The Louisville Daily Courier from Louisville, Kentucky on March 6, 1848 · Page 3
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The Louisville Daily Courier from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 3

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1848
Page 3
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uijAMts-oarreis ki natation .Moj.asv:s now MORNING COUEIE11..1BY THE MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH, . NOW is this tiik: STRIKE WHILE THE IROX IS HOTII STEAMBOATS for the LoitiarlUe Courier. ,'.:d. L-od w((t; Ibni and hi g.od demand itulil Thm-.biT, whr.n tbe mailieta rec-i ved a quietus honi . iepo!(..,t a .lei iine at .New Voik; yesterday, hov.uver, 10jO kegs piiiue city rend! red sold at 0c, but there are few if any buyers to-dav at that price. Whisky. Whisky has recovered partially from the decline noted a lew days since, and to-day the market was steady at 17jaJ7e. Asuks. Ashes are scarce and in good demand at 7c for Pearl, ami If: for Pot. Dulki- Fhuit Nothing of consequence doing in Dried Fruits. I quote apples at TOaSoc, and peaches at Si 10a Si 6J), embracing the different qualities, and receipt ami store rate3. A I! kinds of foreigu fruits are dull. Small sales of M. R. Raisins at 2 00a2 10; stock large. (.'iikksk Small sales of selected "VV. K. Cheese at 7c and of ordinary to fair at ti a GJc. The receipts large and the market h;is a downward teudeucy. Bcttkh Butter ranges from 12 to lie steadv. Fkkirut.- have farther declined and the engagements or iS'ew Orleans were at :ioc for Hour, toe for Lard, 30c or Pork and 20c for pound freight. Exchange. In Monetary atfatrs, there is no improve nient. A large uimiber of Bills in Hank are now rapidly maturing:, and' matters to-day were probably tighter than at any time thisse.-uoh; Exchange on the East declined i tugs A Ispi'Jc binding 1" inn s earner Em DAMS A CO. elc by . L SliliETLXGS Just receied,5.ij(; .4 aml i-inieach d Cotton Sheeting, ot best brands ami for sale cheap by feb2u BROWy, CURTIS & VANCE. T ECEIVED a few c;ises of superior Long Cloth Shirt- JLV ings, which are oneiea tow bv feb'?.) BBOW.V, ClrRTlS & VANCE. "f EW HEMP SEED 50 bushels new Hemn.justre- i ceived and for Sale by A, G. MUN-V, feb2!) Market, st., between Third and Fourth. T) OOTS JLi; t,0(J0 two years old Asparagus Roots; ;J,0'W two yeais old Catawba Grape Hoots; Received and for sale by A. G. MUN'N, feb2D Market st. between Third and Fourth. THOSE BRACES HAVE ARRIVED Received J evpi-css this day, S dozen ot Dr. M. W. Hanchett's much admired suspensoi cMiouiuer Hrace. 1 hose per-sons who desire one vail please, call iinmediatelv at BLANCHARiTS, feb-2-j of the Gulden Hand. Ml0. D'OR, 171 -Maiu Street, WINDOW ORNAMENTS. We arein receiptthis day of a great variety of Window Cornices, Hands, and other Ornaments, all of which will be sold low bv feb2S I. RAPHAEL A CO. THE BELLE OF THE FASIIL Y By Mrs. Grev, author of Gambler's Wife, Duke and Cousin, Ac, Ac This new effort of Mrs. Grey ts regarded by all literarv cirdles as the best which she has ever made. It is a book which will be read and read again. MADISON'S EXPOSITION of the awful and terrifying ceremonies of the Odd Fellows. This is anew book of exposition of Odd Fellowship. Though we cannot believe all of the haid stories to which this respectable Order is chargable, yet such a book as the present is really worthy of notice. It contains some of the most graphic and artistic illustrations of the skill and ingenuity of man, which have everfalleu under our observation. We invite all to call and see it it is received and is eminently worthy of consideration. febr23 GEOW. NOBLE. MAISOX D'OR, 471 Main Street, "T7"E are in receipt of W Rich Paris Foulard Silks.-Extra rich Plain GUce do; Embroidered Poile de Chevre Robes: Pink and blue embroidered TaUarans: Extra, rich Brocade Silks: Plain Toile de Lin de Soie; Super Silk Fhuun'ls; Checked oilk Grenadine: Plain white and black Crape Shawls: Embroider.-. I do. do. do.: Plain colors Glace Silk do.; A I. SO A few superior French Black Cloths, and uew sty!s fancy Cassinn-res, ail of which we offer for sale at prices that will be acknowledged bv all to be extreuielv low. fcbiW I. RAPHAEL A CO. T AH 100 bairels Carolina Tar: 5J do do Pitch: for sale by feb! LYTLB A MARTIN. 0i ' r FOR RENT A very lesi nib'le " "ivfj d e nTlhe Hiffiji South aide of Gray street, between First and Second streets; has 7 rooms, kitchen and servant's room, cistern and cellar, coal shed, and stables. Lot fronts (SO feet by 200, to a fina alley; tlie yard is well set with shrubbery. Will be rented for'SiJO to a good tenant. Apply to J. N.WRIGHT, marl Re:l Estate Aeut, No. 7'i, 3d st. I ABIES' SILK CRAVATS We have 011 hand a j bnautifui assortment of Ladies' Cravats, all styles and prices. COOKE A BRO , feb26 Market St., bet. Fourth and Fifth. CHEAP SIOUS HE LAINES A few more pieces of those prettv 20 and Ijceiit de Laine, just received. COOKE A BRO., feb2S Market St., 'bet. Fourth anil Fifth. FOR SALE A lot of ground ou First st.. between Chesnut and Broadway. 3n ter front by 1-50 deep, to a 12 feet allev; will be sold cheap if application be made to A LEX. BAGBY, Real Estate Agent, fftMk) Northwest cor. Second and Jefferson sis. AMPUTATIOX PRE VESTED. GREAT CURE OF CHARLES R. HORNER. "TTjHfEN an afflicted c mature is plucked as a "brand 17 from the burning," from the grasp of a malignant and incurable disease, and restored to perfect becomes an incumbent duty for the instruction of bis suffering fellow mortals, to make it known: and accordingly, the undersigned desires to make a public and brief description of his aifflctlons, and relate the unexpected cure he obtained from the use of Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. In July, 1S35, my disease commenced with a severe pain in my knee, which eventually gathered and broke. The Ulcer kept running for about a year, when numerous pieces of bone came out, which were quite large and porous resembling a honey-comb. The bones came out at intervals, and two years ago, the ulceration broke out below the knee joint, anil several other places on my body. I had an attack of Erysipelas in my leg. which affected my head so that I was delirious. Sly leg now began to swe 1 very much, and was very black, and from my ankle to my knee, it was as large as an ordinary stovepipe it was excessively painful, and I fee! it impossible to describe the suffering which E had endured. Sly general health was very feeble, added to which, I had a pain in my btv.ast and a dry hacking cough. I had ceased from working ong before I came to Philadelphia: and could not find any remedy to expel the foul matters from my system, or heal the extensive ulcerations. I was supposed to be incurable, and with a view of mitigating my sufferings, and prolonging my life a short rime, I came to Philadelphia in February last, to have my leg amputated. I had tried every known remedy, both external and internal, bu without relief. I had the best physicians to attend me. Inn all in vain. Sly leg was so much inflamed and swollen, and painful, that I thought amputation would be a great reli-i. Prior to visiting the Surg''on who was to amputat my leg, I prucured a pamphlet descriptive of the effects ot Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, and as it seemed to suit my ease, I sent fur Dr. Scheuck, for his opinion. Altera very careful examination, he was of the opinion that my leg could be cured without an operatiuu. I placed myself under his care, and in March last, I commenced using his Pulmonic Syrup, and after using it according to his direction for several weeks, oh! what joy thrilled my heart, when I found tlie ulcerations began to heal, I could per. ceirc life anew before me, t could feW the medicine course through my system, expelling the impure and foul matters that had So long remained there. I feltencour aged and began to fee! a hope! I continued under Dr. Schenck's treatment, using bis Pulmonic Syrup until my sores were all healed, ami my leg perfectly well. 1 am at this time in the enjoyment of the best health, and mv leg continues well, and is stronger than it has been for years before. My recovery has been entirely une. l eered to mysell and friends; many of whom expected to see me come hom hobbling upon crutches; but thanks to Dr. SchencK and Ins excellent nilmouic Syrup, they were disappointed, for returned with a second les, and in bet ter health than I had been in for a long lime previous. I have now discliHr.