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The Louisville Daily Courier from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 2

Louisville, Kentucky
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Thursday, December 6, 1849
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,BF -WA&T&R JV. HALDEMANyy No. 51, Pearl Street, between Mala and Market. TERMS OF THE COOHIEH. pallpiper,$3 0)a yqafrrTr.-Weeklj paper $1 '''"Mp'$lTw''cbpTea for $6 aiut lO-tio SI 00 a. year Weekly paper $1-30 yenx o cop-w ir u um.. ..w,. - -.- ments, inaUcasei, to be.raiae m tuivance. . . Advertisements not eeel'nr Iwel-e, or leu, in Nonpnnel, in-erted for:$l the first, and SS centi lor erery subsequent Inaertian, F ,, .iT-rtropmfnta chnrd in nrorortio. Leadad notice in Pearl, standing on-second p'nga. $1 for erery tea ifow for fin', cod 50 cents for each subtequent insertion. Advertisements publiihed at i, terraia, vTz--msekly, sctni-weekly, triweekly, or monthly, nra charged $1 per aquar for the firet, aud 50 cents for every subsequent insertion. A Uberal'discount will be made to those who advertise by the year. r t,.at notices vhatewhaertdt Firemen'", Religious, Tem. narance' Obi wiry, and othcrnotices ol a aimiiar character, inserted for 5? cents a squaw fjr first, and 12J cents for each subsequent inp ertion. -ln connecti with the Printing Office oT this paper, there is a large BOOK and JOB OFFICE, where printing of every description will be exacuted on the most raas-mnble terms and in the neatest manner. LOUISVILLEf THURSDAY. DECEMBER 6, 1849 A Fhibnb Indeed. We are greatly indebted to out excellent -friend W. B. Kobihson, Esq., of South Onion, Ky-., for his efficient exettiona in our behalf. In a letter to ua the other day, en closing the money for several new subscribers, he B&vs: "These make thirty-six subscribers I have sent you, and I am trying to make the number forty,' This is doing pretty well, when it is considered that South Union is still quite a small village, and it shows that the good people thereabouts have both taste and judgment. New Books. The Harpers have politely set us copies of the following books: The History of the United States of America, from the discovery of the Continent to the organ isation of government under the Federal Consti tution. By Richard Hildreth. in 6 volumes New York: Harper & Brothers. : We have already given our readers our opinions of the vneritsof Mr. Hildreth's "History of the United States of America," and have explained, at length the principles upon which it is written. We have never read an American history with a tythe of the satisfaction we have derived from this work. Its cold, philosophic tone, its'analysing spirit, and its diligent pursuit of accuracy make it one of the most correct pictures ever drawn of the eventful march of a nation. Twelve closely printed pages, filled with mere titles of authorities consulted for this work, may be looked upon as an earnest of the fullness of the materials constructing this History. In all its parts, in its details, inferences and reflections, this work stands a monument to the reputation of Mr. Hildreth, of which he has reason to be proud. He has performed his responsible task with the industry of a laborer, and the hand of a master, and he deserves to be held in lasting esteem and reverence for the light he has thrown upon the early history of the colonies, and of the United States. Those who cherish the memories of the Pilgrim Fathers, of the pioneers in Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York; in who3e minds the Revolution is embalmed in its strength and beauty, and who love to trace the onward march of a great people will find the chapters of this History pre-eminently adapted to fill their desires. We can say nothing more correct of its value, than that the work is, in every way worthy of its theme. We earnestly hope that Mr. Hildreth will not close his historical labors with the third volume of this work. He closes upon the threshhold of a great subject. Let him go on and pourtray tie early constitutions of- the States; the workings of the Federal Constitution, and the changes that the people of the different States have made in their State governments. Mr. Pitkin's "Civil History of the United States," goes just fa enough to show the richness of the field. Will not Mr. Hildreth undertake the cultivation of this fallow land? In addition to the general excellence of this work, we must refer to one merit that deserves special commendation. We allude to the co pious and admirable index at the end of the third volume. This is a feature of a book too often neglected, but in the present case it is set forth in a style that may be looked upon as a model. The Harpers have done their duty, as publish ers, in a style of excellence that is exclusively their own Glimpses of Spain; or, notes of an unfinished tour in 1847. By S. T. Wallis. Harper & Biothers. The country of Ferdinand and Isabella, and the adopted land of Christopher Columbus, must ever be a source of lively interest to the Ameri can people. We feel a tie, binding us to Spain, that time cannot weaken, and we love to look in upon those who were a great nation, while our country was covered with its primeval forests. We love to look upon the present condi tion of those who developed a new world, and gave a greatness to others-, which they could not retain themselves. The world has been abundantly supplied with books about Spain, but very few of them ale reliable. Ford's "Handbook" is usually consid cred among the best of the books on Spain, but its prejudices are obvious, and its taste is often execrable. Slidell's two works on Spain are admirable in their way, but the one before us, bearing the modest title of " Glimpses of Spain , " is one ofthe most satisfactory volumes wo know of on the subject. We feel that we are looking upon a truthful picture while we read this book; its pages are instinct with life, and a truly Cath olic spirit presides ovorthe pen of the author. The style is just what it ought to be, lively, gay and dignified. The corrections of the errors of Irving and Prescottare made with commendable taste, and throughout the work the author shows himself to be a gentleman in the fullest sense of that term. We cordially commend Mr. Wallis's work on Spain, as one eminently adapted to in-utruct, please and benefit the reader. The history of Alfred the Great. By Jacob Abbott Harper & Brothers. We have so frequently spoken of the rare merits of this series of histories for children, that our readers are very familiar with Mr. Abbott's claims to the public regard; Hehasdrawn up a number of histories in an 'abridged form,, vp ell adapted to the capacity of children. The details are full enough, the style is simple, concise and pointed, and perfeot chastehess characterises the selections and management of them. Of all the various characters, Mr. Abbott has drawn in his gallery, Alfred the Great is the one most fitted tofeel the charm pfhis narrative powers, and; to arouse the thinking faculties of children, and Mr. Abbott has handled his excellent theme most admirably. The entire series are worthy the attention of parents who wish to create in their children a taste for useful knowledge. The volume before us is embellished with a number of engravings, is weU plmted and boumK Redburn: mFirat yoyag Beingtho aailor boy confessions and reminiscences of the son of a gentleman, in the merchant service. By Her-manMelviUe. New York: Harper & Brothers. Jean Paul RichtM onec 8aid. Tjle French have the empire of the land, the English of the sea, and the Germans of tho ail. M has wrested the literary empirage of theseafrom England and has placed himself as triumphant-il JT M ghlle was ftdfor the WilYlr Hn hoc rlr.. - o " n 'Pictures 'Of sea life, and ofl ' "ve 88 JonS as language has a charm. Over his enchanted pages it is impos-aibla tofeel fatigue or satiety. His limnings have in them the wild grandeur of Salvator Ro-' sa, blended with thegrace and finish of Raphael. Hedburn is just such a set of sketches ai one might expect to hear in listening to "forecastle yams." It is replete with vivacity and the most charming interest, and cannot fall to plant a new laurel in Mr. Melville's chaplet Old Christopher North, with all his antipathies to America, cannot withhold his tribute of praise wiaeivuie. xia gays: "After the pungent and admirably written narrative