. The number of nun is nboul equal to Ibo number of women. The average, ol human life i about 33 years. One quarter pail die before lhe ago of 7 yems; and one-half before naebing 17 years .f age, and (hose h ps this age enjoy a felicity refused to one-hah' llio huma:: speciis. To evcrv 1,000 persons, only one reach, s 100 years of life- lo every 100 only six reach GO vears, and not more thnn one in 500 lives t" .So years of age. There aru on ibeeni-ih 1 ,000.000, 000 inhabitants, and of lluse, 3S.333.333 die every year. 71,324 every day, 3,730 every hour, 00 every minute, or ooe every sicoud. Tlies , losses are about balanced by lhe equal number l births. The married ore longer lived thou lhe ainM.. and above all those who i.hseive a sober and industrious conduct. Tail men live longer than short ones. Women have more chances hie in their favor previous to being 50 y are ol ae lhan have, but fewer al'lerwanis. The num ber of marriages is iu proportion of 175 to even 1,000 individuals. Marriages are more IVcquei.i alter lhe equinoxes; that i during the months i June and December. Those born iu lhe sprinu are generally more robust than' others. U.rili, and deaths are more frequent by night than da. The number of men capable of bearing onus i e calculated at one-lourih of the population." Titles. Io n letter addressed by General Charles Lee, of the revolutionary oimy, to Pal rick Henry, he. saye : " There ia a barbarism crept in among lis, thai shocks me "extremely. T mean Ihoso Imsel epithets wilb which we are ' bespatter. d : h:s excei-leuey atd his honor ; lhe honorable president , some honorable convention. This lul.-oiiie nausea tiog cant may be well enouch ailap'.ed to bulbar. ous monarciiies, or tn gratify the ouadiiliorated pride of the magnifidian pompcus aristecracies . but. in a great, free, manly commonwealth, it i, quite abominable. V my own part, I would as hef chew bitter aloes as becrammed with yoor e.t-oellency,witb which I am daily petered. Jlow n.uch more irue dignity was lliere iu the simplicity t'i address among the llumans, Maicu? Tullius Cicero, Di-cimo Brum Inspiraiori, or Caio Marcello Coneuli, lhan in his Excellency Mnjoi General Noodle, or the Hon. John Doodle. Mi objections are perhaps trivial aud whimsical, bin I cannot help stating ihem. Therefoie, shuold I sometimes addres- yon without lacking on yom exoellencv, you must not tsieem il a mark of personal or official disrespect, but the reverse." General Lee would find in the present age abundant materials for his tatirical pen: We seem toiave more than made op for the loss ul noble titles by the abundance of others within the reach of republican invention. We have not given up the title of Excellency, arid as for "Honorable '-' weare ail " honorable men." The nexi step will be lo confer the title of Excellency and Honorable on lhe wives of Presidents and Judges; for why'sboaid ihe fair sx be excluded from the benefits of an ambition? aristocracy ? A -Man with Tvtctt Wives. A man calling himself Dr. Wm. Hunter, bnt whose real name i, said in be Nathaniel J. Bird, is in jail at C-,m den K.J.,-on charge of bigamy, and various other charges. On Sunday! El.iabeth liarr.ngioo. . lailv ni Philadelphia, visited hint in prisou, and ascertained he was the man to whom she wa.