-d a duty i owed to the Communi ty, in thus publicly giving my case and cure to all my afflicted fellow mortals. I respectfully eo-nd a Cordial in- vilatiou ti) all to come and see me at Jackson Glass Works. N. J., and behold what Schneck's Pulmonic Svrup has done forme, that uVv may go and receive the same benefit. CHARLES R. HORNER. fhe undersigned, residents of Jackson Ol.iss Works and vicinity, hereby certify, that we are well acquainted with Charles R, Horner, and that the toregoingceruiicaie we know to be true; that we saw him when lus sufferings were intense, his leg was lilceratu-l and very much swollen, that he was in this situation a Ion; time, and 1 ruin his statement we hare every reason to believe that lie was cured bv using Scehnck's Pulmonic Syrup. George Gil hens, John .1. Gil hens. John Hartmnu, William (idp. Baker Johnson, Sarah Githeus. I am well acquainted with tlie gentlemen whose names are attached to the above certificate, and am satisfied the signatures are original, and what thev cenit'v is correct. SAMUEL RU TiARDS. Price, one dollar per bottle. Km-sale by C- HAGAN & Co.. 17Wal!st.. Ieb25 d3mreui.".v Louisville, Ky. PROTECTION, FIRE AND MARiN'E INSURANCE COMPANY OF HART. FORD, CONNECTICUT. O MiTS Company commenced their business in the Wes-X tern States, in IS-'J-j: btifora man? of the present offices had an existence. They havri gradually, but steadily increased their operations daring a period of more than twenty years, and now rank among tlie foremost officers in the country. Their abundant means, in onnection with the, fact that thev have paid losses- in the Yestern States alone, to the amount of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, is sutVuUut evidence of their ability and promptness. i ne unuersigneii having been appointed agent tor wis Company, will take Fikk and Makiss risks generally, on the most favorable terms. All los will bs .aij- ,v:vn i-aio ix Lorisvi li.s. Aoolicaiions made to M. Kennedy at the Exrhanga Officn of Rawlins ami Rutherford, or to the undersigned personally, will b promptly attended to. JAMES E. TYLER, novaj au Agent. CANTON TEA COMPANY, THE CANTON TEA COMPANY b-'g leave to In form the citizens of Louisville that thev hare established themselves in this city for the purpose of introducing their superior TEAS, and have appointed GAD CHAPiN, corner of Eighth and Market streets, their exclusive Agent for the city of Louisville, Ky. 1 he custom of mixing damaged and inferior Teas with those of the better quality, has long been a matter of universal regret; and although it is attended with great advantages to the dealer, it is associated with the grossest wrong upon humanity. Good Tea is a great luxury, and it is a privilege to know where you can always get it. The citizens of Louisville and surrounding countrv now have the opportunity of drinking the finest and most delicious Teas cultivated in China. The Garden Teas imported by the Canton Tea Company exceed in delicacy of flavor, richness and aroma, anything of the kind ever imported into this country. Heretofore these fine Teas nave never reached Uus country, except ui small lots as presents to importers, 4c, but they are now within the reacu ot au. BLACK TEAS. 5i) 'cents per lb. Good Souchong. Pekoe Flowers Orange Pekoe Fine Oolong The llowqua Mixture GREEN TEAS, Young Hyson ; do ilo Fine do o Full Flavor do do Extra Rue. Gunpowder, very tine - Imperial Ow" Prices of Teas range from 50. 1 my22dlyrenew jr'll .1 00 do de do do -St 00 50-cents per lb. 62J do 75 do .Si 00 da .31 00 do St no do eU to 1 50 per lb. B A CON 30,000 pounds Bacon, Hog round, for sale by Icb23 JONES cfc HALBERT. CANDY 13i CENTS I will sell candy from this day at twelve and a half cents per pound, and kisses at sixteen and two-third cetiLs per pound, wholesale, for in the West, I am prepared to furnish my old customers and all others, a splendid assortment of the best quality of Candy of liiy own manufacturing, at the short est notice. Merchants and others dealing m mv line, will please give me a call. A. BORIE, Wholesale and retail Confectionary, Tovand Fruit Establishment, No. 50 Pearl st. RIO COFFEE 250 bags Prime Rio Coffee, just re-ceived per steamboat Empire and for sale by feb29 FERGUSU.N & CO., 4;H Main St. MOLASSES 160 bbls Molasses, in excellent Cypress cooperage, to arrive, for sale by DRiED PEACHES AND APPLES SO bbls Dried Peaches; 15 bush Pealed do; 120 bbls Dried Apples; In store ami for sale by tehS9 JONES & HALBERT, 55s Main st. LEXINGTON MUSTARDA constant simply of this celebrated Mustard, for sale bv JONES & HALBERT, teb29 Agents for jhe Factory, ,1 LSPICK-l pijcmd JJA. lauuingrrom steamer Iroquois and Bunker Hill and n.l lor sate by jieiwij u- L- A JJA Jib li CO. COUNTRY MADE SOAP 2 bbls Soft Soap, a bang up arucie m store ano lorsaie low dv Ceb22 W. ADAMS, No. C, Market st. TOOLS Monkev Wrpnrlies. assorted siv,.s. AU5nrs. all sizes. Mortire 'l' .,, ,, (-,,., Ses, sliding Bevils: Trvins Square ninrrinr Spoke Suaves, all sizes: Auei- HiT xi-tih .,.,.1 bpur Bit: Loncave Augers, and all,.!- ki'.,' of the nest quality, nist re'-elved and r,ir.,l,. r,z fl, market prices. teb2.j H. II. riOXORK. P. Hollow ni; Gila. BRU'R LAVERS TROWELS Tlie bM 1 II 1 ceived by 11. 11. FINE UOTHll- TEA TRAYS A lew sells ceived oi supenoi- quaint, bv r.:b2j H. 11. 1ION0 (J HOVELS AND TONUS, in setts, for sale lw O leiwa ii. ii. hum: BRITTANIA WARE A irood assi.nmeut kmi ,-o Stailtlv Ou hand and for sale :it a small ... 1 v i u,- , uiaiitilacturer s prices bv febSS II. II. HONOKF E uoi uu.uiiv. usi leceneu u feb-23 II. H. HONOUR. f lOFFEE 2o0 bags green Rio, jtistreceived pet steam- ei .aiaiiiu ami lor sale bv feb22 H. D. NEWCOMB Jt BRO., Walls! REFINED SUGARS AND SYRUP '.I! barrels Refined Su,'i'; ot uo 1 laiined syitip; jtistreceived per steamer eairinount an..l lor sale bv II.' D. NEWCOMB BRO., feti-- .g-.s for St. Louis Refmerv. s UGAR 125 hhds prime N. O. Suar, lauding iron learner Lalavette and tor aie !v febJ 11. D. NEWCOMB & BRO,, Wail st. f OFFEK 200 bugs prime Rio, landingfrom leai Lafayette and for sale bv feb20 H. D. NEWCOMR Oi- BRO., Wall s MEA L Received on consignment. ;;pn bbls suni-no Sifted and unsifted Coru'Me.d, suitaiile tor f.nml; use or shipping, for sale low bv feb29 DUMONT tt SMITH, No. 2t'. Wall st. FOR HIRE A likely gi- Hoy, alwrnt 13 years agf; will b ; hired for the balance of the vcar. pl o ALEX. BAG55Y, Real Estate Agent. febSO Northwest corner Second and Jefferson :s. T K h K Q R A P H One of Foster's celebrated Ti'Liinc it'ii Cr.i has just been put up in the Louisville Courier Steam Printing Establishment And as it will print Cards with unexampled rapidity an-atUie same time with great neatness and beauty, we an prepared to execute ah orders for Mercantile and Rust ness Cards, in quantities, at the UNP.UlALLKLKD LOW Pit I CK OK 25 C-N I pM':;! W. N. HALDEMAN, Courier Office. Pearl street, bet. Main and Marii-'t. tCfCanls printed at '.,:: hwr'i no;u-,-.?--feb20 dl2is "VTEW MEDICAL BOOKS. TvvL.m on P.:-.n, Xl Treatise ou Poisons, in relation to .Medical Jnripru deuce and Medicine: by Alfred S. Taylor, F. K. S.. Lee turer on Medical Jurisprudence and Chemisiry m liny'-Hospital, and author of "Medical Jurisprudence." Edit ed with notes and additions, bv B. Eglesfeid Grimm M. D., oic. Mlllkh'.1 Pu vsics , M) M;";.nr.v. Primi pies of Physics an-.l Meteorology, by J. Muller. Pro.essoi of Physics at the University ot Freiburg hi: Americai ediuon, Revised and lllustrared with 5:jS En;iavings 01 Wood, and two Colored Plates. ilATTKL'cci uix Livixii Kiing.s. Lectutvs ou tue Physical fhenomena of Livimi Bemirs: bv ( ar o Mane ci, Professor in the University of Pisa, with numerous Wood Cuts. Translated under the superintendence Jonathan Pereisa. M. D. F. R. C, Vice President of ; Royal Medical and Chirurgica! Socieiv. For sale bv fcb20 F. W. PRESCOTT. 