of that accomplish ed, nbloseaman, Herman Melville, few books of the same class but must appear flat and unprofitable:" Omoo'would have found readers at any time; and that although twenty publishers had combined with fifty authors to deluge the public with the Pacific ocean (luring the five previous years." , The reading public will pe delighted once more to;meet;this popular author on the field of his glory. Sidonia the Sorceress: the supposed destroyer of the whole reigning ducal house of Pomerania. By William Meinhold; author of "Tho Amber Witch.' ' Harper & Brothers. Library edition, Mr. Meinhold created a great sensation some years ago by the publication of a novel called "The Amber Witch." It purported to be an ancient German work, and s admirably did the author counterfeit the entire "form and pressure of the times" he undertook to depict, so thoroughly imbued was his mind with the manners and customs and dialects of that period, that the highest critical authorities in Europe were caught, and "The Amber Witch" was received in England as a veritable history. The surprising powers thus'developed by Mr. Meinhold, have induced him to try his hand in tho same field, and using Dr. Theodore Plonnies as a stalking-horse, he proceeds to lift tho veil from the seventeenth century, and introduces his readers to almost as intimate an acquain tance with the times, as though they had lived in their presence, in this point of view, "Si donia the Sorceress" is one of the most power ful fictions of the day, and must command the attention of all who wish to know how the world went on two centuries ago. The history of Sidonia is full of interest, and we commend the work as one from which we have derived boih nrofit and pleasure. These works may be found at the bookstore of Morton & Griswold. We are indebted to the kindness of C. Hagan & Co. for copies of Sidonia the Sorceress, by the author of the celebrated "Amber Witcn, and The Ogilvies, forming Nos. 131 and 133 of Harper's Library of select novels. We are also under obligations to Hagan & Co. for the inspection of Godey's Lady's Book for January, 1850. It is filled with embellish ments of the richest character, far exceeding anything- that the taste and enterprise of Godey has enabled him to present his readers witn heretofore. There are 32 engravings, and number of them are of the highest quality for magazine works. The contributions to this num ber are of unusual excellence. Now is the time to subscribe for the maga zines, and we commend Godey's as one hard to beat. ita-The Franlfoit Commonwealth and the Ken tuckv Yeoman are the only two papers in Ken tucky that have not expressed disapprobation of the intolerable propensity of the members ot tne Convention to talk, and of their indisposition to work as their constituents had a right to expect. Tho Locb Yeoman bespatters the Whig members with praise, while the Whig Commonwealth does the same kind part by its Loco friends; and they boih agree that the long speeches and windy words are exactly what the "dear people" want. The Commonwealth and Yeoman are partners in-business, and the longer the speeches are and the longer the Convention remains in session, the more money they will make. This accounts for the "milk in the cocoa nut." Probably it is a part of the contract between the public printers and the Convention that the members of the latter should receive a certain quantity of puffing, no matter what they did. K3PLt. L. Dunlap, Dr. Wm. JenniDgs, Dr. Geo. H. Mason and O. P. Vanghan arrived here from Lancaster yesterday, on their way to California. They are gentlemen of character and will be an acquisition to any community in which they may U. We wish them a pleasant journey and 1 cessful termination to their enterprise. hotel for San Francisco is being built in New York, for a gentlemanof that city, who takes it out as an experiment. It is to be 86 by 30 feet three stories high, and of the most modern style of architecture, and is to contain forty-seven rooms with a large dining hall. One builder alone in New York, has sent out some eighty small houses this season, and sevaral are extensively engaged in the manufacture, . Chitd Buhnkd to Death. A little sou of Mr. John Woods, merchant at Albion, Edwards coun ty, 111., was burned to death lasi Thursday. The parents had gone to a funeral leaving the children at home, who got to making bon-fires of Bhavings. Q-The editor of the bhawneetown (111.) Ad vocate, a rampant Locofoco paper, is still sore over the election of Gen. Shields to the United States Senate. In his last number he says: Sbbpdisb. Haldetnan, of the "Louisville Cou-rier." was recently much surprised at the "Ad vocate's" appearing in mourning. We venture that he would have been still rnore surprised had ne Known tnat amerent tactions oi our Legisla ture succeeded m electing a tawniog, lying syco pliant lo the United States Senate, over one who hss devoted his whole lite and energies m advo cating the interest ot Illinois. True it is that "the race is not always to the swift, g.or the battle to the strong." And it is also true, that un principled demagogues, often succeed over good and tried men. Awful Suicide A Lady carried over the Falls of Niagara ' From the Buffalo Morning Express of the 28th we learn that, on the evening of the 26th, a Mrs. Miller, who had been spending a few days at the Eagle Hotel, at Niagara; precipitated herself into the rapids above, by which she was carried over the Cataract. She took her shawl, cut it into strings, out of which she formed a sort of rope and by it let herself down from the bridge that extends to Goat Island, into the flood which boreher to the abyss below. She represented herself as adaugh terof Senator Norvell, of Miohigan, and as the wife of an officer in the army now in Florida. She wrote three letters, one to her father, one to her husband and one to the proprietor of the hotel, by which it appeared that the act was premeditated. She was undoubtedly insane, as she cut off a por tion of her hair and left it with her watch and jew elry in her room. This is one of the most desperate cases of sui cide on record, and with all its horror there is a; wild romance about it, thai makes the blood run cold.,.,,. ITae following is a cony of the letter addr'essed by airs, wilier to mr. white, of the Eagle Hotel: To the Proprietor of the Eagle Hotel: My mind is made up. I have no wish to live any longer. I shall go where my body will never be recovered, jxo one shall gaze on my mangled remains. Please take care of my two little boys, till ihey can be sent to Detroit, where their grand parents reside. They are the sons of Major Miller 01 tne Army, now in riunaa, ana granasons 01 Hon. John Horven, Detroit, Michigan, rlease forward my letters, and protect my ohildren till some ot theirrelatives cancome forthem. MRS. J. G. MtLLEB. F omttie Buffalo Corn. A-lvftier of Wednesday. It is reported here that a ladv. answering tn ihn description of Mrs. Miller, left this city' for the t?BAt T?-nraaa train .,a-An., , - 'J UN, III tllC UAICOQ t.Ull IGQWIUDJ U1U1U1UK. UI1U that there are circumstances leading to the belief that the apparent evidences ot suicide, are only apparent, xiei menus win uuuuuuLtfuiy investigate the matter, and until they ascertain something which ihey desire to be communicated to the public; we shall do, as we would "have others do if we were similarly stuiatcd. say nothing on tne supject. , Hons, Sc At Lafayette, la., on the 1st insL, good lots of hogs were selling at 82 25. One house there alone, will lt'illjitom 26,000 to 30,000 this season. ? - jsP : At Ml. Vernon, Is., on the 30th ult , the market had fully opened, and 82 2S was given for large hogs. Fully double the usual quantity of hogs have been raised in that county this season, and the home speculators are not able to purchase more than half of them, a. ' -- " - At Madison, on the 4th inst.,the trade1 was active, with sales on that aud the day previous as follows. ' 300 sood hoes at 8260: and 700 do., average lot at $2 55. Also, the product of a lot of BUU hogs shoulders,j2 1-2 cents; sides, 3 3-4 cents; hams, 4 3-4 cents, from suit; head and leal lard at 5 1-4 cents, in barrels; 900 hogs, at $2 55; 680 do., at 8250; 275 do., large, at $255;. 