-married on the 9th of July last. Ou the same dav he was visited by. another iady from Keueini.-ton named Mary Thomas, to whom he was mar-ried in May last. I' is ' stated Ibat he lias a wife in Riading, another t Wilmington, I ieia-ware, aod anolUer 'yet in Pbiladelpbia T),-prisoner is oniy about 23 years ot age, and, it stated, declares that be luis Ucenly wives, astate-iiH-nt which may be true, a? mere than one fonrth of tbat number ha been found iviitnn a few dais. Il is ailegexlTnst be abandoned each wife soon after marriage, 'sod -that -tbey never; .-heard of boat after, iratU his recent arrest. The affair creates lhe creates txciternent in Camden, and has iDdi-'eed onhnmense 'number of people to seek admie-sion for the pBrpose of seeing him. CHixot rst Natal CostJATS. An English writ .'-MMiriaaiV Neiseo had witntsKd the taw. review of the Ehgfeih Aeetat Sphhead, ' be would MM have felt a pang wbafoafor lSoae gio- i'Jiwin ridolxrVMiioJieri;': he more squadrons ataea m ioj-.;" &retxbekaaiait US ebeai ?smd tbsr ih'eBOrt Var wooki be a sharp andderiiTe cocyej-; aatiA rfeigbty-lwirie and sixtyeeigitealaliDigliJ possbly loaned cm near Tlt TelJow Por t Ih.aioutli. Bil-TioE;Sept- 29 rs,v.wib!i-h aisiresias atSbanMS lboe oed nk-t.-.k-nco of the velloMel pSf'f iwbi:a and M teeR; ,Ml M jM The epkletmo was gradoaitT suraaning isn river itlt i the interhir uf th" State. WaalllUjlloo, V,v,lle, aud Point Coopc are new potllta a here I he ferer has pjkiirrd. At Natchez, up ui the -'1st insl , there liad been 24u deaths from the fever. . AT SCW OMJUK4. , . .. . "KmOitiM'.Spl.K."' The tDia) nambeVTof defi iinifn4; UiejiejiJV four lo urs culins! this Vnorning, was 29, iuclmJiog I I from ye!.t.A- fever. AT UOttlL-C Mobils. Sept. 2S. .. Io'.ermenLi yenterflajr, 14-mf which 6 ivero from yellow fever. Ths Ciu.trsE iMMiuBATtoN The immigration of Chinese, which has been interrupted for llio l i.i v, r bv tins liarsh' usazo which they havetx- perieneed "iu lhe mines, is reviving tonrewhat if o nuy jod e fnim the numbers who recently renciied here. Within the past five days no less .than five vessels have arrived from Hone K,m with Chinese paenes. vii : the Lady Rafl'.es on the ltfth instant, with 55 ; the Veroncia on the 30th. with 150 ; tbe John Farnsworth on the -.Mst. with 42 ; lhe Ros of Sharon on the 22.1, itli S7, and the John X. G.wleon on the 2Sd. iih 116 in all 450. They are beginning to exhibit a desire to establish themselves permanently in onr State. Heretofore tbey have jeal. oujiy reiWd llieir women to accompany them. but bv one of iheir last vessels no less iiiau tivcnly-tliree fcina'cs arrived. San Francisco pjper. 1'i.csoEa Schemk sjTocritD. The conviction and sentence of Jottx S. Dvs, of the Bant Mirror," (or issuing and oirculalinn fraduleut carr.