451 Main t. X) ICH DRESS SILKS We have a beautiful assort tueut JV ot Dress Mlks, of all styles and qualities, and as are constantly receiving audiuous, winch renders our stock complete throughout the season; to which we par ticularlv invite the attenliou of the ladies. COOKE A BRO.. feb23 Market sr., bet. Fourth and Fifth. MOURNING GOODS: MOURNiNG GOODSR-Jusi received au addititioual supply of M on mint; tlooils, coiihisting of Black Alpaca Lustres; Do .Mohair do; Do Siik Waqi do; Lupin's super Bombazines; Hennegihn's do; Lupin's black Mous de Laiues; Black Italian Crapes; Do Kid Gloves; Do Hosiery; Do Love Veils, Handkerchiefs, cic. For sale low bv COOJvE A BRO.. feU2S Market st.. bet. Fourth and Futh. COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, for March I entirely original EniheUishmeiits: tents dO.l; aved Portrait of W ordsworih-uaiuted bv R. D. 1 engraved by H. S. Sadd. View uf Artioch drawn bv W. H. Kai'lletl: e by Pnidome. rebruary b ushions two iigm es. Music Midnight Musimjs;" poetrv and music .Mi 'O. ElizabetJi Ann White. This duv received and for -;ale bv feb2S C. HAGAN o JUST RECEIVER A French Coltoiiade: VEGE SI PPl.V - Attakapas d.i; ;-4 heavv twilled Domes: t-i do do d, !-l plain d fj. I heavv browi 4-1 do ' do :M, 7-S and 1-4 T iheeling: do; kings, lie: 4-1 heavy ("hecks: Manchester f riughdm: French and Scotch do; .'M and I I British Prints: For sale cheap bv l'eb'2-J BROWN, CURTIS i VANCE- qilMOTHY AND CLOVERSEED- X 25 bbls prime Cloverseed, at tbe lowest rnarki price: 50 bbls pure Tiinothv Seed; Received ami lorsaie by A. G. MUNN. at his Seed Store, on Market sr.. febQd between Fourth mid Fifth. TO PHVSICIAAS AM) OTHIiU.. NEURALGIA! J.WALTER A S ON INFORM the public that they are at this time manufacturing in the cut ot" Louisville , at the corner of Se ve nth and Gravson streets, all sorts of ELECTRO AND MAGNETIC APPARATUS. They keep ready made and ou hand, "Magneto-Electric and Electro Magnetic Machines, of the verv best quality to be found in this country or aiiv other, used as a remedial agent in removing diseases of the Nervous System. The Electro-Magnetic Apparatus now used as a mn. five mcaiis, iu removing diseases, stands one of the first iiscovenesiu the world. When mankind comes to know there is no other Mat or point for disease or health but that ot the Nervous .y. tern, tbe wnoie animal economy lotmumg n, win physicians look to the right quarter for information, and ;o rationally to work to relieve a leuow sutierei . From what I hare been able to gather from my exa:i;. iuatiou ou the subject, I feel emboldened to say tb.'se is no other point or part susceptible ol disease or health but the Nervous System no other part to apply a meatu Io remove disease or to perfect, health in the animal. It. tlie Drain ne sound and m a nraitbv condition, au me other parts of the animal must bi' also; vice versa, if the brain be diseased in any part, the animal cannot enjoy gooit health. That part of tile animal nearest in connec tiou with the diseased part of the brain wilt be found to give way and is generally denominated the weak pan. it is inte ciear to me, u uie spcretnis arm exi retmn glands be in a health v condition, there need be no fear of disease whilst that condition In removing a disease, you have onlv to stimulate the secreting glands; the excreting will goon performing their functions by throwing off the morbid matter or exchana:- iu; it into a healthy condition. Experience alone has taught me this fart, fori! is Elec tricity -io vents the whole. The electric aura tlowins irom tne t tne animal nanerv) u ramiues tin: wnoie animal in all its parts, conducted through the whole by the ganglionic apparatus provided lor that purpose, some times a portion of these ganglia become torpid or partially so; therefore the immortal discovery of a means to stimulate those parts of the animal battery, to excite them to immediate action, must be apparent to all reflecting men, to be of the greatest importance to sufferim: humanity. J. WALTER. N. B. All those who purchase a machine will be instructed in the use of the same in the manipuia if required. I also have a quantity of Copying Presses for sale cheap such as are used in copying letters. These Presses are made of iron, and of goud quality. All those wishing the article would do well to call at my Shop, at thi corner of Seventh and Grayson sts. As l have about forty on hand, out of a large lot, I am desirous to close them out as soon as practicable, and will sell lower than any others in tlie citv, J. W. feb2Sd3ill F OA'S STARCH 3d boxes .just received per Ma Boat and for au by fb2 D. L. ADAMS A CO. PATENT SOLAR LARD LAMPS A large assortment of these celebrated Lamps, from the manufac uiry of Cornelius it Co., constantly on hand and for salts at the lowest prices. Also, a great variety of Paper and Parchment painted and embossed shades, Glass Globf.s, Chimneys. Wicks, Ac, for sale by HENRY FLETCHER. feb23 ditw 463 Main St., between Fourth and Fifth. tHSrf A GENTLEMAN having Two Hundred and $agp? Fity Dollars to put into business, can hear of a good situation by addressing the undersigned, post paid, or by calling at No. 349 Jefferson st., Louisville. mar2d4Aw2 C. H. BRACKETTE. FOR SALE Acout 250 or 300 lbs. f.ONO I'KI.MKR TYPE, about ball worn. Prlcu to cents per lb. ADolvto WEBB & iriJU.l,, lebij wliil No. I'J Peal I st. UGS! RUGS!! received this day 4. balss beautimi Cluiiille Bugs; 2 do heavy Evy luiud do; 2 do common do do; fb2t5 BENT & DUVALL. MEDICAL STUDENTS! MEDICAL STUDENTS! Obdkii No. 2 The cession being about to close, and you about returning home to your friends, l respectfully invite your attention to my splendid assortment of fashionable ready made clothing, (or if preferred made to order.) Having had the honor of supplying last fall the majority of students, comments are unnecessary. As to inducements in tlie way of bargains call and judge for vourselves. W. SAMUELS, feb23 Mammoth Clothiui' Depot. FINE RAZORS, Ac Constanllv on hand a large assortment of Fenney's warranted Tally Ho Razors, made to order expressly for my own sales: also Rodgers, Wade & Butcher's, and Woostenholm's fine Razors, Pen and Pocket Knives, Scissors, Ac., and for sale reduced ates. feb23 !Awl HENRY FLETCHER. A TREATISE ON THE LAW OF EVIDENCE, by Simon Greenleaf, L. L. D., Dane professor of Law in Harvard University; 2 vols. Vol 2d, second edition: 1S48. Received and for sale by feb23 WELL. FOR HIRE likely Negro Women, first rate house servants; will be hired for the balance of tlie year, if application be made tu ALfcA. BAGBY, Real Estate Aseut. mar2 Northwest corner Second and Jefferson sts, TiflE unprecedented good luck which lias attended the ju lui-.amrrtt mm juuy u-eieoraiea PRIZE OFFICE OF BRAISTED & CO., No 6 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, Md. witiiiii the last few weeks, has no equal in the History of x 1 lie acinus. Q-y-Tliey have SOU and promptly paid tile followiui PRIZES: 1 Prize ol' 10,000 Dollars! 1 Prize or l,30O Dollars! 5 Prizes of 1,000 Dollars! 6 Prizes or SOO Dollars! In addition to the above, they have sold a great manv smaller Prizes too numerous to mention. We, therefore say to all who want to get good Prizes, "SE'D 03 VOUK 0KDKP..S E A KLY," directed to BRAISTED St CO.. -No. 6 North Calverl Street, as they have "a lew more left ol the same sort" to he dis posed-of tin's month. CGiWe heg leave to call attention to tlie Mauitlvent Swsiiuehanna Canal Lottery, Cla. IS To be drawn in the city of Baltimore, Md, MARCH SlKU 7S Xuinbers and 15 Ballots! There is distributed in this Grand Lotterv 8S97.696! PRIZE ."UO'EY!:: The leading Prizes ill the Lot tervare 1 PRIZE OF 50,000 DOLLAES! 1 Prize of 15,681 Dollars! 