460 do., at $265. A sale of 50 barrels of lard, at 5 1-4 cts., per pound. ; Dahaqes sob Seduction. Daniel S. Dicker-matiTias recovered, in the Supreme Court at New Bedford, $2800 damages or Samuel W. Graves, for seducing and debauching his wife. Northampton Bat., Nov, 27. : iIr. Clay at Daltlnioro. Mr. Clay airived at Baltimore on Thursday morn ing last, and his reception was highly enthusiastic. A.tremendoiis.crqwd followed t him from the. cars to the hotel, when repeated calls were made for him. In the evening he received the visits of many friends, and at night "was serenaded by a splendid band of music. The following additional we copy from the American of Saturday morning: At 11 o'clock yesterday .morning Mr. Clay, in ccoidance with previous arrangement, tookhia position between two of the parlors on the lower floor of the hotel. Both the capacious rooms were immediately filled almost to suffocation, and the wish being loudly expressed from all parts of mo room mat tue veneraoie statesman scoum aa-dressthem. Mr.' Clay gratified them by making a few remarks. After referring to the warmth nf the recension which had greeted His arrival here, and the strong evidences of rienasmp evinced towaius ninvoy m-jse wi men sur. roundeu mm, Mr. uay proceeded 10 mr as our memory .serves us, for the crowd prevented the taking ol notes) that tne geiuiemen oi in s ci.ywno nu direct-d the leitevto him had referred in connection with his return to tho Senate to the grave questions which had yetto he settle ! there great, threatening, and alarming Questions: which had arisen out of the war with Mexico. lybelonglngto that country. All who were acquainted with these territories, he thought, must have reached the conviction to which his own mind h.d heen brought, that under no possible circumstances was slavery likely to be introduced into the teriitoiiescf California or New Mexico. The climate, the character of the country and its inhabitants, and their industrial pursuits all forbade the Likelihood of slavery ever bemgintroduced there. Thatouestion had. however. divided the people to an unexampled degree and created animosities to a most lamentable extent, uaine one side me prompmon oi the introduction ot slavery into these territories is urged with a reso uteness and perseverance wrocn wouict mm- cate that those who urge it really believe that If this pro' hibitlon is not passed, slavery would be Introduced. On the other hand the prohibition is opposed with an energy and a perseverance maiwoum also seem lu muicaie inai with them the belief exists that if the prohibition be not passedtnat slavery iiiifjiiLiciuuuiy ucuuiuuuucu. out. eentlemen. fsaidMr. Clav.1 lappeal to you is there under existing circumstances, any probability that the institution of slavery could be introduced lato tnese ter ritories? Indeed, so far has the excitement growing out or this question arisen as to threaten the dissolution of the Union. I might have consulted prudence by saying noth- lnsrin reference to these exciting questions but as you nave reierren to litem in your leaci , iiwvchwuiku u proper to thus notxe that reference , and I would farther say that on one point I stand pledged under all circum- stances and in an storms inai is to -stahu by thh UnionI Centhusiasuc applause. in its dissolution J cannot see Ihe remedy for any evil, whether real or ima ginarynothing, nothing could be gained all would be inot hv it. Rv.thfi dissolution of the Tlnion I seeintrodn. ced with it all the calamities, all the misfortunes, and all thfl horrors of civil war. (Ciieers ) Entangling foreign al iances by the severed portions or the union would to'.iowdlssolution, and wars Dioouy,aesoiaung and con tinued wars would succeed: until some ootd, unscrupn lousmilitarv chieftain should seize the liberties of all and convert the whole into one military despotism. We shouldthen need no history of our country, hut all that had been written in that of Greece in that of her Philip and her Alexander might be read as applicable to us. (Renewed and contiuued applause..) 1 nave ( connnueo jyir. i aireauy saiu more man intended fcrles of "go on, go on"J and must close by again repeating my thanks for the warm and cordial re ception I met on ray arrival here yesterday for the splendid serenade which was given me last night, than which softer, moie melodious, or more beautiful strain. or music never reacned me ear ol monarcn or republican and for the kindly warmth of friendship and esteem which on this as well as on other occasions have been ex tended to me in Baltimore. At the conclusion of Mr. Clay's remarks, nine cheers were called for and given with a zest which evidenced the enthusiasm that prevailed. As soon as the applause had in a degree subsided, Mr. Clay intimated that he nan something lurther to sav and silence being obtained, be jocularly remarked that he had been in a service all his life in which he had been used to upsets, and he begged to re mind those present tnat on his recent tourney h was upset in a stage near Cumberland, and that his right arm had not recovered trom the effects o; the sprain then reoeived. He should therefore be obliged to give his left hand to his friends, and h hoped that they would treat that tenderly. A passage was then opened and for nearly two hours Mr. Clay kept his stand whilst an almost continuous succession ot visiters passed before him, all taking him by the hand, whilst with many ne exenaneen a iew remarks. The address which he made was uttered wi much spirit, his voice seeming as lull and melo. dious as we ever heard it, whilst his whole ap. pearance betokened one who is enjoying a "green old age. Mr. Clay visited the Holliday Street Theatre last nignt, and was present during Miss Haven- port s personation of the character of Meeta, the Maid of Matiandorpt. His appearance in the house was greeted oy hearty pheeis, which were renewed when ne left. Makoiage in High Life. Miss Cornelia Scott. daughter of General Scott, was married vesterdav to Major H. L. bcott, aide de camp to the commander-in-chief, at the city residence ofthe Gen eral, in BiKlnli street. The affair was of the most brif.iant description. iv. x, aeraia, aov. Dreadfal Murder. Mobile, Nov. 30. General Thomas Holland was to-day shot dead by ri. G. Mcclintock, his clerk. The cause which led to this dreadful act was jealousy. The mur derer has surrendered himself, and the exoitement in our city is very great. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY Physicians often acknowledge that this remedy stands at tne neaa 01 an others m tne cure ot uis. eases ofthe most dangerous consumptive charac ter, and tnat in tnose 01 a less alarming nature is seldom Known to rati, itiudiciously applied. We are just inreceipt of the following voluntary tribute to the curative power of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, from E. Hall, M. D., of Mt. Cle mens, miclngan, who is a physician ot high stand-ing, and an extensive Druggist. Mt. Clbicehs, Mich., Oct. 29, 1849. To the afflicted this may certify that Mrs. B. Roberts of this village, three or four weeks after confinement, was attacked with a violent cough. and great prostration, and seemed hastening to the grave with fearful rapidity. 1 advised her to use nistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry she did so, and with that yaluable medicine alone, in the space of three or four weeks, was restored to health, and is now a living proof of the vaiue of wistars Balaam 01 vvim unerry." E. HALL, Physician and Druggist. Read on and be convinced stiil further of the remarkable virtues of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. Messrs. Sandfobd & Paer Gents; As a matter of justice to you, and for the benefit ot the public, i would offer the following statement of a oure effected by your medicine, known as "Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.'