The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1936 n me is Alfred E. Smith and Senator Borah Arc Potential Political Rebels BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Giant Spillway Protects New Orleans Front Floods Ily KYLE C. WILSON Vnitcil I'resn Staff Corespondent WASHINGTON (UP)—Shadows have fallen on three of the four outstanding national political figures and Iwo of them are sus Meted of plans to bolt or walk out on tlie Presidential nominees of theli- party next, month. Tlie Iwo outstanding Democrats of 1936 are unquesllonably President Roosevelt and Alfred E. Smith. Tlie Repiiblicuii party offers former President Hoover and Sen. William E. IJonili. Other |x>- litlcally potent Republicans and Democrats are, no more llian prominent members of I tlieir respective parties. A President's control over his own party is sufficient to insure his re-nomination, Mr. Roosevelt, Vi'ill be Hie Democratic nominee by formal action' of Ihe Philadelphia convention on June 25 or June 26. H Is n paradox of politics thai neither Mr. Hoover nor Senator Borah Is likely to be chosen by the Republicans who meet In Cleveland June 9. The GOP choice probably will be made from among the group of merely prominent men of whom Gov. Air M.I Liuton of Kansas, Sen. Arthur H | Vamlenbery of Michigan, nnd Sell Frederick Slciwer, of Oregon, are excellent and available examples. Tlie advantage lies heavily with Ijmdon. tlurah Prospective IJolfcr The prospective bolters are Smith ami Borah. The former has publicly .stated the alternalives he must confront when Mr. Roosevelt is re-noininatccl. Smith said he would be compelled either "to take a walk" or "mil on the mail- j ner of hypocrisy." Smith will walk, j Thu question interesting to politicians is with whom he will travel and to what destination. Smith has been.elected a Tammany delegate lo Ihe Democratic National Convention. It is understood that his friends are suggesting that he not attend. A convention packed with New Deal enthusiasts probably would give the one-time Democratic Idol a booed 'reception which would tarnish Ills memory of earlier political triumpivs.. "•Bui whether: SmitV goes lo the convention ami gives physical evidence, of, : hts,j)6lt i% by striding, from the chamber^or 'merely refuses to appear, he must .Vdecide quickly] thereafter to fight" or 'sulk, it Cintth 'decide:; to fight he may raise tlie standard of conservative Democracy and lead a third party ticket .into the field. Or, he may complete his bolt by backing the Republican nominee. An easier would, be to retire from Ihe arena, a sorrowing spectator of ihe great political'battle. Smith has not intimated what he will do. Ely Abandons Figbt Former Gov. Joseph B. Ely, one of Smith's anti-Roosevelt allies now as in 1932, planned n frontal attack on the New Deal in Mas- snclnrselLs. He hoped lo put an anti-Roosevelt slate of convention delegates into the Massachusetts primary contest. But the futility of that plan became apparent and it was abandoned. Smith, Ely, former Sen. James A. Reed of Missouri, and other anti-New Deal Democrats decided finally to postpone until after both political conventions their effort -to prevent Mr. Roosevelt's re-election. They should be heard from shortly afl- cr the Democrats adjourn next month. Silence would indicate j;ur render. Borah's position is definite. He is a candidate 'for Republican Presidential nomination. In tiiat capacity lie challenged Landon and all others to meet him in Presidential primary contests. Borah has told voters in half a dozen states that the elcclion of un- \VKKKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL l.MSSON— Jesus Inspires i;. (jiutov, ;t. ii. I'tUtor