1 Prize of lO.OHM) Dollars! S25.0OO divided into 5 Prizes of 3,000 each! lO.OOO divided into 5 Prizes of 2,000 each! 8-10,000 divided into 40 Prizes of 1,000 each! 83,000 divided into 50 Prizes of 500 each: Whole Tickets onlv.. SS15 00 I Uuarters Si Ti Halves 7 50 Eighths 1 b" LCThe above is a splendid Lottery for Packages, and we say, try a Package, as there are 15 Prizes to 11 blanks 111 everv Package of 2G tickets, and one Package can draw tlie FOUR HIGHEST PRIZES IN THE LOTTE RY, amounting to ueartv 96,O00 dollars: SPECIAL NOTICE. LOTTERIES DRAWN EVERV DAY. CAPITALS FROM 8-1,000 to $50,OOOI TicitKTfl varvino in Prick from SI to S20. BRAISTED Cc CO. pay postage on all letters to and from their office, and send the official drawing after the Lottery is drawn. Braisted or Co. pay all pnzes ni Gold, For Prizes ahvavs address BRAISTED A CO., No. 6 North Calvert street, Baltimore, Md. Al! business confidential. marl deodcfcweowim irr-TT i vrrc Tnnr t? rn.. r ..... .. XTJL lebatiMcwj WOODRUFF dc McBP.iDE BUILULXG MATERIALS, of every description, al ways on hand and for sale bv febS-t doiw WOODRUFF oi ItcBBIDE. TVTORTICE MACIilXES We hare uul nmsned new Xil. more of those great labor saying machines, which we orier to our customers lebQt decw WOODRUFF McBRIDE. Q AL'CE PA'S, Stew Kettles, Tea kettles and all kinds oi "rutchen tLxms," !ir sale bv fe&aidiiw WOODRUFF it McBRIDE. R 00113 TO LET Over our store, in second and thud stones, yo. 63, Third st. l'eb'21doW WOODRUFF McBRIDE. s HIP CARPENTERS' Axes, Adzes, .Mauls and Au gers, warranted good, and for sale by febiUl&w WOODRUFF & McBRIDE. CtOOPERS JOINTERS and otner tools, for sale bv ' feba-t WOODRUFF & McBRLDE. DOUBLE C0R53HELLEHS, waiTanted to do til worltoftwo common ones, for sale by reblH WOODRUFF di McBRIDE. HORSE SHOE NAILS Sparables, Tacks, Ac, c sale by feKHJ WOODRUFF Jt McBRIDF. c 10 RNS HELLERS and Cutting boxes of the best make, tor sale bv feb2ldAw WOODRUFF & McBRIDE. O 'FEEL PTJRSE TRIMMINGS 1,200 bunches oest O quality Stel Beads, Nos. fi, 7 and S at 10 cents per mmcn; a large assortment ot Steel uae and rurse Llasps. Rings and Tassels, &c, Purse silk of every variety of color and shade, and the best quality. Also, a great va riety of Steel Bags, Purses, Ac, of the latest styles. For salo by febS3 dtfcwj HENRY FLETCHER. EDWARD WILSON, Florist, Ismixuill', Ky.. has for sale a great variety af Ornamental Evergreen, Trees and Shrubs, with a splendid collection of the newest and best sorts of Roses ; Camellia, Jassoiheas, and Geraniums, with a hue assortment of Greenhouse Plants; a lso Grape Virue, Currants, Fastolf, Raspberries, Strawberries, Mower Seeds, most suited for this climate, Ac. LJ Par king and shipping attended to with punctuality. febl'JdluiwJ "VTKW SPRING GOODS AT THE BIG C-aud now li for bargains just received a handsome assortment olibe following goods: Chamelion Peult de Soie: Satin striped Grenadier De Cosse; Plain and rich Satin Plaid Grenadiers; Plain Mode Re rage, Blk Satin Plaid do; Plaid and plain Linen Lustre; Plain and plaid do Ginghams ; Rich Spring Ginghams; Rt.u k and while do; Satin De Cheite: Richardson's Irish Linen; Linen Lawn; Bird Eye do; Brown French Linen. We call the attention of purchasers to our stock of the afcnve. with a large lot of other soods all of which will be sold at extreme low prices. We shall be in receipt of ue ami ue.siraoie goons, weeKlv, liirougliuut the season. feb25 F. COOPER" & CO., 454 Market st. i-oortr. ia. nave jusl icteivea a large ami Thread Laces anil Edjn'nsr. Bobbin Edging and Insertings; Jaconet do do; Swiss do -do; Lisle Lace and Edging; Black Silk Lace; Riack and Mode Silk Fringes; Rich Bonnet Ribbons; For sab; at extreme low prices at the feb25 SIGN BIG C. "VTEW LAW BOOKS A Supplement to the United States Digest; being a Digest of Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty, in the United States; by John Phelps Putnam, of the Boston Bar. Received and for sale bv leb25 F. VV. PRESCOTT, 451 Main st. LAM A RTINE'S HISTORY--History of tlie Girondists; or Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the French Revolution, from unpublished sources; by Alphonse Do Lnmartine, author of Travels in the Holy Land, etc., vol. 2d. Received and for sale by Mm F. W. PRESCOTT, 151 Mail! St. DOMESTICS The subscribsrs have received a supply of bleached and brown Sheeting snd Shirting Apron Checks, Ginghams, 'I ickinjs PemiteHtiary plaids, (for iervant's dresses,) Prints, &c. fab21 ROBINSON & BKO. XAIGEST OF THE DECISIONS oftne Supreme Court J ol Uie States ot Indiana and Illinois, and uie Larmi Courts of the United States, for the Seviiith Circuit. Bv Charles Oilman, Counsellor at Law. M. A. MAXWELL, feb ft 332 Maiu street. inn COPIES ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGIOUS 1UU KNOWLEDGE, one of the most valuable worts of the day 1,27a pages, richly bound; price 5b cacti. feb25 C. HAGAN & CO EW GOODS The subscribers are now inrecerpto a variety ot new style Dress Goous, among wuicn Chameleon Pou D Soie ; Rich plaid do do; Black Satin plaid asd striped Silk; Plain black Mantua do; Foulard do; Plaid and plain Grenadine; Do do Argentine; Chameleon Silk Tissues; Plain pink aiidblue do; Mode colored do; Pink and blu Bareges; Mode colored do; feb2X ROBINSON i BRO., No. 455. Market st. TTISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE From Uie earliest JJL Times; its present conduion in Europe and the unt-ted States: with a Biographv of Eminent Architects, and a glossary of Architectural Terms; by Mrs. L. C. TuUiill, with numerous illustrations. For sale by feb2 F. W. PRESCOTT, 4ol Main St. R IO COFFEE 100 Bags Prime Green, just received per Steadier Iroquois, and lor sate Dy feb21 JONES Sc HALBERT, 523, Mai t. 1 PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, for February, this moming received. Subscribers will please call and get their Nos. feb25 C. HAGAN & CO. "pkEMOCRATlC REVIEW The Democratic Rsview I for February, has been received. It is one ot" tlie cheapest periodicals published in the United Stales, and every good and true Democrat ought to subscribe for it immediately, as the Presidential campaign is approaching. Price oulv 3 per vear. None received only for subscri-bers, by ' Meb25j .liG-V C0"' 4Z PRINTS, BATTLE-SCENES, etc 15,000 Lithographic Engravings, which we are selling at less than Eastern prices. rjeb-35 C. HAGAN A CO. FRAMES 2.000 frames, tO by 14, suitable to frame Prints, merchants' Curds, &c, three different quali ties, very cheap. tebi) C. HAGAN fc CO. CLOCKS 1 case thirty-hour Clocks, which will be sold cheap to close by feb23 C. HAGAN tt CO. rT ISS VERSES 40 reams Kiss Verses in store and for LV sale cheap by TeM3J C'. HAGAN & CO. BONNET BOARDS 100 gross Bonnt Boards, various prices, this morning received from the manu factory anil tor sale uy tebi - xiaija.n i5c w. BIBLES 1 case No. 1 Quarto Bibles; also, a full supply of Nos. 23 and 34, very cheap by feb23 C. HAGAN & CO. alGBACCO 12 boxes Musselman's IS Lump Tobacco, for ittle hy AbSS KIL1ICK & CLARK. IBSiP 111 i Pi !:t II i k 1 4 4 id 1g liilililllSIP' t irff h. FuR -'EW ORLEANS. The snleiulia Lf steamer 7 ' ',' GEN. TAY'LOR, ,i I -V, " ' mas"'''. "iil ieave as above on THIS DAY, Uie 'thuisr., at 4. o'clock, p 31 For freight or passage applv on board or to C. BASHA11, Jr., Agent. ! JKlfe.t0'1 -VEW OP-LEANS. The splendid LgAgjsteainer YORKTOWS Hali email, master, mU leave as above on WF.DNFSD 1 Y Ibestb lust, at lit o'clock. A. .M. ' fc FOB V ORI.EANS.The splendid JOHN HANCOCK, IlESDAV, the 'clock. A. Al. 1 ! Ill C. UASHA.M. Jn., A2. n1. v FOB S T. LOUIS. Tlie steamer 5? ii EN. WASHINGTON. i V 1 1 1 I HI L V n ill leave for the ini boar.l or to KLssELL, Asems. -: LEANS. The new .n.l COTT. - on THIS DAY. the Kl ssei.l, A genu. PI b 1 le AI.K.V SCOTT. wul leave .is abova on TrK-' clock. P. M. u-.uv on noardor 10 HEN EDICT CARTE!,', r E. ( . KING. Aenis. . I A U L 1 A K . , rr fc IN addition to the morniiij line to Cin- Jr--r. Ti. PIKE No. 9. Aushutr.. master, will Iv.tNe LmiisviUe on TUESDAYS, ITU KsUAYS and SATURDAYS, and Cincinnati 011 .MONDAYS. WEDNESDAYS.! FRIDAYS, at! P. tl. So Muni as tlie niiier boats are lepaired tlie dailr evening line will be in 1 1 ill operation. For i rmnt or passage applv 011 board or to fel,a C. BASDA.M, Jr.., Agent. C LOY KHSF.KD on bbis Clover, a prune lotln store I and !iil -.,dir by !cb2:i A. G. MU'NN. PHt JIKTAl f.2 inns Lanier's Soli Pi? Metal, land-init irom steaiiier W. c Campbell, and lor sale bv lebij A. BUCHANAN CO. ' SUGAR Glibliili piini,- Smral", in store anil lorsaie by , vettu A. BUCHANAN i- CO. 10FFEK bi.. bais tniuu Rio Coifee, in store and !or fti-!il.'.;j A. BLLrlANAN oj (U, LONDON PORTER '23 casks London Porter, quarts and uii;, t:.-! received and for sale bv leh-j:; CORNWALL & BRO. (1 l.N.NV BA..S lOjtH.nj new 2 bushel Gunny Bag3, y inst received and lor sale bv tebii CORNWALL & BRO. LO A F SUG AR .30 barrels Loaf Sugar, St. Jame's R;-tinerv, assorted uumbeis, for sale bv iet)2J ' CORNW'ALL & BRO. C CHAMPAGNE 2A baskets Champagne, qts and pts. 