-ncv. w,vs yesterday anuouneed in the papers, rivi; wa. found" gnilly. Sued jiee humlred dollars, and ordered lo prison unless it was paid, lie manaoeii to raise the money aud is no at large. The publio owe Mr. Dickinson, the Prosecuting Atturnev of lhe Police Court, no little favor for the energy he displayed in oarrying the prosecution through. Dvb had all hia arraugentenis r-fi-ciid for pulling out a large issue of the bastard irash, but be has been headed iu lhe knavery iu a singular manner, aud boucel laborers and traders protected from the infamous scheme lo plunder them of their property. Ciiicinnuli Enquirer. TlllllST Nl CaSIIMEBB tiOATS IN SolTH Ca- Dr. James K. Davis, of South Carolina, ,, .., i., T.irk. v sumo seven or eight yean. aL'o. uu invitation of the Sultan, lo attempt the . ullivallon of eotluu from the best seeds of the Soulh. lie tailed iu lhe trial ; hot he brougbl home some beauliful Persian goals, which proJuce lhe Cashmere w,a,l, and Irom llieiu he is raising up a dock of goals which promise to be a valuable addition to our domestic stock, and may make his return voyage more pruliiabio than his outward oue was. Docl. Cuun, Would inform hia patrons and friends, that ,1,1 ..1, the duties of hia nroCasorship will requirehis presence at the Univeraitj on Tueadaja and Fndaj a of each iveelt througu tnewioiur.ue w,. i'. theeveninirs of those daya ; also, when adv isahle, in lhe morning before leaving. t oc2-lm Union Lodce of Strict Observance No. 3. a noowi ooniiniimojitinn of this Lodge will bo held on Slondav evening at seven o'clock. Uy order or V7. H CJ. OKYtS. See'y. Protection Fire Co. No. 1 The annual mooting for the election of officers ill be held Monday evening, at 7 o'clock-, precisely. Kecry member is rcioeBted to attend. This couinanv return their best thanks to Mesara. lid- ward T. Sherlock, Thomas Gallagher, William J. Wil-kinion. James Kenton aud ma-iy other friends, lor am ple refreshments at the four last firea. OLIVES BOURSE, Foreman. Oraveon LlshtGMrde. The regular monthly meeting ot the corps wi 1 be held on Tuesday evening, Oct. 1th. The reaolutiona laid o, er at the last monthly meeting will be taken up, aud as they are of considerable importance, it ia hoped tbere will be a foil attendance -Uy order of i.'apl. Howard. CHAS. . WHlLUKN.Sec., ES?' There will bo a nuuliiig of lhe Board ol snf tbe Detroit Young Men's Christian Asso-at their Rooms in l'hcenix ltlock, on Monday eveuing, October o. at S o'clock 0. S. CCSIIINO, Secretary. Uelroit. Oct. 1, 1W. '"' jSr"Tho subscriber has re-opened his spat-ioua .,.,1 lonifottable saloon under the national noiei where be will arjaln, a heretofore, supply hiB Wends with every variety, and the beet that the market can alTr.rd or tho seasons produce. His table win no con- l rnrei.lied with the richest viands, doneup ill the most exnuislte style by oue of the best cooks In the West, eneaited for the benefltof hia patrons. His Wines and stock of Lienors are of the choice; t kinds best brands, and moat delicious flavor. .nw WILLlAAl IIUVfJSI.1. N. It. Lnuch served up every day at 11 A. al. Solosioss' SrscTACLEa. . We perceiyo In all quarters the fruitaot the popularity of tho peculiar merits of Solomr.uli, spectacles, and are glad to hear lhat he is meeling with the success that bis discovery shoold entitle him. We refer lhe reader aud thoae whose eyes are sUocted, to the advertisement of Mr. S. in another column. The recommendations and con gratulationa which he is constantly receiving are from ources of the highest and moat Implicit character. sau24 A Curd. HoLLowAv'a Medicines have come at last Jost received a consignment of Holloway'l OelebraLd OintiuentaudPiUa. See advertisement in another col omn. For aale onlv br J. S. r'AKJLAND, Druggist,'. 