nf Advance ul .Jesu^i nitd /,(•(•- iiu- of thr mmi Inter- 1 1 \vurdlnu In all liier- Tlu-iv a iv two views ur in- tiiulltlonal or notion linn (lie .U'wlsli i«x Kii evidently become unjust niul im a iioal num. When lie piwlnuucd , j,, M is will come ilint on thai day salvation h:ul; heart and home culm? lo Mir house of /aref lie wu.s milking known publicly what, wu.s already a fuel. elrenimlmices ,„ im or s ,e PAGE THREE ~* —r* There Is considerable wamnil for IhU view. KutTliunis, In Hie went liiHH'sly of his declaration Mini thu! ll he hail tufcen any.' Ilihit! (aim any 111,111 by inlse accusation lie would resUire him fourfold. This was what Hie- Ihlei' pin-Hen' or colli'clliiii luxes, w required In restore muter n», Humane, was routed '"*'. und tfacchaciis virtually WHS limned inn. and ihe;•'">''"it. "If I linvi! luken iinvlhinir Slireji Overrun Hawaii HONOLULU. iup) .- Domestic' stii'i'ii Hist Introduced |n Hie II Hiillun Islands by dipt. Cleoi'i Vancouver In 1704, have increased to such an extent that tncy now itre a mcmicc to forest lands, Thu lack of predatory animals 'mis cu- »bl«l i.lic'sheep to t;et the upper luiticl of tin. situation. " "GROCERY OUH MHATS AltK AS ClOOn A.S THE 11KST T1IIOV MUST SATISFY Hlapln & Fancy Groceries 10H Chlcknsawba 1'hono Gi:i Thirty miles upstream in the Mississippi 'river irn'm [\v.v Orleans is .Hie Bumiet Cm re splllwiiy. shown above, 11 S!>,503,MO bulwark aaulnsl lloails siirulivj down the mighty suvain. The 's|illhv»y Is 7.700 feet Ion.;. It lias 350 tays. each 20 fun wide, separated by 12-inch nwm'te pims, 'in en 211 bay me "uoi'dle gates," which rentals the How of water into Lake Pcnlchttniiiln n ft;-r' t!ie IU.o;l stage of the city has readied 20 feet. A stretch cf the iirllculated paving which lirlps control flow is shawn at left cf the massive concrete lanlcr. with Ilii! specially designed paving below Hi lrcc|Uently by I'MorthiK more Ihun (milled to collect. to (his view, Xnc- ilmmiih Ids curiosity lo the Kavlur f1 "" 1 1XI1 S' " 11UI . IJ irti a thief." Mmilfe.slly, If his extortions hail IJITM Hivat, he would not liuve bci'n able to make surh reslmallnn: fa dial. It would seem thai '/.ucdmous was snylin; In el feel, ll!lvo slliv( '" lo llvi lo nun irom lil;i .sinful wnv.-i j / ' " '' 1U1I "' SI1 V •iiHM himself ,n B t| lk . tnu-:' 1 ''* 1 '"" '" y . I"'" 11 * 1 -' 1 ""- So lar us •- It was a 'treat coiuvrslon. j ' . k .!J 0 . w ' ' llllv |' wronm'd no num." ,, . , Whlcliever view vw lake, II was .Here's a Little Horse Play Althoiiiih he abhorred Hoover administration policies. Iloruli refused hi 1932 to jnfii other Progressive Republicans In campaigning against the Republican nominee.- If lliiiigs do not please him In Cleveland next month, Uorah probably will return< U> Idaho lo Interest himself exclusively In his cauniuiyn for re-election to Ihe senate. Meteorological Station Reduccdi to Hand Size LEIPZIG IUl'1-A sliliple nppii- ratii.s has been devised for recording atmospheric conditions which will enable almost anyone to be- ccinc weather wise. in foretelling the weather most people depend only UIKIII n ther- mcmcter and a barometer."'Tlie new device consists of four dltler- ent recoixling in.slriiments, a thermometer, barometer, hydrometer nnd compass ussemblcd In a container. It is [josslbie to observe^ Ihe moisture, the direction of the' wind, (he temperature and atmospheric pressure. The compact little tiietcoi'qlogl- cal station, which has been dcm- cnsdated at the Lcip/.iy Pair, Rtvcs Important measurements 'of atmospheric conditions at. a glance. •Trying for a new. altitude record-was' En Kfasr.e di-ring 'a lucent Jamaica race. Balking at the 'barrier, the horse