'or sale by :el)2.'!j CORNWALL Cfe BRO. OALA'flUEL, OR THE WANDERING JEW A 0 Story 01 the Pat, Pri-ent and Future, by the Rev. i."o. Croiv ; aiitimr tin' Life and Times of George the IVui, Apocalypse o! St. John, Marston, or the Memoirs 01 a Siare.-man, cV:c..a freii supplv i.f this great noel, just received a: G. W. NOBLE'S fee 2-3 l.nerary lie pot. 131UE- JLA 2f 1 Carolina Kice k do L.unlini: irom earner C. E. Walking and foi sale by ii. D. NEWCOMB ct BRO. , Wall r. JV. COOPER NEW UOODS, NEW GOODS. . andun'ap ones :or c ,th. As the subscriber will be receiving ijoods werkiy, his sales u ill be made ou tlie principle, nimble sixpence beuer ihan a slow shilling. He invites purchaM'rs to his fresdi and beautiful Be rages. Silk i'issues, Lawns. Giughaius, black Silks. cvC, Gk)es, K .d ami .e;: Filings ,tiid Inserting?, Thread Lace and many other ariKles. Lin-ap store. lei23 J. W. COOPER. "V"El"iROES WAITED. I am authorised to hire, lor i the balance oi the year, three or four young negro men, for winch the highest prices will be paid. ALEXANDER BAGBY, General Agent, feb 2o Northwest corner of 2d and Jefferson streets. OSNABCRGS AND LINEN BURL APS Twilled and plain OMmbm gs and Linen Burlaps, very heavy, rei eived and for sale bv feii21 ROBINSON & BRO. iTREN( 11 :M BROIDERIES-Received this day a large p.n. kage of F:vn'h Embroideries, Pans styles. ome ot the 1. heapesi ever brought into this market, consisting of every variety of Collars and Cuffs and bhn k and u hue Lace (.'ape and Bli'tlit. Ladies, at; evaiiiinatioiL amji1. irp;. ou. feb2d ' ' BENT A PUVALL. 'PAX-PAYEKS ca 1 sums to suit, at 1 bc furuiMied with City sic rip. i'eh-jii HCii'iliNGS iSt CO., tjTMamsl. 1 EXCHANGE on New Orleans for sale bv JLJ feii2G Hri'CHlNGS A CO., 1.Y7 Main s5 JXCH A.Vi.K 011 tin East purchased at all times, at the j highest preiiimm. bv Ieb2ii" HUTCH1NUS A CO., )o7 Main si. I'M Hh'ELI. AS 10 dozen hue Gingham and Silk Umbri' received ttu.- day by express and for Vsale'ch.'-ap (iEO. BLANCHARH, Sign ol 'the Gulden Hand. "1RAVATS! CK. WATs. '. Another lot of superior J Silk aiid S.iUii Cra .its and ScanV, received tins day by Evpress at fi-b-jiil BLANCH A KD'S. G" 1 I'M ELASTIC Wi; BED- tieceived thu uiorniuj. r by fpies.SMtm- very large Beds, which are highly ivcommendeil tor the sick by eminent Physitiaiis. t'he public are invited to call and ev.iuiine I hern at BLANCHARD'S. ffb2fj Ag't for Goodyear'a Rubber Goods. D ElVEK'S CAl'ES-1 d.iiei Gum Capes, received BL ANCHARH. this day at ifabOi'. 1) A R LOR B I.LS I -voss Gum Elastic. Parlor Balls, Of various si.'.rs, ,;usi received by express. Tlie little 1'oUis Can now be fnruthed with anv uuantitv bv calling at. ffeb-jr.! i.Eo. BLANlilARH'S. "t UN IV Ijr tic g. UN C)VKRS". lil'N COVERS''.--A few Gum Elas. l-. winch are verv neat and desirable, JU.-.I received at BL A N CM A KD'S. Ieb2tj Sign ol Uie Golden Hand. C H.OVEilSKEI' -s: hbi Cloveisre-I ree'd persteamer felr.n; J. M. ( I.AIIkMi.S A ('(.. No. lot, Main St. iFOl'i; - '.ibis sii...t-i!'iue Flour, ree'd per steamer Sviiftuiv and for-.i.- bv feb2ti J. AL CLA RKSt t.V A' 1 No. lot. Alain st. C OHFISH o drums Codtish, in store and for sale LVTLE it .MARTIN. Lf.;b2f; Sl lr.l U hn.L- Miirar just received and tor sale Dy feb2l " LYTLE & .MARTIN. WHOLBsALE AND RETAIL GROCERY. Xo. SO, Third street, betreen Market and Jefferson. HAVING received per hue arrivals direct from the East, a fuil assortment of Groceries, Liquors and leas, 1 would respecnullv call the attention oi the pub lic to my assortment, consisting in part of the following articles, viz; Sugars. 5 cnarsc- Crushed ; hue do: powdered do; Loaf do; do: Lovering it Co. Do du Do do Do do St. Louis New Orleans do: Clarified, White Havana and Brown; Syrups and Molasses: Philadelphia Steam Syrup; St. Lnuis Golden do; Stigarhouse Molasses.; Plantation do; Coffee. OW Government Java; Old Laguvra; Old Maraeaibo: Old Mocha; Old and New Rio; Teas. Gunpowder, fine, extra tine and superior; Imperial, do, do do; Young Hyson, do, do do; Black Teas, do, do do; Money refunded in all case where the Teaa do uot give satisfaction. Liquors. Cognac Brandy, vintage 1525, (John Durands:) Uo do, do IS40, i,tuipey;j French do: New York Brandy: Madeira Wine, superior; Madeira do, Lisbon; Port Wine, superior; (j-oldeu Sherry do: Holland Gin do: Jamaica Rum do; Old Whisky, S years, superior; American Brandy, (fin ami Rum; Sundries. Hams. Sides and Shoulders; Beef and Tongues, Sperm and Lard Oil, Wine, and Cider Vinegar, Flour, Buckwheat, Corn Meal, Wax, Sperm, Star and Mould Candles: Smoked and Pickled Salmon, Scotch and Potomac Roe- Herring. Nos 1,2 and ! Mackerel, No 1 Codfish, Rice, Hotuoney, Beans, Brown Castile and fancy Soaps of nil descriptions; Pickle-sand Catsups of all descriptions; Olives, Capers, Lemon Syrups, PieFruhs, Preserves of all kinds, Citron, Currants. Raisins, Nests Tubs of ill Buckets, brass btsun.l; Buckets -and Keelers; Cocoa Nut Dipper, Brass, Wire and Hair Selves; Ali-caut, Manilla and Jute Mats; Broom ol ' ah size, and a variety of ifoods too numerous to mention. Thesu goods I "warrant to be of tlie best quality or no said. WHEELER MARTIN, marl No. SO, Third st., bet. Market and Jefferson. 171 RESH PEACHES o doz cans fresh Peaches, put up expresslv or 1'u.milT use, just ree'd and for sale by feb2o ' A. UoRlE, No.oO, Pearlst. ClURRENCV Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Car-' olinaand Georgia Bank Notes purchased and sold on the most favorable terms by febit; HUTCHINGS fe CO., 157 Mala st. H OPE FACTORY COTTON 250 bags Cotton Yarns assorted Not lor spring sales bv feb2l D. L. ADAMS oc CO. iSv-axi.-!?;. nv..i, ij.irir.-.. oram ii- (0 J reduced prices, whole causal 25, half cans o cenis, loi aaie nv feb2:i JOHN FONDA & CO. ANH WARRANTS pmVhed at the highest prices, i teb23 J. C. BUCKLES Third st. TRANSPOin A TION, via PENNSYLVANIA CAN A I, To Bnltlmore. i'hiladelpbia nud Aew lorK. hae leceived our ra;:-- by unstum, ami aie ;d t k :r-Tln' C iii-il"w ill be reiuiv tor iHisuieas, nun juarcu. f2.5 J. C. BUCKLES i CO. "YVHITE LF-AD U') kegs No. 1 pure White Lead, VV ill store and for ale by f T J. B. ct J. T. HUIE, 3-! Main st., feb2 opposite Bank of Kentucky. CtHEKSK SS boxes very superior Western Reserve Cherse, just received, per steamer Pike No. 9 and for sale by H'eh23 D. L. ADAMS A CO. WATCHES JEW EL RYJcvc.a. ,W large and well selected assortment of Watches, sSJaS Jewelry and Fancy Goods, Consisting, in pari, of tine Gold and Silver Goods, Watches, of the most approved makes; fine French Clocks; Coral, Cameo, and Stone set Breastpins; Bracelets, Necklaces, Ear Rings. Finger Rings, etc.; fine Gold Guard and Fob Chains, Seals, Kevs, Occ.; Gold and Silver Pencils; Silver and Shell Combs: Perifocal Spectacles: Diamoud-pointedGold Pro: Silver. Plated and Britannia Ware; Rodger's, VVostenholm's and Fenney's tine Razors, Pen Knives, Scissors, etc.- Razor Straps, Combs. Brushes and Perfumery; Coruelius & LWs Patent Solar Lard Lamps, Gl-rondoles. Jhc.; together with a general Mssortmeut ot staple and Fancy Goods; all of which ho is determined to .ellatthe lowest rates for c. pETCHER, feb29 ' 463 Main st., between Fourth and Fifth. Bi LOUR 30 bbls laiuilv Floor, iu store and for sule by DDMONT 4- SMITH, raarS ' So- K), Will , 1 t i "LOUISVILLE, MOA'DAY, MARCH r, 14S. PRICES OF FREIGHT. C A ti K F L' L U V C O !' R C T I D . TO .VEW GRr.EA.V-i. Pound freight, per 1U0 FlonrOione shipping) Pork .hisky I.niil, pex keg, I'jhacco, iierillid., TO ST. LOUIS. Pound freight, per luo, Vhbltv . . TO PITTSBURGH. Pound i'vetht, per too Dther freight TO .NASHV1I.I.K. .'omiil freight, per till), Bout Whisky .!2tli . S3 -.0 Steamboats Lea. lug ThU Day. I'in.-'inn .Tl-FAsSHlOX, Anders. Ii) . . ..'l-.-tNNTi-PiKl-: o. l). A ii.lm!. 4 r. m. Fr.iNK!.i'.r-sF.A (H'l.L. Holimi. hi v. Sr. L.iLi- GE. WASHING TON. Lampion. X.tW Osf.FAN--GEN. St'OTT. SiiJipe. Saw'. -Y.W LOB. Horehe.i.1, in . Neu Oiii.i; i.s-YORK TOWN. IU.I,.ui:.ii. M . -N'mv 1N-.-.IOILV ! V.NC'Oi'K. Hjivk, lo . QAt Nashville mi Saturday la-.i, Ui. mat., the Cumbetlariij wa- m tin? nmii; order. BTrMr. l'i v, al t!ita.