8 Woodward avenue, Detroit. General agent tpr Allei-i- gan. . J' !Sy""E'.ernal noilaee is the price of liberty.' Twenly-five cents is the price of a bottle of P, try Da- ei. p,-n Killer, for aale br drunitiste eeoeratlv. el.) .ieesverti lllnt. 18lw2w T O T I (J K .-THE STOCKHOLDERS OK .v.,,,.,.!.,! atlniop foraQanv are faerebv noti- ned, lhat an iusulment of one dollar . pei.ahare. ha eeeu asseaaed upon me capuai nuui ""y!"!' livable at the oSco-'of the Treasurer slid :Secretary. luVitlsburgloutbelalofNovember.lS&a. , lir ordei of the Board of Directors. ' JAMES M. COOPER, oclllm Sec, and Treaa Nalional Mlmog Co. No TICK .-TttK STOCKHOLUbKS OK the Adicnture Muling Company of AUchigan sro hereby notified, that au instalment, of one dollar per .bare baa been asaeaaed upon the capital atock of aaid Companv. payable at tho office- of lhe Treasurer and lly order 01 me noaro 01 iirevvo... oevdlm 3AMK3 M. OOOPBR, Sec. aodTreaa.; ..r,l, Adeenrure Minine- Comn&or of Michlaan. Lake superior Stockholders pay at Cliff Mine Office, r-;ii;le Hiver. I.aae oupenor. NOTICE THE STOCKHUL.L'rJKa Uf tbe AorrA 11 utzm Mining Company of Detroit are hereiie oolibed, that an id.talnient of two dollars per .hare h.s been a..5tsseil upoo the capital atoc 01 earn company, payable at the omceof the I'reasurer and See- retsrv. m I'lttsbnrgn. ou tne lei oi n..uiiw , o-llv order or the uoard of Directors. JAMES M COOPER, Sec aod Treaa Xorlh Western Uioing Company of Det oit. . Detroit Stockholders pay at the office of H S. walk er, Detroit. crISim Water Woticc. Office op watsk Works,; nvrnoir. Oct 1.1S63. TI7ATER RATES FOR THE SECOND V quarter, from Ortober 1st, lew, lo January ia. laol.are now due,and can be paid wilhoutpercenuge, at tho office, corner of Larned and Bttea streets. Byree, of the Board. B ROBERTS, See. TVriUlllGAX CORDAOJi AJiU Lnimr. JX FACTORY. Alwaya on Dano, uemp. au. ... Cotton aud ManilU Cordage and Twines. Price, equal to eastern. '.""'' " ,JC2 Foot of Woodward avenue, Detroit. 2 A DUSKS' AND BKOOJ1 STlTCHlXG ij Twn oea, all colors and altea, ljil-ra ' tn tar a ttti Bf UTVR I, UTS anu aa,aA, av Foot of WwrtwTirt sie ACKIAAC WHiTEPIoH AXpTKOOT, in bbls., half bbli.'aol ;!'' EDWARD KANTBR, .Foot of Woodward are. B OOKuFTHK tvORLD, NO. 10,-AT rriHOlIl'SON'S REPORTER, AADOOLlN X Chart for October jus I received at 43 Woodward a.pnne. nnee ID eeota.