.' In the Spring of 1847 my wife vyas severely attacked with Peripneumonia, or Pleurisy, which resulted in a deep seated pain in the side, accompanied with a severe cough; she was attended by some of the'best physicians in Chicago, but to no purpose: for weeks she suffered, without relief, coughing incessantly night and day. I came to the conclusion that all the remedies known to the physicians could not help her, and was induced lo try your" Wild Cherry." I procured one bottle, aud commenced using it according to directions; before it was all gone the cough stopped the pain in her side left her, and with the aid 01 another bottle, eh'e was restored to perfect health. In consideration of these circumstances, I would recommend it to the public as a valuable medicine. Yours, respectfully, K. N. GAERATT. Goand Kapids, Mich., Oct. 8, 1849. Price $1 per bottle six bottles for 85. Sold by J. D, PAliJi, (Successor to Sahford & Purl . Fourthand Walnut streets. Cinmnnafi. Ohio. Gan. eiai Agent ior me aouin and vv est, to whom all uiuem must ue aaaressen. J. B. Wilder& Co., George LaoDing 5t Co.. Ru- pert StLindenberger, Robinson, Peter it Gary, and Wilson, Starbird & Smith, Louisville, Ky. novo fiorwti. THE COMPLIMENTARY pkWBR riO be slven to the Hon. GAR NETT DUNCAN by A the Bar of Louisville, will come off at Marble HALL, TJUS UA. BS'Ulnnerwillbs served precisely at 4ocloclr. P. M US"Th': tickets will be joiidv lor distribmimi at m u, a. ju., at trie proprietors' desk. aoty H Y.MAN & HKWKS. BARGAINS! BARGAINS! I GREAT BARGAINS IN DHlisS GOODS, FAISCY GOODS, and TIUMMUSGH may be had. for cash. atNo.100. Fourth sireet. from this time IfUthifirr nr jauuaiy nexc, as tne unoersigneu wishes to close outthe enure assortment oi toes classes or goods. uoi-o up - MKti. J. A. lilfiATTIK. ATW GROCKRV STORK, 3s. MR. J. B B. GK AY respectfully In mbfir, that fia has tiikeottiej e corner of .SUta and Jef ms&M nSSggj forms the piji HKstore at tne feraon street, for the purpose ot keeping a FAM ILY GUOCEHY. His Groceries and Teas are lUuresh, his Wjues' and Liquors are the very best. Familiei in want of Groceries would do well to give him a call. Thankful for the past favors I havp 'recei pd, I aotfeit the patronage oi my menus ana tne pnostc generally. eou j- n. utiAif, i?Hmny urocer. JALT J,200 sacks Turk's Island Sail f : r sale by 7 dec6 GRAY & BROWN. MESS HOKK. 84 bbls Mess Pork forsale by dec6 GRAY-or BROWN. AKD. 39 bbls Lrd for sale by dec6 GRAY & BROWN. ENGINR AND BOILER FOR SALE. THE Engine has a 10 inch cylinder and 4 foot strode pumps, and forernor complete. Two Boilers. IS reel long ami sbincncs m u-.amctcr. with aie inch flue in each.- They arc in complete order, aod could be run as theyDowstcnd. Applyto HOCe CORNWALL fc BRO. SIO REWARD. STRAYED A SORREL HORSE, with four white lees, mane trimmed off and white face: jie left hind leg is a brand of the letter s. I will pay $10 reward for his recovery. UHU. miller, decfi d3" Clay st,, bet'n Jefferson and Green. ORANGES AND PINEAPPLES 6,000 sweet Oranges; 15 dozen Pino Apples; Just received per steamer oiegon and for sale by deeft No, 64, Fourth st., bet'n Main and Market. TKUIvKSl TRUNKSI! loC every va.iety, a large. Jassortment always on hand and lelfiiL a.' "p 'TRnKKwiJ'PAt, 61, Pearl street. wanieu. B Wmft?r?4itThoScrde. t0 0Mer' f tt docg C- PROAL'S, 61, Pearl street; GUM SHELL AC 1 case on hand mij for sale by R. AlKIN A OO. TIIUBR RIGHTS MORK1 ( B V O ENEBALREQ VEST.) MOMS. ADRI13N, sensible or tho distinguished ap-plause conferred on his nerformancos, will have the. honor to give three more-, of -his extraordinary. ox hi. iiion, composed or hve part?: ran jl. jiuuxess, Alagieai jmpcriiueni., tvo. Part 2. The Bthereal Suspension. Metamorphose?. Part 3. Disappearance ol a Lady and Gentlemen. Parti: finnd Phantasmagora. Part 5. Beautiful Meiraixorama. US' Performance to commence at7Jo'clockpretiselr. tt-y Admission 60 cents. Colored piople not admit ted. dec6 03 CI UAK.KK FLANJVKL. Just received a.lurso supply! K7 or :and 8-1 Shaker rtannej, warranted noi to nrtnk m washing, and for sale low o? ; - iiKOWiV, (Jl'Kt'lH or V--IHU1S, decG Corner Fourth and Market sts. , UTANTILLAS AKD CLOAKS. We have a full XvX supply of Ladies' Cloaks and Mantllias, ofthe new: est atyle, which wo are offering cheap. flecii BROVVjM, UUKJ1M VAr.UK. . GLOVES. Just received 100 dozen Ladies1 white, black and colored Kid Gloves, of best ill mane, and lor sale by ilr.fl Ronwv n.rmTIK At VANnR "WVER.COATING Just received alarge supply of su. Jf per colored Blankets for Over-Coating andforsale cheap by dCCU BROYvri , CUnVllB 05 VAUU1S, TLANKETS. Super 8-4, X0-4and 12-4 Bed Blankets 9 jubi received and lor sole low Dy decs BROWN, CUKT1H S VAINUK. XTKfxHU tiLANKErs. Wc have on hand a large Xi supply white and colored Negro Blankets and for sale cheap by ' . deCti BKOWH, IjUKlltj'Ol VA11UH. DRESS GOODS. We are now offering a lit ge stock of Cashmeres, Mom de Lalnes, and French Merinos at reduced prices. aecu okuwh, uumu k vahve-. (CLOTHS AND CASslMKRES. We are offering a J large stock of black and fancy Cloths and CassU meres at exlra low prices. decti bkowh, uumia oe vaiujis. . BOOKS WHICH AUK BOOKS, AT NOBLB'S. Los Grineos. or an Inside View of Mexico, and California, with Wanderings in Peru. Chili and Polyne sia, by Lieut. Wise; feamarune's prencn Revolution 01 itHt; The Court and Reign of Francis tho F,rst,by Miss Pardoe; Humnoiui'i Aspectsorrsitare; Willis Rural Letters and other Records of Leisure; Headlev's Letters from Italy; Shirley, a novel by the author of Jane Eyre ; The Caxtons, complete, by Bulwer; Pendennis, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, by Thackeray; Ella Stratford, or the Orphan Child, by the Countess 0! Slessington: ' ino wooumau, jauies last novel; L&dy Alice, or the New Una; Hearts and Homes, or Social Diitinction, by Mrs. Ellis; Levenworth, a Story of the Mississippi, by J, Di bourse; The Past and Us Legacies, by the author 01 beven- WOltll, EdmondgDantes, a Sequel to the Countof Monte Chris-1, by Dumas; The Quarterly Reviews and Blackwood for Novem ber. n3rSce large advertisement or propoBtuons lor raou. decs GEO. W. NOBLB. I ANUINU 1.7 '. 40 half chests Gunpowder Tea; 16 hhdshrieht N. O.Susal: And for sale low In lots by deCG UHAKLES UALLAttUEK. LAYER RAISINS, &C 60 boxes Layer Raisins; 100 do MR do; 100 i do do do; 100 J do do do; 26 do fresh Lemons; -6,000 extra Coast and Havana Oranges; . 20 sacks softshellAlmondB; 20 boxes Genoa Citron, fresh; 100 do No. 1 Chinese Crackers. The above have iust come to hand, fresh and in fine order, all of which we offer for tale low. MCMULLEN ot MOUKE. decs No. 603, Main at., next to Bank of Louisville. IRVING'S ILLUSTRATED WOKKS. Tales of a Traveler, Kiickerbocker'B New York, The Sketch hook, rate 01 uuver uciusuuui, oy vvasiuusum living, all superbly iUustrated and elegantly bound, suita-blefor presents. Also, The Neighbors, by Mis Bremer, with a portrait 01 ineautnoress. dCC6 T. K. NKIjKOW GEN'1'3 UNDERWEAR AND DRAWERS. TUST received the largest and most superior assort meat of Underwear ever brought to Louisville. This assortment not only surpasses in quality any before onereu lor sale in tais city, out emDraces a van ety, and is decidedly fine in quality, viz: Sibil unuaKwriAii. White and pink Shirts and Drawers, extra large and heavy; Whfte and pink Shirts and Drawers, medium weight; uo au uo au, guu&o. Do do do do. beavy ribbed; Do do do do, fleecy lined. MERINO UNDERWEAR. Extra large and long Undershirts, finest quality;. . Medium sized do, Cartwright'smakei Small do do; Extra large and long Drawers, veiy superior; Do fine medium sixed do", serviceable. NETT COTTON UNDERWEAR. 10 dozen Undershirts, or all sizes, ofthe mo6t supe rior English brands: 6 do Drawers, of the best and most desirable Dualities. : Also, a few dozen of the Canadian (extra heavy) Cot ton Drawersond Shirts. WOOLLEN UNDERWEAR. 