-! lUVunnK w in Phitadelphni. v.heiv mit-iilums m" a I ivere laviUlc showA-reil on him. Mi It ! ; it ! PA voting hu'.y iv-iin-of Market. Mteet v. aswiy !..;u injure!. veMjy niurnuiir, dentally taking tkt iCT LuM ni'hi at-uiiF s. o'cl full Eaiem mail, Uie a.-- . timc. had ie.n laying m th although uJu-u cul ! we got U.I na.rirr. Oil the uppH- p.; pi'rhnp- Uin. ii, ue r it', v Inoi Ptu.ii.' hr o:!h-. Ahead of lhe .Mall and Telegraph. The c'mem turn Chn.niclt W; rns from "r authority-' lliat U"V. will fnoL.i! point Hknrv Of. tf.xi'ikn , in the I" i Uir -:w' 'Mr. C ?udderi Death- The wife or' Dr. S. K. Lki.v V.any, fa., ki! t"nni rhairwin cla?-. me(jtiii. at pl;H' y-t -u- A .- Ifllii.::' -j I'h r- noon. anl aUii.-r iniim-.i::ifr!y ?Kpiic-i. .i tiad b.'rl 111 h.;! Iir;:'' !i : tf ';. OThe U'lWs oi' Alltln'iiv . a boistet'uLL-s mreiti! a I. Pin.-Surh, !at wevk.-A lii.-rtrurr tleclur wa. ii'iiiiuiate-i and a delt'-appomtetl to attend the National Convention. ! structed to snppurt Hknrv Ci.n- t'-r tin Pit ulencv. During th honr.f up to Au-k la-t ui'a Uie nvirf at tin.- point, had receded almiti U i cho. Th.1 wat.T i s:il! faiiiJii?. with H f-M-t iurh'N iivthn cnn:i!. and -I fsr-! :i ini-:n r-u l! Fa!U. The vveath-r very cold for ;ho son, ice of con-idrrablo ll-ii-km-.- Seing loom everv mhr. Ja4acliu.-4etW his Leslsilailvi? oiiveutioti. A Cinvtnnou of r.lie W. I.- held i)n Fri'l.e.-'''i'i'.ti.-r. K:is;nlti; r-ispoii-.liii fo flic CiiH oi'tiu; Wnis )! f oimr rm';i n tiorw! coui'fMitJ-.m, for tin1 iioniinatinn !' iinSi-l.i!v.s 1?! Pnidenl .unt Vice Prefi.Icnr of liw Vnitrd St ite.-. ' i held at Pliilailelphi.i, nu rh? 7th of J Line next. nMniiii'Mid-inif a convention iif yoiaii? v.uin ;ir Philaiir-lijr.i.i, Ui'ii Siii -.jf Jmie, m'v rh' Pr-.j.lential no'tisn.iniT.-anil a'iTh'risin; the :.: f -ntr;: ConiiniiTtM to ; i! State l'i invention for ii.-nnii..Lri.-ii -ifF.ei imis nt Pr.--.i-dfiUt ami Vice Pres,tear r ; i r- I'mx 1 r.L;,- . ;i: t lime anil l.l.ire as tln'y ' ' t iif n r , CO Ai Ell ( 1.11.. OFFICE OF THK LOI'ISVM.LE "VH KIEK, ri i rL iiiiiv EviiSi-sii, Mart-h i. j Bu3ineJ has Veil quire stationary to-Jay. We le.irii by telegriiiri tliiit tne BrlUniiia .irrived :it Boston this mornin? at 10 o'ctotlt. ttte tenor of lier news not ye: known, anl until it Ins transpireil the nidrkat will re. main. Inactive. The weiithei- this morning was ere. aivel? cold, but this evening it ius very materially moder ated. Tile river continues to rdcede a tittle. COTTON. We iiutii.e.l considerable mouiry for tin- article to-day. bat heard of a sale of only ?,' imk.-i infer ror batthifr at FLOCR and GKA1X We quote retail iales of Ft it 34 tjOa-t 7.5. Sales of Wheat at 73c per Ui of Com from u j.ons at Uc pec hn;h-. FLAXSEED. Dull jiT5:k):. GROCERIES .SaV-, .n' 73 Ri.j loif.-t- at ;fi7 retail aalea . Sal.-s of -j', i,i,.f- . o. Su-.,r i light salei a! is.jrc. A .-.ui.til ia!f oi PLu at -26c T0BALt0.-S.iiT5 r tue PUut'-rs' montin? of ' na .n S-j -h), t . 1 'o. .Sales at Todd'.-! Warehouse of:". lilnL-i a: 5 15, 5 5i'' " WHISK Y. Sale-? at Hie ando.g ilu-i m raw Whiiky at lduI3jc: -jles oi re.-tu ars made at Kalac, a.ordm to quahti . Mol.i ,1a COT Prices tjutlllilc uiilnmi. . t v ' r-u:?. is the highest fiuie iivoi !Oi Hi.- b.-;i 1(IJ.liiie'i. bm n is probable that t.tie hiteriur quahtir-. n hen ilh po: tion of strictly jiiiu.-, .ire lifti-a up ,t itiiirr. ToRAiMo Sal-'s vesrer-lav it .lolm -mi S huUi'.-. ui ten hogsheads at uu ;o S' DIED. In this cav, on Sundav. M.nvh "illi. .it thf t stiLMU'e oi Her father, Mr. Win. I hirst, Mrs. v I.HuI.ian. aed 17 yeans. 'L'he funeral u;U l.tke plaf-' fn-.m tin this afternoon, at "3 oVio- k. "l'h- i r are reapertfiilh united io atr.-n. t uni it h Sr. Ciuirt oi" Uie fain PORT OF LOCI j? ROM 1 V N -i ' ' OH vi k ,; A KIM VAhri Mart- . Wa islnii m . Ir Fashion, AiKler.s, u Pike 'o. it, An.nil. il Pah'iUiie, Maim, ,h Louis Phiihpe, u Duchess, Wade, d. Sr. Peti-rs. Svmtiies, Voriiiywn, iialdemaii. Xew ( Alex.. Scott, Snirwon. de; Swiftsure. Wright. .Madison; Blue Wiiu. Todd, t-iuiiklor-Root. Fulton, Coilier, i'lit.-li'ii' Loyal ll.inua. Jack, do; Pacific. C.!iii.i)ei!. do; Atlantis. RUle. Padurah. Se -no vv. March ."i Pike 'o. 7. Moutiioinrv, im: nniati; Ben braiikhn -o. , ni Ciisbier. Mc("atii-k. Albatross. Robertson. do do Cambria. Forsyth. Sr. Louis; lien. Tavlor. M-n' . New OrleniK: Pennsylvania. rey. t!o; Pilot No. Wabash KuyT; A val.iiiche . Wiihams, Pirthurl!l. DEPARTUKES Mar. Ii !. Yorktown, Ilali'enian, I'iiiciini.iii; PoilQac, Fowler. .io; F.ishion. Aidt;is, i'..; Pike No. Aiisiiiit?. do. titeanuihip F.mny, Scoit. -.Ui. Palestine. .Mann. .Me G-eo. Wiiahitmtoii. lr Duchess, Wade. Louis Philuppe, Talma. Mohawk, Lan4ho"n-'. Louisvihe, 1'oieinan, RobE. Fulton, Cother, plti.S; f Oileanst do St. Peters, Grimes. Loval. Hamia. .la W tb.i Gen. ortli. Vaiiko k, H iw: -Swiftsuve, Vruli!, Madison Blue Wiii. To.'.d, Frvnhioi AUanti-s, Higi.:, PaOn. ah. At: sn , Mart Pike k 7. Moi.tLTo Heiiusylvaniaii. W.w i-r . Chicinnah; . P:tf-.biiH:h: Cambria, Fjr-vlh, do : Pilot, ilO; Pacihr. Ciimni'U, do; Albati'os.i. Kotier;,-, "Sew Orleans. Arrivals of Vessels in Sew Orieana. Fr. 26tli. Ship M.t:;:ik-ss-!i and bark MuriHo. from Boston; .m lips Paiesnia- and Momi-M-y, and bark Lowell. I rorn ew ork: steamers tr-ondoi Scott ami Northern Li-iit, from th. A if s. B KA.NS-jij t,:i small Wiihe Ueaii.s, in riore and f ehi-J JO'ES t& I1ALBEIM': .v.'. Shik'T ilroonis, ii; siorr and b -i.t .K.ES & HALBERT. sale by B ROOMS -It, sab- by 7LOUR j 1 Sale by buU fr.-fch Family Flout , in :-tora ami for Ucl2-J JOES iV HALdKHT. COFFEE ton bais prime Green Rio, landing fi oi steamer Empire and ior sale bv tfa29 D. (,. ADAMS & Cu. JSS FOR RENT-A fa-, ' Cdck Ho :. with i'. o ith St., be JgjiLi rooms, siaoie mm vrnaae linos, tween Green and Walnut. Heiu. .S'-ir! JAS. If, UAGHV mai2 - t.en'5 A't, .No, 7, Tniril 77 OR I11RP-; A Nef. V nurse. Applvto man ,ri. 13 years oi' ai;e, a -..o JAS. II. KAGliYf eii'l A k ' t , No. Third st. FOR SALE A very pleasanl Fram,- ('..imifK and pyjlot.oii the west side ot HaiiCick. ti-r Market and AUm -its., has t roouw and fehch.Mi, line b,t, u-ah trees and -l.iabb.u v. Wdi In Sold low an.! on 1-0.1.! term.;. Ai-'io, a - Frame Cottage and lot r.n the iin.ih sid1 ot Market, between Jadtson and Hancock, a very pk-.isatit place, all in fine order. Win be sold cheap, ipplyto J. N. WRiGHT, niar2 Heal Estate Ag't. No. 7b. Tldrd St. TO LEASE A mie lt on the corner of Magashir and Fifteenth sis., containing-tilt) teet equate. Will be leased for 23 cents per foot fur5 yeat,;. ApplPto J. N. WRIGHT, mar?. Real Estate Agent, No. 70. Third gt. -a : J. Pearmaina, Roraanites, and Jnnetmij Apples, for sale by nur2 DUM02TT & S3IITH, No. 50, Wall st, ARRIVAL OF THIS BRITANNIA IMPKOVKMEXT I. MOAETARV AFFAIRS. DEATH OF THK ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY AFFAIRS IN ITALY. BISTKESS 1l ISELAiVD. ADVANCE TX COTTON. D E C LI X E I X B RE A D ST V FFS The MartxeLi, Ac, fce. Bo-stox. March -1, G P. M. The TlovsI Mai steamer Britannia arrived at hn mouth!?.-: to-dav, having aa.iled ii'um Liverpool on Lhe V2ih ulr. By LhL-s arrival we have the fallowing irnpoftant ilHirlligUCe: Monotary affairs manifest au improving tr-n-dt-ncy. rl'he only talliire that has ot'- ufi'ed tiut'e :iius.:- aot!ri.'ii in the ritt-anier'.s ativicHd, is Kvaii.-i, .t?ou -i: Cu., who wu': largely engaged 111 the iron lra.it1. Thi Archbiihop ( Canterbtir.'. primate of Kng-iin-i. in dead. Th-.1 govfrnmoiit of Kngiaiul has warned tiie Austrian govt-nnnnu that auy further interference. m part, with the Pope of Roma, ami the tfiairs of ftaiy, will be considered a a deciara- 'ion of w;ir. IrelauJ aiill continued in a distressing condition, Aiartvpam in that nnhappy eunntiy are favorable 1.0 the immediate declaration of war againsi Faig- iainJ. Breads tuffs have steadily declined since the sail ing uf the llibernia. The fuiluwing, ahowiug the latent quuuuons, indioatea a imiher decline in Flour and Wheat, and. in Indian Cum and Meal: Best Western Canal '2Ss; New Orleans and Ohio 'ifj.-s Gd; Canadian ''11 Bd. Indian Cora CS :o o'Ja 6d per quarter; Curnuieal l-2.ial3.