- TSiCiSJSKBOuKItB f OB (JtrruiiJiii, iu JV additional pages, for sale at ivin- RECEIVED Tills DAY, PER AaiERlCAN Eipreaa, at the Sntporium of Fashion; tie moat elrant ,ct of velvet vesting "" STATE OF MICniOAX. CoonlJ of: Wsjneja. Al a ....ion of the Probate Coort fortbe eoeatjll Wayne, holdco at the Probate the city ol Detroit, on Mondav, the twenty sixth day of September, In the wio'at thoosaad eijkt heodreolaad Ilftj. threes Present. Joseph H. Baelt,Ifl(re of Frobtte: In lhe matter of the eetate of John McDanaM. deceased.; OX reading anc? fitiog tbc petrwm turf eertfled of Jcsi'ph Cookvcreditor of said easatej jray , among olaer thingai.that be may be Pftjd n.uuarV.tor of .aiTesaV it nereupm ,t ts orderg That Monday, the sevenfeeeth day of October nest, at 10 o'clock in tba forawoa, be sawgned, OiViarfai or Ud petition, aid thatab heir. , r Si.aaviaa otier oeaworrr Inter- estnj hi slid , ere reuairai t appear ai a fe-; m -of k.iM -Trobale-Cerrt. tllea.-tra be-aofalea at thej Probate OfBeehi' tbe Ktf- f DetrMt,.aod; .how cause, if any taere- be, war Use.jOTVer cfitto: peU-tioner shoali Ttle -iaBti:;s-i -fitrxaer. or. oTerw.tlat said petitieaer grMleeHo,tb pwna lnferJld-iii aaid eatsle.-o' -the eeaeaeiACr. aaaii peH-rtan and tie bearraarieVealV ftS? aOfJ,ef Ms order to teeaMaiSil ; t 1 1 e ajtotw riterprmlei.aad drdtSJiaaJB old Cvsntyot Wayne, U trae) ;' T 7 r BLi teat)iar aaia j- Fl ft TOSS WOITJitaQt,SailSBX I JlVlfj J. 8- PABSJUfD. SSailA nivUhta tlva eel Mc,ay BventiiK, Oclober 3, 1853, Will be vrrxmUti Slmkaoeaxe'a eetabraUa Trage- dw of OTBSLLO. Mr. Roberts. Mr. Nears. tago Othello taeWsMfiSK Kmalia..- -::irv.v."rr . fTt' ......:..lllaa LlUlaCantor. Song.. The perforecanco to:cODelpil with.theJ.V.aadetiUe. . . skcRKT WORTH KOVmia.1, '. ', , Thomas ; ....Hr.Fewell. ; . -lir." ). Brseberta will appear eo Tetsdsj eve- raicca op Aomssion. Privat Boxes,. .'............v. Drw Circle, Parquette, (Jallery Orchestra Chairs, Color.,1 llallery ,.Jo .. -M .. .. ''., .. ..:.' A IIS T R AX I A . PIONEER IJHE. rpUE X EV AXD JfOBLK BOSTON CI.1P-1 per Ship F.DWARO."lK.toaa berieo, Mas-te r, will eail from h.r berth, pier 12, But River, for POHT PHILIP, Aiutreilta,' on the Oth Ocl'o6eTtfirel". , A twelfth hiiof ibis Woe. tho BDWiRO" loo. of th finest packet ships oned in Boston; aha ha. un-saroaaacj acimmodaUous for Tirat and Meond Class MS-engera-and as she ill only cany forty in ill, ear Iv application is recommended. ' The EPWARI! auxswM br tb eotaryfl" Clipper Ship -'RASSnLAS," of 1800 tona burden, re-cestlv launched for th proprietora .erthls Line, tat SeariFea.) The Pioneer Liue was the nraaisl ia the onlv regnlaelyeaublishadHne. Tbe uuniualled aueeees vhieh haa alwava attended this linei a guarantee to paaseogera that most insure preference over all others. - v- tor ireigat orpaaue,."j K W. CMItKRON. aSO'm 110 Wall etreeu New York. SUltAK AX D . MOLASSES 160 hhita. P- R- and Mua. Sugar. 1110 bbl. ee " 10 hoves dir surer, -100 bbla. S. U. Molaaau, 50 " Syrup, 60 New Orleans Molasses, for sale, hy . E X'I'UA FUiUUTIkdO MILLS FLOUR constantly on hand and for aale by . ; atl T J. U1MCHMAN.... JSO Kowafd. LOST, OR AHSTRAC KROM MYi pocket, in the office or the Michigan leaoranee Coninanv Ilank. on the rorenoou of lb i!th Inet , be-.......... ,,.vi.v tvo nakaa-ea of Itank Bille, a great part o( it "Macomb C'onntv Hank , oue ten dollar Sill -Slate H.nk of Ohio " with the word "Klatrj" written on the back. The above reward will be paid for the return ol' the mnoey. and 825 additional, tr uie thief is prosecuted to conviction. JAMES COLLINS. Detroit. September