10 dozen ofthe finest Shaker Flannel Drawers and Shirts, made large arid long, and in a new style; 20 do of every variety, quality and size, of Woollen Nett Shirts and Drawers. CANTON FLANHEL.DUflEKWHAK, a largo sup. nlv. f Gentlemen who have not procured their Fall and Winter supply of Underwear, would do weU to give an early can at 490, main street. dec6 A. D. MANSFIELD. W. B.IREFATRIC&, SURGEON DENTIST. Soutli tide Market, between Eighth and Ninth StreeU, first door belmo the First Universalis! Church. HAa tne pleasure ot announcing tij the citizens of Louisville and vioinity, tthat he has permanently located In this citv. and is now prepared to operate in al! me various oroiicnea ui ms uiuiessiuu,iu a suiGiiujH,auu workmanlike manner. He uses the best of stock, ani warrants all his work satisfactory, or no charges. He is using a new and unequalled "Amalgam Plug," with great success in teeth that are too far gone to admit ot tilling with gold. Tne greatest care and unrenutung patience will be exercisedduringany operations upon chil-dren'smouthaorteeth. Dr. K. would here take thelib- arty of urging uponporentstheir duty of submitting their children frequently to an experienced Dentist; it is indeed a duty, and one that you oannot innocently neglect, as experience hasloug since taught us that such a course would be the preventive of much evil and suffering; aE well as a great saving of both teeth and money. The re- salt of such a course would be, that all mouths would be fUlod with a regular and neoitny set 01 teetn. aS"Chargesas low as those of any other qualified dentist. eySpedal attention will be given to diseases ofthe mouth and gums. nsVisitors to the city, as well as residents here anil In the country are respectfully invited to coll. KS"Advice given in diseases of the mouth, and teeth extracting done, anutnoin-acne cured tor tne poorgraru Itousty, ' - c&w ill attend to cans in any panoi tncciiy. my25dly fdec6J OF Jj on the Flat Lick road, edjoininj ;Hon.W. P. Thom- asson'a, with a two-story one. terms apply to ucc6u6j J. W. ATHY. i "FOR RBNT-rA HOUSE and LOT, in a eood I neighborhood in tne city; To a sood tenant the rent will be made low. Appiy as aoovc. decG d6 J. W. AlHY STRAYED AWAY. A WHITE HORSE. with wagon gearing on him, strayed awaj .from the stable of the subscriber yesterday morning. A liberal reward, will be given for his recovery, Qr for information left with I. -ft. WJSlLlBQlrtni.1, dec 5 d2 Main, bet. Hancock and Clay sts. EVERY season has Its troubles, bt the ladies will find comfort in a MUFF during the winter, and hay EH fc CRAIG have sucn a variety tbat aiiarereaa ily suited who src them. dec6 tjj w t i ouu w n ana every description oi i Au)f FURS for trimming can be had at ceo HAYES & CEAIG'S. THE man that wears a bad HAT does injustice to the iiifterand shows disresuect to societv; but be can shun both evila by stepping in at HAYES oc CRAIG'S and selecting a Beaver. . , dec5 ALL the boys going to school thou id be furnished with those WINTER CAPS to he had at dec5 HAYES fc CRAIG'S. npHE traveling: population will be ab!e to obtain eve-Jfc rythine requisite for tlieir comfort and convenience in the way of fJATS and CAPS at decs " " - HAYES & CRAIG'S. MAI SO IV D'ORv 471, Main street. LADIES CLOAKS, MANTLES, &c We have just made up some of our newest and most fashionable styles of Cloaks, Mantles, &c, and we confidently assure our lady customers that in no city tn the Uoion can a more eleeant or fashionable Cloak or Mantle be had than we can sunply. deep , K.ifHdaij ot ca STHE HAT OF HATS-SUangers visiting our city will find the above article at the "Maisondes Modes," 455 Main street, where a fine assortment is kept constantly on band and any slae made to order on snort uniictf, oy uec5 if. a. PAKtmtt at uu. dUSBS OTTER CAPS A rich aod splendid lot are f.ow opened lor sale at the "Maison des Modes,'1 155 Main streot. n-hnra hev can bs had at uonre. cencnted lo-.r prices: also at same place all other kinds 01 rur uaps. Luecoj f. MJAKdaKfljuu, CILK. PLUSH AND Cf.OTH CAPS, of everv atvle 5 catl a'ways be had at the "Maison des Modes,?' 455 Mam street, at unusual low prices. 01 k dfc5, r p. S. BARBER & CO. MUtFS, VICTOR1NES AND FANCY if u kh-as toe weatner is suun as wouia 111. duce the ladies to look out. for the above named articles, wo nee to inform them that we have on hand the largest and best assorted stock that has ever been nrodiicii in &nv house in the Uion. They have been made by the best workmen and put of cnoice materials. Kecollect we are at tne "liaison de Modes," 455 Main street, decs ' p,. S.BARBER & CO. AMERICAN EXCHANGE, RECEIVED ihi mornine., per mail-boat, another lot ofi uiuse una is Alt l liUwn-Ji OYSTERSin the shell, and, laajs ua.tts. kcwqo are epicures wm nnu tne most fastidious taste c:tn be eratifiprt hvthedelicacieswesprvA in the Restaurant, and also find to day we serve some of our-Lajfi eisuon ine LUNCH l Aaua, togetner with the very best of other Eatables and Liquors particular lv the best "Maglory" Brandy and Pittsburgh Ale, XX, no mistake. " , . WILLIAMS & WICKES, Proprielors. deco Fourth, bet. Main nd Market sts. . LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS Goo'dmanTs Western Counterfeit Detector, Bank Note Table uoia ana ouver uoinjixaminer tor iiecemuer, 1849, NEW COUNTERFEITS AFLOAT. 50 Merchants' and Mochanicfl' Bank of Wheeling f 20 Planters' Bank of Tennessee; -10 Bank or Pittsburgh; 51 State Rankof Ohio, lots afloat; - - 55 State Bank of Indiana; ' 810 Exchange Bankof Virginia; SBtOO Western Bank of Baltimore; 8100 BankofMobUe; 1 56 Northwestern Bank of Virginia, Wheeling! 5 State Bank of Ohio; . - . l $&tl Bank of the State ofNorth Carolina, Terras One year, 81 60; single copies 20 cents. . . C. HAGAN de CO., Agents, decs Great Western Publication Office, Fourth it. SKLBCT SOIREE PARTY. . . DR. JAMES WOOD'S nest Soiree wi'l be held at his I-'Afir :, R a r.nm-.- PR. TTifrn street. .between Market aud Jclfcrsin, on FRIDAY next.the.7thinst. ....... Cunningham's" Bond, with the" addition of Sisoior Banalus' Harp, will be In attendance. Haoks will be in-tlendanco. to carry the-ladles from aii-i lu men iu?, irec ci cttarge. L-tciteis 10 oe3nad acme Maioan. at btl.iwnicn in inc udesa collation as usual,-) of which no more will be suiauiancanoe,acconimo:lated, . ..decd CD D. D. ATKINSON, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, AND PRODUCE DEALER, , " No. 417, Maeket ST., TT A S In store and lor sale 100 sugar-cured Bacon Hams; 1 oaie renn ffiiu aneeung; 6 boxes fine Tobacco, Langhoroe's, &c. ; 25 kegsNails, assorted;. 5 obis Woolsey!s Crushed Sugar; 0 do do Powdered do; 2 bH3 No. 1 Salmons 10 nests PaintcdTubsj 6 boxes Sperm Candles; 60 do Star do, Nos. 4, 0 and 6; 25 boxes Mould Candles; .25 bags Bucitwheat Flovr; 10 bbls No. 3 Mackerel, large: 10 half bbls No. 3 Mackerel, large; 10 do do No. 1 do. do; do; 10 qr do No. 1 10 kilts No. 1 6 bbls No. 2 5 hall bbls No. 2 6 qr Uo No. 2 do, do; do; do; do; 6 kitts No. 2 uo; 100 half, quarter, and whole boxes Sardines; 6 boxes Fox's Cincinnati Starch, 15 nests Covered Buckets: 5'boxes Chocolate, Cocoa and Broma; 10 half chest3tineTea,(at retail;) 60 12,la, aud6 IbboxesTea, (good;) 10 bbls old copper disUtledWhisky; . 1 bbl old Bourbon, at retail; 2 dozen Sheepskin Mats; 4 - do Palm Mats; 6 do Aticant do; 6 do Manilla do; . 1,000 lb! Cotton Batting ; 2,000 dozen Cotton Yams, MaysvlUe and Eagle; 1,000 lbsCarpet Chain; 100 dozen Scrub Biushes; 500 pair Blacking do; 10 dozen fine Horse Brushes; 25 do Curry Combs; 10 boxesRaisins; 30 i do do; 2 casks Currants; 10 cases Citron; 2 tierces fresh Rice; 2 drums new Codfish; , . - " 5 dozenbrass hoop BucketB; , 10 do plain Painted Tubs; 20 boxes Fire Crackers; 50 do Cheese, Bnglish Dairy, 4c JO bags prime old Rio Coffee; 2 bales old Mocha do; 2 bags old Havana do; . 6 hhdB Sugar; 20 bags old Government Java Coffee; 5 do do Laguyra do; on hhlH Wnmilv l?lnnT: 10 dozen Portand Madeira Wine and Cordials; 5 baskets Champaigns, in quarts ana pints; 2-3 gross Matches, woodboxes; 1,000 Wooden Bowls; 1,000 Baskets, assorted sizes; 9fi hhls CrnnhRrries: 5 casks Brtndy, A, Selgnette, Martell, Otard, Dunnv At Co.. andJ. J. Duouv. atretail. Also. a store fullofdeslrabio stock, too tedious to men Hon. fdecoi D. v. atilinsikv, rllEA. 29 half chests Gunpowder Tea, an eitraarU- jl cie, landing irom steamer Boston ana ior saie uy dec6 H. H. FORSYTH. TNDIGO. 1 ceroons Carracas Tndigo landing from I steamer Boston and for sale bv dec6 a. Jl. ruKBr m. "COFFEE 282 bags Rio Coffee, new crop, landing j irom steamer Bostonior saie py decs a. n. surtax 1 a, RAISINS-160 boxes MR Raisins; 150 i do do do; 160 i do do do: Landing from steamer Boston and for sale by decs a. h. f unax iH, "V RANGES. 4,000 sweet Creole Oisngos just receiv. Vy7 en by the last Scott a: ou, reari street. deCD a. ounia. i PPLES.-46bblslargeMissourlJenlten Apples just X. received by decfi A. BORIS, 60, Pearl st TINE APPLES. 2 bbls fine large Pine Appples just leticivou nbWi rcnn auccu dec5 A. BORIE. FOR SALHt c rrr i.rr rastkrn sole lkatHER. J.UUU the Saddlery Storo opposite the Lou'svllle Hotel, by iaec& aai - jumi iAttiu STirANTED A YOUNG MAN, f good character r v and rair business capacities, wun a capuai 01 af;ax tn ffisnn. as a. rtneriii aliicative business in Louisville; by which he can clear Trom igoD to $75 uer moath business permanent. All communications confidential. addressed to B- B. B., post paid, giving real Dame and sniLiuii wiic c au imei view iwj u wn ! nromrit ittention. dec5 d2 "XX7"AWrjil) A situation as Book-Keepe bv a senile man well qualified to taUe charge of aset of books. A ftmtll Ralnrv exnectad. Apply to j. m. nuitictiruru, at w. dec6d3 No. 476, corner Main and Bullitt sts. MOBILB OYSTERS. 