-i bd. While Wheni 7a (3d to s3 Ud per 7U lbs: Red Gd to 7s 3d per 70 lbs. Ike catueof the decline in Breadstuff's throughout the kingdom, is owing to the hug home supply. Operations have been wholly (routined to demands for immediate consumption, and eaieriyby '-.tail irade, withuatthe slightest disposition being inatiifoated to enUr upon any thing approaching a prospective invrsttnent or speculation. The resumption of the sliding scale duties Commenced un the 1st inst. , and their prospective effect upon Ue market for Breadstuff? has already been in-iiiienoed. Since the advices per the last steamer the market for Ctton has manifested wme improvement, especially in the lower grades. The quotations m for Orlein.s orduiarr to middling 4 l-4da-4 3-ld; iair to good fair odiia 3-tid. The sales of the week, ending 011 the I Lth ult.. comprise jOf-D bales, ot which thete were 7.S5U bales Upland sold at -I l -2d au I -2d, and T2.7.5U Orleans at -iaGd. The imports into the kingdom since the 1st of Janmuv have been N'jJMf bnles, again.-1 1 13, L'I if) bales duringthe same time last season, of which there was imported from the United States oG.GOU bales, being a. decrease of -to,0)0 bales. The stock now in port is estimated at '280, 1.OJ bales, being a. reduc-(ion uf llS.i.OJ balei American as compared with mst year. Puuvisiu.vs Beef fully maintains our la.-t imo-taiioiis, b;it the demand fur ud is limited and the stock. !Uf hi. Prime mess per tieice "204 lbs. new, t7s a 90; ominaiy, G7 a 7-5.: old 62s u S2s; inosrs -10s a 4 us er bbl , '2U0 lba; ortiiuaty, 3G a 40s; prime 30 a 32. Prime mess new Pork is nut quoted; oid per bbL'2u0 lbsP 48 a 60.-; mess 48s a 55-; piime a 40-. Sale- uf.dd Bacon have cutiliiiued to be ed'eeted at he following rates: Ukl, pet'ci, 1 5s a 30s, fordrieil and sniuked: lung iniikUes, "27- a 3n: tmrt nbs. 1 3s a 52s. Butter, American, tint .jn..ted. t 'auadian has been in active demand and advancing at 58.-, a G7s, Hams have 'teen suid at very luw rates, and at former quLiiaiious. smoked or dry m can-vass, per cwt, "20 a 50; n e.v-.k.-,, in salt, imt. smokeij. "20 a 33s. Bard ha been sold al advau-er-d qiiotalbm-.. tine leaf, in kegs, at 57 a 5lJ-; bbi- 55 a 5.s-v; ordinary to nnddiiug 5 !; superiut, 5s; iiifrnur, and grease, 30 a 35. Pigs, per cwt, i5 a '.His. I'iikksk With limited arrhai.-, tfie stock m hand is nearly exhausted; fnrmer quutalmn- are unchanged; fine, per cU, 46 a 4'J ,; middling. 38 a -J5o: ordinary, 30 a 37-i. Hm f; Be-r Caioliman. I Js 6d to-jUG.l. AuiL-rieau Lad. in bond. 15. 10 to 17. per ton. T H IRTI E T H C O A UHE.. Wim.voT(N, March 4, 10 P. M. SENATE. At the tumal hour Lhe Vice President called the Senate to order, and proceeded to the regular morning business. The Vice President laid Vefore the Senate the annual report of the Commissioner 0f Pateuu, showing the operation.- uf the Patent Office fur the past year. Also a communication from the Secretary of State, allowing the number of emi grants that Im ye arrived in this cmintrv durin the past year, ending on Uie 30th of September. Sundry petinous and memorial were presented. A message was reeeired from the House, with a number of private bills, winch had passed that body, for the cornddciatiin uf the Senate. Agieeabiy to notice, Mr. Pearce asked and obtained leave to bring in a bill, which was read three several limes, by unanimous CudsenL and passed. It related to the traiispoilation of books, maps, and charts duty free for the use of the Congressional Library. Mr. Davis, according to notice, introduced a a joint resolution, which wag read a first and second times, and referred. It related to the appropriating of tha Smith.-onian Libra rv bv he regents. Mr. Rusk, by leave introduced a bid which was read twice, by unanimous consent, and referred :o the committee on Foreign Relations. It related tu the American Stale papers. On motion of Mr. Sevier. The Senate went into Executive session, and was engaged nearly ali day. "When the door were opened, the Senate, on motion, adjourned. HOUSE OF REPREXTATIVES. In the House, after transacting some uuim-p.irtant mottling business, on motion of Mr. Cabell, resolved itself into committee of the u hole on the state of the Union, and took up the bill making additional appropriations for deficiencies tu the revenue. air. Cubed being ennl led io the floor, entered into a lengthy and strong defence of the Admin U-ualiovt. The entire day was taken up in its discussion, and when the committee rose the House adjourned. Pittshl'kuk, MarohS, S 1-2 P.M. There irsSburaud a ha If feet water hi the channel and falling. The weather U very cold and clear. Oncinj: v 11, March 1, t) P. M. Fi.or.: There has been a greatly increased demand for Fl.-ur siii-.e my last weekly report and the sales com prise 3,000 !bls. Prices have ijnidnidly improved and tlie flosine sales last e frriiim; wlliclt were at Si oOal Co, indi cate mi advance of Gitti'c.. oil last Saturdav's currency. I be announcement at 10 o clock to-day that the steamer was ui similar Loston, brought every thing to a. stand and nothing bas since transpired worth rep rth. The receipts iluritii; nie wet-k comprisu onlyiaWu lbs. Holders in anticipation of a frtiier improvement, mostly Can-tend resolutely for .1 fursber advance. II;! i .v -T 1 ie receipts of Wheat continue meagre and the market is vi-ry linn at Ode In Corn and Oats the de-mand is stiil vfry moi'.erate. The lornn'r ranges frum 2" 10 ;iijc a:ut tbe latter from ri". to -2Sc. 1 quote Ihn'ley and Kve at ."Ci, tai and Hot: ivsptrCtivtlv. l tuoeKi. 1 !-- - The demand for Groceries has again irre.iily fallen oif. and in .Molasses especially lhe business during tlie past tin ee day.s has been of the most limited 1 it;:rai:ti-r. mune .1-11 ai . 101 01 11 man to n nue !.'.aS for f.iiranil ood I, nr. .Molasses vijaioc. tlie former On; top of the market for round lots; Coffee to Sc. for !nf--riorto Prime Kio. Tlie receipts of these three arti-eles have euitCnmed large , and the stock is rapidiy ac cuiiiuiami. Pottu Tiif re is a lightlv improved feelimr in Pork. and prices a little better. 'Die sales during the week comprise 3UOO bbls: closiiiir at 7 75 for lless am! $3 75a!) 00 for Clear. In Bulk Pork, a lair amount of business was transacted in the early'tpurt of the week at '2, 3 and 4c. : butsince Wednesdav there have been no sales worth reporting. Bacon. Bacon is exceedingly dull, and the transactions have been confined entirely to retail lots. Prime city Cured is mostly held at3 -iaiid oc.; but for round lots. 03. I jj, and 4c would be accepted in the early part of the week to lt, but is again up to ii percent, prem. senm rate tune UU s on .v Orleans, 1 quote at , and 1 per cent, discount, hx I interest off, foi 00, ou ami x nays. Cincinnati, March 1, lit P. M The market is unsettled by the forei;u new. Kvrrv- thing is stagnant. PtTivsiiL-nGii, March I, 10 P. M. the market for everything is quiet. There is no change in previous qnoTjtions. Tin- prospect of the opening of the canals on the lOli: inst. exercises a summing influence, but has caused no 1 lian-je to lie inunuested. PUII.ADKI.I'UIA, Mrch I, IO3 P. M. The Eastern market are unsettled in consequence of uie niuanina.s an vices irom f.uiope, ail ousiness to-1i.1v having been entirely suspended. ARRIVALS AT THE FR1XC1PAL HOTELS i-ivi o clock t.-isr Gait Houae. A Twock oton, Proprietor. T E Cotinnev, St Louis; Judge Clifton, do: ,J Bell, do .J B Coleman, do; .1 WHail, Somerset: .1 Stone, do: W H Berry. Monticello: 11 Gamble, do ; f I S Geyer, do; E lirooks, do; K liozartU, uraysou co; S Butord, Ala; S Vf)olsey, Edinondson co; C B Berry, Monticello; Bloomer. X V; W 11 Be. J Vanderpool and F. do; A u Khea, Russeiltille ; E A Eagan, Bourbon ; E M l.e Grand, Ark; T Parker. Sbelbv co; G Keivea. N Y; J M Jones. Temi; y Keed, do; S Young, Nelson co: FO Pmdexler. ' V; .) Patterson, Scott; I L I'lavton, Ya; V" H Farley, do; W S Hiuo, Ftemiug; .1 Syke, Miss; M llebodaux. La; .1 E Elliott, Prestonburg; D Rothschild. Harrodsbitrg; J Morgon, Cin; J M Chenowetii, do; B Murphy, Frankfort ; L Oatman, Columbia; H l. Payu, Chicago; J H Bowen, Memphis: J N Bridges MLss; J Baker and L, Va; Reynolds, la: E Bonker, do; J BroadleU, N O; Capt Rielly, Telegraph; Mr Pryor and L, Newcastle T H Crozier, Bardstow u D W Frank, Memphis; D Wilson, Teuii; Louisville HoieL Fi. Mrs X O: ETCusa & Ksan, Proprietoa J Kercherai, Natchdo; S Boon, do; T B Hewlings, Phila; R B Shelby, Miss; K R Pearce, Clorei-port; JE Reardon, III, J S Campbell, do; M C Snail Dunvhle; A R dhofford, Cin; M F. Walcott, St Louis; J B tfmall. Bait; J Langdotland h, Mobile: Mrs James, do; C S BettS. Chl; J N Boriinger, do; J V Bliss, Ky; V fibone, Newark; W McCulty, Pitts-. H Sullivan, Cla; Prof Cross, Memphis; J Bevertv, do: ST; P R Ferguson, do; J P McFariau and L, do i! Cobb, do; E Hughes, do; f Harrison and F, do; W T Barklow, do; Miss Samuels, do: Mrs Fontaine, do; Mrs Foster and F. do; .Miss Freeman, do; J C Graelt", City; S Curtis, do; W P Robinson, do; W A Hansen, do: VV M Robinson, do; ' J AIcKinney, Dayton ; J McKinny, do; is R C, do; K 'less "d L, do; VV W White. St Louis; t. 1) Hewitt, Texas; VV S Campbell, Cin; W G Jordon, do; Ei change Hutel D. Tn.vius, Proprietor. R S Wilson and L. Greeirs'gC C Biclinell, do; A F Gowdy, CampbellsvilleS Murrel, G Green: .1 J Railev. Lagrange; R Watson, Cin; W J Railev, do; S Wooten, do; ' J J Head, do; Al R Johnson, do; ,I Edwaid.