SO. 18S3. Cirv Clkrk's OPriCB. IlitTKOir, September 27, 185o. OTA'I EOF MICHK1AN, CITY OF DE- 11 TIlfllT .. To Oatharine II.. Jones. Oliver-- Mi Hyde, Ktnlly Campan. Jno. R. Williama. Silas A. taeg,- W Backus. William HowelL Oeorgo oner. Robert Me-p..,F li.nui ltv,w,l. John Di.nlwn. ThOuias Hnrat, lleury J abb, admioiatrator eaUte of Alvali Kwere; or to any other person lutereeted to properly on Avwaier street, from the centre of llrlawold street to tbe eastern ..r S..ilwU elalm. belw.en CHawotdaod Hhetbv streets, and ,n Front etreet, from the eastern line of Caa yarm to the eastern euro oi isiinmni. You are hereby noticed that assessments ara about to i,. m.rf,, i,nn vnu to defrav the exneuiea ef ffniding.i paving and letting the cart tonei and eietalnja ta front of or adjaeent to certain premlaas or toto of land owned or occupied by you. respectively, wilhln lhe limits above meutioned-, that aaaeaament rolls bare been made out in the premises, which are on file In the office or tne L'llv or aam cut. wuarw me i..iu,,u open to your inspection until Tuesday, the 11th October, A. D. IS63, when and where jou may appear before the Common Council, at the Council Rnom, In said ol-ty. and show cause. if any there be, why tbe aaaeaament should oot be uiaae anu coiiecieu accoroius w -aWlOl HORACK K. RQltRRTS. City Clerk. QUININE. 100 OUKCES SULPHATE of Quinine, for aale hy J S. CASRAND, . , ' i, - , od ,1'.. w.1 lOAfY GALLONS SPERM. -WHAiitt; lSUVWint OILS for aale by- inter and Summer bleached and.LABD - eg Woodward ave. vfiOUiaAN OIL COMPANY HAVKON 1YJL hind and for ssleih anr-quantity, MASON'S SPKBM OIL, the best and moal economical oil,for horning and machinery. . . MASON'S MACHINE OIL, very cheap and very m- PAhio, lard, tanners', rosin, whale oils, sperm candles, ifcc , Jcc. . .- .l- Ollice-fJulon Block, Jeffeaon avenue, below the Jtf chanee. . ciuid : tioid : : , oia : : : . , :.i 0 NH HUNDRED THOUcjAN JJ l.ULU Paper Knvolnpea.all slice and at) lea, for. aale by: AtUl KEAilS iNOTIli p.vKiia.auatAr Ht)J ble for inviuilons, ball tickets, die . and at lower prices than call be found elsewhere Iu thij mar 10t S. D. V LWOOII & CO.', ..w Whoteaale Delvri.v- 15LANIC UOOKH.-500 OUlHBS'llLANK XJ hooks, on1 iiged, for sale at ELWOOD'S. s CHGOL BOOKS ! SCHOOL BOOKS ! ! Kierv kind used in tbe State, and at eeeiern joi ting prices, at KLtyvuvi, n. . TaRUGS,. ilEDlOIU'lUa, . -fAlNIS, OibS, XJ D i iKSTUKCS... ).. .i. ' .' so' WINDOW ULA Au rui-i a, . PATENT MEDICINES, - . PEtWUMKRJfA JfB!l :;l!a with many!cle; A ""Hj kept by, ohlnboleelo.ndetjdl,by--' ' nn.i nod nnsrer. BS Wbodward'kVe'i ' . Adjoining Preabylerlan Ohnreh.DEfROlT. PAINTS, JjO.AOO Xb! WHJTiC, LKAU in Oil, 1600 Its dry do, wllb all Ibo various classes of paints in oil and dry, with brushes, painters. articles, A ,c, for aale by - ' J. S. "AHHAND, : ; .,(, .os -Woodward ave.-.- ZU -IIBUS. LlaMSEED. Oil,, RAW-ND boiled. Tor i&te hy 3. S. FARRAKD, Ci U V BOX (id WINDOW GIJASS; Am tfl; J.3.FAHRAND, .;9S'Woorfwnt. ! HUGS AND MEOlClKWAKP.yHK popular pn'tKDt awiiial, with CIivnteAti. . . .. . l j ' j A'.r laaw..! anrl tnr alstll) ftV Hti9 J.S. 1,ABRAND,98yoQ.vy.ri.T D""YK STUFFS ANO COLOttING ARTi CLKS- - ' ' " Madd-ir, AJum, .. ... Copper". ; '' V I-Oiwdod, ' " "V"".'