14 barrels justre ceived per Peytona at MARBLE HALL. decs Fifth street, BEN4. A. FLOOD, BLIND, VENITIAN SHUTTER, SASH A VD SHOW CASE MAJLtlK, NO. 62, r-BAKL STREET. , TJHANDIES AND WINES U 2 halfpipes L. F. Dark; 2- do Otard, Dupuy dcCo. Pale; 4 qr 4 qr 2 qr do do; Dumou do Magl'ry do Cnstil on Dark; do; do; 2 qr 8 casks Port Wine; 4 do Madeira Wine: 8 do Woodhouse Wine; In store andandforsa'eby THOMPSON & STROTHER dec5 Main st. , between Sixth and Seventh. LD BOURBON DOMESTIC LIQUORS 15 bbls Old Bourbonj 13 dq Domestic Brandy e uo uo um; 19 do Sweet Wine; 15 do New England Rum; 50 do Rectified Whisky; In store and for sale by decs THOMPSON & STROTHER, BAR STORES, $re - " 8 boxes Brandy Cherriesi 2 do Absinthe; 13 baskets Anisette; 1 gross Es?. Peppermint; 1 do East Indfa Bitters; -1 do Btoughton do; Susar. Tobacco, die., in store and for salebr dcc5 THOMPSON & STROTHER. INE HAVANA CIGARS 32,000 Cecila: 35,000 La Pa'ii 35,000 El Refugio; 10,000 Tora -Vera Cruz; 20,000 La Protcgida; 12.000 La America. Being agents for the manufacturer of the above Cisars, we are enabled to sell them as low as they can be our- dect? THOMPSON (K HTKUTHKK, CIDEK, Ac-TB bbls Crab Cider; 2 do Apple Brandy; 2 do Peach do; 12 do Cider Vinegar; In store and for sale by deed 392, Main St., bet'n Sixth and Seventh BALE RQPK.-sale low by 128 coi s Bale Rope in store and for decs JONATHAN PEARCE. f ANILLA CORDAGE. All sizes in store and foi iTA sale at Eastern prices and transportation. JONATHAN PEARCR. RAILROAD A CANAL CONTRACTORS, LOOK HHR8. Railroad and Canal Wheelbarrows, a su peiior, well made aiticlc, received on consignment and lorsaie iow oy ilec5 d6wl A. G, MUNN, fcSO.Maln st, T TMEI LI61E11-100 bbls Utica White Lime; also 1 j piaster, i;cmcm ami wjine Kann constanuy on hard and for sale by decs A. a. MUNN. 530, Main st. riORNSHELLERS, STRAWCUTTERS, WHBAT V FANS and PLOWS on hand aod lor sale by decs A. G. ftj UN n , KO, Main St. f HEAT WRST PUBLICATION OFFICE MORE j( NEW BOOOKS.Sedonia, the Sorceress, thesup posca oestrpyer pi inc wnoe reigning nouseo' ronierO' niu, (juimiiiiie jii jcc w wiiis, The Ogilvies, a novel fiom thcpiessol tho Harpers Drice 25 cents. Glimpses of Spain, or.Notes of an nufimshed Tour in 18-17, by S. T.Walhs; price 75 conts. The same book bounu. Redburn, his First Voyage, by Herman Melville, au tbor ot 1 ypec, umoo, ana jviarat. The. History or Alfred the Great, by Jacob Abbott. Hildreth's History ofthe United States, pait3. All thisday receivohy C. HAGAN & CO., dec Fo .rth st f near Market. CiUOTCJri PIG IKON Just r-'ceived, per stcamei AlexScott, ten tons Scotch Pig Iron. Forsale on consignment, at low rates, oy decfl d&w McCRUM or JOHNSON, WJ HEKL BARROWS for sale low by T T (if CO UOjW McCRUM JOHIVSON. tXTOOD-SAWS, FRAMES AND BUCKS forfTiIo by jy ueeo uoiw inuuituflt oc JUtiliaUfl, COUNTRY MERCHANTS can be supplied with lead, ing articles in the Hardware line by the subscribers decfld&w McCRUM -A. JOHNSON. "I1TEDG KS AND LOG CH AINS for sUe cheap by yy uecouaew McCRUM & JOHNSON. BLACKSMITHS can find Bellows, Sledges, Ham-ii;ors, Anvils, Files, Rasps and other tools suitable to meir traae, at tess prices than eisewnere, at me oiu estaonsnea naraware Ktore 01 dec6 d&w McCRUM & JOHNSON. TfcOSTON iflceivndit lot of Boston 4d 8? cut Nails." which. toVether with those in store, gives us a complete assortment 01 sizes; ior saiecneup oy deco d&w m cuti u oc JunHBUiy, BIBLICAL ANTIQUITIES A summiry of Biblical Antiquities, fir the use of Schools, Hiblo Classes and Families. By John W Nevm, D. D. New edition, with beautiful illustrations. In one volume, 12mo, 447pp.' Price 75 cents. Just published by the American Sundnv School Union. Depository 103, Fourth street, sisrn nf the Large Bioie. deco (H: wja-.n. jjui.iS.itKY, Agent, RAISINS 100 boicesM.H. Raisins; 3UU nan ooxei uo uu; Received per Alex Scott and for sale by dec5 CORNWALL & BRO. HOSPITAL NOTICE. THE Trustees ofthe Louisville Marine Hospital re spectfully call the attention of all indigent sick per sons to tpls netted. It is provided in section 7th of tho ordinance now in force, That alltck persons whose cases are not severe encugn to warrani tne uuuusswn to.ine wards 01 tbc Hospital, tho attending surgeons and physiciars are requested to preserlbe for all such who may presentthem-selves attheHosnitalfor thai purpose,' wThe prescrVpti6ns of the attending surgeons aBd physicians 'will be put up at the Hospital (if required) by the 'eslttent graduates, free of charge, Hours of consultation. 2 o'clock, P. M.. on Taesdav and Fri'iay,at the Hospital. I CORRAN POPE, lTruBtaes, J. S, JjiTHaow,JlruBwes dec4 da I I - .?. NOTICE. HPEE subscriber having purchased his partnet'e Inter- a e 1:1 tne nnu ionneny Hnown as wkauuwk a- McGKAIN. will settle all accounts due bv the firm, and all persons indebted to the firm will please make.payruent 10 me. i wm continue tne r opnury ousmess as usual. dec4 d6 THOMAS McGRAlN. FOR HA LE 32 head 01 MULES. 2 years old-last spring, largo boned and iifUne growipjr order, can be seen on the subscriber's faim, 20 'muos irain Jew Aioanv. ind. l?or lunner oar. ticulars inquire of ' THOMAS McGR All), uect udJiw Main street. K. B. SpMr match Mules.-well broke. -jVTEW HICK 10 tierces prime, quality just received jl pi:-. sLeajiier uiencoe ana ioi :ale by H. D. NEWCOMB & BRO. noPFEE. 100 baes prime Rio Coffee received per y iiencoe anmor saie oy nOVJa . . (UUKKWALL Ot BRO. TO MERCHANTS AND DEALERS IN HATS' AND CA PS. We have late-1 lv received per steamer Telegraph an auuiiiuiiai asjEuiuneittOi - Brown, black, green and purple Bueni Vista Hatsj Do, do, do Wool do do do; Mm'sand Boys' Sporting, Wool . . do; Otter, Seal and Musk Fur Caps; SilkPlush, Oil Silk and Cloth Cars: Which, with our previous assortment of Moleskin, Beaver. Bni3h. Silk. Russia, and Angola Hats, and Velvet. Glazed. Plush, Cloth and Fur Caps, renders our stock the largestand most desirable to select from that can be found in the West, Wo respectfully solicit a call, as we are determined to sell at Eastern prices. Our store is No. 455, Mam street. dec t. s. .HAHttiSK & uu. LATHS FOR SALE. LARGE lot of superior Laths for sale by.L.M, PAINE , at his old stand opposite the. Jail; will be at low prices. dcc4 L. M. PAINE. PUBLIC SALE. I WILL sell at Auction, on FRIDAY, the 11th of Dec, 1619, on Hie Breckenridge Farm, on Beargrass, in Jefferson county, all my MILCH COWS, HORSVS, HOGS, WAGGONS, CARTS, PLOWS, and ali;kihd of FARMING IMPLEMENTS, a quantity of HAYt HEM P in field, growing crop of WHEAT, a first-rate i niicatniitr M.Auriittjs, ozc, c. Tkiims of Salh 12 months credit, on all "Jums over $10, bond and approved security required. Sale positive. ueca ob . uisu. HAuuutt.. BLOCK TIN Five thousand pounds best Banca Tin, in Pigs, Ingots and Bars, for sale at low prices by decodoew jvjcukum oc jounsuw. OAKLAND TURNPIKE. THE Stockholders to the Oakland Turnpike Road Company are requested to meet at . the Oakland House, on Wednesday, the 12th of December, at 11 o'cl!)ok, A. M., for the election of President andDirec tors, agreeably to the charter, of said Company. A punctual attendance is'requested. " ,' . JUS. OIPjL UAliT r, 1 WM. KAYE, J-Commissioners, decldtd JAMES MALONAj METCALFE'S BREWERT. THE subscribersarenowmaking,and"have LBgon hand, a full supply of their superior CREAM 9SIBEKR. and bottled ALB and PORTER: alsn on, 700 barrels of Ale, warranted to keep in any climaie. Our manufacture is ma le from tho best Ken tucky barley, and cannot be beat. Let those who do not believe it order some. METCALFE fc GRAINGER, dec3 d6 Main St., between Sixth and Seventh. RIO COFFEE. 100 bags Rio Coffee landing from siteamer Peytona and for sale by UeC4 dtl LrKAY 0 BttUWB. QUGAK. 26 hds Sugar, very superior, just received and for sale bv dec4 dtf GRAY & BROWN. E ICE. 10 tiercel Rice, new crop, jutt received auc for sale by fdee4 dtf GRAY tt BROWN. r OAK SUGAR. 28 bbls Loaf Sugar received per I A steamer peytona ana ior gate oy GRAY & BROWN. TXT HI SK Y. 100 bbis Recilfied Whiskyjust received TT and for sale by dec4 dtf GRAY & BROWN. VLD WHISKY. 10 bbls old Whi3ky (11 years old) for sale o 3 dec4diij quay at hkuwiv, )EACH BKANDY-dec4 dtf -10 bbls Peach Brandy for sale by trKA x Or MUWfl. FRESH COOKED OYSTERS. 