reared skyward and little Jockey Ira Ihuiford had a longh Job ' keeping mounted' as the assistant started tried lo brlr.j the hn-se's head out of Hip clouds. The animal finished third after rft was quieted 'down enough to start. Itnys' KCSCIUT Dcconitt'd SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — Capt. Ncal p. I-Yanklin has been decorated with Ihe Treasury department's life saving medal for rescuing },\\o unnamed boys from drown- I Ing olf Poii'u'eRussy. The .haiiiJM of Lhe boys have never b?en revealed because Uiey told Caplah Franklin their father would give them an old fashioned "hiding". if he ever learned (hey went, swim mlii" in Ihe surf. Instructed convention delegates or delegations pledged lo "favorite son" candidates K a method of discnfranchisement. He argued that the regular or Old Ciuard bosses sought large blocks of un- hKtrucled or "favorite son" dele-! gales so that'they might manipu-' late the convention to suit their Jwn .purposes. I.amiuti Declines Challenge _I.andon reiused to meet Borah frank Knox of Chicago and Borah contested the Illinois primary but the result was indecisive. Borah already has lost his fight to compel Presidential aspirants to go before primary voters with their records and their stories. What Borah will dp if he both fails lo obtain the nomination and is unable to force adoption of a liberal Republican platform is not! known. In early" April he was ask- [ ed point blank what he intended i to do if an Old Guard candidate were nominated. "I shall be entirely free to make] up my mind then," Borah replied.] "I reserve my right to look over the convention job when It is done, and the man." I Borah would be even less likely than Smith to join Hie opposition. Mornnm Church Thrives HONOLULU IUH) — The latest re]x>rt of the Slake of Zion in Hawaii, Ihe westernmost American Mormop .church, shows a most thriving condition. It ha:; a sugar 'plantation, temples and numerous missions under its control. view hus found il:i In a .sermon by preacher, Robertson I'lils pieaeher, whom - as the til' i he liiiii century, led a i:mit |n-1 lunice in the published volumes )f hi.s .'ciiiions, llmutfl! he (tied H-, he early nge of :n. In one of Kemmns lio'x.'itson reprc- iuiidmeu.s us u man who wns iiii|iopuliir--as a Jewish c.iitli- ?rer ol Uixe.s under a ftji'dgn llo- nan iKiwir would bu—who was In lirefcsslon where he hail eon- stunt li'mplattou to enrich lilm- by eslorlton, and wlu^e re- nc'i' lo temptation was weakened by the fact that he had no deputation to sustain. Yet liuliLMlson '-epresenl.s 7,ac- chaciis. in Ihe face of these hln- (Iniiici'.'i, with his neighbors du- him and wilh such con- sliLiu enticements lo dishonesty, JIB. neverlhelc.s.s. a Just anil honest lite, rlsliu; nbove Ills lemp- tatious and overcoming his hlnd- ;iuu'i'.s. On llils view Jesus. Inviting Zncehaons to come duwn from the tree, made Himself Ihe guesl of 1 Xaccliaeus, in 1 vindicallon of u iilorlciis episode. Whether /ae- i chaeus li:»l been unfair in mim | und dlsreuiirdfnl of Clod, or whelher he line! been a man slrlv- i Ini! lo do Ills best under dldleull j elrculn.slanees. (lie ]>ower ol sal- "nllmi cniiii! to him, und he slnnds ' us an example of grace. r i STKWAK'MYAHNHU •REFRIGERATORS NO arONKY DOWN . "COK'I'S 1.10SS- 1UJNS I.1CSS" BROADWAY The Bank and The Borrower 'nil,S_|Hir|)tw(- is to curry 1 l)iisiiit'.s.M iiclivilU's Umt ii single view. I'orwiinl useful im mid dosurvo ll IH'olit ht-fiuiso lliiiy I'cntlw H puhlic si>r- vii-i' liy ijfovitlinj,' I'ullow cili/om will) ifood.i JIIUl KtM'vii'l'S IKH'tlu.l in (hoir dnily IJvos. i\rnliml rninldioss, coiifUttiiicc in 0110 nu- ollinr niitt I'nitli in (Ii,. puriiusOH lo wlik'li jtijmsi iire lo hi; put, I'onn tin: bnsis of rc- liidonsliips wilh our IIOITOWWV. With llicin WO I'WIoll !IK|-MMII('II[;1 JIS to pro|H!V lilllilil 1)11 llK'il- loilllK 1111(1 till! lillU; ,111(1 COIMli- linns I'or ruiKiyiiietil. hVum Uiotn \v« \v- t-oivo complete! Jiimncml .stutc'mcnls. To lla-ni wo (jivt! not only the mniioy Inniicd'. litll niKi) our lies! inloi'miilioii and cutin.U'i' i'Citanliii^ liiciil iiml niilinlinl (.