. Blufl Vitriol Coc)ijuol. ' r .. Culbeo. : - A f Mnr.861otioa.Tu, J ' NicWootl. ' ;li K3d Wood,' . .. Oil.Vitno),, j ' MuriUc Acid," " j- ,.''. Ann. Paartiai . 1 "' with all tbe article usually jfc&ti f or' o,?, lot Bale tjr.- ,: ,f -,,,! a- mawf, pOCHlNJGAL.-li3U C. COCtUNfik'L! "tei! hand aod for'nalt tj 'J'Sl'TAK'Ril.D. ''C8VooaitJ Tl Kit KUAI KKY A LAH&R' A'NfiiGESE Jt ral atsortmat on hiod, apoog which tol- lowTjnst: ......... " ' ' . 4(OUittIcinAlR01L8,ordilTtriil ttMna;mM Tnrrathar uvflli al Idrcrn auifiFl mwllt of SHATlWO CRKAIId. RUAYim '4c .TOILET flOAWj iu gxt Tftnetywlia nir Brafbca. CloUieaBnwbes,- Tootb Bniihej, &. . 7 Dflnftajibj ;j;8rPARANp. For aale Tholeaale aod 8.0 TTONEY SOA P CLK A V JiftS f JtOV-A L JLJ. Jnedal uonpy oaf , tj uie aouta or niDgn wi.. quaatiticA, for sale by. , o jrAiavs 88-wAo4wart1 am. f tlL'ClUllS..liLritClt LEau aCKUCf. KJ blea-' arlbnk nurwraoest qes! j rohl by J. a. tMEHJiHP, 9 weedwarJi OTKAYEI) KKOM irHE. eDbSUKtBEB O on fie evening of Oie: 27l. In iWv!agfra-Jtl. Depot to. the Falr Grounds, three) ear our Pa . .'. . . ,. . j ... t.. .vi..,,i..'1. - - and abort rope lied otf toe:, : ftte baa'a fall aVm.,V- ' - r.t MtUr! Any one whp irflt leave' tpjr tnforaiatloo r..ojt 4aal-. laalatUwTribttaembellJasj . .Oi a swaa.e.aiw.waaiww' rrvKV TiiOUtlAJiD BlajrVErTBOBPai 1 Wedding .v.lopea,:variVi T UoJ-TUla FUKKNOli-rJECK. I l ir-a., ii'iwr T,l,'-IIi3. 'frsn M Jaesea A. Armsirone at Bro lo"ICeraivat t(rto,r fiearav, rerthen. .f VBX .! ? "! ft porwaive ice aroe,, for sal. whole.r, .O A fc S'f OO'lSA- OOOD ArSORT- VJnient, saifaKe fee atoref,Mr T'jmi AHD TABLES-' bAtiGlVAaiBTjj I'Vjoafreelvedat IH.I4AK'i S'piUSG BKDA A.GOOD ARXlOlaB.FOB, alecheae f "j4 C&MB8iiCOUS Ofto Kltflri miT-can he found, ar at the aWttmsMstr -J f at ..... B0,A'miraeW8rAHk -iH tssrpera aisainu. iw ,kwwi,w-i,i,iu, i iAD- jK-POR- U"-ierft. . A .KTiUJR'ri MAiV2IMI IS. at'- 'tl&WOl'Siil&GAZQil wihagjpjjppett veiajowa. ; . X. note paper, of everr.aeaKWM arTPi,' 11 e :'" uriiiEiKSlATra BAIL STGABsl? rynByt Shipacompoainsr this Line a. aiaiaa.i1 'TIC. Cant. Vest. AHCTII UJLa.' ;.aswiatfawasssaeaaaaM lltwreewtrni nMd. kail inervtsrowraBoe a wo woaBieec - or naaaan Mm New York terllvareeoL la ahto, 61Su ; ia second eAb4evS7U.yaUcliaalv tate tremUveoltoN-aVyerk. xaaa'',?.! . Q. KOBKRTS dt CO., Dia e.ittaaanxaxa.-iaaa4a tfvnn awiwBi,v , -tr . - - Ko Notre oameekw vwtir,I !KO. H.D1UPBR. navre, e, Tha owner of Iheae ahit wtU net be teeautaHti, gold, silver, bullion, rseeia, Jewelry, preloatajrwljeli meUla, unleaa bills of laajna are alireed UaraluiaiMgl the value tlietwof therein .xpreased. aaspl-lri, i PrmSea York, 1151 Saturday, April la - . -Satorday " 3 Saturday, May M . Saturday, " 2S Saturday, June 11 , Saturday, "Si Saturday, July 9 Saturday, " 23 Saturday, Aug. tl Satatrday, " ,20 Saturday, Sapt. 3 ' Saturdar . 11 S.turdar; Oct 1 Saturday, "J... 1 Saturday, . " 2 Saturday, Nov. 12 Saturday, " . 26 Sktuday. Dec 10 Saturday, " 21 'FrmLnerao.ltm Wcdaaaadav. Awrll ,-. e . . . 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