500 cans fresh cook cd Oysters, putup expressly for family use. They aro superiorto any in the city. Just received per steamer Telegrayh and for Kale by A. BORIE, At his Wholesale Confectionary, Fruit and Variety Establishment, No. 50. Pearl st. dec! FRESH BORDEAUX PRUNES. 12 ensss tresr Prunes, put up In 5 lb glass jars, just received pei steamer Telegraph and for sale low by dcc4 A. BO BIB, 50. Pearlst. FRHSB SARDINES 400 halfboxesfreshSaxdines; 200 whole do do tio; Just reeoivid per steamer Telegraph and forsale by dec4 A. BORIS, oil, Pearlst. T?RBSH TURKISH FIG PASTE. 600 lbs of this de Sj licious and wholesome article, put up in fancy box es, from 2 to 5 lbs each, just received per steamer Tel egrspnana iorsaie oy dec4 A BORIE, 50, Pearlst. HOLLIDAY dc EVAB.T8. GILDERS AND FRAME DEALERS, DEALERS IN PAPER HANGINGS, LOOKING GLASSBS AND PLATES, FRENCH GLASS, VARNISHES, &C, 531, Main si., near Third , opposite Bank of Ky. dec4 IliDlNG. We are now fully prepared to execute X orders for plain or ornamental Gilt work, in the very best style, and on moderate terms. Cornices, portrait ana picture Frames, occ.,regut. . dec4 : HOLLIDAY & BVART8, LARGE SIZE FRENCH WINDOW GLASS. Our assortment of French. Glass is good , and our prices so low as top!aCe this desirable article for store windows wiimn tne reacn oi ou. dec4 HOLLIDAY & EVARTS PRINTS 10 cases plain black Prints; 10 do black and white Prints; 10 do 4-4 French Chintz do; 10 do Gala Plaid LlnseyB; Just received and for sale by dec4 dfew JAMES LOW or CO. RIBBONS AND BRAID 60 cai toons Bonnet and Cap Ribbons; 1,000 doien Worsted Braid; just received ana ior saie Dy JAMES LOW & CO. OPOOL COTTON-? kj 10,789 dozen colored, white and black 30 yard Spool Thread: 13.600 do colored, white and black 100 yard Mpoori rireaa; 3,000 do Coats' Spool Thread: 1,000 do Dorcas do dci On hand and for sale by ueci dfizw JaM.ES low & i;u. CIHKESE AND BUTTER ) lt8 boxes very superior W, R. Cheese; 50 do do Pme Apple Cheese j 60 jars fresh Butter: Just received per Zachary Taylor and for sale by uecy; .u. l. AUAmo or uu. ALMONDS 50 bags soft shell Almonds; 7o boxes fresh Lemons: tor sale by dec4 . ' D. L. ADAMS & CO. T R1BD PEACHES.- 50 bushols bright Dried Peaches jLs just received and iorsaie Dy dec4 A. G. MUNN, 530, Main st. Til fy sevber is acent for J. H. Burrows Com Mills, French Burr Stones, and will sell atfactcry prices. A. i. aium, oju, aiain i. POTATOES . J50 bbls White Potatoes; 60 do Neshanoc do: In Btore and for sale by deci A. G. MUNN, 530, Main st. HEESE. 948 boxes Western Reserve received pe V steamer Zachary 1 aj ior ana iorsaie by. JUHfl F. rtUWAKU, dec4 Main st.t betvyecnJThird and Fourth, TUCK WHEAT FLOUR-0 sacks received nei XJ steamer Higiilander and for sale by deea juass u. auwni;, L ceived per steamer Highlander end ior sale by UeCl Jl.'MSK oi rlALUlSxtl. " 1 1 U CO FFEjB. 11 bags green Hio Coffee justreceiv- it cd and for sale by dec4 JONES & HALBERT. T KXINGTON MOST A RD. Jnst received asupply XJ ot the above celebrated wus'ard and iorsaie ny JONES & HALoKKl. deel Agentfor Manufacturers. CINCINNATI CANDLES 60' boxes received per mail-boat and tor sale oy- Iec4 JONES & HALBBRT. Q ALT PET RE. 50 bags crude Saltpetre landlngfrom K owamci yvbusici uuu iui etaiu uy dec UHALJfiS GALL AUHiSK. A LTPETR K 30 bags Saltpetre for sale by " dec CORNWALL fa BRO. TEFINF.D SALTPETRE. ljOOO lbs refined Salt- petre for sale by. dec4 CORNWALL dV BRO.j T7i J? putup in2 lb cans, in; the natural state, without sugar.and suitable fo? adssertwitli sugar, milk, cream, (sc., ior saie uy mcmujlelN oc muokk, Next to Bank of Louisuitle. "fflG LEAD 105 Pigs Lead per Gen. Gaines nnd for J8 sate oy BALDWIN & PLUMMEK; T : No. 142, Williams' Row. TTICKORY BROOMS 100 dozen Hickury Brooms, a per man-boat, tor sale ny BALDWIN & PLUMMEU, 14?, W:llian3, Row. dec4 - "I ASH ADVANCES Liberal .cash advmces will be i , ,n,iA n;..w v,o;.,. A A I T? Sriarv rTr f. New Orleans, by ( BALDWIN &PLUMMER, ueC4 . ; ; - uuttuiH- now. HAY:, CORN A ND O ATS vtll be rurnished at Portland to stock dealers on fair terms by dec4 142,WillUn;sVKow. TEAM ENGINE FOR "SALE. The Cyltrdersand Shafts oriteimer Car of Commerce for,sakby " BALDWIN A PT.TrMMKK. dec4 ' 142; Williams:'-Row. rpARPAULINSFOR SALE OR HFRE Tarpaulins, X irom jy yards to IS yards, for sale or hire by dee4 ' . ; -, 142; Williams' Row. QAA ACRES OF RICH KIVER BOTTOM LAND, theirintrinric meritstlone af-ict most amply confirm-OUU lying in Switserland county, Indiana, opposite; edby the extent to which (hey have been counterfeited. the mouth of Sugar Creek, being 16 miles above. Yevay, Ind..-and 50 or GO miles below Cincinnati The tiaot is otvmed mto tour parcels, 01 7o, a, 6s, ana lo acres, which have large , ironts on tthe. riverr end.cxtend back, embracing a sufficiency of woodland, 'thert are com fortable improvements 6h"two"of tlie tracts. For tern.s apply to Jas. Ferguson, on the. prartiisrs', or to aiAiiriiaw mskuiisuw, dec! dtf in Louisville. VERY IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. TE 4S AT WHOLESALE PRICES. JAS. T. LANHAM. Tea ttic..45f. Market street, next'to the -Batik, near Fourth street, hbsjusi received a orcnoiof iiuin. iv ana i.adM.01 tne latest nrt. portations, which he is selling on the cheapeft terms The great demand for the subscriber's Teis is a con-vincinsr proof of tho satuifactlon which thai- viold. and the stronfite&t inducement for him strir.tlv to ndherft in tne principles ip.on 'whipl he atatled, of selluig ihe finew qualities ofTeas"(fqr cash) on ths smallest profitSj and on u,olforin terms. 'Hereafter all Teas sold from his establishment win bear his name and address on the wrapper to avoid mistakes beiog made. dec3 JAS. T. LANHAM., I PINE HAVANA CIGARS AND FANCY GRO F VhlUES. Anaseoitment ofthe above mentioned gOOtls. of the best oualitv. for sale ehenn for c.ish. Tah V nivm w t. ' UC3 450, Market it.,next to Bank,near Fourth. MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE AND FIRE INS UK A N O EG O M P A N Y , OL LOUISIANA. Busineea of the Company confined to Life Insurnacc only PfinMANENT Fond by tak AeT of Incorpohatkm, 8200,000. PARENT OFFICE, NO. 38, CAMP STREET, New Orleans. r"H IS permanent fund to be invested as per charier, 1 by the Board of Trustes. for thn hnfit nr th policy holders, iahonds and mortgages onunincumbeicd reai estate vaiueu. ai aoaDie tne amount loaned taereon, and in stocks ofthe State, and of the United States Gov ernment. Tms Ccmpany being organised, not for the benefit of stockholders and capitalists, but solely for the protecl'on ofthe policy holders and their families against want and poverty, is in us operations a great national benevolent institution, conducted uj on the most secure and selid principles, and affording, for a small annual sum paid duringlife, alarge and handsome legacy to widows and children after death. AU polxy holders, whether for life or shorter time, who continue the Insurance till death, participate in the whole ofthe profits ofthe Company, without any reservation. Creditors cn insure the lives of debtors, thus seem ing a prompt settlement in case ot death. A married woman can effect Insurance on the life )' her husband, for the ole bene fit anl use of herseli c -.1 children, free from the claims ol creditors. TRUST KE3. John Hagan, Joseph Walker, John S.Allison, Peter Conrey, Jr., Maunsel White, Wm. E. Leveiich, Robert J. Ward, Samuel Stewart, Edward Sparrow, fc-aac Johnson, Geo Strawbridge, Henry S. Bocbner. PiiTafc Cokkhy, Jr., President Board el" Trustees. DIRECTORS. Jos. W. Stanton, John Stroud, Sen. .Preston W Farrai John t . Lewi', John Calhoun, Wui. H. White, Wm. M. Goodrich. Joshua Baldwin, John D. Beln, Jro. L. Saffarans, " Warrick Martin, Wm. C Tompknss A. r. Crostman, MarkWa'ton, Jobn B. Leefe. U. Fellowes, Joseph Lallande, M.M.Cohen, Ed. Jenner Coxe, N. C. Hali. John hagan, frequent 01 tne uonjpany. Pr-ston W. Farrar, Vice Hrcsidfnt. A. J. Weddsbburn, M. D , 1 Medical Board of Cob-Thomas Hunt, M.D., J EUltaiion,N. Orleans. Harmon DoAKE,Secvetary. E. L. Goold, Attorney. OSThis Company Is prepared to entortaln applica- tionsfor Life Insurance, and issue policies, on all sound and healthy white persons and, negroes, at the table ef rates established by the Hoard, which are less iban the Tales charged by the iVewYoraaud London cfli-ces, and without their restrictions asto residence in the South. By the charter, dirmends of profits are declared annually, and the profits draw ii terest,andcan be ma-ie amount, by a cash loan, where the party has paid his piemmmsinfuli. ItlCalifornia Permits are issue.l to Life Insurance member at New York and Loudon rates. a&"Extensive traveling privileges are allowed. nS2" Prospectus. Table of Rates, and all information as to Life Insurance, and all papers necessary to effect In. surance, can be had et the agency at Louisvil e , Ky. THUS. o. HtSINlSKUY, Agent. 