•ondilions ;ii'- I'ciiiiiK (lioir Insured i!y 1'Vdernl Itepiisil Instiniin'e Ctirponilion \Viislili\Klni\, 1). 0. ?r>,(ll)l) Maximum Insiinitici- Vnt Much Di'jmsilor Farmers Bank & Trust Co. lllyllieville, Ark. IN THE HOLE " i:vi:uv DAV PHICKS Kodak finishing—any size 8x roll, finished romplcle, :iHc Post cau photographs, 2 for 25c or SI pel dozen. Stamps, 0 for lOc. Wylie Picture Shop Across From Roxy Theatre Differential And--- Transmission lubricants should be changed often— For they become loaded with steel particles that grind out gear;, and— Wo remind you t hat lubricants cost less than gears— —Let's Lubricate PHILLIPS Servir.e Center Phones 777 - 810 W. J. Wunderlich, iMgr. Your Water .. . . and Your House Cleaning Of course, niodorn appliances have done a grcnl deal to lighten the task of housewives . . . but a plentiful supply of pure \yatcr lias done move! You're NO used to taking full advantage of your modern water t.upply that you can't even imagine being without it. Think what it would mean if yon had to lug every drop of dishwater from it squeaking pump in your back yard ... if you had to boil every drop you drank to kill disease-breeding bacteria . . . if,_. but the list of inconveniences and dangers of an in- y.ieqtiatc and unsafe wa'tcr supply are endless. Civilizations have sprung up because an adequate water supply existed . . . and have ceased lo exist when it failed. The Blylheville Water Company supplied you plenti- I ully with pure water at low cost through modern witiipment and efficient management . . . that fact moans both cleanliness and health for you and your community. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 113 S. Broadway NO OTHER CAR IN THE WORLD HAS AI-L THESE FEATURES v«r-*/""'^^-^^ ^W»W^'-"'«^r'^ &/BWWl.*™**.*^'"**- hhltr, incrwt bearing life IX,, vy^fc'%?^ at no extra colt t Y OU can't keep good news from sprcnding-so llic word is out thai the handsome Scrics-fO Btiick Special is not only big, nnd beautiful, and nimble, and smooth —but amazingly thriffy (o booll One fellow, for instance, wrifcs (hat he is getting three more miles per gnilon (ban the salesman promised—why, nsks he, don't we print such important news? The fact is, we don't ndvcrlise specific milcs-pcr-gallon figures because you simply can't safely sel a figure that could be right for all drivers under all conditions. So, instead of following (he popular custom of claiming the world, on such matters we prefer to play safe and "talk smalf'-leaving Buick's really surprising frugality to he one of (hose nice things you discover afler you've driven one awhile! It works out fine, tool Owners ore constantly coining in (o brag nhoul high mileage averages, low. cosls on oil, long trips without a penny for service or attention. Call it our ace in the hole, if you like. With all oE its style, and comfort, and standout performance -at prices beginning at $765* list -Buick's a'winncrond its thrift is nil plus. Come ride in one and see if that's not the everlasting truth! • WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT, BUICK WILL BUILD THEM your •A GENERAL MOTORS PRODU'CT > 307 K. Main LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Phone 329

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