-and F. Woodf'dW Gray, Louisville; J M iverkendall, Oreii5burg;G W Herbert, do; K W Dunbar, Evans villi Dr H Taylor, Winchaiter; J Oaklv, Semi; J Hicks, do; T B Sharp, Oweusboro; W T Sharp, do; HI' Hodge, Southland; J !1 Havues, do; W J Dallam, do-, W C Watts, do; W P Williams, Predonia; W B Smith, Madisonviile K MuiTy. Yelvington; ir A G Jackson, do; 1 Blunt, Kockport: H L Biteman and F; Cin; P Criambertin, county; J Richardson, Taylor co; Miss E Trabu-i, Green co: F W Rice, EvansTille, Dr A B Force, Misw; J M West. Mo: J; G Kunyan, Nashville; Miss C Bruce, (111: C S Beits, do: vville:A Kern, la; J Pacey. Mo; H FWasihngton, Hopkinsv' H.I Lewis and L, Case liss C Conail, du: A. R Long, do; W V Bni-naiM. do; Taylor Hohso P. John Kandons; W Hopkins. Lou; D Murphy, Frenk: II Tailor, Woodford; T H Mampton, .( Stone, Bourbon co; K I'oornay, Banvnco; VV. Tayi.os, Proprietor. L B Wood, Kanawha. C FinieT, Sholbr; C Baker, Mo; P Eldridge, do; B M Beckham, St Louis: F Eraser, do; J Stuart ; 11 1 V i: it I )l l O H T S . FROM CINCINNATI. Bv tuk P;ki-: No (J I lulls iron. 71 h castings. Cooper: 12 bbls charcoal. Kntsky; ') do wlnsky, Brady Si Davis: I boxes, tl trunks, I Segar; 2 boxes. But-iauan; irJ bbls oil, Rupt-n A Lindeuberger; -'.) do whisky. Hunt; bu reans. S stands and 1 bundle, Evart ii- Bliss.- -2 bureaus, (i stands, W C Moore; sets jars. Whitaker. Bv rHii Fv-iii.N-10bbls alcohol, 4 do oil, Wilson. Starbird cfe Smith; -jO iron, I cask, Sbrc e , t tierc-bams. Bacon Cv: Cobb; I refrigerator, I! bbls ale, ite, or. der; ! pkgs. I box, Single; 7 do, t.'hamberliii; '2 do mdse.s Cuid; IS do, Prattler lV co; ::j bbls, V Stoke.; :i casks, Sn..-ad & Co;, MCiady: II do. Cutter; oil ptgs. owners; til bbls whisky, Berkshire. Bv im. Bkn No ti 10 bbk cioverseed. M.U1111; 12 boes. .1 Low , H do, Morris ; t do, V; '2 stoves, V cv S; I Sachs; I ref ri geraior . Fonda; 00 empty bhis, Brady it Davis; I.'! cases, Kaymond; lot of furniture. R i-Hi. P t,K No 7 I Cask ware, I iihds tobacco. C B.i? buni ; : reels wire. :i express pkgs, Buggs ic Russell.-S bbls oil. Rupert A co; j bbl.. seed, Howard; ! bbls oil. 2 corboys, .Morris: 2 doZ chairs. Kvarts A Bliss; 2 boves. Fonda; I pkgs, Siuiih,- rS bags seed, ti Roberts. FROM MADISON. B thr Svvi ktscks: 2t)ii bbls (lour, Ferguson A Huie; 21 bales nay, l j rolls leather. FROM FRANKFORT. 11 v thk Bt.i:;-: Wing 70 pises bagging, 70 coils ropr, Buckfm: 7:'. pieces, ivi coils, Coleman ot co; t bales, Sin-ad; ;o pieces, 14 coils, tfallagher, lfj coils. Lane; S bbls brd, '2 hints tobacco. FROM FLOREFCE. Bv thi. Moon. It lilids tobacco, ITS bales cotton, o boos suudties, :! bbls peaches. 17 bags ra?s. FROM PITTSBURGH. Bv ru !- P ci ir 7S boxes glassware, 1,5 bbls seed, Ru pert Cv: ci); 11 pkgs. Yenawine; '2(HJ kegs nails, tW springs. i.; -. i-u ps iron, temple; H) 11 xs glass, J l';l20i baas barley. W Gay: :jt" boxes mdse, T Anderson; B5 bdls paper. Mavu'i'll : 7 boxes. Bull cfe Anderson; 2 pkgs, H R; ;U do do. Baker: tJ pkgs. B. C tfc B; 2 do. Sic vin ; tii) do. Bived; 7 do, Russell; 1! lo, Wilson, Starbird A S;7 do, Wilder; 17 do, Robinson & bro; I .do, Garvin & Co; S kegs nails, Belknap-. lf)0 bbls Roiir, Lane, lii do,(.'lark-sou; -2S bbls apples, 10 pkgs. Bvthe R Fl i.ton 7) pkgs nnlse, owners; G6 boxes glass. Robinson. Peter ct Cary: St do, Shreve; .56-5 pieces iron, 51 bdls do, 2r2 kegs nails, Belknap; 212 boxes glass, Rupert; 20 bales sheetings, Anderson, McLane A Barbe; lf bxs gUss, Casredy A co: l."J do mdse, 12 bales, Gowdy. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Bv Tin; SiTAMaiiU' F nny llo bales cotton, Todd; ;J0 bags sail. liv ni Ai.i;x. Scott 5 pkgs mdse, Motfitt A bro; 2 qr casks Morris; :; pkgs, Fonda; I do, Buckles; : libels, Rupert A co; of pkgs, Robinson Peter A Cary; do, Cleggett; 11(3 hhds, Snead A co; t safe, I box, McCrum; l,3bxs cjindies, Lyde A Martin; 20 coils rope, Benedict A Cartel ; boxes, Cooper; 175 bags cofFe,, Clifton, Atkinson A co; 10 boxes, Gowdy; 210 baga coffee, 23 boxes sugar, Coriiw;Ui: IS pkgs, Smith A Shotwell; 33 bales hemp, Pearce; 250 bags coffee, Buchanan; 3 boxes, J Low; ;i3 pkgs, Slaughter A co; 12 do, Wilson. Starbird A Smith; 27 bbls oysters, t bale. Bv the Gkn T.wi.oi;150 hhds sugar, 2i0 bbls molasses, H D Newcomb A bro. FO R SALE A very pleasant Frame Cottage and Lot, on the East side of Preston, between Walnut and Chestnut; has two rooms and kitchen, cistern, meat-house, and stable. Lot fronts 2a feet by 123, to a 10 foot alley, with a 10 foot alley on the side. Will be sold a bargain and on easy terms. Aldo, a Lot on Madison, fronting 50 feet by 120, to an aOey situated near Preston street. Will be sold chuap. Also, several hue Farms near this city, which will be sold cheap or exchanged for city property. For particu- lar apply to J. X. WKIGHT, marl Real Estate Agent, No. 76, 3d st. LALLEM AND ON SPERMATORRHEA A practf. cal treatise ou the causes, symptoms and treatment 01 Spe annate vrhcea; by M. Laliemand, formerly professor of Clinical Surgery, at the University of Moutpellier, memberofthe Royal Academy of Medicine of Paris, Ac, Ac. Translated and edited by Henry J. McDoujali, member of tlie Royal College of Surnou of EnglanJ, Ac, Ac. Received and for sale bv marl F. W. PRESCOTT, 4-51 Main st. VTEW MEDl'WL BOOK On Disorders of the Cero-1 bral Civculaiion, and ou the comiectio between ait'rtctious ot the brain and diseases of tlie heart; by Geo. Burrowds, M. D., physician and lecturer on the principles and practice of Medicine at St. Baitholomew's Hospital. Wltli colored platei. For sale by marl F. W. PRESCOTT, 451 Main at. GERHARD ON THE CHEST The diagnosis, pathology and treatment of the diseases of the Chest, by W. W. Gerhard, M- D. Second aditien, revised and en larged. Received and for sale by marl F. W. PRESCOTT, 45t Main at. N1 TEW MEDICAL BOOKS on poiaos in relation to Junsprudence and Medicine. By Anted S. Taylor, F. R. author oi Medical Jurisprudence, edited with Notes and Additions, by R. E. Griffith, M. D., Ac PntNCiPi.ES op Physics au Meteorology; bv J. Muller, Professor of Physics, at the University of Fri-burg first American edition, Revised and Illustrated with 538 Engravings on Wood, and two Colored Plates. On Disohdsbs ot-' thk Cehebkai. Gircllation; ;md ou tbe connection between Alfectious of the Brain and Diseases of the Heart; by George Burrows, M. D. with Colored Plates. A Practical Treatise 011 the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Spermatorrhoea; by M. Laliemand, member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Paris, Ac. Translated and edited by Henry J. McDougall. El-KMENTS OP THE PRINCIPLES. AND PltACTICEOF AUmviKEiiY; by David H.Tucker, SI. D., with numerous Illustrations. The- half yearly abstract of the Medical Sciences; by W. H. Ranking, M. D. No. 6, July to January, 1S18. Received and for sale by M. A. MAXWELL, marl 532 Slain st. POCKET BOOKSA Urge assortment of tine Pock-t Books, Purses, Ac, fur sale by fehas HENRY FLETCHER. ClONS OF TEMPERANCE JEWELS ccnstauUy on nana &na tor stue by fb29 'HENRY FLETCHER. CANDLES, Ac 35 boxes Summer Mould Candles; 124) do Rosin Soap: in store and. for sale by feb29 JONES & HALBERT,

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