03"flfHce, 35, Pearl st.,below Main, Louisville. Dr. K. C. Hewett, Medical Examiner, Louisville, Ky. dcc4 illy INSURANCE ON NEGROES. THE undersigned is prepared to effect Insurance, against death, resulting either from accident or die- ea, on the most favorable terms, upon the lives of Slaves engaged in every kind of employment, whether on farms, in factories, in hotels, or on :-teambea'-s, either aswaitcis. or firemen. THOMAS S. KENNEDY, Agent ofthe Mutual BcnehtL. fc b. lus. uo., oi La fcOflice 3d, Pearl street, below Main, Louisville, N. B. Negroes must be personally examined betore Insurance can be effected . 0SPolicies issued at this agency, and losses p?Id either in Louisville or in New Orleans, as may he pre-fcrred deel dly TO STEAMBOAT MEN, PLANTERS AND THiVDERS. INSUR NCfe effecteil upon lives, upon the lowest term and without any extra charge to acclimated persons, on accountof residing South or visiting New Orleans during the months of July, Aiutst, September andOctober. BGIrA full share in all the profits divided vtry ytart which can be used towards ihe pajmentuf uturo premiums or al owed to tccumulate on interest and be added to the palicy. ICTiNo responsibiliU to the insurtd.and no liability to have the amount msu cd reduced, uuder any 03r"Insuracce effected for the benefit of wives, children , creditors, &c, as the pa? ty may desire. (EsTOn ail premiums on whole life policies, amcuutmg to g50 ai.d upwards, per annum, a creditor omk-hax-i--aUowed for twelve months. 03- Pennanent Cash Fund: 200, 0C0, and lotsct. promptly paid in cash! D5rL-aiiroini;i risks taken on ressonable termi. For lurtherpiiticularsapp'y to THOMAS S.KENNBDv;,. Agent of the Mutual Benefit Life and Fire Insurance Compouy, of Louisiana. D3"uflice,3o, Pearl stroet, below Main, Louisville. deel dir COLLECTOR AND BILL POSTER. I HAV15 determined hereafter to devote my entire attention to the collection of bills or accounts, and the posting of bills. Having had lanst experience, lean cod fidentlysay that any business I maybe entrusted with wilt oe punctually and satisfactorily attended to. Ac counts from a distance wdl receive the first attention and the receipts immetliateiy paid over. Address, by note oi: otherwise, - R. M. MOORE, At the Louisville Democrat Office. RsesnsncES Dr. Jno. H.Taayer;.Df. No ' ton Lane; G. W. Doaue; Harney, Hughes oc Hitghes;D. W. Henderson. nov2i dly PORK PACKING. gesgi A. S. WHITE tfe CO. have, sinee lastsea-Jj&jEPson, put up iron tanks for rendering heads, Jfaftft&nwind in mi p. other extensive additions to their esDiunment. Having an ample Uock of superior materials, they are prepared to pack Pork in the best man-ner, and hope to receive a liberal share of pafrorage. Any communications intended for them may tuj left at B. P. King's, corner of Maiu andSecuudsls., Louiavdle. novl? di&wlm Louisville and Frankfort Railroad Office,? November26, 1819. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the office ofthe Lsuisville and Frankfort Railroad Co'rfiuaiiv. untii the lotb of December iust, for Gra.liog. Calvert and Briiige Masonry on sections 16, K, 17, 18 19, 20, 22. 23, 24, 23, 31, 36, 37, and 33, on said rand. Speci fications tor the same can be seen oy application at the office. Proposals will also be received tor buddim: a Bridge across the Kentucky Kiver; also two Turning Tables, two first class Passencer Cars, ten covered Freight Cars. Specifications ofthe Bridge, Turning Tables and Cars, can be examined at the office on or after the 10th of December next. nov7 dtd O. N. WARREN, Chief Eugineer. LARD OIL FACTORY. THE undersigned nas opened a Factory for the macu facturc of Lard Oil, ou Marshall street, between' Shelby and Campbell streets. AU otvers for Oil will be prohrptly and punctually attended to by nov51 d6 a C. KRIDfiR, Proprie;or. NOTICE. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received bytfce undersigned, until aionday, the lOtli day of December next, for the digging k d walling a Well at the intersection of Fifteenth and Rgweh f-tieets. i:Ov29 dtd WM. H. VANCE, Mayor. Steam Saw and Grist Milt for Sale, 7 IRIS establishment has been running a fewmontlis, and is pronounced by compelfnt sawyers to be one the most perft ct and complete in the country. It Is situated on the J. ffersonville and Columbus Railroad, about 19 miles from the former place, at the depot and village of Morristown, to which poiut the locomotive and cats will be running by July next. The mill is large, and capable of cutting seven thou sand feet of lumber day, and u situated in one of the very best timbered regions of the West, abounding: la great quantities of the ben of oak, poplar, cheery, walnut. &c. &". The mill ha the advantee of a con tract for seven hundred thousand feet of railroad timber, which Uis now cutting. tor price ara terms apply at this deel do&wl 850 REWARD. 0 RAN A WAY, from the subscriber, ou Thurs-gSi day, the 22nd November, a Negro Woman named far St'SAN. Site 13 17 years of age, about 6 f et 4 SeHi inched in height, dark copper complexion, hasfull int'd face, pleasine countenance, her two front teetk large, spe vks very low and slow, the end of her middle finger on the right han J much enlarged from a bone felon. She took a?vay with hern red and blue gala plait! dress of rich colors', a striped figured cashmere dres?, a; bright plaid coiton dress, very long wjiist, a new brown cambric quilted skirt, which are stolen. She has a "iuciiam iun-bonnet and a heavy dark shawl, flowered and fringed. I will pay the above reward if taken out of the State, or 25 within the State and lodged Ih jail so 1 can get her. nevjy ikuvwi a. kvvui, wo. i3r, waruM st. TO LEASE FOR 30 YEARS. I AM authorised to lease for a term of twenty years tne following valuable property, which is muu desi rably located in thiscity: XOT on tho south side of Green, between Six'h and Seventh streets, 35 Tect front, and running through to Grayson street. XOT on the southwest corner of Eighth and Green streets, 80 feet front on Green and running through to Gray sons tie et. rLOTontlie westeule of Tenth, betweeh'Green and Walnut stree ts, b feet front. For particulars enquire of the subscriber at his residence, corner of Ceotre ind Chestnut streets, novSS d6 J. N. McMlGHAEL. MOATS MORISON PILLS . ' ; J IHE GENUINE; HYGEIAN VEGETABLE UNIVER: SAL MEDICINE. These celeoibted Family MecL- cins were in roducedinto this country in September mi. juujuuci , Hum wuiuu iiiuB to me present; they Iiavc been sraduailv increasing in reTiiitatina bv uuu luuuucu, cuiuty a, er uiajismg wunout me presentation to public notice of some new pill, whose -peculiar properties it would be peifectly safe to swear would never have been discovered but for the hard earned but welt merited populai ity of the Hygeian Medicines. Testimony like thefollowing is beingconstantly received etthe principal offices, w here the originals of thousands such may be seen Wo hereby certify that we have used the Hygfian Vegetable Pills for sevaiDi vpar nn.i ... rii . that they are superior to any other medicine ofthe kind now in use, and we would lecommend then especially for this consideration, that while lhev norif ThTwooa tteputstrermUen ana mvigorato the system. Cl'.ailes W. SUckney, i f Mrs. Julius Smith, J-Paidesville, Ohloi-Mrs. George Curtis, j .;. .. Ebenezcr Williams, Mentor, Ohio. ;. . Mrs. L. B. Parior, jMorth Ferrr, Lata ir n 'm m ,,y SlD'if. S CO.. Ohio. VV. C. Matthews, Associate Judge, I,oe Co., Ohio To those uiincn),,fa.i Thl i ... U '?. I'!'21 to say tht thex are exclntivelya Vee.-etable Pill, put up in packages o,r different sites to suit-purchasers, ond to proye their superiority over all other, medicines or the kind, the esjerience of erery nmorl acquainted withtbeiii is confidently leferredto ""' So,!e Agent for State of Kentucky, - ' .. . ' H0V29 KOB. P. H1BB1TT, 499'Markctst. lOEN?E.S' OBANGESii-j.000 sweet CToleOran- -'1Ji l'S u,tr,00"'l1 lersteamor John Hancock and orufobV decu BKABAS 4 OO.

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